I was at my Beach House on Sandy Cay with my buddy Joe and his friend Randy watching a DVD. We decided to pick up Randy’s girl friend at work and eat sushi at Harbor Dock for dinner. We all rode together in my SUV. We picked up his girl friend and walked into the restaurant a little after 8:30 pm.  We wanted to sit at the sushi bar and have Mike the sous chef cut our sushi and have dinner but he was serving customers sitting in front of him so we were asked to wait. I stood at the entrance to the restaurant by the end of the bar and my friends sat at the bar. They offered us a cocktail to drink while we waited. I noticed that the bartender walked to the other end of the bar to make our drinks. I saw him take a small bottle down from a shelf and set in on the countertop by my drink. My drink was identical to the one Randy ordered and when the bartender sat the drinks down on the bar he looked up at me and pointed to my drink and said Wayne this one is for you. I picked up my drink and tasted it and thought he didn’t make this drink in front of me so I really don’t know what is in it. He designated that this drink was made specifically for me even though the 2 drinks were the same. My drink was different.


We drank our drinks over the next 45 minutes and during that time several employees walked by and spoke. One waitress said “You need to leave” Later she said “You need to leave before it’s too late.” Later she said “Don’t you want to leave before it’s too late?” The other Sous Chef said “Wayne it’s not good to see you here you need to leave.” Mike the Sous Chef said “It’s good to see you Wayne but I’m not supposed to even be talking to you.” I spoke with the manager who said “After all I have done to you I’m surprised you’re speaking to me.” The bartender spoke to me from the other end of the bar and stated “I want no part of this. I’m not getting involved.” I was just waiting to eat dinner and ignored all these people and said “I am just here to eat sushi.” You never know how you’re going to be treated at Harbor Docks.


Then after Mike’s customers left the sushi bar and we started toward the sushi bar, Mike said to me from across the restaurant “Wayne I’m not going to be able to serve you.” I said “We have waited for an hour.” The assistant manager sitting at the bar that had spoken to me several times earlier said “It’s only been about 45 minutes.” I asked “Why didn’t you tell us this earlier so we could have gone somewhere else to eat, now it’s too late to eat any where.” The assistant manager said “Well we couldn’t just let you order a drink and leave, you had to wait for a while after drinking the drink before you tried to drive.”


Then we proceeded outside and the valet drove up in my SUV. The assistant manager that had just spoken to me inside was standing in my the driver’s door not letting me get in the SUV and stated “You need to take a cab. You’ve been drinking and if you drive you will be arrested at your next stop for DUI. Not here but the next place you go to so where’s your next stop.” I said that I wasn’t drunk and had only been served one drink there and Joe said “We can still eat at Miller’s Ale House it’s not too late they are still serving.” The 4 of us got in the car and drove to Millers Ale House. On the way an old loud pickup truck passed us driving over the speed limit and almost knocked off my driver’s side mirror he came so close. I recognized it as the truck belonging to the assistant manager at Harbor Docks that had just given me the warning.


I pulled into Miller’s Ale House and there was a parking place at the front door and I pulled in and parked the car and said “I’m not feeling well, I think I need to take a cab home.” Joe said “You are in a handicapped parking place.” and I said “I can’t drive anymore tonight I will pay the parking ticket.”


We walked into Millers Ale House and were seated. The waiter came to take our drink orders and then returned to the table and asked “Are you driving the white suburban parked out front?” I said “Yes.” He said “It’s in a handicap parking place you need to move it.” I said “I don’t need to drive.” He said “It needs to be moved.” I said “Then have it towed, I can’t drive.” The waiter walked away and then came back in a few minutes and said “I’m afraid that we are not going to be able to serve you if you don’t move your vehicle.” I asked Joe if he would move it and he said “You’ve been driving buddy not me.” So I said “I will have to move it.” and walked out the front door. I noticed a parking place directly behind my SUV and backed up and drove into the parking space behind the handicapped space. I turned off the vehicle and Joe came out of the restaurant and got in the SUV on the passenger side and said “Looks like you’re going to jail buddy.” I handed him the car keys. About that time a Deputy Sheriff’s patrol car pulled around the building from the left side and stopped in front of me and a Deputy’s car pulled up behind me. A Deputy approached the driver’s side of the SUV and knocked on the window. He stated “You are under arrest for Driving Under the Influence.” I said “I am not driving.” He said “Out of the car.” I stepped out of the car and closed the door. He said “Let me see your driver’s license. “ I took my drivers license out of my wallet and handed it to him and then was putting my Society Security card back in the space where I keep it behind my drivers license and Sheriff Deputy Reitz stated “I’m going to say that you fumbled around getting your license out of your wallet.” I said “I’m just putting my social security card back in” and he said “Well that took way to long so I’m saying you fumbled around getting your license out.” I said “Well that will be a lie.” He said “Who do you think they’re going to believe, me or you?”


About that time the assistance manager from Harbor Docks came running up and said “I told you that you were going to get a DUI if you drove but you wouldn’t listen to me.” I said “I wasn’t driving I just moved the car” and then I asked “So is this all about Jackie?” Jackie is the female partner and General Manager at Harbor Docks that has been trying to get me to date her for over a year by giving me free food and drinks.” He said “No this is about you kissing Kimberly, Steve the kitchen manager’s girl friend.” Deputy Reitz said “You mean this is all about some woman that he kissed and didn’t even have sex with.” The assistant manager said “Yes. Steve is not your friend anymore Wayne and you’re going to jail for a year and don’t worrying about your boat because we’re going to sink it.” The deputy looked at me and asked ”You have a boat?” I said “Yes.” Then the assistant manager looked at my driver’s license that the deputy was holding and said “And you’ll never see that drivers license again either.” The assistant manager threatened me for about another 5 minutes and then he said “On top of all this and you won’t be able to remember but this is your official trespass warning not to come back to Harbor Docks. But you won’t be able to remember that in the state you’re in.“ I said to the deputy “I think they drugged me.” The assistant manager said “And that goes for Camille’s too. There’s no way you’ll be able to remember this but when you come back into either restaurant you’ll be arrested again for trespassing.” The assistant manager nudged the deputy and the deputy said “So this is your official trespass warning to not return to any of Harbor Dock’s restaurants.” Then the deputy said “I can’t believe this is all over a kiss when he didn’t even have sex with the woman.”


The assistant manager said “ That’s what it’s about. Steve is very upset. And also we’re going to do the same thing to you at Grand Blvd. We think you will continue driving out there so we will wait on you to come out of a restaurant on Grand Blvd. and have you arrested in Walton County too. We also know your landlord, he’s one of our customers and comes in all the time. So he’s going to kick you out of your house.” The assistant manager talked for a few more minutes. Then the deputy said that my speech was becoming slurred. I repeated “I think they drugged me at Harbor Docks.” The assistant manager said “Now you heard the bartender say that he was staying out of this and wasn’t getting involved.” I said “Yes but he also has to do as he is told doesn’t he?” The assistant manager laughed and said “Yes he does or he looses his job and we will get him fired from any job he gets at another restaurant by saying that he was fired for stealing from us and I’m surprised to hear that you understand that you have to do as you are told because you haven’t done as you were told and look what’s happened to you. Now you are going to jail for over a year, it will be a long time and you won’t have anything when you get out of jail and won’t be able to live here or anywhere around here because we will have ruin you forever in this town.”


Then the deputy said that he wasn’t going to search my truck because that would just get me in even more trouble and started lecturing me on smoking pharmaceutical marijuana. I said “Why are you talking about that, I don’t do drugs, I just drink alcohol.” The deputy said “I will accept that as an admittance of guilt.”


The deputy moved the assistant manager over so that he would block the view of himself on the car cam video being recorded in the deputy’s car behind him and the deputy said “Stand right there and don’t move” to the assistant manager. Then the deputy told me to close my eyes and I did. Then he said “Open your right eye.” I thought he was going to shine a flash light in my eye and so I refused to open my eye. Then he said “Open your eye or I’m arresting you for resisting arrest.” So I reluctantly opened my right eye. When I did he was holding a red laser beam inches away from my eyeball and he turned it on. It shot a red laser beam into my eye and burnt the retina at the back of my eye. It hurt so bad I doubled over in pain and screamed out loud. The assistant manager said” Was that the laser.” The deputy said” Yes. He’s going to be blinded in that eye for a few days and it will be really painful.” The assistant manager laughed and said “That’s great.” I have a brown spot that was burned into my retina in my right eye. My vision is blurred in my right eye.


As I was bent over in pain the Deputy spun me around and put handcuffs on my wrists behind my back and said to the waiter “Well I don’t want this to turn into a side show or anything or do I? Go over there and draw a crowd and let’s get this started.” The assistant manager said “Ok I’ll take care of it.” And he walked over to the sidewalk in front of Miller’s and started laughing at me and pointing at me and yelling “Who looks stupid now?” And asking my friends to come over and stand by him and laugh at me. They responded with ”No we don’t want to watch, they’re being mean to him.” They were watching from behind a car. The assistant manager yelled “Oh no it’s really funny. Look at him” and slapped is leg and laughed like it was the funniest thing he had ever seen in his whole life.


The deputy walked to the trunk of his car and pulled out leg shackles and opened the back door of his car. He shackled my feet and had me handcuffed from behind and had the leg shackles so tight they hurt as well as the handcuffs and the chain on the leg shackles were so short I couldn’t walk or move without falling over and then he said “ Walk over and get in the back of my car.” I said I can’t move. He said “Walk over and get in the car or I will arrest you for resisting arrest.” So I inched my way over to his car barely able to move and the assistant manager was on the sidewalk laughing and recording it on his cell phone and he had drawn a crowd of people from inside the restaurant by now and they were all watching me painfully walking in handcuffs and leg shackles inching my way toward the deputies open rear car door. When I reached the car door I stopped and the deputy said “Get in the car.” I said “ I can’t lift my foot” and I tried but I could only lift my foot a couple inches. He said “If you don’t get in the car I’m arresting you for resisting arrest.”  I said “I can’t get in.” He said “Well at least try.” So all I could do was fall over into the seat. So I fell onto the seat with the crowd of spectators laughing at me. The deputy then came over and picked me up by my legs and threw me into the car.


Then he searched my SUV even though he said he wasn’t going to and then he came back to the car and said “You said you were drugged and you’re not looking too good so don’t get sick in the back of my car or I will make you clean it up with a tooth brush.” I said I wouldn’t get sick. The cuffs were so tight and chained to the leg shackles so short that I couldn’t sit up straight in the seat so I had to lay over on my side. By this time the drug had taken full effect and I passed out.


The next thing I remember was being awakened by 2 deputies dragging me out of the back of the deputy’s car by my feet. Then each picked me up by an arm and a leg like I was an animal. They carried me into a building and threw me into a dark room on the floor.  I thought they were going to beat me to death and then I immediately passed out again. They slammed the door and left me in a dark room with no light lying on the floor all night.


When I woke up I was still cuffed and shackled. I hadn’t been offered a bathroom or water or an opportunity to sign anything. A deputy came in and said they were transferring me to the county jail and he said” You can’t walk with leg shackles this tight” and loosened them up so I could walk outside to a truck. The truck took 5 of us to the county jail.


The arresting officer arrived at the county jail and asked me to take a breathalyzer test. I stated I wanted to talk to an attorney before I did anything. He asked me to sign a form and asked me questions and I stated that I wanted to talk with an attorney before I made any statements or signed anything. He got mad and stopped booking me and left the jail. The booking officer said “Where are you going aren’t you going to finish arresting your prisoner?” The arresting officer said “I don’t want anything else to do with that asshole.” And he left and never returned.


I was transported to a cell where I waited for an opportunity to make a phone call but I was never given a chance to use the phone. I feel asleep that night totally exhausted and had to sleep on the floor.


I will never go back to that jail again no matter what. They treat their prisoners inhumane and don’t feed them or give them anything to drink. No soap, shower, tooth brush, razors to shave, nothing at all. It’s not a safe place to be and it should be closed and the sheriff’s department investigated for inhuman treatment of prisoners.