Good Morning and I am here to announce the closing of the Pensacola Beach Bridge. That’s right Terri Lynn has taken over the Pensacola Beach Bridge. The National Guard closed the bridge yesterday evening. According to onlookers there were over 4000 Pimp and Whores from Mobile AL that read an evite on Craigslist stating and I repeat There will be FREE CRACK SHOTS at Captain Fun at Quietwater Beach Boardwalk tonight. Come and get it while supplies last. Now apparently at a similar time a group of Big Ole Atlanta Faggots arrived for a Gay Destination Weekend and had been promised all you can drink Crack Shots and that’s where they drink shots off their Gay lovers ass crack and at a similar time Terri Lynn opened up on a Connie driving an army tank. No that’s not correct, Terri Lynn was in the Army tank and parked across both lanes of traffic and blocking all access to the beach and Connie was in a boat cruising under the bridge and docking at Quietwater Beach Pier. All of the Pimps and Whores read the evite and when they saw the words FREE CRACK they stopped reading and jumped in their Pimp Mobiles and headed for the Crack Party at Captain Fun. Now according to the Police report all 4000 Pimp and Whores were served free crack and 2000 of the Big Ole Atlanta Faggots were served their free crack shots which is a shot served in your Gay lovers ass crack at the Captain Fun now listed as a Gay Faggot Destination. The bar manger said that Mr Randy Gibson was the benefactor of the whole occasion and it was his credit card that paid for all the drinks and we are trying to reach Mr. Gibson this morning for a comment as to the source of the 4000 crack rocks and I have my first caller. Go ahead Mr. Gibson.


Randy Gibson: I thought you were going to call me Pirate Randy to protect the innocent.


Blow Fish: Well I will allow you this one question you dumb asshole but next time just start back at Day 1 and catch up because it’s right there in the blog. The names have been changed to protect the innocent and you are guilty as hell in this fantasy blog where nothing is real but based on facts and just for entertainment and so if the blog is driving you crazy Terri Lynn just turn the page and tell Maurice to do the same because he is coming on this fantasy blog that is designed for my entertainment not your’s so if you are amused with this fantasy and I know you a love a good fantasy like being titty fucked and me coming in your face so just close the blog and move on if you don’t enjoy the blog because it is for your enjoyment not to drive you crazy so do the healthy thing and just move on Randy Fuck You Over Gibson that’s your name you are a big ole drug smuggler gangster and guilty as hell and a member of the Pompano Joe Tiki Bar Gang in the sleepy Little Beach Town of Miramar Beach FL where we are neighbors and I moved there to set you up and I have another call from another neighbor please hold asshole.


Taylor Swift: You told me last night that you were going to play my song today.


Blow Fish: I am Sugar. I have your channel on Pandora playing right now but today’s song is Everybody Wants to go to Heaven but not until you hang up.


Taylor Swift: Wayne would please just cut the Blow Fish shit for just a minute and tell me if you are going to play my song on your blog or not?


Blow Fish: OK Sugar I will give you a day, I just have to set up someone and then find your song that fits in so give me a little time I will come up with something.


Taylor Swift: Cut the shit and play my song.


Blow Fish: I am looking on Pandora now, which song do you want to hear?


Taylor Swift: I thought you were listening to my music right now so why don’t you just pick one yourself. Are you really listening to my music?


Blow Fish: Yes I am and  I am trying to find a song that I like and they keep playing other female artist songs and so I keep disliking those or thumbs downing them and then I skip to your song and now I am locked out of skipping and disliking other artist songs and I am listening to a Kenny Chesney song and I guess I couldn’t find one of your songs that I like Sugar but I did try. Have you heard that Randy Gibson is trying to reverse his credit card charge last night of over $13K at his Pimp and Whore Party that he had at Captain Fun on Pensacola Beach and he also invited a bunch of Gig Ole Atlanta Faggots and they are all pissed and headed to his Beach House to either kick his ass or to fuck him over or fuck his ass over and over and I am not sure which but its going down this afternoon so check back in for that. Now they are playing a Lady Antebellum song and I am still locked out of skipping and have to listen to her but want to skip and its not that bad and have you heard me tell my skipping story about the time by son was in private school in Pensacola in kindergarten and I thought I would go ahead and pay for the whole year’s tuition in advance instead of paying by the month and my stupid as Hell X wife number 2 went in for a parent teacher conference and I was over here in Destin on business and the teacher told my X wife number 2 that my son couldn’t skip like the other kids and he might need to be held back and so she got pissed off but my kid was skipping at the age of like 3 to that Clint Black song about cowboys and he would ride his little stick pony and wear a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and his little cowboy Oshkosh western attire because money was no object when it came to my kids and he would skip around the living room to that Clint Black song and we would laugh like hell at him, it was so cute and so he was skipping at 3 and the teacher said that he was too slow to skip like the other kids on the playground and he was behind the other kids and so my dumb asshole wife pulled my son out of that school and went and put him in another private school and brought me the bill for another one year of private school tuition when I got home at the end of the day and the whole thing could have been avoided it that stupid as hell X wife number 2 had just said that my son skipped at the age of 3 and by the time he was 5 he had figured out that girls skip and boys don’t unless they’re faggots and boys push girls down on the playground and try to have sex with them because that’s what I did at the age of 5 so why wouldn’t my son be as advanced as his father was and now they are playing a Carrie Underwood song on Pandora and she thinks she is as hot as that Madonna woman and Sugar you don’t have that many songs so I give up and I’m going back to Kenny Chesney and they are playing that lovely song about putting the world away for a minute and washing your blues away with an ice cold beer.


Taylor Swift: Wayne Ball will you stop that Blow Shit bullshit and play my song.


Blow Fish: That is the correct answer to the question of the day!  Which is what mistake did I make on the blog the other day when I was in Roswell and I called myself Blow Shit and that’s what that dead Lesbo Uber Driver said, Mr Blow Shit and I said Holy Fucking Shit to the Uber driver it’s Blow Fish not Blow Shit and so I will take your naked pictures off the internet and hope everyone got a look at them because they were spectacular and today I have an announcement and it would appear that I have another caller.


Taylor Swift: Now I know how Terri Lynn feels.


Blow Fish: I have your song Sugar. Can you sing We Are Never Getting Back Together and I can dedicate it to Terri Lynn and then she can chase the two of us all over God’s green earth all day long.


Terri Lynn: Now what the hell is that all about?


Blow Fish: Now Pandora is playing Now I know How Jimmy Buffet feels by my buddy Kenny Chesney and that mother fucker Jimmy Buffet stole my song title yesterday at Captain Fun and now I know how Richard Petty feels and I could have a bunch of Uber drivers chase me around to this song like they were chasing the Atlanta Taxi Cab Mafia around last night out on Santa Rosa Island and all they ended up stuck in that beautiful white beach sand and beating the holy shit out of each other and those Lesbo Uber drivers can really throw a punch and I may sic’em on Randy Gibson’s asshole and do you remember that song Sic’em on a Chicken  that Zac Brown did and if you ever see him in concert just yell Sic’em on a Chicken at him and he will get all embarrassed because if he played that song then the chicken enthusiastics will call him and say stop torturing those birds and I never knew you had such a small repertoire Sugar.


Taylor Swift: Wayne will you just pick up a 6 pack of beer and come over and lets sit down and have a nice long talk on the beach and just stop all this Blow Shit stuff?


Blow Fish: I will if you will stop calling me Blow Shit and call me Blow Job.


Taylor Swift: You know I don’t do that.


Blow Fish: Then you are too much like my X wife number 3 Blue Balls and I am going to pass on that talk and got to get back to Randy Gibson. Sorry Sugar.


Randy Gibson: Argg! Why did you do that? That was Taylor Swift.


Blow Fish: I’m not putting up with that bullshit bring me a 6 pack of beer so we can sit on the beach with her fucking nigger body guard. She can’t even sit on the beach without protection and I don’t like the whole protection policy she insist I use so fuck it. Randy you can have it.


Randy Gibson: Argg! I will take you up on that Bubba I mean Blow Fish so where do I find her.


Blow Fish: Just leave your house and walk toward the Crab Trap Tiki Bar and her house is the house just before the Tiki Bar.


Randy Gibson: On the right or on the left?


Blow Fish: Walk down the beach and you will figure it out, you are Randy Fucking Gibson. It will come to you.


Randy Gibson: Argg! I am Randy Fucking Gibson!


Taylor Swift: That’s a line from Fools Gold.


Blow Fish: That’s correct Sugar I will have to take those naked pictures of you back off the internet, you pissed me off by not calling me Blow Job instead of Blow Shit which is a derogatory comment as Bubba would say and so you are correct Sugar my goodness you are quick as a whip and would you do me a favor?


Taylor Swift: Yes Blow Job.


Blow Fish: That’s better Sugar! So I am sending Randy Fucking Gibson down there to meet you and I was wondering if you would dress up in that black leather teddy and grab that black whip you have and let him walk up to you and then sic your nigger body guard on him and have him beat the hell out him while you whip his ass with that whip and then take a picture of him running away like the little sissy that he is so I can post that photo of that chicken shit on the internet and then I will be back over there later and we can walk on the beach and discus my new job title or your job title or the title of the job you will be performing on me and I can’t find a good song darling we will just have to look for one together later.


Taylor Swift: Hell yes! Send his ass on down here and I will whip the living shit out of him.


Kenny Chesney: Bobby what the hell are you doing with my girl friend and why is she giving you a blow job?  I can’t get her to do anything but tie me up and whip my ass with that whip of her’s?


Blow Fish: Well I told her no thank you to that and I will give you a head’s up there is a blond woman at the Crab Trap Tiki Bar and if you can catch her ass when her husband is out of town when she calls him her friend and not even a lover, she will be dressed in a leather bustier and she will take you home with her and I do mean she will whip your fucking ass over better than shit so look for her on the night that her boyfriend is not there and she looks hot as hell then but on the nights that he is there she just looks like a skanky old lady but when he’s not there she looks hotter than shit and she likes it rough and likes to play dress up and has satin sheets and she will whip the hell out of you.


Terri Lynn: Honey I want to know just exactly how you came across that information?


Blow Fish: What are you doing up so early I heard you were up all night smoking crack and giving unfinished blow jobs to Nigger Pimps while that pervert Wayne Roberts senor account executive for Trojan Condoms was fucking all the Nigger Whores with his brand of new still in the wrapper dildos? It’s all documented right here in the Society Section of the Pensacola News Journal and there are color photos and you are the contributing photographer and the photos are of you giving the Pimps blow jobs and that Pervert Wayne Roberts senor account executive for Trojan Condoms is fucking the Nigger Whores with his new brand of Trojan Dildos and who is taking these photos that you are taking the credit for?


Terri Lynn: You didn’t answer my question.


Blow Fish: Well you didn’t answer my question either and my question was allot bigger than your question and so let me take a call from this big ole drug smuggler.


Randy Gibson: What’s this about me being a big ole drug smuggler and what did Taylor Swift say about me bringing a 6 pack of beer over there and having sex with her.


Blow Fish: I will answer the second question first because the first question will take a whole day for the answer and so yes she said come on down she will be standing out on the beach with her nigger body guard and don’t worry that’s not her boy friend because the first time I saw her with him I thought that sure is a good looking white girl with a rough looking Nigger and then when I walked back by she yelled Get over here and say Hey to me. So go on down there and say Hey and take it from there and she likes it rough so watch your ass and then walk down to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar and see Sir Ron the King of the Tiki Bar and listen to his Stupid Nigger jokes because I think I will have about 4000 niggers from Mobile AL over there by sunset to discuss the depth and width of his asshole as they fuck him over for disrespecting them but first they will stop by your house to discuss their unpaid bar tabs and then they will be on Sir Ron’s ass for saying that they are all a bunch of Stupid Niggers and I have misquoted him but they won’t read that far into to the Evite I am posting on craigslist inviting them to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar for free drinks on Sir Ron’s tab after they clear their tabs last night with you Randy Fucking Gibson and you smiled so big when I called you that and you thought I was your friend and you didn’t know I was setting up as the big whole drug smuggler that you are so go on down to Taylor’s house and get what you got coming to you as Connie says.


Randy Gibson: Argg! Got To Go!


Kenny Chesney: Bobby are we doing the Big Show today because I do have other things to do I am just about to call Taylor Swift up after I leave the Crab Trap Tiki Bar.


Blow Fish: She is busy and I am too so why don’t we just say that I don’t think you are getting a condo in heaven and flying around and I don’t think you do either and why don’t we just cut the getting down on your  knees shit and stop the demon chasing you too and I won’t show the photo I have of you either running with your demos or being chased by your demons and no one will ever know.


Kenny Chesney: I do not know what in the hell you are talking about Blow Fish? Wayne Ball what the hell are you doing with my Taylor Swift just cut the Blow Fish bull shit for one minute and give me an honest answer.


Blow Fish: Ok you asked for it I said she has plans and she does but since you insisted on an answer. I have a photo of you either running with a bunch of faggots or being chased my a bunch of faggots and I’m not sure if you know which it is I mean are you running with them or chasing them or are they chasing you?


Kenny Chesney: Wayne Ball what the hell, she just likes it rough and I like it rough and so I will back off and tell her no more and I apologize.


Blow Fish: That’s good enough for me but you better get over to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar  because Randy Gibson has headed over to Taylor’s with a six pack of beer and bunch of Viagra and he plans on staying over night but I will send his ass over to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar about sunset because there’s a whole bunch of niggers headed over and the stupid ones are stupid niggers but these are all stupid ass niggers from Mobile AL and they are going to beat the hell out of Randy Gibson for not paying his tab and then beating the hell out of Sir Ron for calling them Stupid Niggers and not putting them on his tab so watch out Sir Ron, you got 4000 stupid niggers headed your way and if you fuck with me Kenny I will send about 2000 angry Atlanta Big Ole Faggots on your ass and I wont be able to tell if you are being chased or running with them or are you chasing those faggot demons so cut the fucking I got down on my knees bull shit and chased by demons and just write songs from the heart and not from the newspapers like that corny Jimmy Buffet and he will be calling in soon to help me set up Randy Gibson as the drug smuggler that he is and the philanthropist that he’s not and we will find out what he really is and then Bubba you better watch your ass because I start on you next and you won’t be able to sell sex in exchange for draft beer worth 50 cent anymore so drink up because soon I will be at the Pompano Joe’s Tiki Bar but today I am at the Crab Trap Tiki Bar in the sleepy little beach town of Crystal Beach on this my Tiki Bar tour where I am going Tiki Bar by Tiki Bar and setting up each Bale Maker one by one and tomorrow I will be at the Harbor Dock Gang’s Tiki Bar in downtown Destin on the harbor but not on the Harbor Walk because they are too cheap and you will hear them saying there are no prostitutes here officer, I think you have Jackie our general manger confused with the madam that she is or is it that she is selling coke with every whore or is it that each whore comes with a gram or is it the Randy Gibson Special which is two Lesbos and a gram of coke or is it 2 grams or 2 ounces, so we will see what happens as we continue around Florida setting up Tiki Bar after Tiki Bar until I work my way to West Palm Beach and Kenny Chesney I still need your help with the porn industry and today I need Greenburg to call in and explain his sexuality on the Big Shop and I want some big answers and some enthusiasm from you and Carol or I am airing your dirty laundry on the internet and you ain’t got none so I will ask Kenny Chesney to explain Heathanism to me since the Greenburgs are so damn boring…


Greenburg: Wayne I am not boring I can still kick you ass brother.


Blow Fish: Are you mad?


Greenburg: No I’m just fucking with you. I am the original Heathan as you know my Grand Mother called me that when I was just a little boy. Her little Heathan.


Mama Hilda from Heaven: Well Wayne Ball I appreciate that I have an id from heaven and not from the grave and I just wanted to call in to embarrass my little grand son who I did call a little Heathan when he was just a little boy because everything he did was like there was demon in him making him do it and why didn’t you come to my funeral?


Blow Fish: Well Mama Hilda from Heaven and not the Grave my Grand Mother said she didn’t want Greenburg that little Heathan coming to her funeral so I didn’t invite him so I thought it wouldn’t be right if I went to your funeral because he wasn’t going to be invited to my Grand Mothers funeral and he didn’t invite me anyway.


Mama Hilda from Heaven : He told me he invited you and he told me you stole paint from my garage and painted your tree house when he was a little Heathan and I had to send him over to get it back so why would he lie to me about all this?


Blow Fish: I guess its against his religion to tell the truth.


Greenburg: Wayne cut the shit and stop antagonizing my Grand Mother.


Blow Fish: There’s another one of your catch phrases. I guess your little Heathan ass must have antagonized your mother so much that you have all these catch phrases from then and tell me some more.


Greenburg: Why don’t you just stop dressing up like a French Whore and pussy footing around the issue and lets sit down and talk and straighten this whole Bai Coconut Water bullshit out.


Blow Fish: That reminds me thank you little Heathan I need to check my stock portfolio and see how I am doing. And please enjoy a ice cold Bai Coconut Water while you are waiting Greenburg. Maybe it will cool off that hot Heathan temper of yours.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish what are you doing with a stock portfolio. We agreed that I got all your stock when I set you up in Downtown Naples at the Champagne Bar on the weekend after St Patty’s Day and Bob Taylor is suppose to be holding on to that for me until your demise.


Blow Fish: Now was that a question or a statement?


Gene Luciano: I am not sure but I am madder than shit because I just don’t know so I am going to kill you deader than shit for confusing me.


Blow Fish: Ok just so we are clear on this because this is not apart of the deal that you backed out off when you didn’t take possession of my boat and forfeited your part of the deal.


Gene Luciano: So why am I calling in again?


Blow Fish: Because I am telling you that you are a stupid person that couldn’t find a better way to earn a living than to just steal money from the less fortunate ones that are not as mean as you and aren’t as big as you and so you just bully people to get what you want and if they challenge you for stealing from them then you just beat the hell out of them and that was easier that trying to learn anything in school so you choose that route in life and I have insulted you in public and you were embarrassed and so you tried to poison me at the Aqua Bar and Grill where the special is 2 entrees for $39.95 and it comes with a free bottle of wine and the poison is in the wine or in my drink and I saw thru your scheme of poisoning me and just had the Howell’s drop me off at the Wine Bar instead of meeting you at your Aqua Bar and Grill in downtown Naples where the poison is in the free bottle of wine and not in the 2 entrees for $39.95 and you and that whore number 1 wife of yours set there waiting for me to show up and I didn’t. I was down the street drinking wine with Shelley who I was setting up because she works for the Italian Gang across the street from you but she actually works for the Russians that you help start their Mob business in Naples by allowing them to open on your turf and that makes you their boss too so I am tying you to the Russians assholes and then you invited me to a whole catered affair because I stopped inviting you to my Tuesday night gourmet dinners so you one upped me and threw your own catered affair and you didn’t ask for a RSVP but you just called and left a voice mail message and I didn’t respond or show up and you set there and looked like a dumb ass when you had no one there to set up once again and you called up and left a whinny message about not even receiving and RSVP and then I allowed you set me up in public at the Champagne bar where I had a few FBI agents there like the green haired leprechaun who is now chasing you around town and then I set you up with the press and police when you told them I was dead and so I set you up with the first blog and now you are madder than hell and that’s why you keep calling in.


Gene Luciano: That’s right and I am madder than hell and going to come up there and kill you deader than shit and I had my boy up there last night in his big ole pickup truck and he thought he saw you and I swear he told me he ran you over your ass about 2000 times but maybe it was those Lesbo Uber drivers and they all look just like you and I heard on the news that the whole fucking Uber Lesbo Union was wiped out last night so watch your ass because now I am madder than hell and my boy had to get the hell out of town and hide his truck and so I am coming up there and will be looking for you at Taylor Swift’s house tonight.


Blow Fish: That’s Kenny Chesney’s girl Geno I am at my house on Sandy Cay in my quiet little gated commity so turn at Randy Gibson’s Beach House it will be the one with 4000 stupid nigger pimp and whores getting Randy to pay their bar tabs and it will be a long line and a long time to get to my gate because the line will be backed up to Pensacola Beach where I am not at my Beach Condo that the Escambia Country Tax Collector Vegas Show Girl gave me so don’t look there.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you stupid son of a bitch I am starting at your Beach Condo and then coming to Randy Gibson’s Beach House and then thru your gated community to your Beach House and blowing your blow fish brains out and why am I doing this again?


Blow Fish: Jesus fucking Christ Geno read back and stop asking me that everyday or just ask Julie and she will say because I want to fuck him again Gene.


Gene Luciano: Now I am madder than hell and coming up there to blow your fucking brains out and why am I doing this again?


Julie Lucian: Wayne you know that’s not my last name and I do want you to fuck the shit out of me again.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I am coming up there and going to blow your fucking Blow Fish brains out and why am I doing this again?


Blow Fish: Because you are a simple minded fool who takes advantage of weaker people just like Randy Fucking Gibson who will beat the hell out of you if you don’t do what he wants you to do and I get him to do things by saying you are Randy Fucking Gibson and he says Oh Yea I am Randy Fucking Gibson so he is just like you Geno and I have out smarted another big ole gangster drug smuggler and he is headed down the beach from his Beach House that is actually a Beach Townhouse and not a Beach Villa, Bobby the Troll and he calls it a Beach House instead of a Beach Townhouse because it sounds better and so I just go with his lies and he calls his Beach House on Ft Walton Beach his Boat House where he keeps his bale chaser boat and his catamaran just like you tried to steal from me Geno the same fucking model so that’s why you are so mad at me because just like Randy Fucking Gibson I set your ass up so I am watching you old man and the Russians are too and they think that you are turning gay and looking at their asses so you better stop looking at the Russians asses because they think you are turning gay. So watch your ass boy and hide your boy and his ass because I will be looking for him too. Go ahead Randy Fucking Gibson.


Randy Gibson: I can’t find Taylor Swift’s house.


Blow Fish: If you have walked down the beach toward the Crab Trap Tiki Bar and in front of the last house before the Tiki Bar then look over to your right and there should be a tall blond wearing a black teddy with a little black whip and a little stupid nigger body guard and don’t forget you are Randy Fucking Gibson. .


Randy Gibson: Argg! I gotta go.


Blow Fish: Right now I need to take a caller and go ahead Sweetie.


Connie: Wayne I didn’t see you last night and so where are you today?


Blow Fish: Please read back and try to catch up with me today because if I repeat what I just said then Terri Lynn will be calling out the National Guard and setting up a road block to stop your access to me just like last night and that was a smart move coming by boat last night and I don’t know if you heard but the traffic was terrible last night out at Pensacola Beach and I just stayed in my Beach Condo with my Escambia County Clerk of the Court Vegas Show Girl and I know you’re not jealous because you have a husband.


Connie: Well honey I have gotten a divorce, it just didn’t work out and I had to kick his ass out and to the curb and move on years ago and I am just stuck here waiting for you to come and sweep me off my feet and take me sailing so when are you coming back to Pensacola FL for me?


Terri Lynn: I am madder than shit and going to kill that bitch where the hell are you?  I am not going to listen to this shit everyday so read back to Day 1 and catch up and find the answer to your fucking question because he told you yesterday he will be back to get you after the Tiki Bar Tour and he is just getting to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar which is next door to Taylor Swift’s house and she is probably at his Sandy Cay Miramar beach house giving him a blow job by now or he wouldn’t have written it already so stop asking questions he has already written the answer to.


Blow Fish: I think you need a nap Terri Lynn, you sound as crazy as that madman killer Geno and Taylor Swift is calling back in so go ahead Sugar.


Taylor Swift: Randy Gibson is here and he wants me to talk dirty to him and I don’t know what to say to him any ideas?


Blow Fish: His mother never spanked him or made him clean his room and  put his toys away and taught him to play with other kids without fighting, so just talk to him like his Mommy.


Taylor Swift: Clean your room Randy and put away your toys and stop fighting with the other kids and stop lying about shit and stop saying you are a pirate until you clean you room.


Randy Gibson: I will Mommy just don’t stop spanking me.


Blow Fish: Now send him to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar for more of the same. I will see you later Sugar.


And I will need a nap too if Taylor Swift is coming over tonight because my Escambia County Tax Collector Vegas Show Girl worked my ass over real good last night and I mean good and My X attorney Friend is going crazy to call in but he’s too afraid to because the police know he is connected with that big ole gangster nigger asshole fucker up in Atlanta now and so they are staying off the internet and off the phone but it’s too late for that I already gave your plan away so get ready to kiss your ass good bye Bob Taylor because right after I check on my Stock Portfolio and Randy Fucking You Over Gibson I will get to fucking you over and I will keep it short and quick Shorty and Martin Levin I was just kidding around with you and your daddy, and did you know your dad saved me $2 Million dollars one time by saying he hadn’t seen me and he would get up from his dinner in a restaurant and go eat his steak outside the restaurant  so he could say he hadn’t seen me, because I guess we are friends and I have fucked with you Shorty but I love you brother so sorry, I am not setting your attorney ass up I’m setting a shyster attorney up in Columbus GA and I need your help brother because this asshole is making my sister a prisoner in her own house and if you don’t know how that’s done ask your father about it. So please look up Robert P Taylor Attorney Columbus GA on the internet and you will find his lead service ad.

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And then go to the Nugent Law Firm website right there on his lead service for Licensed Attorneys like yourself but he isn’t licensed and think you guys call that working under someone else’s license and thats what we contractors call it because that’s what he is a contractor not an attorney and he gets paid by the job like the job he is doing on my sister. So go to the Law Firm link.

Ken Nugent

And then go to the Columbus GA location link for the attorneys that work in that office and you will not see Robert P Taylor’s name but it was there and it said he was the office manager and I blogged about it in my first blog so they took it down so you can see that he isn’t an attorney with the firm and he has worked there for 10 years or more as an attorney but he is a contractor and really just a gofer and that’s what his boss calls him so I will call him The Gofer from now on so crawl in a hole you fucking crook and kiss your fucking ass goodbye because if Martin Levin doesn’t expose your ass then Fred Levin will say look into that to someone in his office and they will have your ass in jail by the end of the business today so goodbye Robert P Taylor Attorney in Columbus GA who attended the University of Texas and majored in Immigration Law and lives in Texas where they practice Immigration Law but not in Columbus GA where they don’t have a need for Immigration Law. So this is the list of the attorneys that work in the firm’s Columbus GA location Staci Alexander and Wes Etheredge.


Columbus ga Kenneth S. Nugent, P3


Blow Fish: That was fun and I hope he doesn’t take it out on my sister and so who’s next on my hit list or the Pimp and Whores hit list?


Sir Ron King of the Crab Trap Tiki Bar: Blow Fish this is Ron how are you doing today and I am sitting here with my Queen Julie and I am not talking about that whore you keep describing that Geno has.


Gene Luciano: That’s it you are deader than shit I am sending my boy over there to kill you deader than shit you better watch out because he won’t miss because I heard you are a big ole target.


Queen Julie: Now Wayne I know that you are after Ron because he is a big ole handsome man so if you are coming back here to try and take him away from me you are wasting your time.


Blow Fish: It’s not like that Julie I’m setting a big ole criminal today and I need your help. Is your friend there with the black leather bustier and those big ole boobs and the rabbit fur boa and the little kitty cat with no fur because it has all been shaved off with the satin sheets and everything?


Queen Julie: Oh yea and I thought you might be gay and after Ron how funny and yes she is.


Blow Fish: Can she give Randy Gibson a message for me?


Queen Julie: Yes I will try and get her to do that for you. I am sure she will do anything you ask.


Blow Fish: When Randy walks in the Tiki Bar tell her to run over to him and take her black whip out and whip him across the face and say “Go home and clean your room.”


Queen Julie: OK but I am sure she is going to expect you to come see her and pet that kitty cat and I am not sure if it does or doesn’t have fur on it.


Blow Fish: It does not and thank you! So I’m back Greenburg and thanks for sticking around and where were we?


Greenburg: You were about to check on your investments but I need to get going Carol is expecting me home soon.


Blow Fish: Did you enjoy the Bai Coconut Water sir?


Greenburg: Now why are you talking to me like that?


Blowfish: Someone else talks to me like that and I need to set him up today and just wrote myself a reminder.


Greenburg: Would you please stop all this Blow Fish stuff and lets get this over so I can go home?


Blow Fish: Why do you miss your wife carol? Because she misses you and wants to know when you are coming home a changed man?


Greenburg: What does that mean? Have you poisoned me with that Bai Coconut Water?


Blow Fish: Yes and No! You have been drinking tap water your whole cheap ass life and I have replaced your water with Bai Coconut Water and now lets take a moment and check my stock portfolio.


Greenburg: So this is all about your stock portfolio. Wayne Ball you don’t have any stock your sister has stolen it all and she has married a lying scoundrel and he is a cheater and a conartist and they took your wealth fair and square according to the Southern Code. So you lost it all and they have won fair and square so give it up and move on.


Blow Fish: I have the stock report right here and it looks like my Trojan stock is inching up thanks to that pervert Wayne Roberts and his forces against humanity and then my Bai Coconut Water has sky rocked since the announcement of the Bai Water in the convenient plastic bottle so you don’t have to refill a Sippy cup like a big ole faggot and I have heard from Carol that’s what you have been doing.


Greenburg: I have a refillable plastic cup its good for the environment.


Blow Fish: Where did you get this less is more mentality and I will tell you it came from your mother and that’s why you are so different from your Father and their family because you think all the money you have now is all the money you will ever have isn’t it.


Green burg: No I have a good income and always turn a profit.


Blow Fish: Have you ever made as much as I have in your whole life?


Greenburg: No you seem to always make more than me somehow.


Blow Fish: That’s because I drink Bai Coconut Water and that’s why Carol wants to have sex with me because she doesn’t want a little Heathan lover anymore with a little we we that don’t get the job done and before you get mad and run out and take it out on her you better watch out because she is going to leave you if you don’t man up and get the job done so when you run out you need to think about me taking your wife away from you, you little Heathan with the little we we unless that Bai Coconut Water has taken effect so go on home and see if you can make her scream because I know I can.


Greenburg: I am out of here, you stay away from my wife and me and my kids and stay away from by business too.


Blow Fish: Carol this is Wayne. Scott just left here. I gave him a real pep talk about satisfying his wife and I gave him a Bai Coconut Water with 2 Viagra in it so about the time he gets home he will have a big ole throbbing boner so you better be ready because he was hot as hell and fired up and his blood was boiling when he walked out.


Carol: Ok I will sit out on the deck and wait for him and thanks for the heads up.


Blow Fish: The things I do for my friends and family and I have a caller go ahead Gofer.


Bob Taylor: Wayne this is your brother in law.


Blow Fish: Wait a minute you are calling from Columbus GA and you think that if you don’t tell me who you are then I will wait until you finish talking and then say who is this? And then say what did you want? And then you have to start all over so why don’t we just start all over and I will just save you the breath and say Hey Bob.


Bob Taylor: Now Wayne stop that Blow Fish shit and let’s have a real down to earth discussion here.


Blow Fish: OK I will go first. Please go turn yourself into the police and admit your crime and I will allow you a 1 minute head start.


Bob Taylor: Why 1 minute?


Blow Fish: Because that’s how long it will take me to call the cops. See all I have to do is call the cops but I have a deal with Gene Luciano that if he won’t kill my children I will let you guys steal my fortune and not try and stop you by calling the police.


Bob Taylor: Well I know that but why 1 minute what will you do in 1 minute that you can’t do unless I confess to the police.


Blow Fish: Well I think you just confessed and admitted your guilt so you have 1 minute to get the hell out of town and out of my sister’s house and the hell out of this country and if you call your boss I will give him the same treatment but it doesn’t matter he is getting the same treatment as I work my way around the Florida Coast setting up the other players that are already set up anyway and then you all start falling and since I met you first because you were the first slime ball on the scene, I am going to give you the first chance to go so bye.


Bob Taylor: Now Wayne I want you to stop this and come home and the family has a lovely jail cell waiting on you and we will look after your sister the same way so I am asking you to please shut this blog down and stop this madness before you really piss off my boss and he puts an order out to kill you so please come down off that soap box and lets stop this madness.


Blow Fish: Time is up!


So we have the Pimp and Whore party headed to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar and that should be the Sunset Celebration of the Year because they are going to talk to Sir Ron about his stupid nigger jokes and here we go to the party.


Sir Ron: Blow Fish why are all these stupid Niggers asking me to buy them a drink? You know we are retired and living on a fixed income.


Blow Fish: Randy Gibson is headed down there and your wife’s crazy friend in the black leather bustier is suppose to slap him across the face with her whip and then you go over and in a fatherly voice and say “Now get in here and buy us all a drink” and he will buy the whole bar a round.


Randy Fucking Gibson: Argg! That was great. She is a little old for me but she sure is rough as hell.


Blow Fish: So why don’t you go to the Crab Trap Tiki Bar and ask Ron why doesn’t he tell some stupid nigger jokes.


Randy Gibson: Why would I do that?


Blow Fish: Because you are Randy Fucking Gibson and you just had sex with Taylor Swift.


Randy Gibson: Argg! That’s right I am Randy Fucking Gibson and I am on the way. Gotta Go!


Blow Fish: Ron I have Randy coming down and he wants you to tell your stupid Nigger jokes and he will buy a round of drinks.


Sir Ron: But what about all these stupid niggers?


Blow Fish: They heard about your stupid nigger jokes on the blog and that’s why they are there they think it’s funny as hell too. They don’t know they are stupid niggers they’re so stupid. They don’t know what it’s all about just keep the jokes coming. I usually clear the room with my joke. Just say “There’s enough stupid niggers in this bar to make a Tarzan Movie” and then I am always out the door.


That’s a line from the Red Fox Show called Sanford and Sons and tomorrow or sooner we will hear how Randy Fucking You Over Gibson has a refuge business being run in a high-end subdivision up in Bluewater Bay where he hides his bales but don’t tell Randy because he doesn’t know that I know and he won’t like it when he finds out and then he will break both my arms again or ring my neck or rough me up or something.


Carol Greenburg: Wow Greenburg came in thru the house and out on the deck like a wild man possessed and he ripped my clothes off and then went down on me right there on the deck with the neighbors and the children watching and he tore that shit up like ground round and then he screwed me like the little Heathan that he is only he was huge and throbbing and now a Big Ole Heathan and I am in love again and thank you Blow Fish for saving my marriage.


Blow Fish: So let me understand what the sex was like. It was performed outside and there were spectators watching even children and he was like a madman or a man possessed by a demon and it was all over in just a few minutes?


Carol Greenburg: No it went on and on forever and he was a man possessed by a demon and he is my Big Ole Heathan now and then he took me out to the pontoon boat and gave it to me there with fishermen watching and people could see us from the bridge and we had a big ole time and am I wore out cause he tore that shit up!


Blow Fish: OK so there were more spectators so this Heathanism defiantly has spectators so it is a spectator sport and they watch as you have sex and it can be preformed on land or boats and its just like what I heard about over on the East Coast. It’s like a Heathanist resort over there in West Palm Beach and so I will be back over there soon so we can continue investigating this perversion and find out who or whom  is responsible for this Heathanistic ritual and get to the bottom of this new porn production business in West Palm Beach. It would appear that Greenburg is responsible for being the originator of this Heathanistic Sex Ritual and now it is being exploited and sold as porn on the internet in West Palm Beach FL. I will get to the bottom of this and once again I have saved the Greenburg’s marriage and he never thanks me! Oh well the things I do for my friends and relatives. That Bai Coconut Water may save your marriage too so check it out!


Taylor Swift: I just got a call from Terri Lynn asking that I not play my Break Up song on your show. How did she get my number?


Blow Fish: Well she is contected with the military, she may have used military intelligence to find out what your number is and may have GPS on your ass.


Taylor Swift: Well I have security of my own and what is going on at the Crab Trap Tiki Bar anyway. I can see Sir Ron standing on the bar waving his hands in the air like he is shooing a bunch of monkeys away and the crowd looks like a bunch of monkeys and now I see his Queen Julie up on the bar with him and they are about to be attacked and Sir Ron just screamed something about it being a Tarzan Movie and the crowd is going ape shit and Randy Gibson is being whipped to death by a stupid nigger whore that took the whip away from his date and the National Guard is here and there is Terri Lynn and she is screaming Blow Fish you son of a bitch you cant break up with me I own your ass you have got to support me in my retirement.  Blow Fish what the hell has gotten into her.


Blow Fish: She has gotten caught up in the blog. I’m glad you aren’t buying all this crap!


Taylor Swift: Are you coming by or not?


Blow Fish: Yes I will just walk over Sugar, the traffic must be terrible and did I tell you I’m going to the Harbor Dock Gang’s Tiki Bar tomorrow night where they call the patio bar their Big Dick or deck and heck it’s because its run my a bunch of big ole Georgia Faggot Bubbas and they are selling prostitutes and cocaine out on their Big Dick or deck and heck they have a live Hillbilly music band every Thursday night and I will be stealing their women and giving them a retirement plan and you will hear Kimmie the bartender say “Can I come fuck you on your boat over and over and over………


Taylor Swift: No but you can stop by later if you get finished early and then I hit the road again.


Blow Fish: Me too!