We are back in West Palm Beach FL today on this day of the Big Show and announcing the arrest of the Biggest Baddest Bale Maker of all time and yesterday we looked at the two Biggest Baddest Cocaine Cowboys of all time and as they go down for all the Murders they have committed I would like to remind you parents that you need to check out who your children are working for because a summer employment working for a Restaurant Chain could turn into a criminal career if Mark Varus and Steven Day have anything to do with it followed by some serious jail time for their part in the crime and their crimes were murder and when you work for a Mafia Organization like the Blue Martini then you have to do as you are told just like with any employer only the way you know they are Mafia is whether or not they are asking you to commit a crime like Harbor Docks in Destin FL with Restaurant locations all over the Southeast when they say drug that Blow Fish looking asshole then it’s your responsibility to say “That’s a felony!” and Charles Morgan the head of this Crime Organization and his Mafia Enforcers he calls managers will say “That’s an order or we will do the same to you!” and then you run like hell and hide and stay away from any Mafia Organization and that’s what I did when they tried to set me up when I was young when the Atlanta Mafia said we will ruin your Architectural career by getting you arrested on a burglary charge if you don’t burglarize houses for us and I said Hell no and ran so that’s what you have to do because once you break the law for them one time they will threaten to have you arrested for the very crime you committed for them like drugging someone or over charging their credit card or easedropping on customers which is what allot of Mafia Organizations have their employees do so they can set them up so while you are having a discussion at the Bar or in front of your server then the bartender or server is reporting back to their Enforcer with the Intel so they can set you up and that’s another crime and that makes you a member of the Gang and an accomplice in a Gang related crime of Terrorism and you can’t bond out for that crime just like the Biggest Baddest Bale Maker of all times who I am looking for here in West Palm Beach and of course he is on my Hit List and going down so listen up as he makes a big ole splash that’s heard around the world all the way down to South America and they say “Oh Shit kill that Blow Fish looking Yankee and bring me his Blow Fish head” so when you do that will be Conspiracy to Commit Murder and when you say “Just get it done!” That will be Attempted Murder so I will be listening to that on the Spy Satellite or the DEA and the CIA will so watch for those Murdering Mother Fuckers getting themselves shot right here on the Big Show so back to today’s show.

I am not going to repeat myself again so if you have any questions then you can read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions yourself and I am so tired of you criminals sending me your comments which are your questions about why I am doing what I am doing to you so if you have a question you can read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions there and so I am not repeating myself and I have to repeat myself or you dumb asshole criminals won’t remember why I am setting you up and it’s because I am the smart person in this situation and you are the dumb as hell criminal that is too lazy to go straight so you break the law and my uncle told me one time that criminals are not dumb and you were wrong and so you may be in trouble yourself if you think you are smarter than the police because you are not and you are just being made to believe that they are lazy and dumb and you are the hard working wise guy so soon you will see who is the dumb asshole sitting in jail while I am dividing up everything you have ever stolen with the Treasury Department and the Justice Department and that’s who I take my orders from and not Gene Luciano who I have set up like the weak sucker that he is and that’s what you guys call the good people in America so you are all going to jail and I am protecting the good people of this country that don’t own a gun and don’t shot you when you try and harm them so you asshole crooks can kiss your assholes Good Bye and that means you are going to jail very soon so read back to Day One of the Big Show and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself and now I have a caller and with no further ado it is Gene Luciano my partner in crime because whatever he steals I am stealing it back from him so Geno what have you got for me today and please tell me it isn’t another flat screen TV you must have a million of those in your company store stolen by your gang members that have to go out and steal from the good people of Naples FL for you and you pay them penny’s on the dollar and then they have to get a real job and make enough money to buy it back from you at fifty cents on the dollar because if they shop at Wal-Mart without shopping at your company store first then you beat the hell out of them and throw their assholes in the Collier County Jail so they will never do it again so what’s up Geno?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch and I call you that because you pissed me off when you set me up and made me show myself as the insane killer that I really am and not the Mayor of Old Naples or my good timing wealthy Charter Boat Captain disguise but just a Madman Killer and so I have called you that everytime I speak to you ever since and before that I laughed at whatever it was you were saying and said Blow Fish you crazy son of a bitch but now it is Blow Fish you son of a bitch where the fuck are you and when are you coming back and turning yourself in at my House of Detention where I imprisoned you for four months after making you go do my evil deeds for three months all over Florida which blew up in my face each and everytime and you just set me up on each of those occasions as well so turn yourself in so I can kill you and plant your asshole in the Collier County Landfill and then Brevard will do the same with your sister by planting her in a Mental Health Ward of his choosing for life where she just sits there and drools and can’t even remember her name and then we will divide up yours and her fortune so we can start working on someone else and then I will have another vacancy in my House of Detention at 1014 Creech Rd in Naples FL.


Blow Fish: So get by there and take a look at a real Mafia House of Detention where Gene Luciano imprisoned me for four months and a day and then I tampered with the evidence and embarrassed him so he had his gang members beat the living shit out of me in the middle of the night while I was trying to sleep because they are all a bunch of chicken shit assholes and I was told when they set me up that the white privacy fence was being installed so the gang members could park behind the fence and the Police would never know they were there and they could come and go at will and they could kill me in my sleep if I didn’t follow the house rules and then take my body outside and load it in the trunk of a car and no one would ever see them and then throw my corpse in the Collier County Landfill. So get by there and see who they have imprisoned in Gene Luciano’s House of Detention and if the owner of the house says he knows nothing about me being imprisoned there then look at his bank deposits because I was responsible to pay them rent for as long as I could while they were stealing all my wealth unless Gene Luciano’s gang came in the house and robbed me in the middle of the night or at the grocery store so I never had large amounts of cash on me and I always paid the rent with a check and he is also using this residential property for his Mafia Home Building business and renting out yard storage space both unlicensed businesses in a residential neighborhood where the Mafia runs down the property values and everyone moves and they buy up the vacant houses and the house may still be in his mother’s name because you mobsters never put anything in your own name and so here from the expert at never owning anything and putting everything in his partner’s name which is his wife but she goes down too because she is an accomplice and not a tax shelter is that Big Ole Criminal Gangster Brevard up in Atlanta GA and that his code name and not his real name so I can expose him later as several other people as well so welcome to the Big Show that big ole fat tub of lard that’s full of southern charm and bull shit Brevard the Governor of the Free South.

Brevard: What horrid music are we listening to here today on this day of the Big Show I do not remember ordering anything from the Cocktail Cove Bar in Flowery Branch GA and that is just one of my Bars and so why don’t you take Terri Lynn in there for a drink on the way home from the Restaurants and Bars that I run in Downtown Buford GA and then she can say…

Terri Lynn: Well I guess I am going to have to open up a can of whoop-ass on the heads of those whores out on the patio that were a hooping and a hollering at you when we pulled in and parked and said “His ass is mine!” and so those bunch of Redneck Women that holler Hey Y’all and Yee Haw are about to get their asses beat because I am a pistol and I am about to go off on them and you know I will and I will call the Police and get your Blow Fish asshole arrested because when you took me and my son sailing on your Sailing Yacht down to Key West and we stayed at the first class Galleon Resort and then my son said he could beat your ass at dinner because you stole one of his French Fries off his plate and I didn’t say a word to him so you had to say Dufas Lucas if you are sleeping on my boat you will have to apologize or get off the boat and then I spoke up and said if he goes then I go and you said then both of you can get off the boat so I told my family we broke up and they said Terri Lynn it doesn’t sound that bad can’t you just make up with him so he will marry you and support your sorry ass and I said no because he physically picked me up and threw me off the boat onto the dock and then my son joined in and made the story even worse and said it was terrible the way you physically threw me off the boat so they said you need to call the Police so I did and had you arrested by filing a false report with the Police by saying you attacked me and that criminal Conartist Narc from the Florida Keys had a warrant out on you down in the Keys so they extradited you back down there and you had to arrange to get yourself released so that’s what I do, I file false police reports to get you arrested and I just keep lying and making the story bigger and bigger until I get what I want which is getting you thrown in jail and have my friend at the bank track you down with your credit card charges and she will tell me where you are and that is a Privacy Crime and Bank Fraud so she is now a criminal as well and a member of my Gang and I am a criminal because Filing a False Police Report is a crime and I am the White Trash X Girlfriend Mafia who does anything no matter how illegal it is to get what I want or to get even so watch out for me being brought in for questioning by the FBI for the part I played in setting up Blow Fish and telling Gene Luciano’s Hitman where your Blow Fish asshole was so he could kill you which is Accessory to Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder and possibly Murder because I will not stop until I get what I want and then I will be going up the river like the criminal asshole that I am so watch for that on CNN and in the Newspapers when Terri Lynn Greenburg and her son Dufas Lucas go down in Atlanta GA for their part in the death of Blow Fish.

Blow Fish: Wow and you wonder why I didn’t marry her and just dated her for the sex so I could set her up and it was so that I could have a colorful white trash drama queen X Wife or Girlfriend to chase me around on the Big Show and you would have to be insane to marry her so we will see if she has found someone dumb enough or insane enough to marry this White Trash Whore and see what his involvement might be in setting me up and having Gene Luciano’s Hitman kill me so that I can no longer embarrass Terri Lynn by saying that she is a low life asshole White Trash Bitch Whore.

Maurice US Army Cornel Retired: Now I know the Governor of Georgia personally and we play cards together and use the same bookie and the same prostitution service when Terri Lynn goes out with her Lesbo Girlfriend Lauren and you can see a photo of them on Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page so look at them on the Internet and you will see that Lauren is so drunk that Terri Lynn is having to hold her up but Lauren has just said she is taking Terri Lynn home and humping her and that means she will have to strap one on as Terri Lynn calls it and that’s a dildo because Terri Lynn is not happy if she doesn’t have a dick in her and she means it too and those are direct quotes from Terri Lynn and Lauren so check out this sad Lesbo Couple on Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page where FBI Office Staff has gone out in the field to set up Blow Fish in Bars and they take his photo so they can say that they have done work out in the field and now they have been set up by Blow Fish and their supervisors at the FBI that sent them out so they would stop saying I want to work out in the field and do not want to be tied to their desk jobs anymore so stop saying that or you too maybe set up by having to chase his Blow Fish asshole around all night trying to get an incriminating shot of him making a fool of himself which isn’t that hard since that seems to be his specialty.

Blow Fish: So we are finally in West Palm Beach FL and I have a Beach Condo here and my Sailing Yacht in the Yacht Club and I opened a business in a warehouse in the Industrial Park and that is what I do so I look like I am going to live here forever and I am going to have to speed up in the future because I have so many criminals and their children on my Hit List so I will just visit your town and set you up and then move on because I have a book to write and a Movie to direct and then a DVD to sell and then you can rent it at Red Box so if you are too dumb to read a book and too busy to go see a movie and too cheap to buy a DVD then you can rent the DVD to find out if you have been arrested and have gone to Jail so don’t wait and be the last to know go buy the book and read it or take sometime out of your busy schedule and go see the Movie or buy the DVD and find out if you are on my Hit List or just watch CNN and read the Newspapers and if you hear that you have been arrested then you were on my Hit List but everyone on the Big Show doesn’t get to go to jail because we have to build bigger prisons so some of you will get house arrest and that’s what you white collar criminals will get and then the blue collar criminals like Gene Luciano may get the chair and if so I am personally throwing the switch on Geno because I am the victim and the one that he is murdering here on the Big Show so I get to see him fry so fry mother fucker fry so stay tuned to the Big Show to see when he goes down and it is sooner that he thinks because I am almost in Atlanta and then all you assholes are going down for all the serious as hell shit you have been doing for so long and getting away with it so listen for their arrest reports when thy are hauled off or taken down or hauled in for questioning and then arrested because you have to get their confession before you arrest them unless you have all the Intel you need and we do so you can all kiss your assholes Goodbye!

I was going to say I am sorry that my cousin Greenburg is going to the slammer but he is not I just use him as my expert on Sex and Gambling and Prostitution since he knows about all that shit and is just sitting on the sofa and watching TV while I am out here making it safe for all you tourist to go on vacation in Florida and you think he would be more grateful and call in and say thanks but he is too busy betting on sports events with Dean Baird and Fred Levin which is where your gambling dollars are going in Pensacola FL where he is the self-confessed most successful Gangster of all times in the Southeast and here he is…

Martin Levin: My Daddy said to leave us alone and if I catch you slandering him anymore I will call my Daddy at work and then he will call Deano and then he will take care of you because that’s what he does and then you will be paying him for protection because he has those naked photos of you having sex with Fred Levin’s wife and that’s my mother and I am her caregiver and a Child of an Alcoholic Drug Addicted Parent and so I am just as messed up as she is so you better take that off the Internet or my Daddy will deal with you.

Blow Fish: You are the one that always calls in and makes all those confessions and I should have said keep it short Shorty but it’s too late and so where is your Daddy today is he in town working or traveling all over the world on all the money he was awarded from the Tobacco Industry and when is he going to do something about those horrible Vapor Companies or is he waiting until they are worth Billions before he pretends to defeat them in court because that Tobacco Deal was worked out outside of the courtroom so that makes your Daddy something of a conartist if he says he defeated the Big Tobacco Companies because they gave him all that money so they could stay in business and continue poisoning us with cigarettes so why doesn’t he do the same thing to those dumb as hell white trash middle class assholes that think they are so rich that they can afford a vapor machine and walk around like they are so special like they are the super rich in America and the only ones that can afford to Vape and the rest of us are just poor white trash or we would be able to afford to Vape as well when you Vapors are the white trash so I will save your Daddy the trouble you Vapor Addicts are just a bunch of suckers is all you are and are the dumbest bunch of fools I have ever seen so get ready to give it up when it is outlawed because it is a drug and needs to be administered by the Food and Drug Administration and then you will need a prescription so let’s just outlaw it and make it illegal and then the Mafia can administer it and they already are you bunch of dumb ass suckers so just continue giving your money to the Mafia Vapor Companies that are killing you for your money so go ahead and Vape yourself to death and then Fred Levin will sue them and get richer and you will just be dead or insane or whatever the particular vapor chemical that you are Vaping does to you because you won’t know until it’s too late and we don’t even know how it affects the environment from you assholes blowing that shit up in the air and you are probably poisoning all of us including your children and your grandchildren and those piece of shit pocketbook puppies of yours so for the sack of your dog stop Vaping because you will never stop to save yourself you bunch of dumb asshole Vapors so do it for your worthless piece of shit pocketbook puppy.

So that takes care of Fred Levin so I will say Good Bye to you. I was going to say Good Bye to his priest son but here he comes again so keep it short Shorty, please.

Fred Liven: I am on my son’s cell phone because he has your number and so do I and we are coming for you and your kids and we know where you all are so you are all going down.

Blow Fish: I will not repeat myself again so you can read back to Day One of the Big Show and see what happens when you even think about doing that or if you actually take a step in that direction which means you make a call or speak to someone about it because I will know and you will go down so try it and see how far you get Fred Levin and I haven’t insulted your family so why are you picking on mine but I have because you fuckers are right there in the public eye where you want to be and such an easy target so watch for Fred Levin walking into the County Examiners office to identify my dead Blow Fish corpse because we are such good friends and see what happens then, Fred Levin.

Now we are finally in West Palm Beach and my Intel tells me this is East and not West and so if you are on the East Coast then why isn’t it East Palm Beach and I think it’s because the East Coast of Florida is eroding at such a high rate of speed that East Palm Beach is now underwater and now West Palm Beach is actually on the waterfront so I will have to call on the Waterfront Expert to explain that to you so from Pensacola FL the Waterfront Expert himself and it’s my cousin and a star here on the Big Show Greenburg himself.

Greenburg: Blow Fish why am I calling in this time I was in the middle of having sex with my wife and she has waited all week for me to spend some alone time with her as she calls it so the children are watching my porn in the other room and we were having a little alone time away from them so they can’t watch us this time and now you have torn me away from Carol my wife so what do you want?

Blow Fish: Are you sure you and Martin Levin aren’t related because you sound long winded like him or maybe it’s just the whiny Jew coming out in you and there he is calling in once again and I will just ignore him like his Daddy tells him to just ignore me but he can’t because he throws something of a hissy fit himself like that Faggot Paul character in Destin FL who is actually Jim Peacock a successful Real Estate Broker who has to have a sex name to protect his professional name when he goes out at night and I have to have protection to stop him from trying to screw me which he calls being a swinger and I just call being a Faggot Paul and that is the name he uses when he goes out at night drinking and drugging and having Orgy Sex all night long so if you are his Real Estate customer in Destin FL you will not know that he is a pervert and a Gay Faggot because he is using his professional name and so successful that he is bored with just making money and needs sex to fulfill his life and now bored with just pussy and now needs men’s assholes to keep it new and exciting so that is what the Bars are like today if you are not a swinger out there in the bars these days just like at the Sage up in Alpharetta GA which is one of Brevard’s Bars where he had his Atlanta Russian Mafia Associates that are working under his protection set me up and drug me and then have me arrested with a DUI in Alpharetta GA and that’s another boring story about how these Mafia Bars set me up and they are all about the same and have the same MO and it’s the same old story but it took two gangs and four bars to take my Blow Fish asshole down up there and other than that it’s just the same old story only bigger because Brevard is the Biggest of all the Assholes Criminal Masterminds in the Southeast as he calls himself so we will be in Atlanta next and I will be sailing right up Brevard’s asshole with my Sailing Yacht and wrecking havoc and I am just kidding, I am leaving my sailboat here in West Palm Beach at the Yacht Club and driving up to Atlanta and then going straight up Brevard asshole and fist fucking him to death and there goes Terri Lynn…

Terri Lynn: Now I know this is about me because you keep talking about doing that so that must be what you really want to do to me so if it is then Maurice will want to watch and record the whole thing with my Professional Camera and make a Permanent Lasting Remembrance of the Occasion because you will not want to forget it like those nude photos of myself that I put on those Fuck Websites on the Internet that I can’t get down off the Cloud where you can see me naked and then email me and say where do you want to meet so we can just fuck because I am a white trash whore so please post those photos on Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook page so everyone can find them because I put them on the Internet so everyone can see them and signed a release and can’t get them off anyway and Maurice is too old to join in so he just likes to watch so he can watch those photos on Facebook and anyone interested in having sex can let me know because that’s why I posted them and I am always good to go as you know so just let me know.

Blow Fish: Terri Lynn thinks everything is about her and believes happiness can only be found by having sex so she just can’t help trying to have sex on every occasion and is always good to go and that’s how these swingers are and they never do find happiness and now they are all Gay and they can’t find happiness there as well.

Brevard: Blow Fish my friend why are you threatening to return to my Bars in Atlanta and Roswell and Alpharetta and Duluth GA and even up on Lake Lanier because I thought you were finished up here and were going to get that Porn Producer to finish you off in West Palm Beach and I have crews working in Palm Gardens FL and they are doing quite well there and I am cleaning up and they are cleaning house and I mean providing a maid service where we gain access to your community and then into your house and we are on Angie’s List like that is protection because it is not all you need is someone that can pass a background check and we control the background checks and can change your background check for a fee and can change your credit score and make it great and then change it and back it bad if we want to ruin you and your credit and then take you out which is what we are doing to you and your sister so you better watch out and don’t stop what you are doing because we have someone on you right now and know where you are there in West Palm Beach and will be by to pick you up later.

Blow Fish: Now I am not going to repeat myself, Brevard and if you take one step toward me or even make a call you are going down for Conspiracy to Commit Murder and I know you will so go ahead but I will not repeat myself so you will have to read back to Day One of the Big Show to find the answer to your questions and then catch up or you will miss something like that big ole fart Brevard being hauled in on a Murder Charge so look for that coming up on CNN and in all the Newspapers because he is such a big ole fart that when the shit hits the fan his will hit all the papers so stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself.

So Brevard is going to try and kill me no matter what I say because he is so organized all he has to do is pick up the phone and say I have a problem and take care of it for good this time and that is called Conspiracy to Commit Murder believe it or not so wait to see what happens and he could just whisper it in someone’s ear and I would hear about it because that’s how good my Intel is and how well he is set up so don’t tell him that because he doesn’t read anything on the Internet because he might steal his own Identity if he goes online and that’s what he was talking about by ruining your credit score by ruining your credit by stealing your identity and that is Internet Fraud and this is just a Fantasy Blog where nothing is real and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone is guilty as hell and it’s suppose to be fun and if you aren’t having fun Brevard then change the channel because he won’t know he has been arrested until he hears about it on CNN because that’s where he gets his news and this is just an expression of my Free Speech which is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution and that’s what the boys upstairs told me to say so that they won’t lose their jobs for their involvement in this my Free Speech that they have to protect in court so watch your ass if you think you are suing me or you will be on the Big Show too like that asshole Dentist in Ohio with the Nigger Slave and that whole entire story was true and not slander except for the Dungeon S & M part and that is purely speculation so please disregard that part until his dungeon is searched and you see the photos for yourself on CNN and in the Newspapers so just go with the Nigger Slave part and the Money laundering and the Illegal Construction Company and all that and for the love of God please include Tax Evasion and that should about take care of you except we will be coming in you house and if there is one piece of S & M Attire in your house you will be seeing it in the Newspapers and on CNN so you better watch your asshole David Baddour DDS you badass mother fucking dentist who will be going up the river that your Castle is on in Ohio if you can’t come up with the money you owe the American Taxpayers and he must love pain so give it to him hard as hell in the slammer because that’s the way he likes it and that’s what you get for buying another human being and ruining her life and the assholes that you bought her from at the Nigger Slave Finishing School where her parents sold her wouldn’t even be in business if it wasn’t for slave owners like yourself that have everything else in the world and need a Nigger Slave to make your collection complete so you can kiss your mother fucking slave owning asshole Good Bye again.

So we are in West Palm Beach where I have been sailing from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar looking for the Bale Maker and he is here and he is the Biggest Baddest Bale Maker of all time and a Bad-ass Mother Fucker and a Murderer and I have my Sailing Yacht in the Yacht Club right there in full view of this Girls Gone Wild on a Boat at Cocktail Cove that I have heard about and I am going to get to the bottom of this so I have positioned by Sailboat so I can watch the Porn Production right from my Sailing Yacht and the sex is Heathenistic Sex where they have live sex filmed in public right under the Police nose and they may just be watching the action and everyone else is as well and it is a Sunday morning here and instead of going to church they wash the boat and put on board shorts and grab there Yeti cooler and ice down the beer and grab a bottle of Vodka and ice it down and then grab their Yeti Koozie and then they are off to Cocktail Cove and you have to have your Yeti Koozie or you don’t fit in because this is a trendy place where everyone knows everyone and they are suspicious of strangers so I have infiltrated this Porn Producers Organization and I have a weasel on the inside who is informing on him and he or she is called Ask Raymond and everyone loves Raymond so he or she knows everything about everybody there so all I have to do is Ask Raymond and so here is Ask Raymond with my Intel.

Ask Raymond: I was about to call you so you must be reading my mind and so there you go and I am here on the boat and Rob is about to start the filming the latest Girls Gone Wild episode so get over here and you can watch the filming and get in on the action if you want to.

Blow Fish: I will only watch and gather evidence I do not like what he is doing there in public. I think it’s wrong and he likes it because it is wrong which seems to be his MO because I do not believe he does anything that isn’t wrong and I guess that comes from being a Third Generation Rum Runner and so he has been raised to break the Law and he must be stopped so I am thinking of stealing his wife and I have already done just that and met her on a Girl’s Night Out where what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but it was here is West Palm Beach so she has stayed right here and waited for my return and he is always filming Porn on his Unreel Porn Production boat and his porn production name is right there on the side of the boat for the whole world to see so he must be filming this on a reel so to speak so it is Unreel Porn and I have met his wife and she hit on me so it wasn’t my fault and the woman is ignored by her husband who is obsessed with watching other people have sex and filming it for profit and apparently this couple has more money than God so he isn’t doing this for the money he is just doing this as some kind of a perversion and ignoring his wife but she is not ignoring me and we have had sex several times and she is a high quality piece of ass I must say and I mean she likes it in the ass and she says her husband never gives it to her in the ass because he is so busy watching other people have anal sex and filming it he never takes the time to give his wife what she wants so she is taking it up the asshole and loving it right here on my Sailing Yacht in the Yacht Club in West Palm Beach in plain view of her husband’s Cocktail Cove Girls Gone Wild porn he is producing on his boat and if he catches me screwing his wife I will be dead as hell because he is insanely jealous and a real badass mother fucker and all his friends and the people hanging around him all go insane out there at Cocktail Cove and for some reason when the locals here start drinking they lose their temper and fights break out all day at Cocktail Cove so they are not the laid-back boaters of the Florida Keys these guys start drinking and drugging and they go insane and someone gets the shit beat out of them and on Memorial Day weekend a DJ was on top of a Houseboat spinning the tunes and there were maybe a hundred boats around it listening and watching the show and the crowd was yelling request I guess to the DJ and they pissed him off because all these tough guys seem to get pissed off really quick and it must be the drugs they are addicted to and he was yelling back at the crowd and said I will come out there and beat your ass and the crowd was going crazy yelling back at him so their whole holiday wasn’t spent listening to music and relaxing in the water because the DJ was playing music that made the crowd go crazy and they got angry and then the DJ would threaten them so someone got pissed off when the DJ said he would beat their ass and came up on top of the houseboat where he was spinning the tunes and the top of the Houseboat looked like a stage in the middle of this huge Cocktail Cove Party and this guy climbed up on top of the houseboat to fight the DJ and the guys hanging out and drinking on top of the boat with the DJ picked this guy up with the whole crowd cheering and threw the guy off the boat and he landed on another boat because all of the boats are tied up close together in the shallow water on the sand bar and this guy just laid there on the other boat and he looked like he was dead so he was almost killed by the guys on top of the Houseboat and then the paramedic crews came over there in the ambulance boat and took him away and the Police surrounded the House Boat and put up crime scene tape all around the scene of the crime and it became a murder crime scene instead of a Holiday weekend relaxing on a boat so the Police ran everyone off the boat and proceeded to start their crime scene investigation and started questioning the DJ who was busy playing the music the whole time and then they ran him off the boat so that’s what happens when these guys start drinking and having fun it always has to include violence so this guy with Unreel Porn Productions was on his boat anchored right beside the Houseboat party and he knows all those guys on that boat and when a fight breaks out he runs over to get involved which he calls breaking them up but it looked more to me like he was beating someone’s ass so they would stop fighting his friend so he is a badass mother fucker and something of an Enforcer and when the Police ran everyone off the Houseboat then he just turned up his music on the Unreel Porn Production boat and then the party moved over to his boat and everyone at Cocktail Cove started watching the Live Sex in public which is Heathenistic Sex right there under the Police nose beside Peanut Island on the sand bar in West Palm Beach FL where this has been going on forever and when he finds out I am screwing his wife he will be killing me and then there will be another crime scene investigation with the crime scene tape surrounding my Sailing Yacht in the Yacht Club and my Blow Fish asshole will be missing and probably feed to the sharks out in the Atlantic Ocean near the Bahamas where his family has smuggled rum in for Three Generations so I am avoiding having any contact with him on his boat because he will go insane so I am just watching what he is doing at Cocktail Cove today and waiting on my Intel from my plant in his organization I call Ask Raymond which could be a man or a woman so if there is a Raymond on his payroll then it isn’t that person so don’t take it out on Raymond because this Porn Producer would go insane and beat them to death because from what I have heard that is what he does for a living so I am setting him up for what he does to people and how he ruins their lives and here comes my Intel.

Ask Raymond: I think he is on to you Bow Fish. His wife was bragging to her girlfriends about the great sex she is having with you and one of them has set her up and told him so you better watch your step over here because he is looking for you and he knows where your boat is and just may be coming to pay you a visit and you know he is the Head Enforcer for a Criminal Organization which is a family business and they also own Jupiter Boats and all the owner’s live here and they manufacturer boats in Bradenton FL because that is a boat building town and your boat was built in the same area in St Petersburg FL but now they use Mexicans in Bradenton to build their boats because the labor is cheaper and then they ship the new boats to the East Coast where they get top dollar for a new boat that you assume was built in West Palm Beach or Jupiter FL where his parents live and he lives here and his name is Rob and he is the President of the Redneck Yacht Club here at Cocktail Cove only his name isn’t Bob so do not call him Bob the President of the Redneck Yacht Club or he will go insane and kill you dead as hell because he is a badass mother fucker and I have another caller and it’s the Long Arm of the Law.

The Long Arm of the Law: I was embarrassed and humiliated on yesterday’s Big Show but I do not know how to keep my mouth shut so I am calling in again for more of the same and just asking for it with the meaning of this country music song today and it is a sexual position of course and all country music is about a sexual position that the artist is trying to convey to us his Country Music Fans and so this position is where the man takes his Cock and puts it in the girl’s Tail and that would be the Cocktail Cove position and it is anal sex and all the young girls like that and I am young but think I am older than the young girls that love the Cocktail Cove sexual position so I have warned Blow Fish about these nasty little young whores because he probably doesn’t know anything about young women and I know it all so he has been warned to watch out for those young girls that love to take it up the butt and I do not have a lick of sense and do not know how to keep my mouth shut and never stop telling Blow Fish what the lyrics to country music mean because I know he knows nothing about nothing including sex and women and I know it all because I am younger and smarter than he is and soon I will be a full Field Agent for the FBI when I arrest a Businessman in Downtown Boca Raton who gives me a large amount of cocaine to impress me and then I get him arrested as I have been told to do which will never happen because there are no businessman walking around in bars with large amounts of cocaine that they are going to give to a young woman that is just asking them to give it to her so she can have them arrested so I have been sent out into the field to set up Blow Fish in a Irish Pub with a Country Music Karaoke night and instead of setting him up as usual I am setting myself up with my own stupidity and inexperience because I am Naive and Incompetent and just asking for it and so Blow Fish has bought me and my girlfriends these cocktails in a clear gallon buckets with LED lights in the bottom so we looked tacky as hell standing around in the Bar like a bunch of Amateur Tourist because nothing is more tacky than an LED light in the bottom of a drink so he got us all drunk and then the girlfriend of my male Field Supervisor gave Blow Fish that Fuck Me look and my Field Supervisor said “You know she is with me?” and Blow Fish said “She hasn’t mentioned that to me!” and then he embarrassed us all by getting us up on the Karaoke stage because we can’t sing Country Music and we can’t dance during the break in the middle of the song and so we are set up in public by trying to set him up and embarrassed in front of all our friends and this is what happens when you bug your supervisor in the office or a field agent to give you an assignment so you can prove how valuable you are to your country and how you are being wasted sitting at a desk when you could be out in a Country Karaoke Bar chasing down criminals and hanging them high from a tree with a rope because I am like the Long Arm of the Law and I hold my arm out like I am reaching out and grabbing the criminals so you have to saddle up your boys and then we will all meet back at the local saloon which is where we will be celebrating with Whiskey for my men and Beer for my Whore Says and that’s the way the artist is singing Horses in the song so you are singing it wrong and have been corrected once again so if you want to make a fool of yourself in public and you what to be set up just like me keep asking to be sent out in the field where your skills can really be used and not wasted tied to a desk with an office job and you too can be set up and be a Star right here on the Big Show.

Blow Fish: Thank you once again for all that unsolicited information and they looked like a bunch of Morans with those LED lights in their drinks so keep those LED lights out of the cocktails and she forgot to mention that she is so valuable to her country she can’t ride a rollercoaster so please stand down and stand by and get ready to reach out with that Long Arm of the Law of yours and you can take down Rob the Unreel Porn Producer as soon as I finish setting him up and then we can all meet back at the local saloon where you and your friends can buy me a Whiskey and a Beer for my Whores so where was I before I was interrupted by the Long Arm of the Law and all that stupid shit happened believe it or not and that’s the kind of bullshit I deal with all the time like the Boca Raton Christian Mafia meeting me for dinner and trying to hire me as a Hitman and setting themselves up on a Conspiracy to Commit Murder Charge so back to the action here at Cocktail Cove on the Big Show so Ask Raymond, I am here in my Sailing Yacht Tender, that’s a dinghy if you are a sailing novice or an amateur tourist and pulling into Cocktail Cove and there are thousands of people here on hundreds of boats anchored out on the sandbar by Peanut Island this Holiday Weekend and you could walk from boat to boat and never get wet and this party turns into a three day party here on a Holiday Weekend and this is Sunday morning and this is church for these Heathenistic perverts where they get half naked and drink beer and vodka and moonshine all day long and then sleep it off on their boats and get up the next morning and start again and Rob and his lovely wife have spent the night on their boat last night and have woken up early and started drinking again so they are on day two of this binge they call a Holiday Weekend and they have one more day to go and maybe it’s the Moonshine that makes them so violent but it is probably the drugs and they get Lite up on Shine as they call it and start trying to kill each other and I am approaching the filming of the Girls Gone Wild and there is Rob’s boat and his crew of porn stars and the name of his porn filming company is right there on the side of his boat and it is Unreel Porn Productions and the music is loud as hell and nasty and they don’t care that some people have children on their boats and all the other boaters are on their boats dancing to his music or standing in the waist deep water watching the action as he is filming and there are two woman dancing on the back of his boat and one of them has big ole Gel Boobs and they are bigger than her head and according to that Pervert Wayne Roberts that is unacceptable but if your boobs aren’t bigger than your head he won’t even speak to you so look for a photo of that Pervert Wayne Roberts on the Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page and he is from Historic Downtown Roswell GA where I am the Mayor and not a Evil Dictator like Gene Luciano is in Naples FL and you can see what that Pervert Wayne Roberts the International Marketing Agent for the Trojan Condom Company looks like and they give him free samples of their new Dildos and he gives the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s his new brand of Dildo still in the wrapper that they love so much in the back of his car in the parking lot at Pasti’s Bar where he squirts his new brand of lubricant up their pussy and then shoves a Dildo up their ass so look for his photo on Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page and see what that Pervert Wayne Roberts looks like and also the Asshole photo of Gene Luciano that he told me to take off the Internet or he would kill me deader than shit so enough of that self indulged Blow Fish bull shit and there are two women dancing on the back of the Rob’s boat up on the transom and Rob has a Kenny Chesney Barefoot Nation Official Flag right there hanging from the tower on the back of the boat which is so disgraceful to Kenny’s Flip Flop Nation as a whole and the woman with the Gel Boobs that are bigger than her head is covered with tattoos so this Porn Producer uses Porn Stars with tattoos and that Kiddie Porn Producer at SCAD doesn’t allow his pornstars to have tattoos but Rob likes his women nasty as hell and tattooed or inked up as you people call yourselves and she looks rough as hell and that woman must be addicted to the cocaine that he is giving her to perform for him because she looks like she hasn’t had a meal in a Month of Sundays and Rob has directed her to touch the Barefoot Nation Flag while she is dancing there totally nude and he is filming her touching the flag which he seems to get off on her touching it and he is one perverted weirdo and likes the strangest things and then there is another woman there with big ole natural boobs and she has taken off her top and shaking her boobs at the crowd and Gel Boobs don’t shake and if you are not a Gel Boob Connoisseur then you should be because you will be amazed by them and just want to play with them for hours on end and they are always a great source of amazement to me so she is going wild as hell and shaking her huge natural boobs at the crowd and they are going wild and so are the girls on the boat and Rob is right there at the console and he has the camera and he is the DJ playing the tunes and he has terrible taste in music and plays sounds that are hard to dance to and then the dancers have to try to make it thru the song but the woman with the Gel Boobs that’s all inked up with tats just touches the Barefoot Nation Flag and the crowd goes wild again and I do not know why he doesn’t have better taste in music and makes everything so tacky in his life but he as a classy wife that he is just ruining here by including her in this disgusting display of Heathenistic Sex right here in public with the Police right over there in their boats witnessing the whole illegal affair and then there are a bunch of Lesbo Whores dancing up on the bow of Rob’s boat and there are four of them and the blond one must be a bulldyke because she will not let her Lesbo Whores talk to any men and if they approach her Lesbo Lovers she chases them off so the Blond Bulldyke looks mean as hell like she would beat your ass if you bothered any of her Lesbo Whore Girlfriends and don’t miss that photo of Terri Lynn and Lauren her Lesbo Girlfriend at Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page when Lauren was so drunk she couldn’t stand up but still said that she was taking Terri Lynn home with her so she could hump her and that means she would have to strap one on, which is a dildo and screw Terri Lynn because she is never happy unless she has a dick in her and if you know Terri Lynn you know that’s true and then Maurice who only likes to watch because he is too old to have sex would be filming the whole sexual affair with Terri Lynn’s Professional Camera so she can post the photos on Fuck Sites on the Internet so she can attract new lovers because these swingers are never happy with their current lover and always have to find a new stranger to have sex with so they post their photos on Fuck Sites and I have found a couple photos of Terri Lynn from her favorite Fuck Site and I will be posting them on Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page so you can see how discussing these people really are and she has given her permission to have them posted on the Internet for the whole world to see so that’s her consent to have it viewed by anyone on the Internet and that’s the kind of people you meet out in the Bars in Roswell GA and they are the same pervert swingers that are right here at Cocktail Cove in West Palm Beach FL and the woman with the huge natural boobs is still shaking them at the crowd and now there is a man climbing up on the back of the boat and he is dancing with this woman with the huge natural boobs on the back of the boat up on the transom which is like a dance floor and this boat is a beautiful Jupiter center console fishing boat that probably cost a Half a Million Dollars and Rob’s family manufactures these boats and he is suppose to be selling them to customers by using this boat as a demonstrator but all he cares about is filming his porn here in public right under the Police noses and the cops are over there on their boats and they are watching the whole assorted affair and now this guy is dancing with the two girls on the back of the boat and the woman with the huge natural boobs has stopped shaking them at everyone which is what she gets off on and has been doing that all day and now she has gotten down from the boat transom which is like a stage on the back of the boat and it is slippery as hell up there because I got up there one time to see what it was like and started dancing and was making a fool out of myself in public which is what I do to piss off the Bar Owners and Bartenders that think they own the Bar but they don’t it’s the Owner that is responsible for what goes on in the Bar so I was dancing and then all of a sudden I slipped and slid right off the back of the boat and my Blow Fish asshole splashed in the water and the woman with the big ole Gel Boobs that’s all inked up that must be a Cocaine Addict because she is so skinny or whatever you people call yourself and I think it is Inked Up so she asked if I was OK and I said yes I just busted my ass and fell in the water so the other woman with the Huge Natural Boobs has pulled down this guys boardshorts and she is sucking his dick right there in public in front of everyone and Rob gives her his sign of approval as he is filming the action and his lovely classy wife is standing right in front of him and he is humping her only he never gives it to her that way and just humps her all night from behind while he is holding the camera and playing the tunes and filming the action which must make her starved for anal sex because she loves it that way when I give it to her in the asshole and Rob is just a sick pervert that likes to hold the camera and watch while other people have sex in public and it just makes me sick to see such a classy lady going to waste and exposed to such perversion and now this guy is laying down on his back on the boat transom which is like a stage on the back of the boat and she is shaking her huge boobs in his face and now she has pulled her bikini bottoms off and is climbing up on top of him and is screwing him on the back of the boat while Rob is filming this Heathenistic Sex Act and he is so turned on and just keeps humping his wife and playing the music and he never screws his own wife but he only films other men screwing his wife and now the Lesbo Whores on the front of the boat are taking their Bikinis off and dancing for the crowd and now Rob is turning the camera on them for the Lesbo Sex portion of the Girls Gone Wild Porn Production on a boat in Cocktail Cove and I am told that these are Strippers or whatever you people call yourselves and it’s Dancers so don’t make the mistake of calling them Strippers or they will correct you so these Dancers are from the Cheetah Strip Club in West Palm Beach and they have stripped and are completely naked and Rob has the camera on them now and they are eating each others pussy right here in public and Rob has the camera right up their ass catching all the action and he likes this Lesbo Sex action and the Blond Bulldyke that has smiled at me before and I know this woman from Atlanta and have seen her out in Downtown Roswell many times and have spoken to her even though she is not allowed to speak to me and I will explain that later so there is more going on here than meets the eye but she is always flirting with me and then walking away and now she has strapped on a Dildo and this maybe the new brand of Dildo that Pervert Wayne Roberts gives to the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s still in the wrapper that they love so much so the Blond Bulldyke has strapped one on as Terri Lynn calls it and she is humping one of her Lesbo Whore Girlfriends and she is tearing that shit up like Ground Round just like Greenburg does and he would love to get in on this action only I would be a afraid that this Blond Bulldyke Lesbo might turn that Dildo on me because she looks at me like she likes it rough and is mean as hell and would just beat my ass and now she is screwing the hell out of all her Lesbo Whore Girlfriends one by one while Rob is filming the action here and her and her fellow Strippers or Dancers as they call themselves are from the Cheetah Strip Club here in West Palm Beach and they will keep this up all afternoon and then around 5 o’clock they will leave and go to work at the Cheetah because they have something there called Roll Call at 7 pm where all the Dancers in the Bar get up on stage and start dancing all at one time and having Lesbo Sex with one another and this goes on every Sunday here at Cocktail Cove and now a couple of guys have climbed on the boat and they have Rob’s beautiful blond wife on the back of the boat and she is now totally nude and just looks great and this is such a waste of a beautiful woman to humiliate her here in public like this just so her husband can make a few dollars from selling the Live Sex porn on a boat when he doesn’t even need the money and he does this just because he is such a pervert and thinks he is an artist when he is creating this his art which is how these sick people think when they are Producing Porn but this is just another disgusting porn video and so both of these guys are screwing her at the same time and one guy is in her pussy and one is up her asshole and she does love it in the asshole and Rob is filming this whole Heathenistic Sex act and the crowd is going crazy and the sex just gets worse as the day gets longer and they just keep this up all afternoon and then into the night and I guess this would be a Gay Orgy Sex Party on a boat with all the Lesbo Sex going on and I will be damn it looks like Faggot Paul has shown up with his Evil Lesbo Whores from Destin FL and they are up there on the transom of the boat having Three-way Sex right here in public and totally nude and at this Girls Gone Wild at Cocktail Cove Porn Production on a boat right under the police nose as they are watching the action and the music is blaring and Faggot Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whores have turned the action on Rob the Porn Producer and they are whipping his asshole with their Evil Lesbo Whore whips and he is loving it and now Faggot Paul has taken the camera away from him and has turned it on Rob as he is getting his asshole whipped by the Evil Lesbo Whores and he is loving it and he needs his asshole beat to hell and they are tearing it up and he is coming from just being whipped by Faggot Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whores and he is such a sick pervert that doesn’t deserve such a classy wife and then damn it we have got to go to a commercial because I have a new sponsor and it is the FBI so go ahead boys.

FBI Spokes Person: We do not either appreciate or support the filming of Gay Lesbo Porn in public but we will send our office staff out there on your boat if you are a big ole drug smuggler who thinks he is untouchable and can take a 400K dollar boat and put the name of his Porn Production Company on the side of the boat and start filming porn in public with loud music blaring so we will send out our office staff and set you up in public and then we will arrest you for filming the porn in public and then question you about where you got the money to pay for this expensive boat and what you do for a living only we do it all backwards. First we know what you do for a living and we know what everyone in the US does for a living and then we infiltrate your drug smuggling organization with our employees and then we watch what you are doing and how you do it and when you do it and who works for you and then we watch you on Sunday and find out who you really are and watch you filming Porn on your boat in a Girls Gone Wild setting at Cocktail Cove and we send the Revenuer as you call him on your boat to seize your moonshine that is illegal to distribute and you are sharing it so that’s good enough and then we send Blow Fish in to witness the whole damn thing and he puts his Sailing Yacht in the Yacht Club across from Cocktail Cove and works his way on your boat and then we film him and you and how you look like best friends standing there watching the Girls Gone Wild Live Sex Porn Production in Public right under the Police nose who are really watching you for the FBI because they follow the instructions of the FBI and are our arrest squad so you are set up and I will allow you to sell your boat to make bond and you can’t because we are seizing everything you own and your family owns and all your assets so you are all going down and there will be Millions of Dollars of drug smuggling money seized that has been money laundered and the largest drug bust we have ever made and probably the largest amount of seized assets we have ever acquired so we will see you soon on CNN and in the Newspapers and that’s how you know if Blow Fish here has set you up so look for that coming up in the very near future.

Blow Fish: That’s right and thank you for that Intel so now we have a whole bunch of boats and the boat factory where they were manufactured and airplanes and a jet plane and houses and also some really attractive married women that are high society types that are going to be homeless so if you need a good looking blond then you will want to check them out on TV and put an offer in on one and I have dibs on Rob’s wife because she is what he has Lost and what I have Found so you guys can have the others or I may just take that Blond Bulldyke with me because she works for the FBI and she keeps giving me those sexy smiles when I run into her on these missions setting up these criminals so I may just have a go at her Lesbo pussy but she isn’t a Lesbo at all or a stripper, that was all an act and so Rob has been set up by this group of actors and actresses from the FBI and they are all just FBI Office Staff that will come out on the weekends and will set you the criminals up for their country which makes them irreplaceable and an asset to their country and they are so valuable they can’t ride a roller coaster because they are too valuable to their country and can’t be replaced but I think the FBI won’t miss a couple of them so I will be grabbing me a couple of those Lesbo Whores including Rob’s criminal partner wife the Ice Cream Heiress and I may just live off her ice cream sales revenue, oh I was just informed that the Ice Cream Company is being seized as well and these Drug Smugglers have had a good run as you will soon hear about on CNN and in the Newspapers.

I have to explain to you that you may not be able to buy a bag of pot to take to your Christmas Party this year because we have waited for these assholes to smuggle in their Christmas Bales and that is the biggest shipment of the year and they do supply the whole Southeast of the US of A and they have been at this for a long time and they are very organized and they have politicians in their pockets and have blackmailed them into supporting them and they probably have supported them in their election but this is not about whether or not it is right or wrong to smoke pot, it’s about how people treat people and this is not about whether it is right or wrong to pay a prostitute for sex, it’s about how these people harm other people and destroy their lives and it’s not about whether or not pot is bad for your health and well-being, it’s about how these guys treat other people and by that I mean all these people being arrested because I started with Randy Gibson and AJ Laird who killed and murdered and then disposed of the body of their gang member who was responsible for chasing down the bales and bring them into the Tiki Bar that I call the Bale Chaser and that’s not who he is but it sounds better than who he really is because he was just a business associate that they needed to get rid of and that’s what these people do that is so wrong. They can’t just smuggle pot and sell pot and not hurt anyone because in their business there is a allot of greed and dishonesty and violence so they set each other up and kill one another and that’s why this drug ring is going down and this is a big ole drug ring and you will hear about how big they are and watch the specials on TV so please look for the Book and the Movie and the DVD and see if you were included in any of those and then you will know that you were arrested and lost your cars and trucks and boats and planes and houses and your offshore bank accounts and your wife so there will be a lot of publicity and a lot of stories going around about how we did this so listen up for that very soon so I will let Ask Raymond explain what Rob does for a living because that’s where I get my Intel on this Crime Family.

Ask Raymond: Rob is the Enforcer for this Drug Smuggling Organization which is like a Drug Cartel because their organization is so well connected in the US and Columbia South America and they have been in business since the beginning of Drug Smuggling so they have been around for a long time and now all these criminals have kids that are second and third generation criminals and so Rob was raised to be a Drug Smuggler Enforcer so his father doesn’t have to do it anymore and sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s bad and in this case Rob is very good at what he does and he doesn’t care about anyone except himself and certainly not his wife or he wouldn’t have those men screwing her on his boat and that was all Blow Fish bull shit, he loves his wife very much and protects her but he doesn’t love anyone else and it’s his job to find new distributors and then manage them and when they screw up and sell drugs in schools or to a Congressman’s son who gets arrested then Rob has to punish that dealer so he sets up another dealer to take over his turf and then he sets this person up who has caused him trouble with the Police and that ruins that person’s life and his family when he really did nothing wrong other than being a drug dealer who sells drugs to anyone and can’t control who his dealers sell to.

Blow Fish: This is a lot more serious than that example and as I explained yesterday on the Big Show this new generation of criminals have been raised to work in these Criminal Organizations where they have gone to college and then trained to work in their parent’s business and these Criminal Organizations enlist kids in college to work in these organizations so Rob has been raised by his parents who are nothing more than criminals that live a double life where they appear to be good people that donate to charities and belong to the right Country Club and look so squeaky clean and upstanding in the community but are really Organized Crime and running a Drug Smuggling Ring so he has been brained washed by them into believing that they are normal businessmen and this is how a family business is run where someone has to be out in the field acting as an Enforcer which they would call Management so Rob has been raised to be this evil person that has to supervise his Organization of Drug Smugglers and their Drug Dealers so Rob is in control of who gets the Bales and who they distribute them too and he decides who stays in business and who gets arrested and goes to jail for maybe ten years and loses everything they own and never sees their kids again and so Rob sets up these drug smugglers and drug dealers and works with the local Police so that when the local Police need a Drug Arrest to make it look like they are doing their job then Rob decides who gets arrested and informs on them to the Police or the DEA and then they are arrested and their whole life is ruined and if anyone tries to move in on his organization’s territory or doesn’t follow instructions then he sets them up as well so he is responsible for several people losing their lives and allot of people going to jail who were doing exactly what he was paying them to do because he is acting like the Lord of the Manor because his parents are high society types and have no contact with the criminals working in their organization so Rob is their Lord of the Manor which is what they have trained him to do so he is the person that gives the orders to his Serfs which are his distributors and he owns them and tells them how to live and where to live and how to run their business and how they should look and dress and what car to drive and what to do and what not to do and if you do not do as Rob instructs you then you will be punished by being beaten and robbed because he could just take everything you own from you and you couldn’t say a word and if Rob decides to have you arrested he throws you in prison and you stay there so long you will never cause him any trouble again and if he decides to have you killed then you are never seen or heard from again and so we have another Organization here that is a Serf Society with a Lord of the Manor and when you join this gang then they own you and when they are finished with you they throw you in jail and ruin your life and just throw you away and replace you with another gang member who is a Serf or a slave and so Rob has slaves working for him and he decides who lives and who dies and he is a dangerous Mother Fucker with a terrible temper and a real hothead and this needs to end so people’s lives are not destroyed so we can put an end to this mistreatment of human beings where they are enslaved and tortured and imprisoned and murdered by their Lord of the Manor and if this keeps up like it is gong then he would become the Head of his Crime Family and this brutal treatment of his gang would continue and the murders would continue all over Florida and you don’t get a chance to catch a drug smuggler when they murder someone because they might just go out to pick up a bale and then never come back and then they are thrown overboard and never seen again and they know how to that and very good at it so there is no evidence and that’s why Rob and his Family and their Drug Smuggling Gang have been set up and are being arrested because they hurt other people and ruin their lives and then they train their children to do the same thing just like Rob and they send their kids to school and College and the scary part is Rob’s kids would have gone to the best schools and probably would have been involved in Government and elected to a public office where Rob could control government even more than his Family does now and his whole gang would be doing the same thing with their kids and getting them to work in the local Police Departments and for the DEA and so they are harming others and getting more and more organized and taking over our police departments and local government and getting more and more powerful and if we don’t stop them then one day these Criminal Gangs could completely take over the whole country and what a horrible society that would be when they are the Lord of the Manor and you and your kids are their Serfs so they have to be stopped so all these Criminals are going to start being arrested for all these crimes they are committing and going to jail so this new generation of criminals that have been raised and told by their parents that is ok to hurt people because that’s how they have succeeded and gotten all that money and they will hurt you if you don’t hurt them first and they got all their money by taking advantage of other people and there are people in this country that believe that if you give them a job and pay them a salary then you are using them and taking advantage of them and they need to get even with you and it doesn’t matter what they do to you because you have taken advantage of them to get what you have so anything they do to you is ok and that is a scary situation and hopefully we can get rid of that mentality and greed in the US in the next few generations because there is so much greed in the US right now it is unbelievable and so I am doing this because I care about people and not about money like Rob and his family and his whole Organization who worship money and there is no line he will not cross to keep from losing money and to get more money that they don’t even need and they will never stop because they believe if they don’t continue harming others then they will be harmed and lose all they have so that’s why you may not be able to buy a bag of dope this Christmas which is not that important in the big scheme of things so have a Happy Holiday season anyway so Cheers!

Ask Raymond: Blow Fish it looks like Rob has heard what you are up to on the Internet bragging about screwing his wife in the asshole and taking him out and he is headed over to your Sailing Yacht in the Yacht Club to deal with you and he has his strong arms with him so watch out.

Blow Fish: Thanks for the heads up Ask Raymond and I want to avoid any trouble and just set him up and get him arrested and not get myself killed and here he comes in a dingy and he has a strong arm with him that is another plant in his organization so he is so set up bigger than shit.

Rob President of the Redneck Yacht Club: You better change that caller ID Blow Fish or I will break your neck and your arms and both your legs and you know I will do it so get it changed.

Blow Fish: What’s the point of breaking my arms and legs after you have already broken my neck.

Rob Head Arm and Leg Breaker: I’m the one asking the questions here so who is Raymond and how did you infiltrate my Crime Organization? We do background checks on all our people and we know everything about them and even know who they live with so how did you get someone in my Organization?

Blow Fish: Ask Raymond is a wonderful person and everyone loves Raymond so don’t ask me who Raymond is Ask Raymond because that’s what I always do I just Ask Raymond so where do you think the Intel you buy comes from when you do a background check? It comes from the website that buys Intel from the FBI so when you buy Intel you are actually paying for information that comes from the FBI and they can change any background check they want so when you checked on this person I am calling Ask Raymond you were given the information that they wanted you to have which was the information that you needed to hire him and they can do that to any Crime Organization so when Brevard needed someone to infiltrate my Family and steal our wealth then he got the Intel that he needed and that was to hire Bob Taylor which is not his name and soon you will find out who he really is and how Brevard is set up just like Gene Luciano who checked my background and found out that I am a bigger crook that him because he has never been arrested but I have an arrest record as long as your arm so you would never think I was anything but the biggest crook you have ever met in your life so you get the Intel that the FBI wants you to have when you are being set up by the FBI.

Rob the Neck Breaker: I said to change that caller id or I will just break your neck and you know I will do it and then you will be fucking dead and stay away from my wife and stop saying you are screwing her in the asshole she doesn’t like it that way.

Blow Fish: Just because she doesn’t let you get that asshole doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it when I tear it up and you are always filming porn and just ignoring her anyway and making her get in on the action so you can watch other men screw her so why do you care anyway.

Rob the Enforcer and Head Killer Hitman: Now you have my name right and now you know who I am so I will be dealing with you just like that if you give me anymore trouble on the internet and that will be the end of you so I know where you are and I will come and end your life if you fuck with me anymore and you know it so stop saying that my wife is involved in my Porn Production.

Blow Fish: I am not interfering in your Porn Production, I am interfering in your Drug Smuggling Business so what’s the big deal Rob?

Rob the Head of Distribution for his Mafia Family: Now take that off the internet you know we are legitimate businessmen and leaders in the community and my wife is an Ice Cream Heiress and I am a Boat Sales Rep and sell Jupiter Power Boats so leave us and our business alone.

Blow Fish: I know what you do Rob and when I say Good Bye that will be the end of you and if you weren’t such a bad ass mother fucker and always ruining people’s lives and killing people you would probably be left to continue what you are doing and have always done so do you know Randy Fucking Us all Over Gibson?

Rob the Biggest Drug Smuggler in the Southeast: Change that I haven’t said a word about how big we are and how organized we are so change that or I will break you neck again and Randy Gibson is a small time hood compared to us and we probably set him up to get rid of the competition and that’s what I do to get rid of the competition and control the distribution and my distributors and when someone screws up I get them arrested or I have them murdered so you better not screw with me or I will have you murdered and you know what I mean.

Blow Fish: What’s with the “You know what I mean?” I know who you are and what you do and where you do it and when you do it and who you do it with so what’s with the You know what I mean?

Rob the Asshole Enforcer for his Mafia Family Drug Smuggling Ring: Now that you know who I am you better watch your ass and stay away from my wife and stay off the internet or I will be breaking your neck and that’s when you will know what I mean because everyone in my Crime Organization knows that if they don’t do as I say then they will get themselves killed.

Blow Fish: You talk in circles Rob so why don’t we just sit down and discuss this like friends and then you can film me giving it to your wife up the asshole on your boat in board daylight so everyone can watch and you can hold the camera like the Porn Producer?

Rob the Unreel Porn Producer: Now that sounds pretty good as long as I get to hold the camera because I am a big ole Porn Producer and I have my own business now and don’t have to take orders from anyone else and I am the boss and can say no to anyone and say cut and say action and say spit on that dick bitch and that’s what I love to do is tell someone how to fuck and that’s my expertise so let’s go over there and get the action started back up.

Blow Fish: I am just kidding Rob, you are set up and your family is set up and you guys are losing your planes and cars and boats and houses and your jets and your boat manufacturing business and your investments and all your money laundering assets and that Porn Production Business that has gotten you in so much trouble by exploiting your wife in public by including her in your porn production and you are ruining this town and the State of Florida and for some reason men in this town are violent as hell and lose their temper and turn into killers and I think it is the drugs that you are smuggling that is making them crazy and you abuse women here and I am tired of hearing about it and all you assholes are going down so you and all those asshole Drug Dealers are going down Rob and so is your family and your entire organization is going down and I think you get off on ruining other people’s lives for a living and you just love your life’s work so much that you have gotten too good at it and have just become a murdering asshole and your parents raised you to do just that from childhood and now you are nothing more than a Killer Hitman so if you try to harm me you will be in a world of trouble and you already are and probably getting the chair so sit there and take it like the big ole asshole that you are and when they finish frying you then I may have sex with your wife because she will be available so you can watch for that and have that to look forward to in your next life but you guys don’t believe in a next life just causing as much pain and suffering in this life as you possibly can so suffer you insane killer and all I have left to say to Rob and your Family is Good Bye!

So that finishes up Rob who is filming porn on his boat called Unreel Porn Productions in West Palm Beach and when I am here in West Palm Beach I always head out to the Horse Race Track where I just may be able to win some money so we are out at the West Palm Beach Horse Race Track and there is a great turnout today and they have been racing all day and all night and the locals and tourist are pouring in here and placing their bets and the Prostitutes are working the crowd and getting their share of their money and the drug dealers are here and the pickpockets and so everyone is here and there is allot going on and allot to watch so I have noticed that the Jockey’s are wearing those Bluetooth headsets these days and I guess that is something new so Horse Racing has entered into the electronic age and they are all connected to someone or each other so what the hell are they listening to and there is a Bluetooth headset on the Manager in the Betting Room where they count the bets so I will just have to listen in on their frequency and see what they are saying so we are going live at the West Palm Beach Horse Race Track and we are live.

Betting Pit Boss: We have closed all the betting and have calculated the bets which is instantaneous with computers these days and apparently everyone bet on horse number 7 as usual and so the next horse would be 4 another favorite and then 11 so that would be the Trifecta Bet that we want to avoid so I will turn the broadcast over to the Manager of the Control Room.

Control Room: Alright I am going to say that Jockeys number 7, 4 and 11 need to hold back on their horses and then Jockey number 3, 6, and 10 you can let your horses run wild and we will have another successful race here today where we always win and the gamblers always lose and we are the most successful Horse Race entertainment facility in the US because this is just for entertainment and not for anyone to ever win any money and our owner is the biggest oldest Mafia Family in town so we are well connected with Local Law Enforcement and the Local Government and we almost own the whole town so we believe that we can do anything we want so as the race begins I am seeing that Jockey number 7 is not holding back and neither is 4 or 11 so what the hell is going on out there?

Blow Fish: The FBI has intercepted your broadcast and blocked the reception to the Jockeys so I have placed a very large bet on horse number 4 which I own and I just might own the whole Race Track if you assholes don’t pay up after the race so you better stop doing what you are doing or you are all going down so this your first and last warning and unfortunately just like Rob the President of the Redneck Yacht Club here you don’t get another warning because you are on my Hit List and going down and you have been robbing the locals and the tourist and ruining their lives for years and every now and then you let them win a little by pure luck but you always win so I am taking you down and shutting you down and turning this over to the crooked Gaming Commission and guess what that is who you Mother Fuckers are so the Fucking Crooked Gaming Commission which was formed by the Mafia so they could control Gambling is going down and you can kiss your assholes Good Bye and then those poor gamblers that are so addicted to placing a beat just like a junky is addicted to drugs can either win or lose without your help and all you Gambling Addicts need to go to counseling and get some fucking help!

I usually eat a steak at Chop’s but they don’t have one in West Palm Beach so I guess they didn’t pay off the right person but Ruth Chris did so I stopped in the Ruth’s Chris Steak House at City Place in West Palm Beach and had dinner and this location is just another franchise but this location was actually quite good and better than the Chops Lobster Bar in Boca Raton and my steak was great but the Lobster Mac and Cheese looked like Kraft Mac and Cheese with Main Lobster claw meat on top of the pasta and not even covered with sauce which is not a good recipe at all and I think they really need to do a little better research before they put a new item on the menu because you are supposed to use Florida Lobster tails and not Maine Lobster claw meat so you guys need to work on your recipe and I know I worked on my Lobster Mac and Cheese and spared no expense to perfect it so it is the best and you would think that a major Steakhouse chain would have done the same thing so I suggest they spend a little more time on their recipe or just steal mine because I make a much better Lobster Mac and Cheese that Ruth Chris and the original location is still the best location and I ate there in the middle of being chased by those 16 Crooked Cops and Conartist Narcs from the Florida Keys in Mobile AL and the original location was great and I do recommend it highly so if you want to hear that story then stop asking me to repeat myself and read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to and read back to Day One and catch up or you will miss what is happening next like me telling Ruth Chris to just steal my Blow Fish Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe and then you won’t be disappointing your discriminating clientele like my Blow Fish asshole because my recipe is incredible and you just stole your recipe from Kraft Cheese and it sucks so if you want to see that in my new Restaurant Review by the Food Critic which is me then just keep that shit up and I will be slandering your West Palm Beach FL location again in the near future when I take my Tiki Bar Tour to another location with my Restaurant Review by the Food Critic and that’s me Blow Fish so watch for that in an upcoming show season here on the Big Show and then look for the Book coming to a bookstore near you really soon and then the Movie coming to a theater near you really soon and then the DVD coming to a Red Box near you really soon and then when Rob catches my Blow Fish asshole I will be coming to a County Landfill near you really soon or he may just feed my Blow Fish asshole to the sharks in the Bahamas so if you even think about that Rob, I will hear about and when you speak to someone about it then you will be arrested for Conspiracy to Commit Murder so think about it Rob and you just did so there you go and I warned you so fry mother fucker and don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Everyone is West Palm Beach hits the bars downtown and there are good restaurants there but I don’t have a problem with them so I ignored them and I would just walk down the street and there are street walkers called hookers all over downtown West Palm Beach and the whole downtown is full of them so when you walk into a Restaurant and head to the Bar they follow you in from the street and sit beside you at the Bar and there are so many prostitutes in this town and they are nasty looking as hell and mostly Haitian and Jamaicans and a whole bunch of Bahama Mamas and once I even walked into the Cuban Restaurant and a cute as hell young Cuban Street Walker followed me in with her female partner and sat beside me and she got up and started dancing for me right at the Bar and was just as sweet acting as she could be but I take no chances here in West Palm Beach and you just have to assume that they are all prostitutes downtown because there are about a thousand of them out each night with their Pimps who beat the hell out of them in the face when they don’t work or bring back the money because they are cheating them or giving it away for free so they beat them in the face and their faces look all distorted from being beaten so much so do not go there and check that out because a sting is going to do that for you and then you can just watch it on CNN and read about it in the Newspapers and then we can put an end to this slavery in West Palm Beach where the pimps and whores are smuggled in here from the Bahamas and Jamaica and Haiti and the Mafia smuggles in Haitian cab drivers as well and I had one try and kidnap me one night and drive me to Miami and sell me to the Cuban Mafia in Miami so I guess they could hold me for ransom and I am just kidding but he was going to drive me all the way to my address in Miami so they do not know what they are doing and will take you to the wrong address so there is a communication problem with these cab drivers that don’t speak English and the West Palm Beach Taxi Mafia has these old antique Yellow Cabs out there on the streets and they are too old and nasty and cheap looking and the drivers are Cuban and look rough as hell too and they refuse to replace them with modern cars with drivers that speak English and everything here is like it has been for Fifty years and it all needs to be cleaned up but I have seen some great concerts here in West Palm Beach FL at the Amphitheater and also at Sunfest where I was looking for that attractive FBI agent from Platforms in Boca Raton but never saw her and also the four women that were on my tail at the Tortuga Festival in Ft Lauderdale and one of them had on a wonderful Wonderbra and all four of them surrounded me on orders from the local FBI office so that cute little drunk Twenty year old Ft Lauderdale girl couldn’t kidnap me on the beach and make me her sex slave while my buddy Zac Brown was playing and this young girl was so drunk her friend had to hold her up or she would fall down and we were in the VIP section with a pool and all the liquor was free and also the food and she must have ignored the food line and just drank and was trashed but was still able to stand there without any help from her girlfriend and shake her little butt for me with all these other woman standing around trying to set me up with the woman with the wonderful Wonderbra and I am done with those Wonderbras ladies you are wasting your time and money you need to get Gel Boobs if you are going for that look and then you don’t even need a bra after that so just forget about deceiving men anymore which that Wonderbra conartist scam you’ve been running for years and if I was looking for a Wonderbra I would just go to Hooters or any other wing place because they are running the same fucking con there as well so there’s a good place you can go in a Wonderbra is a wing joint and leave me the hell alone because I am done with the Wonderbra.

There are so many Bahama Mama prostitutes here as I call then that if they all showed up at one location you wouldn’t be able to walk in the door and they all do show up for Taco Tuesday at the Dos Amigos Mexicali Restaurant & Tequila Bar where the Tacos are Two Bucks and the Margaritas are 99 cents and every Black Prostitute shows up for the food and the Margaritas which are not bad but great for 99 cent and so this place is going to be shut down because of all the prostitutes and the way they take over the place on Tuesday night and that’s not the problem, the problem is that wherever the Whores go their Pimps go and hang around and watch them so all the Pimps show up on Tuesday night as well to protect their interest in their slave whores and their turf and so there is a turf war every Tuesday night and they fight over this area of town called Northwood and start killing each other so the police are coming in there to break up fights that look like a riot and a gang war with so many people in there so this place is going to be closed very soon and so I will say Good Bye!

There is a great restaurant around the corner and it is a Greek Restaurant and it is Agora Mediterranean Kitchen and this is the headquarters of the Greek Mafia and then on the other corner is the Italian Mafia in Northwood and it is Café Centro where they have a Piano Bar with Live Entertainment and I haven’t eaten here because I don’t need anymore trouble with these Italian Types and will wait until I go to their homeland in the north which is Chicago and then arrest their boss or Lord of the Manor and then work my way back down the food chain and take out all these Italian Mafia Bars and I am kidding about this place the owner is a great guy and I went in there and met him twice and the first time he told me where the men’s room was and I wasn’t even looking for it and then he welcomed me in the second time and was very friendly and nice and said come back in and I didn’t have time to eat there but I did eat at the Agora and they were great and the food was excellent and I had the grilled octopus which was Greek style with a great salad and the Casserole Platter looked incredible and also the Mixed Grill platter and they have all the Greek Deserts and they all look fabulous and the server that waited on me said he is from Cyprus and was after the female Greek cook in the kitchen and he was funny as hell and very entertaining and I had a great time and a delicious meal.

So that will be the end of the Pimps and Whores in this part of town only that won’t change a thing because they live in this area in what was a great part of town where there are a bunch of cute little houses that look like historical beach cottages and they are all just a few blocks from the water and close to downtown and all the good restaurants and bars and the nightlife only the crime has ruined this part of town and that’s what happens when the Mafia moves into an area. They rundown the buildings and real estate values drop and then they buy up all the buildings and then have pimps and whores and drug dealers living in them so I have a plan to revitalize uptown West Palm Beach which is the Northwood area of town and the local government has already tried by adding sidewalks and streetscapes as they call them and spent allot of money doing it and it looks good but they didn’t get rid of the problem first so now you have Pimps and Whores and Drug Dealers having gang wars on the new streets and sidewalks and streetscapes so it’s too dangerous there to walk down the street so it really didn’t help anything so I am suggesting that the City of West Palm Beach have a roundup kind of like what we did out west with those troublesome Native Americans years ago that were causing so much trouble and remove these Pimps and Whores that are committing all these crime and causing problems for this great area of West Palm Beach known as Northwood Village and relocate them out in another part of town known as Wellington FL which is a community that is west of the city of West Palm Beach and away from the desirable waterfront and beach and the Restaurants and Bars of downtown West Palm Beach and out where there are communities full of a bunch of cheaply built homes for the rich to live in so that when they want to go downtown or to the beach they have to drive all the way into town where’s it’s too rough and nasty and dangerous with all the Pimps and Whores and Drug Dealers living in Northwood that are working in downtown West Palm Beach and making the whole downtown too dangerous to risk going to after dark and then on the weekend they take over the beach on Singer Island in West Palm Beach and I saw a Black Pimp smoking a joint on the beach with a couple of his Whores and a Beach Cop walked over and said “Oh it’s you! I thought it might be that Blow Fish looking character over there smoking dope and starting some shit but you’re ok” and then the Beach Cop turned and walked away and the Beach Police are all black and they look like Bahamian Police like you are in Nassau in the Bahamas which is kind of cool and very Caribbean looking but the Beach Cops are corrupted by the Pimps and Whores and Drug Dealers so the beach is being ruined by these Criminals so it’s too dangerous to go to the beach in West Palm Beach and something has to be done when you can’t walk down the beach in Florida and not feel safe so I propose that all these rough criminal characters be relocated out to the Wellington area of town and the word Wellington means Asshole Nigger so the name of the place is perfect and I will explain that when I get to Atlanta GA with the Big Show because that’s where I discovered this Wellington problem so the City of West Palm Beach won’t even have to change the name of the community because it will be full of Asshole Niggers and there’s a gate at the entrance and the Police can lock the gate and put armed guards on the gate and these Pimps and Whores that have taken over Northwood in West Palm Beach will have their own gated community in Wellington with their own grocery stores and their own restaurants and banks to rob and cars to steal in the parking lots and houses to break into and steal guns and their own schools to sell drugs in and then they can all show up at the same Restaurant on a Tuesday night and kill each other and no one will be in there to give a shit or stop them and then maybe after they all kill each other then the City of West Palm Beach sanitation department can go in there with a fucking front end loader and a dump truck and clean up the fucking problem since the Police won’t do anything to clean it up and then plant them all in the Palm Beach County Landfill where they belong so then Wellington will be cleaned up as well because that fucking part of town is so full of crime and I have been told that all the school kids there break into houses and steal guns so they can protect themselves when they are out robbing people and stealing cars and motorcycles and taking them for a joy ride on a Friday night and then wrecking them for fun and then burning the totaled car to destroy the evidence because the Police can’t keep crime off the streets in Wellington either so that will take care of both of the problems you are having in Northwood and Wellington so why don’t the Police get up off your asses and get to work and get rid of these problems and get a larger jail or just deport these assholes and send them back to where ever the fucking West Palm Beach Mafia kidnapped them from or whatever you need to do to just get the fuck rid of them so watch Escambia County FL and see what they did with their Black Community and then copy them because that is exactly what they have done. They have torn down the slum houses and built an Interstate Hwy there instead and then put all their Asshole Niggers in a Wellington project with razor wire around the top of the fence so they can’t escape and put armed guards at the gate of the community so the Pimps and Whores can’t get in there and kill them and then built a larger jail and then another jail and then a processing center to speed up the process so they can arrest the Drug User and the person Soliciting Sex from the Pimps and Whores but they have done nothing about the Pimps and the Whores and the Drug Dealers so find a better plan than that because that didn’t work so clean it up because the city of West Palm Beach is still too rough to visit so do not go there until all these Pimps and Whores and Drug Dealers and Conartist and the Horse Track and the Blue Martinis are all closed down and torn down and then maybe it will be safe to go back to West Palm Beach because right now it’s like walking down the roughest street in the roughest part of Port O Prince in Haiti where you realize you have made a wrong turn and about to lose all your organs while you watch your wife being raped by her new Pimp that will addict her to the drugs he sells and ship her off to work in West Palm Beach FL where she will work over the tourist and the locals in Blue Martini where the owner will be drugging them to make her job easier and if she doesn’t bring the money back then her Pimp will beat her in the face until she is so ugly she won’t be able to sell that pussy anymore and then he will beat her to fucking death in front of the other whores to teach them a lesson so until they clean up this dangerous place and get rid of the Blue Martini and the Pimps with their slave Whores and do something about that fucking Lobster Mac and Cheese at Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse then I would stay the hell out of West Palm Beach and find a safer beach town to visit where there isn’t a Blue Martini drugging their customers and killing people in Vehicular Homicide deaths in Florida and the whole US and soon the Caribbean so do not go there until all these Pimps and Whores and Drug Dealers and Conartist and the Racetrack and the Blue Martinis are all closed down and torn down and then maybe it will be safe to go back to West Palm Beach and order the Lobster Mac and Cheese at Ruth Chris’s who stole their recipe from Kraft Foods and it seems like they would have had the good taste to have stolen my Blow Fish Lobster Mac and Cheese recipe and then we will have better restaurants there as well so until then all I have to say to the Blue Martini and West Palm Beach is Good Bye!

And so after avoiding being murdered or kidnapped in West Palm Beach and sold to the Cubans in Miami by the Taxi Cab Mafia in Downtown West Palm Beach I always head back out to the Yacht Club at the beach where it’s safe on Singer Island and the largest restaurant on the island is the Sailfish Marina Resort and they have a beautiful marina and the Bar is popular with the local boat captains and the boat owners and they are always in there at sunset drinking and telling their fish stories and they have live music so Happy Hour is allot of fun and on Thursday night they have a Sunset Celebration where local artist setup booths out on the dock and they have Grouper Dogs and Conch Fritters cooked and served outside and the Grouper Dog is the greasiest piece of fish I have ever had and the worst quality grouper so it must be Basa and I can’t believe they charge people for it and you would think they are trying to run the tourist off and I do not know why they don’t just say here have a terrible piece of greasy Florida fish and don’t ever come back to Florida again and if Gene Luciano was involved in the whole Sunset Celebration he would be poisoning the tourist to get rid of their cheap assholes but the Conch Fritter is excellent and there is a Cuban lady that cooks them fresh for you while you wait and then in the Restaurant I have tried several menu items and they are all good but not excellent and not worth the high-end prices they are charging and not the quality you would expect from a restaurant in such a great location with a beautiful view in a gorgeous building so until they improve on the quality of the mediocre food they are forcing on their customers then I would go there on a Thursday night and have the Conch Fritters out on the dock and save yourself a Hundred Dollars and just enjoy the sunset and the bar because the restaurant is overpriced for what they serve and just disappointing but the Bar is fun and there is a great crowd in there at sunset and I have met some great people in there at sunset while having a cocktail and I was approached by two women at Happy Hour one Sunday afternoon where everyone was standing around the bar talking and they asked me to walk to the other side of the bar where they insisted I sit with them and I said I was just going to stand and then we were all handed menus and I had already mentioned to them that I had made other plans for dinner and was just having a drink and then leaving but without saying anything to me they started reading the menu like they had never seen it before but apparently these type women are in there doing this scam all the time because the bartender was working with them and knew their routine so as they were sitting there at the bar making their dinner selection I set my menu down and said Good Bye and walked away and immediately the bartender snatched their menus away from them and said looks like he isn’t going to order anything so they worked me over for a free meal with their conartist rip off routine by sitting down at the Bar and ordering on my tab which is a con that the bartenders allow them to do there with drinks and food so when you get hit on by two beautiful East European Women which means Russian Mafia Prostitutes watch your wallet and watch out for those two freeloaders who can’t afford to eat at a High-end Restaurant like the Sailfish Resort Restaurant and Bar on Singer Island so it isn’t a safe place to eat with prostitutes working over the customers and they are working with the bartenders so there is a criminal element in there but it’s in a beautiful spot and the nicest location in all of West Palm Beach they just need to bring the menu up to your expectations when you are eating in a Beautiful Resort like this with the best sunset view in town but the menu is what the tourist were expecting 50 years ago so look for them to make some improvements there because the whole town of West Palm Beach hasn’t been improved for 50 years and then go in and have a great dinner just make sure they haven’t been taken over by the Russian Mafia because they start in the Bar and then they want to be paid protection or want to invest in the business and then they own it and then it’s a Russian Mafia Restaurant and Bar where they are laundering money so beware of the conartist criminal element there and the Russian prostitutes in the bar.

After fighting off the Russian Prostitutes at the Sailfish Bar I always check out what’s going on in the beach bars and I keep getting called out here in West Palm Beach to watch a young woman interviewing for a Field Agent position and the way this works is she has a sponsor and I think it’s her boyfriend who is already working for the FBI and he wants her on the payroll to help him pay his bills so he request an interview and then I have to come out and set her up and she has a field supervisor with her acting like a customer sitting at the bar with his wife and then another retired FBI agent couple helping out and I have to act like I don’t know what is going on and they work out this plan to set me up and make me believe that she is a criminal or a spy or a seductress but what she is an actress basically playing out a scene with a script and she has to say what she has been given to say and then I have to judge how well she does that and these are always women and they are usually hitting on me and trying to seduce me so I am constantly getting seduced by these seductress and you can ask Terri Lynn about this and she says she has never seen anything like it because women come right up to me and hand me their phone number and I think it’s because they are trying to rescue me from Terri Lynn so look at our photos at Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page and see if I look like I need to rescued from this horrible woman and so this female Bartender in her early twenties is at my breakfast spot on a Saturday morning out on Singer Island on Palm Beach which is where I live in West Palm Beach and the Bar is Johnny Longboats and I had a salad here once and I broke a tooth while I was eating my meal so I complained to my server that there was something hard in the salad that broke my tooth so she called the Manager over and she very rudely said “I don’t know whether the tooth was broken while you were eating the salad or before you walked into the Restaurant” and she never said Sir I am so sorry, are you ok or let me comp your Five Dollar salad to soften the blow of the Two Thousand Dollar dentist bill instead she insulted me and my integrity like I had done something wrong and said “You could be a conartist that goes from restaurant to restaurant running your I have a Broken Tooth scam” and then looked at me like what the hell do I care and said “So I’m not doing anything” and then turned and walked away so she didn’t say anything appropriate and they obviously do not give a flying shit about you, their customer so I would avoid this place and that’s Johnny Longboats on Singer Island but they do have a Bartender with big ole Gel Boobs that are bigger than her head so she doesn’t need a Wonderbra and another Skank Whore Bartender with a Wonderbra that just looks like she is ate up with Skank so get in there to see those women but avoid the food because the quality of the food isn’t worth the cost of the dental bill so don’t bother telling the manager about it because she doesn’t give a shit about the customers because Johnny Longboats doesn’t give a shit about the customers so just save yourself some money but I am in here having breakfast on a Saturday morning after chasing those Pimps that beat their Whores in the face in downtown West Palm Beach and being chased all night by their Whores that have been beaten in the face so many times that they look ugly as hell so I guess the Pimps are about to kill those Whores and smuggle some new Whores in from Haiti or the Bahamas or Jamaica to take their place and so I order a coffee and some breakfast at the risk of dental damage and being insulted again by the management for my conartist dental scam that I am running in here so this woman isn’t an employee she is interviewing for a job with the FBI and her Field Agent supervisor working for her sponsor has gone in and set this whole scenario up where I walk in and she waits on me and that’s about all she does and entertains me by flirting with me or gives me some Intel or they are just given a script to read and then they are judged on how well they complete their mission and whether or not they can remember to say all of the script to set me up somehow where I buy into what she is saying like it is real and believable and if I have fallen for her ways of espionage and taken the bait and ran with it so that’s what’s going on here and this is her second attempt to set me up at the same location and I have to act like I have never seen her before so I am ignoring her which is how I set her up and I hope I have set up the story well enough and so here she goes…

Hottie Bartender: I am just working here this summer to stay busy because I have a teaching position now in a Middle School in Rivera Beach and the kids are so big in Middle School these days and this one Mexican kid is a head taller than I am so I have to stand my ground with these children that are bigger than I am so this Mexican kid is standing up to the other kids for me and beating them up if they give me any trouble.

Blow Fish: Well you are a cute little thing and Mexican children are short and not tall and teachers do not encourage their students to beat up on the other kids, they do just the opposite so all that is backward so if you have been given that to say you have my attention because it is all upside down as hell and all a lie so what else do you have that might be of interest and I didn’t say a word she is like talking to the whole Bar while she is standing in front of me and can’t get me to hit on her which would make it easy but I am not sent in to help her just to listen so here she comes again with round two.

Hottie Bartender: I am looking for a condo to buy and I have found one but they insist on a twenty percent down payment so I am living at my parent’s house and working as a school teacher and saving my money for the down payment and it is only a one bedroom condo because I live alone and if my boyfriend and I ever take our relationship to the next level then we would have to get our own place so I am working this summer and saving my money and really don’t have a thing to do this summer because at the end of school year everything seems to get dead as hell so I have nothing going on this summer and have no plans.

Blow Fish: So my cover is I am living on a sailboat and I am always just about to cross over and cruise through the Bahamas and down to the Caribbean and that’s what people with boats do here. They are either coming from or going to the Bahamas and the Caribbean and so the locals are always hearing that and they are stuck here and can’t go anywhere but they are always wanting to go on an adventure and go to the Islands so now she has nothing to do all summer and has no plans and is acting bored with nothing to do and her and her boyfriend have not taken their relationship to the next level so I am suppose to hit on her after hearing that all is clear and go ahead and ask her to go sailing in the Bahamas or something like buying her a condo I guess and I said “Then you need to make some plans and get something going on in your life if you are bored because you know you have the summer off in advance and you really should have some plans for the summer.”

Hottie Bartender: Oh I have a lot planned this summer and I am going to be busy as hell and not just sitting around doing nothing, I have allot going on.

FBI Field Supervisor: Didn’t you sing for us last time? Are you going to serenade us again this time?

Hottie bartender: Not today the Bar has this guy singing and playing guitar over there and he has his cup of water sitting on that expensive piece of electronic equipment and it is very expensive and I know that because I am a professional singer myself and teaching chorus in Middle School so I am going over there and putting a coaster underneath his water cup before he damages that expensive electronic equipment.

Blow Fish: So she said she wasn’t busy this summer and I didn’t bite and then she said she was busy as hell all summer and she sang for me the last time I was here because she knows I sing with bands in Bars to piss off the management and probably was told I might sing with her and now she walks out from behind the bar over to the musician who doesn’t care if he gets a water stain on his own sound equipment that he drags from bar to bar like he doesn’t know what he is doing so she is failing faster and faster and hasn’t done anything that makes any sense so she is back and I am eating breakfast and have to ask for another cup of coffee so she isn’t serving me very well either so the Skanky Bartender with the Wonderbra has to come over and flirt with me and pour me a cup of coffee and say “Are you doing ok over here Honey” just as sweet as she can and standing there in her Big Ole Wonder Bra and it is huge but she is Skanky as hell so get in there and see that for yourself and so the Hottie Bartender is back.

Hottie Bartender: So I took care of that problem and saved the bar a bunch of money because those electronics cost thousands and so I was about to say that if I got this job then I could afford the Condo and I could find me a real man that would support me and not send me in here to get a job where he works so he could draw two paychecks instead of one and then we would be financially secure like his parents and his friends at work and that’s what I want so if you give me a good review then we will be on the way to financial security and please say something nice about me this time instead of “She needs to work on it.”

Blow Fish: This is not my job it’s just something I do while I am doing what I really do which is setting up all these criminals and getting them arrested by getting them to set me up and get me arrested and then thrown in jail where they cut my throat in my sleep and then I bleed out in the jail cell and no one gives a shit about that it’s just another jail fatality and another number to explain at the end of the year and then they burn my asshole and throw me in the dumpster and then I am hauled off to the county landfill and the front end loader covers me up so that’s what Geno has planned to do to me and that is his description of my demise and I do not give these women a job and a salary so that their boyfriend will be making as much as his married friends in the FBI that have married within the organization so they have something in common with their spouse so if you want an FBI wife then marry one and stop asking me to give you one and next time I just may take her sailing in the Bahamas with me if I see her in there whining again about not having any plans for the summer so then she will be what you have Lost and what I have Found and I will give her the financial security she is looking for so find your own FBI wife and leave me out of this so there will be no more interviews where you can sponsor your girlfriend and all she has to do is give a good performance to impress me so tell her to get a desk job with the Federal Government and work her way up thru the ranks and stop thinking you can get your salary doubled and then she can just sit at home drawing a salary like your Mother did because those days are long gone so next time I am keeping her and of course the next time has already come so listen to what happens next time in another part of the country or the world and you never know where I am and who is on my Hit List so you better watch CNN and read the Newspapers so if you hear that you have been arrested then you have been set up by Blow Fish.

I get sent out to set up all kinds of assholes and there is this Asshole in the Bar at my next stop here on Singer Island that is on my Hit List so he has pissed off someone really well so I went in there to expose this asshole and here he is to explain how you will conduct yourself in his bar which he doesn’t own, he is just a controlling alcoholic asshole Bartender that thinks his alcoholism is something of an advantage in Bar Management and tries to control what people do and say and how they act in his Bar that he thinks he owns so I was up on the stage singing with the band in the Seaside Bar at the Sands Motel on Singer Island and this is a dive bar in a dive hotel where you pay my the week and you can’t smoke in your room so half of the residents are smoking cigarettes out front in the parking lot while the other half are in their rooms smoking crack or doing heroin or something and I walked by the building one afternoon and this woman standing outside smoking looked me up and down and then nodded her head no and that means that she wasn’t available to have sex with me at that time she must have been outside on a smoke break with her John and still on the clock and I usually get more Yes nods than No nods and I never get No nods so she was just confused and thought I was walking by this Dive Hotel looking for a prostitute in the parking lot in board daylight so this is a seedy place and it needs to be torn down but that would ruin the only place where you can hear live music anywhere near West Palm Beach FL so clean the place up and make it one of those fashionable Bouquet Hotels that are all modern and clean and not a flop house and have a friendly staff and rent rooms to your customers that are too drunk to drive home like most motels do and that would be all of your customers because this Bartender needs his bartending license taken away from him and he is going to very soon and he will be replaced my a new bartender and a new manager so I am sending a crew of FBI agents in there to set him up and arrest him for anything at all and throw his ass in jail just for fucking with my Blowfish asshole while I was trying to set him up and get him arrested and throw his big ole asshole in jail so take him out of there and lets see what happens to him because I was sent in there to set him up and take him out of there and he is on his way out the fucking door and a whole bunch of new nice people are coming in to replace you so we can still hear live Rock and Roll and Grunge in West Palm Beach out on the beach without having to put up with the Asshole in that Bar because this is where the locals go and not downtown West Palm Beach because it is too dark down there but all the Asshole Niggers are all moving to the Wellington area of town where everyone else lives and I hear it is so rough out there that school children all have guns to protect themselves so check that out if you are sitting on your ass in your squad car and think that all is safe in Wellington or West Palm Beach and here comes that asshole Bartender and this is what he said to me about my Blow Fish behavior in a bar that he actually thinks he owns and not the real owner who is afraid to come in the door after dark which is the situation with most of these absentee Bar Owners in the US so with no future a duo the Asshole in that Bar.

Seaside Asshole Bartender: Now I hope you are not going to try and talk to all the women in the Bar tonight and try to dance with them and talk to your buddy’s girlfriend when he walks away for a minute because she is with him and not with you and then a fight will break out if you talk to her when he comes back so no talking to women tonight at all and no jumping up on stage and trying to show up the band with your vocal achievements by showing up the lead singer and then I want you to hang around till closing when we start giving out free shots and I get everyone so drunk they can’t drive home so as soon as they get behind the wheel of the car they start to feel the alcohol taking effect and they pass out behind the wheel and kill themselves and someone else that is doing the same thing so who gives a shit about those drunks because there are plenty more out there so we do not need your kind in here so don’t start any trouble or I will kick you out and then you will not be coming back in here we do not need customers trying to have fun in here you need to sit at the Bar and drink yourself to death with the rest of the regulars that are sitting at the Bar drinking themselves to death and behaving themselves so watch yourself in here tonight because I will be watching you here at the Seaside Bar that I own because the owner is too chicken shit and too busy to run his own Bar or to ever even check on it so I am free to do anything I want and he is irresponsible and will lose his liquor license that he had to pay the Mafia for but he is the Mafia so when he goes down so do I and then there will be a new crew in here to show the community how a real Bar is run and they will be infiltrated with FBI Field Agents that look just like me and you would never know the difference except they will be setting up the owner by helping him break the law or enforce the law because it is his call as a bar owner to make the call and enforce the policies in the Bar and not the responsibility of the Bartender even when they all tell the bartender this is your Bar so you run it the way you want to because you are responsible and then some dumb asshole like the Asshole in this Bar who doesn’t know what is right and wrong and he doesn’t even know how to pay a cell phone bill much less be responsible enough to be in charge of your customer’s safety and their lives when they leave the Bar so you better clean up your management skills and I mean all you bar owners because I am just giving you an example so you have been warned and I am coming around and will be shutting you asshole Bars and Bartenders down and hauling you off to jail so watch CNN and read the local Newspapers and watch them go down like dominos so that was your last warning so to the Seaside Bar and the Asshole Bartender in that Bar you were on my Hit List so all I have left to say asshole is Good Bye!

So in closing I would like to thank Mark E Vasu and Steven Day for all the drugs they have given me free of charge in their Blue Martini Bars at all their locations and you guys have gone way to far and way overboard in drugging me so many times so I just want to say again thanks for all the free drugs you really shouldn’t have and for trying to kill me at least once or was it twice or it could be even more times than that because I was drugged and can’t remember all the times to tried to kill me and you have tried to kill your customers Thousands of times and have killed maybe as many as a Hundred of your customers so that makes you both mass murderers so you will be dealt with that way and I don’t know how you could be so generous with the drugs you are just giving away to Thousands of people and I think I know how so let me explain the way a Mafia Business is operated so my audience will understand because I know you boys know all about this but they don’t have a clue so when you are in the Mafia which is Organized Crime you have to have a cash machine and in this case it was Cocaine that fanned the flames of their fire that created these boys financial empire and they think that is water over the bridge or they have burned that bridge behind them or something but it doesn’t work that way because everything they have and all the businesses they own which is over a Hundred Mafia Businesses like Blue Martini where they are responsible for the deaths of probably around a Hundred people and even if you stop killing people you are still a murderer and even if you stop smuggling drugs you still have Laundered Money just like Randy Gibson and A J Laird so you two assholes watch what is happening to those guys and then say déjà vu because that’s what will happen to you and then you will have already said it and when you are added to my Hit List you are already set up and you are both guilty as hell so I just went in and set you up because you were on my Hit List and to draw attention to the fact that I am warning you that you are going down before it happens so don’t blame me because I’m not the one that made you steal and rob and sell drugs and kill your customers. You are the ones that are responsible for that so don’t try and blame me or you will be arrested for my murder or for attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder so if you even think about it and there you go you just thought about it when you read that so you both are going down for Conspiracy to Commit Murder and I warned you not to so see how that works so these guys have their cash cow and that is Cocaine and she has been very good to these two assholes and they have worked that bitch to death and now they just control it and that’s called Racketeering but they call it undisclosed amounts of cash in their pockets and they don’t even need the money but here’s what they do with it. They form a new corporation and a new business is born and they pick a line of work and all these Mafia King Pins do the same thing and there are certain businesses that they go into like the Taxi Cab business and we don’t know where Uber is going and it may be the biggest Mafia Taxi Cab business of all times, so wait and see is all I can say, so Taxi Cabs are Mafia Businesses because they all have a turf and have to defend it by paying off city officials and killing people so that no one will fool with the Taxi Cab Mafia just like Uber, so we will see where that goes very soon and then there are the other businesses like Concrete Companies and Bars and Restaurants and Labor Unions and Contractors and Construction Companies and that’s where I have a background and I know how these Mafia Businesses pay off government officials to get contracts or you payoff the engineers and architects to get the contract and they payoff the government official and I have an example for you because they were on my Hit List so they are going down and so I have set up Escambia County FL once again and they had a contract out to bid and it was a large landscape project and that’s what I did for a while and so I had seen this going on in Escambia County for years and it goes on everywhere so this is just an example and where I am starting by setting up Escambia County first so I bid this project to Baskerville-Donovan an Engineering firm in Pensacola FL and their Engineer or Senior Landscape Architect on the project was Dave Hemphill and so I submitted a bid and there was one bidder that didn’t submit a bid bond along with his bid and instead he submitted a check for his Escambia County Property Tax Payment payable to the Tax Collector and that check was held as his bid bond for his bid on this project for the Santa Rosa Island Authority and the project was the landscaping and irrigation of the Pensacola Beach Toll Booth and the roads leading onto Santa Rosa Island which is Pensacola Beach FL so that was his Bid Bond which was not a bond at all just a check made out to the wrong department so there was no bond provided by this bidder at all but he was still allowed to bid the project and that bidder was Lavelle Williams with Farm and Nursery Mart Inc. in Pensacola FL and they are still in business only Lavelle died just last year and it’s a good thing because he would have spent his last days in jail and if I could dig him up and drag his asshole into court I would but I can’t so he is off my Hit List but not Farm and Nursery Mart Inc. because it is the Landscape Mafia in Pensacola FL and Northwest Florida and they are involved in Organized Crime and how that works is they bad mouth their competition so you buy from them and then they run them out of town because they can’t get any work and then pay off the local government to get local government contracts so they run people out of town by cheating them and they thought they ran me out of town and how they did that and what I am showing you is how a company can look squeaky clean and they sit by you at church and you see them after church and they look like the good people but they aren’t the good people they are the bad guys and they harm people and so we need to put a stop to this and they are still in business doing the same thing and it is illegal and they have raised their kids to do the same thing and one of their children would be the Enforcer and he will be the one that ruins their competition and pays off officials and he is the Enforcer of the their Mafia Gang or Organization and the whole business is run like Organized Crime and so these guys are going down and then the guy they have been paying off to get the government contracts is Dave Hemphill so he is a crook and he is going down and he is a Landscape Architect and he works for Baskerville-Donovan so they are going down and then the person with the City and the County that they are paying off is going down and wait a minute I think I went too far because Baskerville-Donovan is the City and the County because when you are Old Money just like I am you make the Laws and the Rules and you are the Movers and the Shakers and the Good Ole Boys and that’s what we are called in the South and we are the Southern Gentlemen that don’t curse in front of Ladies and we go to Church and we say grace and we say Hell Yea and Yee Haw and we are the Redneck Mother Fuckers that you better not mess with or we will run you out of town on a rail and so I have made my way all the way to the East Coast of Florida as I promised and then I said I would be coming back around and you bunch of Asshole Bubbas that think you cheated me and put me out of business where I lost my house and my standing in the community and you set me up and had me arrested like Louise Gandy did with the help of her brother Billy Campbell who owned American Concrete which was formerly Campbell Concrete who was the Concrete Mafia which has been bought out by the Bigger Concrete Mafia from Mexico fueled by Drug Laundering Money and now in Pensacola FL and Louise Gandy who sued Escambia County supposedly for sex discrimination because they hired a man to take over her department when she was overlooked for a promotion because she was a woman or a Lesbo woman so who the fuck is she anyway a man or a woman so she won a settlement of a Million Dollars and then opened Gandy Landscape Nursery and decided I was a threat to her business so she had her brother Billy Campbell the Mafia Concrete Co. in Pensacola have me arrested and run me out of town but I stayed there and suffered thru that whole process time and time again as they kept doing it to me and let Dave Hemphill and Farm and Nursery Mart Inc run me out of business and out of town only that was just an act on my part and now they are under suspicion of being involved in the Mafia Construction in Pensacola FL so we will see what happens when all of these people are investigated and then Dave Hemphill is arrested so I will say to you Dave Hemphill and I am sure that every contractor in Northwest Florida will thank me for this when they hear that you can kiss your fucking crooked asshole Good Bye!

I have been waiting for a long time for that and I know everyone in Pensacola FL will be glad to see him go and according to Lavelle Williams of Farm and Nursery Mart Inc, I was supposed to pay him Ten Thousand Dollars so he could pay Dave Hemphill like Five Thousand Dollars so that he would not harm me and put me out of business and run me out of town but I was setting them up while they were setting me up so I didn’t pay this crooked Architect Dave Hemphill with Baskerville-Donovan so he cheated me out of Thirty Seven Thousand Dollars and it’s not about the money, it’s about the Lord of the Manor and he thinks that’s who he is but he is actually an Enforcer acting on behalf of Baskerville-Donovan and they are the Lord of the Manor that controls the Construction Mafia and we are their slaves or so they think, so figure it out for yourselves because I have murderers to deal with so to Baskerville-Donovan and your Associates, I will just say Good Bye!

So where was I before I assassinated those assholes oh yea, I was about to see what those assholes Mark E Vasu and Steven Day are up to on the East Coast of Florida which is the Space Coast where they are working with NASA and now I have your attention asshole and so this Steven Day character is the Mafia there and he got his start in Drug Smuggling and it was Cocaine and so he has worked in the Bar Business and owns Blue Martini and he maybe arrested for several Murders for the work he did in that business and he has been involved in the Mafia Construction Business on the East Coast of Florida and all over Florida and has his real estate assets in his wife’s name so she is going down for her part in his money laundering and the way that works is he will say don’t take my wife and I will go peaceably but this asshole will say, “You are own your own sweetheart” and she will go to jail because no one is saying if you go to jail she can stay in her house because she is going down as well as you so if you are putting your assets in your wife’s name because you bought them by Laundering Money from your Mafia Businesses just like Steven Day then that deal is no longer on the table you bunch of assholes so your wife is going down as well so to Debbie Day I will just say Good Bye!

Oops there go another asshole responsible for the deaths of so many people and you would be shocked and so will the Judge and Jury and so this Steven Day fellow and I forgot about his partner so Mark E Vasu who is the founder of Blue Martini who came up with the concept of drugging you, his customer and calling it a Blue Martini which is a martini with Roofie in it and the person responsible for killing so many people so to Mark E Vasu you can kiss your fucking killing asshole Good Bye!

Wow, that felt good and so to his wife who is protecting his interest in her name my helping him with his money laundering so to Bonnie Vasu I will say Good Bye you should have left him when your mother told you he was a crook and now you are too.

So who does that leave Oh Yea, Steven Day and so this guy is the Blue Martini Mafia and responsible for killing so many people and he is the Construction Mafia on the East Coast of Florida responsible for Laundering allot of Illegal Money and he is also an investor in many businesses just like Fred Levin in Pensacola FL so to you Fred my friend you are a crook and so to Fred Levin I will say Good Bye!

So on an added note to Dean Baird, please go easy and don’t put up a fight or you will just get yourself killed so to you Dean Baird all I have to say is Good Bye!

That guy has ruined so many people’s lives it is unbelievable and Fred Levin is responsible for every crime he has ever committed and now back to Steven Day who has had many Mafia Businesses and the Mafia takes over many types of Businesses and they are involved in the private sector but try to take over Washington DC by placing their son in positions of influence and so Tripp Braid who was backed by Fred Levin all I have to say to you Tripp Baird is Good Bye!

So there he goes and off my Hit List and another Fred Levin supporter who worked for Fred Levin and went to court to defend at least one client while working for the Levin Law Firm because I was in Joe Scarborough’s house the night before he went to court for the first time to defend a client and Joe told me that he felt sorry for his client because he didn’t know what the hell he was doing in court and tomorrow was going to be his first day in court and he was shooting the shit with me instead of preparing so I guess he was told by Fred Levin he would be better used in Government as a politician so to Joe Scarborough and you still owe me $350 but it’s not about the money it’s about assholes like you trying to take over the US Government for the Mafia so all I have to say is Good Bye!

Once again back to Steven Day who is the Construction Mafia on the East Coast of Florida and has formed a new company that has gotten a grant from the US Government to research how to sterilize Moon Rocks for NASA so that when rich folks like Fred Levin who have been everywhere and done everything and now they are taking a vacation to the Moon which will cost an estimated 150 Million Dollars on the low end of the estimated cost and I have also read 500 Million Dollars so when Fred Levin wants to bring home a Moon Rock to show his friends in his Bar where Fred has AL Capons car on display or some other gangster’s car on display and Oh my goodness I forgot about Chief Cuvee in Destin FL who sold Two Million Dollars of Antique Cars and then bought another car for One Million Dollars and didn’t pay any tax on the sale of the Two Million Dollars worth of cars or ever pay any tax at all and the Two Million Dollars of Classic Cars was hidden and then he auctioned them off and you were already on my Hit List just because you are such an asshole and so mean to everyone you come in contact with and he overcharged my credit card for 13 glasses of wine at $15 each to keep me from coming back in his Cuvee Bistro so that his daughter would never meet me and might have sex with me and God forgive getting married because then he would be all alone well Chef Cuvee, I have set you up and set up your actual Chef who really does the cooking at your restaurant and your kitchen staff by buying them shots at their after-hours hangout where they drink after work and they say you are a weirdo that thinks he is married to his very own daughter and they believe the two of you are having sex and that’s what your own crew thinks of the kind of man they are working for so you are nothing but a conartist for saying you are the Chef to the Stars in Destin FL where there are no fucking stars and you are a pervert and shouldn’t be allowed to have children and you have one daughter running your conartist publicity campaign on the internet and you have taken the other daughter as your wife and for that reason alone, since you have ruined the life of your daughter, I have set you up in Destin FL and tried to meet your daughter and you would not allow your daughter to have a conversation with a man without first having her get a background check run on the guy because you are afraid someone will take her away from you and have sex with her and you would be all alone so you are a horrible parent and an asshole so you will have a new roommate in Federal Prison so enjoy that and give it to him hard in the slammer for me because he is such an asshole and I may just come back to Destin FL and steal your daughter and marry her and make her happy and get her pregnant and I heard you already took care of that so you couldn’t get her pregnant so she couldn’t get knocked up by her own Father and what kind of man are you Chef Cuvee? What kind of sick pervert are you so to Tim Creehan you asshole I will just say you can kiss your ass Good Bye!

Wow, that felt good! Boy are we having fun now so this Steven Day Mafia King Pin has gotten a US Grant to develop a process for sterilizing Moon Rocks so when you pay 150 Million Dollars to that guy Richard Branson who has started his own Space Program that owns Virgin Galactic or to NASA so that you can bring home a souvenir, then you will have to pay Steven Day like Ten Million Dollars to sterilize your Moon Rock in a machine that probably looks like a microwave oven and he got the money from the US Government to pay for the research so he can develop a way to sterilize your Moon Rock before you can take it home to you show your rich friends so you can say I have something you don’t have so to you Steven Day for all the people you are responsible for murdering at your Blue Martini Bars and you tried to murder me there more than once and for all the people who have disappeared while you were a Drug Smuggler and you can’t be a Drug Smuggler without killing a few people that got in the way so for the part that you played in the Murdering of your Bale Chaser as I am calling him, so to you Steven Day you murdering good timing asshole playboy you can kiss your asshole Good Bye and I will watch them throw the switch and fry your asshole so I want my Steven Day asshole fried crispy please because that’s the way you fried your Bale Chaser’s asshole because your chosen way to eliminate the competition is with a Car Bomb and if Steven Day has never killed you with a Car Boob then let me explain, there is a moment where the car doesn’t start and you say “What the fuck!” and then you see a flash of light and then you say “Holy shit I’m gonna die!” and then you go up in a ball of fire so Steven Day this is that moment for you so go ahead and say “What the fuck!” and you just did and then you will say “I am going to fucking die in the electric chair!” and that moment is next so all I have left to say to you Mother Fucker is kiss your Fucking Murdering Asshole Good Bye!

So that does it for this day on the Big Show and tomorrow I will be in Atlanta GA so you boys better run and hide but you can’t because I already set you up when you were setting me up and you showed me no mercy so I will be showing you Bunch of Assholes no mercy as well and so if you want to know how I set them up and you want to know how they set me up then stop asking me to repeat myself and read back to Day One on the Big Show when I started in Atlanta with the Big Show and introduced all the players so read back to find the answer to your questions and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to so read back and catch up or you will miss something like Terri Lynn saying…

Terri Lynn: Honey this is Terri Lynn and would you please take those naked pictures of me down off the internet on your Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page the ones of me that I posted on those Fuck Sites where you put naked photos of yourself and say what kind of sex you want to have like Boy/Girl or Girl/Girl if it is Lesbo Sex and then sooner or later someone is going to have to strap a dildo on and fuck me because I am not happy if I do not have a dick inside of me so help me get them down off the internet please or my husband Maurice US Army Cornel Retired is going to call the Governor of Georgia and I don’t know why Maurice thinks that the Governor can get them down because I asked my son Dufas Lucas to try and get them down off the internet and all he said was Mama I didn’t know you got your boobs done and I said Dufas Lucas I didn’t even tell my mother I got my boobs done, I just said I had bought a new padded bra and my Mama said Well it sure is doing a good job because they look huge and I said Well Mama it’s just the bra and Blow Fish paid for your Mama’s Big Ole Plastic Titties so I could have boobs as big as my Lesbo Whore Girlfriend Lauren’s plastic titties and she still thinks that her boobs are bigger than mine so check that out on Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page where Lauren and myself Terri Lynn are standing naked in front of a mirror comparing our boob size and comment on who you think has the bigger boobs and I took a photo to have as a Permanent Remembrance of the Occasion and then texted it to Blow Fish so he could post it on the internet so see if you think her boobs are bigger than mine and then you can also see me holding Lauren up when she was so drunk she couldn’t stand but still said she was taking me home and strapping one on and humping me because I am not happy unless I have a dick in me and you know that is true so I will wait to hear from you so give me a call and I guess you are still not speaking to me for telling Gene Luciano’s Hitman where you are so he can come kill you but that’s what I do and that’s what you get for messing with me because I am a pistol and always about to go off on someone all the time so get back to me with whatever it was I was calling you about and I gotta go.

Blow Fish: So check out Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page and see if I have posted naked Fuck Site photos of you on the Internet as well and see the photo of Tommy Boy and Carol Taylor so you can see what my brother in law Bob Taylor or Tommy Boy the Shyster Attorney looks like who works for that Big Ole Gangster Brevard up in Atlanta who is ending my sister’s life in a Mental Institution of his choosing where she will be so high on the drugs they give her that she can’t even remember her own name and just sits there and drools and then Brevard will be splitting up our wealth with Gene Luciano for the part he played in this crime and if you aren’t enjoying your moment of glory on Where Is Wayne Ball then don’t worry about it because soon this webpage will go down and be replaced with a book so look for Where Is Wayne Ball the book coming to a bookstore near you very soon and then when that sells out you can go see the Where Is Wayne Ball the Movie coming to a movie theater near you very soon where Gene Luciano is played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Blow Fish is played by John Travolta or either Sting because he isn’t doing anything, just sitting in his castle and the part of my cousin Greenburg will be played by that Johnny Deep character that looks like that Alice Cooper woman in the Movie Dark Shadows and Terri Lynn will be played by herself because no one else could do her justice and besides she needs the money because her and Maurice are living on a fixed income and she gets really pissed off if I give money to another woman because according to Terri Lynn she is my only charity so either I give to her or I do not give at all and neither can Maurice and soon Maurice will kick her ass to the curb as Blue Balls calls it and I had to kick Blue Balls ass to the curb so I could leave Pensacola FL to be chased all over the State of Florida and all over God’s Green Creation by the Conartist Narcs and Crooked Cops of the Florida Keys and then that Gene Luciano Italian Apeshit Asshole who is always too busy to go see a movie so you will have to wait and buy the DVD when it comes out and Blue Balls is too cheap to buy a DVD so Blue Balls you will just have to wait and rent the DVD so look for Where Is Wayne Ball the DVD coming to a Red Box near you very soon so you to find out if you have been set up by Blow Fish and been arrested and gone up the river so stayed tuned because my Blow Fish asshole maybe coming to a County Landfill near you very soon when these Asshole Criminals find out that I have set them up and they are coming to jail near you very soon so stay tuned for more Arrest Reports and then watch all these Asshole Criminals fall down like Dominos around Christmas or either look for my Blow Fish asshole coming to a County Landfill near you very soon because in the words of Gene Luciano “I will kill you deader than shit” so stay tuned for more Arrest Reports and stop asking me to repeat myself and read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so don’t ask me to because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to!