I have finally made it to West Palm Beach FL on this my Tiki Bar Tour where the World Headquarters of the Blue Martini Bar Franchise is located and I have spent 4 years setting up these Assholes and it has become such a big story that they are getting their own day on the Big Show because they are such Big Assholes so while I am waiting for another Bale Maker to make bond and then I can expose him for who he is because I can’t do anything to disrupt his case or he may kill me and that’s all Blow Fish bull shit so here is my Blue Martini drinking experience and please enjoy the music of the day on this day of the Big Show the Eric Church hit “Put a Drink In My Hand” and it took me along time to set these guys up but All You Gotta Do Is Put a Drink In My Hand and they did all the rest and all I did was have a whole allot of fun the whole time they were trying to kill me deader than shit so enjoy this day of the Big Show as They Fill It Up and I Throw It Down because I’m About To Tear a New One In This Whole Town when I set up the Blue Martini for the Murdering Assholes that they really are and all the Pimps and Whores and then The Big Ole Bale Maker goes down so enjoy this because I certainly did!


My next stop on this my Tiki Bar Tour where I am going from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar looking for the Bale Maker is the Blue Martini which was on my Hit List when I moved to Naples FL so I started with the Blue Martini there in Naples and it was their newest Bar and very popular and was always packed with a long line where you would wait for an hour just to get in and order a Blue Martini which was their signature drink and I of course greased the guy’s palm working Security at the door to get in so I wouldn’t have to wait in the line and they call their bouncer’s Security at Blue Martini and they stand around wearing a suit and tie and have a wire coming out of their ear and they talk into their sleeves just like a Secret Service Agent does when they are guarding the President or a Government Official and I set up one of those guys one time and it was just a joke and I hope he is laughing right about now but anyway you feel real safe in a Blue Martini with all those Secret Service types standing around like they are your bodyguards so I grease this guy’s palm and he tells the Blue Martini hostess to let Blow Fish go right in and they have two lines there and one is for the novice that do not know what they are doing and that Pervert Wayne Roberts calls these people Amateurs and he calls himself a Professional so I guess he has reached the title of a Professional Pervert because he does represent Trojan Condoms professionally like he is a paid spokesperson for them like they are paying him to pass out their new brand of Dildo to the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s that are still in the wrapper that they love so much and I guess I need to explain why they love his new brand of Dildos still in the wrapper so much and I always repeat what these people tell me like Terri Lynn always says that “Sooner or later her Lesbo lover is going to have to strap one on because I am not happy if I don’t have a dick inside me and you know that is true” so she said that to me so I just repeat it over and over so I do quote people and it is their exact quote and I write it over and over and so the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s have shared with me that there is this one guy in the Red Salt Bar in Historic Downtown Roswell where I am the Mayor because people are always walking up to me and saying “You are like the Mayor you know so many people”so this guy is screwing these Lesbo Whores as I call them but they are really Bisexual Whores but “I just make Bisexual sound so dirty!” and that’s a quote from Krisa the Performer as she calls herself at the Cabana Bar in Destin FL so if you say something to me or tell me something then you can rest assured it will be plastered all over the Internet like “I don’t wear panties!” and that’s another one from Krisa followed by Mike the Sous Chef at Harbor Docks saying “Hey Blow Fish you want to see my panties?” and then he showed his Hot Pink Panties and they were panties so then each time I ate at Harbor Docks and Camille’s in Destin FL where the sous chefs do not wear gloves and they do not wash their hands after they show you their panties and slap themselves on the ass and then go back to cutting your fish so this guy in Historic Downtown Roswell in the the Red Salt Bar which is a Mafia Bar just like the Blue Martini Bars that I am in the middle of telling you about and they are on my Hit List as well as the Red Salt Bar and all the other Atlanta Russian Mafia Bars so this guy in Red Salt is taking these Lesbo Whores and I always make Bisexuality sound so dirty don’t I, see how that works and so he is taking them home with him and screwing them with used Dildos and the Lesbo Whores just love the new brand of Dildo still in the wrapper that the Professional Pervert Wayne Roberts is giving them in the back of his car in the parking lot outside Pasti’s and so this guy in Red Salt is screwing them with used Dildos and I have never been screwed with a Dildo put apparently it feels better when they are still in the wrapper as I have been told and so this guy at the Red Salt Bar that lives right behind the bar in a townhouse takes these Lesbo Whores back to his place and he had been hitting on Lauren and Terri Lynn and he took Terri Lynn’s Lesbo Girlfriend Lauren back home with him and she put her diaphragm in and then he screwed her with a used Dildo and then he screwed her with his dick and during the process he rammed that diaphragm so far up her pussy that she had to go to the Gynecologist the next day and have him and a team of assistants remove it and I have not heard how she explained that doctor visit to her husband but I am sure I soon will and so Lauren told Terri and Terri told me and so we know it’s true and Terri Lynn always says sooner or later her Lesbo Whore lover will have to strap one on because she is not happy if she doesn’t have a dick inside her so I figure that she’s only happy about one percent of the time and she is never happy and a horrible and just miserable human being so that’s how that works and anyway I am not an Amateur so I do not stand in the Novice line so as a Professional I walk right in the Bar and the guy working Security says let Blow Fish go right on in and so the Tourist and the Amateurs are waiting in line for an hour because they have heard how much fun the Blue Martini is and they are waiting to order their signature drink the Blue Martini and the whole Blue Martini concept must have been conceived after 1999 when the manufacturer of Rohypnol which is called Roofie or the Date Rape Drug to you Amateurs got such a bad rap that the manufacturer added a blue tint to the Roofie pill so that when it was added to a drink it turned the liquid blue so if you ordered a martini and it had Roofie in it then it was a Blue Martini so that was how the name was conceived and that is the whole concept behind the founding of this Bar Franchise which was the brainchild of Mark E Vasu and Steven Day the owners and founders of the Blue Martini and their franchises are located all over the world so the very name Blue Martini means a drink with Roofie in it and the Martini was the drink of choice back then and still is with some of you people and I think you people call yourself Martini Drinkers so that’s the concept behind the Blue Martini Bar and that would be a drink that makes you feel loose and happy and the life of the party and then about two hours or so later you can’t move your legs and you get lucky or your date gets lucky and you get raped and that was the whole thought process behind the founding of the Blue Martini Bar and if you aren’t a drug dealer and if you haven’t done allot of drugs or grown up in the height of the Cocaine Cowboy days back when the drug dealers in Miami FL would have shoot outs in the Dadeland Mall in broad daylight with Uzis spraying bullets everywhere inside the mall then you wouldn’t understand that drugs are a very powerful asset and they are more powerful than money and if you have Cocaine then you don’t even need money because Cocaine was more powerful than money and you could get anything you want and everyone wanted Cocaine and women would do anything for it and I do mean anything and it was more powerful than God to these people so it made you feel like God and so that is the mentality of the Cocaine Cowboy that deals in cocaine who can get anything he wants and impress people and buy people and control people and that’s who the owners of the Blue Martini franchise are and their mentality so these two Cocaine Cowboys had their concept for this new Bar Chain where they sold franchises all over the USA and soon in the Caribbean so they called the bar the Blue Martini which is a martini with Roofie in it which changed the color of the drink to blue and that is their signature drink and they would make them by the dozens and everyone would try a Blue Martini and be standing around drinking one and the owners think that drugs make you more popular and everyone wants drugs and everyone wants to get high and have a good time and that’s the way the Blue Martini owners think because they are drug smugglers and drug dealers and that’s how they made all their money and got their start and they have been around since God so I have been sent in there to set them up and take them down and Mark E Vasu is the owner as listed by the State of Florida and he is listed as the owner of over 56 businesses in Florida most of them bars and his partner is Steven Day who is the owner of over 90 businesses in Florida alone and a few of these businesses are Blue Martini Bars and who knows how many other Mafia Businesses these two characters own and that’s how the Mafia structures a business where you don’t even know they own it and so they have laundered drug money from their Criminal Organizations and invested in Bars and Restaurants and these guys are the Head of the Mafia in West Palm Beach and the whole East Coast of Florida where they look like old money and can not be touched because they are so well connected to Crooked Police and Judges and Politicians in all these cities and states where they have Bars so they have this great new concept where they are going to drug their customers for free so that they are guaranteed to have fun in their bars and their Blue Martini Bars will be the most popular and they can sell Blue Martini Franchises worldwide so they make sure that the guys in Blue Martini get lucky by serving good looking women Roofie in their drinks and sometimes they just drug uptight people so they will have a good time because I guess the owners thought they need to have a good time whether they want to or not so they drug both male and female customers randomly so they will be guaranteed a good time at Blue Martini and then they will tell their friends I don’t know what they put in those Blue Martini drinks but I got high as hell off from two of them and had the best time I have had in years so lets go stand in line for an hour to get in the Blue Martini and do it again this weekend and they are standing in line to buy a Blue Martini all over Florida and the US and soon in the Caribbean so you can buy a Blue Martini on vacation and get trashed at your Island Destination so you don’t have to smuggle any drugs onto the Island or deal with the local drug dealers and just go straight to the Blue Martini and buy any drug you want so soon the Blue Martini will be the Caribbean Mafia and then I will have to go set them up there so look for that in an upcoming episode of the Big Show where I set up the Pirates of the Caribbean which would include the Blue Martini Franchises on all the Island of the Caribbean or either I have already pissed the Blue Martini Owners off and they have sent out a Blue Martini Security assassination team out which is how the Mafia deals with problems and they have already blown my Blow Fish brains out of my Blow Fish head and planted me in the Collier County Landfill as Gene Luciano always explains it to me when I piss him off and the same thing could happen to you if you have pissed off the Bartender at the Blue Martini or started any trouble with their Enforcers but you people call yourselves the Blue Martini Security or either you have talked to someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend and they got jealous or you just pissed them off when you got impatient waiting for your drink so they drugged you and get you arrested on a DUI charge which is typical Mafia Customer Policy to set up your customers and get rid of them so they can’t cause you anymore problems because you aren’t allowed to go out and drink for years after a DUI and I know that doesn’t make financial sense for a Bar but these people are not that smart and they have to screw you over before you screw them over so everyone will fear them and that is the what a Mafia Bartender has been instructed to do and they have drugged their customers for years and years and it’s just what the Mafia has trained them to do because if you fuck with the Mafia then they will kill you and they always have and they always will and it’s how they think and so do the owners of Blue Martini because they are the Blue Martini Mafia so they have trained their Security and Bartenders to drug customers that give them any trouble so the Owners supply them with the drugs and if you have never been drugged in a bar you are one of the few and everyone has heard of someone else getting Roofied by now and you can order Roofie added to any drink in almost any bar you just request it and they charge you an additional Ten to Twenty dollars and at Blue Martini they also have what they call a Special that they can add to your drink and they have made my drink Special before when I was setting them up as they were setting me up and they have set me up so well or so many times by drugging me or should I say that Blue Martini has poisoned me with Roofie and Liquid Ecstasy and Knock Out drugs and combinations of all three of those drugs or poisons so many times I can not remember and it maybe like ten times just in the Naples Blue Martini alone and they Roofie their customers just so they will have a good time and tell other people that they went to Blue Martini and they have never had so much fun and I have seen the Blue Martini Bartenders adding drugs to the drinks and sometimes they drug the customer because they think you need to get lucky and that would be the drug Roofie and sometimes they think you want to get high and that would be the drug Liquid Ecstasy or either they get pissed off at you and you don’t even know that they have drugged you and all of a sudden you feel like you are about to get sick and you never know what the effect of the drug will be so you get the hell out of there and drive home before you get sick and then all of a sudden you pass out and hit another car head on and kill yourself and someone else or hit a telephone pole at 55 miles an hour and you are dead as hell and that drug is called a Knock Out Drug and sometimes it just kills people in 20 minutes when they pass out and never wake up again so that is how the Blue Martini drugs different customers for different reasons and the Blue Martini owners have instructed their staff to do this and if you work for Blue Martini you have to do as you are told because if you give the Blue Martini any trouble they will deal with their employees the same way and drug them and get them arrested or they die in a car crash driving home from work and so the Blue Martini is drugging their customers so they will have a good time because this is the Theme of the whole Blue Martini Bar concept so the customers will talk about how much fun they had only the customers are getting pissed off because they were drugged and calling the Police and the Media and complaining to the Blue Martini about being drugged and the Police are afraid of the Blue Martini Mafia so they do nothing and the Media is being told by Blue Martini that their customer are just drinking too much and you don’t fuck with the Blue Martini Mafia and live to talk about it so they are drugging their customers when they complain and the customers are complaining again and if you piss them off then they will give you a Knockout Drug so you die in a DUI related Fatality so the Blue Martina is killing them and the Blue Martini owners tell their employees to say no comment to the allegations that the Blue Martini is drugging their customer so they just keep on drugging their customers and they keep on complaining and people are dying because the Blue Martini is a Mafia Organization and if you fuck with them they will kill you so people are dying in DUI Fatalities and Employees are complaining and getting arrested with DUIs and disappearing so in the middle of all this insanity which is what this is because Albert Einstein said the definition of Insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different result. However, this is where the fun begins! Which is what happens when I show up on the scene to set them up because the owners are fucking insane Drug Dealers and Mafia King Pins at the Blue Martini and they won’t stop drugging their customers so I am sent in there to set them up because they are all a bunch of Asshole Murderers so I was causing them all kinds of trouble so now I am giving them a world of shit to crawl out from under which is how I set up a Mafia Bar by causing them all kinds of trouble so they will set me up and they have set me up and tried to kill me when I pissed off the Blue Martini Security and Bartenders and the Owners and as I have said before this is a Fantasy Blog designed to be just for fun so if you Assholes that are drugging and killing your customers aren’t having fun then move on to a Federal Penitentiary because this is all true and that’s where you are all going anyway so this is not a Fantasy or Blow Fish bull shit where all the names have been changed to protect the innocent because you Criminal Assholes are all guilty as hell so why would I change your names when the facts were found right here on the internet so this is a True Story and just an expression of my Free Speech protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution only I have no protection from these Mother Fuckers trying to kill me and they are trying to kill me so here’s what happened when I walked in the Blue Martini in Naples FL and all they had to do was Put a Drink In My Hand.

So the drink in my hand had drugs in it at the Blue Martini in Naples FL and all Mafia Bars drug their customers and have drugs right behind the bar just like at Harbor Docks in Destin FL so read back to Day One of the Big Show because I will not repeat myself and find the answer to your questions and stop asking be to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to so read back and catch up or you will miss something like Blue Martini having drugs right there in the bar and if you don’t believe me then go in to a Blue Martini and put a twenty down on the bar and you don’t even have to have a note from a doctor and say I want a Martini with Roofie in it and you will get one but you better hurry because you may be arrested on a felony charge in the very near future so get into a Blue Martini quick and check it out and they have sold me drugs at the Bar and I know that sounds like a wild tale but when I am dressed up in my Blow Fish attire as I call it and have my hair all spiked straight up and all freaky looking and they see me in the bar every weekend getting somewhat trashed and buying rounds of shots for everyone and having a great time you would think well he is cool as hell and probably a drug user if not a drug dealer and if you were a Bartender selling drugs to your cool customers that want to get high in Blue Martini and they are in Blue Martini for the drugs in their signature drink the Blue Martini and not just the vodka because that’s what makes Blue Martini special so I went into the Blue Martini in Naples FL with my college professor friend and we call him the Mad Professor because he is a Trust Fund Baby and everyone has a Trust Fund in Naples FL and no one works we just party all the time like we don’t have a care in the world and everyone is rich as shit so we go out to Bars every night so my buddy is a college professor and a bit of an intellectual and a little too left brain than right brain so he is Mike the Mad Professor so we call him Mad Mike and he really doesn’t work and we are out on a holiday weekend and we walked into the Blue Martini in Naples FL and I ordered myself and my buddy a drink and it was his first time in the bar so he had heard wonderful things about the Blue Martini their signature drink and I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking one of those Faggot looking concoctions but Mike is the Mad Professor and he always thinks and does the opposite of me and when he makes a suggestion I always say “Hell no!” but he had to try a Blue Martini so I ordered my drink and the Female Bartender that I had been working to set up and built a relationship with and we were at the point where I could say what are you doing tomorrow night and she would nothing and then we would be dating but that’s not why I am in here so I ordered my drink and she asked if I want it special and I said Hell I always want everything Special and the Bartender didn’t say the Special part was a drug so I just kept my mouth shut and let them sell me drugs and drug me because I am in here setting them up because they are on my Hit List so she reached over to a countertop that was under the bar overhang where you couldn’t see it from the front side of the bar and there were about twenty short glasses over there with about a half inch of clear liquid in the bottom of every glass and they were all stacked up so they were planning on selling allot of them so she grabbed me a glass with the drug in the bottom and she caught me taking a photo of all the glasses with the drugs in the bottom with my cell phone and she thought I was taking a photo of her in her Blue Martini Brand Pink Corset & Black Bra like all the women employees wear so then I had to take a photo of her in her Big Ole Wonderbra and I am done with those so I took a photo of her standing in front of all the glasses with the drugs in the bottom of them and did I mention these Blue Martini Bartenders are not the most intelligent people in the world and I just did so she added the Crown Royal to my drink and then filled the glass with ice and then a splash of ginger ale and a squeeze of lime and handed the drink to me and asked what my buddy was having and I said Mad Mike will have a Blue Martini and she said does he want it Special and I said yes and like I said they sell these drinks my the dozens and she handed the glass with the clear liquid drug in the bottom to the Bartender that was making the Blue Martinis, her partner in crime and said add this to his drink and then I was handed a Blue Martini with the drug in it so I handed it to my buddy and said you better watch out I think we are being drugged so be careful and Mad Mike said “Really!” cause he is crazy as hell and that’s why we call him Mad Mike so they do put drugs in their customer’s drinks at Blue Martini and I guess since they are a Mafia Organization that does deal in drugs and prostitution and extortion and all the crimes that make up Organized Crime and they want to be the most popular bar where they can sell Bar Franchises worldwide where everyone has a good time and tells everyone else about it and their clientele is all white collar professionals and not those blue collar beer drinking patrons like at most bars and since Ecstasy is a white collar drug as it was explained to me and we are not the type to go around looking for a drug dealer but still like to get high and have a good time without breaking the law then Ecstasy is the drug of choice and it is what the college kids are doing like the designer drugs that are so popular now where each drug is different and each one has a different effect and you never know what that effect will actually be until you take it and it just might kill you so the Owners of the Blue Martini have their drugs especially made for their customers so they are in control of the drugs they are selling or manufacturing and you might say that since these drugs are actually made from solvents and chemicals that you could buy at the hardware store then they aren’t really illegal at all but they do make money off the drinks and the drugs and people keep coming back in for more so we must like them but the only thing is when you mix up these chemicals it’s no different to me than a Meth Lab because you never know what effect they might have on the user and it could make them happy or make them get sick and pass out or it could just kill them within an hour or two so you just never know and that makes the guys manufacturing these drugs Meth Cookers to me which is what you call the guy that makes Meth and the Security at Blue Martini are their Enforcers and their Drug Dealers and they deliver the drugs to the Valet in the Men’s Room and to the Bartenders at Blue Martini who are selling the drugs in drinks and if this drug were Meth it they would get a minimum sentence of 10 years or if you hurt someone or they die then you may just go away forever like a murderer which is exactly what these guys are because people are being killed by Blue Martini and these guys know these drugs are deadly but they keep cooking them up as they say and I believe that they are so addicted to the chemicals that they are mixing that they can’t stop because they are addicted to the smell of the drugs and get high from just mixing them and they get to the point of going insane from their contact to just the chemicals that they are mixing and the employees at Blue Martini and the Owners are just like Meth Dealers and they are addicted to their own drugs must use them after work because they are probably free because they have such large quantities of them and people are dying from these drugs which makes them killers just like the Meth Cooker so Blue Martini drugs their customers and I have just been drugged and so has my buddy Mad Mike and we are just standing around waiting for the drug to take effect and see if we get high or need to go to the emergency room or if we will just die right there on the spot so we are not having fun yet and then we start feeling a little high and are starting to loosen up and have a good time and not getting sick so I order us another round of drinks and there was no mention of adding drugs to this round so the one dose must be enough and then we were starting to get high and have some fun and now we are having allot of fun and it is an Ecstasy high where you feel great and happy and high as hell like you don’t have a care in the world and as I walk around I notice other people feeling the same way so we are not the only customers that have been served drugs in our drinks and when I went back for the second round of drinks all the glasses with the clear liquid in the bottom of them were gone so they must be waiting on the Blue Martini Security to bring more drugs and this is defiantly an Ecstasy high but it doesn’t have the itchy effect that the Ecstasy pill has where your skins itches and you have to scratch it which feels really good so users are always scratching their face like they love it and that drug really ruins your brain but this is a liquid form of Ecstasy which is man made just like Meth which is very addictive and ruins people life’s where all they want to do is Meth and they steal and rob and sell everything they own just to get high one more time or they feel like they are going to die but we are feeling great and wide awake and not drowsy at all but sooner or later we will crash so I tell my buddy we better get out of here while we can because we are going to crash hard as hell sooner or later and could pass out and I am driving my Red SL500 Mercedes and I need to get back to my Sailing Yacht at Naples City Dock where I have my boat in the Yacht Club to set up Gene Luciano because I have been given the Intel that he likes to steal sailboats and run the owner out of town so I have bought a boat and opened a business in the Industrial Park and looking for a house in Old Naples near Campiello’s where I will set Geno up by getting him to set me up which is what I do so if you don’t know what I am talking about then read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions yourself and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to and read back and catch up or you may miss something like me asking the Female Bartender at Blue Martini in Naples FL for my tab and she hands me a tab for the four drinks and it’s very high but I hand her my credit card anyway and she says I need cash for the Special part of the drinks because it was like a drug so the drug part was illegal so we have to have cash for it so I guess that’s the drug dealers cut who is making the drugs for the Owners of Blue Martini who are supplying the drugs and they want their cut in cash so I pay her Fifty Dollars cash and then I guess Blue Martini Security comes around to pick up that cash and sends it to the owners which makes them their Mules as well and allot of times the Mafia uses their Mules as Enforcers so if you don’t pay them when they come to collect then they will break your arm or at least that’s the way they explained it to me when I set one of them up but that’s another story so then the Mule takes the money to their Boss who are the owners of Blue Martini so they can pay the person making their drugs so the Bartender puts the rest on my card and then we are out the door and she didn’t say you shouldn’t drive home or I am putting you in a Cab and the valet attendant brought my car around and he allowed me to drive when we were apparently very high by this time and you can look at the customers that had been served drugs in their drinks and you could tell that they were high on drugs and not alcohol and we looked like we had been drugged so we headed from North Naples back downtown to Old Naples to my Sailing Yacht and my buddy lived near me in Aqualand a waterfront community on the Naples River so we are headed home and we were almost downtown and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to get sick and going to pass out and it hit me quick and I was in the left lane so I moved to the center lane and then got in the right lane so I could get off the road before I passed out and about that time a Collier County Deputy Sheriff turned his blue lights on and pulled me over and I was happy to be able to just get off the road without passing out and wrecking my car and hurting someone so I pulled into a parking lot and stopped the car and had my ID and registration ready for the Officer when he walked up and he took my information and then returned to his car and his backup had arrived by this point and he returned to my car and I said that we had just left the Blue Martini and we think they had drugged us and I was just trying to get off the road before I got sick and he asked me to get out of the car and I did and he moved me over behind my car so he could film me with the camera in his patrol car so I am now about to set up the Collier County Sheriffs Department and they don’t know who I am. I’m driving a car with a Georgia tag and have a Georgia ID so they think I am a tourist and that’s what I want them to think so he said I want you to take your finger and put it on your nose and then take your finger off your nose and then place it back on your nose and I did that and thought I did a good job but he acted like I didn’t even try so I did it again and he said that’s not right lets try something else and the other officer had gotten my buddy out of my car and he said he wanted to stay and watch what they were doing to me because he knew this wasn’t right and the cop said you need to leave or you are going to jail too and my buddy said I wasn’t drunk we only had 2 drinks at Blue Martini and they drugged us and the cop said I told you to leave or you are going to jail too and then Mad Mike walked down the street and got in a cab and I was alone with these 2 cops in a dark parking lot on Hwy 41 in Naples FL and then the cop said let’s try something else and so he said close your eyes so I closed both of my eyes and then he held his flashlight up to my right eye and held it there and it was one of those huge flashlights that cops have that they can beat you with if they have to because it’s so big and they are bright as hell and then he said now open your right eye and keep your left eye closed like this was a test to see if I was sober enough to do this and I knew he was testing me for drugs and not alcohol and I had told him I had been at Blue Martini and I thought I had been drugged by the Bartender there so he was testing me for those drugs that I already told him had been slipped into my drink because I didn’t ask for them and he knew what Blue Martini does to their customers and he thinks I am a tourist and doesn’t know what they are doing at Blue Martini and I know he has this huge flashlight pointed at my right eye so he said open your right eye and keep your left eye closed like it was a test so I refused to open my eye because I knew he was going to shine that flashlight in my eye and blind me so he said he was going to arrest me for resisting arrest if I didn’t open my eye so I opened my right eye and he turned the flashlight on and he blinded me and I doubled over in pain because the light was so bright and I was completely blinded in my right eye so he straightened me back up so he could continue and then he said now close your eyes and they were closed already and I had my right hand over my right eye because I was in pain and then he said we will try it again with your left eye and see if you can do it right this time because you moved last time and you can’t move like that so let’s try it again and I said no fucking way and he said then you are refusing to cooperate with the field sobriety test and I am arresting you for a DUI and taking you to jail and he cuffed me and I was arrested for a DUI and I refused to take the breath test at the jail put they stated that I failed the test twice in the arrest report and the arresting officer signed his name to the test results when I never blew at all and just sat there and he said “I guess you are trying to fuck with me” so he wrote that I failed the breath test and I refused to take the field sobriety test and I was booked and by this time when he walked me back to a holding cell I was not able to use my legs. I could stand up but could not move my feet so I had to just slide my feet across the floor in order to move so it was apparent that I had been drugged with Roofie and didn’t act like I had been drinking at all so the drug that Blue Martini put in my drink was designed to start as Ecstasy and make you have a great time and feel wonderful and have fun and get loose and then it almost made me sick where I would want to go home and then it turned into a date rape drug where I didn’t have any use of my legs and then I passed out and so if you bought this drink for your date at Blue Martini which was the way the drug was designed to be used and not used by men but given to your date in her drink and she would get loose and have fun and then feel bad and want to go home and lay down and then couldn’t move her legs and you could rape her and then she would pass out while you were having sex with her and the next morning she would be so confused that she would probably apologize for getting so drunk on just two drinks and then not even remember having sex with you and that’s what the drug was designed to do and what it did to me and these are designer drugs that the drug dealer makes to have the designed effect and they can have that effect or make you sick or pass out or they could kill you because they never really know what the effect will be until they sell them and then people start getting sick or dying from the drug or die in an automobile wreck trying to drive home from a Blue Martini and I have seen the glasses stacked up behind the bar with the drugs in the bottom of the glass and the Blue Martini Bartenders do this because they have been trained by the Management who have been instructed by the Owners to do this to their customers and they are all murderers and that is the plain and simple truth.

So the Hair of the Dog was Hollering Hey There Man so I walked back in the Blue Martini and walked to the Back Bar and said Put a Drink in my Hand and asked the Female Bartender why she didn’t explain to me that the Special part that she added to our drinks was a drug before she served them to us and why she would allow someone to drive after she drugged them and she wouldn’t answer my questions and an Assistant Manager showed up and told me to leave her alone and stop asking her any questions and causing problems or I would get in more trouble than I was already in so I walked away and then on my next trip into the Blue Martini I asked where my favorite Female Bartender who worked at the Back Bar was and the same Assistant Manager came out to deal with me and told me that she has been moved to another city and I would never see her again so don’t even try to find her and that I had already been warned to leave her alone so there must have been allot of other DUIs that night from that batch of drugs and someone may have died so she had to be moved to another Blue Martini or either they had to get rid of her because she was asking too many questions and causing problems and she could be dead because you don’t fuck with the Blue Martini Mafia and live to tell about it so I never did see her again so I backed off and stayed out of the Blue Martini in Naples FL for a few months because I had pissed them off and then when I went back in there everything was great for a awhile and everyone acts like we are best buddies again but then they started drugging me again and I didn’t know why but it all started after I met this Hostess at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant in Old Naples right down the street from my Naples Beach Cottage where I was living now and you could just walk a block down the street to eat a burger for lunch at the Tommy Bahama or on the way back from the beach and this was a great lifestyle in the Historical District of downtown Naples Florida known as Old Naples where there is a high standard of living with no fast food joints only high-end Restaurants and Bars so I would just walk to the best restaurants in town and they were like a block and a half away from my home so I would stop in Tommy Bahama’s a couple times a week and it doesn’t matter where I eat the hostess, the female bartender and the waitress are all going to hit on me and ask who I am and what I do and where I live and if I am planning on giving them a retirement plan and a free house to live in and a car and they compete and argue and get pissed off and fight over who has the first chance at me because she saw me first and they do this right in front of me all the time because there is a pecking order inside a restaurant or a bar and the woman that sees me first gets me first as I have heard them say but also the woman with the biggest boobs always wins the argument because you obviously don’t want to mess with the woman with the biggest boobs for some reason so they argue over who has the right to hit on me and who doesn’t and I just there and ignore the hell out of them and have never been on a date with any of these service people in my whole life so I just watch them and laugh at them and it’s very entertaining and if you aren’t getting this much attention when you go to lunch then you are doing something wrong and if you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to read back to Day One on the Big Show and find the answer to your questions for yourself and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so please stop asking me to and read back and then catch up or you will miss something important like me setting up the Blue Martini franchise in Naples FL or something important like all my recent troubles at Blue Martini started when I met this young blond Hostess at Tommy Bahamas when she moved to Naples FL from Seattle where she must have been living with a Drug Dealer and addicted to Cocaine and she was pale white and skinny as hell like she was starving to death and wore black tight fitting clothing and didn’t fit in at all in Naples Florida where everyone is middle age or older and rich as hell and dresses business casual or better to go eat a hamburger at Tommy Bahamas and now she looks like she is off the stuff and I thought she was pregnant for a while there when she started gaining weight and knew that I would be blamed for that as well because I always do so she got a hostess job here and got a tan and is wearing Tommy Bahama as you Tommy Bahama clothes wearing people call yourself like that Faggot Coach in Destin FL so read back to Day One of the Big Show to see who that is and stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so find the answer to your own questions yourself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to so read back and catch up or you will miss something like this Hostess is looking healthier and she has the biggest boobs in the Restaurant so she has claimed that she gets first chance at me and these women always think the only reason I come in the Restaurant is to see them but I have found out that she is living with her boyfriend and he has been hired by Blue Martini to work security and if you don’t know what that means it’s kind of like becoming a Secret Service Agent only there is no education needed or salary or badge involved, you just start at minimum wage and get to talk into your sleeve and these guys are Mafia thugs but we call them Enforcers and Mules but the Blue Martini calls them Security so every time this Hostess saw me she would hit on me and stare at me the whole time I was in the restaurant and come over and seat a party beside my table and spend allot of time bending over in front of me so I could get a good view of her butt and then turn around and stick those big ole boobs at me and shake them just a little bit and walk away and then look at me over her shoulder like she was saying you better speak to me so I just ignored her and she kept trying harder and harder so she would get pissed off that I was ignoring her and I guess tell her boyfriend that I hit on her and offered her all of the above which was the house and the car and the retirement plan and then he would get pissed off because she was bitching at him and trying to get even with him for not giving her any of the above and so her boyfriend started telling the Bartenders to start drugging me at the Naples Blue Martini so sometimes when I would leave the bar to go home I would get almost all the way home and get out of the car and then collapse and have to crawl all the way to the front door or just lay there in the yard for a minute to see if I was going to die or pass out and then try to recover enough to be able to crawl to the door and I know a guy that lives in Naples FL professionally and I asked him if he had been to the new Blue Martini yet because it was all the talk around town so he shared with me about his last trip to Blue Martini and he had his BMW parked in the Valet Parking lot and the Female Bartender that was serving him asked him if he was going to give her any trouble when he ordered his second drink and he had no idea what she was talking about and was just trying to order another drink and I guess they were busy as hell and he got a little impatient and they were slammed all the time so it was hard to get a drink and she didn’t appreciate his attitude so she put Roofie in his drink to fix him just like the Owners of Blue Martini had trained her to do because you don’t fuck with the Mafia or complain or cause them any trouble so he finished his second drink and said he wasn’t feeling well and walked out to get his car and the Valet attendant gave him his car and they work for Blue Martini and the bar is responsible to make sure that their customers get home safely so they are liable for your life and your safety and the Valet attendant gave this guy his car and he is a professional gentleman that lives in a great part of town and to most people you would say this guy is rich so this is not a white trash dive bar with a white trash clientele that are in there giving management any trouble at all and I have never seen any of the customers ever giving the employees any trouble inside the bar and there is no reason for the customers being drugged by the Blue Martini employees because this is a Highend Bar with an upper-class clientele but the employees are anything but that and are nothing but white trash low life types that are cleaned up and wearing suits and uniforms and they do not look like who they really are and I have met many of them and that’s exactly who they hire and they are seedy as hell and they may clean up well but they are like criminal gang members and they run all kinds of scams and sell drugs and rip off customers by overcharging their credit cards and so they drugged this fine person for no reason except that he acted impatiently and they are all a bunch of assholes Mafia slave employees and you don’t fuck with the Mafia or the Blue Martini Mafia and live to tell about it so this gentleman got in his new BMW which he should not have been allowed to drive and I have even seen a redneck drunk at the Cabana Bar in Destin FL refuse to let Faggot Paul drive his Mercedes home when he was drunk and those assholes are so stupid they stop you from driving home drunk not because you might kill yourself and someone else when you run them down but purely because of the value of the car and they don’t care if Faggot Paul gets hurt they just think about him hurting his valuable car and I have seen this happen on 3 occasions there but not here at this Blue Martini or at any of their locations so this guy got in his BMW after being drugged by the Bartender who has the drugs right there behind the Bar and why they are allowed to have drugs I do not know but I do and it’s because they are a Mafia Bar and they are all criminals and it is as simple as that and the Mafia drugs its customers to get rid of them by getting them arrested for a DUI or they die behind the wheel of the car as a DUI Fatality so this guy drove his BMW home and I have been in his home and he lives ten minutes away from the Blue Martini in North Naples so when he got home he got out of his car and his legs gave out which is what Roofie does to your brain. It tells your brain to tell your legs that they don’t work anymore and he collapsed on the driveway and then crawled to the front door and was able to open the door and crawled inside the door and closed the door which he said was a miracle and that was as far as he made it and his son came downstairs the next morning and found his father there in the foyer and he could have been laying there dead because he was given a large dose of Roofie if he passed out in 10 minutes after drinking the drink or died after he crashed his car and maybe the Bartender intended to kill him and gave him a large dose of the Knock Out Drug so that he would have never made it home at all after he passed out behind the wheel of his car but he was lucky and made it all the way home and into the house because he only lived 10 minutes away from the Blue Martini. So what happens when someone gets drugged there and lives 20 minutes away and I am getting to that so Blue Martini pays people to mix these concoctions for them and they aren’t really a drug because they can make Roofie with a number of ingredients and solvents like paint thinner and it could have anything in it and they don’t know how they will affect you until after they give them to you and the drugs affect different people differently and the drugs that Blue Martini sells their customers and it is a clear liquid form of Ecstasy or GHB which is gamma hydroxybutyrate acid and the drug has the effects of Ecstasy and then after a couple of hours the drug has the effects of Roofie but they never know how this drug will affect you because each batch has a different effect and they never know if it might kill you until after they have given you the drug and then they read about the fatality in the Newspaper the next day and then they also make their own Roofie that can’t be detected in your drink and that is the Date Rape drug and they also have a Knock Drug which makes you pass out completely behind the wheel of a car so they can murderer you and that is what they give you when you piss them off and they have given me all of the above and tried to murder me and so I have set them up for what they do to people who just stop in there at Happy Hour for a couple drinks on a Friday after work and accidentally piss someone off and now the Hostess from Tommy Bahama’s boyfriend the Blue Martini Enforcer has instructed this one Female Bartender to start pulling different tricks and cons on me to set me up and I still don’t know what I have done to deserve all this attention but this Female Bartender has offered this young woman and all the women in this Blue Martini were just over 21 and blond and busty and cute as hell and so the hair of the dog was hollering Hey There Man so I went back to the Blue Martini  for another drink in my hand and I would just walk in and just stand there by the dance floor and watch these beautiful young women dance and about then three of them would rush over and start dancing right in front of me in a line like a train and the girl at the front of the line would dance as sexy as she could and the girls behind her would follow her lead and all three of them would be dancing together in a line and I would ignore them so then the girl in the back would run to the front of the line in her little Hottie spike heel shoes or stripper shoes as you people call them and all the women were dressed to the hilt with their hair perfect and they all looked like little movie stars or starlets as you might say and then she would dance in front as sexy as she could with the other girls in this train like dance line behind her and try to lure me into speaking to her and then the one in the back of the line would run up to the front of the line as fast as she could and then start dancing in front of me so she could have a go at me and my buddy and me would laugh like hell and I will explain who my buddy is later in the story but this was funny as hell to me because I always get this kind of attention but my buddy doesn’t and he was amazed and we were having a blast and finally I would have to walk away because they wouldn’t stop and we would go stand somewhere else and then watch what would happen there so I was having allot of fun in there to say the least as I was setting them up while they were setting me up and I always have allot of fun so check out Where Is Wayne Ball the Facebook Page where the FBI sends their office staff out in the field on assignment called a Field Op to set me up and take incriminating photos of me flirting with young girls like this or to catch me out with that Killer Hitwoman Marla who Gene Luciano hired to live with me in my Old Naples Beach Cottage so that she could make sure I didn’t leave town so Geno could set me up and steal all my wealth so look for those incriminating photos on the Facebook Page so this boyfriend of the Hostess from Tommy Bahama who worked Security set me up with one of these young girls and offered her and her girlfriend free drinks if she would get me to come to the Back Bar where I had been drugged before and I wouldn’t go back there anymore and order a drink there because I knew that was just asking for trouble so this young Blond Hottie who had been flirting with me for a year got me to buy her a drink at the Back Bar served by this one particular Female Bartender and I had this buddy Tim in Naples and I would swear he was DEA because he smoked pot all the time and he was never afraid of getting busted or afraid to do drugs in public so he knew all the Blue Martini employees and who was selling drugs and what kind of drugs they were selling and who lived with who and who was sleeping with whom and so I knew who this Female Bartender was and who she lived with and I knew she wasn’t interested in me but she acted like she was so she could set me up for this jealous boyfriend that worked Security so this Blond Hottie got me to order our drinks from this Female Bartender at the Back Bar and introduced me to her and then said you should buy all your drinks from her so you can get to know her and that’s what her job was and what she was told to tell me and so she and her girlfriend drank free that night thanks to the Blue Martini Security and then I bought a round of shots or two and she got so drunk she had to leave and that’s the problem with young girls they get drunk and get sick and the older ones just drink till they pass out but this Blond Hottie said she was feeling sick and she had to go home and I don’t know if she ever made it home because I think this Female Bartender at the Back Bar drugged her to get rid of her and her girlfriend because I haven’t ever seen either of these two women again in the Blue Martini for years now after that night so I do not know if she made it home or not and she may have died in a car crash on the way home or from a drug overdose which is another way they can get rid of you at Blue Martini and I will explain later but right now I am setting up the Blue Martini in Naples FL while they are setting me up so I started buying my drinks from this Female Bartender at the Back Bar and she was blond and attractive and she started working on me like she was getting to know me and was making me believe that if I stayed late she would go home with me so I came in late one night at closing time just to see what would happen and walked to the back of the bar and ordered my drinks from this Female Bartender at the Back Bar so I had a couple of drinks and was careful to watch what she was putting into my drink and when I was ready to leave she took my credit card from me to run my tab and held it in her hand and said I have lost your credit card don’t know where it is and I need an alternative method of payment or I am calling the police and having you arrested and there is a cop right outside the front door that is working for the bar and it’s his job to do just that so you need to pay me cash right now or you are going to jail. So I said my credit card is right there in your hand so when I said that she dropped it and it landed in the garbage can right below where she was holding it and then said I just lost it and do not know where it is and I said well you can search through the garbage can to find it since you are the one that just threw it in there and she said either you pay me right now or you are going to jail so I didn’t have enough cash on me to pay for the Tab because I was trying to set them up for credit card fraud because I knew they would eventually overcharge my credit card so I didn’t have allot of cash on me so I said hold on a minute and about that time the Men’s Restroom Valet walked right by me and him and I were like best buddies because I tipped him better than anyone else in the bar and the Men’s Restroom Valet was the Cocaine Dealer in the Bar at least the one that supplied the customers anyway and my buddy Tim told me that but when I saw him in a stall with a customer snorting coke it was pretty easy to that figure out so Blue Martini Security must supply him with the Cocaine and then they would pickup the cash and take it to the Bar Owners which was their job and if the Valet didn’t pay up then they would get rid of him and hire a replacement Valet to sell Cocaine for the Owners of Blue Martini in the restrooms and I assume they had a woman in this position in the Ladies Room as well so I said Hey man I need to borrow Fifty Bucks and he handed me a Fifty and said see you later and he looked at the Female Bartender and said why are you harassing my buddy Blow Fish here so I paid her and then left and canceled my card and let it go because I still didn’t know why she did that and then my cell phone rang and it was the jealous boyfriend of the Hostess from Tommy Bahama that worked Security and he had gotten my cell phone number somehow but that’s what these criminal gang members do and they have someone in their Criminal Organization that sells them Intel so when they are setting up someone they can find out where they live and what car they drive and their cell phone number and then they can track them down and put a hit out on them like Gene Luciano is always threatening to do and I just repeat the death threats he has made to me over and over and they are all quotes of exactly the way he threatened to do me in and dispose of my body like grinding me up in the garbage disposal in the kitchen at his Aqua Bar and Grill where they drug their customers that buy the Special because they are cheap asshole that order the Special which they advertise and if I hadn’t told you before these guys are not that bright at all and so this Blue Martini Security guy called me up on my cell phone and said I know you don’t know who I am but you know who Jessica is and I said Who the hell is Jessica and he said I know you know who I am talking about she is the Hostess at Tommy Bahama and I said Well I do know who she is but what’s your name because I still don’t know who you are but he didn’t tell me his name and then he said You better stay away from my girlfriend and stop talking to her or I will fuck you up and you know we are capable of doing that because that is my job and I work security for the Blue Martini and that’s who you are dealing with here is the Blue Martini so you better back off from her or I will do you in so stop talking to her and I said I have never spoken to that woman except to say hello in passing so you don’t even know what the fuck you are talking about, she has been lying to you and he said that’s not what she says so leave her alone and stop hitting on her or else. So I saved that number in my phone and put a name with it and it was the Blue Martini Security but I was dealing with the Blue Martini Mafia and I had noticed this one Blue Martini Security guy staring at me and decided it must be this guy that stares and doesn’t smile and never speaks because everyone else acts like my best friend in Blue Martini so I stopped in Tommy Bahama to set him up and talked to Jessica the hostess who was wearing a little diamond chip ring and you know the kind I am talking about where you have to ask is that a diamond because it was so minuet that you can’t even see it but you know there must be one there somewhere so I asked Jessica is that a diamond engagement ring and she said yes but it is more of a promise ring than an engagement ring so I am still available and I know this was going to make it back to her boyfriend and when you act like a rich snob it always pisses people off so I do it all the time to piss them off because I am really such a wonderful person and everybody loves me and bragging pisses them off as well and that’s what I was trying to do so I said well tell your boyfriend that if he wants to give you a real diamond I have a loose 2 carat diamond in my backpack somewhere and it’s been in there for like a year and I just keep forgetting that it’s even there and don’t need it so if he wants to give you a real diamond ring then I will give him a really good deal on it and it is a beautiful stone and I don’t really give a shit about it and don’t even need it so I gave her a big hug and kissed her on the cheek and was on my way. So on my next trip to Blue Martini I made sure I bought my drinks at the Back Bar from the Female Bartender and she said I would have to give her my credit card up front this time so she could make sure that she got paid because she had trouble with my last credit card and I said OK but don’t loose it and she put it with the others she had so I had a couple of drinks and I had a buddy of mine with me and I said earlier that I would explain who he was and he was an FBI Field Agent working undercover with me helping to set up Gene Luciano because like I said when I invited Gene Luciano over to eat every Tuesday night at my house in Old Naples the whole dinner table would be full of FBI Agents and FBI Informants and their spouses and if you don’t know what I am talking about then stop asking me to repeat myself and read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions yourself and stop asking to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to because I will not repeat myself so read back and catch up or you may miss something like me setting up the Blue Martini in Naples FL with my FBI buddy who had been getting to know the Female Manager at the Blue Martini and he had asked her what her thoughts were in regards to all their customers complaining about her Bartenders drugging them and she said she hadn’t heard anything about anyone being drugged there at the Blue Martini and didn’t know what he was talking about but she worked for the Bar Owners and that’s what they had told everyone to say so my buddy with the FBI introduced me to the manager and told her that I had been drugged in her bar and she said if I had any more trouble in the Bar to just give her a call and she gave me her cell phone number and she was attractive but I wasn’t looking for a date, I was looking for trouble in there so we had set up the Blue Martini manager so me and my buddy had a drink and had a great time standing around watching the girls dance in front of us just like I explained earlier and waiting to feel the effects of Roofie to know whether or not we had been drugged and I had a good witness with me if we were so we finally returned to the Back Bar to take care of my tab and the Female Bartender said I will run your tab and then handed it to me to sign and I looked at my tab and she had added about $350 to my two drink tab so I refused to sign it and she said then I am going to call the police officer outside and have him come in here and arrest you for stealing drinks and I said go right ahead only I have a cell phone right here and before you can do that I can make a call and have you arrested for Credit Card Fraud which is what you are guilty of and then my buddy with the FBI said you better watch out because you are probably messing with the FBI right now and I know you don’t want to piss off Blow Fish here because we aren’t really sure who the hell he is and she turned white or red or both and then caught her breath and said I want you to stop coming in here and harassing me and I am telling the Manager and I said well I know the manager and I have her number in my cell phone as well so why don’t I give her a call on her cell phone at home and she can come down here and straighten this out only she told me she was taking a trip this weekend so do you want me to interrupt her vacation to straighten this out or can you handle it yourself so then the Female Bartender at the Back Bar working for the jealous boyfriend working Security for the Blue Martini Mafia said you always just scribble your signature anyway and never sign your name so I will just sign the receipt for you and I said then I am going to call the Manager on Monday and if she doesn’t take care of this I am going to have you arrested for credit card fraud and throw your ass in jail and why don’t you give me the name of the guy with Blue Martini Security that you are taking orders from and I will deal with him and she said I do not know who you are talking about and I said yes you do and you are working for him and she said we are all working for the Blue Martini and that’s who you are dealing with here is the Blue Martini and I said thanks for the information because what she meant was she was working for the Blue Martini Mafia so you better watch out or they will kill you if you give them any trouble and I am giving them a world of shit to crawl out from under so then I checked my charges on the internet the next morning and the charge with the $350 tip was right there so I called the Manager and she was still out of town so I spoke with the bookkeeper at the Naples Blue Martini and she said that the Female Bartender at the Back Bar had gone on a one week vacation starting after work last night so apparently she stole this money from me and used it to take a vacation and I am sure she gave some of the money to Jessica’s boyfriend with Blue Martini Security because that’s how these criminals work in the Mafia and they are the Blue Martini Mafia so I had to reverse the charges made by Blue Martini because they would not give me a credit as the Bookkeeper explained to me because if they gave me a credit when I complained about a fraudulent charge then they would have to give everybody a credit when they complain and they can’t do that because they get so many complaints that they would be giving customers credits all the time so I guess the bartender gets paid the money as a tip and they split it with whoever they are working with and my poor buddy with the FBI that was with me that night got drugged instead of me and he had never been drugged in a Blue Martini because he always went to this one Female Bartender at the Outside Bar that we trusted so he got sick and felt like he had been poisoned that night when he got home and felt like he was going to die because he had been poisoned by the Blue Martini in Naples FL so they have drugged a FBI Field Agent and I am proud to say that I helped and set them up so I went back in there again after the Female Bartender at the Back Bar returned from vacation and I ordered my drink from her and paid her cash and I didn’t see her make my drink and she drugged me and I could feel that warm and fuzzy feeling so I started home before I got sick or too high to even walk and this was one of those times when I had to crawl into the house and had to just lay there for a few minutes in the yard because I was about to pass out before I could even crawl into the house so she must have given me a Knock Out drug because when I got in the house I passed right out and that’s what a Knock Out drug does but the only thing is when you are in a bar and you are given this drug then when you start driving home the question is at what point during the drive do you pass out and cross over the median and kill yourself and the driver in the oncoming lane so that is what she had intended to happen to me and how they were trying to get rid of me because I was a problem for them so they tried to kill me with a Knock Out Drug and when I started setting up the Blue Martini I didn’t know there was a jealous boyfriend that worked Security that was going to try to kill me but now he had actually tried to kill me with the help of this Female Bartender at the Back Bar and he didn’t care if I killed someone after I passed out behind the wheel driving home all he cared about was getting rid of me so his girlfriend would stop bitching so I woke up the next morning and that alarm clock went bang bang bang instead of ring ring ring and I had this terrible hangover that felt like someone had poisoned me and almost died and they had and I almost did die because this jealous Blue Martini Mafia Enforcer wanted me dead and now had made a murder attempt on my life and I guess I had been poisoned so many times by them I had built up a tolerance to the drugs they gave me and didn’t die from an overdose so I made another trip back to Blue Martini and walked in the bar and a guy working Security at the door saw me and smiled and said “Hey Man you should be dead by now!” and I laughed and said “I Know It!” and it was true and then the Manager came out and said I wasn’t allowed in the bar anymore because I reversed a charge on my credit card and they were out of the money that the Bartender had stolen from me and she said it happens all the time it’s not a big deal don’t worry about it but that’s corporate policy and that would be the policy of a Mafia Organization called the Blue Martini Mafia and that’s what they are these days because it is Organized Crime so that was my last trip into the Blue Martini in Naples FL but I have hit almost all of the other locations in Florida and a few outside of the State of Florida and will get to all of you so just sit there and keep drugging your customers for a living and overcharging their credit charges and committing credit card fraud and killing your customers and I will get to you all sooner than later and the only one I did not go in was the one in Miami because I have heard although it is the nicest one but also the worst one and totally filled with criminal types so I took that Intel as fact and never went in there and you have to be careful where you go in Miami and I have been told that there are Latino FBI Agents covering the crime there so I am not needed in Miami.

So I hired the very best DUI attorney in Naples who had defended a local girl that was drugged at the Blue Martini in Naples FL and she was allowed to drive and she hit and killed a person after leaving the bar so the bar management not only Roofed her so she could be raped but they allowed her to drive and then she killed someone and was arrested for vehicular homicide and faced going to jail for ten years to life so I hired the attorney that got her off which was Jerry Berry so I hired him to fight my case because I had been drugged by Blue Martini so I asked him to defend me with Involuntary Intoxication being my defense but he said that was hard to prove and that Collier County was not interested in prosecuting Blue Martini or the owners Mark E Vasu and Steven Day for drugging their customers but he said he could make the whole thing go away and get the case dismissed for Ten Thousand Dollars if that’s what I wanted and I said no I want to fight this in court because I was drugged by Blue Martini and I want them to be forced to stop doing this to their customers because it is wrong and people are being harmed and killed and you defended a girl that killed someone driving home from Blue Martini and won the case so I want to fight this on the grounds that I was drugged by Blue Martini and the arrest by the Collier County Sheriffs Department was not legal so I want to fight this DUI charge in court and he said that Collier County court would not rule in my favor on an Involuntary Intoxication defense because I had been drinking so they would find me guilty of the DUI and they would not make an issue that Blue Martini drugged because Collier County did not want to go up against the Blue Martini and the owners Mark E Vasu and Steven Day or make an issue that the bar was drugging their customers so I took the deal that the prosecution offered me and paid my fines and court cost and the total cost was around Twenty Thousand Dollars before it was all over so the deal to pay off the Judge for Ten Thousand was a good deal and I would have taken that deal if I wasn’t setting up the Crooked Judge and Collier County and the Sheriffs Department because they have a system for setting up drivers leaving Blue Martini that had been drugged and there are Police working for Blue Martini standing outside the door in case anyone gives them any trouble but they aren’t there to keep you from driving drunk or after you have been drugged so they let you walk right by them and let you drive drunk and probably call it in to the Collier County Sheriff Deputies waiting down the street who pull you over after you leave the parking lot and test you for drugs just like they did me which was a set up where they didn’t test me at all and just set me up and shined a flashlight in my eyes and called that a sobriety test so I would stop the field sobriety test so the Police know that there are people driving home from Blue Martini that have been drugged and they arrest them for a DUI which is keeping the Legal System busy and the Jail full so the Blue Martini is providing a service for the Legal System in Florida that is so corrupt that they allow a Bar like Blue Martini to drug their customers so they can prosecute you when you get arrested for a DUI and then all you do is pay off the Judge to get off so the Collier County Sheriff Department sets up the DUI drivers that have been drugged so that the Judge can get paid off so they are corrupt as hell and they are responsible for allowing Blue Martini to drug their customers and when they drive they do get involved in accidents and people have been killed and the Police do nothing to stop the Blue Martini employees and the Blue Martini owners because they are too rich and well connected to be touched and they support the local legal systems by keeping the cops and the Judges and the courts all busy with DUI cases so they ignore what Blue Martini is doing because they are supporting them and helping them share in the wealth that they have created by being a Mafia Organization and they got all their money from smuggling Cocaine into the US and that’s where they get their money to build Blue Martini Bars and all the other businesses they own and they put their investments in their wife’s name which ties them to the money laundering charge so they are all going down on Money Laundering charges and Drug Smuggling charges and Racketeering charges because that’s who these two characters are and that’s why I have set them up and it’s like I have said before there are people that are harming other people and ruining their lives and in this case killing people because they don’t care if they kill someone in the process of running their Mafia Organization and the Police just look the other way and they don’t care if they are harming people either and the County Legal Systems in Florida will not prosecute the owners of Blue Martini for doing this and it is a felony to drug someone and if someone dies from the result of you drugging them then you are a Murderer and the owners of Blue Martini are murderers so I have set them up because of the victims they are responsible for killing so if you have been drugged at any Blue Martini or have been involved in a DUI or a Vehicular Homicide Case after being served at a Blue Martini or have lost a loved one in a Vehicular Homicide accident where the driver of the car had been served at a Blue Martini or drugged at Harbor Docks or any other Mafia Bar in any city then call the Police and report it but they won’t do anything so someone needs to look into this and investigate how many DUI deaths have been connected to each Blue Martini and Harbor Dock locations across the US and then arrest the Bar Owners and the Manager and the Bartender and the person supplying the drugs and lets clean this up and put an end to these criminals that are drugging their customers and responsible for killing people in these Vehicular Homicide Cases and put an end to this once and for all but they were on my Hit List so all the evidence as already been prepared to arrest all the owners for Murder so look for those arrest on CNN or in the Newspapers and call the Investigator with your information so you can be added to the list of victims in this crime and the Police will be forced to prosecute these murderers like the owners of Blue Martini and Harbor Dock and all the other Mafia Bars that continue doing this and this has been going on for centuries and we have got to put an end to this crime so these restaurants and bars can be replaced with an establishment that values the life of their customers and these killers will be put behind bars for life where they belong so look for the arrest of Mark E Vasu and Steven Day on Murder Charges for the deaths caused by the Blue Martini drugging their customer so to both of you assholes I will say Good Bye!

Blue Martini Naples FL was the newest franchise and hundreds of customers were getting drugged right after they opened back in 2009 even though the Newspapers and TV Media were reporting a dozen or so and this all started about the time I moved my Sailing Yacht from Key West to the Naples City Docks in Naples FL where I was setting up Gene Luciano because he was on my Hit List and then all of a sudden these assholes were added because the Police weren’t doing anything about it because the owners are such big ole Mafia King Pins that they were afraid of them so the situation was brought to the attention of the FBI and I was told to set them up and that’s what I do so I started setting up the Blue Martini as I have explained earlier and they drugged me with a Knock Out drug so I would pass out while driving home and be killed in a DUI Fatality that would be just another number at the end of the year for the State of Florida to list as another drunken driver who just can’t stop drinking and driving and now he has finally killed himself and no one would care or investigate and that’s just how evil these criminals are and there are killers at Blue Martini who have been trained to do this by Mark E Vasu and Steven Day the Blue Martini Owners and this is how a Mafia Organization deals with people who have pissed them off or gotten in the way or caused them any trouble and they train their employees to drug them and get them arrested or sometimes they kill their problem customers and employees because when you cross the Mafia you do not live to tell about it and all the other employees and their customers know about it and even the Police and the Judges and the Attorneys so they won’t cross the Mafia because they won’t live to tell about it and that’s how the Lord of the Manor gets his power and controls the Serfs in his Serf Society and that’s what makes a business or an organization a Mafia Organization and the Blue Martini is a Mafia Organization and it is Organized Crime and they are the Blue Martini Mafia operating Worldwide with no limits to their turf and they are killing people when they cross them and getting away with it and that makes the owners Mark E Vasu and Steven Day the Lords of the Manor and murderers in my book which is coming to a local bookstore near you very soon and they tried to murder me so I looked for a good example to show you my discriminating reader how they get rid of a problem person or get rid of that problem as they call it and get rid of it for good this time so below I have posted the local News Reports from NBC Channel 2 News in Naples FL so go online and google these News Reports from when the Blue Martini was getting complaints from their customers that they had been drugged and the management ignored them so the drugged customers went to the Collier County Sheriffs Department and they ignored their complaints so they went to the TV Media and the Newspapers for help and so the Media went to Blue Martini and asked for their comments and at Blue Martini they tell their employees to say nothing and their policy is No Comment when asked about the Blue Martini drugging their customers because no one can prove that they are drugging them so keep your mouth shut we have been doing this forever and it’s working great so our policy is no comment to the Press and the Media and those would be the orders from the owners of the Blue Martini so this story was released on the NBC2 Evening News in Naples FL.

Former waitress speaks out against Blue Martini in NORTH NAPLES

A former waitress at Blue Martini has come forward to blow the whistle on bartenders at the North Naples hotspot – accusing them of spiking customers’ drinks. She’s among more than two dozen people who say they were drugged there.

Thursday, the Collier County Sheriff’s Office released four more complaints of customers blacking out at Blue Martini.

A former waitress says she asked management about it more than five months ago, but was told not to say anything.

What turned out to be Dana Fisher’s last night working at Blue Martini is one she hardly remembers.

“I think that something was placed in my drink. I mean, there’s no if, ands or buts about it,” she said.

After her shift ended, Fisher says she sat down to have one cocktail. Before she knew it, she was in handcuffs.

“I don’t remember walking to my car. I don’t remember leaving Blue Martini,” she said.

She says she was so disoriented, instead of driving to her Marco Island home; she ended up crashing into a street sign in Lee County and was then charged with a DUI.

“That doesn’t happen to you after one drink,” she said.

Fisher says in her time working at Blue Martini, rumors ran wild about drinks being drugged.

At one point, she even confronted a manager about it.

“I was just told to never mention it again. Don’t talk about it to anybody, don’t talk about it to patrons, and don’t talk about it to other employees,” she said, detailing what she had been told.

Seeing more than two dozen people come forward with allegations, people ranging in age from their 20s to 80s, Fisher believes male bartenders are slipping something in drinks.

“I think it might be one or two or a collection of guys that think it’s funny. They get a kick out of it,” she said.

When her DUI case goes to trial later this month, Fisher says she plans to use an involuntary intoxication defense.

“I’m angry at whoever did this to me because I’m going through a lot of damage control and a lot of stuff to get my life back on track,” she said.

Fisher says she never went back to work after that night because she was scared off by the experience.

Fisher says the bar is filled with cameras that she hopes will catch someone in the act.

Officials at Blue Martini continue to deny any wrong doing, but say they are taking extra security measures.

By Adam Freeman

Blow Fish: So this is how the Blue Martini Mafia deals with problem employees and this waitress would not shut up about them drugging their customers and kept complaining about it so after work when she had one drink the Bartender put a Knock Out drug in it and after that she couldn’t remember walking out of the bar and getting in her car so the Blue Martini Security set her up as instructed by the owners and she walked out of the Bar staggering past her fellow employees who were told not to help her or the same thing would happen to them and she walked right past the two Collier County Deputies standing outside the front door that are employed by the bar so they didn’t stop her and then she got in her car and I would not doubt if the Blue Martini Security helped her get in the car so she could drive away and kill herself because she was so high she drove in the wrong direction away from home and she drove north toward Ft Myers in Lee County when she lived south of Naples on Marco Island so she was so high she went in the wrong direction and I do not believe anyone that high could make it to their car and find their keys and even start the car but she did and then when she passed out behind the wheel and struck a pole and wrecked her car and she was arrested for a DUI so I am sure this was a murder attempt because they could have just had her arrested when she left the parking lot. There was no way she could have made it home because it’s an hour drive to Marco Island and she would have passed out within 20 minutes and she driven off the road and died in the Florida Everglades south of Naples if she had driven south instead of north into the heavily populated area of Lee County. She stated she doesn’t remember leaving the Blue Martini so she may not have been given Roofie which causes black outs 2 – 3 hours after it is taken and Security may have given here a Knock Out Drug and then she would have passed out in 15 minutes and Security could have loaded her up in her car and drove her to the next county so not to arise suspicion with the Collier County Sheriffs Department and drove her car into a pole and put her behind the wheel and called the Lee County Sheriffs Department and reported the accident and then left her there because it is the Enforcer job in a Mafia Organization to set up problem employees and get rid of them and the Blue Martini Security are the Enforcers for this Mafia Organization.

So then 5 months later after the Blue Martini Security announced they had tightened up security and were watching their bartenders closer so that wouldn’t happen and hundreds of customers had been drugged again the NBC2 Evening News reported.

Women report sudden blackouts at popular Naples hangout!

NAPLES: With its colorful cocktails, neon lights and well-heeled clientele, the Blue Martini in North Naples is a hard place to forget.

But according to Collier County Sheriff’s Office reports, for some customers, their nights at the restaurant have been nearly impossible to remember.

Since opening at the Mercato in North Naples at the end of July 2009, the Blue Martini has quickly become one of Collier County’s hippest hangouts.

Blow Fish: The Collier County Sheriff’s Department had received so many complaints from victims being drugged at Blue Martini and had done nothing and told the victims it’s your own fault for drinking too much so stop blaming it on the Blue Martini so they complained to the media so they ran that story on the local evening NBC news on Channel 2 and it was more of a free advertisement for the Blue Martini and doesn’t even state that victims have come forward saying that they have been drugged because the TV Station is afraid of the Blue Martini Mafia and the owners Mark E Vasu and Steven Day so now there are still so many victims complaining about nothing being done about the druggings at Blue Martini that the next day the Newspapers and the TV Stations run this story so again on the NBC Evening News on Channel 2 in Naples FL they report:

Ex-Blue Martini bartender: ‘People are overindulging in booze’

NAPLES: A former bartender at the Blue Martini in North Naples said, managers, there are aware of the stories of customers who believe they were drugged at the restaurant, and are doing everything they can to determine what, if anything, is happening.

But Danny Jackson, 31, who worked at Blue Martini from its opening last summer until about New Year’s, said he believes the stories have more to do with people drinking too much than with illegal drugs.

The drinks at Blue Martini are large and strong, Jackson said.

So the press is dealing with the Crimes by covering them up and spinning a story of people over drinking at Blue Martini so it is their own fault because the Media is afraid of the Blue Martini Mafia and what they might do to them and they could kill this reporter to shut him up and so the whole issue of Blue Martini drugging their customers has been a huge mistake and the victims are at blame and some were arrested on DUIs after just having one drink and this was about the time when a woman leaving the Blue Martini after having a couple of drinks hit and killed another person and was arrested for Vehicular Homicide and that story was killed and has been covered up so after hundreds of victims had complained about being drugged at the Blue Martini and their complaints had been ignored by the Blue Martini Management and the Collier County Sheriff’s Department the Media ran this story and this report on the NBC Evening News on Channel 2 in Naples FL:

Deputies knew about Blue Martini claims, didn’t tell public

COLLIER COUNTY: There are four more accusations of drinks being drugged at Blue Martini in North Naples, bringing the total to around 20. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office knew about the claims more than five months ago, but didn’t tell the public.

Long before more than a dozen people came forward this week claiming to have been drugged at the Blue Martini, NBC2 tried to investigate those allegations. But the sheriff’s office didn’t release the report.

The first accusation of drugging at Blue Martini was reported to the sheriff’s office on November 9, 2009. Acting on a tip, we requested that information, but it was not given to us.

Instead, deputies said everything on the investigation would go through the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

But Wednesday, officials with ABT said they never opened up a case on Blue Martini.

The second allegation of drugging at Blue Martini came in late December. Then a third came in mid-January. Still, the sheriff’s office didn’t make any of that public.

Since the story broke last week, more people have come forward to report blacking out at the bar.

Despite knowing about the allegations for five months, the sheriff’s office says public safety has never been at risk.

“We had no evidence of wrongdoing. We had reports of suspicious incidents, with nothing to tell people to do or not to do,” said Collier County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Karie Partington.

Wednesday, one of the newest alleged victims said that she wishes someone would have warned her.

In the meantime, Collier County deputies continue looking into the claims, but the Florida ABT now says there’s not enough evidence to investigate.

The bar denies any wrongdoing.

By Adam Freeman

Blow Fish: So the Blue Martini still has made no comment and accepted no responsibility for the drugging of their customers and there have been hundreds of victims drugged by now and the Media is covering it up to protect Blue Martini and the Collier County Sheriffs Department is covering up the crimes and they aren’t even investigating them and passed the buck to the Florida ABT so the Blue Martini continues drugging good looking ladies with Roofie and drugging customers that piss them off with a Knock Out drug like they have been trained to do because they are working for the Blue Martini Mafia and that’s what their bosses Mark E Vasu and Steven Day have trained them to do so they continue drugging their customers and ignore the Press and the TV Media because they are the Mafia and if these people don’t leave us alone and stop complaining we will just kill them with Knock Out drugs and then all the citizens of Naples FL will be afraid of us because we are the Lord of the Manor and they are our Serfs and so are our employees and they have to do what we have instructed them to do and better not make any negative comments or admit to drugging anyone or we will get rid of them the same way and we are the Blue Martini Mafia and that’s how we deal with problems, we get rid of that person so everyone else knows that we will do the same to them if they give us any trouble and all the Blue Martini locations are drugging their customers and they are famous for it and then here’s what happened 4 days later so again to the NBC2 Evening News broadcast:

Latest Blue Martini allegation from 80-year-old man

COLLIER COUNTY: More than a dozen women have come forward claiming they blacked out after a night of drinks at Blue Martini at the Mercado Shopping and Entertainment Complex. The latest claim comes from an 80-year-old man who says he blacked out after just one drink.

At 80 years old, you wouldn’t think of Herb Gatewood as a target for being drugged in a bar.

“I had something put in that drink,” said Gatewood.

Gatewood says on an October trip to Blue Martini, he had one Tanqueray gin martini.

He then ordered a second, along with a sandwich. He says he never got the chance to finish either.

“I always have two martinis with my dinner. That night, for some reason or another, after one martini I blacked out,” said Gatewood.

Gatewood says the next thing he remembers is waking up in an emergency room with a blood alcohol level of .177.

“Never had a blackout before,” said Gatewood.

Gatewood also had an irregular heartbeat.

As for why he passed out, the paperwork from the hospital says the exact cause is not certain.

Blue Martini didn’t respond to a request for a comment, but said in a statement the staff is watching for anything being put in drinks and the bar is safest in the business.

The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco is reviewing all of the complaints against Blue Martini and could decide whether to launch a full investigation within a week.

Gatewood contacted the Collier Sheriff’s Office to report what happened to him.

Deputies ask other potential victims to do the same.

Blow Fish: So with all this bad publicity the Blue Martini finally released a statement that they were watching their bartenders to make sure that they aren’t drugging their customers but of course their bartenders were following the owners orders which was to drug the customers and the Sheriff’s Department still hasn’t investigated a single crime because they are afraid of the Blue Martini Mafia and the Florida ABT still hasn’t made a move to stop Blue Martini because they are afraid of what would happen if they take any action against the crimes that the Local Police are afraid to investigate and covering up because they are dealing with Organized Crime so with all that going on and all the bad publicity a dozen more people have reported being drugged which was probably more like a hundred people being drugged and then 2 days later since the last News Release an 80 year old grumpy man who doesn’t fit into their desired clientele went into the Blue Martini to order a sandwich and a cocktail and the bartender gave him a Knock Out drug with such a strong dose to get rid of him so he would never come back in and give them any trouble and he didn’t even get to finish his sandwich before he passed out because the Blue Martini Bartender gave him such a strong dose and what kind of evil person poisons an 80 year old man because they don’t want him coming back in to bother them anymore because how many times could he possibly have came back in and how much trouble can an 80 year old man cause a bartender and she must have known there was a good chance that she was going to kill the gentleman but still she drugged him and the man fell over and passed out while he was trying to eat a sandwich and hit the floor and an ambulance had to come and take him away so the Media dismisses the whole incident again by saying that he had heart trouble but it wasn’t a heart attack, he just passed out from the drug in his cocktail and like I have stated earlier these are not really drugs that the owners of Blue Martini have their drug dealers mixing they are made from solvents and solutions like paint thinner and they don’t show up in a blood test as a chemical and they move through your system really quick and wash out by the next day and this 80 year old victim had a low alcohol blood level so he wasn’t drunk at all and the Knock Out drug didn’t even show up in the Blood Test because the Blue Martini Mafia has been doing this for so long they are experts and have full-time drug dealers that do nothing else but create these drugs for them and the Blue Martini Mafia is not afraid of the Media and they have told their employees to continue drugging problem customers to get rid of them and if they die in an automobile accident or if there is any collateral damage and someone else is killed in a DUI related fatality they do not care because so no one fucks with the Blue Martini Mafia and lives to tell about it and those are the orders of the owners Mark E Vasu and Steven Day and then there was another report in the news so we go to the NBC2 Evening News in Naples FL.

Woman calls for an ambulance at Blue Martini!

A female customer thought that she was having a Heart Attack after being drugged by a bartender at Blue Martini.

The woman told her husband that she was having a heart attack.

Her husband called an ambulance and then she was carried out to the EMS vehicle in front of the Blue Martini in the Mercado.

She was examined and the examination results showed that she was not in Cardiac Arrest but that she had been served Roofie in her cocktail in Blue Martini.

Woman’s husband said he thought she was dying and so he dialed 911 because it was the only thing he knew to do.

Blue Martini has opened its own Investigation into this drugging instantaneous.

The Blue Martini has cleared their employees of any wrongdoing in this alleged drugging of their customer who thought she had been given drugs in her drink and the Blue Martini Security has closed their investigation.

Blow Fish: So the Blue Martini drugged a woman that was at the bar with her husband by putting Roofie in her drink and they do this so many times a day it’s really not a big deal only she got so high or had an allergic reaction from the Roofie that the bartender put in her drink that she thought she was having a heart attack so her husband freaked out and dialed 911 and you never know how these drugs will affect the person you give them to. One person will just get high and another person could die right there on the spot and that’s why the Blue Martini Bartenders and the Owners are all killers in my option. So the Blue Martini Security started their own investigation for the Collier County Sheriffs Department so they still haven’t investigated a single crime so Blue Martini Security questioned the employees and cleared them all of any wrongdoing. After that they must have threatened the TV Media and the Newspapers because the Press Releases that were on the Internet have been removed and are blank web pages now and I am sure the Blue Martini Mafia threatened to remove the Reporter and the News Editor if they didn’t remove the negative publicity because that’s how the Blue Martini Mafia operates which is what happened to the next story as well that appeared in the Newspaper and the TV Media.

Woman hits and kills victim after leaving Blue Martini 

Local woman was arrested on DUI Charge after leaving local Bar

She was also charged with Hit and Run when driver hit pedestrian

Woman charged with Vehicular Homicide after Victim dies

Woman states she was served drugs in her drink at Blue Martini

Defendant claiming Involuntary Intoxication as her defense

Collier County drops charges against woman

Blue Martini refuses to comment and denies any involvement in the death of the victim.

My buddy the FBI Agent interviewed the manager at Blue Martini and she stated she had not heard of anyone getting drugged at the Blue Martini in Naples FL and this woman was drugged and then left the bar and killed another person and her case was dismissed on a plea of Involuntary Intoxication which is almost impossible to prove in court unless the Blue Martini admits they drug her and they did not so Collier County had to dismiss the case so they would not have to charge Blue Martini for the responsibility in this person’s death. Then the Blue Martini Mafia leaned on the Newspapers and the TV Media to kill this story and remove it from their press releases and now you can’t find any record of this person’s death on the internet which is what the Owners of the Blue Martini Mafia does to control the people on their turf so they are never arrested or charged in a crime and I am sure there are other deaths in Naples and all over the State of Florida and Worldwide and soon in the Caribbean so someone will have to investigate this and they already have because they were on my Hit List so they were already guilty and the Owners of Blue Martini are going down for Murder.

This happens at all the Blue Martini world wide like up in Tampa FL where I have set up the Blue Martini so I took a woman from Tampa to dinner at the Capitol Grill once that owned a condo in Naples FL only she is married and if I give her name then her husband will get mad because he doesn’t like it when she sleeps with other men when he is out of town on business and he is always out of town on business so you may be about to get lucky according to her and she has the best looking Gel Boobs so she doesn’t even have to wear a bra so she doesn’t and she has an incredible figure so when I walked into the Blue Martini in Tampa FL all the woman where dancing for me so I would talk to them and there she was dancing for me so I walked over and spoke to her and she was so excited to see me her nipples got hard and she looked down at them and laughed so it was good to see you again but I do not sleep with married women and I also dated a Doctor in Tampa who also had a house near Downtown Historic Roswell Ga where I am the Mayor and I took her to the Lobster Bar in Buckhead where she devoured a Lobster like she had never had one before but in Tampa she went to an event at Happy Hour in the VIP Room at the Blue Martini in Tampa and they were serving the VIP Guest there complimentary wine so she had 2 glasses of wine and got sick and had to go home and was in bed all weekend sick and couldn’t come spend the weekend at my Beach Cottage in Old Naples but back in Tampa FL they gave drugs to a customer and he overdosed and died so here is that report from the Tampa Bay Times.

Man drugged at Blue Martini found dead in motel room

TAMPA – The overdose death of Andrew Culver might have gone unnoticed by federal investigators if not for a drug suspect who was looking to help authorities so they would go easy on him, a federal prosecutor said Monday. Brandon Erwin, the man investigators say sold Culver the cocaine and methadone that killed him, is standing trial on a federal charge of criminal responsibility for Culver’s death, as well as drug distribution charges. The case is being brought under a rarely used 1986 federal law that says a drug supplier can be charged with the death of someone who overdoses. The maximum punishment is life in prison. That law was enacted after the death of Boston Celtics draft pick Len Bias. Charges are brought under the law about once a year in the Middle District of Florida, a district that stretches from Georgia to south of Naples. The district encompasses 35 Florida counties.Erwin has pleaded not guilty. On Monday, his attorneys reserved their opening statement until before they begin presenting their case sometime next week. They wouldn’t comment on his planned defense. Assistant U.S. Attorney Lee Bentley told jurors that Erwin was the primary drug supplier in the swanky Blue Martini nightclub at International Plaza. While working part-time as a host in the club, Erwin also arranged cocaine and Ecstasy sales there, authorities allege.One of his customers, Culver, was found dead inside his room at the Marriott Renaissance Hotel, walking distance from the bar, on Nov. 29, 2005, five days after he was last seen alive, Bentley said. Blurry hotel security videos show Culver with someone who looked like Erwin the last day Culver was alive, the prosecutor told jurors. Bentley told jurors witnesses will testify that Erwin told them he was with Culver the night he died and that he sold Culver the drugs that killed him. ‘This is not a murder case,’ Bentley said. ‘No one’s suggesting Brandon Erwin held a gun to his head and made him take the drugs and feed his habit.’ And Bentley said, ‘Nobody is asking you to excuse Andrew Culver. He had a role in his own death. But what I’m going to ask you is to apply the law that Judge James Moody will give you and find this defendant guilty of distributing the drugs that caused Andrew Culver’s death.
Reporter Elaine Silvestrini
Blue Martini Drug Dealer gets 20 year sentence

TAMPA –  On Wednesday, Brandon Erwin, 30, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison, the minimum term for his conviction for criminal culpability in Culver’s drug-overdose death. Culver’s conversation with his mother, she says, was hours before he died of a drug overdose at 35, leaving behind a 5-week-old daughter and a young son.  According to evidence in Erwin’s trial, eight days after Culver was found dead, Erwin was selling ecstasy to an informant. Erwin sold the informant ecstasy and also said he could get methadone, according to the evidence. He offered a warning, however. Methadone is potent, he said. Do your research, he told the informant, Stephen Wilkinson, according to a tape of a conversation played in the trial. ‘I got my boy that,’ Erwin said. ‘My boy overdosed on the … expletive I got him.’ On Wednesday, Erwin told U.S. District Judge James Moody that hearing the evidence in his trial, ‘I sat here ashamed of the person I was and upset at the person I was.’ He said his drug-dealing days were ‘a wasted time in my life. … That life ended the day I was arrested and turned to my family and church for unconditional acceptance.’ ‘I would like to apologize,’ Erwin said, ‘to everyone who I affected by my actions, including my family.’ He said he hopes to live a positive life upon his release from prison. Culver’s mother, Celeste Rogers, said her son had a lot left to give. He was smart, funny and generous and considered Erwin one of his best friends. ‘I really miss talking to my son,’ she said. ‘My son’s life is over, and it’s really a shame because he had a lot more to do with his life. He talked to me the day he died. He told me he had an appointment with a drug counselor, a psychologist who specializes in drug treatment.’ Culver never made it to that appointment. ‘He did have an addiction to cocaine,’ Rogers said. ‘But the methadone, that was you, Brandon gave him is what killed him. It’s not right. It’s not right at all.’

Reporter Elaine Silvestrini

So this Brandon Erwin working Security at the Blue Martini in Tampa FL where he was responsible for selling drugs to the customers and he was selling Cocaine in the Bar but it was the Methodone he gave Culver that killed him when he walked back to his motel room and then overdosed and died from the drugs he had been given at the Blue Martini and who knows what other drugs they are selling in the Blue Martinis and who knows if they are drugging customers with Methadone to kill them when they piss off the Management. Brandon Erwin wasn’t convicted on Murder charges but he should have been along with the Manager and the Owners of Blue Martini so they will stop killing people with the drugs they sell in their Bars so one day they will have to stop drugging their customers and that is sooner than they think.

So I when I am in a town with a Blue Martini I always hit the Bar to see what Mark E Vasu and Steven Day are up to so I stopped in the Blue Martini at City Place in West Palm Beach and there was a birthday party in the VIP Room which was fun and then I walked out to the Bar area by the dance floor and they were having a Pimp and Whore Party there of all places and I was approached by a beautiful Haitian Prostitute and she looked back at her Pimp for an approving nod and then she started dancing with me so you might see that photo on the Where Is Wayne Ball Facebook page where I am dancing with a Black prostitute to set her and her pimp up and then I realized that everyone in the Bar was either a Pimp or a Whore and I got the hell out of there because it was too rough in there and I will never go back until they get the criminal element out of the Blue Martini in west Palm Beach FL but they never will because the owners are the ones responsible for the criminal element being in there because they are making money off the prostitution ring or they are working under their protection or a part of their criminal organization which makes the owners the criminal element behind the crime in the Blue Martini’s world wide. So the whole Bar was filled up with criminals and I don’t know why their original Blue Martini Bar in their home town where their head office is would be their smallest and the worst one that they own and why the clientele would be so rough as hell so I do not recommend Blue Martini unless you are planning to hit and kill someone later with your car and being thrown in jail for the rest of your life on a Vehicular Manslaughter charge so stay out of all their bars because the owners Mark E Vasu and Steven Day own probably over a hundred bars in Florida and in the US and soon to be in the Caribbean so watch for them expanding outside of this country so they can Launder Money worldwide and they will have trained their bartenders to drug their customers so they will do the same thing to you and they are all horrible corrupt people and do not deserve to be in any business where they have responsibility for the safety of another person’s life because they do not care if you are killed or kill someone else after a couple of drinks at Happy Hour and they are the Lord of the Manor in a Serf Society and this has got to end where they treat people like slaves and ruin their lives if they do not obey them and they instruct their slaves to hurt other people and I feel that they are responsible for hurting thousands of people and have ruined the lives of thousands of employees who thought they were being employed by a major Restaurant Franchise where they would have permanent employment and a chance of climbing the corporate ladder to a management position with financial security and now all those employees are under suspicion of Murder so these two assholes have got to go so that we can end this Serf Society that still exist in the US today so they should both be behind bars so they can never harm anyone again and you can’t say we aren’t doing that anymore or I won’t do it again because once a killer always a killer and if you are a murder you will always be just that a Murdering Killer and that’s what both of you assholes are so to the Mark Vasu and Steven Day all I have to say to you killing Mother Fuckers is Good Bye!

I have other issues with Mark Vasu and Steven Day so check back in on the Big Show tomorrow when I finish up in West Palm Beach with more crimes committed by these two assholes and one crime of Universal Proportion.

So check back in tomorrow when I will be sailing from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar looking for the Bale Maker and sailing right into Cocktail Cove and right up the asshole of the Biggest Baddest Bale Maker of all times and he will be saying please get that sailboat mast out of my assholes it hurts and then I turn it side ways and give it to him even harder this time you fucking asshole so you don’t what to miss that when his shit hits the fan and splatters all over the State of Florida right here on the Big Show and All You Gotta Do Is Put a Drink in my Hand!