Once upon a time there was a Little Italian Ape Boy and his mother called him Geno and he was the cutest little Italian Ape Boy she had ever seen and then one day he stole an apple and gave it to the Snake and told the Snake that if he ever ate the apple then he would have to pay him Two Hundred Dollars and if he didn’t pay the Two Hundred with in Twenty Four Hours then he would owe him another Ten Percent every Twenty Four Hours until the Snake paid the Little Italian Ape Boy off and then the Snake said why don’t you go fuck yourself and then the Little Italian Ape Boy beat the Snake to death with a stick and that’s how Gene Luciano started his Mafia Business by leaning on Garden Snakes up in Chicago and soon I will be in Chicago and I will be leaning on the Italian Mafia and they won’t like it all because then they will be the Snake in the grass and I will be the one with the stick beating them to death so watch for that coming up very soon and then they will put me in a deep freeze in their garage and then throw me in their trunk and then into the Chicago River in Downtown Chicago and I will turn Green and when the Irish find out that the Italians have murdered another Wasp there will be a Big Ole Gang war only this time the Italian Mafia will lose and the Wasp will win and I am kidding you because this time you are all going to lose so watch out for that coming up very soon when I take my Tiki Bar Tour up to the Motherland and all you Mother Fuckers that think you are God himself and something of a King and Royalty like Terri Lynn thinks her white trash family is royalty only that’s how you are because Royalty doesn’t sleep with their own children until they are a bunch of dumbass inbreed freaks like you assholes are so watch out for your asshole being thrown in the Penitentiary very soon and your houses go up for auction and then some crooked Jewish Dentist with more money than God comes in and tears the whole damn cheap ass house down and builds a nice mansion because you are the tackiest builders I have seen in my whole life and you don’t know how to tear down and rebuild anything you just build more shit on top of more shit until it is just a pile of bullshit and the worst smelling shit of all is your Chicago Bullshit that you call a mansion so there will be a bunch of your houses seized and torn down and hauled off to the county landfill and burned and then a good builder will come in and build a proper mansion with some taste which is something you wise guys ain’t never had so look for that in my next installment or two of the Big Show because I am not finished with you bunch of Italian Assholes that think you own the world and all that your perceive is yours so kiss your mother fucking assholes goodbye!

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch those guys won’t put up with your Blow Fish bull shit for two minutes. They will put a bullet in your Blow Fish head before you can write a Big Show about them and what the hell are we listening to is this that damn Willie Nelson song about Cowboys and Indians and Bad Guys and all that Cowboy Bullshit?

Long Arm of the Law: I am the Long Arm of the Law, Geno and I am coming for you very soon and this is my song and it is Beer for My Horses by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson and it is a sexual position and it is where the man lays on his back and the woman goes down on him and puts his balls in her mouth because those are your boys and that is called saddling up your boys and that is the song of the day and that is the sexual position of the day on this day of the Big Show and I am the expert on all the country music songs at the Country Karaoke Bar in Boca Raton which is oddly enough in an Irish Pub so you and your kind aren’t allowed in here so don’t even think about it because we will arrest you if you try and walk in the door and I met Blow Fish there and I will explain who I am later in the Big Show when we get up to Boca Raton on the Tiki Bar Tour but first we are finishing up in the Florida Keys.

Blow Fish: There she is ladies and gentlemen the Long Arm of the Law and she has a discussing sexual position for every country music song and she doesn’t know what she is talking about but she thinks she does and she thinks she is the Long Arm of the Law and something of a Secret Weapon for the FBI that they will be sending out to take you down and hang you as she cleans up the streets of all the Evil Forces which are the criminals on my Hit List so watch out because she will be back later and we will be drinking in the local saloon to celebrate you going down.

So I have lived in the Florida Keys for years and there are some criminals down here that I have had to deal with and I have sailed my Sailing Yacht from Island to Island and snorkeled the reefs and free dive and spearfish and troll for Mahi Mahi and I have drank in all the Bars and eaten in all the Restaurants and know all the marinas and the inlets and have explored the back islands in the Keys and been places that the tourist never sees and I have seen a Sun Fish swim by with a fin 4’ out of the water so it was huge and I have even seen a reddish orange dolphin swimming with a gray dolphin and I’ve even seen a 35’ Whale Shark out in the Gulf Mexico and have spent allot of time in Key West FL and I know the town like the back of my hand and there are hundreds of restaurants and bars. I moved my father down here when he retired and the first house I had was on Summerland Key so I have lived on Summerland and Big Pine and Little Torch and explored all of the bars and restaurants and found out what it is like to live here on a tropical island and of all of the Restaurants in Key West my favorite is Loui’s Backyard and it was my father’s favorite restaurant as well in Key West and my father was a well respected artist known for his black and white pencil drawings of famous bars like Sloppy Joes and Schooner Wharfs and also Pigeon Key which is the Island that the Railroad used as their headquarters in the middle of the Seven Mile Bridge up in Marathon FL in the Keys and he was President of the Art Council in the Keys and he loved living here after working all over the US as a Business Consultant. He owned in an art gallery and an art framing business on Big Pine and we enjoyed diving and fishing together here in the Keys and had a blast and we knew the owner of Loui’s and he was a great guy and he dressed similar to me when I am in my Blow Fish attire which is unusual in the Florida Keys because if you wear a shirt with a collar here then people don’t trust you because you don’t fit in when everyone else is wearing worn out T Shirts with holes in them so we would dress up for dinner and go to Loui’s Backyard and sit at the Bar out back in the backyard which has a view of the Atlantic Ocean and have a cocktail at the end of the day and watch the sunset and life doesn’t get much better than that and then eat inside and Loui’s has a beautiful little bar just inside the front door as well and if they have a special with Hog Fish or Mahi Mahi then that is what I order and it is a great restaurant and then my favorite place to stay in Key East is Casa Marina a Waldorf Astoria Resort and the building was built by Flagler who built the railroad to Key West and this was his retreat and it is a beautiful resort where Flagler and his guest would ride down on the train and then have a holiday in Key West at this fabulous Historic resort and they will spoil you so much here you won’t want to leave and I mean it. You will have a beach attendant that waits on you while you are at the pool or at the beach and he will set up your beach chairs and your umbrella and if the sun starts getting in your eyes he will run over and adjust the umbrella for you so you don’t have to lift a finger to do anything except drink your ice cold beverage and they have cocktail service from the pool and beach bar and they serve lunch there as well and at 3 o’clock they come around with free ice cream and your beach attendant will bring you over your complimentary ice cream which tastes great in the hot summer sun and when I wake up in the morning I always grab a cup of coffee and walk out on the old pier at the beach into the Atlantic Ocean and walk down the steps at the end of the pier into the turquoise water and it is like walking into a fish aquarium. There are hundreds of tiny little tropical fish like in an aquarium and it is an incredible experience and a wonderful way to start the day and so very relaxing there just to lay on the beach or around the pool all day not having to do a thing in the world but just relaxing and they finally have a decent restaurant in the remodeled resort but I haven’t eaten there so I cannot comment on the food but I am sure it is excellent and there is a beautiful bar inside by the restaurant and the resort is an excellent place to get away and relax and you won’t want to leave and go back to America as we call the mainland down here because this the Conch Republic and it’s like another world here in the Florida Keys and it feels separate from the rest of the US like you are in another country. I do eat lunch at the pool bar so I don’t have to leave the resort and drink at the pool bar and then I usually dine at Louie’s Backyard or at Michaels Restaurant where I eat out in the Garden and they have delicious food as well and I usually order the Grouper special and they have a nice bar to have a drink before you are seated at your table and a great wine list as well and I recommend both of those restaurants as the best in Key West and there are hundreds of restaurants and bars and as long as you stick to the fine dining establishments and stay off from Duval St where the bars are you can’t go too wrong and for lunch my favorite is El Siboney a Cuban Restaurant and I wouldn’t go to Key West without having lunch there and it is hard to find but all the cab drivers know where it is and all you have to do is ask for the best Cuban Restaurant in Key West and they will take you there and also for the best home cooking in the Keys which is really hard to find and also the best Key Lime pie anywhere you have got to go to Bobalu’s Southern Café and it is a drive from downtown but worth the trip and this is where the locals eat and not the Tourist Traps you find Downtown in Key West and then if you are planning a picnic or just want some of the best fried chicken and it’s great to take out on the boat with you which is what all the locals do so go to Dion’s which is a gas station and load up on some fresh hot Fried Chicken and there’s nothing better to have out on the boat if you are fishing or diving and drinking and about to starve to death and also check out Fausto’s Food Palace a gourmet grocery store and it is an amazing place and another good stop to load up for a picnic or stock up for your vacation and they have some amazing high quality produce and meats there. So those are the businesses I frequent when I am in Key West and that’s what my trip to Key West is like a relaxing tropical vacation and so moving along up the Keys and I do have a caller and go ahead caller.

Stacy with an I: Blow Fish it’s Stacy with an I and you forgot about all the good spots on Duval St like Sloppy Joes and Captain Tony’s that everyone goes to in Key West just to drink and the Garden of Eden and they have good food there now so shouldn’t you mention all those great Bars I mean that is what Key West is all about drinking and nudity and sex?

Blow Fish: Well Sloppy Joes is like going to Disneyworld with all the tourist packed in there so tight you can hardly set foot inside the door but they do have live music all day and night but you can hardly get in the place for all the tourist and Captain Tony’s which has the coldest air conditioning in town by the way and never crowded and Captain Tony was the Major of Key West so that is a good example of how the local government is run here and they also have the nastiest restroom in town and I am sure you do not want to miss that experience but I do have friends that play music in there and I always sing with the band so you might catch my Blow Fish asshole up there on stage or Hogfish Bob might catch me in there and cut me up and feed me to the sharks or just might use me as chum and then up the street is Hog’s Breath and the owner of this Bar was from my hometown and his original bar was in Ft Walton Beach down the street from Randy Gibson’s Boat House and he had great music there and we had a blast and he was a sailor and kept his sailboat behind the bar and he was a great guy and obviously the Bale Maker on Ft Walton beach and would throw a Fourth of July party every year out in the country at his house in Georgia and it was a huge Cocaine Party and he would hand out fliers advertising all the free cocaine you can snort with a big ole rock on display at the party like Drug Smugglers did back then and the Harris County Sheriff there in Georgia was either at the party or his supplier or ignored it all and the County Sheriff had an airstrip behind a little country store in a cow pasture and the country store was called the Beer Store and they sold beer 7 days a week which was illegal as hell back then unless you were the Sheriff and he would fly in his marijuana bales at his own private airport behind the Beer Store and have his drug distributors sell his Marijuana and Cocaine so he controlled all the drugs in that county and the surrounding areas but he would arrest his dealers if they sold drugs to School Children because he did not allow drugs in the Schools and that’s how things were back then. Very simple and right out in the open if you knew what was going on and the Hogs Breath Bar in Key West has some of the best live music in town and I always start here and park my Denali in the parking lot because they have good security here and do the Duval Crawl which is the pub crawl in Key West up the street from Bar to Bar and I skip all the Tourist Bars which are packed with all you drunk assholes but I do look in there and watch you making a fool out of yourselves because you people or whatever you call yourselves and I think it is a drunken tourist on vacation are funny as hell and then from there if you want to see the Best Bar Restroom in Key West which is important when you are out drinking and especially since all of the others are horrible and just nasty as hell and stink like rotten piss and need to be cleaned up so just rip them all out and throw them in a dumpster and then pressure wash the whole damn building and replace them with a sanitary restroom so don’t forget to stop and have a drink and take a piss at Kelly’s Caribbean Bar and Grill and this is a great Restaurant and Bar and I recommend it highly and then across the street is where I met Don Julio who was the GM here at the Hard Rock Cafe for years and this is a Restaurant and Bar and not a gambling Casino which is what the others are these days and Don Julio’s parents supposedly live up in Marathon and Don Julio lives in Destin FL but he has a plan to return to the Florida Keys as soon as I start slandering him here on the Big Show and he loses his job and I am kidding he has a plan to retire here and a lifelong dream of drinking himself to death here in the Florida Keys and he has a running stop clock on his cell phone to remind him when to start his retirement in the Keys so go into Cantina Laredo in Sandestin FL and ask him how long it will be until he starts his retirement in the Florida Keys because when that alarm goes off on his cell phone he will start drinking himself to death so if you see him drinking at Cantina Laredo or at AJ’s then the alarm has gone off and he forgotten to move to the Florida Keys before he started drinking himself to death so please remind him to go to the Keys and finish his drinking or he will miss his retirement and he will laugh and probably buy you free drinks and food because I always make him laugh and gives me all that shit free and so give it a try and next on the Duval Crawl is Irish Kevin’s and they have great music all day long and I have friends that play here as well and it is always fun and then the Bull and Whistle is a good bar to stop for another drink and they have Live Music there as well and for a tiny little bar it really rocks and then upstairs is the Garden of Eden and everyone goes up there because it is a clothing optional bar where there are people in there totally nude and you can go in there and look at their naughty parts proudly displayed for all to see so if you came all the way down to a tropical island spending thousands of dollars to see some old man’s dong or his old ladies sagging boobs then this is your place to be but not mine because it’s not worth the walk upstairs to me but you knock yourself out.

Stacy with an I: Well I went all the way to Key West to go to the Garden of Eden and went in there with a date and I pointed out to him that there was a naked guy standing there with a huge dick hanging out and he got offended looking at this guy’s dong hanging down and he said “Thanks allot for that” and that pissed me off and I just couldn’t wait to get away from him and go back to the motel room and masturbate.

Terri Lynn: When I go on vacation I want to have non-stop sex from the minute we get to the resort until the time we leave and only take breaks to drink cheap wine and vacations are not about masturbating by yourself when you have a date woman, what is wrong with you I guess you are not like me because I am not happy if I do not have a dick in me and my Lesbo Girlfriend Lauren has to strap one on and hump me or I will go insane and you know I will.

Blow Fish: I have heard both of those stories before and it didn’t sound any better this time either and if that is what you want to do on your vacation then more power to you but when I go on a romantic tropical vacation with a date the last thing I want to see would be some guy’s dong and I would rather have sex with my date instead of standing around staring at some old woman’s saggy boobs at the Garden of Eden and then running back to the room to masturbate by myself so you and I are not alike and I am looking for a totally different experience on vacation than you and most of you Hillbilly Rednecks from Destin FL that are looking for a Heathenistic experience but it is not for me.

Stacy with an I: Then you must have a problem with sex and some kind of a sexual hang up if you don’t like public nudity and do not like Heathenistic vacations because we all do and that’s just a part of travel today and a big part of being on vacation.

Blow Fish: I beg to differ, I do not have a problem with sex and everyone in the world is not comfortable walking around in public naked and I am not comfortable walking around looking at the people that are nudist because I have found from my experience that those people are not attractive at all and they are just exhibitionist. They just want to get your reaction to them standing there nude and I know for a fact that those nude people in the Garden of Eden are paid to be there so the tourist have someone naked to look at when they climb all those steps to get up there and so they are just there because they are the entertainment and they have been paid to stand there naked and perform and act like they are enjoying themselves in the bar and everyone else is a tourist who are buying that and drinks and that is not for me. They are not attractive people so go there if that’s all you want and just leave me out of it and there’s also Swingers Bars and the Gay version right up the street so you can go in there and see naked Faggots and watch them have sex so where do you draw the line? There are lots of Heathenistic Sex Bars in Key West so if that is what you are looking for then this is the place for you but it’s not for me. I come here for the fishing and the diving and good restaurants and food and the sunsets and to be on a tropical island which is what this is but not for perverted sex.

Faggot Paul: What’s this about a Gay Bar with Heathenistic Sex and public nudity? What’s wrong with that?

Blow Fish: Nothing just leave me out of it and if you don’t want to see it then walk as fast as you can thru the Gay District because the whole place is disgusting as hell and I just get thru there as fast as I can.

Faggot Paul: Then why don’t you tell us where it is so we can find it?

Blow Fish: Gay Sex is in Key West in the Gay District and it isn’t illegal to have live sex shows there in public and public nudity is legal and if it wasn’t the Police would shut them down so I am staying out of it and it is illegal so all those places are going down and you are all ruining the most beautiful tropical island in the United States so you are all going to jail so Good Bye to all of you perverts.

Faggot Paul: Hang on there, I just heard about it and I haven’t had a chance to go there with my Evil Lesbo Whores office staff from work so let me check it out first.

Blow Fish: OK Faggot Paul I will wait until you get in there to arrest everyone inside the bar so just get in there and then you can explain why you were there to your clients Real Estate Agent Jim Peacock so take that and shove it up your ass so hard that you think you have been fucked by a dick as big as a pine tree and as hard as a telephone pole as you always describe yourself and Good Bye Faggot Paul.

Jim Peacock: You better change my name before my clients see it and it ruins my Real Estate business and I sue you for slander.

Blow Fish: Well first you will have to find my Blow Fish asshole and you can’t and then you would have to call your attorney up from jail because that’s where you will be by the time you read this and we don’t need businessmen like you in Florida so wherever you came from go back there and take those Evil Lesbo Whores with you and I would say it is Detroit and so who the hell needs a Motor City Mama that’s rough as hell and an Evil Lesbo Whore in Florida anyway so where ever you came from go live there when you get out of jail and leave Florida alone and try to earn a living back in Detroit and start a Gay Sex Orgy Group up there where you belong because you are the one that’s a Gay Real Estate Broker and that’s your own fault.

So on my Duval Crawl I skip the perverted shit and the Gay district and always try to avoid a conversation with Faggot Paul on the topic of sex or Real Estate and would suggest that you do the same and from there my next stop is…

Jim Peacock: I want my name changed back so my customers don’t read this and find out that I am a Gay Faggot and then I can only sell to Gay customers so please change my caller id back to my sex name which is Faggot Paul.

Blow Fish: As I was saying if you need a Gay Real Estate Broker that has a Gay sex name and he uses that when he goes out drinking and drugging and having sex in his Gay Orgy Party Group then I would recommend you talking to Jim Peacock but if you are like my Gay friends I think you will find him totally unacceptable to have a conversation with because he is an arrogant alcoholic asshole so when you find that Jim Peacock has come out of the closet and is now specializing in Gay Real Estate, I recommend that you don’t do any business with him because he is just an Arrogant Alcoholic Realtor and I know you don’t like assholes anymore than I do so why would you do business with an asshole like him even if he is a Gay Faggot.
Jim Peacock: That’s not any better so change my caller id before I call the Police.

Blow Fish: According to my Intel you have already called the police so file a law suit against me and serve me and then try and find my Blow Fish asshole because Gene Luciano will find me first and then I will be deader than shit so dig my asshole up in the County Landfill and drag my corpse into court and sue the hell out of it because I will be long gone so do that and stop all your Faggot Hissy Fits and find somewhere else to live or move to like Key West and open a Gay Faggot Orgy Bar which is where your heart is so thrown yourself into that business and that would be a lovely retirement business for a big ole fag like you which is what most Gay Faggots do in Key West so until then Good Bye!

Once again I try to avoid Faggot Paul and the Gay District and the perverted shit down in Key West FL but there is an organization there called the Big Ole Fag Gang and the Head of the Gang referred to himself as a Big Ole Fag one time and so I call him that as well and a friend of mine that knows the guy suggested that he is also into S & M because he was carrying a suitcase that I assumed was luggage but I was told that he had all his shit in there as they say so he is into Gay S & M and you can find that in Key West as well and he is the owner of the La Dee Da Restaurant which is his headquarters for the Key West Gay Mafia and if that doesn’t sound gay then I don’t know what does and it’s a great Restaurant but not on my recommended list but we had a drink there after a Fantasy Fest Parade one year and I mean after we were on a float in the Fantasy Fest Parade and the parade was over and everyone in town disappeared somewhere back down Duval Street where they were still at it after 7 days of drinking non-stop and we were up at the other end of the street so we had a drink after working all week and attending all the Fantasy Fest parties. La Dee Da is a great place but it is a Gay Restaurant and I don’t frequent those establishments but the owner this guy I call the Big Ole Fag is Head of the Key West Gay Mafia and they are going down because they are just a perverted version of what Gene Luciano does only I consider Geno a pervert with his Kiddie Porn Business so that makes the Key West Mafia the Gay Faggot version of the Mafia and they are going down so watch for that coming up when CNN shows the Key West Mafia going to jail so Good Bye!

So my next stop on this my Duval Crawl where I am crawling up Duval Street from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar which reminds me watch out for the Pedi Cabs in Key West because they are all run by the Russian Mafia and they love to talk and charge by the minute and they look cheaper than a real cab but they cost more and they will stop peddling if you ask them a question and then a $10 cab fare turns into a $80 Pedi Cab fare so watch out for that scam and the Russians and other East Europeans get shipped here by the Russian Mafia and they are into everything from pickpocketing tourist to prostitution so watch your wallet and your credit card and someone needs to clean that crime up and soon they will so don’t be surprised if Key West builds a bigger prison somewhere up island and they will because they make a fortune with the Jail System here and they have small jails all over the Keys and so I will set them up soon so listen for that because they are corrupt as hell and the prison guards make so much money in Monroe County they come from all over the US to work here and they work 80 hours a week and just sleep in the Jail before they go home to Miami or where ever they live and they make $90K a year and the jails are so full and busy here and the county can’t get locals to work so they have to import jail guards from other cities where they only make $30K a year.

So once again my next stop is the Wine O Bar which is a great Wine Bar and a full liquor Bar and then most people miss the Roof Bar at the La Concha which is a Hotel on Duval so you take the elevator to the roof and walk into the bar and they have a view of the whole island from the tallest hotel building in the middle of the island on Duval Street.

Next is Margaritaville and if you have never had a cheeseburger in paradise you won’t find one here because it is a franchise restaurant and not a gourmet burger restaurant just a tourist trap but if you worship Jimmy Buffet then stop in there and pay tribute to him and make him 50 cent richer and buy a T-Shirt but Jimmy Buffet doesn’t even go in there or listen to his own music and goes to Blue Heaven where my buddy Kenny Chesney loves the cornbread but it is a big ole tourist trap and I don’t like to wait for hours and deal with the tourist crowds so I go to Bobalu’s for some really great home cooking and I do mean great and the best Key Lime Pie you have ever had and all their pies are incredible and they have about a dozen fresh vegetables to choose from and fresh vegetables are impossible to find in the Keys so check them out instead.

By now you need to eat sometime so for a good Italian meal check out the La Trattoria Restaurant where the food is excellent and the atmosphere is awesome and then after eating there is a bar behind the restaurant and it’s a Jazz Club where the locals Disco or Latin Dance and you do not want to miss that it’s quite a show and it is called Virgilio’s and Thursday night is Latin Night and that’s when the professional dancers as they consider themselves come in there and try to show me up so don’t miss that when my Blow Fish assholes takes to the dance floor on Thursday nights at Virgilio’s when I actually wear shoes in the Keys and dance but only this one time because this is strictly a Flip Flop Nation here in the Conch Republic of the Florida Keys.

For the best Italian food and one of the best Restaurants in the Florida Keys I always eat back down Duval at Antonia’s Italian Restaurant and it is beautiful at Christmas with the entire restaurant decorated for the holidays so please don’t miss out on one of the best Italian Restaurant in the Southeast and defiantly in the Keys.

Then take a walk a block off from Duval to the Purple Parrot where the locals drink and take in the local flavor and they drink here 24 hours a day 365 days a year and this is a good place to catch the Keys disease so watch your step in there.

So if you catch the Keys disease there is an Alcoholics Anonymous 4 blocks down where you can share your drinking experience in an outdoor setting under a coconut plam tree with Key West chickens running all over the place so don’t forget to step in there for a sobering experience because the meetings are huge because the Keys disease is an epidemic here.

Then back over on Duval St there is Cowboy Bills Honky Tonk Saloon where they have topless bull riding so you will not want to miss that if you are into topless bull riding because that is a Tropical Island sport if ever there was one so get in there and ride the bull and shake those titties for me.

Next on the Duval Crawl are all the Gay Bars and I am not giving them a review or describing them for you and will say walk fast thru this part of town because it is seedy and nasty as hell because the Gay Keys disease is even worse that the straight version and then after that there is the Little Room Jazz Club where they have live jazz and also if you like wine then check out the Grand Vin Wine Bar for a fine glass of wine in a quiet and quaint setting and that concludes my Duval Crawl.

Going north from Key West to Cudjoe Key there is a giant blimp flying over the island called Fat Albert and the talk in the Bars is that this was used to listen to conversations in Cuba to watch the Communist Party and see if they are planning an attack on the US only I have a friend that works at the Plimp Base and I have the real scoop and they actually have 2 blimps. One that goes up during the day which broadcast US TV stations to Cuba with anti-communist propaganda and then another one that goes up at night that is used for drug smuggling surveillance from Tampa all the way down through all of the Caribbean Islands so the DEA can watch Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson and there are rumors and everyone has their own option of what they are really doing out at the Blimp Base on Cudjoe Key. Randy Gibson in his confession of his drug smuggling experience was quite upset that the US Government was trying to ruin the drug smugglers’ income and their ability to support their families by watching and arresting drug smugglers in the Florida Keys and he doesn’t like the DEA and from what I am hearing they don’t like you either cousin and he told me about a secret weapon that the DEA has in the Lower Keys to catch the smugglers when they go out to pick up their marijuana bales at night and so when we were having our drug smuggling pissing contest where he would say he smuggled 184.14 tons of marijuana into the US and then I would share my experience of what other drug smugglers had been doing and then he said that the DEA is using a submarine or a boat to catch us smuggling bales in thru the Florida Keys and no one really knows what it looks like and I explained to him that they used a black motorboat for years that had a huge night vision lens so they could sit offshore and watch as the smugglers would come out to pick up their bales and now that boat has been replaced by a new state of the art Black Motor Catamaran and it was getting fuel one day beside my boat down on Stock Island which is part of the City of Key West as the locals know and it looks like a stealth go fast power catamaran and scary as hell if you are a drug smuggler where you can’t see it at all at night and I have seen these stealth boats in the Gulf of Mexico at night and you could run right into them they are so invisible and they flash lights over the side of the boat which makes them look like a silver foil birthday balloon at night which is eerie looking as hell at night and everything is eerie looking as hell out on the ocean at night anyway with Blimps flying above all the freighters that could be any color and could have any variety of lights flashing across them way up in the sky and if you get too close to these stealth boats they flash this weird light all over the side of the boat so that you don’t hit them and they just sit there and watch as the drug smugglers go out to get their bales after the plane drops the bales offshore and text the location to each drug smuggler so they know where their bale is and some bales have a kilo of cocaine inside the bale so this is the new method used today to smuggle marijuana into Florida and not in submarines like Randy Liar Gibson said they were using these days and those were death traps and a bunch of Columbians and Mexicans died in them trying to smuggle pot into the US years ago.

Randy Gibson was quite upset about a piece of artwork I had in my Beach House in Destin FL and if you don’t know what I am talking about then you need to read back to Day One and catch up because I do not have time to repeat myself and I will not repeat myself so read back to Day One of the Big Show and catch up or you are going to miss something like down on Stock Island at the Hogfish Bar and Grill where that drug smuggler and Synthetic Cocaine manufacturer Hogfish Bob runs his drug distribution out of the Bar, there is an artist there called Monkey Tom and someone brought a monkey to Key West and it got loose and the only person that the monkey would come to was Monkey Tom so now he is known as Monkey Tom and he is an artist and he is just about blind and wears a pair of glasses that look like binoculars to do his artwork but still rides a bike on the streets of Stock Island drunk as hell so watch out for drunk bicyclist in the Keys and the police certainly do and there are as many BUIs as DUIs and it is a huge deal when they arrest a homeless person for a BUI and then they have to dry out in the Monroe County Jail for 30 days and then they are back at it again with a vengeance because they have to make up for lost time and so Monkey Tom walks into the Hogfish Bar and Grill everyday around the beginning of Happy Hour when the draft beer cost like fifty cents and the appetizers are half price so it’s cheaper to drink earlier than if you wait for the sun to go down so he walks in everyday with a new work of art which is a painting on a piece of wood that he has found laying around on the ground in the junkyard he lives in and I have been to his home and it is an 8’ travel trailer in the middle of a junk yard and this is called the Keys disease and that’s what you get when you have drank yourself to death in your hometown up north and then you retire to the Keys to continue drinking yourself to death full time and it is a horrible disease and the women are nasty as hell and you don’t loose a girlfriend in the Florida Key you just loose your turn so they say that after you screw her you just say “Next” and step aside because that’s what life is like here and so Monkey Tom walks into the Hogfish Bar and Grill every afternoon with a work of art that he charges 10 to 20 Dollars for and that is how he survives here and he painted a large piece for the owner of the Hogfish Bar and Grill and it is huge for one of his works and this is the art that pissed off Randy Gibson at my Beach House in Destin FL and I think the owner of the Hogfish Bar and Grill commissioned Monkey Tom to create this piece of art for him and so I did the same thing and it is on a large piece of wood and it took Monkey Tom a month to scavenge around to find a large enough piece of wood and it was a wooden hatch cover or something off a boat and he bordered the slab of wood with a thick yellow rope from a shrimp boat or something and it looked great. He did a wonderful job and then the painting is of a full moon night with the moonlight glistening off the water and the shrimp boats leaving Stock Island which is actually a part of the City of Key West for those of you that don’t know and they are going out to pick up their bales in the moonlight and by the way the first time I found this marina which is Safe Harbor Marina where I keep my Sailing Yacht when I am in Key West unless I am just stopping for a few days to party and refuel and then I stay at the Galleon Resort which is down near the Schooner Wharf Bar which is a great local bar and the Galleon is a first class Marina Resort with Granite on the floors, walls and countertops in the Marina bathroom and showers with a great pool and Bar and just a few blocks from the beginning of my Duval Crawl but the Hogfish Bar and Grill is located in the Safe Harbor Marina where the old wooden shrimp boats were docked and the building that Hogfish Bar and Grill is now in was the old wood shop where they built the boats and on my first trip there it was amazing to see those old antique woodworking machines and like going back in time and so in this piece of artwork the shrimp boats are picking up the bales and at the same time there is a submarine out there in the moon light with DEA written on the side of it in bold letters with a mechanical arm also picking up the bales before the shrimp boat can get to them and I paid Monkey Tom One Hundred Dollars for this piece of art and Monkey Tom gave me a big ole hug and he was a friend of my father’s and my father told me to buy a Monkey Tom which is what they call his artwork and I did and Monkey Tom probably lived for a whole month on that Hundred Dollars because he has only done two large pieces that I know of and there are thousands of his small pieces and some people have as many as twenty or thirty of them so he can have money to eat each day and so Randy Gibson was offended by the art just because of the word DEA and told me I needed to get rid of it before a cop came to the door and got pissed off by seeing the word DEA on this art and arrested me and drug smugglers are so paranoid but also stupid because I said Randy I have had a DEA agent cut out lines at my parties in my house and I have friends that are DEA agents and he didn’t get it at all and was so upset by seeing the word DEA on this piece of art that I thought was just a great part of the history of the Florida Keys but to him the Keys are all about smuggling drugs and not about tropical islands where you go to fish and snorkel and watch a beautiful sunset with family and friends. It’s all about working and making money and committing crimes and being there in the criminal element which is another side of the Keys and so as we look at what the Keys are like to the criminals that work here you will see what I mean and so when the DEA walked into the Hogfish Bar and Grill to eat lunch and sat down and saw this artwork with their name on the submarine with a mechanical arm picking up bales in the full moonlight they were not pleased with the way they were represented fighting their war on drugs and asked the owner of the Hogfish Bar and Grill to take the art down so as a compromise the owner took another Monkey Tom piece of artwork that is a tiny little piece of wood and hung it over the word DEA and that seemed to satisfy everyone involved and so get in there and see the art before it is gone. It hangs right there behind the band where they play on stage so you can’t miss it but you better hurry up before the whole Bar and Restaurant is shut down because it’s Hogfish Bob’s Center for his Drug Distribution in the Florida Keys and where he stashes his shit which is code for his bales of pot out in the semi trailer across the street from the Bar.

There is a charter boat in the Safety Harbor Marina at Hogfish Bar and Grill and if you fly into town on a Friday afternoon then you can party at the Hogfish Bar and Grill starting at Happy Hour and eat some great food and hear some great music and watch real Pirates at the Bar drinking themselves to death while they are high on Synthetic Cocaine and then you can walk out to the Yankee Capts Charter boat and sleep it off and the next morning you will wake up in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean out past Ft Jefferson where the commercial fishing boats don’t go anymore and the fish out there are twice the size they normally are and the fishing is incredible and you can fish from Saturday morning until the boat returns to the marina on Sunday afternoon and then you can ship your catch home or have them cook it up at the Hogfish Bar and Grill and it is the best fishing trip I have ever heard of and their customers keep coming back year after year and I recommend it highly so if you love to fish check that out for your next fishing trip.

There are specials on certain days at the different Restaurants and Bars in the Keys so one day they will be dead and if you hit the right day then they are packed and have live entertainment and food specials so you have to know where to go each day like Thursday morning is when the cruise ship hits town so you have to avoid Key West because there are tourist walking around in a huge hurry to spend twenty dollars somewhere so do not get in their way or they will run you over because they are in a really big hurry and they don’t know where they are going but they are hauling ass to get there and you can’t even drive downtown because they are walking in the streets in a such a hurry to spend that twenty dollars and get back to the cruise ship for dinner just after sundown and then it’s safe to go back downtown and then on Sunday there is a barbecue party up at Geiger Key.

So go north from the Hogfish Bar and Grill if you want great barbecue and some great live Blues then stop at Geiger Key Marina on a Sunday afternoon and evening and the food is great and the music is excellent and it is hard to find but worth the search and this is a locals spot as well and you can get there by boat.

Then there is a restaurant in the Lower Keys on Upper Sugarloaf Key that is a local favorite called Mango Mama’s and they have a Sunday Brunch and a great dinner menu and the keys are full of Italians and there are allot of Italian families here that have been living here for generations and they moved here for the commercial fishing and so the food here is Caribbean Island Style with a few Italian dishes mixed in like at all the restaurants in the Keys and they have a great Sunday Brunch and you can eat outside on the patio and listen to live music and you just might catch my Blow Fish asshole up their singing with the local entertainment because I know everyone here that plays out as they call it here in the Keys and this is a great laid back spot to stop for a meal and a great area for a family vacation where you can bring your own boat or rent a boat and a house on a canal and go out and dive and fish for Mahi Mahi or Tuna all day and eat here at the end of the day and as long as you stay out of the Bars late at night, life is great here.

The only problem is there is nothing here but Bars and you can’t just run down to Starbucks for a quick coffee and meet a friend you have to meet at a bar and the bars are like City Hall on the island where you live which is what Harbor Docks is called in Destin FL where Ms Jackie is called the Mayor because Charles Morgan is always in his Gay relationship in Atlanta GA and has left her in charge and things aren’t much different here for example the next restaurant is called the Square Grouper and now they have opened a Tapas Lounge upstairs and it is called the New Joint and so I have never eaten at either but I guess they got their money to open the restaurant by selling Square Groupers and everyone here has gotten their start by selling Square Groupers here including the restaurant owners and real estate developers because that was the major income producer here for years back when there was a building boom in the Keys and the State of Florida had to put a moratorium on development and building permits to stop the development of waterfront property or the whole Florida Keys would have been one huge canal waterfront community so they stopped home building for a while and now you will find abandon canal communities that might have one house or two and the state has taken back the other lots by not allowing any new building and then the property taxes keep building up until the State of Florida owns the vacant lots again and the State of Florida has decided that they like Key Deer more than people and so they have told Collier County to put a Million Dollar price tag on a Key Deer and if you hit one with a car they lock you up like you killed a person but they like Key Deer allot more than people here so if you kill a person that’s ok just don’t kill a Key Deer and they are short little shits like Martin Levin and just tall enough to eat half the bananas off a banana tree in your yard and then leave the top half of the bunch of bananas and they eat all your blooming plants so all the houses have fences around them and if you forget to close your gate then they come in at night and eat all your plants. So in the Lower Keys they value Key Deer more than they do people and if your house burns down or a hurricane destroys it then you can’t rebuild it and they will just give it to a Key Deer to live in and you have to go live somewhere else and there aren’t that many Key Deer here anyway and when they start to get over populated they trap one and take it to another Key and release it and then it swims back homes and so they spend Millions a year here on the Key Deer and I guess one day there will be a hundred Key Deer here and no people and then Monroe County won’t have any Property Tax income and this is one of the most expensive places to live in the US second to California and so Monroe County will go broke without the revenue from the property tax and then they will be bankrupt because you can’t tax Key Deer and the State of Florida doesn’t care because these damn little deer are more important than people.

Next is one of the oldest Tiki Bars in the Keys and this is an old school Florida Keys dive vacation destination where you drive down and check into a motel and get up the next morning and dive all day on a charter boat and come back in and party all night at the resort Tiki Bar and this was a hopping spot back in the day when there was no competition and I should know and it’s the Looe Key Reef Resort Bar and Grill and it is a real Tiki Hut built by the Seminole Indians and you couldn’t have a bar back then if you didn’t go out and smuggle a bunch of bales and then sell them and hire the Seminole Indians to build your Tiki Bar and this is the area that brought me to Keys and this was my favorite Tiki Bar and it has a Bar and Grill and Live Music and even a pool and the lifestyle here seemed so relaxed and carefree and my first house here was on the next Island which is Summerland Key and Jimmy Carter would come and vacation in the house across the street and there would be Secret Service Agents walking around all in the street in the front of the house and one time when I flew out of the Ft Lauderdale airport they followed us all the way up there and then there were Secrete Service Agents all in the airport and the guy that developed the community I lived in which is all of Summerland Key on the Oceanside which is the better side of all the islands was a drug smuggler and he cut the canals and sold off the lots and the canals are flow thru canals which means that the water from the Atlantic Ocean flows thru the canals so the water is crystal clear and clean and you can see fish swim thru and sometimes even dolphin swim in the canals and you can see lobster right there in the canal under your dock and you can swim and snorkel in the canals and people get on tubes and start at one end and float through the canals all day long with their coolers full of beer and have a great time without ever leaving the community and so the houses across the canal from me are all built around an airstrip which is in the center where a small plane can land and most of the houses have airplane hangers on the first floor where you fly in and land your plane and then taxi over and park under your house and close the hanger door and unload the marijuana bales so the drug dealers would fly loads of bales in from South America and park the plane under the house and then close the door and no one knew what was in the house or cared because they were all criminals and they built Tiki Bars and partied and made millions and developed waterfront canal communities and built houses and they are all still there dying off of old age but this one neighbor of mine didn’t look like he belonged in the Keys and certainly not a local and he lived across the canal from me on Summerland Key and I had noticed this guy coming home from work and most people here don’t really work so that seems odd and then he had a cheap ass John Boat in the canal behind his house and everyone in the Keys has a beautiful fishing boat or a sailboat or both and we would take the boat out on the weekends and find a patch of sand somewhere to anchor and explore the back islands and everyone would meet somewhere and just stand in waste deep water and drink all day and eat Fried Chicken from Dion’s which is excellent when you have been drinking beer and swimming all day and listen to music and let the dogs run wild on the shore and harass the tourist and I have had tourist scream at me to get my dog off this one island where we would hang out every other day at sunset and it was called Picnic Island and it was nasty as hell up on the island for some reason so I guess the tourist thought that was where you would go to have a picnic so they would walk up on the island and there would be all these crazy as hell wet dogs running around and then they would start screaming call your dog and we would just scream back no because that’s where the dogs would play and it was too nasty for people and so they finally changed the name of the island to Dog Island so the tourist don’t get confused and try to have a picnic there and now they can’t complain anymore so stop bitching about dogs being on Dog Island and eat your picnic on your boats and just do what you see the locals do and stop being so high maintenance and then we would watch the sunset or if we were back on the Gulf side of the Keys where all the water is 4 feet deep and then the tide would start going out and you would have to hurry to get back before the water got too shallow and in the Keys you learn to drive a boat in water 2 feet deep or less and it is a hair-raising experience and you just haul ass and hope you don’t hit a rock.

I also lived on Little Torch Key near Little Palm Island where they have a Christmas Brunch only it doesn’t include meat on the buffet but it does include all the free French Champagne you can drink because a French Champagne company owns the resort and you have to pay extra if you want meat and they offer an egg and a very small piece of Mahi Mahi or one Scallop and these portions for $25. each and then your bill runs up into the hundreds of dollars and you still didn’t get enough to eat but you do get enough French Champagne and they really should add meat to the Buffet so that their customers have a decent meal and not have to fill up on the $85 salad bar and they could give a shit that the locals eat there because they do not but it is a beautiful place and I spent one Christmas here on my Sailing Yacht with that Hitwoman Marla and I do not recommend her at all but I do recommend Little Palm Island because it is the most beautiful spot in the Florida Keys and we would spend our Sunday’s out here and every other day we would watch the sunset from here and then go home and cook fresh Lobster or Hogfish or Blackened Mahi Mahi and then the next night we would eat down in Key West and life was great here and so laid back but this guy across the canal lives alone and doesn’t seem to know anyone and goes for a ride in a little John boat and he just doesn’t seem to fit in so I ran into him at Coconuts Bar up on Big Pine where the drug smugglers come out of the woods at night and into Coconuts Bar and it is the strangest place you have ever seen and I do not recommend it at all and I will tell you why but I ran into this guy that lived behind me and he was alone so I started talking to him so he told me his story and he had been a drug smuggler back when there was allot of marijuana passing thru the Florida Keys and he told me he would fly bales into the Florida Keys and land on Summerland Key and he would store them in his house only he didn’t have a hanger but the whole first floor of the house is like an unfinished basement and the living area is on the second floor and they would unload the bales and store them in the first floor of his house and the downstairs was probably 1600 square feet and 10 feet high and he said the whole basement would get completely filled from floor to the ceiling with bales which is about two tons of marijuana at one time and he said the smell was so unbelievable that you could smell it from the street and then he would smuggle them north to New Jersey where he was from and he got busted up there for distribution of marijuana and not for smuggling and he was married and all his property was seized and sold at auction and there are going to be allot of auctions coming up in the near future and so he lost everything he had and his wife divorced him and he went to jail for 10 years and the only person that knew that he even owned the house in the Florida Keys was his attorney so the government didn’t seize it so no one ever knew he was smuggling pot in the Florida Keys for all those years or did they and of course they did, they just didn’t care in Monroe County because that was what everyone did for a living and how they supported their families and paid their taxes and bought land and developed real estate and built houses and so the Monroe County Sheriff Department just ignored it and so this drug smuggler got out of prison and then was on Parole and had to get a minimum wage job and report to a Parole Officer and pass a drug test and work at a job and he was living all alone in his house on Summerland Key where he was trying to stay out of trouble and he had never been on a boat in his life or owner a boat in the Keys or fished or went diving so he had bought a John Boat as his first boat so he could learn how to handle a motor boat and he was trying to learn to fish and live in the Keys because he had always just smuggled drugs thru the Keys and had never enjoyed the islands and the laid back lifestyle and had only used his house in his drug smuggling operation and he was crazy as hell and mean as hell and was not laid back at all and he was snorting cocaine the night I met him and he was just a retired drug smuggling criminal who had spent most of his adult life in prison and that is who he was and he didn’t fit in and I am sure he didn’t make it there at all but guys like that come out of the woods at night and go to Coconuts Bar and they are paranoid just like him and they live so far back in the woods where all the land is covered by pine trees and these are short little pine trees and the Key deer are short and so all of Big Pine Key is covered with Pine Trees and you can’t see their houses from the road and they live like hermits completely isolated from any contact with humans because they don’t trust anyone and then they walk up to Coconuts at night and the Bartender sells the drugs in the bathroom and all the drug dealers are in the bar and they smoke pot in the parking lot and snort cocaine in the bathrooms and it’s rough as hell and it is so rough that the owners of the Bar are afraid to go in there after dark and so anything goes inside this bar after dark without the owner watching the business to make sure it’s not a Mafia Bar because there is no one there working security or a bouncer just a Bartender who is a drug dealer and everyone on the Island that goes to this bar is drug dealer and they are open late and can stay open all night and it’s a pool hall as well and so everyone goes there after dark and they get high in the bar all night long and that is what life is like on Big Pine Key and the Lower Keys if you go to the Bars after dark.

The next Tiki bar on this my Tiki Bar Tour is called the City Hall of the Lower Keys but the sign out front says Boondocks and it’s on Ramrod Key and so the owners are the Florida Keys Mafia these days and they got their start in drug smuggling like everyone else and then bought a cheap piece of land and built a Tiki Bar and then a Restaurant and they have good food and serve cold beer and have live music and they added Miniature Golf so it looks like a Family Restaurant and Bar and the local police come out for their benefit parties when someone dies or retires or gets a fatal disease and needs help from the community just like they do everywhere else but the only difference here is this isn’t a church sponsored or local government sponsored event this is a Mafia sponsored event so they can give back to the community and everyone including all the Police treat them like they are just good people just like all the good people that attend the event who are not their usual customers meanwhile they keep laundering money here from running prostitution and drugs and extortion and setting up the locals and taking all their shit which is why I am here and where my story begins in the Florida Keys.

So when you are a kid in the Florida Keys you go to school and you hopefully graduate but it doesn’t matter and somewhere along the line and it is probably in high school you start selling drugs to the kids in high school and you become something of a drug mule in other words you learn where to go pick up the drugs from the drug distributor who works for the drug smuggler and then you learn how to deliver them and you get to keep some of the drugs and then you learn how to sell those drugs and then go back and get some more drugs to sell and so forth and so on until you get your own clientele that buys from you weekly or every other day here in the Keys and everything is going fine and you are making money and think you are protected by the person you are buying from and then the Monroe County Sheriff Department needs to arrest someone so it looks like they are working so you get caught up in a sting and you go to jail for a year and a day unless you tamper with the investigation and then you do another month in jail and not Four Years and so that’s how you grow up in the Keys and your father probably got busted for a few hundred pounds back in the day and went off to prison for five years and so everyone in the Keys gets to go to jail because everyone gets a turn and this was all explained to me by a police informant that thought he was an undercover narcotics agent and he had a girlfriend from Omaha or somewhere that moved to the Keys and he got her to move in with me because I had an extra bedroom so he could set me up by somehow getting this girl to move into my house and she tried to party her way into the house or fuck her way into the house and then she finally tried crying her way into the house because he was so mean and abusive to her because she was living with this asshole and so I let her in my house to live free in my guest bedroom for a while and that is how they were planning to set me up but I won’t have sex with her because she was too nasty but she would bring some good looking girls home with her to set me up with that she knew from Key West and they seemed nice and then she met a drug dealer and spent all her time with him and I had a girlfriend living next door that was jealous as hell and another couple of girlfriends and was also dating my neighbor’s son’s fiancé which made her kind of like a daughter in law and my neighbor was always trying to catch her coming and going from my house so my girlfriend neighbor was spying on me so there was allot going on around the house with all these woman coming and going partying all night long and then answering all their questions about the other women and I was busy as hell partying with all these woman and running my business and I had a great business going and this drug informant that considered himself to be an undercover narcotics agent but he was really just a Conartist Narc wanted to start running Boy Scout sailing trips which paid about 75K per year if he had a boat and he could also smuggle dope into the Keys in the off season and make a fortune doing that so he was probably making 20K a year and then another 10K being a Narc or and an informant and this is how that works in the Keys and I know how the money changes hands and these Narcs almost seem to be doing this full time so they have to get paid enough doing it to support themselves. So this Narc needed a sailboat bad because he was poor as hell and drove an old pickup truck with a lawnmower in the back and that was his cover only he never cut grass and so he needed a sailboat and I found the exact boat that is required by the Boy Scouts of America Sea Base which was a 41’ Morgan Center Cockpit sailboat and this is what all the captains that are running the sail charters have and they only run the charters in the summer for 3 months and I think they make around $75K per year doing that and that’s allot of money for a Narc driving a old rusty pickup truck that’s too lazy to cut grass for a living so I went to Taco Night on a Tuesday night at this Restaurant and Bar up on Big Pine Key where this girl worked that was working her way into my house so she could set me up so I walked into the Bar and sat down beside this Narc at the Bar and pulled out my cell phone and showed this guy a photo of my new sailboat on my cell phone and said “Look what I just Bought.” And his mouth dropped wide open and he said do you know how much money you can make running Boy Scout trips on that boat in the summer and then told me how much it paid per week and I said I couldn’t afford to do that I make that much per day and have a business to run and couldn’t commit myself to doing that for that kind of money and then he took it from there and he did all the rest and he worked to set me up with all the little drug dealers who started being my best friends so they could set me up and then he set up my neighbor’s daughter in law with a cocaine charge and honestly these girls who were doing coke needed to go straight to rehab because they got so skinny from doing cocaine they looked like they were going to die of starvation and so he had this girl move in with me and he set up my next door neighbor’s daughter in law and then told my neighbor to bring me out in public to Coconuts and I wouldn’t go to Coconuts Bar up on Big Pine Key so they could set me up and so he told her to bring me to Coconuts one night and she tried to get me to go in there and I said no that place is too rough and we didn’t go so we didn’t show up so he could set me up in public so to make her bring me there he got the Monroe County Sherriff Department helicopter pilot and I had met this guy once at a concert and anytime there is an event in the Keys every County Employee and every Sherriff Deputy is there so this Conartist Narc got this pilot to fly the Sheriff Department’s helicopter over to where we lived on Little Torch Key and we lived next door to each other and the first floor of almost all the houses in the keys is a carport or an unfinished basement and the second floor is actually the first floor where the living area is and her master bedroom was on the front side of the house and so was mine and I could look out my bedroom window and see the front side of her house which faces the street and so this Narc I assume was in the helicopter with the pilot and they flew the helicopter down the street from US 1 so I saw a helicopter fly past my house just above the street and it looked just like someone driving a car up the street and I thought what the hell is going on and they were flying about 8 feet above the street and then when they got to her house they stopped and started hovering and turned the helicopter toward her house and there was barely enough room to fly because there were trees on one side of the street and then houses on the other side of the street but they were able to turn the helicopter and point it at the front of her house at about the same level where her bedroom window was and the front of the helicopter was about twenty feet away from her bedroom window and then they turned on that big search light that they have on Police helicopters and shined the light right in her bedroom window and then revved up the engine of the helicopter and it was loud as hell and must have scared the living hell out of her with the light shining in the window and the loud noise of the Helicopter there hovering right outside her bedroom window and then this Conartist Narc probably followed up with a phone call like are you going to do what I told you to do or not so the Helicopter Pilot flying for the Sheriffs Department was in on this set up or the crime and the crime he was committing was extortion and this pilot was a senior looking citizen to me and must have been in that position for a long time and probably had a lot of experience intimidating people in Monroe County like this many times before because he certainly knew what he was doing and he had to be getting paid a sizable amount to do such a thing so he was in on the deal to set me up and involved in the crime. So the next night I went out to dinner with my neighbor and she was driving in her Black Mustang convertible and she called herself Mustang Terri so we left the Restaurant where we ate dinner and I was driving her car by then and we were followed by this little import car that looked like those cars from the Fast and Furious movie and so this dark little go fast import car followed us and I was able to loose him and I had noticed that undercover police or narcotic agents were driving these cars at night and they were so small you would never notice them because they looked nothing like a cop car and were almost invisible and then my neighbor said lets stop at Coconuts for one drink and I was curious what would happen so we walked into Coconuts and walked over to the Foosball Table and I saw one drug dealer running out the door like he was afraid for his life and I knew something was up so he was involved in the set up and then I had another guy walk up to me and tell me to get the hell out of the bar and leave town and just leave the Keys and never come back and so that was another big sign that something was going down and then this Conartist Narc walked up to us and he was all cleaned up and standing up straight and looked like a different person and he explained that he wasn’t in the lawn maintenance business and I laughed and he was actually in the demolition business and he destroys peoples lives and he had just demolished someone’s life just the other day and there were several cars and trucks in the driveway and a boat on the boat lift and when he got there and when he finished destroying this person’s life everything was gone and there was nothing left and he was going to do the same thing to me and he said he was going to have me arrested for selling drugs to an undercover cop if I didn’t do what he wanted me to do. So there was also an undercover narcotics police involved and I guess he was driving the go fast car that was following me earlier so he must have been getting paid a sizable amount of money if he was involved so I asked him what he wanted but I already knew and he said he wanted to drive Terri’s mustang and he wanted to have sex with her and I said you will have to talk to her about that because I do not own either of those items so that would be between you and her and then he said he wanted me to let him use my sailboat to run Boy Scout charters and then in the off season he would be smuggling marijuana with the sailboat and it would be my responsibility to pay for the boat slip and pay to maintain the boat and I said that’s all and he said yes and I said I don’t give a shit about the boat so sure you can use it but I’m not paying to maintain it if you are using it so you are on your own so if you are stealing the boat from me then you can maintain it and if you are smuggling drugs in it then you better put it in your name and that’s when he got mad and pissed off and threatened to have me arrested again only this time he threatened to take my business away from me and keep it and my house and my furniture and my car and then my boat and I would lose everything I owned if I didn’t cooperate with him. Then to buy so time I said I would give him a call the next day to discuss it and then he turned to Mustang Terri and told her that this got her daughter in law off the hook on those drug charges so she will be ok and thanks for doing this for me. Then we got in the car and left and my friend caught me again as I was walking out and told me to leave town and never come back and that is what I was going to do but I was being watched and when I left the house they saw me and chased me and I turned down a side road and tried to hide on a boat that was up on a lift out of the water beside a house and they found me and they damaged the ignition switch on the boat and then arrested me for trying to steal this boat that was out of the water up on davits and not even in the water so this Conartist Narc didn’t give me chance to call him the next day and had me followed and I wasn’t even leaving town when I left the house. I went toward Key West away from the mainland to see if I would be followed so they arrested me and I bonded out and I went home and grabbed a suitcase full of clothes and got in my SUV and left everything I owned including my house and all my furniture and my clothes and the business that I owned and I had 8 warehouse bays full of woodworking equipment and tools and an office full of computers and office furniture and the business was worth a couple hundred thousand dollars and I couldn’t collect any of the money that my customers owed me and I had to leave and could never go back because this Conartist Narc would have blackmailed me the rest of my life and made me pay him a portion of whatever I was making with my business just like the Mafia does when they start extorting money from you that’s who these criminals were the Florida Keys Mafia and it would have never stopped and they would just end up taking everything I owned anyway so I just left before it got any worse and before they killed me because I didn’t know how far they would go to get what they wanted and I wasn’t about to give them anything.

So I knew I had to hide and I couldn’t go to my mother’s house because that’s the first place these criminals look and I need to explain I am dealing with a criminal gang that has been operating in the Florida Keys for years and they are involved with the Mafia so this is the Florida Keys Mafia that I am setting up and this is just one of the scams they run and they do all kind of conartist scams like cleaning your carpet in your house while you live up north and just vacuuming it and you never know it wasn’t cleaned and then there is the home protection business where they watch your home and are suppose to be checking on it and make sure there are no burst pipes or anything because 90 percent of the houses in the Keys are empty about 90 percent of the time and those guys do nothing except collect a monthly or yearly check because you get a discount if you pay by the year and if anyone needs anything that you have in your house then they take it and sell it and call it in as a home break-in and you are thankful that they were there to tell you about it and do all the repairs which they make money off as well so those are a few ways they make money along with running drugs and prostitution and these guys are getting paid protection from the drug dealers that are selling the drugs and then they turn around and set them up because everyone in the Keys gets a turn to go to jail so when you move there they start setting you up when they meet you and they find out what kind of work you do and set you up with a drug dealer and start controlling you without you even knowing it and I have watched them do this at Boondocks which is a Mafia Bar and I know that they run prostitution and drugs there and they have big cocaine parties and the prostitutes are at the parties and they are all old drug smugglers from back in the day when all the marijuana was coming thru the Keys and they have surveillance cameras in their parking lot at the Bar so they have someone inside the Bar in a surveillance room watching a screen so they can monitor what is going on outside the building in the parking lot so I saw these Con Artist Narcs having conversations with guys who had just moved to the Keys and they were turning him on to pot and setting him up with work and filming the whole meeting where they had them smoking pot with a police informant and all the state employees down there working on government salaries are doing this when they are out at night every night so the game warren that is checking your cooler during the day for fish when you are fishing on a bridge is setting you up on a drug charge at night to make extra money and the guy I watched doing this was a Florida State Employee and I assume this is the way you work your way up in this Mafia Gang and then you get more responsibility and make more money then start supervising because they set up the new people that have just moved to the Keys that buy a house and open a business or retire there and buy a boat and buy new cars and a truck to pull the boat and then they get all settled in and try to make friends and these conartist start working to set them up and the police are helping to set them up on drug charges or black mailing them so they can take all their possessions and this is extortion and that’s one way the Mafia backs allot of money here and you don’t even have to go to a bar to get set up because they are involved with different businesses and work for the state and the county where they can set you up by you just doing business with the wrong person or eating at the wrong restaurant which is how they found me when I ate lunch at a Restaurant that didn’t even have a Bar and this Conartist Narc had this woman that ended up living in my house working there as a server so that is what these criminals do in the Florida Keys to make a living and they are working with the Monroe County Sheriffs Department to set people up like they are the criminals and these people are just trying to retire in the Florida Keys and it is a great place but they make it a dangerous place when all these criminals are working in legitimate jobs during the day and then come out at night and start working to set people up and soon we will look at how they do this all over the US.

So that is how I set them up when I moved down there and opened up my business and got a house and moved in and expanded my business and I was the largest cabinet manufacturer in the Florida Keys and then I bought the boat they needed and I went out at night to the Bars that they worked in and I hung out around them and got to be friends with them and watched them setting up the new people moving into the Keys and saw them filming drug deals in the parking lots outside of Boondocks and I got to know their informants and I actually got one of them arrested when the Monroe County Sheriffs Department raided Coconuts Bar because this informant and some guy he was setting up were outside snorting cocaine in front of my SUV and then when this Conartist Narc was ready they set me up to get my boat by extortion and then they chased me and I lost everything I owned including by business and my boat and my house and I lost around Three Hundred Thousand Dollars and that’s what these people do and so they ended up with everything and I had to leave with only a suitcase full of clothes or I would have been a slave controlled by this Mafia Gang and they are still there today doing the same thing so to get away from them I drove from the Florida Keys to Texas thinking surely I had lost them so I turned around and headed back on I-10 going East and then I was passed by a Monroe County Sheriff Deputy’s car with a cop driving that I had seen before on Big Pine Key and he was a supervisor of some kind maybe a Sergeant and the Conartist Narc was in the passenger seat and they drove right past me and didn’t realize it was me until after they passed me and they were in Mississippi heading back toward Florida and I knew they were going to get off at the next exit and then wait until I passed by and then come up behind me so they could pull me over when I got back in the State of Florida and arrest me on some drummed up drug possession charge so I decided to drive to the Mobile Airport and just fly out of the country for a while or to another state or anywhere on the first flight out to elude them and by that time I was driving through the city of Mobile AL and getting close to the Airport and there was a Mobile Police car at every intersection and by the time I pulled into the Mobile Airport parking lot the Monroe County Sheriffs Deputy pulled in at the other end of the parking lot and there were 4 Mobile Police cars and 2 unmarked Detective cars and 2 of those go fast little import cars that I had seen in the Keys so I assume they were with the Monroe County Sheriffs Department and they had all chased me up from the Keys and so all these cars had been following me to the airport and they all disappeared behind the Airport Terminal Building so I assumed that they were going in the back door and catching me before I could board a flight so I parked my SUV and took a Taxi cab to the Mobile General Hospital and halfway there the cab driver got a phone call and then turned to me and asked “Are you on your way to jail?” and then he dropped me off at the hospital and I walked into the emergency room and I told the nurse I was exhausted and had been driving for 2 days without sleep because I was afraid that the Police were chasing me and I needed to be checked into the hospital because I was afraid for my safety and they put me in an examination room and closed the door and about that time I saw about 16 Police and Undercover Detectives and the Conartist Narc walk in the door of the Emergency room and then into a consultation room on the other side of the waiting room and the doctor came in and took some of my blood and they checked it for cocaine so they could arrest me for possession of the drugs I had in my blood and then the Monroe County Sherriff Deputy and the Conartist Narc could take me back to the Florida Keys and force me to give them my boat and then probably throw me in jail to teach me a lesson and then I would have gotten out on Probation and then I would have trapped there and the Doctor came back in the examination room and said there were no drugs in my blood because I hadn’t done any cocaine and had just set them up and they had no charges on me at all and no warrants to serve and then all 16 of the Police and the Undercover Detectives and the Conartist Narc that had chased me came out of the consultation room and walked back out the door of the emergency room and the Doctor came back in the examination room and offered me a shot to help me sleep and said I could speed the night right there so I could get some sleep and then the next morning the Hospital provided me a Taxi Cab to take me where ever I wanted to go so I went back to my SUV at the Mobile Airport and then drove to Georgia and I will tell the rest of that story when I get up to Atlanta Georgia with the Big Show because there is more to tell about how I set up Monroe County Sherriff Department and the Crooked Cops and Conartist Narc that are working in the Florida Keys but for now I drove to Atlanta and flew to Cancun Mexico on an open-ended airline ticket with no return flight date and hung out in Cancun and rested up and walked on the beach and went to Condo Time Share Promotions where they feed you a great buffet and then you listen to a condo timeshare presentation and they pay you One Hundred dollars cash US and I did that once or twice a day for about a week and ran out of Condos and had more money than I had when I got there so I got the message to go to the Pacific Coast so I traveled by bus all the way down to the Belize border and then across to the Pacific Coast and up the west coast of Mexico and met a young blond DEA agent who was working her way back to Mexico City for Christmas from South America and we traveled together to a little beach town on the Pacific Ocean where the drug smugglers hang out that run drugs into the US and they rent a hammock hanging between 2 palms trees for $10 per week right on the beach and I hung out there in a Resort on top of the hill over looking the beach until I got the message from an FBI Agent who came down from the FBI Compound in Mexico City and she said that Bob Taylor was coming to my mother’s house for Christmas dinner and I had to be there to watch what was going to happen so I jumped in the back of a pickup truck and took that to the highway and then took a cab to a town and then got on a bus that took me to a city with an airport and then flew to Mexico City and then flew back to Atlanta and I was way the hell off the grid but I made it to my mother’s house for Christmas dinner and met Bob Taylor who was pretending to be an attorney that could not carry on an intelligent discussion with a kitchen designer about how a lawyer does his job and gets paid so he had to leave the room and go hide in the kitchen with the women cooking and then I watched him steal Twenty Thousand Dollars from my mother’s home office and then excuse himself and say he had to go to work on Christmas day and he didn’t even own a car and my sister had to drive him home and that is the caliber employee or gang member or criminal that Brevard has working for him.

So That is how the Mafia works in the Florida Keys and you can’t tell who the bad guys are and you can’t tell who the good guys are because they all look the same so you just have to assume they are all bad and I went to church with a Sergeant in the Sheriffs department and he didn’t try to help me or he didn’t know they were setting me up and why would he it wasn’t the cops it was the crooked Sheriff Deputies and the Mafia and the Conartist Narc but it’s the Monroe County Sheriff’s responsibility to straighten that out so that is how I set up the Florida Keys Mafia and the Monroe County Sheriffs Department so now comes the sting and you all go down and I will see you all in court or on CNN and in the newspapers and I will see if you loose your houses and cars and trucks and boats because that’s all illegal property that you probably stole from someone else and that would be the very people that are paying your salaries because property taxes are expensive as hell in Monroe county and it’s almost as expensive as California and soon I just may be setting those assholes up out there that make so much money but it is never enough so they have to steal from the taxpayers that are paying their salaries just like they do in Monroe County Florida and the City of Key West so watch out for all that coming soon and we are not in hurry here so you will have to sit there and wait for all these other arrests so you have time to commit some more crimes so by all means keep setting yourselves up as the criminals that you are.

Coconuts Bar is where this Conartist Narc is working with the local Crooked Police to set me up and it is liquor store by day and a cocaine playground pool hall by night and the owners are second generation bar owners and the place is so rough that they won’t set foot in the Bar after dark so the Bartender runs the Bar and the Liquor store clerk runs the liquor store and then the Narcs and Conartist and the Drug Dealers run everything else and they are all crazy as hell from all the drugs they do and are always in there starting trouble with the tourist or the locals and this bar is the only bar on the island and anytime another bar opens or a new restaurant opens and that place gets popular then all of a sudden that new bar burns to the ground and then everyone is back at Coconuts and it is the only bar that seems to survive and all their competition always gets burned to the ground so there are no other bars on this island and it has always been this way here and nothing seems to change here on Big Pine Key.

There’s an island on the back side of Big Pine Key called No Name Key because they couldn’t think of a name for this Island and all the Islands were named by the railroad crews that were building the railroad for Flagler who built the railroad from Miami to Key West and the workers named the Islands after the part of the US that they came from and I wish you damn Yankees as we call you guys would stop bringing your Yankee shit down here with you and stop naming places in the south after where you came from and if you miss it up North so much then just go back there and stay and stop naming Tropical Islands after cold as hell places that you miss up North so the railroad workers missed this island and it got stuck with being called No Name Key and there are more Key Deer on No Name Key than people because there is no electricity out there on No Name Key and the Key Deer don’t care so they just live out there anyway and if you ride out there the Key Deer are so tame they will come up to your car window so you can pet them but please do not feed them because Monroe County is trying to train them to get jobs so they can support themselves and then Monroe County can get them to pay Monroe County Property Tax and then all the people living on the Key will have to go live elsewhere. I guess Key Deer will be voting soon and maybe they will elect a better County Sherriff that will clean up the Sherriff’s Department and lock up all those Conartists. So there is a Bar on No Name Key and they have the best pizza in the Keys if not in Florida and it is called the No Name Pub and they are famous for their T-Shirts and for having the walls and ceiling covered with dollar bills and I order my pizza with all the meats and all the vegetables and it’s a huge pizza that will take you a week to eat so get in there and have some great food in a really unique location just off Big Pine Key FL and buy a T-Shirt and you will be amazed how many people will walk up to you and say they have eaten there too.

On the east end of Pine Key is the Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge which has a Campground and this is where Emily from Harbor Docks in Destin FL comes each year with her sister who is a server at Camille’s and her whole family and they camp here each year in a tent with an air conditioner running all day long in the summer heat and she wants to go sailing around the Keys with me on my Sailing Yacht but has been fired at Harbor Docks for speaking to me because Ms Jackie doesn’t allow the female employees or slaves which is what they are to speak to me so she would not stop speaking to me and finally was ran out of town by Harbor Docks and is living in California with her Lesbo Wife who is kicking her out so she will have to move back to Destin FL and so this is their family summer vacation spot in the Florida Keys and most people bring their boat and rent a house on a canal for a week but this family from Destin FL still sleeps in a tent like people did 50 years ago so if you missed Emily on the Big Show read back to Day One and catch up or you might miss something like she just moved back to Destin FL and tried to get her job back at Harbor Docks but they won’t hire her back because she is a Dirty Bird and not a Hillbilly Fag and so Harbor Dock discriminates against women.

The next stop is the Bahia Honda State Park with their famous bridge and this is one of the top ten beaches in the world and it is a gorgeous spot and I have been here hundreds of times by boat and also by car and it is still breathtaking and back before there were motels in the Keys people would come here to camp and they still do and they come by boat and anchor off the beach only the wind and current is rough and I recommend going south to Big Pine or north to Marathon. They have snorkel and dive trips from Bahia Honda and Big Pine and there is also a youth camp called Sea Camp on Big Pine Key and a Boy Scout Camp on it’s own island Scout Key and there are snorkel trips each day from these locations out to Looe Key which is the largest Living Reef in the US and if you haven’t seen it then you should and I have dived the reef here for years and it is beautiful and right off from Little Palm Island. If you are a boater and have a chart plotter and are coming into Bahia Honda the plotter will send you to the middle of the bridge but the opening is off to the east end of the bridge and I came in one night in the rain and I was sailing by the chart plotter with the auto helm and I looked up and was headed for the center of the bridge and the bridge is an old railroad trestle with a concrete bridge built on top of it where the road was at one time and the view from up there is incredible and I looked up at this 80’ tall structure with no opening for the boat to go thru and had to turn the boat and get back in the channel and this is where I fish for Hogfish but don’t tell Hogfish Bob or he will catch me here and kill me and then use me as chum to catch all the Hog Fish himself.

So I am going from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar and north of Big Pine Key and Bahia Honda is Marathon FL which is made up of several keys and not just one and I always stop here and stay at Burdines Marina and each boat slip has it’s own little Tiki Hut behind it and the restrooms and the laundry faculty are in little Tiki Huts and nothing ever changes here in Marathon FL. It had been 4 years since I had stopped here on my last trip and I always come in late at night and tie off on the side of the marina office where there is free dockage for the restaurant and the owner always tries to charge me for an extra night and then when I question him he always says that he will take it off my bill because he doesn’t want to argue with me but he always puts an extra night on my bill and then we have to argue about it every time I am here and then I ate at Castaways Restaurant down the street on my last night here and the same cute little Bartender served me and she is good looking for a Keys Bartender and the same woman walked in and sat beside me at the Bar with her son and he ordered the same cheeseburger and she just drank vodka again for dinner and said “Aren’t you going to at least speak to me?” I hadn’t seen this woman for four years and she is in the exact same spot doing the exact same thing and saying the exact same thing so nothing ever changes here and it is a quiet little island but a good place to stop in the Middle of the Florida Keys and my favorite restaurant here is Keys Fisheries where they always have Blackened Hogfish and Florida Lobster and my favorite sandwich which I don’t eat many sandwiches but I will have a Lobster Rueben here and they are incredible so stop here and have one and you will see what I mean and this is the first Restaurant to serve a Lobster Rueben and it is on the Gulf side of the island and they have an incredible view of the Gulf of Mexico and a great sunset view and you can feed the fish here but not the birds and they have their own fishing fleet and Seafood Market and a Tiki Bar up on the second floor but I have never been in there and only eat here at lunch and never have a drink at lunch and so I have never been in their Tiki Bar so you can get in there and see if the Bale Maker is up there in the Tiki Bar because I just come for the Lobster Rueben.

Lazy Days South is also a good restaurant but usually packed but they have a great view and a good menu and a great place to eat at either lunch or dinner. I ate at Porky’s Bayside at lunch for years and the last time I stopped in there it wasn’t good and then I know the builder that built the Hyatt on Marathon and dated his daughter on Big Pine and she is a Coca Cola Heiress according to her father and looks like a fashion model according to her Mother and the first time I saw her was at the Brownsville Assembly of God Revival in Pensacola FL and then I meet her on Big Pine at the Church there and she wore a bikini to church to get my attention and it worked and then she was over at my house everyday. So her father built the Hyatt in Marathon FL and they have a Tiki Hut and a pool and a Restaurant and Bar in the Tiki Hut but no liquor license and so I guess they haven’t paid off the right person and can’t serve you a cocktail and I think they are just being too cheap to buy a liquor license so you can’t get a drink there and how could you travel all the way to the Florida Keys and spend thousands of dollars to be there and then walk out to the Tiki Bar at the Resort and not order a cold margarita and lay around the pool and chill out after making such a long trip. Well it’s because those assholes at Hyatt think they have a family resort here and family people don’t want a cold cocktail at the end of the day or they are just too cheap to buy a liquor license or either too stupid and I know the situation you have with your Tiki Bar but it is your responsibility to make sure your guest at the Hyatt have a wonderful time on their vacation so it is your responsibility to provide them with a fucking cocktail so take care of that and I expect to get a mixed drink the next time I walk in there so you can’t get a drink at the Hyatt so don’t stay at the Hyatt in Marathon FL until you can and then they will have to do something about it.

So you have to go next door to get a drink where they have spared no expense what so ever remodeling this resort and they have a beautiful bar and a pool and restaurant and not just a Tiki Bar with cold beer and they were passing out free Mint Juleps when I was there and the Resort is the World Famous Faro Blanco Resort and Yacht Club and the photos of this resort and of their World Famous Lighthouse is what attracted me to sailing here in my Sailing Yacht to this World Famous Resort and the it fell into disrepair and looked terrible and was finally closed and then remodeled and there is once again a World Famous Resort at the Faro Blanco Resort and I was here for the Derby Party this year and the pool and the bar were great and very relaxing and offer first class service and the Marlo Motor Yacht Cruising club was here and the whole marina was full of those beautiful motor yachts and the bar was filled up with a whole bunch of snobby yachting assholes just like myself so that was amusing and the Derby Party was great with live entertainment and then the next day Big John McKinnis, the new partner in Flora Bama Lounge and his son Little John pulled in a day late for the celebration in their Marlo Motor Yacht which is where this my Tiki Bar Tour started and I knew the original owners the Tampary Brothers and then Joe Gilchrist and Pat McClellan and we had a great time there back in the day when Jimmy Buffet was known to stop in and jump up on stage and I would just walk down the beach from my Perdido Key Beach House and climb in the window because it was too much trouble to walk around to the front of the building and walk in thru the Liquor Store. So if you are looking for a great marina to stop at in the Middle Keys on the way to the Bahamas then the Faro Blanco Resort is the place to stop and hang out at the pool all day where they offer drink service at the pool and have a beautiful restaurant and the remodel is amazing and what a wonderful job the new owners have done here and they have set an example for what investors need to be doing to update our historical buildings in the US so get in there and see this part of Florida Keys history that has been restored back to the world class resort that it once was.

For a casual dinner I recommend the Island Tiki Bar and it is on the Gulf side with a beautiful sunset view of the Gulf of Mexico and it’s a Seminole Indian Tiki Bar and they have the best-looking waitresses on the island and a full menu and everything is great and they have a huge bar and plenty of seating out by the water and the whole restaurant is outdoors and it is a great place. Then after dinner I would not bother going to a bar because it gets rough as hell really quick when the locals come out and it’s basically like Coconuts on Big Pine Key and the same Narcs and Conartist are out working over the tourist and the new locals that don’t know who they are yet and haven’t had their turn going to jail and they are trying to set up the tourist on drug charges and all the drug dealers and prostitutes are out so I have learned it’s better to stick to the high end places and just stay out of the bars here because they will not stop until they set you up or rob you and steal your wallet or whatever they can do to make a few hundred dollars because the Mafia is alive and well in Marathon FL and it always has been and always will be because this is where the bales come in and where the cocaine is cut up to sell all over the Keys so watch out when you are in Marathon FL for the criminal element here so I guess it is time for it to be all cleaned up again only this time instead of the Narcs setting up the new drug dealers that they have set up in business so they can have them arrested lets set up the Conartist Narcs and the Crooked Cops and the real drug smugglers and keep it clean for a week or two instead of just one day.

I usually stop at the marina at Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key after I leave Marathon and it is also a world class resort and with Restaurants and Tiki Bars and they have these beautiful little Tiki Hut bars and a dolphin experience where you and your kids can swim and pet a real dolphin and they seem to be doing a very good job with that where other resorts have not and they have a salt water lagoon for the kids to swim and play on the beach and two pools and there are fishing and dive charters and this is a great place to Bone Fish and you will need a Bone Fish guide if you expect to catch one because I ran into a FBI Agent on vacation here with two families on a Sailing Catamaran and they are all experienced sailors that take a Sailing Charter vacation each year and this year they were sailing thru the Florida Keys but not much of a fisherman and they tried Bone Fishing from their inflatable dinghy and they were unsuccessful at Bone Fishing so if you want to catch a Bone Fish or even get close enough to even see one then I suggest you hire a Bone Fishing Guide with a flats boat or just leave the Bone Fishing to the professionals and I caught a big Wahoo that day but those guys are really better at drinking Sailor Jerry Rum than fishing and I think they should stick to what they are good at which is getting drunk on Sailor Jerry Rum and leave the fishing to the experts so they didn’t know who I was and I could have been a trained killer sent there to assassinate them all and steal their teenage daughter so they need to tighten up their security while on vacation and be a little more careful who they associate with and then I won’t have to follow them around on vacation making fun of them on the internet and my Intel was that there were two families sailing in the Keys and one man in the group was growing Home Grown Marijuana in North Georgia and he was getting really good at it so they were on my hit list to go in there and infiltrate their family vacation and set them up and take down this Marijuana Grower and so I invited them to go to the Full Moon Party up on Islamorada at Morada Bay which is the social event of the month in the Keys but they had to stay there at the Resort and eat hamburgers and get to bed early while I had a blast and partied all night at the Full Moon Party so next time take me up on my offer and go to the party with me instead of going to bed because you are tired from Bone Fishing all afternoon because I am sure our paths will cross again out there on the open sea where Sailor Jerry separates the men from the boys and next time you cheap asshole tourist can buy the shots because I got them all drunk at the Resort Pool and yes they were over-served and set up by Blow Fish on vacation so the only thing they caught was a buzz from Sailor Jerry as they call him like he is a friend of theirs so until next time and maybe you should try a fishing lesson if you ever make any money working at your cover as a financial advisor that claims to only lose money for his investors so watch out for him and his advice on handling your money for you so you were on my hit list and I was told that there was this guy from a suburb area of Atlanta and he had chartered a sailing catamaran and he was sailing thru the Keys with two families on the boat and this guy was growing marijuana in North Georgia and he was really getting to be a big ole drug dealer and growing some really primo shit so I was told to meet up with this criminal drug dealer type and set him up and so I infiltrated your family vacation to set you bunch of drunks up that can’t afford to pay for your own shots at the Resort Pool and I thought I had you and was about to call in the DEA and have them haul you all off to the poky including your children and then was told it was a joke so you need to tell your sailing buddy the Doctor who has no home grown at all and was not the Bale Maker and you guys hang out at the Country Club which is no excuse so watch out because I will be setting up someone soon at a Country Club in Alpharetta GA so you better watch out because I may not go so easy on you next time and you will the ones buying the shots and getting Roofie in your drinks and then I will be taking your teenage daughter to the Full Moon Party because she was ready to go and you guys can go to bed so you better watch your step and tighten up your vacation security and watch out for trained killers kidnapping your daughter and you either need to fish more or drink less and I think it’s fish less and drink more in your situation and that would be my advice to you and maybe Sailor Jerry could teach you to fish but that’s not working for you thus far so just leave the fishing to the professionals and stick to what you are good at which is losing your investors’ money and drinking Sailor Jerry Rum. So you better watch out there on vacation you never know when Blow Fish will be invading your family vacation and steal your underage daughter and leave you with nothing but a Sailor Jerry Roofie hangover the next morning!
Now after a long night at a Full Moon Party and a full day of sailing in the hot Florida sun there is nothing better than stopping at an Island Resort for an ice cold margarita at the Tiki Bar and then soaking in the pool at the resort so I stopped at the Caloosa Resort on Lower Matecumbe Key in Islamorada Florida and this is the Key where I buy fresh local seafood and they have live lobster and whole yellow tail snapper here and then I pack it in ice and carry them home and the prices are the best here because you buy them right off the boat where they throw the live Florida lobster in a tank and keep them alive until you buy them so they are the freshest and the most reasonably priced seafood market in the Keys and so I stopped to cool off and have a cocktail at Happy Hour and I walked into the Tiki Bar at the Caloosa Resort and it is called the Safari Club and I have seen this Tiki Bar for years from US 1 and I never ever thought about stopping in here because I thought it was something of a dive bar or a lounge with a name like the Safari Club so I never stopped because it is literally in the middle of nowhere but it was hot out and the wind had died and so I anchored and dinged into the Safari Club for an Ice Cold Margarita and some AC and walked in the door of this Seminole Indian built real authentic Tiki Bar and it was really a decent place with air conditioning and it was freezing cold inside and they have a nice pool with a sign that says for Condo owners only and I do own a condo somewhere I’m sure so I jumped in the pool but right there inside the Tiki Bar standing just inside the door was a full height adult Giraffe standing right in front of me twenty feet tall staring down at me with his sad glass marble eye balls saying please help me and I knew I had found the hidden stuffed wildlife collection of Carl the Poacher. Now Carl and his US Army sharp shooting sniper sons who he has trained from birth to be the marksman that they are and now they are trained assassins working for the US Army and I immediately ordered a Margarita to soften the blow as I walked around the interior of the Tiki Bar where there are usually neon beer lights decorating the walls but not here at the Safari Club because Carl the Poacher has decorated all the walls with dead animals from all over the world including Africa that he has stuffed and all of them had those glass marble eyes staring at me watching me as I walked by like they were trying to say help me but there was nothing I could do because Carl the Poacher had already found them and done was he does best and that’s ending their life so he can use them as a wall decoration and it was a sad and sobering experience like walking thru a morgue so I knew nothing else to do but to proceed out to the pool and cool off my temper in the cold water of the pool with my ice cold Don Julio Margarita. I cannot fathom why a man would be so driven to kill every single animal that he has ever seen in his life and go to the expense of traveling the globe killing one of each animal that God created and then stuffing them and dragging them down to a Tiki Bar in the Florida Keys and putting them on display and then naming it the Safari Club but Carl the Poacher is just that sick of a man. Now I have eaten wild boar at Campiello’s in Naples FL once and Steve Miller my favorite bartender there who I fear Gene Luciano has murdered because he may have spoken out and tried to help me when Gene locked me up in his House of Detention and asked Geno what he had done with me and then Geno probably put a hit out on him for questioning his actions because no one questions Gene Luciano you just say Yes Mr. Luciano or he will kill you deader than shit and no one has seen Steve Miller since and so Steve Miller told me that the way Campiello’s would get their wild boar meat was to send hunters out with dogs just north of Naples into the US National Park and the dogs would chase down the wild boar and then the hunter would jump on the back of the wild boar and cut their throat because if they shot them then the Game Warden would follow the gunshot and come and arrested them and that’s how Campiello’s in Naples FL commits a Federal Crime of Poaching to get their Wild Boar meat to make their most popular dish Wild Boar Pappardelle which normally comes with Braised Veal and I recommend it highly only the Wild Boar has a bit of a wild taste to it so I would go with the Braised Veal instead of the illegally poached Wild Boar that they buy from the Poachers that kill the Wild Boar in a US Government Park just north of Ft Myers FL and I also recommend the Balsamic Glazed Short Ribs which is my personal favorite and also the Split-Roasted Chicken which is a half of a chicken roasted with garlic and served with Risotto and this is another of my favorites and I order this with their House Salad which is just a lovely meal and Gene Luciano does as well and Geno would order this half a bird and then eat the dark meat and throw the white meat away and he is just like a stupid animal and has no taste what so ever because who the hell would only eat the dark meat of a chicken and throw the garlic roasted chicken breast away and that would be an Italian Apeshit like Gene Luciano who is nothing more than a wild animal himself and he will be on display soon in a Federal Prison close to you in the near future so get in there and see him and throw him a banana but back to Campiello’s Restaurant in Old Naples right down the street from my Naples Beach House which they call cottages in the Historic District of Old Naples but they are really houses so for this my Restaurant Review for Campiello’s today on the Big Show I would say do not go in there until Gene Luciano is arrested and his gang is behind bars because Geno has taken over the Bar and Restaurant and they are all working for him and that makes them a Mafia Bar and I have been drugged in there twice. Once by the female Bartender there who is right there behind the Bar working today so she could have Roofie sex with me which I think is Rape but I don’t think it would have worked so she is just a bit stupid if you ask me and Steve Miller said”That’s not going to work” but she didn’t seem to care and still tried to walk me home and then once again because Gene Luciano gave her the order to drug me so he could set me up and Steve Miller asked her “You drugged him again?” and she said “Yes Gene Luciano told me to” so Gene could tell the management that I was drinking too much in there and they should kick me out so he could ruin me in public and in the community and then run me out of town but really he just imprisoned me in his House of Detention and stole my boat and stole all my wealth so if you are looking for that kind of treatment then I highly recommend Campiello’s as your dining destination in Naples FL so get in there and lose all your wealth and possibly your life as well because they are working for Gene Luciano and he has corrupted the management and all the employees except for my favorite Bartender and friend Steve Miller who is probably in the Collier County Landfill so do not go in there would be my advice to you or into Sea Salt across the street because you will get the Russian version of all of the above over there and so I told Carl the Poacher how Campiello’s catches Wild Bore Illegally and Carl shared with me and I am sharing with you that the way Carl catches wild boar is by baiting a trap which looks like a coral where the wild bore can get in and eat the bait but can’t get out and he baits this trap and then he just waits for a day or two and then goes to check the trap as he calls it and if he doesn’t check the trap they would all starve to death and he has said that he has captured a whole herd of these wild boars at one time which I believe that would be 10 to 20 of them and then he and his sniper assassin sons walk into the coral and cut the throats of the wild bore and then he butchers them and sells the illegally poached meat to restaurants and connoisseurs of illegal wild boar meat like Campiello’s in Naples FL. So this is the kind of evil person I am dealing with here that doesn’t just kill a wild animal for food but takes out the whole fucking family and he has hunted wild game to its extension and he must be stopped or all the wild animals in the world will be in private collections like this and you will have to take your children to a Tiki Bar in the Florida Keys called the Safari Club to see what a wild animals look like instead of seeing them out in the wild. So there is no need to travel to Africa anymore all the wild animals are just a short drive south of Miami in the Safari Club get in there and buy a Margarita and enjoy!

My other issue with Carl the Poacher is that he has a daughter and he calls her underage and he has made me promise not to have sex with his underage daughter and I believe she is now of legal age and so that deal is off and we both agree that we can not wait any longer and she has been trying to get me to marry her for years and I have held up my end of our bargain and she is a very attractive and sexy young woman now who will make a great X Wife so that deal is off Carl the Poacher and if you want to find your daughter then look in a Tiki Bar down in the Florida Keys and I am kidding the other problem I have with Carl the Poacher is he purchased a cabin in the North Georgia mountains to use as his front for his moonshine production which he calls just for personal consumption and I’m not buying that either and that’s just how he explains having it in his refrigerator and he has a barn on the property in the Mountains and it is a large barn and he is turning out a large batch of shine as they call it and so I have sampled some of Carl the Poacher’s moonshine in West Palm Beach FL at this Girls Gone Wild on the water porn production that a guy is filming right there in public under the Police noses and this guy had moonshine on his personal boat and a Revenuer as these Moonshiners call him but he is with the Justice Department pulled up in his boat and walked onto this Porn Producers boat and then walked back off the boat with a quart of Moonshine and handed it to me so I can testify in court that he does have moonshine on his boat so it can be confiscated and I looked at it and asked “Is it lemon drop?” and he said “No apple pie” which is the most popular flavor with these Moonshine Connoisseurs and so I took a hit and said “Not bad” and it tasted just like the shine that Carl the Poachers brews up in the North Georgia Mountains which I believe is this Porn Producers source for his Shine and so we set up this Porn Producer that is distributing Moonshine in South Florida illegally and he calls his business Unreal Porn Productions and he has that name on the side of his boat so if you see a bunch of naked women and men having Heathenistic sex on a boat you will know it’s him and he is smuggling in this Moonshine from the North Georgia Mountains and selling it and also the Porn filmed on his own boat and he is also connected with the Jupiter Boat Company and he is supposed to be using this boat he has to sell Jupiter Boats but instead he is using it for his Porn Production and also smuggling in Moonshine and I believe that he is a third generation Rum Runner from back in probation days where the rum runners ran rum from the Bahamas to Miami and Ft Lauderdale and West Palm Beach and then sold it to the Speak Easy Bars and those Bars are making a come back and so is the Moonshine and then the Girls Gone Wild Porn filmed on his boat in broad daylight where they are having Live Sex right there in public under the Police nose and the local police maybe just sitting there in their boats watching the porn show as well as everyone around them which makes this Heathenistic Sex and he has included his beautiful wife in his porn production which is the worst crime of all and I may just head up there and take his wife away from him because she has already hit on me and so it would be easy because he treats her so badly and is just using her in his porn production to make a few bucks and doesn’t respect her at all so I would really be doing her a favor by taking her away from him because she is a fine and classy lady and shouldn’t be treated this way and is just being abused and used like this so he can make a quick buck or two and that is the worst crime of all here and she may his slave and he maybe a Mafia Gang Leader and so that will be my next stop after Boca Raton and we will see what he is really up to there in West Palm Beach FL where I will get to the bottom of this or be getting to his wife’s bottom if you know what I mean so he better watch out so stay tuned for that and I may just take her away from him because I have heard that she is something of an Ice Cream Heiress and we have no ice cream money in my family and I am a fan of that treat and I may just take her away from him and then I will me the one eating her treat if you know what I mean and I will also check in on my cousin who lives in West Palm Beach and he is the Tire King and his X Wife took his title away from him in the divorce and she is now the Tire King and I do not know why women can be so mean in a divorce to steal a man’s title from him like she did but he got to keep his whole Tire Kingdom which is the whole SE of the US of A and so I will be checking in on the Tire King because I still call him that and take him sailing on my Sailing Yacht in West Palm Beach where he lives and that is what I promised to do one day so you can look for all that coming up very soon.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I told you to stay away from your relatives that could help you escape my imprisonment or I would do the same to them that I am doing to you and imprison them in their homes and steal all their wealth and that guy is rich as hell and I heard he sold his Tire Kingdom and is doing something else and it may not be legal so stay away from him and that Porn Producer because he will probably kill you for screwing his wife so go ahead and get yourself murdered by a Porn Producer up there and it will save me the trip up to blow your Blow Fish brains out all over your Sailing Yacht myself.

Blow Fish: Now Geno thank you for the pep talk as usual and why would my cousin be doing anything illegal up in Palm Gardens as they call the area and if I were you I would stay the hell out of town because they don’t like Italians types like you up here and they will kill you the minute your Italian Apeshit asshole gets out of the car in downtown West Palm beach which has gotten rough as hell.

Gene Luciano: Well as I have heard your cousin is involved in an illegal business known as milking people out of their life saving which is what I am doing to you but they don’t use a gun like I do because they think they are smarter than I am but I know how to get the job done.

Brevard: That’s right and they are all working for me and there is so much wealth there that we had to set up shop in Palm Gardens so stay the hell out of my territory there and don’t mess with my legitimate companies working there that help people deal with their wealth and how I steal it from them and let that Porn Producer catch you with his wife and that should be the end of you and then I will keep Gene Luciano’s share of your wealth because he hasn’t done anything to deserve a share.

Gene Luciano: I will start a mob war in Atlanta GA if I have to in order to get my share so you better watch your asshole or you will be stepping in your own shit their Brevard as you rednecks say.

Brevard: I assure you sir I do not use that kind of talk because I am a Southern Gentleman and something of a Statesman and if there aren’t any ladies in the audience then I will say I will blow your fucking brains out if you fuck with me so there sir I have warned you. Do not come to Atlanta and start any trouble with me or you will be planted in the county landfill and all I will have to do is make a phone call to end your miserable life Gene Luciano so do not mess with me I am the biggest mobster in the southeast and no one messes with Brevard.

Blow Fish: I was in the middle of my Tiki Bar Tour going from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar in the Florida Keys and you asshole criminal masterminds had to go and ruin everything by interrupting me so go kill each other and leave my Tiki Bar Tour out of it and where was I and oh yea after I left the Safari Club where Carl the Poacher has hidden his Wild Game Collection, I stopped at Holiday Isle Resort and it has not been remodeled in years and is nothing but a tourist trap but I would recommend watching the sunset at the Lorelei Restaurant & Cabana Bar where Willie Nelson had a Fourth July party and concert here years ago and all of the residents of the Florida Keys turned out and it was a great Fourth of July Celebration.

Then check out the Morada Bay where the Pro Bass Store is located in the Florida Keys and they have bought out the Islamorada Fish Company and built new buildings and a new Marina and Restaurant and they did a beautiful job and they have Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat the Pilar inside the store on display and then eat lunch at the Islamorada Fish Company which has great food and still has the best fish market in the Florida Keys and then next door is Pierre’s Restaurant in a white two story South African style plantation house facing Florida Bay and has breath-taking views and food and incredible sunsets and their Green Flash Lounge with its beautiful mahogany bar is downstairs and this Restaurant and the Morada Bay is where the Full Moon party is held every month and they serve food out on the lawn by the light of the full moon or either you can make a dinner reservation at Pierre’s but you have to get on a one year waiting list but the food outside is great and they have bars set up and a live concert every full moon and the grounds are gorgeous and they have a white sand beach and it is a must to experience the Full Moon Party at the Morada in Islamorada FL because all the locals get dressed up and come to this party once a month and then go home and hide from the criminal element that is here in the Keys so maybe one day the Florida Keys will be like other Caribbean Islands and not a crime center for the Criminals that live here just to earn a few bucks ripping off the tourist and the good people that live here by setting them up and take everything they own like they did to me and other locals everyday right here in Monroe County in the Keys and in Islamorada FL which is the richest county in Florida and so now we know how they got all their money and maybe all the Mafia Gangs down there moved in when the Italians came down there for the commercial fishing.

So from there we jump up to Boca Raton FL to meet the Long Arm of the Law and find out what is going on there in America as we call it here in the Florida Keys but as I sail north I always either stop at Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove in Miami or pull into a hidden lagoon by the Light House on the south end of Key Biscayne where they serve fresh fried fish at the National Park Restaurant there which is a beautiful spot or either I stop in Ft Lauderdale and dock at the Los Olas Marina and stop in and see my girlfriend Jamie at the Quarter Deck and also my Blond Bartender friend at Coconuts who is always glad to see me but is always working and can never go out because she is trying to set up the Mafia by working in the wrong Restaurant and Bar so move on up the street where it’s Crime Central where I have already set them up and have made a deal for a new Mega Yacht and I cannot accept your offer so you are going down and I will see you on CNN in the near future and so that’s how you know you have been set up by Blow Fish, you have to read the newspapers and watch CNN and when you hear you have been arrested then you will be the last to know and I will soon be in another part of the world or the country setting up other criminals and it’s too late, I already am and then I will be in another part of the country setting up criminals and so forth and so on until I catch up with you on your vacation and wait until your underage daughter is of age and then steal her from you and make her my sex slave or my wife or my wench on my Sailing Yacht and that’s what Jamie in Fort Lauderdale wants to be and leave her job and sail away with me so watch for that in an upcoming installment of the Big Show or buy the book or go see the movie or just watch the DVD and then you will be the last to know so rush out and buy the book and take a day off work and see the movie and I told Gene Luciano’s gang that they were too cheap to do any of that and they would have to wait until the DVD came out and rent it to see if I got them all arrested and they all said that they would so they will be the last to know when they go down as well.

So I stopped in Ft Lauderdale FL because I had a rock band on my Hit List and it is the Red Hot Chili Peppers and they have disguised themselves as a bunch of bagpipers and they are traveling around the country playing this God awful bagpipe music and they are one of my favorite rock bands but who the hell goes to see a band with a bunch of faggot looking old bagpipers standing up there on stage wailing out rock and roll classics like that Bay City Rollers hit and who the hell wants to hear a Bay City Rollers song anyway so you mother fuckers need to cut the shit out and I have had more than one complaint about you sick fuckers so change your name and that won’t help you because that’s the only way you make a living so this bunch of conartist rip-off bagpipers are traveling around the US and if you want to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers and you Google them then these fuckers come up in the search at the top of the list because they are on tour and the real band isn’t and you buy tickets or your children buy tickets and then they go down to the auditorium where they have sold out the whole show with people that want to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers but these mother fuckers are the Red Hot Chili Pipers and so I went and checked out the show and there were people walking in and sitting down and then looking at each confused and then getting up and leaving because who the hell would pay to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers and apparently everyone is and they are a rip off and someone needs to arrest them as con artist because that’s who they are and I saw two High School girls out in the parking lot trying to sell their tickets which cost them over Fifty Dollars and that’s a lot of money for a High School kid so they are stealing from children and she said “I didn’t know who they were” and looked so sad and disappointed and everyone that walks into their show is just that, disappointed so these ripoff conartist have got to be stopped but you can ask any conartist if this is illegal and they will say no because conartist aren’t breaking the law or are they and yes they are. They are extortionist and they are going to be dealt with as extortionist which is a felony so if you are a rip off conartist working in the US and there are huge gangs that do just this and nothing else because they believe they can’t be prosecuted because they aren’t breaking the law. They are just smarter than you and you are dumber and they are just taking your money because you are so stupid to give it to them and then they laugh at you the suckers and there is one born very minute and they think they might get arrested on a misdemeanor charge every few years and spend a week in jail but now they are going to be arrested for extortion and if you don’t stop you will be spending your life in jail because the charges could stack up so watch your conartist asses out there and watch out for these Red Hot Chili Pipers going to jail for the crimes they are committing in the Music Industry because they may just be arrested when someone files a complaint and says they extorted Fifty Dollars out of them with their conartist Bag Piping Con that they are running all over the US and so look for them coming to a jail near you very soon because that’s where they belong and not on stage and they could just go play in the park for tips but then they would fucking starve to death so they are conning us all out of our hard earned money so they can live the life of a rock star so they must be stopped and I am not kidding or am I and you will just have to watch CNN and read the newspapers and see if they are going down or if Carl the Poacher is going down or if my Blow Fish asshole is going down when Carl the Poacher’s daughter and myself are married and that would be in the Society Section so look for that in the very near future.

I have finally made it to Boca Raton and I am in the middle of an investigation here and the Long Arm of the Law has interrupted it to tell me about her views on the meaning of Country Music songs and this is based on facts and she is a very disturbed young lady so here she comes Ladies and Gentlemen lets hear it for the Long Arm of the Law.

Audience: Applause!

Long Arm of the Law: I met Blow Fish in the Irish Karaoke Bar in Boca Raton where they have a country music karaoke hoedown throwdown in an Irish Bar of all places and I was in there with my friends and we were sent in there to set up Blow Fish and tell him he needed to watch his back because he seems to think he is Bullet Proof and he might just be getting himself killed by this Johnny Dangerously character that he is setting up in the Bar next door if he doesn’t watch his ass and I was told he knew nothing about country music and I should help him understand the meaning of the songs since I am something of an expert on the subject and he is a city slicker and may not know what the songs are even about or even know how to sing the songs and I may need to encourage him to get up and sing on a Karaoke Song the stage and so he bought me and my girlfriends or my posse rounds of drinks in these gallon buckets with LED lights floating in the bottom of them with long straws and so we are all standing around with Blow Fish with these huge tacky country Karaoke Bar drinks with lights flashing in the bottom of them and I explained all the country music songs to him and all the sexual positions that each one describes and he asked if he could include me in the Big Show since I am an expert on the meaning of Country Music songs and I asked him if he was going to make fun of me on the Internet and he said probably so and laughed and so I said “Hell No” and he said well I am including you anyway and so here I am and I am the Long Arm of the Law and I work for an Agency that works under the US Justice Department and I consider myself to be a spy girl and I am so valuable to my employer the US Government that I can’t even ride a roller coaster because I might get injured and then who would do my job and so I am too valuable to my country to take any chances at getting injured and Blow Fish here according to my Intel seems to think he is Bullet Proof so I was sent into the Karaoke Bar to set him up and tell him that he is not Bullet Proof and he better watch his ass or he may get himself killed one day because there are criminals all over Boca Raton FL and he is doing something next door at the Platforms Bar and setting up the owner’s son who calls himself the Proprietor and I think that guy is going to kill him so I was sent in there to tell him he isn’t Bullet Proof and try and calm his wild ass down but it doesn’t seem to be working because he has taken over the Karaoke Bar and has my Handler or Field Supervisor harmonizing with him and me and my posse are singing backup and dancing on the stage behind them and we are singing Country Karaoke Songs and we girls don’t know how to dance or much of anything and we are not good at backup singing because we are too loud and can’t dance so it would seem that he has set us up and has all of us up on stage and making a fool out of us in front of our friends here in Boca Raton and the crowd is going wild and laughing at all of us and he is having a blast and laughing at us at our expense but I am irreplaceable to my country and soon I will be a full field agent for the FBI and then I will be arresting businessmen in Boca Raton for turning me onto cocaine and then they will be going to jail and Blow Fish says that businessmen don’t do cocaine anymore and I need to find me a drug dealer instead of a businessman and but I was told to find a businessman with cocaine because that is a class book arrest when you find a businessman trying to impress women and their business associates with a large amount of cocaine so I am still looking for a businessman with a large amount of cocaine that will give me some so I can have him arrested and then I will become a full field agent for the FBI and until then I am chained to this desk job and I have asked Blow Fish to set up Zac Brown with a cocaine arrest and Blow Fish has not answered me so I am waiting to arrest the Zac Brown Band on a cocaine charge and soon he will be going down and then I will be promoted to a full field agent and then I won’t be tied to this desk anymore so watch for Zac Brown’s arrest coming up in the very near future and Saddle up your Boys is where the woman puts the man’s ball sack in her month and that is Saddling up your Boys at least that is what I believe it is because I make no fucking sense at all because I don’t know what I am talking about most of the time.

Zac Brown: Buddy Roo what the hell is she talking about getting me and my Band arrested on a Cocaine charge you know we travel with our families now out on the road and we don’t do that stuff anymore and I am a family man and I have children and don’t need this kind of bad publicity coming from down in a wonderful area like Boca Raton because I have allot of fans down there so what is she talking about.

Blow Fish: Just ignore her, she asked me to set you up and I told her I don’t set up my friends and you are my friend and she doesn’t understand that, all she wants is an arrest so she is the one that is going around and arresting all these criminals that I have set up on the Big Show so that I can stay bulletproof and invisible so you won’t see me coming after you. I am sending the Long Arm of the Law and she is so evil she will arrest you in your sleep or while you are in the act or do anything to get you behind bars and there is no talking her out of it or paying her off so don’t even try because her family has all the money in the world and she isn’t doing this for the money only for the fame and she thinks she is hanging you criminals high from a tree limb just like in this song and she thinks she is the new Sherriff in town and taking you all down and throwing you all in the poky so watch out for her but don’t worry Zac Brown she has nothing on you so I am sic’ in her on Randy Gibson and planting some cocaine in his house to set him up and then she can arrest a businessman for taking her home with him and turning her onto cocaine and she is so stupid that she thinks that businessman will just give her some cocaine to be entered into evidence and she will then have him arrested and doesn’t realize she has to go home with Randy Gibson and snort coke all night and have sex with him and then get him arrested on a larger quantity than just a couple grams so she doesn’t know what she is doing but she is still the Long Arm of the Law here on the Big Show and coming to arrest all you criminals when the shit hits the fan and the fan is coming and you are the shit so you better watch your assholes boys the Long Arm of the Law is on her way to take you out.

Randy Gibson: Hey Bubba and I am sorry for calling you that I know you think that is a derogatory statement in the south these days so Blow Fish why am I getting set up with this horrible little Narc chick and that’s what we call her not some spy girl but a Narc chick and we have a spy girl here in Destin FL and she will break your arm and is something of a Dominixtress and she thinks that a woman that likes to hurt men and break their arm is what a spy chick is and that’s just assault and she does this at this bar out at Sandestin called the Funky Blues Shack thinks that’s funny when she twist a man’s arm behind his back and then whispers in his ear that she could cut his throat right now if she wanted to and there is nothing you could do about it and I think that’s attempted murder or conspiracy to commit murder at best but she doesn’t have a free hand to do anything with much less cut someone’s throat and she thinks this is funny and a good way to impress a man and well that’s just called a redneck asshole whore so if she is still in there doing that then someone is coming in there to arrest her so you better watch out for that because she is on your Hit List and please take me off because I do not want to be arrested for a Kilo of Cocaine planted in my house by this wacko Long Arm of the Law.

Blow Fish: Randy Fucking Us All Over Gibson why don’t you go in there and arm wrestle that Spy Chick at the Funky Blues Shack in Sandestin not the one in downtown Destin because they are nice in there but the one at Sandestin and have that Spy Chick arrested for assault and battery and then I won’t set you up with the Long Arm of the Law and I am kidding you because you will not me making any deals with me asshole. I spent two years of my life setting you and AJ Laird up for murder which took you guys just a few minutes to commit murder so you are going down and are already set up so why not help out the Long Arm of the Law so that she can say that she set up a big ole land developer tycoon like you on a Cocaine Distribution charge so watch out Randy Fucking Himself Over Gibson you are going down on a Cocaine charge and it is not entrapment because you always buy and snort cocaine with those prostitutes that you always buy at Harbor Docks where they work and you go in there not for the food but for the sex and drugs and that makes them a Mafia Bar and a Mafia Business and a Mafia Gang and it makes Charles Morgan the head of the Mafia Gang known as the Harbor Docks, Camille’s, La Paz and the Local Market there in Destin FL and Dharma Blue in Pensacola FL and all over the southeast so look them up online and make sure you don’t accidently go in any of his Mafia Bars like Chucks in Athens, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, or Mobile, or any of the Five Bars in Mobile, Athens, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Knoxville, Chattanooga and in Nashville soon, and then there is the Seafood Market and Red Bay Grocery and then he has Food Trucks out in all those locations called the American Lunch and they are operating free of charge in church parking lots and other public places so you have a Mafia Organization selling lunches in your parking lots and they act like they are a nonprofit charitable organization but it is the Mafia from Destin FL called Harbor Docks and soon they will open up a Restaurant out on 30A in South Walton FL they called “Their attack on 30A” and Charles Morgan is very successful at what he does and fooling the general public into believing that he is a great person and that they are something of a charitable organization which is the latest con by these Mafia Organizations where they donate like a dollar for every thousand they make to a local charity so don’t fall for that because they probably give the food bank their rotten food that they are about to throw in the dumpster anyway and then they send a truck over to pick it up. So Charles Morgan has everyone fooled that they aren’t making any money and then he screws over his managers and partners and sends the profits to an offshore bank because they are all his Mafia slaves working for tips and whatever they can rip off their customers for and that’s all they ever get because they never make any money at any of these locations but he has a private jet and a personal helicopter he uses to go from location to location and to the Bahamas where he stashes the loot as these guys call it so watch out for all those location and make sure you aren’t in there when they get raided by the Justice Department for Money laundering and Prostitution and Drugs and Racketeering which is what Charles Morgan is a Big Ole Racketeer so watch for the Long Arm of the Law reaching out and taking Charles Morgan into custody and we know where you go in the Bahamas so you can forget about trying to hide it somewhere else asshole and that’s what you get for poisoning me and throwing me in a jail cell where you would have ended my life like you have done to so many people in the past you murdering Mafia asshole.

Long Arm of the Law: Sounds Like I have allot of work coming up so I will have to call out the Treasury Department and get them to research and get their ducks in a row so that all those locations can be taken down.

Blow Fish: That’s not a problem because when you are on my Blow Fish hit list and you Charles Morgan are on the Blow Fish hit list and if I moved to your town and bought a boat and put it in the Yacht Club next door to your original location and then cooked your crew or gang members lunch a couple times and had your whole gang talking about where they would be going on my Sailing Yacht and what they would be doing on my Yacht which all your perverted crew wants to do is have sex because they work all the time like the slaves that they are so why don’t you just say all your locations are set up and going down and all the research as been done and all the ducks are in a row and your locations are going down like dominos and so watch for the closing of the Harbor Dock restaurant chain and then another franchise can come in there and take them over that treats their employees like human beings instead of slaves and then you the public will be safe going in there to eat and your children will be safe working there because right now I would not allow my children to even go in there and eat because he will corrupt their morals and make them criminals just like him but they don’t see it that way because they are working for the Lord of the Manor and in his Serf Society just like Gene Luciano in Naples FL where Charles Morgan is the Lord of the manor and he has his Serfs like Ms Jackie and Steve and all his General Managers and Managers and Assistant Managers which are all his enforcers as the Mafia calls them and then he has his employees which are all his slaves or Serfs and they are also his informants and snitches and blackmailers and they all snitch on each other and get them arrested and run out of town and then the snitch gets promoted to an Assistant Manager position and everyone is promoted from the inside just like that and that’s how he has built his Mafia Racketeering Business where all these employees are his Serfs and he is Lord of the Manor and he saw me walk into Harbor Docks once on Thanksgiving for lunch and he shook his head like that poor guy is walking into a trap because he knows what his gang is like because they destroy people’s lives and I am sure he has seen hundreds of businessmen’s lives ruined by his gang because it is what he has trained them to do and they just do it without thinking because it is what he has trained them to do and either you join the gang and become one of their slaves and under his control or they destroy you because they have to control your life or they destroy your whole life and so Charles Morgan is living and running his business like he is the Lord of the Manor and his employees are his Serfs which are slaves and slavery still exist here in the USA and it has to end and it must change to where his employees at these restaurants get salaries and medical care and are treated like human beings and employees and not slaves so don’t go in any of these restaurants until they are under new management and then we will watch those guys as well because some of the larger corporations in this company are ran just like a Mafia Business which makes them the Mafia and makes them Organized Crime just like right here in Boca Raton FL but first I need to check on another situation here in the bar next door.

Johnny Dangerously is the character that owns the bar next door to the Irish Karaoke Bar with country music and I am here to see what he is up to and this guy has married a girl from Atlanta and she has a child and I maybe the Father because I met her when she lived in Atlanta and Johnny doesn’t know this and he is a bad ass Mafia Drug Lord and a Mobster here in Boca Raton and the Platform Bar is his Crime Center for Evil Business and I am working in there with a team of FBI agents to set him up and these guys are dressed up like they are at Elaine’s in New York City back in it’s prime when you had to wear a costume to get in the door and you had to know someone just to get your name on the list to get to the door and so these guys have wigs on and gym shorts with tight T-Shirts that look gay and the guy has a straw in his shorts that makes it look like he has a hard on and he showed me the straw and I told him I expected it to be bigger and his female partner expected it to be bigger as well and I hit on her and she hit right back at me and he said you know she is with me and I said she didn’t say a word about it so they are working to help me set up Johhny Dangerously in Platforms which is a disco bar like Elaine’s in New York back in the day of John Travolta when he was skinny and could still dance and I was a dancer just like him but in Atlanta in my early twenties and had studied Architecture at GA Tech and worked in the family business which was Real Estate Development and was a General Contractor and built and operated a Skateboard Park in Atlanta and so I was this laid back surfer type by day and then this ladies man disco dancer wearing thousand dollar suits by night and that was the life I lived and the women would stand in line to dance with me and surround me and there were so many women wanting to dance with me that they would get mad and I would have to say I’m sorry but I can’t dance with all of you and the Disco club where I danced had paid these professional Arthur Murray dance instructors to come in and entertain the crowd and teach them how to dance and I took over the dance floor and they fired those guys and just gave me free drinks so I had a free tab every night and I was having a blast as you can imagine and so I stopped going out with this one girl I had been seeing and then she commented that she couldn’t even see me anymore for all the women standing around me in the Disco and I need to explain that the Big Show is based on facts and it is a fantasy blog but this is a true story and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but as you are about to find out she is guilty as hell and even though this is suppose to be a fantasy blog where nothing is real but this is real and a true account of what happened and my expression of my Free Speech which is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution and that’s just what the attorneys for the FBI said I had to type on each day of the Big Show so that I could not be shut down so with all that said this is a true story and so this girl that I had dated was the daughter of a gang member that worked for Brevard up in Atlanta and her name was Jodie McWhorter and her father worked for Brevard and her mother worked for an Insurance Broker that worked for Brevard and so these people worked in their chosen profession doing work for Brevard that looks legal but it’s not and earned a living but what they did after hours and who they really are is a gang that stole businessmen’s wealth for a living and so Jodie told me that her Mother was looking for a man with a Trust Fund that her mother and her gang members or associates as she called them so they could steal his trust fund and so Jodie was out in the Atlanta Bars as instructed by her mother who was working for this Brevard Gangster meeting men and supposed to be getting leads for her mother so she could set these men up and steal their wealth and so she asked me if my father had a trust fund that her mother could steal and I said no I make more money than my father does to throw her off the trail but on my mothers side of the family we were worth millions and millions of dollars and I had a trust fund and it would have been a fortune to these criminals but she didn’t ask me if I had any wealth and so I thought I need to watch myself with this woman and so I stopped seeing her and now she was back trying to go out with me again so this was the first experience that I had with someone trying to steal my wealth and I never told anyone my family had any money, you just didn’t do that when you grow up and everyone around you knows your family has more money than God to all them and they are so jealous they just about hate you and my friends were always getting pissed off at me if I said anything about going to the doctor because if I was sick I went to the Doctor but they never went to the doctor and just mentioning that would piss them off or if I won’t ride in the back of a pickup truck or something that I knew was illegal and not safe to do but if that’s all you have to ride in then you ride in the back of the your father’s pickup truck and I understand that but I had never ridden in a pickup truck in my whole life so I grew up in a wealthy family and Jodie McWhorter’s father was a pulpwood cutter which means he cut down pine trees and drug them out of the woods and loaded them on a trailer and then they were hauled to the pulpwood yard and then processed into paper or lumber or whatever and he was killed on the job which was a horrible thing and so I felt sorry for her but she had no remorse for her father what so ever and her mother remarried this McWhorter guy who worked in construction or something illegal that Brevard was doing and she had taken his last name and so he was her father now and so the whole family were nothing but criminals working in this white collar Crime Syndicate that this Brevard character owns and manages and has orchestrated all these crimes for years and years and all they do is steal from people and take all the money they have and leave people homeless and broke and so here she is trying to set me up so I set her up instead and here is what I did I told the guy that I knew who told the guy that he knew and the next thing they all knew who Jodie McWhorter was and she was set up by the FBI on a Prostitution Charge for soliciting sex from men for money which was their wealth that she was trying to steal from them and so she was given a choice of going to jail or working undercover for the FBI and so she was enlisted by the FBI because her mother and this shows you how intense these people are and how organized they actually are because they train their children from birth to be criminals by telling them how to act so they would seem normal but they train the women to be little whores so they would go out to bars and get men in bed with them to ask them questions that only men will answer right after they have screwed them like the next morning after having sex last night but Jodie McWhorter wasn’t that good at this so she would have to talk to me right after her mother had drilled the question into her that she needed to ask me and one time she called me up and asked me why I had eliminated her and decided not to marrying her and she said the only reason she was asking was because her mother told her to call and so her mother wanted to know why and so she wasn’t very good at setting men up.

So this is how Jodie’s Mother had planned to use her in Brevard’s Criminal Organization, her mother had her enrolled in the community college studying criminal science so she could get a job in law enforcement so that Brevard would have someone on the inside to use to gather Intel and to outsmart the police which would be the very people she was working for so they have people working in law enforcement who are being paid by you the taxpayer that are informing on the police to Brevard and his gang members so that they can rip you off and steal all your money and they are living off the salary that you the taxpayer are paying them the whole time they are working to rob you so that is how cunning and ruthless these criminals are only Jodie McWhorter wasn’t very good at it and she was getting nowhere with me so I set her up and these people aren’t that smart just ruthless but Brevard considers himself a genius but if he was he would earn an honest living and not cross that line where you are harming others which is that inner compass that you watch so you know you are being true to yourself and others at the same time and you never cross the line and never hurt anyone else and so Brevard and his gang and Gene Luciano call that being weak and Gene’s gang explained this to me when they were setting me up and that’s why they think we are failures at life because we won’t cross that line and hurt them for trying to steal from us so they pick good people that won’t fight back and then they destroy their lives and that’s what they do they have no conscious to deal with because they think that is a weakness and they don’t care that they are hurting someone all they care about is getting what they want and they get it by stealing and that’s the only way you get it and we got our money the same way so we are no better than they are because we lied and cheated people to get our money so we are no better than they are and they have to use any method they can to get what they want so they plan to take our money away from us because we are the weak and lazy rich slobs and they want their share of what we have which is everything I have so that’s how they think. But I feel totally different about money because I have always had money and I don’t worry about getting it because it’s very easy for me to make money and I don’t really give a shit about it at all I care about the people in my life because the people in my life can’t be replaced like money can which is disposable and they believe that the rich worship money and hoard it and never spend it and it is more important than people so they believe they are just like us and they are doing anything they have to get our money just like us but they’re not like us they are more like a bunch of wild animals like a pack of wolves that gang up on you and there are so many of them you can’t protect yourself and if you try to stop them they just attack you and then they just take whatever it is they want and you feel helpless and defeated and that is mob rule and how a gang overpowers you and takes what they want like a bunch of fucking wild animals and they are out there just waiting on us to come out in the open so they can attack us so that’s where I am coming from and if that sounds bad then that’s ok because I am not going to hurt anyone and I was a perfect gentleman to Jodie McWhorter and she said for years I was the nicest man she ever dated because I took her to fine restaurants and never took her to one fast food restaurant except one time when we were on a trip to the mountains and ate in the car to save time and that was just a snack so I have not been mean to anyone in my whole life and I have just let these criminals be mean to me and set me up so that I could set them up and gather the Intel like I did with Jodie McWhorter and she was given a choice either going to jail which would end her career working undercover for Brevard in law enforcement or work for the FBI as an informant in her Mother’s and Father’s criminal organizations so there is a war going on and it is a crime war to stop these criminals who are trying to gain control of all our wealth and take it away from us and it is like organized crime is taking over a portion of the government when they are infiltrating government jobs and professional jobs in the legal and medical field and we are going to start talking about how they are doing that and it’s like they are becoming so organized that they could take over the whole world if you think about so where would it stop and it won’t stop and the world would become a horrible place to live just like in the Florida Keys which I have described as a place where they arrest you and take all your wealth or set up and take control of you and control your wealth and own you and then you are their slave and then you are just another member of the gang working to give everything you make to your master that tells you what to and then takes your money and lets you have the portion that they want you to have and so that is what these criminals are trying to do to all of us and if they haven’t gotten to you yet then you are lucky but they may have you on their list right now or your parents or your grandparents because the sick and elderly keep them busy and that’s where they do most of their work and stay so busy there that they haven’t gotten to you yet and maybe it’s because you aren’t at retirement age yet and by then it will be too late because when you get older and you start getting senile then anything you say can be excused as senility and no one believes you then they just put you in a home and they have this new generation of criminals coming out of college that are well trained and have been schooled so they can operate inside your business or organization that they infiltrate and from there they overtake your whole life so if we don’t stop them then they will outnumber us one day and then they will start stealing from each other and who knows what that would be like and that would probably be the end of civilization as we know it and there have been civilizations that have crumbled because of greed and evil leaders and you have studied those in school and so America which is still a young nation may have our greatest challenge ahead of us to end this horrible greed that has grown here in this country where people think that they need money more than anything else and if they have money everything will be ok and so they just keep grabbing for more and more of it and they never stop and they are never happy just like Gene Luciano who is a real person who is exactly as I describe him and he thought I was his friend but I never was and I just repeat the same things he said to me over and over and he does have a limited vocabulary especially when he gets mad and stops talking and then starts beating the hell out of you until you get the message that he is Lord of the Manor and you are the Serf and Brevard is the big Lord of the Manor in the Southeast and we are his Serfs and we have no other choice because he will make it happen and your boss could be working for Brevard right now and you would not even know it and that’s makes you one of his slaves or Serfs and you don’t even know it yet and your children could be a server in one of the restaurants he owns and it all seems like a great job and a free lifestyle where everyone is partying but when Brevard gives an order you will do as he says and you will set up who he says to set up and take what he says to take or rob who he says to rob or drug who he says to drug and that is a fact of life these days so listen for more on that subject because that is what we are dealing with here and where we are going and these people have to be stopped or we will loose our freedom to them and they become the Lord of the Manor and you slave in a Serf Society again like back in the Middle Ages.

So there are companies and large corporations that are using this Lord of the Manor as a management technique which is what the Mafia is built on that makes them a Mafia business when you take your employees freedom away from them in exchange for the money that you let them have which would be your salary and that’s why I am here to explain a new management technique that these assholes have started and it could spread all over the country if you the Serfs or slaves don’t say, no way and do not sign their employment contract which is like signing away your freedom which makes you a slave so here she comes with her Intel on these Major National Corporations with Headquarters located in Boca Raton FL which is one of the best places in America to live.

The Long Arm of the Law: So when you have your boys saddled up you can’t talk so I had to unsaddle my boyfriends balls out of my mouth to talk and so that’s the way I talk because I make no sense but I do know what Blow Fish is talking about because my family is involved in this very business practice and we are rich as hell and can do anything we want and we are Jewish but unfortunately we have to hire Gentiles because the Jews in our Synagogue are in two classes and some are rich and some are poor and either you want to get richer and that is the most important thing in your life or either you worship God and that is the most important thing in your life and so those people make faithful employees and they will work for us forever but they don’t have any drive like Gentile employees do so we have to hire Gentiles because we are a large national corporation with headquarters located here in Boca Raton and you can look us up and see for yourself and I am exposing what my own family does for a living and we are Direct TV and our corporate headquarters are located in Boca Raton FL and we get major movie stars and musicians to do our commercials and they don’t always come off looking good in our commercials but we don’t care because we are old school Jews and think that Gentiles look funny when we belittle them on TV and that makes people remember our product and that’s an old school advertising trick like a low end car dealer with irritating commercials where the commercial irritates you so much that you go to work and mention it and tell your friends about that irritating commercial you saw and they tell their friends but the only thing is some people today don’t watch TV like Blow Fish here never watches commercials and is never irritated so watch out for us because we are going to irritate you into buying the dish network or give you a free cell phone when you do so you better watch out because we are going to take over the Cable TV companies and we are located here in Boca Raton FL so here is Blow Fish to tell you how we do what we do.

Blow Fish: So she was on my hit list and I went into the Karaoke Bar in Boca Raton FL and set her up and her team of office workers in this Bar while they were trying to set me up and I have been involved in these training exercises for years and years and they come out and try to woo me or tempt me or change my direction like they are sending me a message in code or activating me into another project or just some bull shit and usually it is something I always know about and it is always something that I already know about or I wouldn’t be there so when you hear that I have been set up and soon you will be seeing what I do first hand as all these office worker spies start posting their photos of me that they have collected over the years on Facebook so look for Where Is Wayne Ball on Facebook and post your photos of me so everyone can have a good laugh at how you set me up when I was there in your town for you to set me up and then you are set up because I don’t care if I make myself look foolish because that’s how I set up the criminals by making a fool of myself with the clothes I wear and my behavior. So soon you can look at Where Is Wayne Ball on Facebook and see where I am and what I am doing and where I am working and you will see old photos and new ones and these will all be posted by the FBI Office Staffs in different locations around the country where they wanted to go out in the field for what is called a Field Op and so they got dressed up and got out with their Intel of where I would be and then they have to wait for me to show up and then they catch me walking into a Restaurant or Bar with maybe a date like Terri Lynn who would see these women taking a photo of us walking into a Restaurant and then say I think that woman just took our photo and I would say “She probably thinks we are someone famous” and then I would laugh and she would say “Probably so” because Terri Lynn and her family are like celebrities you know or it could be a photo of me buying shots to set someone up or dancing and just acting like a fool to embarrass myself in public to piss someone else off because that usually works very well but watch the Facebook page and see what happens.

So back to Boca Raton and there are National Corporations with their Headquarters in Boca Raton that are on my hit list so I moved here and lived in Boca Raton to set them up and I have gone out in the community to find out what they are up to here and it did not take long at all to find the situation that I had been warned about and I mean almost immediately I discovered what was going on here and I had a business located out near the Polo Fields in Boca Raton Fl where you pay One Million Dollars for a home building lot in the Polo Fields or a Golf Course gated Community so that you can live next door to a guy that paid One Million Dollars for a home building lot so that you have something in common with each other and then you have your house built to the Community Conveniences and the common areas are maintained and possibly your yard as well by the Homeowners Association and you may pay Five Thousand dollars a month in association fees or more and so you are spending allot of money for this quality of life and it’s not about saving money it’s about having control over your life and controlling who lives next door to you and making sure they are the same kind of person as you with the same values and there is nothing wrong with that but I am just explaining the wealth that is here and this example is like the Upper Middle Class lifestyle and not the super rich it’s just the above average lifestyle for someone living in Boca Raton working in a management position for one of these National Corporations in their Headquarters here in Boca Raton FL. So there is a high standard of living here in Boca Raton and lets say they have hired you at one of their locations in another city and then you are given promotions and then you reach the top of the management level in your home town and then you are told in order to get another promotion you have to uproot your family and leave your hometown and take your kids out of their school and relocate to Boca Raton FL and then you are given an interview at the National Headquarters and you take your family with you and stay out at the beach near Boca Raton and it’s a free vacation and the weather is perfect and the town is beautiful and everything is just perfect and it is the perfect place to live and that’s why everyone wants to live here they just can’t afford to so then you are offered the job and you sign a one year contract with a job description and then you uproot your family and move and find a home and it’s beautiful like I described what Upper Middle Class looks like here and your kids are in a great private school and you have made friends and have decided that this is the best thing you have ever done for your career and your family and life could not be better and you are all happy as can be and then your year is up. Then you are brought in for your annual review and it all looks good so now you have to discuss a new contract for the next year and you are told that to remain with the company in your current position the company is requiring that you convert to Judaism and that your wife and children have to do the same and you have to attend the Synagogue that your boss attends and your children have to go to the Jewish Private School where his kids go to school and you have to start living a Jewish life and practice all their beliefs and celebrate all their holidays and eat their food and you have to become Hebrew and leave your old life and your old friends and your old beliefs behind and become this person that your employer wants you to be so you will fit in here in Boca Raton like everyone else or either you lose your job and you will not get a good reference because you didn’t follow orders and caused problems and at your age where are you going to find a similar position and find a new career in another field and so you would lose your home and your standing in the community and your children would think you are a failure and then you have to leave town and take your kids out of private school and your whole life is in turmoil and you loose everything you have worked for and so you have told your family and decided to accept their offer so you get circumcised if you already aren’t and wear a yarmulke and so do your male children and you are now a Jewish employee so you attend their Synagogue and are instructed by your employer’s Rabbi how to live your life and serve your God and your employer so they can control your whole life and that is what is going on in Boca Raton FL where the Jewish employers are forcing Gentles to become Jewish and their family has to become Jewish and you see these Gentiles walking around with their blond little Gentiles sons wearing yarmulkes all the time when they are out in public so everyone knows that they may look like Gentiles but they aren’t they are Jewish. So the Jewish employer has taken away their freedom to choose what religion and what God they worship and controls their private life completely and they have can only have Jewish friends and their kids have Jewish friends and I believe that these people have become slaves and it is this same Lord of the Manor where you will do as you are told and I will pay you the share of the money that I will allow you to keep and if you do not obey me then I will destroy you and so this trend has started in Boca Raton FL and I would not doubt if these employees in management are either transferred back out into other areas of the country or either they set an examples to management in other areas of the country and they are also required that they do the same thing and they are required to convert to Jewish or loose their jobs and so this is something to watch and see how this either spreads to the rest of the country or is it just taking over the city of Boca Raton FL and that has set off a caller so go ahead Shorty and for God’s sack or whoever you are worshiping this week please keep it short.

Martin Levin: I am not going to stand by and let you slander the good Hebrews in Boca Raton FL that is our sacred homeland here in the USA and where Daddy keeps our Mega Yacht and so you better stop and get off the internet right now or we will call the Governor and have him take you down.

Blow Fish: You can call the President if you want asshole and when you find out that he is now a Gentile then you will be the one getting off the internet and since you’re an attorney how can you say this isn’t against the law according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits employers with at least 15 employees, as well as employment agencies and unions, from discriminating in employment based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin and what if you were working for a Jewish Law Firm in Boca Raton and you were informed that you would loose your job if you didn’t stop practicing Catholicism and why doesn’t your Father make everyone at the Levin Firm convert to Judaism?

Martin Levin: I don’t have to work in Boca Raton so I would tell them that I will just go work for my Daddy or I would just quit working and go to Priest School which is where I am now so it doesn’t matter to me anyway.

Blow Fish: Then you tell me the truth Shorty since you are Jewish does Hebrew law teach their Jewish followers that they have to guard themselves from the Gentiles because the Gentiles are always trying to overcharge the Jews or take advantage of them or impoverish them or enslave them like back in Biblical times because that’s when all these beliefs were recorded and so we read these scriptures from those times were the Jewish people were slaves and they were trying to be freed from slavery so isn’t true that the Hebrew Religion has scripture that states that you have to watch out for the Gentiles always taking advantage of you because as a Gentile it has been my experience that Jewish businessman charge more than Gentiles and they are very controlling and demanding if you want to do work with them then you have to give up something in order for the Jewish person to feel that they are getting the better side of the bargain and it seems that the Jewish customers that I have had come to me because they can get a better deal from me than if they bought the same product from a Jewish businessman that they know from their Synagogue so I wager that it’s the Jewish Businessman that gets the upper hand in the business relationship in these major corporations in Boca Raton and they are just trying to take advantage of their Gentile employees by requiring them to convert to Judaism so they can have better control over them and their lives and have the same control over their families as well and they are also controlling the religious beliefs of everyone living in their community and the real issue here is that the Gentiles are now being enslaved by the Jewish business leaders in Boca Raton which means they are running their businesses like a Mafia Business and treating their employees like members of their gang which is making them their slaves.

Martin Levin: We are not really Jewish. I don’t know the answer to your questions. I am converting to Catholicism and my Father and Mother are not devote Jews we do not attend a Synagogue or practice any Jewish religious practices or holidays so I do not have the answers for you and I do not understand the civil rights involved because that is not my area of law and you better stop saying that Jews are enslaving Gentiles and I do not like those racial slurs and you better back off the Levin Law Firm and stop slandering my Daddy’s good name and leave the Jewish citizens of Boca Raton alone or I will call my Daddy at work and he will deal with you.

Fred Levin: Now Junior I have told you to leave him alone he isn’t worth it so just ignore him and he will go away like all bad publicity will and so just let it go and ignore him and let Dean Baird deal with him. That is what I pay him for and he deals with these unsavory characters and we will sic Deano on him and that will be the end of him and we will just forget about whatever he said and everyone else will as well and that’s how it works here in Pensacola FL. I pay Dean Baird to take care of trouble for me and he blackmails them and runs them out of town just like he will do to Blow Fish here and anyone else that crosses me and then he handles the Gambling and Prostitution and Extortion and I handle the Graff because he doesn’t know how to do that and I am very good at that and so we are a team but he works for me and I am his boss and that makes me the Racketeer and the Big Ole Mobster and he is just one of my workers like my brother handles my Real Estate Development which is what Dean pretends to do but he doesn’t and I am the money man and someone has to control the money and keep everything organized and when I die then they will all break up into different groups or gangs with no authority or organization and so I am Lord of the Manor here and they are my Serfs and if you don’t believe me then call the Governor because he works for me too and I am the most successful Crime Boss in the Southeast because it looks so legal that the Governor would even tell you that so take a look at my bar in my home on the internet and that is how I perceive myself as a gangster from back in the days of Al Capon who the FBI arrested for Tax Evasion and today the charge is the same only it is called Money Laundering when you take the money you didn’t pay tax on from your criminal enterprises like gambling and prostitution and extortion and drugs and you invest it in another business until you have built a huge network of companies that don’t have my name on them and that is what a Mafia King Pin does just like Ale Capon who was a Racketeer which is what I am and look at my bar in my home where I entertain my friends and business associates where we pretend to be gangsters just like Al Capon and that’s who I am a Racketeer and a Criminal so watch out when I go down and they come and take me away but not in handcuffs but they are still coming all the same because they will call it taking me in for questioning as to my involvement in Organized Crime because I am the leader of Organized Crime here in Pensacola FL.

Martin Levin: My Daddy isn’t going to like that and he will call Deano and he will probably put a contract out of your life and may harm your children.

Blow Fish: As I have said before just think about it and I will hear about it and you will go down so go ahead Fred Levin or Dean Baird or even you Short Shit and you will go away for Conspiracy to Commit Murder for just thinking about it and then make a call or take a step toward anyone in my family and that is Attempted Murder so they are there so go ahead and seal your fate which will be life in prison so go ahead and make a fucking move assholes and see what happens.

Martin Levin: I am calling my Daddy and he will deal with you because I am in Priest School and I am protected here by the church and you are not so I am safe and you are not so that will be the end of you.

Blow Fish: Let me finish with the Jews in Boca Raton and then I will deal with you and the Church as you call it Shorty so hang in there and this is what the Jews are doing in Boca Raton that is wrong and so without any more interruptions…

Gene Luciano: I was just calling to say I am sorry and was wondering where you are so I can come and sit down and straighten this whole thing out like human beings.

Blow Fish: Well I wasn’t called a son of a bitch so this must be Brevard and what can I do for you lying asshole conartist?

Brevard: You know me well and I guess that is from years of me torturing you and your sister with my thieves setting you up and stealing all your money and properties and your freedom and your life .

Blow Fish: You haven’t stolen my freedom. You have brainwashed my sister by stealing her freedom and soon we will be looking at how you did just that and how that works so that the Prosecution will know how to prosecute you and Brevard you big tub of lard you were on my Hit List before you knew who me and my sister ever were and have been set up because you are so evil that if I didn’t set you up you would have gotten away with what you have been doing your whole life but you are on my hit list and you were before Bob Taylor or Tommy Boy ever came to my Mother’s house and stole that Twenty Thousand on Christmas Day which most people find the thought of that unbelievable but that is just business as usual for you so while we were having Christmas Dinner you were making Twenty Thousand Dollars and I sat there and watched Tommy do it because I knew that he was going to do it when I was told in Mexico that I had to come home and watch him so I can be the witness for the Prosecution because I was sitting where I could watch what he was doing and you can’t excuse yourself from the dinner table and go to the restroom if you are in my mother’s home office can you and he was in there for twenty minutes searching for the Twenty Thousand Dollars to steal from my family and then my Mother accused him of stealing the money so he set my sister up by saying Carol I am an attorney and not a criminal and then she explained that to my mother until they finally put her Mother in a nursing home to shut her up and that’s where she died at the hands of your health care providers that end your victims lives and then you took over her estate with your shyster attorney’s Law Firm in Columbus GA which you own known as the Ken Nuggent Law Firm and that is how you stole our wealth and that is what you do for a living along with all your other scams so why don’t you just admit to that and we can move on and you can stop all this conartist bullshit business with me since I know who you are so as they say cut the bullshit asshole and come clean.

Brevard: Well I am sure I do not know what you mean I will never come clean and I am already squeaky clean and you are the criminal and so is your sister and so the two of you have screwed up and blown your inheritance and drank up all your money and are going to jail or the insane asylum or where ever you people go as they say so that will be the end of you.

Blow Fish: Brevard you are such a liar you will never tell the truth so I will have to and that will send you away for life so if you think I am a criminal I am not. I have an arrest record as long as your arm as you guys say and it’s so I look like a criminal and there were a bunch of worthless check charges for checks that were written on uncollected funds where the check hit the bank before the bank released the hold on the funds and that should be illegal for a bank to do if they already have the funds so I was innocent of all those charges and so if that’s all you got on me and I know you set my sister up on an assault charge so you could use that against her so she could be put away in a mental institute for having a violent past and then that’s all you have on her and all my DUI charges were set ups from Mafia Bars and I have one of those from your bar in Alpharetta GA called Sage and so you will be answering charges to your involvement with the Russian Mafia in Atlanta GA that is working under your cloak of protection there called the Good Ole Boy Club which is what you are and a Racketeer and a Mafia Gangster so get ready to go down on that charge and soon we will look at every single business you own and operate and I will list each of them on the Internet and the Police that you think you own will close them all down and take you away and they will all be taken away for being crooked and so look for that coming up when I get to Atlanta with this my Tiki Bar Tour where I am going from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar setting up the Bale Maker and he is here in Boca Raton FL and he is out on Deerfield Beach and I have a caller from there so go ahead caller.

DEA Agent Deerfield Beach: Blow Fish what in the hell are you talking about you know me and you know I am watching the beach and protecting the coast here and nothing is getting past me so we are good here and I do not understand?

Blow Fish: Well unfortunately you are on my Hit List and just because everyone there knows who you are and that you are watching them and checking out the local nightlife and watching the bars and never getting anyone arrested or rolling over on anyone which is what you crooked cops call it and I know you are investing in the area and flipping houses on the side and are pretending to be a lifeguard and I have just blown your cover but it doesn’t matter you are a crooked DEA Agent and you are no better than the criminals you protect and so I have been there and watched what you are doing and made you believe that I had bought a house there and retired and just out drinking and having fun so I guess you will have to find another retirement business because watching the volleyball games are now a thing of the past for you and you will have to move away and get a real job because you are not doing the job the US Government pays you to do and how can a DEA Agent always go home at Ten O’clock at night when the drug dealers are just getting out to start there dealing for the evening there in Deerfield Beach or do you just leave when they show up because they pay you to leave so you are finished so pack it up and move on let’s have a round up in Deerfield Beach and Ft Lauderdale and clean up all those drug dealers and soon we will be talking about arresting their boss and he is a big ole drug dealer more like a drug syndicate and we will not want you hanging around getting killed so pack it up or they will kill you just on principal so get going or you are going to get killed and this is your only warning so when you read this you are done and got to go so move now and all I have to say to you my friend is Good Bye and run like hell!

Brevard: Now if you think you are getting me involved in any of my drug distribution and tying me into that Flipper character then you can just forget about it because he goes by his real name these days and we do not like being nicknamed because we are all businessmen up here in Atlanta and all over the Southeast so you better watch out trying to tie me to your buddy Flipper the biggest baddest drug dealer in Atlanta GA.

Flipper: Blow Fish how the hell are you man and when are we going surfing again and go out and pick up some whores and you know they call me Flipper because I always flipped over those Vietnamese prostitutes that worked for me while I was running drugs and prostitution in Vietnam and then fucked them in the asshole so they started calling me Flipper and Brevard doesn’t like that story or those type roughens so I am now using my real name and no one knows who Flipper is except for us criminal types and why didn’t you sell drugs for me when I offered to set you up as one of my distributors and had my head of security run a background check on you and found out you were squeaky clean and then offered you a drug distributorship where I supply the drugs and you sell them and I protect you until the police need to arrest someone and then they arrest you instead of me and then I give another distributor your territory until you get out of jail and then it starts all over again and that’s how it works here in Atlanta and most places except in Pensacola FL where they just arrest the drug buyer like poor ole Drew Bonner over and over and so why didn’t you take my deal and come to work for me instead of causing all this trouble for Brevard?

Blow Fish: Well asshole now I have a criminal record and I do not look so squeaky clean anymore so you would not be so afraid of me and set me up and Brevard offered me the same deal before you did and he had my best friend Mark Babbitt a businessman in Little Rock Arkansas offer me the same deal only I was told I had to break into houses or steal construction materials for Brevard’s Mafia Home Builders from their competition and then they would pay me with drugs and then I could just do the drugs or sell the drugs and his deal was better than your deal because that way the drugs wouldn’t have cost me anything and that’s how Mark Babbitt set me up me when I was 18 years old with the Mafia in Atlanta GA just so he could get free drugs and if I didn’t steal for Brevard I was told I would be arrested for stealing anyway so I was going to jail either way according to Brevard’s gang so I left town and moved on and I have been setting you assholes up ever since so if Mark Babbitt is involved in the Mafia or anything illegal and I am sure he is because he told me he wanted to be just like his Mafia Gangster friend when he grew up so if he is then he is going down so stop setting people up with a life of crime working for the Mafia just for a free bag of pot and I don’t care how bad you wanted to get high you don’t set up your friends and make them a slave for the Mafia so that was my first run in with Brevard’s gang and how they tried to set me up and make me one of their slaves and so you better watch out in Little Rock Arkansas and everywhere those guys work which is everywhere because you are all going down and soon I will be in a different part of the country and you can’t catch me because I have already been there and set you up and that’s the way the Big Show works so you are all going down just wait your turn because the Big Show is coming to a town near you in the very near future and then I will start all over again when you get out of jail and you try to start back up so you will go back to jail again Gene Luciano so you better retire before you go away because if you run your business from jail you will be committing more crimes that you will be arrested for the minute you get out and I am not kidding and you will soon see that I am telling you the truth so Flipper kiss your ass goodbye I was never your friend and I know we went surfing and partied on the Beach in Daytona FL and went to dinner back when I was in the Skate Board Business in Atlanta GA and you had a Skate Board Shop in Doraville GA which was a front for your drug distribution and then you owned an Arcade and a Movie Theater and sold drugs out of that location as well didn’t you and you always seem to have a front where your customers were children so you must sell drugs to kids so I have set you up and you are no businessman just a criminal working under Brevard and guilty of Racketeering and Money Laundering and Prostitution and Extortion working under Brevard’s protection and have been paying off the police for Brevard so you will be going away for a long time but don’t worry we will take over your business and watch after your girl and give them to someone else to take care of while you are away and when you get back if you try to sell drugs again then you will be going right back in prison and we will be taking your house and all your property away from you and giving it to someone else to enjoy as well and I think that was the deal you offered me so I am just reciprocating brother so think about that while you are serving out your retirement cutting grass on the Military Base next door to the Prison where you are serving out your time but that was the deal you offered me so you are done for Mother Fucker and you may get the fucking chair so watch out for the Frying of Flipper and I like my fish fried every now and then as long as it is fried right so look for that announcement in the newspapers and on CNN and then you will know you are fried and deader than shit asshole so Good Bye!

So when I say Good Bye I am finished with you unless you are tied into more than one charge and then I will tie you to those charges later so I will see both you asshole friends very soon and didn’t I say I was setting up Friends and Relatives and Criminals and their Children so if you got a kid he goes to and he is so there and Good Bye to you as well.

Flipper: Come on man we are friends please tell me this is a joke and let’s just sit down and drink a beer and smoke a joint and talk about this.

Blow Fish: I know you Flipper and you know I know you are a murderer. You have already told me that so if you plan on coming after me you won’t be successful because you will be arrested for attempted murder and that will be the end of you so if you are going to try you better do it soon because we are watching you now and you know how we work so we are waiting for you to make a move so we can add that charge so make a move and no I will not meet with you or discuss you anymore unless I have another charge for you so Good Bye.

I was about to say that we were never friends and we never were friends and I have to explain that I went into business at a young age and have always been in business for myself and Flipper came along and said that he was going make me a businessman in no time after I had been in business for years working as a Designer and a General Contractor because by the time I was 21 years old I was working as a General Contractor and I had an architect that worked for me and he took care of the engineering and my Grandfather mentored me as a contractor and I had a Business Management Consultant who was my father and then Flipper meet me after I had built and was managing my own Skateboard Park in Atlanta and what he meant by making me a businessman was to make me one of his Drug Distributors like that is what a businessman does and not the entrepreneur that I already was so he thought I would work for him and that’s what he does and has always done is to increase his distribution by finding new distributors and then if someone steps on someone else’s toes he handles it himself or that person gets busted and eliminated and so he is very good at what he does but he barked up the wrong tree when he messed with me and now he is going down so he has stayed in business for years but his time is up and he is connected with Brevard and protected by Brevard which makes him part of his organization and so he goes down with Brevard and his gang.

Back In Deerfield Beach one of the best beach restaurants I have ever eaten at is here and it is the Whales Rib and I eat at the raw bar counter and it is so fresh I have seen them grab me a live lobster and then prep in and throw it in the broiler and just a few minutes later I am eating it and you can’t get much fresher than that and the oysters and clams and shrimp are all great so try the Broiled Seafood platter with a stuffed Main Lobster, shrimp, oysters, clams, and Mahi Mahi. It is an incredible deal and a wonderful feast and I always enjoy the Blackened Mahi Mahi on a house salad and they also have a great prime Rib and they are owned by the Flanagan’s Franchise next door but the food is totally different and all the Flanagan’s should cook like they do at the Whales Rib and the whole franchise would be incredible. There is also an awesome sushi restaurant and that’s what the sign says out front and it lives up to that statement and the name is Sushi Song and the sous chef is incredible and he has hallows and knows what they are and I always ask for whatever he wants me to make for me and it comes out incredible so please go there and then over in Boca Raton I eat at Rack’s Downtown Eatery and I eat at the sushi bar and the Lobster Roll is the best I have ever had it includes a whole main lobster including the claws and the octopus is also great and then down the street there is a little sushi joint called Sushi Tai and they have great sushi at half the price and good Thai food as well and that’s about it I have eaten everywhere and those are the restaurants I recommend and I have a caller.

Boca Raton Mafia: Why haven’t you included our Chops Lobster Bar in your review? We met with you one evening in Ft Lauderdale and told you we were involved in helping them get the place open because they needed our help and they couldn’t open without our help because we’re the Boca Raton Mafia and we control everything here and control what happens and what gets done and we asked you to take care of someone for us and they are still here so why haven’t you eliminated this person from our area and why don’t you tell your fans what a wonderful restaurant we have here?

Blow Fish: Madam I am not a hit man so if you are looking for a hired killer call Gene Luciano and I ate at your Chops Lobster Bar and it is just a franchise and not anything like the original location that I eat at in Atlanta which is my favorite restaurant so I couldn’t say anything good about it so if I cannot say anything good about it being a good Christian like yourself I didn’t say anything at all and that was the way you were raised I believe and so was I so I do not have anything to say but I can send Geno to see you.

Boca Raton Mafia: That’s who we want you to get rid of we do not need that criminal element in Boca Raton FL where we live and work and we want to keep this a safe place without those gangsters in our town doing business and if you let one in then they all want to come in and then you lose control of the whole town so we need your help with this situation.

Blow Fish: Well I have already done that and I charge one Mega Yacht as payment for ridding your life of one Gene Luciano.

Boca Raton Mafia: I thought you were buying your own boat and were getting rid of Gene Luciano as a common courtesy so to speak because we were all in the same boat and we all want him gone.

Blow Fish: Madam I assure you that you and I are not in the same boat and if you don’t stop thinking that you are some high and mighty Christian Mafia that deserves assignations for free then you have a surprise coming because what you asked me to do is against the law and it is called conspiracy to commit murder and that’s what you are guilty of so I will just say Good Bye!

I do not like Gene Luciano but I am no murderer but they thought I was and so they were set up so I guess they are going down for a serious charge and the locals and their church members will be shocked.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch did you make another side deal with another Mafia Gang for another boat?

Blow Fish: Honestly Geno read back to Day One and find the answers to your own questions. I am busy here and I am almost finished with you and when I am you are going to jail so go pack up your shit or something or go for a long walk and breath some fresh air because it may be your last and let me get back to work here.

So the FBI doesn’t provide a Hitman service which is what she was asking for only what she wanted was exactly what Geno would have done to someone trying to open up a Restaurant in Naples FL which is to make them look like a criminal and turn the whole town against them and then run them out of town but if you pay his Graff payment then he would have acted like the helpful local land developer that can make things happen in Naples FL and he would charge a Fee and then take a percentage of the business and then they would have been able to open the business and that is what they are doing as well and they called the FBI asking for help dealing with some unsavory character that was trying to open a business in Boca Raton which Geno would call moving in on my turf so if you want to be like Geno and collect Graff then you will have to get yourself a Racketeering Franchise like Gene Luciano and that’s what you have so why don’t you just hire yourself a Hitman and make your Racketeering Charge complete and stop bothering me and make me meet with you in an Italian Restaurant and set you up for hiring me to be your Hitman?

Boca Raton Mafia: All we asked you to do was to help us get rid of a developer that was trying to move in on our turf without paying us Graff and we just needed help running him out of town so we can control who and what is built in Downtown Boca Raton so why didn’t we get the service that we requested from the FBI?

Blow Fish: Madam, you are a lovely person and we had a nice conversation but you are exactly like Geno Luciano and always calling up and whining about what your competition is doing and trying to snitch on them so why don’t you read back to Day One and stop asking me to repeat myself because I just said that the FBI is not a free Hitman service for you good Christians to call in when you have a problem with someone and you need to get rid of them and I just said that so what you need is a Hitman and I am the person that was sent to meet with you so I could set you up on the Internet and show how you good people operate when you call up the local law enforcement and ask for help with a problem and then the FBI gets involved and you handle the situation the same way Gene Luciano does by slandering your competition and getting them run out of town and that is what the Mafia does to their competition or either they collect a Graff payment from them and then they own the business because they can’t stay in business without their protection and you Madam are selling protection to businessmen and developers in Boca Raton and that is what a Racketeer does which makes you a Racketeer and that is what you are guilty of so don’t be too surprised when you wake up one Sunday morning and you are getting ready to go to church where you sit there on the third row just like I do and you open up the newspaper or you turn on CNN and find out that you have been brought up on Racketeering Charges and are locked up in the slammer because being a good Christian does not make it right for you to use the law to put other people out of business and to decide who can be in business in Boca Raton and who can’t and just because you are trying to control the local community and keep it a great place to live doesn’t make it right because that is what a Racketeer does. They own their turf and control who works on their turf and this is a free country where anyone can live and work anywhere they choose as long as they don’t break the law even in Boca Raton FL so what you are doing there is wrong and you are going to be brought up on Racketeering Charges if you don’t stop or either hire yourself a Hitman and then you can be brought up on Conspiracy to Commit Murder because that’s the only way you are going to control what goes on in Boca Raton.

Boca Raton Mafia: We weren’t asking you to kill anyone all we needed was for you to run someone out of town for us using strong arm tactics and then we could keep those type people that are different from us out of Boca Raton and it wasn’t that they weren’t Christians it’s just that we want Boca Raton to be a safe place for everyone to live.

Blow Fish: That’s what a Hitman does in a way. They get rid of the problem by any means necessary and you were willing to pay to get that done and that was why you were sent to meet with me so I could set you up to show how good Christian business people like yourself in Boca Raton would hire a Hitman to remain in control of real estate development and control which businesses open and which ones do not open so you are the Lord of the Manor in Boca Raton and you think I am your Serf and you can come to me and tell me what you want to be done and I have to take care of it for you because you are the powerful rich Lord of the Manor and that is how you operate and you do have control over Boca Raton and are the local Boca Raton Mafia and that situation has to end and you have to stop treating the citizens of Boca Raton like your slaves and this happens everywhere but where there is allot of money like here in Boca Raton it is a bigger deal and more serious because there is allot more at stake than say in other parts of the Southeast so financial wealth is taken very seriously here and they are very careful and they love money more than people because to them people can be replaced by other people but it is unheard of to replace money or loose money so they are very careful not to make any mistakes but they do make mistakes and then they have to pay for them and we will be discussing that in a minute but you are the Lord of the Manor here in Boca Raton and you think that you can call on me to take care of business for you like I am your Hitman and that makes you the local Boca Raton Mafia and it has to end so you are going down so check the Sunday morning paper before you go to church to make sure you aren’t the topic of the sermon because I know your church and your friends will be shocked to find out who you really are.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch why didn’t you let me handle that for you I could have run their competition out of town for a fee?

Blow Fish: Then you would have gained control over new development in Boca Raton and you are the type person they are trying to keep out of Boca Raton so no thanks Geno I do not need your help and that’s what I told you when I was opening my business in Naples FL when you told me to let you know if you could help me and I said I do not need your help and then I never could get a business license in Collier County and then you sent the Fire Marshall over to harass me and my employees when you were making it look like you ran me out of town and then you locked me up in your House of Detention so they do not need your kind of help in Boca Raton FL but the local mafia as I am calling them makes it impossible for businesses to open up there without paying them off and then if you screw them over then they will get your doors closed and we aren’t talking about small businessmen like me I am talking about major national franchises so this has to change because that is Mafia activity and that’s what the FBI will be watching for and treating it like organized crime so this has to change and you have to control new development through the Building Department which is controlled by the county commissioners which is controlled by their rich friends which makes them the Mafia or the Movers and the Shakers or the Good Old Boys or the 100 Black Men that we will look at when we get to Atlanta GA where the rich control the growth and development of the county and then they promote someone to become a State Representative to control Congress and then a Senator to control the Senate and that is how our political system works by gaining control of the government and it happens in local government the same way and then a developer can’t get a building permit unless he pays off or makes someone a partner in the business so he can open up on their turf and that is what the mafia does and this is a problem that has to be dealt with so if you are blocking development from being started then you may find yourself investigated by the FBI and I am just kidding around with you the FBI knows what you are already doing and how you are making local government corrupt so you need to get ready to go to jail if you continue breaking the law because there are local laws set up to protect us and you the corrupt local government are breaking those laws and the FBI will make sure they are enforced so look for those arrest coming up soon and I think we started with this subject in Pensacola FL and I guess they get to set the example because Escambia County is corrupt as hell and I know first hand who you have to pay off to get anything done and so look for those arrest and then the rest of you can just stand there in line and await your arrest.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I didn’t tell you to do any of this and I did tell you to get back in my House of Detention and Gordon my Head Henchman is still in jail on a Murder Charge from yesterday and I can’t even bail him out this time so when are you coming back down here to Naples so I can kill you and then Brevard can end your sister’s life and we can divide up your wealth between the two fractions.

Blow Fish: Gene Luciano just go home and sit there wait to be arrested and stop chasing me all over God’s green earth and get ready to go up the river as you guys say and you may not be coming back if you don’t take the deal the Federal Prosecutor is offering you so get ready to go away for a long time so the answer to your question is never. I am never going to let you catch me and kill me and you will never collect a dime of my wealth other than what you have already stolen and I will be asking the prosecution to be reimbursed for my damages so you better get out a blank check and a pen and get ready to pay me back.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch who the hell do you think I am Santa Claus because Gene Luciano takes he doesn’t give anyone anything and that’s how I have become as big and powerful as I am so you better return to my House of Detention and sit there and wait to die or I will hunt you down and kill you no matter where you are I will find you and you will be deader than shit.

Blow Fish: Whatever Geno just chase me all over God’s green earth as you call it then and we will see who goes down first me or you sucker.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I am not the sucker here because I set you up and ran you out of town and I will continue chasing you until I catch you and you are deader than shit.

Blow Fish: So Geno talks just like that and I repeat the same things he says over and over since I set him up and pissed him off so he would try to kill me but he can’t say Blow Fish anymore without You Son of a Bitch and at the Champagne and Caviar Bar in Naples FL which is now closed from all the bad publicity I guess Geno said “Blow Fish You Son of a Bitch” so many times or every time he said my name that his Whore X Girlfriend Julie who was typing what Gene said on an I Phone so Gordon, Gene’s Head Henchman could read his demands to me in the Bar in front of 40 of Gene’s Gang Members and Julie got so tired of typing Blow Fish you Son of a Bitch every time Gene said something to me that she asked “Gordon do you mind if I just type SOB instead of Son of a Bitch every time Gene says it because he is saying all the time?” and then Gordon could just say Son of a Bitch and so Gordon laughed and told everyone there what she had asked and then he texted back “Sure that’s fine” and then they started up again and Julie typed “Blow Fish you SOB which means Son of a Bitch” so that Gordon won’t get confused and that bullshit went on for 4 hours and they drugged me 3 times and then gave me coffee to wake me up and I don’t know if the coffee had drugs in it or not but they all said they shouldn’t have given me any coffee because it just made it harder on themselves when I woke up and so they had 40 of their gang members in the Bar that filled up the entire Bar area and there were a few civilians as they called them in the back of the Bar drinking but I had 40 criminal gang members surrounding me so I couldn’t leave and they were so close they actually kept me from moving at all so I couldn’t take a step toward the door and I bullshitted them all and had them so scared and almost scared them too much to the point that they were ready to let me go and call the whole thing off and they stopped twice so Gordon could call Gene and try and talk him into stopping the set up before they all got arrested for setting me up but Gene insisted that they continue and so most of the gang was there as they explained but everyone couldn’t make it and they made it sound like they were having an annual gang meeting in a public place and I just happened to stumble in there and order a glass of wine and then they started up the meeting and they ran off my friends one by one and my friend Shelley was there from the Sea Salt Restaurant and she was representing the Naples Russian Mafia so they could hear what Gene Luciano was going to do to me and she wanted to know if she could still live in my house and drive my Mercedes and get a monthly allowance while Gene had me thrown in jail and then they made her leave and there was a Black Bus Boy with here from Sea Salt and he tried to stay and they said “We don’t like your kind so get out of here.” And the FBI undercover agent standing beside me disappeared and so they thought they had me. So I stood at the Bar and was surrounded by the Gang’s Enforcers in case I tried to move and then the rest of Gene’s gang was sitting at the tables in the Bar area and there was a table full of thirteen year old girls and their parents were not there because the whole gang wouldn’t fit in the room so they were there to get their instructions from Gene Luciano their Lord of the Manor and gang leader who they call their Don which is a leader appointed by the Italian Mafia Families in Chicago that think they are royalty and can’t be touched but they are confused about who is untouchable and soon they will get a reminder of who the untouchables are and who they are which is the criminals and so these gang members think that Gene Luciano is their Don appointed by the Crime Families in Chicago sent here to run the local Mafia for them and Gene is sending them money for protection and they are having a gang meeting and this table full of teenage girls are sitting there and waiting for their orders from Gene Luciano and so I will let him tell you what he said himself…

Gene Luciano: This is Gene Luciano and now that you are getting old enough to have sex…

Blow Fish: I don’t know if you have been around any young teenage girls lately but they do not know how to keep their mouths shut so they commented as Gene’s instructions were announced and kept interrupting and it went like this…

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: Old enough to have sex we are just getting our first periods and she hasn’t even had one yet have you…

Gene Luciano: So your boyfriends are going to start wanting to screw you…

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: We don’t have boyfriends yet we are just starting to have sex with one another and don’t know anything about having sex with boys we don’t have boyfriends yet so we are just having oral sex with each other right now.

Gene Luciano: So when your boyfriends try to screw you I want you to give them blow jobs and do not let them screw you and pop your cherry so that you will remain a virgin for as long as possible.

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: Gross I am not ready to suck some guy’s dick or let him screw me we are just learning what sex is by having oral sex with each other and that is just called sex and not bisex anymore it’s just called sex.

Women Gang Member: You mean it is not called being bisexual anymore?

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: No sex is just sex now and it doesn’t matter who you have it with it is just called having sex and all of us agree on that don’t we girls.

Gene Luciano: So when it comes time for you to have intercourse for the first time and you loose your cherry we will set you up with a rich businessman like myself that will pay to have sex with you and pop your cherry so you are ordered to wait to have intercourse until that time and just give your boyfriends a blow job.

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: Oh I see so we have to wait so we can have sex with a rich man and make allot of money, Ok we understand that so we will be having sex with rich businessmen all the time and that sounds great.

Gordon: Well we are not saying who it will be because Gene Luciano is your Lord and Master because when you are born into the gang he is your leader and you have to do what he says and so you will be having sex with whomever he chooses and it could be Gene Luciano because he has what is called First Right and that goes back for Centuries and it’s where your Lord and Master has first right to have sex with you and he can come and have sex with you anytime he wants and he gets the first chance to have sex with you or he will choose who you have sex with and he will be the one collecting the payment and then he will be paying you the portion of the payment that he intends for you to have and that is all of our arrangement with Gene Luciano. We collect the payment or the cash or the property and then he decides what part we deserve by giving it back to us and if he doesn’t give us anything then it is not for us to question because we are not the boss and he is and we do not question the boss or we get beat to death so you will not want to ask him questions like you are asking me now and learn to keep your mouth shut or you will get beat up so he will pay you what he feels you deserve and if you do a really good job having sex the first time then he may just reward you with a payment and if you screw it up then you will get nothing and that is also how you get beat up by doing a bad job so just try and do good the first time and maybe everything will go well for you.

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: Ok so we may not get paid the first time we understand that so we will try to do a good job the first time and we understand how our parents get paid and how they have to do what Mr. Gene says and how they have to ask permission just to leave town and visit family elsewhere even though they are not our family anymore because the gang is our family so we understand how sometimes we don’t get paid and that is none of our business and we are not allowed to ask questions.

Gene Luciano: Now according to Marty the Rooster Head of my Porn Production in Miami the real money is in Kiddie Porn and so I am going to use you girls in my Porn Production because that’s where the good money is.

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: That’s great we will be making the good money and we have watched porn on cable TV and it’s just a bunch of bumping and grinding anyway so we are ready to do that and make the Good Money that sounds great.

Gordon: Well that’s soft porn on TV where there is no penetration and we are making real porn and you will be Kiddie Porn Stars and that means it will be real sex so lets just stop there for now and you can follow the instructions that Gene Luciano has given you and prepare yourself to have sex for the first time and don’t let your boyfriends screw you yet and then we will give you more information later. So go home and tell your parents what you have heard here tonight so they will know what to expect as you become old enough to have sex so that there won’t be any surprises when we come for you and I know they know better than trying to leave town or hide you or anything because then they could end up like that couple that we have in the Collier County Jail right now that can’t seem to follow orders and keep asking to go visit ailing relatives in Tennessee so go home and tell your parents and we will tell you more later. Any questions?

Teeny Bopper Gang Members: What if we don’t want to have sex with boys and just want to have sex with girls can we just do Same Sex Porn so we don’t have to have sex with boys because we aren’t sure who we like yet?

Gene Luciano: You will do as you are told or you will be beaten to death if necessary so you will do as you are told and if Marty says you do Bisexual Porn or Lesbo Porn or Heterosexual Porn or whatever he says you will do it and you will not ask questions and cause any trouble or you and your parents will be made to suffer the consequences and you or your parents may be thrown in jail for a while to straighten you out.

Blow Fish: Now that part of the set up was real and then he tried to intimidate me so I would be afraid of Gene Luciano who treats his gang members like slaves and makes them do whatever he tells them to do and I would get the same treatment as his gang members if I disobey him and then he told me to go out and commit crimes for him like breaking into houses and I knew he would have me arrested for the very crimes that he told me to commit just like he does to his gang members and then they could have me killed in jail and when someone dies in jail they just burn the body to get rid of the evidence and the killer was a convicted killer anyway so why would it matter if he killed again and he may kill for Gene Luciano just to get cigarettes and be allowed to smoke them one time because that’s how corrupt the prison system is and the county jail system which is just like a little prison system these days like in Pensacola FL where we started this subject and so they get to go first and are being used as an example and then we go right down the coast and soon we will be in West Palm Beach FL where there are Pimps who treat their Haitian and Bahamian Whores like slaves and if they don’t work they beat them in the face so they can’t work and then they can’t pay for food or rent.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch those Haitians are going to cut your throat the minute they see you there and you will be deader than shit and I won’t even have to kill you myself.

Blow Fish: I am not there Geno. Do you think I am dumb enough to set up someone and then be there for them to set me up like you are because I am not there but you are still there and you are the one that is stupid enough to be there because I am not and you are set up and I am untouchable Geno and you are the one who is going to jail and I have told you that since Day One and so you can read back to Day One when you tried to set me up and you had such a hard time doing that you had to get help and pay for Intel to trap me and then it backfired on you and so you are set up asshole not me so sit there and wait for the Police to come for you and don’t write that suicide note because we all want to see you on TV and I missed seeing your series on Cable the Luciano Story because I am too busy to waste my time watching TV and when I do watch TV I watch a DVD so there are no commercials so I missed your special series on your family called the Luciano Story and Gene Luciano’s uncle was Lucky Luciano and Gene doesn’t like being called Lucky or Geno and he will kill you deader than shit if you call him that and Gene told me he had one uncle that was a New York State Trooper and with a smile on his face he said “I think we finally killed that son of a bitch” so he is a cop killer and then when I told his gang that Gene’s other uncle was Lucky Luciano because they had never heard of him Gene said “Blow Fish you son of a bitch have you been looking up my family tree?” and it is all right there in the FBI manual Geno you don’t have to look it up so someone told me about it and you can find it on the internet how his Uncle Lucky was so fucking mean just like you Geno only he was more successful than you because he was a partner of Al Capon and you are a small time hood compared to your Uncle Lucky as he would call you so he was so evil that his own wife of 50 years couldn’t wait for him to die and she just couldn’t stand living with him anymore and she went into his bedroom and blew his fucking brains out just to shut him up and the Police came and took her away and she spent the rest of her life in prison because she couldn’t take another minute of listening to the ranting and raving of a madman just like Gene Luciano here.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I will come there and blow your fucking brains out so I am on my way to Boca Raton and I am bringing by son in his pickup truck and it is loud as hell and we will be driving the streets of Boca Raton looking for you and when I find you I will blow your fucking brains out to stop your ranting and raving of a madman so your days are numbered so you better get ready to die Blow Fish you fucking son of a bitch and leave the memory of my Uncle Lucky alone and stop slandering him on the internet he was a wonderful person and a very successful businessman and then my aunt just went insane and killed him and he couldn’t defend himself and I have my son looking out for me so that will never happen to me so you get ready to die.

Blow Fish: I am not where you can find me Geno but you go ahead and drive up and down the streets so we can photograph it and I will call that attempted murder so go ahead and head this way and see what happens Gene Luciano and you are the dead man who will spend his last days in Federal Prison if you pull any tricks like that so go ahead and try mother fucker.

Gene Luciano will never catch me even if he tries till his dying day but he doesn’t have that long because I am almost to West Palm Beach where I will be dealing with a Porn Producer who is producing porn right there underneath the Police noses and they are at fault for ignoring him and allowing him to get away with this so there are going to be allot of Police arrested in West Palm Beach FL so I am announcing that and all the Prostitutes being released from slavery and there is only one way to do that and it is for you to turn states evidence on your pimps and have them put away for murder and if the Police that are protecting them don’t arrest them then they will be arrested too so look for a bunch of arrest coming up very soon just in time for Christmas and your Holiday Shopping so you could get a really good deal on a used prostitute in West Palm Beach if you need one for the Holidays so look for prices to go way down on Prostitution in West Palm Beach and then when you go to pay for your whore you find out that you have just been set up in a sting because there are men paying for sex there and couples buying sex and so look for your name in the newspaper on a solicitation charge for trying to buy a prostitute in West Palm Beach and look for Randy Gibson’s and AJ Laird in the Destin Log and the Ft Walton Daily News very soon when they are captured and arrested and taken down for the killing murderers that they are and then on a lighter note and I have a caller and oh no it is the killer himself Randy Killing Us All Gibson with another death threat so go ahead killer.

Randy Gibson: Hey brother I am in the Okaloosa County Jail and I can’t bond out because they have me confused with AJ Laird who killed the Bale Chaser and all I did was drive my boat out to the open water where AJ cut the line and let the sharks eat the Bale Chaser’s body so I am not a murderer and there seems to be some confusion and you know that you and I are like family cousin so could you come get me out or make a call or change the bond to a lesser charge so I can go home and prepare for my daughter coming into town for the Holidays and then we can all get back to normal and you need to come over and eat this Christmas because I am planning to cook for the whole family and you are just across the street so you can just walk over like old times and then I will take care of you just like the Bale Chaser that gave us some trouble and tried to cut us out of Drug Distribution here in Destin and Ft Walton and we have been here since God and have supplied marijuana to everyone in the whole Southeast for years so when you fuck with the Destin Mafia then you are going to die and so you have fucked with us so come on over for the Holidays and I will do you in just like the Bale Chase and AJ said he can’t wait to see you either because you have ruined his girlfriend and she is now in rehab because it’s court appointed because of your blog and can’t have anything to do with an alcoholic like AJ or she will lose visitation with her only child that still lives at home who has been her caregiver and stealing food from Publix to support her alcoholic mother who is Lisa Fucking Gadis when she is drunk and a devote holier than thou Christian when she is sober which is just about an hour before lunch when she starts drinking again so please come see me over the Holidays so we can catch up cousin.

Blow Fish: Randy Gibson I am not falling for any of your party tricks where you throw a party and invite people over and kill them so I am not falling for that again like the last time when Bubba stole pot from your house to set himself up because if you leave something just laying around unattended then it is Ok to take it because that is the Bubba code so why don’t you just buy a whole pile of cocaine and throw a party and invite your Lesbo Lovers over to meet your daughter and have your son bring his underage kiddie porn stars over and then you can all have an Orgy Sex Party as usual and I will send the Long Arm of the Law over to take you out and that will be the end of you so look for Randy Gibson being picked up this Holiday Season in Destin FL on a drug charge that sticks like mud this time Randy because they will be throwing all kinds of charges at you just like mud to see what sticks and then I will come see you in court when I testify that you have smuggled 184.14 tons on marijuana into the USA in your career and I know that won’t stick but it sure does make all the other mud stick so much better like that murder charge because I am sure that 184.14 tons of marijuana has killed a few people along the way and I do not know the ratio of human lives to tons of marijuana but let me do the math and yes that would be a life in prison sentence Randy Fucking Himself Over Gibson so all I have to say to you killer is Good Bye!