Good morning and I am live from the Weston Resort in Cape Coral FL where my Sailing Yacht is in the Yacht Club and I am well, where the hell am I? I had a very overpriced meal at the Westin last night which was really nothing more than bar food and I do not know why such a nicely appointed Restaurant in a beautiful location would not have better food but they do not and the Brunch is unacceptable for a Weston Resort but they don’t mind charging you for the Brunch you were expecting to get so it is overpriced for what they serve which is an omelet so they need to do a better job with their menu and the Brunch. After dinner I had a drink outside at the Drunken Mermaid Bar by the Marina and the Bartender that lives out on Pine Island offered to go back to the boat with me and all the women in Cape Coral seem to want to hook up after work and I mean all the women working in every Restaurant or Bar and I would not doubt if they are hooking it when they get off work if you know what I mean. So the Bartender offered to go back to my Sailing Yacht with me when she got off work as she usually does only this time she offered to walk me to the boat so maybe she drugged me so she could have sex with me on my boat before I left this morning so it would appear I have been drugged once again and now I am not on my boat but in a small moving space that is dark as hell that looks like a car trunk so I am in the trunk of a car and a small car at that because I can hardly move and I have a caller so maybe this will shed some light on the situation because it is dark in here and loud as hell so go ahead caller but speak up so I can hear you.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish this is Gene Luciano calling…

Blow Fish: Now I am not going to repeat myself and if you want to know what I just said then you will have to read back to Day One and then catch up because I am not going to repeat myself and I just said it is loud as hell in here so please speak up so I can hear you.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch …

Blow Fish: That’s better caller go ahead I can hear you now.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch stop interrupting me and I have finally gotten you and you are in the trunk of my SL550 Mercedes headed to the Collier County Landfill where I will kill you deader than shit and offer the front end loader operator Fifty Dollars to bury your Blow Fish asshole in the landfill but only give him a Twenty to cover you up because that’s all I got and that will be the end of you.

Blow Fish: Well I fell asleep or passed out on my Sailing Yacht last night and apparently on this day of the Big Show my Blow Fish asshole is in the trunk of Gene Luciano’s Silver SL 550 Mercedes and it is dark as hell back here Geno and this is the smallest trunk I have ever been thrown into in my whole life and I do not recommend it all and will just say that it is too cramped and dark as hell so for this my Car Trunk Review for this day of the Big Show I am going to say that the Mercedes SL 550 has a very cramped trunk to say the least and it is very dark as well and totally unacceptable and I do not recommend it at all and Geno is it ok if I call a Town Car to come get me and then you can throw my Blow Fish asshole in there because this is totally unacceptable and I will not be caught dead riding in the trunk of a little bitty SL550 so I can have a Luxury Uber here in well the App says 5 minutes and I have another caller so go ahead caller.

Luxury Uber Driver: Mr. Blow Fish this is your Luxury Uber driver and I am right behind you in the Black Lincoln Town Car you ordered and so where would you like to stop so I can pick you up?

Blow Fish: Geno can you pull over my driver is here and I need to transfer my Blow Fish asshole over to the trunk of the Lincoln Town Car and you need to be a little more thoughtful of others when you go throwing their asshole in a trunk because this is no way to treat your friends Geno so can you please pull over?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch we are not friends anymore and I have finally caught you and I am not letting you out of that trunk until we get to the Collier County Landfill and I paid the Bartender at the marina to drug you and then Gordon my Head Henchman and I hauled you off your boat and threw your Blow Fish asshole in the trunk of my car and I thought we threw your cell phone in the water so where the hell did you get that cell phone?

Blow Fish: Now Geno I do not feel like repeating myself you can read back to Day One of the big Show and find the answer to your questions because I will not repeat myself and I do have like a hundred cell phones so why wouldn’t I have another one in my pocket so please stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself and you will just have to read back to Day One of the Big Show and then catch up or you will miss all the action and like where in the hell are you taking me and I know the answer to that question and that would be the Collier County Landfill so I was in the middle of my Tiki Bar Tour and I know my fans are riveted to hear this Day of the Big Show so I will continue and will have to finish the show today from the trunk of Gene Luciano’s car and what the hell are we listening to Geno is this music or just loud noise? My fans are country music enthusiast and do not like this loud rock and roll music and they may not even read the blog today with this Gay music that you Faggots like so much playing so loudly so please turn that horrid music down I can’t even hear myself think back here. I have a Big Show to do today and I have a schedule to stick to and a plan and that music is nothing but a nuisance and I had planned to have Kenny Chesney as my guest today on the Big Show and play his song Eat My Key Lime Pie as the music selection of the day where thousands of women would be calling in and describing their Key Lime Pie and the eating of it or the lack there of and you are ruining my show schedule with this loud and evil song and I am sure my fans are disappointed, to say the least, and all the woman that were planning to call in are angry as hell Geno.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch we are not listening to any more of that damn country music you have been torturing us with because no one likes that God awful music you have been playing just to ruin our day so I am in control of the music and we are listening to Burden in my Hand by Soundgarden and I am not turning it down or changing to another song so there will be none of that damn country music on this Big Show because this is the music I like and I don’t give a shit what you want only what I want to listen to so I am not changing the music or turning it down and I don’t care how many women were going to call in and talk bout their pussy, all I care about is throwing your dead corpse in the county landfill and pissing in your face.

Blow Fish: Geno you need to work on your people skills you are insulting everyone in my audience when you call in so please do not be so graphic with your assignation explanations or you will scare my audience and ladies I am sure he did not mean to be so rude as to insult your Key Lime Pies and what Geno was trying to say is that we would love to hear more about your pussy and the eating of it or the lack there of and I must apologize for Geno here, he is just an Italian Apeshit Mobster that can’t walk erect but more like a large greyish looking ape walking hunched over because he is so stupid and he just doesn’t know how to use his words. There Geno, I have smoothed over all the ladies in the audience so they aren’t mad at you anymore and now they want their Key Lime Pie eaten on the Big Show again.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I don’t care about eating women’s pussy. All I care about is shutting you up so you will stop embarrassing me on the Internet and get this project finished so I can get my share of your wealth.

Julie X Whore Wife: He doesn’t care about anybody but himself and he is ruining the whole day on the Big Show by playing this loud rock and roll music that he always plays that no one likes but him and he doesn’t care about anybody but himself so he never ate my Key Lime Pie at all like I asked him to do and so I have found myself another lover that will satisfy me because he is not able to get the job done anymore and all he can do is watch and he is too selfish to even just watch and so I am finished with him and have moved on and he is a selfish evil man that only cares about himself and nobody else.

Blow Fish: I know Julie it is so hard to be his friend when he only cares about his own needs and no one else’s and did you know his own gang members have compared him to that Hitler character from World War I that was such as insane madman murderer that wanted to kill everyone in the world that wasn’t like him so if you aren’t Italian like Geno then he wants to kill you deader than shit just like me and his whole gang is just a bunch of thieving murdering evil assholes themselves and they are even scared of him and they say he goes insane just like Hitler when they screw up and they are afraid he may kill them one day and that’s how he gets them to commit crimes for him. Not for the money but just so he won’t kill them.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch if you don’t hold it down back there I am pulling over and blowing your Blow Fish brains out right here in Cape Coral FL so hold it down back there and stop slandering me on the Internet.

Blow Fish: Now hold on there Geno, I am sorry if you are not enjoying the Big Show because this blog is designed to be fun and it’s just a fantasy blog where nothing is real but based on facts and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but you are guilty as hell so why would you give a shit and if you aren’t having fun then go to another website depicting the lifestyles of another murdering asshole Italian Mobster just like yourself and leave this expression of my Free Speach alone that is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution so if you and Gordon your Head Henchman aren’t having fun then I suggest you just stop the car at the next red light and get out and run like hell and maybe you will get away but I doubt it because you are being watched so closely you couldn’t pick your nose without a report being filed in triplicate and then a meeting scheduled to discuss the outcome of your nose picking to see if you can be charged for that as well so you better watch your asshole Geno, your charges are stacking up here and change that damn music to something country that my fans are tuning in to hear and not this evil loud shit you call your musical personal preference that no one likes.

Kenny Chesney: What in the hell are we listening to Bobby, I mean Blow Fish because I know you don’t like me to call you Bobby but that’s what I call you and then I call all the women Mary because I can’t remember anybody’s name and so what are all those thousands of women that were going to call in today to describe their Key Lime Pie going to think about this terrible song?

Julie Luciano: Now you know that is not my last name and I was calling in to describe my Key Lime Pie and the eating of it or the lack of Gene Luciano ever having oral sex with me because he is too selfish and my pussy is a wonderful thang and it needs to be eaten right now so Blow Fish when you get finished with the Big Show today and Gene slips up and lets you escape from that cramped little trunk he has you in please give me a call and you can come over and eat my Key Lime Pie and then I can call in and describe it and I hear that all the women love you for your Key Lime Pie eating ability so please call me when you get off work so I can get off too if you know what I mean and Gene knows nothing about satisfying a woman.

Blow Fish: I have heard that Julie and he has confided in me that he was so selfish in bed that he never ate your pussy because you never gave him a blow job and he never even screwed you in the asshole Julie is that correct?

Gene Luciano: Julie stay off the phone and stop calling in and embarrassing me on the internet and stay out of my life and stop criticizing my musical selection of the day and by ability or lack there of to satisfy a woman and Blow Fish leave her asshole out of this. I told you she wasn’t sucking my dick or giving up that ass in confidence.

Blow Fish: Well this is just horrible that we have to listen to this Gay Rock music that Faggots are now listening to that is now called Gay music and I guess Geno can’t satisfy a women anymore so you must be turning Gay like everyone else in the world and it sounds like the singer is just screaming and not even singing at all and it all sounds so sad just like your sex life Geno and all so evil but I guess Gene Luciano is a sad and evil person.

So moving on to another sad and evil character here on the Big Show I have an update to the story I read yesterday from the Destin Log Newspaper in Destin FL about that Kilo of Cocaine that disappeared and was reported stolen and it has been recovered and the parties responsible for the theft of the Kilo of Cocaine stolen from Randy Gibson and AJ Laird’s distributor Doctor Detroit are behind bars and will probably die in their sleep in an Okaloosa County Jail cell with their throats cut and bleed out later tonight and then be cremated with their ashes thrown out with the trash and then dumped in the Okaloosa County Landfill along with all the tourist crap that all those cheap assholes buy each and every week of every year there in Destin FL and then Okaloosa County throws that cheap non-biodegradable beach paraphilia in the county landfill until it is a huge trash mountain and an eye sour for everyone to see because they are too stupid to recycle there because they are too stupid and I will not repeat myself so don’t ask me to because they are too stupid to recycle there and then they start building another trash mountain which is where I am headed and so that Kilo of stolen Cocaine has been returned to it’s rightful owners which would be Randy Gibson and AJ Laird and that’s how things get done there in Okaloosa County FL and I guess they taught those boys a lesson, you do not screw over Randy Gibson or you will get your arms broke and yourself killed because that is the Bubba code.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish why don’t you just keep it down back there and stop telling other gangs how to run their drug distribution business and we won’t tell you how to do a Restaurant Review so get back to slandering all my Restaurant competition on the West Coast of Florida and leave the drug smuggling to those of us that know what we are doing.

Blow Fish: Oh I am so sorry, I didn’t know you had lost another bale of marijuana in the Gulf of Mexico and you need my help finding it again so are we going to look for it in your Bale Chaser boat or your charter boat or is it on the side of the road right here in Cape Coral FL because I want to be of help Geno just like when you sent me down to Key West to deal with that drug smuggler Bob that runs his drug distribution business in the Florida Keys out of the Hogfish Bar and Grill and you know he is the guy that catches all those Hogfish for the local restaurants in Key West so this guy called Hogfish Bob was buying Cocaine from you and then he started making his own synthetically and you were pissed off and sent me down there and I set him up with a really cute blond DEA Agent and then told him to stop making his own cocaine and buy it from you or you would get him and his whole gang of drug distributors arrested and then you never paid me a dime for doing that or even covered my travel expenses Geno you cheap asshole.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I told you to talk to Bob and tell him to stop selling that synthetic bullshit cocaine that has a 24 hour shelf life and after that it could be lethal and the tourist are being killed by that stuff so buy the real shit from me and all you did was piss him off and got yourself run out of town by a bunch of angry asshole murdering drug smugglers and now he is looking to get even with me.

Blow Fish: Like I said Geno I only want to help and you know I always do all I can do just to get myself ran out of town by a bunch of drug smuggling criminals so I can set them up and get them arrested just like you and your partner in Key West that Hogfish Bob character that is selling synthetic cocaine to tourist and then tells them to snort it all within 24 hours and come back and buy some more but they try and make it last and then they get sick and die so he is a murder just like you Geno so now Hogfish Bob is going down as well so look for that coming up at the Hogfish Bar and Grill in downtown Stock Island as it is called by the locals so watch for Hogfish Bob and his whole gang of low life street urchin drug dealers on the streets of Key West that he calls drug distributors to be arrested before they kill anyone else and so all I have left to say to you asshole murder Hogfish Bob is Good Bye!


So hurry and get into the Hogfish Bar and Grill where I am best friends with the Head Chef and he makes me special meals and doesn’t charge me like most of my friends because I don’t charge them when I cook for them so listen to this entree Don Julio who is always trying to one up me with his recipes up in Destin FL and the dish is Wasabi Encrusted Ahi Tuna Tacos which the Head Chef made especially for me while my Sailing Yacht was right there in the Marina. So Chef encrusted the Ahi Grade Tuna with ground Wasabi Peas and then flash fried it and then served it in a corn tortilla street taco style with shredded cabbage and topped with fine slices of hollows with a chipotle crema sauce and it was incredible so he cooked this dish for me personally while I was hanging around out at the bar waiting to set up Hogfish Bob and his Head of Distribution who was living on his Sailing Schooner in the marina with his flat chested dancer girlfriend and I guess in Key West you don’t need to have titties to be a dancer, all you need is a pussy so that you can sell it in your boyfriend’s prostitution ring and he is also in charge of all the pot and cocaine distribution in Key West working right there from his Schooner with a 60″ flat screen in it which was cool and it’s right there in the Marina and all the pot is stored in a trailer parked right by the side of the road in front of the Hogfish Bar and Grill and he walks out there every Monday morning and loads up dope in a garbage bag like he is taking out the trash and then later that night all of Hogfish Bob’s drug distributors from all over the Florida Keys come down to the Hogfish Bar and Grill to pick up their weekly supply of pot and hang out with me at the Bar and the Cocaine comes from Hogfish Bob’s house over on Key Haven which is another island that makes up the area known as Key West so look that up Coach up in Destin FL you dumb asshole and why do we have Gay Faggot Coaches teaching our college age male children? Is it so they can mentor them into the ways of being Gay Faggots and I do not know but you can ask the Faggot Coach head of the basketball program there at the local college in Niceville FL and you can tell which Faggot Coach he is because he is the one that looks like a Faggot Coach but they all look like Faggots because the Head Faggot Coach hired all the other Faggot Coaches so it is a Faggot Basketball Coaching Staff and he calls them Staff but it’s his Faggot Staff and he calls your male children Recruits so he isn’t hard to miss and if you still can’t pick him out of the Faggot Coach crowd then look for a Faggot Coach wearing Tommy Bahama relaxed clothing which is just a cheap Gucci look that he can’t afford but he buys it anyway because he is a Faggot Coach and ask him why he Recruits your young male children to be mentored to be Faggot Basketball Players just like him and why he thinks Key West is just on one island and not a group of islands because he seems to know more about this area than my Blow Fish asshole and so Faggot Coach I guess I am still the bigger asshole than you are and maybe you should keep your fucking mouth shut next time you feel like you know more about Key West Florida than I do because you don’t know shit and if you don’t like the way the beach sand feels on your bare feet Faggot Coach when you walk on the beach and you think it makes you feel dirty then load your Faggot ass back up on the fucking bus you rode down here on and go back to fucking Brooklyn New York where your fucking Italian asshole belongs and stay the hell out of Florida because we don’t need no more assholes like you down here fucking with our children just like Hogfish Bob here who gets up every morning and cooks up a batch of synthetic cocaine at his house on Key Haven which is the next island up from Stock Island that makes up the whole City of Key West and I believe this whole cooking up of synthetic drugs sounds allot like cooking up Meth to me which would makes Bob’s Key Haven house a Meth Lab which is a big ole charge right there by it’s self only Hogfish Bob has two houses on Key Haven. One where his wife and children live and the other house is the Meth Lab so if you are going to seize his cash I would start by seizing the house where his wife and kids live and then seize the other house which is the Meth Lab where he keeps his boat that he uses for his drug smuggling and Hogfish poaching because I believe he is overfishing Hogfish and the size should be regulated because the fillets in the restaurants are getting smaller and smaller and this house is where the Meth Lab is for cooking up the synthetic cocaine and then the pot is stashed over in the trailer in front of the Hogfish Bar and Grill where I know the Chef and they have excellent food and it is one of the best Restaurants in the Florida Keys and they also have live music and it’s where the locals come to drink and buy drugs so don’t forget to check it out and try out the Hogfish Specials because they are incredible and this is my favorite fish and I always get it Blackened and I won’t tell you how to catch one because I don’t want them overfished and Hogfish Bob is guilty of that as well but they are almost impossible to catch and they are called the Ghost Fish because they are there one minute and then gone the next just like the Ritz on the Beach in Tampa FL so get into the Hogfish Bar and Grill before it disappears but you better hurry and have one of the Hogfish Daily Specials or the Blackened Hogfish with tartar sauce with Tobasco mixed up. So you may be asking how do I know all this and all I had to do was set up Gene Luciano and then get Geno to call Hogfish Bob and set him up so I could come down to Key West where Hogfish Bob thought I would be helping Gene Luciano with his drug distribution business so Geno calls Bob and we meet for dinner at the Hogfish Bar and Grill which is his home bar and the center for his Criminal Activity in the Florida Keys and so we had a meeting and that is what you have to do. You have to be introduced and then tell them what you can do to help them and how much money you will be making them and Geno took care of all that for me and then Hogfish Bob the Head of the Key West Mafia told his Head of Distribution to help me out and get me started as a local drug dealer and then I infiltrated their organization and then after I saw what they were doing, I set up the Head of Distribution by having him sell me cocaine infront of a DEA Agent sitting across the Bar watching him with a witness and so when you go into the Hogfish Bar and Grill tell them that Blow Fish has sent you in there and everyone in the whole bar will stand up and pull out their knives and I do mean both male and females because they all think they are pirates in there and they will pull out their knives that look like pirate swords and then they will cut you up into little pieces and then you will be the Blow Fish Special of the Day and if you see Blow Fish on the blackboard in there as the Special of the Day then you will know I was in there the night before because they do not like me anymore because I set their drug dealer up with the DEA or maybe it’s the Synthetic Cocaine that is driving them insane and we do not need that shit Hogfish Bob and we don’t need fucking assholes like you either poisoning us anymore so you have to go and soon I will be exposing drug rings that sell Synthetic Marijuana as well and it is even worse and I have stood right beside people outside of a bar smoking that poison and then they go into a seizure and fall out and they have to be loaded up and hauled off to a hospital emergency room just for hitting a joint one time so we don’t want that shit being sold to our children and our grandchildren so you bunch of selfish murdering assholes that would kill someone just to make a few dollars that are too cheap to buy a fucking bale of pot and break it up or buy a kilo pf cocaine and weigh it up are all going down so you can flush that synthetic shit down the fucking toilet and if you hurry you might have time to do just that before I flush your sorry assholes down the toilet for being the murdering assholes that you are and have you arrested for Murder and not on a Controlled Substance Charge that you would be brought up on if you were selling the real shit and not fucking poisoning people but its’ too fucking late so look for you asshole going down for fucking life if you don’t fucking cut that shit out and I mean right this fucking minute and that is your last God Damn warning so Good Bye to you because I am not bringing it up again.

Hogfish Bob: Blow Fish you better get that shit off the internet or you will be cut up into little pieces and I will feed you to the sharks out off Shark Key and I hope to be living there soon because I am getting rich as shit killing tourist with synthetic cocaine and we do warn them how to use it so they won’t be harmed but if they can’t follow instructions then that is their own fault so take this Blow Fish bull shit off the internet or you will be the one going down to the bottom of the ocean in the Florida Keys as shark bait.

Blow Fish: I already said Good Bye so you are too late asshole and the Police will be arresting you this time and not the drug dealers you have selling those little bags of pot to the tourist on the streets of Key West so you are going down this time instead of the little guys you have working for you that you set up every couple of years and the Police arrest them instead of their supplier which is you Hogfish Bob so it is your turn this time and isn’t that what you tell your drug dealers when they get arrested it is their turn to go down and now it is your turn.

Hogfish Bob: I am not going down because I am the one that decides who goes to jail in the Florida Keys and Ket West and I have the County Sheriff in my pocket so I will be seeing you arrested as soon as I hang up the phone and I had the Border Patrol search your boat when you left Key West the last time you were here and they didn’t find any drugs so I guess I will have to plant some on your boat this time.

Blow Fish: I warned you to stop selling Synthetic Cocaine years ago and you didn’t listen and I knew you wouldn’t and Gene Luciano was nice enough to send me down there to straighten you out but I set you up instead so why don’t you feed him to the sharks after he gets out of the Federal Penitentiary where he is headed if he takes the lovely deal that we have worked out for him where he gets to clean toilets for the rest of his life at the Military Base next door to the prison so try and catch him when he gets out please and give him what he deserves.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch stay the hell out of my Drug Distribution Business and get the hell off the internet and you sure screwed that project up so what were you trying to do get me killed?

Blow Fish: I wish you criminals would stop asking me the same questions over and over and asking me to repeat myself you will have to read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answer to your questions yourself because I am not going to repeat myself and I have just said “I am only trying to help” so stop asking me to repeat myself because I am sailing from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar setting you asshole criminals and your children up and getting you arrested and if Hogfish Bob is going to feed you to the sharks Geno then “I am only trying to help” which is what I just said so stop asking me to repeat myself because I will not repeat myself so stop asking me to and I thought I was quite helpful up in Ft. Lauderdale as well helping you deal with that situation you had out on the beach.

Gene Luciano: You didn’t do any better with Kenny in Ft Lauderdale who owns the Elbow Room Bar and the whole rest of the block right there on the strip on Ft Lauderdale Beach including Hunter’s Pub which was where you were supposed to have a photo taken of him dancing with you so I could show his family that their son is a Faggot and get him fired and then I would take over their turf so you screwed that up as well.

Blow Fish: I did just what you told me to do and when I walked into the Elbow Room someone drove by and shot and killed the doorman standing right behind me as I walked in the door to the bar.

Gene Luciano: That’s what you get for moving around and not standing in one place where we could get a clear shot at your Blow Fish asshole and I thought we hit you but I guess we hit the doorman instead so next time stand still so we can get a better shot.

Gordon Head Henchman: That was my bad Boss. The car was moving and then he moved and you said shot his Blow Fish brains out of his Blow Fish head right now and so I fired and I got the doorman and so I screwed up again and I am sorry so pleased don’t beat me to death and through me in jail again because I have made another mistake.

Blow Fish: Honesty Geno you could hire a little higher caliber employee and then you would be a lot more successful in your Assignation Attempt Business and not have all this collateral damage all the time and that guy had a family to support for goodness sake.

Gen Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I don’t give a shit about that doorman’s family and you leave my Assignation Attempt Business alone and my Pizza Delivery business alone as well and you had my whole gang scared to death when they threatened to send a pizza delivery boy to my House of Detention to rob you so you wouldn’t even have money to buy anymore food and then you would starve to death and that was one way we threatened to kill you and then you turned the whole situation around and said you would just hit the pizza guy over the head with a fire extinguisher.

Gordon Head Henchman: That’s right Boss. I told him about the pizza delivery guy coming to steal all his money and then Blow Fish asked if there was a fire extinguisher in the house and I said yes there’s one under the kitchen sink why do you want to know, it’s only there for emergencies because the county requires us to have one in there.

Gene Luciano: That’s what I just said Gordon and so when the pizza delivery guy came to the door, you said you would hit him over the head with the fire extinguisher and then drag him into the house and rob him and then put him in your bed and when we came in the house at night to beat you then you would call the Police and have us arrested for killing the Pizza delivery guy.

Blow Fish: I believe that would be self-defense Geno.

Gene Luciano: Well everytime my gang said they would kill you then you would turn the tables on them and say that you would kill them first and you scared the hell out of them and the pizza delivery guy is my bookkeeper’s son and she was shocked that you would harm him when he is just trying to do his job and earn a living to support his family.

Blow Fish: Yea you guys think it’s ok for you to do anything at all to earn a living including killing me and stealing all my wealth but anything I do to defend myself is wrong.

Gordon Head Henchman: Hey Boss he also scared us all by saying that he would go on the internet and order a medical cadaver because you can buy anything on the internet these days and then he would put the dead body in his bed in your House of Detention and then when we came in to beat him up in the middle of the night and he would call the cops and they would come arrest us for Terrorism and Murder and he would be laughing at us from across the street and every time we explained how we were going to kill him he said he would turn it around and kill us first and he had us so scared we were ready to let him go so you finally had to threaten to kill his kids and then he said well now you have my attention and agreed to your demands to travel all over Florida doing your evil work without even being paid for his travel expenses and then he agreed to let you steal his sailing catamaran from the Naples City Dock and then turning himself in at your House of Detention and he is always scaring us and threatening to get us arrested and just mean as hell to us when we are just trying to do our job so you don’t beat us up and have us thrown in jail and he is just mean as hell to us and makes us scared.

Blow Fish: Gordon that’s because I am setting up Gene’s whole gang and getting you all arrested and thrown in jail on a Terrorism and Murder Charge so you will all go away to jail for life and you will never be able to harm anyone else ever again and that will be the end of you Gordon and your Gang and your boss and how many times do I have to remind you of that? I am the smart person setting you up and you are the stupid crooks that are going to jail and I am not being nice to you.

Gordon Head Henchman: Oh Yea I forgot again that you are trying to get us all arrested and don’t have to be nice to us. I always forget that.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch stop threatening my gang you are scaring the hell out of Gordon my Head Henchman and why didn’t you set up my competition in Ft Lauderdale like I told you to?

Blow Fish: Geno, I did meet with Kenny in Ft Lauderdale and we had lovely dinner plans and he was going to take me out to an excellent restaurant but I was busy as hell setting up other criminals too and he said that you are always trying to set him up and embarrass him with his family and making his a life a living hell and I asked what I could do to help because you know I was raised to always try and help other people less fortunate than myself and so he said if I could make you go away then he will give me his Mega Yacht sitting right there in the Bahia Mar Marina in Ft Lauderdale FL and it is a beautiful boat Geno I think you were planning to buy it with the money you were stealing from me and then you and Julie your Whore X Wife were going to go sailing around the world like twice and he is buying a new one anyway and doesn’t need the old one anymore and no one wants to pay him full price anyway and since you never pay me at all for any of the evil work you make me do for you so you won’t kill my children and then kill me so I just said what the hell so I made a side deal with Kenny and as soon as you are arrested I will be sitting on my very own Mega Yacht in the Bahia Mar Marina in Ft Lauderdale FL so you can look for me there very soon Geno but you can’t because you will be in prison cleaning toilets next door at the Military base and your whole gang will be in jail and your Head Henchman Gordon the screw up will probably get the chair because he told me he killed someone in front of over 40 witnesses and so look for that coming up very soon.

Gordon Head Henchman: See Boss he is scaring me again and all I said was we may send the pizza delivery man to rob you and he is threatening to kill me again.

Blow Fish: Gordon stop being such a baby and take it like a man isn’t that what you told me when you set me up and said you were going to kill me and so take it like a man Gordon.

Let’s go up to Treasure Island where in the news this morning from the St. Pete Times it appears there was some trouble out on the beach on Treasure Island yesterday. It seems that Terri Lynn heard that there was going to be Three-way Sex at the Postcard Inn and she was not invited and so she had Maurice call out the US Army Reserve because they were just sitting around and not doing anything anyway and Maurice who is a retired Army Cornel who is too old to join in the Three-way Sex was there to make a Permanent Photographic Remembrance of the event of Terri Lynn having Three-way Sex with tourist couples. The US Army Reserve had the entire Treasure Island closed off from the mainland with road blocks so that Blow Fish couldn’t leave the island without having sex with Terri Lynn and the US Army Reserve surrounded the Postcard Inn Resort and then the Police were called in to break up the crowd but it turned out that all the local police from both Treasure Island and Bradenton FL Police departments were already there inside the Postcard Inn Resort at the time of the incident and in a related story in the Vice Section of the St Pete Times the entire Treasure Island Police Department is under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to determine why all the Treasure Island Police were in motel rooms at the Postcard Inn Resort selling Lesbo Prostitutes to the tourist couples so they could have Three-way Sex while they were on their vacation at the time of the incident and then the Bradenton FL Police Department was also arrested at the scene of the crime in the Postcard Inn Resort for selling drugs to the tourist that were trying to get high before having Three-way Sex and then after the drug deal went down the Brandon Police were sending their police partners in to arrest the tourist for possession of the very drugs that they had just sold them and then the tourist were paying off the Bradenton Police to get the charges dropped. So the entire Bradenton Police and the Treasure Island Police Departments are under investigation by the FBI and there will be more news on that story as it becomes available and I knew they were doing something wrong at the Postcard Inn Resort and all it took was Terri Lynn’s white trash drama to bring it to light.

In a related story over in Tampa FL it would appear that the Ritz on the Beach in Tampa FL has disappeared and it is no more and there is a photo in the newspaper that Terri Lynn supplied to the St Pete Times of where the Ritz was supposed to be but it is just a blank photo of nothing at all so I do not know how to explain that and only Terri Lynn knows where the Ritz on the Beach in Tampa really is, so be sure to ask her when you see her and let me know what she says so I can share it with my audience who I am sure are riveted to hear the answer!


Back to the Yacht Club at the Westin Resort in Cape Coral, the Weston Hotel is a beautiful building and in a gorgeous location right on the Ft Myers River which runs across the state and that is the route that Randy Gibson uses to smuggle drugs back from South America up thru the Carribean Islands and the Bahamas up to the Panhandle of FL and then distribute them all over the SE of the US of A until they end up in your house  in your child’s backpack but according to Mr. Gibson’s confession they are using submarines now and not boats to smuggle pot into the US of A so if there is a submarine at Randy Gibson’s Boat House in Ft Walton Beach then he has just received a new shipment of bales so look for any submarine drug smuggling activity around Randy Gibson’s Boat House and if you see any just drop in and get yourself a really good deal on a brand new bale of pot only make sure it hasn’t gotten wet because according to Gene Luciano in his confession when the bale gets wet the pot is not as good so make sure that Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson isn’t trying to sell you any wet bales of marijuana because that sounds just like what he maybe up to and he is such a fucking liar it is ridiculous that he would be using submarines but he did confess to using them and they haven’t been used in years because they were death traps and they have all been confiscated by the DEA and the Columbian Government but maybe he still has one and they are using a different method these days which we will be discussing very soon but back to the Weston Resort which has a modern Marina and Yacht Club here and it’s first class and the Weston Resort is located on the most beautiful piece of waterfront property in Cape Coral FL which isn’t saying much only the food here in the Restaurant and out at the outdoor Bar called the Naughty Mermaid stinks so pardon my French but don’t eat at this resort. All the food is overpriced bar food and why would a Weston Resort not have an appropriate menu when you pay those exorbitant prices to stay there and the answer is because when you come here to stay you are trapped at the resort and you have no choice but to eat the food that they serve and pay their high prices so you are trapped and screwed by the Weston Resort Chain so to get a good meal you have to leave the resort so what is the point of going to a resort if you can’t stay there and have to leave to get a decent meal and that is my point. You would think they would have a beautiful extended holiday buffet with every possible menu item to choose from and all the nearby residents in the waterfront communities around the resort would come here and you would have to wait for an hour to get a table and make a reservation to eat but they do not have a full buffet at all but they still charge $85 for an omelet and about 5 other buffet items and it is the worst buffet I have ever seen but it does have ice sculptors and all the decorations but no food and that’s what you are stuck with if you are here for a holiday so if you are planning an event at the Weston Resort in Cape Coral FL or a vacation here and you want a decent meal then you will have to go elsewhere so just make other plans until they offer their guest a better menu and an acceptable buffet.

Naughty Mermaid Bartender: We have Happy Hour prices and that’s the best time to eat because the bar menu is half price and so are the drinks so you have to get here before 6 pm for Happy Hour and then I get off at 10 if you want to have sex with me so that is the schedule so don’t forget to eat before 6 and then screw me after 10 and that is everyday of the week all year long so I will be seeing you tomorrow and don’t forget the schedule.

Blow Fish: I don’t think I will be eating Chicken Wings at the bar everyday of the week but thanks for the offer of sex and I will see you later.

Naughty Mermaid Bartender: Well it is 20 minutes until 10 and I get off work soon and I am right on schedule with closing the bar so I will be ready to have sex with you when I get off work.

Weston Brunch Server: I hope you enjoyed the buffet and will you be coming in tomorrow so we can sit down and have that drink together and then go to your boat and have sex?

Blow Fish: What drink are you referring to? I have never even spoken to you! So the women working here are just aggressive as hell and I didn’t ask either of them to have sex with me but they all seem to be available when they get off work or is it a prostitution ring working inside the Weston Resort in Cape Coral FL?


Pinchers Seafood is also located in Marina at the Weston Resort and it is good but overpriced and the Crab which is their specialty is outrageously expensive. A dozen Blue Crab are over a Hundred Dollars and they had a whole school of whole Yellowtail Snapper in their seafood display case that I noticed on the way in and I know how to cook whole Yellowtail and have cooked it for that bunch of Hillbilly Fags at Harbor Docks including Ms. Jackie and Big Red the prostitute bartender and Gay Charles’s son Eddy who thinks he is the General Manger but Charles Morgan has those Hillbilly Fags from Atlanta in there running the faggot show and so Eddy is just kitchen help just like Steve the Kitchen Manager that should be the General Manager but Charles makes him work in the kitchen like a slave because that’s what the hell he is and so everyone there is treated like a slave even his son Eddy and so I cooked all those assholes fried Whole Yellowtail Snapper to set them up and that’s just one of the ways I set them up and I also cooked and tried to teach them how to cook Fried Lobster Tails because that’s another dish they know nothing about and there is no Lobster on the menu and so I went in there and shared my culinary skills with them so they could learn how to serve something other than Basa and Tilapia but it did not work because they are just too fucking stupid to learn anything but I did try to help them and I had no more success at the Pincher’s at the Weston Resort in Cape Coral FL where they don’t know what to do with the whole Yellow Tail Snapper that they have right there on display in their Fresh Fish cooler when you walk in the front door and I do mean they don’t even know how much they cost or how to cook them or whether to grill or fry them whole because they are not on the menu and if you ask your server for a whole Yellow Tail Snapper…

Pincher’s Waitress or Whatever You People Call Yourself: I don’t know what a Yellow Tail Snapper is. We don’t have that on the menu and if you saw them in the Fresh Fish display then I will have to go ask someone else about it.

Blow Fish: So then they have to go ask the chef about them…

Pincher’s Chef: We do have whole Yellow Tail Snapper in the display case but we don’t have them on the menu and we don’t serve them or sell them but I could take a whole two pound fish and fillet it and then cook the quarter pound fillets of fish and throw the rest of the fish away and that is the only way we can cook a whole Yellow Tail Snapper here if we were to cook one and we only have them in the fish cooler for display because they are not on the menu and we don’t know what to do with them because we are just a tourist trap restaurant and they look good in the cooler when the tourist walk in the door and say wow they serve fresh fish in here and what a beautiful fish that is and then when they go bad then we will just throw them in the dumpster and that is just a waste of good fresh fish but that is the policy from Corporate and so we do not know how to cook them sir.

Blow Fish: Then I had a very serious discussion with that person that is not a Seafood Chef at all and gave him a good talking too and explained to him how to prepare a whole Yellowtail Snapper to be grilled or fried whole and how easy it was and how he would not even have to fillet it which is a waste of time and would waste most of the fish and how incredible it is when it is prepared properly and then he explained to me…

Pincher’s Chef: We do not cook them that way here. The only way I can cook the fish is to filet it and fry it or grill it and then you will have quarter of a pound fillets of fish and the whole fish weighs two pounds so that will cost you Forty Five Dollars for just the fish and then cook it cost Forty Dollars so the total for the meal will be Eighty Five Dollars for 2 tiny little pieces of fresh fish and would you like it fried or grilled sir and do you want a whole bunch of French fried potatoes piled over the top of it so it looks like you are getting a huge plate of food for your Eighty Five Dollars and no one will pay that for a piece of fish so the whole Yellow Tail Snapper will just sit there until they spoil and we will throw them in the dumpster out back.

Blow Fish: So I took all the time to explain to that idiot how to cook the fish for me and they weren’t busy at all and he could have cooked it but I guess that’s all Pincher’s has to offer their tourist customers the usual fried filet of fish loaded up with French fries for $85. so I would not recommend that place if they can’t cook the fish they have in their fish display cooler and the fish is just sitting there for you to look at when you walk in the door and I can guarantee you that those fucking whole Yellow Tail Snappers look a whole lot better out there on the Florida Reefs where they belong before you assholes killed them and brought them into your fucking restaurant as a decoration in your fresh fish cooler just so you have something in there for the tourist to see when they walk in the door so for my Restaurant Review from Pinchers Seafood Restaurant today I would not recommend you ever going into the Pinchers at the Westin in Cape Coral FL or any of their locations in Florida or anywhere else if they are that irresponsible with Florida Reef Fish and do not have any more concern for the environment than to take fish off the Florida Reefs and kill them just for fucking decorations so until Corporate comes up with a new policy for the fresh fish in their fresh fish cooler and explains their fresh fish policy to their employees and trains their servers how to sell them and their so called Chefs how to prepare what they have on display then I would not even set foot in any of their restaurants and I paid Forty Five Dollars for a Nine Dollar fish that I could have purchased from a responsible seafood market just so it wouldn’t go to waste and that is a horrible waste of our Florida Natural Resources and they need to price their fresh fish reasonably where a customer doesn’t have to pay Eighty Five Dollars for a Thirty Dollar meal and so I didn’t have time to cook the fish and couldn’t get a decent meal there at Pinchers and had to leave the Resort and that is a disgrace when you are at a beautiful highend Resort like this where you the tourist are paying Thousands of Dollars to be there and expect to be pampered and Geno I know you must be as upset as I am right now because you can’t stand to see people waste fresh fish and I should send you in there to deal with them and that would be the end of them and do you still see that Luxury Uber Black Town Car I called because I think I am about to get sick back here because that Bartender put Roofie in my drink last night and sometimes that makes people puke so I am feeling like I am about to get sick back here and it is not going to be pretty Geno I am warning you.

Luxury Uber Driver: Mr. Blow Fish I am still waiting for you to pull over so I can pick you up. Are you in any danger because I am prepared to dial 911 if you are.

Blow Fish: No I am fine. It has taken me years to get into Geno’s trunk and so I want to milk him for all I got so just stand by and wait.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish I told you when I set you up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar on Fifth Ave in Naples FL that you had to get rid of your Towncar Driver. That guy carried a gun and could have killed my gang members so I told you no more Towncar Drivers or Bodyguards and only ride in my Taxi Cabs and you were only allowed to leave my House of Detention for one hour per week to go grocery shopping and I stated which Publix you could shop at so we could poison your food before you bought it because we knew which brands you bought so get rid of this Towncar Driver as well and no more phone calls.

Blow Fish: You could poison the brands I was buying but I always pulled my food from the back of the shelf so you could have poison anyone.

Gene Luciano: We don’t care who we poison just as long as we get rid of you and you are own your way to the Collier County Landfill and that will be the end of you.

Blow Fish: You are just a sad and evil old man Geno. Poisoning innocent shoppers at random just so you can get rid of me and steal my wealth when you don’t even need the money and that just makes me sick and I think I am going to puke back here.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch do not get sick back there or I will stop the car and come back there and make you clean it up and then I will blow your Blow Fish brains out all over the place and that will be the end of you causing me any more trouble.

Blow Fish: Now Geno I have seen someone’s brains blown out in a car and I would not recommend that at all it makes a terrible mess and just ruins the car interior and you will have to bury the car at the landfill to get rid of all my DNA so I do not recommend that or riding in the car with Gene Luciano at all and I think Gordon your Head Henchman will back me up on this Geno so do not blow my brains out back here and let me ride in the trunk of the Black Town Car and whatever you do don’t ride in a car with Gene Luciano so tell my audience why Gordon.

Gordon Head Henchman: That’s right! When you ride in a car with Gene Luciano and you get pulled over then you will be the one going to jail because Gene Luciano never gets arrested for any of the crimes he commits and never goes to jail he just snitches on someone else and then they go to jail instead and so we were out chasing skirt one night and Gene got pulled over in Naples for drunk driving and Mr. Luciano said to the Cop “Well I guess you have to arrest someone so why don’t you just arrest Gordon here” and he offered the cop One Thousand Dollars to arrest me for a DUI instead of him and they arrested me and then took be off to jail and that violated my parole from prison and then I had to go back to prison and had to start my parole all over again and then go to court for the DUI which cost me Ten Thousand Dollars in fines and wasted a year and a half of my life and so do not ride with Gene Luciano or you will be the one going to jail.

Blow Fish: Now see here Geno those are some really poor management skills and a bad policy for dealing with your employees or Gang Members as you call them because it wasted allot of Gordon’s time and money when he could have been at work robbing your victims and poisoning your restaurant customers at the Aqua Bar and Grill in Downtown Naples on Fifth Ave. and I know you are always getting your gang members arrested isn’t he Gordon and I know every time you screw up he calls the Police and they come out and grab you guys and throw your ass in jail and then he leaves you there for months on end and then he comes into the jail and beats you up for screwing up when he is the one that turns you in and has you arrested to start with and that is just one way he makes money by snitching on his own gang members so the Police think he is a good and honest person when he is the criminal and you his gang members are just another one of his victims.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch leave my gang alone and stop it with your management consultations that I do not need or your help managing by Racketeering Business so shut up and stop scaring Gordon my Head Henchman.

Blow Fish: Now Geno I am just trying to be helpful because when you got that DUI and you had Gordon arrested instead of you and then he had to go back to prison and wasn’t able to work for six months and then he spent Ten Thousand Dollars on court cost and fines and you had to pay all his expenses you could have called my law firm Berry Day, Mc Fee and Martin Attorney at Law in Naples FL and asked for Barry Day and he would have paid off the corrupt Judge that is a part of the whole corrupt legal system there in Collier County where you can still buy the Judge and the Police and the Sheriff and anyone else if you have enough money and I know all this by getting myself set up at the Blue Marini in Naples FL where they drugged me and imagine that a Bar drugging my Blow Fish asshole only this time the Bartender charged me Fifty Dollars for the drugs and I had to pay cash because the drugs were illegal and they couldn’t charge them on my credit card and then they let me drive and I was arrested for a DUI and thrown in jail high on drugs and not alcohol and the arresting officer knew it because he tested me for drugs and not alcohol and my attorney Barry Day said that Collier County didn’t want to pursue a case against Blue Martini for drugging their customers and they had actually drugged a customer who accidently killed someone else in a car wreck driving home from the Blue Martini in a case of Vehicular Homicide and they still continued to drug their customers after killing someone so I went in there and set them up and we will be looking at that in their hometown of West Palm Beach FL and find out who is behind that murder at the Blue Martini and who is behind covering it up and that would be the Collier County legal system which is corrupt as hell because there is so much money there in Naples FL that they have got to get their fair share of it anyway they can including covering up a murder and all the other felony drug charges when they drug their customers at Blue Martini not only in Naples FL but at all their locations all over the US and so if you gave Barry Day the Ten Thousand Dollars cash he could have paid off the corrupt Legal System in Naples FL and gotten Gordon off and why the hell couldn’t you have paid off the Judge yourself Geno? All you had to do was give the Judge the Ten Thousand Dollars you paid to the court in legal fees and the whole case would have been dropped.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I do not need your help paying off Judges. I know what I am doing here and have been in this town my whole life and can handle the local Police and the Judges and paying them off to get what I need them to do to get the job done so stop telling me how to run my Racketeering Franchise.

Blow Fish: I was just trying to help save you some money Geno if you don’t know the right person to pay off and so why didn’t you pay off the Judge to get Gordon out of trouble for the crime you comitted that you had him arrested for and I think it is because you are a selfish asshole who only cares about himself and never thinks about anyone but himself and I say that because you know who to pay off only you never even thought about helping Gordon because you don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but yourself you selfish asshole and then Gordon couldn’t work for you for 6 months because you are so stupid and selfish it ended up costing you even more money and I’m just trying to help Gordon understand that if he turns State Evidence on you then he might get a reduced sentence for the Terrorism Charge he is facing for abusing me while I was in your House of Detention.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch you aren’t telling anyone anything about me paying off the local Police and Judges or telling anyone about the abuse you suffered at the hands of my gang members in my House of Detention because you are going to be buried in the Collier County Landfill in a few hours so hold it down back there and don’t give our location away or that will be the end of your Blow Fish bull shit right Gordon.

Gordon Head Henchman: He has a made a good point Gene because when we were torturing him in your House of Detention we beat the holy shit out of him several times and he thought he was going to die and if I come clean I might get a reduced sentence and you deserve to go to jail for life anyway because you never get arrested and you always snitch on us just to make you look like you are an upstanding concerned citizen and the mayor of Old Naples…

Gene Luciano: OK Blow Fish you son of a bitch give Gordon my Head Henchman back his caller id and cut that shit out and I mean it and soon you will be deader than shit so hold it down back there and stay off the internet or I will go find your children and kill them one by one and that is what I threatened you with to make you do my evil work for me and stay in my House of the Detention and then Gordon was suppose to murder you and…

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I said cut that shit out you stole my caller id in mid sentence so calm down and shut the fuck up or I will kill you deader than shit right now and just bury you and the whole car in the Collier County Landfill.

Blow Fish: Well I was just trying to make a point to Gordon your Head Henchman that if he gets out of the car now and runs like hell in the opposite direction of Naples FL that I will go easy on him and that is what I told him when you set me up in Naples FL at the Champagne and Caviar Bar and you know they are out of business Geno so there is another businessman that you have run out of business and out of town and another way you earn a living by controlling all the Bars and Restaurants in Naples FL by making them pay you Graff payments if they want to stay in business and I think the owner of the Champagne and Caviar Bar would make a very good witness if someone wants to question him about what you and your gang did to me that night and how you threatened to kill my children and kill me about 194 different ways and I think that would be 194 charges of Attempted Murder and if I do the math on that Geno you will be going away for a very long time and so let me see if you carry the Four and then…

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I thought you said you set me up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar and so how could that be my fault and that sounds like entrapment to me and so why would anyone believe you when I had my whole gang there so I have over forty witnesses and you have none.

Blow Fish: Well I have that FBI undercover agent that was standing beside me and the Leprechaun with the Green Hair that walked in there with me and then I have the owner of the Bar that set you up by opening the Bar and then allowing you to set me up in there and then I have the DVD that I told your whole gang I was recording and I wanted the rights to the book and the movie and also the DVD because they were too stupid to read a book and too busy to go see a movie and too cheap to buy a DVD so they would just have to wait to rent the DVD to find out what happened to all of them and see if they were arrested or not so if they were going to continue to set me up then they had to all agree that I could record the whole set up in the Champagne and Caviar Bar so you and everyone in your whole gang agreed to allow me to record the whole set up before we continued so that was not entrapment because I explained to all the people appearing on the DVD that they were being recorded and even Gordon your Head Henchman agreed to have himself recorded and said it was OK and it’s all there on the DVD so Gordon I am telling you again just like I told you that night when you set me up if you get out and run away right now I will go easy on you and not have you charged with my Kidnapping and Murder at the Collier County Landfill if you state that it was all Geno Luciano’s fault.

Gordon Head Henchman: Boss that sounds like a pretty good deal I think I will just get out at the next light and maybe he will honor what he is offering me so I will just take that deal because when he offered it to me the first time at the Champagne and Caviar Bar you told me not to listen to him and look at all the trouble he caused us and what happened after he started the Big Show. We almost lost the Aqua Bar and Grill because no one came in there for like a year because they didn’t want to be poisoned so I need my job there and I think I will turn state evidence to save myself so I will be getting out at the next corner.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of bitch stop scaring my Head Henchman and shut the fuck up back there and Gordon my Head Henchman you better shut the fuck up as well or you will be in the County Landfill next to Blow Fish and you both will be pushing up flowers if you know what I mean and I am sure you do so sit there and shut the fuck up.

Blow Fish: Keep that offer in mind when we stop at a red light there Gordon and I will continue with my Restaurant Review of the day which I was in the middle of before I was so rudely interrupted by an Italian Ape Shit that can’t walk straight up or please a woman and I have a caller and go ahead caller and this should be good Geno it’s your Whore X Wife Julie.

Gene Luciano: Now keep her out of this Blow Fish you son of a bitch and I mean it.

Julie Luciano: Blow Fish honey are you Ok and do I need to come pick you up so that Gene can’t harm you because he has harmed me by not giving me what I wanted and that is control of his life so I left him and I am now available again even though I always was because all I had to do was take off my Wedding Ring and then I could have sex with anyone I wanted to and those were his rules so he could screw his prostitutes and those porn queens over in Miami and all the fat whores that no one else will touch at Campiello’s because he isn’t choosy at all and so I am free to have sex with you and so I am coming to where you are to save you and take you home with me where you will be safe so where are you?

Gene Luciano: I am not going to tell you again you are not my boss and stay the hell out of my business and stop telling me how to run my Kidnapping Business here and stop interfering and just shut the fuck up.

Blow Fish: Now I think what Geno is trying to say here is that when you took your Wedding Ring off and had sex with his whole gang because they joined your Sex Orgy Group then his feeling were hurt and he doesn’t know how to express his feelings well and just lashes out at the people closest to him that he loves and tries to kill them so is that right Geno?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch would you stop all your psycho babble and stay out of this and Julie get the hell off the phone and stay out of my business affairs.

Blow Fish: Now Geno that is no way to speak to a witness for the prosecution and I do not believe that you are allowed to speak to them at all and also aren’t allowed to tamper with their testimony or that would be another charge and so there goes another charge and another Four Years because when you Tamper with the Investigation which is what you just did you get another 4 years and so let me do the math and that is 4 years times 194 Attempted Murders and that is too long for you Geno so you are going away forever and I guess I should have set you up earlier but you had Gordon there arrested for a DUI and I had to wait for a year for him to get out of jail so it is all your fault for delaying your prosecution and so the sentence for all those crimes is life in prison including delaying the process and that’s your own fault and so where was I and I was about to say that the food at the Westin and Pinchers is all tourist trap food anyway and so I had to go to a real seafood restaurant to get a descent meal.


So I recommend the Lobster Lady Seafood Market in Cape Coral and it is a Seafood Market and also a Bar and Restaurant and they have a lovely Sunday Brunch and tanks full and I do mean like 4 huge tanks full of live lobsters and I mean 4 to 8 pound lobsters and they are live Maine Lobsters and also Florida and Cold Water Tails but I would avoid those Cold Water Pacific Lobsters and stick with the Live Maine Lobsters and I have seen parties of four eat one lobster between all four of them and they are unbelievably huge and excellent. I had a 2 pounder by myself and it was delicious. They also have a Deviled Egg appetizer so listen up Don Julio who is my chef friend in Destin FL who is always trying to one up me and come up with a better dish than the one that I have served and he brought deviled eggs on my Sailing Yacht on a Sunday outing and so I am one upping you here Don Julio with this my new deviled egg recipe. At the Lobster Lady they take the boiled egg yoke and mix it with mayo and wasabi which makes the deviled egg filling green and then they sprinkle red and black caviar on the top of the egg yoke and then a thin slice of Blue Fin Tuna but if I were making the dish I would use Toro Tuna because it’s the more tender belly meat of the Ahi Tuna and on top of that thin slices of Hallows and those are Mexican Jalapeños and not what Harbor Dock buys at Winn Dixie in Destin FL and they don’t even know what any of this even means at Harbor Docks because they don’t even have Mayo in the kitchen but Don Julio knows because he is a real Chef and a GM for a Major Restaurant Franchise and not a Hillbilly Fag cook like Steve who is just a Mafia gang member which makes him a slave so I will be serving my new devil egg appetizer on my Sailing Yacht the next time Don Julio goes sailing with me on Sunday and the fresh fish at the Lobster Lady is great and they know how to cook a whole Yellow Tail Snapper and so I recommend it highly.


The best Mexican restaurant in southwest Florida is located in Cape Coral and it’s the Iguana Mia. The food is great authentic Mexican style and the interior of the restaurant is beautiful and it looks like you are eating in Cancun Mexico and if you miss this Mexican restaurant you won’t find another decent Mexican restaurant south of here and I have not had lunch Geno are we taking a lunch break? I know your Head Henchman and I are famished and need to stop for luncheon so what about some Mexican food?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch you know I do not eat Mexican, I only kill those lowlifes and hold it down back there I can’t hear myself driving up here and stay off the Internet and do not give our location away.

Blow Fish: You are the one playing this horrible loud Gay rock music and you really should broaden your horizons Geno and try some Mexican food and stop killing everyone just because they are different from you, Psycho Killer.

Gene Luciano: I will kill anyone I want to anytime I want to this is a free country where I can do anything I want to and I will earn a living anyway I want to including killing Mexicans and Niggers and Jews and Blow Fish so stop telling me who I can and can’t kill, it is none of your business.


Blow Fish: Well Geno you really are missing out on some delicious food by being so limited in your restaurant choices I mean who the hell needs another slice of Pizza anyway and there is a Tiki Bar right here in Cape Coral that has the best burger in town if you want to stop for a luncheon break and it is also the largest Tiki Bar in Florida and a real authentic Seminole Tiki Bar build by the Seminole Indians for the Bale Maker here in Cape Coral and unfortunately he is also deceased and it has been passed down from family member to family member and is now owned by one the meanest son of a bitch’s in the world and Geno you know who I am talking about and it is the Cape Coral Police Chief who has taken over the bar and calls it his headquarters for his criminal efforts here on the Cape and so if you go in there and cause any trouble they will call the Police Chief and he will come over there personally and haul you off to jail so don’t start any trouble in there and I didn’t but I was picked up by a cop’s wife that was out with another cop’s wife on a girl’s night out and they picked me up and took me to another bar with them that they call a Karaoke Bar.


Tubby’s City Hangout and Tubby is the owner and he is a Fat Faggot and his kids work in the bar and Tubby is the DJ so he would be the Fat Faggot DJ or the Tubby Faggot DJ and it is quite a show to watch all the Gay Karaoke singers perform their favorite songs like Michael Jackson with only one glove and all the other Gay artist that they copy and Big Ole Fat Tubby the Faggot running the show and the women I were with never noticed that it was a Gay Bar and you don’t want to go there. They overcharge their customers and rip them off and I was buying the two ladies drinks and we had a fifty dollar tab and so I tipped ten percent because the service and the drinks were horrible and so they changed my tip to Fifty dollars so they got a 100 percent tip and then ran my card after I left and I have heard they do that to everyone and that’s how he got on my Hit List so do not go in there until they add the words Gay Bar to the sign outside so you know who you are dealing with before you walk in the door and then why would anyone want to go to a Gay Bar where the Faggot owner rips his customers off with 100 percent tip charges so if he does that to you call the Cape Coral Police Department and complain because that is Credit Card Fraud and they can go arrest Tubby but they won’t because the Police Chief is like the Mafia Crime Boss for the whole town and if you don’t have him in your pocket then you don’t get to stay in business so avoid Tubby’s and the Tiki Bar and there is not a bar I would recommend to anyone in the City of Cape Coral because the cops are out in their personal cars like they are on an undercover investigation and they entrap the locals into a DUI and are corrupt as hell so I would avoid all the Bars in the whole town of Cape Coral FL until they get a new Police Chief and restructure the whole Police Department and I am not kidding and this has been going on for years and it has to stop and all the bars are nasty as hell and run down and it is one of the worst cities in Florida so just avoid it completely because you won’t miss anything.


Hey Geno if we are in Ft Myers yet there are a bunch of bars there I set up and some serve lunch. A couple of the restaurants are quite good and this is a party town where they close off the streets downtown and all the bikers and antique auto owners have huge festivals and it is allot of fun on the weekends but there’s a Russian Mobster here that is trying to take over the whole downtown area and he’s opened a Roaring 20’s theme bar that shows old silent movies on one wall inside the Bar and it’s quite unique and all the buildings were built in the 20’s when the town was in it’s hay day and have been sitting empty ever since and this Russian Mobster’s idea is to turn the whole downtown into a pool hall by remodeling all the empty buildings into a bar with pool tables and he must be stopped so please someone with some good taste get in there and help him. He asked me for advice but I am no longer a Mafia Consultant to you assholes who never pay me for my advice and turn around and poison me just like Harbor Docks did in Destin FL when they were working for Gene Luciano who has kidnapped my Blow Fish ass and driving me to the Collier County Landfill in the trunk of his Silver Mercedes 550SL and driving straight through downtown Ft Myers FL and not stopping for lunch and Geno I didn’t have any breakfast and I am getting light headed back here and if I get sick it will be on your head so don’t say I didn’t warn you Geno.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I am going to blow your fucking Blow Fish brains out of your fucking Blow Fish head as soon as we get to the Collier County Landfill so shut the fuck up or I will come back there and do you right there in the trunk.

Blow Fish: I wouldn’t do that if I were you unless you have a roll of 6 mil poly like you threatened to bring to your House of Detention when you would roll out a sheet of polyethylene and then stand me in the middle and then blow my brains out on the poly and roll me up and take me to the Collier County Landfill so I don’t see a roll of poly back here and I don’t think throwing a roll of 6 mil poly in the landfill would be very good for the environment Geno. Have you ever thought about taking your business green? I don’t think you guys are thinking your assassination attempts thru very well and haven’t considered the environment at all and you certainly aren’t following thru well.

Gordon Head Henchman: I forgot to bring some poly Boss so please don’t make a big deal out of it or Gene Luciano will be killing me at the landfill too.

Blow Fish: Gordon you are a Head Fuckup is all you are. You never follow through with any of your projects and always screw them up and then Geno has to come around behind you to clean up your mess and I have never seen such a bunch of incompetent boobs in my whole life and if I were you Geno, I would do Gordon as well at the landfill and then go hire a competent Head Henchman with some practical experience and the skills needed to get the job done that has actually completed a project before and then get rid of your bunch of fuck ups.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I do not need your management skills and you interfering in my assignation business so stay out of it.

Blow Fish: Then let me out of this trunk I do not want to be associated with you bunch of incompetent losers that can’t even load up the material needed to complete their mission and we will part ways because I will not be surrounded by such incompetence.

Gene Luciano: Ok I am pulling over and we will do you right here and then clean up the mess later.


Blow Fish: Now Geno if you are going to make a stop here on the south side of Ft Myers on Hwy 41, I always stop for lunch at Skips Seafood and they have a lovely garden salad and great Fried Shrimp and they are beautiful jumbo shrimp fried right and some of the freshest I have ever had and I recommend them highly with tartar sauce with Tabasco mixed in together only I go there for lunch when they aren’t crowded because if you go there for dinner there will be a line out the door and down the block and so if it is around noon and you are feeling famished and need to take a break from your busy day kidnapping and murdering then for a quick lunch I recommend Skips Seafood and we are just south of Ft Myers FL on Hwy 41 and traveling at a high rate of speed with an Italian Looking Ape Wise Guy at the wheel of the Silver SL550 Mercedes with a fat as hell looking Turkish man in the passenger seat that thinks he looks like Telly Savalas but really looks more like the Michelin Man to me but he is as fat as the Pillsbury Doughboy like that balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade only with reddish tan skin like an Arab wearing a gold chain around his neck with the overall appearance of a Mafia Sleaze Ball that just looks greasy as hell like he’s been drinking olive oil and he’s sweating it out thru his pores and…

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I told you to not give out our location and then you included our complete description as well and so now I am hauling your ass straight to Collier County Landfill before we get pulled over and the cops search the car and find your Blow Fish asshole in the trunk.

Blow Fish: Geno I was wondering why you didn’t kill me in your House of Detention while you had me there. You promised to kill me about 194 different ways and you never killed me one time at all but you did try to poison me several times and I had to throw out all my food in the kitchen because I didn’t know which open containers the poison was in and you had someone watching me everyday with your surveillance camera system and then you sent your gang in there to beat the hell out of me a couple times in the middle of the night because I wasn’t following the house rules so you would try and kill me in my sleep and then you just seem to give up and I escaped so what happened? Why didn’t you just come in the middle of the night and cut my throat or haul me down to the Aqua Bar and Grill and cut me up and serve my Blow Fish asshole to your customers as the catch of the day or kill me one of the other ways you described when you set me up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar on Fifth Ave. in Naples FL where you threatened to kill me 194 times?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I was going to follow through and do you right there in my House of Detention if you gave me any trouble and you did break all the rules so I wanted to come over there and do you myself or send in my assassination squad to take you out but with the TV Stations and the Newspaper Reporters and all the Media asking me where you were every time I went out in public and coming to my office and requesting an interview and I was telling them all that you must have drown when you tried to step off your boat at the Naples City Dock Marina and the whole time I had you imprisoned in my House of Detention so I finally was too afraid to send anyone over there to even watch you because you were threatening to post the address of the facility on your blog and then the Police were reading the Blog because everyone was calling in and complaining to the Police about you bad mouthing them so much on the blog so we were afraid to go over there any more because the cops might show up and arrest us all and then you did post the address of the House of Detention and then Police went over there and searched the place and you were gone so I have chased you all over God’s green creation as I call it ever since and now I have you and I am following through today and you will be deader than shit in an hour and planted in the Collier County Landfill and then Brevard will take your sister out and then we are done with you both and can split up your assets only I think that Brevard character as you call him isn’t getting a cut because I think there is a third fraction involved and they are getting rid of Brevard so he doesn’t get a share and so he is being double crossed by another gang.

Gordon Head Henchman: That’s right Boss the other fraction is getting screwed over by us and we are taking their share as well.

Brevard: Now I want to know where you heard that information because I heard just the opposite that you guys were getting short changed here and we were getting to keep all their assets because we have done all the work and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars that we have already stolen from the estate to set them up so we are getting a full share and you get nothing for being such complete failures at this your first attempt at stealing someone’s assets which is something we do everyday of the week and have never had this much trouble with a project before and will be glad to see this one finished and the estate liquidated and closed out and this Blow Fish character taken out and this embarassing blog taken down.

Gene Luciano: We are the bigger gang here and more organized and so we will be getting our full share and if you don’t finish off his sister soon then we will do it for you because we have all the Intel we need to finish the project and we will be taking our full share.

Brevard: I am here in Florida today and I will finish you and your gang off with one phone call if I have to because I am the biggest mobster in the Southeast and I have my people every where and we are watching you right now so you better stop your threats and finish Blow Fish off or I will and then I will take care of you as well Mr. Gene Luciano.

Gene Luciano: OK Brevard or whatever you call yourself and I think it is a good ole boy I am pulling over right here and since you know where I am then you can come here and I will blow you brains out of your fucking head with my assassination gun with the compression chamber and that will be the end of you.

Blow Fish: Now Geno that little 22 caliber gun with the silencer is just going to piss him off and then he will blow your brains out so you’re going to need a larger caliber gun for his fat ass because a 22 would only make a flesh wound so you better get a bigger gun and there is a shotgun back here in the truck and it you shoot him with buck shot or glass pellets then that should take care of him so you better get this shotgun if you want to do some damage and hey Geno did you know there’s an attaché case back here and it looks like a it’s got a Hundred Thousand in it back here as well so I am going to leave you the Twenty Thousand that I owe you from that Sushi Restaurant I took over for you in Miami that Gordon your Head Henchman didn’t collect at the bank because he is so incompetent and screws up every project he is given and then I am taking the rest with me when I leave so you better pull over and get this shotgun for that fat fart Brevard because a 22 is just going to piss his fat asshole off.

Gordon Head Henchman: Oh Boss I forgot to tell you that Marty the Rooster put a briefcase in your trunk with some cash in it just like you asked him to do since he is your mule that collects your cash and your banker that holds your cash in his safe at his house that you own and when you need money he has to deliver it to you and he goes to collect money from your prostitutes in Miami and the other cities on the east coast of Florida.

Rooster: Gene this is Marty and I did put that Hundred Large just like you told me to do in your trunk so that’s where it is and we always carry large amounts of money in our car trunks and sometimes I get robbed and beat up and then we have to go find the money and do those assholes that stole from Gene Luciano.

Gene Luciano: I don’t want to be seen opening the trunk and taking the money out on the side of the road with Blow Fish back there pulling his Blow Fish bull shit tricks so we are going to the Collier County Landfill where they don’t care what I throw in there as long as I pay off the front endloader driver.


Blow Fish: Well Geno if we are going thru downtown Naples FL there is an excellent restaurant right there on Hwy 41 just off the interstate called the USS Nemo with award-winning cuisine in a unique atmosphere and voted a top restaurant in Naples, FL year after year. USS Nemo, a five-time member of the Trip Advisor Hall of Fame and described by the New York Times as “almost worth a trip to Naples in and of itself,” you’ll find the best seafood and an unforgettable fine dining experience. At Nemo’s the food is always fresh and the flavors are incomparably delicious.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch get off the internet and stop giving our location away and we are going straight to the landfill and not stopping for lunch.

Blow Fish: Geno why doesn’t the Rooster take the money he collects to your office in Downtown Naples and turn it in to your bookkeeper or your Office Manager like all your other criminals that are out robbing tourist and burglarizing houses?

Gene’s Office Manager: Why don’t you mind your own business and stop sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong or you might get it cut off.

Blow Fish: You little Weasel Chicken Shit why didn’t you show up in your high performance Mustang and chase me thru the streets of Downtown Naples in my SL500 Mercedes when I was escaping from Gene Luciano’s House of Detention?

Gene’s Office Manager: I was there and you didn’t show up. I pulled up and parked in front of the House of Detention in my high performance Green Ford Mustang and you didn’t come out and run for it so I could chase you down and beat the shit out of you and then throw you back in the House of Detention.

Blow Fish: There is no way you could have caught me in my SL500 Mercedes in that green piece of shit car you call a High Performance Mustang and who the hell drives a Green Mustang anyway, that must be the most unpopular color that Ford ever made so why did you buy a green car?

Gene’s Office Manager: Well I didn’t know that when I placed the order for the car with Gene Luciano and didn’t know you have to specify what color you want because I thought Mustangs only came in Red or Black but now I know that when you place an order with Gene for a car and you want a Black Mustang then you have to specify you want a black car because if you don’t then you are stuck with whatever color car they steal and so I was surprised when I got a Green Mustang because I didn’t even know Ford made a Green Mustang and then I had to pay for it because when you order a car from Gene Luciano you have to pay for it or else and if you can’t pay cash then Gene Luciano finances all the cars and trucks he sells and you have to pay him your monthly or weekly payment on time or he breaks your leg and then you can’t work to get the money to pay him so you have to keep your car payments current with Gene Luciano or he will break your leg and you can’t work and then you loose your job and can’t pay your rent and he has you arrested and beats the shit out of you and you loose everything you own but you still owe him all the money for the car called the principal and the back car payments called the vig and the whole process starts all over again so that’s how buying a stolen car from Gene Luciano works and you have to specify the color of the car or you are stuck with whatever color they can find to steal because apparently, they steal the first one they find.

Blow Fish: That doesn’t sound like a very good deal to me. Why don’t you just order a Black Mustang and tell Geno to sell the Green Mustang to some other imbecilic moron that’s stupid enough to buy a green stolen car?

Gene’s Office Manager: I never thought about that but I guess I could ask him if he is in a good mood because if he isn’t then I could get beat up and thrown in jail for asking a stupid question. Why don’t you ask him he seems to like you?

Blow Fish: Hey Geno I need a Black Mustang and I will be trading in a Green Mustang so I will need a credit for the Green car towards the purchase of the Black car or either you can buy the Green car and then steal a Black car and I will buy the Black car but don’t steal a Green car because who the hell would buy a Green car so I am looking for a Black car.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch, you and your riddles now I am so confused I don’t even know what you are talking about and it sounds like a Dr. Seuss story of Green Eggs and Ham and we are not stopping for lunch so stop asking.

Gordon Head Henchman: Hey Boss I think we just got a Black Mustang in over at the legitimate car dealership as you call the automobile thief ring warehouse and it is ready to go if you know what I mean and that means that the title and the tag and the VIN number has all been changed so it is good to go.

Blow Fish: There you go Moron Office Manager. Go trade your car in there is a Black Car in the warehouse waiting on you. My uncle was a new car dealer and I have never heard of such horrible customer service in my life where the car dealer breaks your leg if your car payment is late and then you can’t go to work to earn the money to make the car payment because you have a broken leg so for this my first Car Dealership Review here on this day of the Big Show I would say if I were you I would find a legitimate car dealership to deal with and not take the risk of dealing with Gene Luciano, he’s just too dangerous and has unfair business practices.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch you leave my legitimate car dealership and import-export business alone before I come back there and end your life right here and now, so that is your last warning.

Blow Fish: Now I did not know you were importing and exporting cars Geno please tell my audience how that works because I know they are riveted to hear more about how the car export business works in South Florida.

Gene Luciano: Well you know that all the cars that have been written off as a total loss by the insurance companies all over the eastern seaboard are shipped to Miami FL and then sold at the Salvage Auction so we steal cars and trucks and take them to the auction and they don’t have a title just like the salvage cars and so the importers from South America and the Caribbean Islands come to the auction and buy them and they apply for a title when they get the car back to their country and it is legal and just another way that I make money and I am getting richer and richer so leave my import export auto dealership alone and I will let you live until I get to the Collier County Landfill and then I will blow your Blow Fish brains out of your head and you will be deader than shit and I will have you covered up by the front endloader operator.

Blow Fish: That is fascinating Geno. So how many cars do you have in your warehouse up in Ft Myers where the overhead is lower and you make more money by storing them up there than you would in the City of Naples where you are protected by the corrupt City of Naples Police Department?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch leave my stolen car import export business and my cloak of protection alone or I will do you right here and now on the side of the road.


Blow Fish: Well Geno I was just trying to be helpful and alerting the Police to the location of your stolen car ring and I know you love good seafood but the USS Nemo is not under Gene Luciano’s cloak of protection so please eat there but almost all the other restaurants in town are and they maybe going down when you go down Geno since you are a partner in all of them and then the whole town will look like a ghost town and there is also a great sushi place right down the street from here on the right side of the road Geno and it is Fujiyama and it’s in the Gulfcoast Inn and they have the best Sushi in town and I recommend the Spicy Tuna Sashimi which is a very unique dish that you can only get here and it is a huge portion of Ahi Tuna and they also serve a Spicy Tuna Volcano which is a huge volcanic mountain of Tuna with Cheese Lava running down the side of the volcano and I know you would love it but it will make you fat so watch out and they are never busy so the service is great and there’s never a long wait for your sushi to be prepared like at Harbor Docks where the Sous Chef is too busy showing off his new hot pink panties to cut your fish and then returning to work without washing his hands which is so disgusting and you have to wait for an hour for just one roll and then if you ask for another roll then they will say that you do not have enough time to have another one made so you have to go eat somewhere else because they are so slow but not at Fujiyama.


The Gulfcoast Inn also has a Tiki Bar out by the pool that your gang Geno says has the best cheeseburger in town and that’s why they never eat a burger at your Aqua Bar and Grill so I would fire them all if I were an asshole like you Geno and they also have the best Karaoke Bar in town.

Gordon Head Henchman: That’s true they do have a great cheeseburger and I would love to eat some good sushi because I have never had any but I have heard from Blow Fish that it is excellent and I am starving.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch leave my Aqua Bar and Grill alone you have just about put me out of business there with your comments on the Internet about us poisoning our customers and I have spent a fortune keeping the doors open and they couldn’t even pay me the vig for months and now they are so deep in debt to me they will be working forever to pay off the principal and we do not serve a cheeseburger there because we can’t afford to keep fresh ground beef around just in case someone wanders in off the street because it will just spoil and who orders a hamburger in a fine restaurant like the Aqua Bar and Grill anyway and stop telling me how to run my Racketeering Franchise and as soon as we get to the Collier County Landfill then that will be the end of you and all the trouble you have caused me and then I can get my share of your wealth which will not be enough for all the trouble and embarrassment you have put me through.


Blow Fish: I don’t think the Aqua Bar and Grill is anything other than your gang’s Center for Criminal Activity in Downtown Naples FL conveniently located on Fifth Ave and not a fine restaurant at all and if you made your gang members come in there to eat and gave them an employee discount then that would help Gordon and his partner pay you your vig and principal Geno and your gang is just spending all their money eating a cheeseburger at another restaurant or that Tiki Bar anyway and you know at Harbor Docks in Destin FL they have a hamburger for their gang members but Charles Morgan is too cheap to serve cheese so they can have a cheeseburger and too cheap to buy pickles or mayo or mustard and so all you get there is ketchup and a hamburger patty and a bun and the Harbor Dock gang hates having to eat there but they are Mafia slaves and don’t have any choice and so I guess all you Mafia Kingpins are just too cheap to buy fresh ingredients and we can’t afford to have fresh ingredients seems to be everyone’s excuse.


So I guess stopping at Campiello’s for lunch is out of the question because I could have a team of FBI Agents there to witness the whole dining experience where you poison me and then follow us to the Collier County Landfill to film the whole Assignation Attempt Geno and I will be insisting on having all rights to the book and the movie and the DVD so Geno I will need you and Gordon to sign a release to appear in my up coming full length action motion picture show where in the final scene you and Gordon are having prison sex with each other so I will need your release before we start the surveillance or I mean the filming of the action Geno and you know Gordon has shared with me and I am sure he will be sharing with you that “When you are in prison and having prison sex, it is better to give than to receive” so you might want to keep that in mind before you bend over old man and pick up the soap with Gordon your Faggot Head Henchman in the shower with you and you have been wanting to have anal sex with Julie your Whore X Wife’s big ole butt for years so this is just what you want Geno so I will need those releases signed please I do not want to hear “I was entrapped by Blow Fish and he is so mean to us” so stop that whining and toughen up you bunch of assholes and take it like a man.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch we will not be stopping at any public places where you can start any of your Blow Fish bull shit in public and trying to get me arrested so there will me no stopping on the way to the landfill and stay the hell out of my love life and stop trying to set me up with having prison sex with Gordon and I do not need your help having anal sex.

Blow Fish: That’s not what I have heard from Julie because she says there has been no anal sex and no oral sex and that you have a limp dick and can’t have any sex at all and so she has been screwing everyone in town including your gang and Marty the Rooster who is a member in her Sex Orgy Group and hey Geno while we are just killing time do you remember the time you tried to kill me at the Bar in Campiello’s and you didn’t have your gun.

Gene Luciano: Yes I do Blow Fish you son of a bitch and I am ready to fucking kill you right now and I couldn’t find a chair or anything to beat you to death with and kill you so I suggested we go to my Aqua Bar and Grill for one more drink.

Gordon Head Henchman: Yea and we still have a poisoned drink in there with your name on it so if you want to stop by there Mr. Luciano we can serve him that drink and then he won’t be putting up any fight when we open the trunk at the County Landfill.

Gene Luciano: No I am not opening up the trunk in Downtown Naples and giving him an opportunity to get out and start anymore of his Blow Fish antics and embarrassing me in public and then I end up killing him right there in public on Fifth Ave in front of a crowd of witnesses and innocent bystanders and then I have to kill all them as well so I am going to wait till we get to the Collier County Landfill.

Blow Fish: Well Geno you sure are chicken shit not to stop for lunch and I remember why you always call me Blow Fish you son of a bitch. It’s because when you were trying to insult me and set me up at Campiello’s Bar and run me out of town by telling everyone I was about to go to jail on tax evasion charges, which is a horrible thing in this town that has been corrupted by you with all the illegal money you run thru here, so all I did to piss you off was to ask Julie your Whore X Wife “Julie are you just mad at me because I haven’t had sex with you yet” and you went berserk.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you fucking son of a bitch I am pulling over the car right now and blowing your fucking brains out of you Blow Fish head right here on the side of the fucking road and you will be deader than shit so where can I pull over and I will do you right here.

Blow Fish: You have called me Blow Fish you son of a bitch ever since. So what happened with Julie your Whore X Wife? I hear she has moved on and I thought you must be pretty broken hearted with her leaving you for another man and so why didn’t you kill her? I heard you Italian Mobsters don’t get divorced you just have a funeral is that why you like this God awful music so much does it makes you think about killing your Whore X Wife Julie?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch stay the hell out of my love life as well and I do not need any of your marriage counseling advice either.

Blow Fish: You sound a little distraught Geno so if you are thinking about ending it all because you can’t go on with a limp dick and without your Whore X Wife Julie in your life and you are so sad and lonely and want to end it all then I could help you with the Suicide Note so let me see it could start like this “I Gene Luciano being of sound mind and body and limp dick…

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I am going to pull over and kill you right here on the side of the road on I-75 and then leave you there for the buzzards to eat your eyeballs.

Blow Fish: Well I just heard that you couldn’t satisfy Julie anymore so she just started screwing anybody that she could including your gang which would include the Rooster and she never took you to any of her Sex Club Parties because Julie and the Rooster belong to the same Sex Orgy Group so how does it feel Geno to have the X Love of your Life screwing all your gang members and everyone else in town and then talking behind your back about you having a limp dick and you know Maurice can’t have sex anymore and he just watches Terri Lynn have sex with other guys so have you thought about just watching or buying a camera or maybe a penis pump might work for a while Geno because you do not know how to make a woman happy and you never have and I think your X Wife the real Mrs. Luciano will back me up on this and so let’s just give her a call.

X Mrs. Luciano: He has been a terrible father to my children and a terrible provider and was never home and a terrible lover and has run around town having sex with every whore be can find and now he is a sad and lonely old man who has gotten just what he deserves which is to be alone in his twilight years.

Blow Fish: He tells me a different story and says he still owns the house you live in and the house your daughter lives in and the property they were built on and he is still the Lord of the Manor.

X Mrs. Luciano: He is still the Lord of this Manor but he is not my husband so we do not have sex anymore and he just sleeps with whomever he can find and always has.

Blow Fish: Well I heard that you and your daughter were living under his rule as his Serfs and answer to him and whatever you own also belongs to him and he receives a portion of whatever income you may have so it seems to me that he still owns you and your daughter and you are both working for him.

X Mrs. Luciano: We do have to pay him to live here so we do odd jobs for him to earn our keep and to pay him rent but we have no money to give him we only have our labor to give and I think he gets all his money from his gang.

Blow Fish: I know that but do you have to work for him because he is the Lord of the Manor or because you are his X Wife because you and your daughter sound more like slaves than members of his gang.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch leave my family alone. I have warned you for the last time to leave my children and my X Wife out of this and I will deal with you when we get to the Collier County Landfill and you will be deader than shit.

Blow Fish: Geno I am only trying to understand your relationship with your family and your gang because I think you guys are stuck back in the Middle Ages where you would be the Lord of the Manor and they would be your Serfs and then they would have to work for you and give you a portion of what they make and then you would allow them to live on your land and provide them with protection.

Gordon Head Henchman: He does provide us gang members protection and he does own all that we have like the Aqua Bar and Grill even though his name isn’t on any paperwork, he is still the owner and we work for him and pay him a portion of what we make or all that we make if we don’t make enough and sometimes we just give him all the money we have so he won’t beat us half to death or either we won’t be able to work because you can’t work with a broken leg and he controls who we marry or date and the women have to prostitute themselves so they have to have his permission to have children and if they do get pregnant he punches them in the stomach until they loose the baby and if he allows you to have children then that child is in the gang so if it is a male child then he is taught how to steal and beat up tourist and if it is a female then they are taught to be rip-off conartist and prostitutes and now they are in his porn productions which is called kiddie porn and that is very profitable so I have heard.

Blow Fish: Well what portion of your earnings do you get to keep?

Gordon Head Henchman: We get to keep the portion that he allows us to keep and all the money we make is his because we are owned by him and we are in his gang which makes him our master and us his slaves so he gets all we make or steal or rob from someone and if we do not give it to him then he beats us and then if that doesn’t straighten us out then he beats us and throws us in jail by snitching on us and then when we get out and are behind on paying him it is impossible to catch up and if we want to take a vacation then we have to ask him and get his approval to travel and leave the Naples FL area and if we don’t then he will send someone to get us and bring us back and beat us and throw us in jail for stealing from him or some other crime but he doesn’t have to do that very often because we all know better than that except for this one couple that he has had allot of trouble with and they are in jail right now learning their lesson and when they get out they will get back to work and he won’t have anymore trouble from them.

Blow Fish: Yes I know who you are talking about and those are actually FBI Field Agents that have been planted in your gang so that we can prove that you are all working for Gene Luciano and you are his Serfs and he is your Lord or your Gang Leader and you are his Gang Members and remember I told you when you are in a gang then the whole gang goes down together even the Bookkeeper and the Pizza Delivery Boy and the Office Manager and the Telemarketer and the whole gang so you can’t say I was just paid to answer the phone because you are all guilty of the crimes that are committed by the gang and you are all paying Gene Luciano all you make and then he allows you to keep some of the money and I believe he calls it making your numbers at least that’s what his Brazilian Prostitute that gave me the freebie and then tried to get me to marry her calls it. She has to make her numbers and give that set amount of money per week to Gene Luciano because she is working under his protection and if she doesn’t then he beats her and she has to go out and make more money to catch up her payments or she gets beat again.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch leave my prostitutes alone and stay away from my gang and leave my Racketeering Franchise alone and I will deal with you soon enough.

Blow Fish: I didn’t know she worked for you, she was the one that was after me because it was a slow night and she said she had already made her numbers but I guess everyone else in your Racketeering Franchise doesn’t always make their numbers and you said you were going to send your Home Burglary Field Supervisor over to take me out and make me break into houses and steal for you but you wouldn’t pay me anything and the guy pulled up in front of your House of Detention and sat there waiting for me to come out and get in the truck with him and then he kept coming back but I never went to work with your gang robbing houses.

Gene Luciano: No you didn’t and you said you would because I was going to kill you if you didn’t and then you started this blog and the Media found it and then the Police read it and you made me look like a liar so I couldn’t come over there to beat you up myself so I sent over Gordon my Head Henchman to beat you up in the middle of the night and then you threatened to tell the Police where the House of Detention was located and so we had to stay away so I am glad to finally be able to kill you and be done with you.

Blow Fish: Then what will happen to your gang when you die Geno? Who will be the Lord of the Manor and who will the Serfs serve and who will protect them when you are gone?

Gene Luciano: I’m not going anywhere for a long time so don’t worry about it.

Blow Fish: Why the hell do you criminals never plan for anything you just run around putting out fires and beating up people because they made a mistake because they weren’t properly trained and supervised to start with just like Gordon here always screwing up and never getting the job done and then you have to go behind him and straighten up his mess and you do that for your son so he can’t be the new Lord of the Manor or the Gang Leader or the Mafia Don as your gang refers to you which is the same thing so who is going to be boss when you are gone Geno and I will tell you. Your gang is going to split up and Gordon will run the Restaurant and the Drug Distribution and your son will pretend to run the Charter Boat Business which is just your cover and that is a Money Laundering Operation to make you look legit because it never makes any money and he will have to burglarize houses to make enough money to keep that business afloat and try to continue collecting the Graff payments you receive which makes him the owner or part owner of the businesses that you have allowed to open on your turf and then your Field Supervisor will take over burglarizing houses and selling the stolen items and your Office Manager will take over your prositution ring and con artist working in downtown Naples and Marty the Rooster will take over your Porn Production buiness and your Prostitution Rings in Miami and on the east coast of Florida and then your Bookeeper will take over the telemarketing where you get people’s credit card numbers and max them out and con them out of their hard earned money and then they will all become separate gangs and they will start fighting over territories and areas of town and killing each other and your son will have to kill off the competition just like you have done and you have admitted that to me so I would give you my wealth so you wouldn’t kill my kids and so to prevent a Gang War in Naples FL and up in Ft Myers and over in Miami and Ft Lauderdale and Boca Raton you gang has to be shut down and locked up and you have to go away to jail and then when a gang tries to start up again they will be arrested before they get powerful like you are and that will put the end to this Feudalism Society that you have there in South Florida which has lingered on since the Middle Ages and all you criminals think that it’s normal and the successful way to run a business where you beat up your slaves and have them thrown in jail and run your competition out of town which is Feudalism which ended back in the 18th century but it still continues in the Mafia gangs and businesses that I have brought to light that are run like a Mafia business which makes them the Mafia so this Feudalism ended centuries ago only you gang leaders keep threatening your gang members like slaves and then when they have children they are born into the gang and become your slaves and then your son’s slaves and then it will continue and that is not how intelligent people live today. Children go to school and then to college and then choose a career and then get a job from a reputable corporation or business entity that treats them like an employee and not a slave and they have a written job description that tells them what their job responsibilities are at work and guidelines for their personal life and their appearance but they are not slaves and owned by a Lord of the Manor so we all need to move on and put an end to these Feudalism gangs and so the only way to do that Gene Luciano is for you to go to jail and all your gang members to go to jail and then when any of you are released from jail you will be on Parole and you wouldn’t be able to work for a Mafia Business like the Aqua Bar and Grill and it is just a front for Money Laundering so that you can own a Restaurant business in Downtown Naples so you look more successful than you really are so your gang robs houses and gives you the goods and you sell them and pay the bills at Aqua Bar and Grill and then Gordon and his partner owe you even more money and that is how some Money Laundering works when the business is run as poorly as Aqua Bar and Grill where you poison your customers to teach them a lesson which is to not be so cheap and it teaches them not to eat in Downtown Naples because they have told me after they get sick they just won’t eat in Downtown Naples anymore and they don’t until they forget that they were poisoned the last time they ate there.

So either your gang spits up into smaller gangs or either the Mafia King Pin in North Naples will come downtown and take over your gang and your restaurants and then your gang will be working for him and he will probably have your son executed to shut him down and then there will be a blood bath where two gangs are fighting over one territory.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch stay away from my Aqua Bar and Grill and stop scaring my gang and my son and my Head Henchman and my office help and stop threathening to have them all thrown in jail you aren’t getting anyone arrested, you are the one being thrown in the Collier County Landfill with a bullet between your eyes and that will be the end of your Blow Fish bull shit and the end of you.

Blow Fish: Sorry Geno but Aqua Bar and Grill is a Mafia Business and only a front for your criminal activity in Downtown Naples and serves no purpose in the business community at all and is nothing but a nuisance and it will be closed and sold off to pay your victims for the damage you have caused them and all your wealth will be seized and that will be the end of your gang and if you and or any of your gang members try to start back up they will be sent back to prison and that’s the plan and it is about to start in Naples FL and other cities in the Southeast until the Mafia is gone and those money laundering Restaurants and Bars and Home Builders and Attorneys and even Doctors are shut down and replaced by reputable businesses and I am talking about some very large Organizations and they will never start back up again and after that the same thing will happen in another part of the country and it will continue happening until all this Lord of the Manor and Serfs Society has ended and there are legitimate businesses in the US that are operating legally and not having to borrow money from the Mafia to open up or paying Graff to the Mafia to stay in business so then they can afford to pay income tax to the US Govertment who is giving them protection from the Mafia so there is a big change coming and I am announcing it here on this blog called the Big Show so you will know that there is a change coming because as parents we do not want our children and our grandchildren going to work for the Mafia which is just Organized Crime that looks like any Major Corporation and then they realize that they are being managed just a slave and loose control of their life and I am going to bring other organizations to light and you will be surprised how many Major Corporations are run like a Mafia Business which makes them just that, the Mafia where they give you a job and an income and then say now we own you and if you want to keep your standing in the community and the lifestyle you have and your children in the same private school then you will do as you are told or you will never get another job again because we will ruin you and that is the way a Mafia Business treats their employees and that is how the business is run and it takes people’s freedom away from them and makes them slaves and we still have slavery here in the USA where people are not free to attend the church of their choosing and live where they choose and even date or marry who they choose and the worst fate of all is they can’t leave and go somewhere else and start over like the way that Geno here imprisoned me in his House of Detention and controls his gang member’s life and their family’s life and makes them believe he owns them and then he takes their little teenage girl from them and makes her work in his kiddie porn business in Miami and then doesn’t pay her at all and her whole life is ruined and she becomes addicted to the drugs they give her while they are filming the porn and has to work in his prostitution ring to pay for the drugs he has addicted her to and then she is just another slave in a prostitute ring and that is all they are and they will end their life before they let them leave and try and get off the drugs and straighten their life out and it has got to stop and so I have set up Gene Luciano to show what he does and how he does it and how he takes all the money his gang makes and then gives them what he doesn’t need and they have to get other jobs to support themselves so they can afford to support him and then they rob those businesses and then he wants a share of that income because he provides them protection but he really just beats the hell out of them so they will fear him and pay him and do as he instructs them to do and this has got to stop and it is going to very soon so when you hear that you have been arrested on CNN and read about it in the Newspaper Gene Luciano, it will be too late so all I have to say to you is Good Bye!

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I am pulling over right now you have crossed the line and you are a dead man and I am doing you right here on the side of the Interstate Hwy and shutting you up for good.

Blow Fish: 5 1 5 0 Somebody called Po Po! Watch out for that Florida State Trooper Geno.

Gordon Head Henchman: Mr. Luciano I think there is a State Trooper right behind you and he is trying to get you to pull over so do I start shooting or do you want to try and talk to him first?

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch this must be some of your Blow Fish bull shit and what the hell have you done now so I am pulling over and I am sure when he finds out who I am he will just let us continue on to the Collier County Landfill.

Blow Fish: I don’t think so Geno I think he is pulling you over because he knows who you are.

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch you hold it down back there or I will kill the State Trooper and then do you as well so shut the fuck up and let me talk my way out of this.

Florida State Trooper: Mr. Luciano could you turn down that music please?

Blow Fish: I have already asked him to do that several times officer.

Florida State Trooper: Who said that? Mr. Luciano we had a call come in from your X Wife and she has reported that you have kidnapped your son from her boat at the Westin Resort Marina in Cape Coral FL and thrown the little fellow and in your trunk and it says here his name is Blow Fish so I will need you to open the trunk so I can complete this investigation and then you can be on your way so I will need to search the trunk please sir.

Gene Luciano: No problem officer I want to cooperate fully and I realize you are only doing your job and someone has to go to jail here so why don’t I just give you a Thousand Dollars cash and you arrest Gordon my Head Henchman here and then I can continue on my way because I have a full day of Racketeering scheduled and need to get back to the office and Gordon here will go along freely without a fight isn’t that right Gordon Head Henchman.

Gordon Head Henchman: No I will not Gene Luciano. I am tired of you rolling over on me and getting me and the whole gang arrested anytime you feel like it to keep you from ever being arrested so you are on your own this time and I will just get out and get the hell away from Naples FL as fast as I can and Officer I would check the trunk if I were you.

Gene Luciano: OK Gordon you will be checking into the Collier County Landfill as well because no one crosses Gene Luciano and lives to tell about it just like this Blow Fish asshole in the trunk so Officer let’s walk back to the trunk and I will just do you here on the side of the Interstate and all of you assholes are going to the Collier County Landfill.

Florida State Trooper: Please stay in the car sir and just open the trunk up and wait right here and we will see what we have here. I am just going to call for back up so please stay in the car until the other officers arrive.

Mr. Luciano I have looked in the trunk and there is a brief case back there with Twenty Thousand Dollars cash and a body in there sir and I am going to have to ask you and your Head Henchman there to step out of the car so I can put you in handcuffs and Mr. Luciano this does not appear to be a child. There is an adult male in the trunk wearing one of those visor hats with the spiky hair sticking out of the top of it and there is a bullet hole right between the eyes of the victim so is this some kind of a joke sir because it appears to be a Medical Cadaver and I found a wallet in his pocket with a FL Drivers License belonging to a Mr. Blow Fish that fits the description and looks similar to the dead body so we are going to have to hold you both on Murder Charges until we figure this all out so please step back to my cruiser and please don’t make any sudden moves or you will find yourself deader than shit sir.

Gene Luciano: What the hell do you mean deader than shit, don’t you know who I am? I am Gene Luciano the Mafia King Pin and I deserve special treatment and will not be going along quietly I assure you of that. My son is Head of my Security and he has an itchy trigger finger and is on his way with a team of assassins and you will be the one that will be deader than shit if you know what I mean so you need to back down and get the hell out of here while you still can.

Florida State Trooper: Now sir I have warned you and we will be taking you into custody now and the FBI are on their way and this is the end of you so I would suggest that you take the deal that is offered you because the second deal won’t be as good as the first deal and then you can serve you time and if you give us any trouble then you will be thrown back into jail and your time will start all over again and I believe that was the deal you had the Police offer Blow Fish up in Okaloosa County FL so you will be getting the same treatment and so please come along quietly and you will not be harmed but if you put up any fight we will be taking you out so my advice to you Mr. Gene Luciano is to sit there and answer the questions as honestly as you can and try to work out a deal to save you from spending your life in prison and then maybe you will see your children and your grandchildren and the light of day again before you die which is more than you deserve but if you prefer to put up a fight when they come for you then that is your own fault so I am warning you to let them take you without a fight you hotheaded asshole and I will see you in court and we will be telling you what you will be doing for the rest of your life instead of you telling the Police and the FBI what they should be doing so you need to get ready for a change because that change is coming and I know you are expecting one and this is it Mother Fucker so you can kiss your ugly Apeshit asshole goodbye and thanks for the photo and I will watch you fry if you harm any of the Police or FBI Agents coming for you so to you Gene Luciano I say Good Bye Sucker!

Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch where the hell are you?

Blow Fish: Well Geno as I have said many times before you will have to read back to Day One of the Big Show and find the answers to your questions for yourself and please stop asking me to repeat myself but if you must know I have already told you I was over in Boca Raton where I will be introducing the Long of the Law tomorrow and she will be telling my audience about how she will be reaching out and taking you and all these other criminals into custody so don’t miss that Geno and good luck with that State Trooper and do not harm him or any other police officers or first responders or you will find yourself frying in the fucking electric chair you son of a bitch and that goes for your Hotheaded Son with the itchy trigger finger and Gordon your Murdering Head Henchman you has already confessed to murdering one person and your whole fucking gang of assholes Geno and that’s what you get for fucking with me and my friends and threatening to kill my children you murdering asshole so go straight to hell Gene Luciano where you belong and I am finished with your fucking Italian asshole and all I have to say is Good Bye!

Boy that was a close one he almost got me that time. I guess when you have been chased all over the US of A by that asshole for years and years always having to change cities and business names and hiding out and then starting all over in a different city and then making enough money to be able to run and hide then starting all over again and that is all I have been doing since I escaped from his House of Detention years ago and then I keep finding more and more criminals like him and working my hit list and soon I will be in West Palm Beach FL where there is a porn producer making porn in a Girls Gone Wild style right there in public just like they are at Cocktail Cove with live sex on a boat under the Police nose so stay tuned for that and we will see what he is really up to when I infiltrate his party on the water and work my way onto his boat and he thinks we are friends but I have put a plant in his organization and I call this person Ask Raymond and I am not saying that’s the person’s name or whether it is even a man or a woman so we will see what Intel I will be getting from my new character on the Big Show called Ask Raymond when we get to West Palm Beach FL but my next stop is Boca Raton so stay tuned for that on the next day of the Big Show.