We are here in Panama City Beach FL this morning where I will start my sail across the Gulf of Mexico on my sailing yacht and escape the Redneck Rivera and the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fag Gang that has been hired by Gene Luciano to take me down and tie me up and haul me in and throw my Blow Fish ass in the Okaloosa County Jail so on this my last day in this the Capital City of the Redneck Rivera I am dedicating the song of the day to you bunch of Redneck Assholes that are trying to kill me and it is Kiss My Country Ass by Blake Shelton and so to Gay Charles of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang you can Kiss My Country Ass goodbye because I am out of here and I have a caller so go ahead caller.


Gay Charles Gay Faggot Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fag Gang Hitman: I will take that offer of sex and I will say grin and bare it and I am on your ass and you will not get away I am getting in my Helicopter and will be looking for you in the Gulf of Mexico and you will not get away from me and my Fishing Fleet Gang this time and we will be sinking your boat as I said earlier and I will be throwing your ass in the Okaloosa County Jail and having one of my gang members cut your throat while you sleep and that will be the end of you.


Blow Fish: Gay Charles that is quite a send off and I am awaiting your arrival and I have a flare gun and know how to use it and you will burn up and go down in the Gulf of Mexico in a Blaze of Glory.


Gay Charles Gay Faggot Leader Burning Up in a Gay Blaze of Glory: Wow I am in a Gay Blaze of Glory that sounds wonderful so I am on my way and can’t wait to be in a Gay Blaze of Glory!


Gay Scot: That sounds like fun to me too. I would love to be in a Gay Blaze of Glory.


Blow Fish: Great I was looking forward to a nice peaceful day sailing out at sea and now I have a Gay Helicopter Pilot on my ass that’s a drama queen and throwing a hissy fit.

Well on this day of the Big Show we are looking at the local County Government here in Bay County just like we did in Escambia and Santa Rosa and then Okaloosa and Walton and now Bay County and I’m just saying Dido. They are all the same here in the First Judicial Circuit Court of Florida and this is the worst Court System in Florida and I am escaping from being murdered here in their jail where I would be just another fatality and just another number and fleeing for South Florida but as I am leaving I will leave you with this thought and I should have never mentioned leaving and not expect a call from my employer and fearless leader as he calls himself, Gene Luciano so go ahead Redneck Mother.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch what in the hell are you doing up there I told you to get the hell out of there and get back to Naples FL where I will deal with you myself. Those Where’s Waldo and Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags are the most incompetent group of assholes I have ever met so get on that boat of yours and head straight to Naples and what do you say to that?


Blow Fish: I am completing this my Tiki Bar Tour and if you have any questions Geno as to my whereabouts then I suggest you read back to Day One and stop asking me to repeat myself so if you have any questions read back and catch up or you will miss the fact that I am sailing to St Petersburg FL so if you want to catch me then catch me there and from there I will be sailing from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar as I work my way down the Florida Gulf Coast to Naples FL and sailing up the river and right up your asshole to create havoc and turmoil in your back yard so until then I will just bid you adieu and say see you then fearless asshole leader and the source of my discontent.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I will not tolerate this and I am coming for you and blowing your Blow Fish brains out all over your sailing yacht like I did to that asshole that tried to leave Naples FL in a sailboat and escape and I had to go run him down and catch him when he got into international waters and blow his brains out so that I could confiscate his boat and sell if thru my legal boat broker business I have in Ft Myers FL where I loaned a guy a ton of money to buy a boat franchise and then he couldn’t make enough money to pay my vig much less the principal which is the balance of the loan and so now I own a boat brokerage in Ft Myers and so I will come and kill you and sell your boat there with my legal boat business so where are you?


Blow Fish: Geno I said I will see you later so go steal someone else’s boat or bother someone else and tell Gordon your Head Henchman that he sure did screw up that drug deal yesterday and is just an incompetent boob and why do you hire these low life criminal types? Why don’t you find yourself some competent employees? Are you doing background checks and personality profiles on these people because I believe I could save you allot of money if you would just fire those losers and let me hire you a new gang of professionals that take a little pride in their work and not just hanging around waiting for handouts and free food at the Aqua Bar and Grill and ripping you off so what do you say to that?


Gene Luciano: I will not tell you again you are not my management consultant, I am your fearless leader and you will go where I say to go and do what I say to do and I will not stand for any more of your criticism and you setting up my gang and getting them arrested and I am telling you one more time to come to Naples FL and turn yourself in so I can do you in and then that Brevard character as you call him can do the same to your sister and we can split up your wealth or our proceeds and be done with you and I mean that so what do you say to that?


Blow Fish: OK Geno I will bite what the hell is going on with the “What do you say to that?”


Gene Luciano: Well if you remember when we set you up at the Champagne Bar the weekend after St Patty’s Day and we had you convinced that it was actually St Patty’s Day because we drugged you twice and you were so difficult to deal with and you kept threatening my gang and then they got all confused and scared that they were about to be arrested and they almost let you go and then we drugged you again and then we thought you were going to pass out and made the mistake of giving you coffee and you got a second wind and threatened to kill them all again and they were all about to run out the door they were so scared and then you made them believe that the police had snuck in the back door so they sent a gang member to check on the back door and he never came back and then they sent another gang member to check on that gang member and he was outside smoking a cigarette and so what do you say to that?


Blow Fish: Geno are you losing your mind that makes no sense at all and it just shows how incompetent your gang is if you send one of them to go check on the police sneaking in the back door of the bar where you were setting me up so they can arrest your gang and the gang member takes a smoke break before checking back in so I am not offering any more of my professional consulting services to you stupid criminals and so you are on your own and I will not be offering you any more drug deals that Gordon screwed the pooch on yesterday you should call him your Head Pooch Man and not Hench Man and so you are on your own and I will see you when I get there so until then you can Kiss My Country Ass!

There now where was I? Oh yea the Heart of the Redneck Rivera and leaving and it is about time and so as I leave…


Gene Luciano: I said get in that sailboat and put the metal to the metal and get down here we are running out of time with you and your sister and I am taking you out and shutting you down and that will be the end of you.


Blow Fish: So as I was saying here in Panama City things aren’t much different from the other counties so I will just say dido and that’s it and what do you want now asshole?


Gene Luciano: Ok Blow Fish you son of a bitch where are you and when are coming this way or am coming that way or are we meeting or do I need to come up there and kill you or should I just wait on you and kill you here and now I am so confused I think I will just say all of the above because I can’t remember what I was doing.


Blow Fish: Well Geno you were trying to make a point and then your brain couldn’t keep up with your mouth and so you Dumbass Italians have to start using hand jesters and waving your hands all around like a Kansas City Faggot until your brain catches up with your mouth and then your hands don’t know what to do because you were just talking faster than your brain can handle because your below average IQ couldn’t handle it so just slow down and sit down and let your brain catch up and get it together and then I will check back with you later and tell Gordon what an incompetent job he did yesterday setting up that DEA agent. I wish someone would go by Gene Luciano’s house there in Naples FL and put a big ole sign put at his house that says “I am a Big Ole Drug Dealer” so all his neighbors know they have a criminal amongst them and a parasite in their midst so they can do something about it and never mind that, I am getting rid of him but he will not stop bothering me so please get that sign up and then maybe he will have something else to deal with besides me and leave me alone for a minute so I can get on my sailboat and get the hell out of the Redneck Riviera.


So we are back and leaving Panama City and here on the Redneck Rivera the number one food is raw oysters and here all the oysters came from Apalachicola Bay at one time and they still do but those are smaller oysters and some think they are sweeter but I prefer the Texas oysters because they are larger and some are actually so huge that you can’t eat them in one bite and some people eat the local Bay County East Bay and West Bay oysters and I believe the water here is nasty and the oysters are too small and just look nasty as hell with a brown tint to them and I have a caller and an expert on life here on the Gulf Coast and it’s my cousin and our expert on sex and Heathenistic sex here in Florida and the Sex Expert here on the Big Show and so go ahead Greenburg and how’s it hanging brother?


Greenburg: Why am I calling in this time and it is hanging just swell thanks for asking.


Blow Fish: So are you saying it is swollen or hanging well or swinging and please do not say all of the above.


Greenburg: No it isn’t swollen and it is swinging and it is hanging swell and so am I so all of the above.


Blow Fish: I asked you not to say that and I was afraid of that and I begged you not to tell me that you and Carol your lovely wife and my X girlfriend and you are swingers and swinging and so I will not criticize your sexual lifestyle or sexual events or the event that you are now a swinger which is usually followed by bisexuality that I call being a faggot here on the Big Show because if you are a woman eating pussy or a man taking it up the asshole then it is my belief that you are Gay as hell and it don’t matter whether it is fun or feels good and so I will not criticize but just say that it is concerning, to say the least and move to the topic of the day which is Kiddie Porn and what do you say to that and I hope you have not included your children in your sorted sexual affairs.


Greenburg: Now there you go shaming me for my own sexual choices in life and those of my wife Carol and those of my children as well.


Blow Fish: Not the answer I was going for and I fear this may all stem from that childhood fascination that you had for that Alice Cooper Woman that Johnny Depp played in the Dark Shadows movie that you liked so much as a child and maybe this Alice Cooper Woman is the cause of all your perversions and I found her here in Panama City and she is best friends with the owner of the Shrimp Boat my favorite seafood restaurant as a child where the whole place was so special and enchanting and I couldn’t figure out as a child whether it was a boat or a building because it looked like it was a boat floating in the water and at the same time a building sinking into the water so it must be a boat but my parents and grandparents said it was a building and not a boat and so why do they call it a Shrimp Boat if it is a building and if it is a building then where are the shrimp because all I saw there were oysters and fish and they were fried and they still are and now the original owner has passed away and left the business to his son and I know the owner who is a Large Fat Man who has inherited the place and My Fat Buddy and also having an affair with that Alice Cooper Woman from that Johnny Depp movie where she sang quite well but just seemed wild as hell and kind of looks and sounded like a man and My Fat Buddy the owner of the Shrimp Boat has let the business go downhill and no one eats there except the snobby types like myself that hangout in the bar and sit around and stare at me and give my Blow Fish attire and overwhelming good looks a questionable frown and so I am quite concerned and want to know your thoughts on why would a man who inherited the number one restaurant other than Captain Anderson that I will slander to death once I finish with My Fat Buddy’s restaurant here would let his family restaurant business suffer due solely to the fact that he is too fucking cheap to buy good large oysters from Texas and keeps buying those nasty little brown East Bay and West Bay oysters and is just sitting there watching as the business goes downhill year after year and having sex with this Alice Cooper Woman so please Greenburg please share something with my listening audience that will lift their spirits and make them want to go eat at the Shrimp Boat again and help save My Fat Buddy’s business and his marriage to his lovely wife here in Panama City where oysters are King here in the Capital of the Redneck Rivera and keep it short and please no run on sentences so go ahead.


Greenburg: Well to start with Alice Cooper is a man and not that woman and I know you didn’t like Dark Shadows or Alice Cooper as a child and why was that?


Blow Fish: I thought that Barnabas Collins character and that Alice Cooper Woman were both vampires because they were both pale as a ghost so I assumed they were both dead and they both have blood red lips from sucking blood so am I right to assume that they are not nice people and please do not tell me this is just some kind of kinky new sex style were people look like this?


Greenburg: No I don’t think that it has anything to do with sex I think it has to do with the makeup and the part that they are playing.


Bubba: That’s right and I tried to explain to Mr. Ball here that I am just acting out the part that life has handed me and that is a redneck bubba that is a worthless white trash hillbilly piece of shit and I throw all my empty beer cans on the passenger side floor of my truck and that is the part that life has given me to act out and that is all we know about that Ha Ha…


Blow Fish: Greenburg please do not encourage him I have asked him not to interrupt and so this Alice Cooper Woman is a man and that means My Fat Buddy owner of the Shrimp Boat is involved in a Gay Relationship with this person that appears to be a vampire and I have heard that he was a music promoter back in the day and a drug smuggler and possibly the Bale Maker in Panama City and on the Beach as well where he supplies the bands for the bars and also at the Whiskey Bar that is upstairs at the Shrimp Boat called the Lowes House of Bourbon and Lowes was My Fat Buddy’s daddy and so why would he run the business into the ground by being too cheap to buy quality oysters and forcing the tourist to go stand in line across the street at a hole in the wall oyster bar called Hunts Oyster Bar and I will tell you why and unfortunately he takes after his mother and not his father because his father understood that you have to buy the best oysters to serve the best food and he wasn’t cheap and built a great business and his mother was cheap and the tight wad of the family and so My Fat Buddy takes after his mother and has filed bankruptcy and lost control of the business and it is under new management by a Hotel Chain and so we will see how that turns out and see if they can turn the place back around because it was a wonderful place to eat and has suffered for years from poor management at the hands of My Fat Buddy that doesn’t understand that the quality of food is more important than the quantity and maybe that just comes from being fat like My Fat Buddy but I do not know.


Greenburg: So what’s this about Alice Cooper producing Kiddie Porn because I heard he lives out west in Arizona and not in Panama City.


Blow Fish: Well he does have a restaurant in Phoenix and I know you went there to eat and didn’t check out the menu first and I have looked at the menu online and there are a few items there that I find troubling and have a few questions about.


Greenburg: What could possibly be wrong with the menu at a sports bar where they serve bar food?


Blow Fish: Because there is more there than meets the eye and he is living in Panama City I have spoken with him and he is best friend with My Fat Buddy at the Shrimp Boat and they are up to something and there is more there than meets the eye and so if you look at the menu there is an item on the children’s menu and it is the only item on the children’s menu so these poor little kiddies are forced to eat a Twenty Ounce Hot dog.


Alice Cooper: What is wrong with a kid eating a 20 oz hot dog? I am giving them more than they can eat and more than a mouthful and that’s how I treat children and I do not want to hear any complaints or they will get their little asses whipped and I do mean whipped again and that’s not all so they better sit there and eat that 20 oz dick or I mean wiener and stop that complaining or I will deal with them again with my whip and cuffs and whatever else I choose to use on them.


Greenburg: Stop this right now this is my childhood hero and he is not a pervert. He may dress a little strange and wear strange makeup but that is all a part of the show.


Bubba: I tried to explain that to Mr. Ball here but he thinks he knows it all and won’t listen to reason and I am level headed and down to earth just like Sheriff Andy Taylor and he wasn’t really a Sheriff that was just the part he was playing on the show and that’s all we know about that Ha Ha…


Alice Cooper: That’s right and if you aren’t enjoying the Big Show then you shouldn’t have signed up for it and go find another Big Show because it’s supposed to be just for fun where nothing is real but just a fantasy based on facts.


Blow Fish: The fact is that you like little children and are abusing them in your Kiddie Porn Productions and this is just an expression of my free speech which is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution.


Greenburg: Then if you don’t like what Alice Cooper is doing to these children why don’t you move on to another Kiddie Porn site because no one is forcing to stay on this website so move on because the Big Show is designed to be just for fun and if you aren’t having fun and you don’t like Alice Cooper torturing these little children then move on to another website.


Alice Cooper: Like to my website where I am selling Kiddie Porn and you know I keep these kids addicted to the drugs I sell and that’s how I get them to perform in my sex videos.


Gene Luciano: Now I know this must be about me and my porn business in Miami and I have already told you no one is forcing these children, I mean my porn stars to act in my porn videos they do it of their own free will and we have them sign a release and if they are underage then they have to bring a note in from their parents.


Blow Fish: This all sounds too familiar. Did all you porn producer guys attend SCAD in Savannah GA?


SCAD Porn Producer: Wait a minute are you trying to set me up again because we aren’t doing anything wrong here. I am running a legitimate sex porn production and I am not doing anything wrong. You can ask my mother.


Terri Lynn: That’s right I know this guy and his mother and they are wonderful people you better leave them alone and his mother is dating a Johns Creek Judge so she is well connected and a pillar of the community there in John’s Creek close to where Brevard lives and so maybe they are connected.


Greenburg: What does this have to do with me and why am I being involved in something that is going on in Atlanta or at SCAD in Savannah and I have nothing to do with Kiddie Porn.


Blow Fish: That is yet to be seen! I thought you were involving your children in your Heathenistic Sex Rituals which you call your own sexual style where anything goes and anything is ok.


Greenburg: I never said anything like that I just said it’s none of your business what I do sexually and stop criticizing me for who I have sex with and how I chose to have sex with them.


Blow Fish: Then you believe anything goes with anyone and it is no one else’s business what you do while having sex with whoever you want?


Alice Cooper: Are you finished with me I have a couple of little kiddies tied up down in my basement that I call the dungeon and it looks just like one and it is one. I have a fully furnished and equipped dungeon in my basement so I have a couple of kids tied up down there and if you are finished with me then I will get back down there and deal with those little fuckers and beat the hell out of them and you can’t make that shit up, it’s true and I’m not just shitting you.


Blow Fish: That’s exactly the way this guy talks and he is going down and My Fat Buddy too and he’s lucky he sold the Shrimp Boat family business so that a reputable corporation that operates a business honesty and fair to their employees can turn it around before he ran the restaurant in the ground and there are sick faggot porn producer business men and woman all over the SE doing the same thing and one in Savannah and he is going down and he is a real scum bucket and a complete asshole and deserves just what he is getting and these are sexual predators feeding off these poor children and they may not look like a child but until they are legally an adult they are just that a child and someone’s baby and so these people are going to pay for what they are doing to these little kiddies that the porn producers consider to be their actors and making them a porn star but they know they are just using them and then discarding them and ruining their life. So you will hear about these assholes being arrested very soon and then this Alice Cooper Woman has also been seen biting the heads off of chickens and what do you say about that?


Zac Brown: Now I have a song about siccing a dog on a chicken and I have been criticized for the torturing of animals and then singing about it and can’t perform the song Sic ’em on a Chicken anymore and Blow Fish will you please stop screaming Sic ’em on a Chicken at my concerts.  I can hear you down there in the front rows trying to embarrass me because if I sing that song the animal activist will be all over me like a dog on a chicken or stink on shit so if you are abusing chickens then I would stop before you get caught and leave those little children alone too you fucking pervert.


Greenburg: I didn’t say I was having sex with chickens or children I just said it is nobodies business what I do sexually.


Bubba: Now Chicken pussy is some good pussy but you have to catch the hen after she has laid her eggs and the roosters get really pissed off any time you screw them so I would stick with the hens right after they have finished laying their eggs because broken eggshell can be sharp as hell and that’s all we know about that Ha Ha…


Blow Fish: Bubba please stop interrupting us with your sexual exploits with farm animals. Then Greenburg you are about to find out that’s not true and you better stop gambling and I think Zac was talking to that Alice Cooper Woman anyway.


Alice Cooper: I am not abusing chickens. I bit the head off a chicken on stage years ago and I am not actively torturing any birds or dogs only children and I have a couple in my basement dungeon I am torturing right now and need to get back to them.


Blow Fish: Well I noticed that on your menu at you Restaurant you are serving a free range half chicken with the head bit off and it appears that you have someone in the kitchen that bites the head off the chicken and then it is cooked and served with bite marks on the neck so I think you are torturing chickens if you are indeed beheading them and then serving them to your restaurant patrons.


Alice Cooper: Oh yea my customers love that shit it’s almost as funny as a little kid with a 20 oz sausage stuck in his mouth trying to eat it and those are my two best sellers in my restaurant.


Blow Fish: So when you decapitate these poor birds by biting their heads off and then serve half of the chicken what becomes of the other half and are you serving fried chicken skin as an appetizer which is becoming a very popular menu item in restaurants where you remove the skin from the bird and only serve the fried chicken skin and then there is some poor chicken running around with no skin and if so then I guess the animal activist and the police will be paying you a visit you fucking pervert. The chicken breeders have been abusing these poor animals for years and now they have been displaced and thrown out of their chicken houses and they are now homeless and free range and all that means is they are wondering up and down the side of the road like a bunch of Public Fucking Defenders looking for sex and then the chicken breeders got them addicted to drugs and now they have taken their drugs away from them and made then go cold turkey and there are allot of poor homeless chickens out there dealing with their addition to antibiotics and hormones these days and going through withdrawals and I think they are under enough stress without someone stealing their chicken skin and trying to bite their head off and so somebody needs to do something about this before Zac Brown gets his dog and sic ’em on a chicken.

So as I head offshore today I will be fishing for Tuna and hope to catch a few Blue Fin and Yellow Fin Tuna and then I will be serving sushi up on my sailing yacht as I sail to the West Coast of Florida just like my buddy Carl the Poacher prepares freshly caught Mahi Mahi and soon we will be looking for Carl the Poacher and where he has hidden his collection of stuffed wildlife that he has illegally killed deader than shit called poaching and then stuffed them and has them on display which is just a disturbing collection of all the poor animals that he has murdered that just turns my stomach and then turning him into the State of Florida for prosecution in the very near future and also revealing the location of his moonshine still where he is brewing up a batch of shine for his own personal consumption but selling to someone in West Palm Beach who is running a Porn Production Co on his boat in broad daylight right under the Police nose like Girls Gone Wild at Cocktail Cove where he is involving his own wife in the whole disgusting affair and I may just sail up in there and take her away from him and then she will be my country girl dancing naked up on my boat instead of his boat and she will be what he has Lost and what I have Found because she is a fine looking woman and he is just exploiting her good looks and using her in his Porn Production and I also will be stopping in Boca Raton to surprise my buddy Johnny Dangerously who is a bad mother fucker bar owner that you do not mess with and doing something he shouldn’t be doing and so he is just asking for it and checking in on him and his lovely wife who is from Atlanta and my X girlfriend and I will also be introducing the Law Arm of the Law who I met at a Country Music Karaoke Bar in Boca Raton who knows everything about country music lyrics and what sexual position they are singing about and so you will be meeting her so you know who she is when she comes to take you away in cuffs and read you your rights so you will want to be looking out for her Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson and AJ Laird and so look for all that coming up when I get to the East Coast of Florida .

So I will make landfall near Clearwater FL and I will call on Zac Brown to help explain to me why a man would spend Millions of Dollars a year on a Nigger Prostitute that he owns like a slave because he bought her and owns her ass and treats her like a princess but she treats him like her slave and so hang around Zac I will need your help understanding that since you have a colored girl of your own.


Zac Brown: Now I didn’t buy my colored girl her family has been living on my property for their whole life and I just bought the property and kind of inherited them so they are not my slaves but more of an employee.


Blow Fish: So you are paying them and do they get a W2 at the end of the year?


Zac Brown: No there is no money changing hands they just live in their house that her family has lived in for generations and when I bought my land it came with their house and they just help me out in exchange for room and board so to speak.


Greenburg: This has nothing to do with me so can I go?


Blow Fish: No I was wondering if Carol gets a salary or does she just work for room and board because I had a X Wife Number Two that wanted a salary and then when I gave her one and she was supposed to pay bills with part of the money called the monthly household budget and she didn’t pay any bills and then blew all the money on shit like yoga attire and then when I didn’t pay her a salary anymore because she couldn’t handle the money she got pissed off and tried to force me to pay her Fifty Thousand a year salary by taking me to court and suing me in Divorce Court.


Greenburg: No I don’t pay my wife a salary and she isn’t suing me.


Blow Fish: Well I will have to look into that and have Blue Balls call up Carol and build a fire under her ass so that she can ruin your life as well because that’s what she is good at doing making men miserable and that’s why she is called Blue Balls and this number two X Wife woman of mine doesn’t know how to handle money so somebody better help her with her money before her new husband steals it from her and then somebody don’t get an inheritance because that’s what happened to my mother in Columbus GA and then we had to sue her husband to get it back so I would get the money away from her because she is the worst manager of money I have ever seen in my life and if it is left to her then my children will be supporting her after her husband leaves with all the dough and you know what I mean so watch out because he may be working for Brevard in Atlanta because that’s how he operates when a man or woman gets their inheritance that they have waited their whole life to get and then Brevard puts someone on them and that is what it is called putting a gang member on you to stay with you until they feel it the right time to take your wealth away from you and Bob Taylor or Tommy Taylor and that’s not his last name but I know what it is so the Police know who to arrest and Brevard as well and soon they will drug my sister and throw her in an insane asylum and then she will get lost in the mental health system like allot of wealthy southern people do and you can’t find them anymore and never see them again because they make them John or Jane Does so you can’t find them because they drug them and get them so high and keep them so high that they can’t even mumble their own names much less remember who they are and then they eventually die from a drug overdose or an allergic reaction to the wrong drug that was miss prescribed or was it and they call that death by natural causes and so someone watch my sister because I can’t and soon she will be gone from her house where she is being held as a prisoner in her own home and no one ever checks on anyone these days to see how they are doing because we all love our privacy and these people just disappear and it has been going on for generations so someone please call Carol Taylor and check on her every week please and I know you won’t and people don’t do that anymore and if she didn’t answer the phone you won’t do anything and we need to get to be a closer community again where we watch over each other and protect ourselves from people like Gene Luciano and Bob Taylor and Brevard and all the other criminals out there and there are hundreds of gangs and thousands of gang members in the South East and so we have to learn to watch over each other again because we keep disappearing and the people that weren’t born with money like my friends just say well that’s what they get for having money and they got what they deserved and I would take him out and knock him over the head and throw him off a boat in the Gulf of Mexico and that’s one my best friends that turned on me so watch out for him and others like him that worship money and don’t give a shit about people because they never had any money and they worship it and that’s what they love and not their fellow man so watch out for those fuckers and my sister please and see if she disappears and is not in her home anymore.


So when I am in Panama City I always eat at the Shrimp Boat and it is being renovated and remodeled and hopefully they will start serving higher quality food and especially better oysters because if they serve Texas or even Apalachicola oysters and not those horrible local East Bay and West Bay oysters from Panama City and that will be a good start. I have been eating here my whole life since I was a little kid and the original owner was from Montgomery AL which is where my Grandmother’s family was from but when I want the freshest seafood on the Gulf Coast I go to Fins Japanese Sushi and Grill and I eat at the sushi bar where there are real Japanese sous chefs and not a bunch of Hillbilly Fags like at Harbor Docks cutting fish with their nasty bare hands and who the hell wants their food prepared by a fucking faggot anyway especially fresh fish handled without wearing gloves that’s just so disgusting. But not at Fins and this is the Best Sushi Restaurant in the Florida Panhandle and both the sashimi and the sushi rolls are wonderful and they have plenty of room for large parties and the sushi bar is never full and there is never a line or a long wait for your food to be served and they are so slow at Harbor Docks that you have to wait for an hour to get a seat at the sushi bar and then wait for another hour to get one sushi roll because the sous chefs stand there and shoot the shit with the customers and fellow employees and pull down their pants and show the customers what color panties they have on because that’s what fucking faggots do and they are nasty as hell and they have the worst service but not when I go in there because I get the best food and the largest portions and all this special attention like Yellow Tail Collars without having to wait because Ms. Jackie wants to have sex with me and that is more important than you the paying customer and all my food is free and you the paying customer will just have to wait until I get finished eating before you get served and the sous chefs start drinking saki bombs and they aren’t allowed to drink while on duty so they have to bend over and drink them behind the sushi bar so Gay Charles don’t find out and throw a hissy fit and they are slow as hell and they get even slower after they start drinking and the customers wait for hours to get one fucking sushi roll and it’s just ridiculous but not at Fins Sushi Bar in Panama City this is a real Japanese Sushi Bar with real Japanese sous chefs were they bow their head when you say that roll was Outstanding and I recommend this restaurant highly, the food and the service is superb so for my Restaurant Review from the Florida Panhandle today I recommend Fins for Sushi in Panama City and if you are visiting the South Walton 30A area it is worth the drive into town. They have both a Japanese Hibachi and Sushi menu and the prices are reasonable and the service is friendly and it doesn’t take an hour to get one sushi roll and the sushi rolls are phenomenal and the sashimi is the freshest on the Florida Panhandle and I am sure you will be amazed.

I spent allot of time here in the summer as a kid with my family who developed land and built houses in the Southeast and here in Panama City we owned a quarter stretch of the Panama City Beach back when the land out on most of the beach was undeveloped and we owned a 40 acre tract of land right on the Gulf of Mexico near where Pier Park is today and all the new beach restaurants and they are all franchise restaurants and have good seafood but tourist traps and so if you would like to get a taste of the local flavor and see what Panama City was like back before the beach was so overdeveloped, back when the locals would catch fish in the Bay and my grandfather said that they caught so many fish in the St Andrews Bay that they never had to go out to the Gulf of Mexico and then they would have a fish fry or take their catch to a local restaurant to have them cook it for them or they would just eat at a local restaurant so for a taste of local seafood you have to go to downtown Panama City or the St Andrews area of town and try the Shrimp Boat restaurant which was the finest restaurant in town until My Fat Buddy ran it in the ground and went into the Kiddie Porn business with that Alice Cooper Woman and had to sell it and we will see what this Hotel Chain that bought it does about the size of the oysters after they finish remodeling the place.


But across the street the tourist are lined up like they are at a flea market on a Saturday morning and they actually are lined up in a flea market because Hunt’s Oyster Bar has a flea market set up in their parking lot because they can’t make enough money selling oysters because they can’t sell them fast enough because they are too slow at shucking them and so to make ends meet they have to sell all kinds of worthless shit in the parking lot so if you are looking for some really good oysters and you want to buy some really worthless shit while you spend all night standing in a line in a parking lot then go there but I don’t have the patience to stand in line for an hour to order an oyster and then wait another hour to eat one so I couldn’t tell you if the oysters there are good or not but if you do want to eat some really good oysters where you can walk right in and sit down without spending hours to eat a oyster then walk down the street and have a wonderful meal at the Captain’s Table Seafood Restaurant and they have an Oyster Bar with about 6 stools with no waiting and they shuck the oysters right there in front of you and I order a dozen or two and then order a local favorite in the Florida Panhandle which is Fried Mullet and it is excellent and I don’t eat allot of fried food but I will order fried mullet here because it is hard to find and it is wonderful and fresh and never frozen and the tourist come in here and order the fried Cod because it is the cheapest fish on the menu so when you’re on vacation treat yourself to some fresh local fish and enjoy yourself, after all you are on vacation anyway.


If you really want to go back in time and see an authentic oyster bar there is one just a short drive away and it is like going back in time. But don’t be fooled by the location or the appearance from the outside because this is the real deal and it has been there since 1930. So head on over to Gene’s Oyster Bar in the Millville area of town where my family built houses back after World War II and this is the oldest oyster bar in town where they stand in front of you and shuck oysters while you sit at a counter like in a diner as fast as you can eat them until you say I have had enough and then they stop shucking and go to the next person and that is what an old school oyster bar is and this is how I learned to eat oysters as a kid and this is where me and my Father and Grandfather would eat Oysters and drink a coke in a bottle before we would go to dinner at the Shrimp Boat because I guess the oysters weren’t good back then at the Shrimp Boat either so this is where we would go. So if you like raw oysters then you don’t want to miss this place and they have a full menu but sit at the bar and eat oysters and you will be amazed!


Then if you want to eat in a waterfront restaurant I would recommend Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill and I know the owners and this is a family owned restaurant and the owner has sold half the business to his new partner and the building has been totally remodeled with a roof bar with live entertainment and a great view of the St Andrews Bay and the Marina and a back covered porch with outdoor seating and a great sunset view so I go in and order a drink and watch the sunset and it is beautiful and so is the Blond Bartender.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: So what will you be having to drink tonight Honey?


Blow Fish: I will start with a Margarita if you have an organic one Sweetheart if you know how to make one.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: We have a skinny Margarita on the menu if that is what you are talking about.


Blow Fish: That will be just fine Sweetheart if it doesn’t have any sour mix in it just fresh lime juice and made with Don Julio because he is a friend of mine you know and he goes sailing on my sailing yacht.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: You have a sailboat? I have never been sailing on a big sailboat only just a little one.


Blow Fish: Yes I do and it’s a forty foot boat with 2 cabins and A/C and 2 heads and refrigeration and a flat screen TV with surround sound and all the comforts of home plus wakeboard speakers outside in the cockpit so I can torture everyone in the whole dang marina with country music just like you are listening too right now and ruin their day and their tranquility as a whole and drive them insane but the charter boat captains in the marina say that this country music sounds good and the music seems to scare away all the birds that like to take a shit on my boat so that’s a good thing.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: Here is you Margarita, Sweetie and are you going to eat dinner tonight or did you just come in to have a drink and watch the sunset with me and ask me out?


Blow Fish: You know I did and I think I will go upstairs and eat in the roof bar and listen to that guy playing the guitar and order dinner up there sweetheart and why don’t you come sailing with me on my sailing yacht and we will sail off to South Florida and you can shake it up for me up on the bow of my boat like my country girl and all you need to bring is a bikini and you have one of those don’t you?


Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place: What in the hell are you doing over here talking to him? I saw him first and I have first chance at him everyone in here knows that. So how long have you two been dating? I am just so upset I don’t know what to do and whether to just cry or beat your fucking ass!


Hot as hell Blond Bartender: You can kiss my ass I don’t have to take orders from you and if you have to know we haven’t even gone out on a date yet and it’s none of your business anyway so I don’t have to answer any of your damn questions but if you must know I am just sweet talking him and calling him pet names like Honey and Sweetie just like you waitresses or whatever you people call yourself and I think you call yourself serves and I am talking to him the same way you sweet talk the people that you are serving that you call and what do you call them oh yea it’s your customers so why don’t you get back to serving your customers and stop worrying about what I am doing over here at the bar with my customers it’s none of your damn business so leave me alone and my customers alone and go get back to work.


Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place: Well I just don’t know what to say to you or what to do. I think I could just cry and look at him he is sitting right there listening to everything that was just said so I just don’t know what to do now so I am just going back to work but I will be watching you and I saw him first and I have first chance at him and he is coming in here to see me and take me away with him and give me a house and a new car and a retirement plan so I won’t have to work anymore and then I will be sitting there by him and you will be serving me and so stay away from him and I mean it.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: Why are you telling me this and why aren’t you over there raising hell with him for flirting with me and I bet you have never even spoken to him and I bet you haven’t, have you so I don’t have time for this and you don’t belong over here anyway so get back to work and leave me alone.


Blow Fish: Who the hell does she think she is?


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: Oh my goodness Honey you need another drink I am so sorry I got distracted and that woman just about drove me crazy and I do not know who the hell she thinks she is. She is not my boss and there she is again.


Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Brain the Whole Dang Place: I am back here behind the bar and I am reaching up here trying to find something up here on a top shelf on my tippy toes so that you can see my cute as hell butt because I have a bigger butt than that bitch bartender because she ain’t got no ass at all so I want to know your opinion of my figure and you know I do have the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place and a better looking butt than her and a bigger caller id as well and so there is nothing up here on this shelf at all so I must look like an idiot back here behind the bar looking for something that isn’t even here so I will just go back to work serving my customers and so I will back in a minute.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: Unbelievable! I don’t know where in the hell she gets off thinking she can come walking back behind my bar shaking her ass all over the place like that and here is your Margarita, Honey.


Terri Lynn: I do not like that woman calling you Honey, Honey. That is my pet name for you and I want you to stay away from those young girls because they are so young and impressionable and do not understand that you are mine and they might take what you are saying to them the wrong way and think that you want them to shake it up for you like your country girl on your boat and sail off into the sunset with you and have sex with h on your sailboat instead of me and she just might be a prostitute and I do not want any prostitutes on our boat so I do not want her on our boat.


Blow Fish: Well it isn’t our boat it is my boat and she is no prostitute. You are the prostitute and why would you have a problem with there being a prostitute on the boat when you won’t have sex with a man unless he is paying you money in one way or another unless of course, you are giving a freebie away on a sex site or out for an evening like a cougar looking for some cougar bait so stop telling me who can and can’t come on my boat.


Terri Lynn: I think you just need to stay away from those young girls and stop talking to them and stop being friends with them and I mean it or I will come down there and create all kinds of havoc for you and destroy your life as you know it because you know I do that all the time and I will do it again.


Blow Fish: I am in the middle of an Investigation and if you want to know whether or not I am having sex with the Hot as Hell Blond Bartender or her friend the Even Hotter than Hell Barback then you will have to read back at Day One and find the answer to your questions for yourself and find out what part you are playing here on the Big Show and find the answers for yourself and stop asking me to repeat myself and then catch back up or you will miss what is happening now because the Even Hotter than Hell Barback is about to come over and hit on me and I don’t want to miss that.


Even Hotter than Hell Blond Barback: I was going to say that if you want me to make you a drink I will but I see you already have one so I guess you are all taken care of but if you need anything I will be right here so you just let me know and I will be standing right over here waiting to fulfill you every need.


Blow Fish: Thank you Sweetheart and I do need me a country girl to shake it for me up on my boat in a Bikini and all you will need is a Bikini if you come sailing off into the sunset with me on my sailing yacht. So you do have a Bikini don’t you?


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: I will take care of him he is my customer so go over there and wash some glasses or something and leave him alone he is my customer and yes, of course, Honey I have a Bikini and I would love to go sailing on your sailing yacht.


Blow Fish: I won’t bore you with the whole sorted tale of how these young beautiful bartenders and waitresses chased me around the restaurant trying to get me to have sex with them because if I do then Blue Balls will send me an email telling me how I am just full of myself and then I will be taking that email which is her comment and posting it right here on the Big Show just like this.


Blue Balls: You are so full of yourself and disgusting with all this nasty talk about all these young women chasing you around and you having sex with them and you are just a pervert. Besides no one is reading this anyway and the writing makes no sense what so ever and I can’t understand any of it. You just jump around all over the place from one subject to the next and what you call the Blow Fish bull shit is just really a bunch of Mumbo Jumbo. I do not get any of it and do not think you are a good writer if I can’t understand what you are writing about.


Blow Fish: Boy you sure high and mighty for a child abuser and as I have explained before if you have a question then read back to Day One and find the answers to your questions and don’t bother me and ask me to repeat myself. The Big Show is a just blog that will become a book which will be made into a movie that will come out on DVD so if you can’t understand the blog then read the book and if you are too stupid to read a book then go see the movie and if you too lazy to go see a movie then rent the DVD and if you are too cheap to rent a DVD then just forget about it and if you look at the counter there on the web page you can see how many people are reading the Big Show for yourself.


Blue Balls: You are just sitting around all day long opening and closing the web page to make the number go up higher on the blog and that’s all it is anyway just a blog so you are just wasting your time and it would seem like you could find something better to do with your time like calling your daughter who I will not let you speak with when you call.


Blow Fish: Now I thought I was doing the Lord’s work here and you wonder why I kicked her ass to the curb and divorced that asshole. Back to the Lord’s work…

I was thinking about asking your girlfriend there if she wasn’t going to be busy this weekend then why don’t we all go sailing on my big ole sailboat and you girls could take off your bikinis and we could all go skinny dipping or just sail around in the nude because you know sailboats are clothing optional.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: Now why am I only Hot as Hell and she is Even Hotter than Hell and why are you asking me if she can go with you on your sailboat naked? Why don’t you ask her yourself and you know I have to work because I am doing the Lord’s work here too and she is talking to a crooked cop over there so ask her yourself when she gets finished.


Even Hotter than Hell Blond Barback: Hey I am going to get this guy to bring me two grams of cocaine do you want him to bring you any?


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: No I am good I don’t need any.


Even Hotter than Hell Blond Barback: Ok I will just take the two for me she doesn’t want any so I will see you when you get back with those two grams of cocaine for me.


Blow Fish: That’s interesting I didn’t know you could buy cocaine in this bar. I thought you had to walk over to the watershed Bar to buy drugs because it is drug central here in Panama City isn’t it?


Even Hotter than Hell Blond Barback: He is just a crooked cop and going over to pick it up for me so I don’t have to walk over there or set foot in that nasty as hell place because it looks like a bomb went off in there about 30 years ago and they never cleaned it up and I guess that’s what a drug dealer’s house looks anyway.


Mr. Big Uncle Ernie’s New Partner: That’s not what my house looks like so I don’t think you could generalize like that about what a drug dealer’s house looks like or what a drug dealer looks like because I don’t look like the owner of the Watershed Bar and I am a bigger drug dealer than him because I am his boss if you want to know the truth and I would not be seen walking in that place if I were you because the Police are watching that guy over there because they have to arrest someone every now and then and I guess it is his time and so when he goes down there will be another dealer just like him that takes over his customers and that is how it works around here in Panama City and I am at the top of the food chain so to speak and they call me Mr Big so you can call me that and I am untouchable because I have all the Police in my pocket because they are all crooked cops and they have been paid off and we have a good thing going on here and look at me standing here behind the bar of my restaurant doing nothing just like I have always done because I am a drug dealer and don’t know anything but dealing drugs and never had to work or touch the drugs so that makes me a racketeer in the eyes of the law just like Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson, only I am not a cheap scape like he is and a scum bucket because I am clean as hell with a big house on the water with a big boat at the dock and look like a millionaire on paper because it looks legit and legal and now I bought half of this Restaurant and Bar from my buddy and partner so he could build him a big whole house too and also remodel this place and make it what it is today a full restaurant complex with live music and 2 bars and a beautiful sunset view from anywhere in the bar or restaurant.


Blow Fish: Ok sweetheart I am going upstairs to eat a steak so do you have a Malbec?


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: I don’t even know what a Malbec is anyway so what you need is another Margarita so should I make you one?


Blow Fish: How about a glass of your very best Cabernet, please?


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: I will have to go get a bottle we never sell that we have a nice house cab if you would rather have that because I don’t know if they will let me open a bottle of the good stuff to sell just one glass so I will have to ask the owner.


Blow Fish: You just tell him it’s for Blow Fish and he will say it’s ok because he knows I wouldn’t drink that cheap shit you serve as house wine that you sell to the tourist. Here comes the Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place and all I do is stare at her and never speak to her and it drives her insane.


Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place: I am looking for some waitress order pads I know there are some back here in this cabinet behind the bar so I am bending over and sticking by butt up in the air and searching around for some of those waitress pads that we servers use to write down what our customers are ordering and now I am trying to open up a cabinet door here but there isn’t a door here to open up so I will just keep trying to open up a door that is not here and I must look like an idiot but I don’t care I will just do anything to keep me back here behind the bar so you can stare at my big ole wonder bra and my cute butt while I am staring at you staring at me…


Even Hotter than Hell Blond Barback: Are you looking for these order pads you have those over at the hostess stand where you are supposed to get them and you are not supposed to be back here so get your ass out of here.


Blow Fish: Then she slapped her on the ass hard as hell and she went running out from the behind the bar and never came back behind the bar again and it was funny as hell.


Hot as Hell Blond Bartender: Finally she is gone thank you.


Blow Fish: Sweetie please send that glass of Cab upstairs. I’m going to head on upstairs and order a Ribeye up there so I will see you later when you finish your work here and we will go for that sail on my sailboat and sail off into the sunset…

So I am walking upstairs and they have a hostess upstairs as well as one at the front door and there is a bar upstairs and a guy playing acoustic guitar and the sunset is incredible with a beautiful view of St Andrews Bay and the marina next door.


Hostess with the Mostess: Hey are you sitting at a table or are you sitting at the bar tonite and I see you are by yourself so you must be sitting at the bar as you usually do and enjoying that beautiful sunset so let me know if you need anything or I can do anything for you because whatever you need I got it because as you can plainly see I do not have a wonder bra on and I am the Hostess with the Mostess and you can plainly see why they call me that and why I have explained that to you.


Blow Fish: Yes you are the Hostess with the Mostess and just absolutely beautiful as always and if the Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place catches me talking to you a fight will probably break out or she just might start crying who knows. Are you still in college sweetheart?


Hostess with the Mostess: I gave that up and now I am just the Hostess with the Mostess full time and just doing this and sleeping with the new partner here who calls himself Mr. Big and he is married but I don’t care because he is rich and so I have decided to stay here and work and not go back to school because this is a great opportunity for me to work here and sleep with the new owner and set him up.


Blow Fish: Well then you are doing the Lord’s work too and getting rid of a real asshole drug dealer because cocaine dealers are psycho killers if you ask me and don’t go down without a fight so watch yourself and don’t get caught in the crossfire and I will see you later sweetheart.

So I still have never spoken to the Waitress with the Biggest Wonder Bra in the Whole Dang Place and I think that is driving her crazy and now she looks at me like she wants to beat my ass for not speaking to her and I am getting scared of her and she just may attack me one day very soon when I go in there so why don’t you visit Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill and meet all these crazy ass women and see if the same thing happens to you when you order the Blacken Mahi Mahi over a house salad and they have great bread as well so don’t miss that and I am sure you will be pleased with the food and the crazy ass waitresses or servers or whatever they call themselves and I am calling them crazy ass waitresses but don’t take my word for it you go check it out for yourself but you better get in there quick because soon they will be calling themselves unemployed because you have to be careful who you take on as a partner or who you get in bed with if you know what I mean because someone there has gotten into bed with the devil and now he has to sleep in the bed that he has made if you know what I mean and so the whole dang place is about to be torn apart and sold off at an auction by the Justice Department so if you want to eat there you better hurry up but please don’t tell Ernie and his partner because one of them has laundered drug money to invest in the business so as I have warned you before make sure you know who your partner is these days and if you borrow money from like Dean Baird who offered me a loan one time so I could expand my business and that would be like being in bed with the devil for sure and like selling your soul to the devil and that’s just one of the things he does to earn a living so catch Uncle Ernie’s while it is still open and there is a paid informant in there so tell this Crooked Cop that you can’t work for a drug smuggler and the FBI anymore so he will have to get a new job and I wonder if he has ever cut grass because he may need to find a new career and I have heard they are hiring over at Eglin Air Force Base where you can live in the Federal Prison next door and go cut grass on the Golf Course on the Air Force Base so that maybe a good job opportunity for a Crooked Cop and he better hurry up and go apply because he ain’t the only Crooked Cop on my hit list and so get that application in early and kiss your ugly asshole wife goodbye and I do not know why he is married to such an ugly woman like her and then bring her out in public and it ain’t his wife at all, it’s his partner in crime called a Crooked Cop Partner in Crime and so she may just be changing sheets in a motel very soon because she won’t be able to pass a background check and get a good job and so she is going down and I hope this crooked cop’s wife doesn’t hear about this because she is a lovely person and I may have just ruined another marriage.


Then across the street from Uncle Ernie’s the whole neighborhood goes downhill real quick and it’s like you have just stepped into a third world country similar to watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel where that fat bald headed guy with the ugly orange reading glasses goes to the strangest places in the world to eat the most disgusting food you can possibly imagine and then he puts the food in his mouth and says “It’s all caramelised” and then almost pukes and he eats every part of every animal and they have Poop Shoot Day where he eats assholes all day long and comments on each one like “I can taste the barnyard in that one” and I guess that is the Poop on the ground in the barnyard that he is tasting and then eats another Poop Shoot and says “Now I taste a hint of Feces in that one” that is the only way to describe where I am headed because this next bar is the most disgusting bar I have ever been in and there is an asshole in this bar that is on my Hit List and he is a big ole asshole that thinks he owns this bar but he doesn’t he just runs it and so he will be asked to leave town by a Federal Judge who will say pack it up and move up north where you came from and don’t come back because I am sending this asshole that came down here from the North like a carpet bagger looking to get rich serving his customers alcohol and drugs at the same time and thinks he is protected by crooked cops to prison up North and I am asking the Judges to send all the asshole criminals that are arrested here on the Big Show back where they came from and tell them not to come back to Florida forever, we don’t want them coming back and that goes for Gene Luciano as well and I will be seeing him up in Chicago where he came from when I sail my sailing yacht up on the Great Lakes going from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar setting up the Bale Maker and the Italian Mafia Wise Guys up there in their own Home Town where they think they are so protected so check back in for that and try to figure out where I am and where I am going next and it just maybe up this bartender’s asshole in this next bar and he calls himself the owner and this next bar is just a bar that doesn’t serve food so thank God for that and it is the most disgusting place I have ever seen in my whole life and it reminds me of an abandoned house after a hurricane where it was completely destroyed and just left abandoned to rot with the glass blown out of the windows and the mold and the mildew start to grow and then someone insane came in here and started selling drinks and drugs to homeless people so they could have a place to go and drink and drug themselves to death and the owner forgot to clean the place up first and to be honest I don’t think the owner knows how to clean up anything and if you have ever been in an abandoned house after a hurricane or seen Randy Gibson’s bathroom then you know what I mean and I am sure that someone reading this just puked right then and there and this place is called the Watershed Bar and I think Watershed is just another word for toilet because that’s what this place is best described as a toilet where if it’s yellow you just let it mellow much like Randy Gibson’s bathroom and I didn’t insult the owner of the Watershed Bar or complain about the conditions of the bar I just ordered a round of shots for the Rock Band that was with me from Lowes House of Bourbon because when I left there the band left with me and so I ordered a round of shots for the band and a crown drink for my Blow Fish self and the place was absolutely packed. I have never seen so many homeless people drinking and drugging themselves to death at one time in one place in my whole life so I bought the whole dang bar a round of shots because I thought the most humane thing to do was to speed up the whole process for the homeless people drinking themselves to death and that was the way I was raised to be generous and charitable and so I am just trying to put these people out of their misery and the owner and the bartender are behind the bar just busy as hell and I mean slammed and I noticed that there was a brand new fooseball table sitting in the back of the bar and I felt like I was in a ghetto somewhere in a third world country and had just stumbled upon a stolen car and my first reaction was to just keep it because no one knows it’s here but then I decided to call the police and say I have found that stolen foosball table you are looking for but I was told that the owner had purchased it and from further investigation I discovered that there were no fooseballs in the table and thought that whoever stole it and brought it in here should have had the common decency to steal some foosballs as well and I hated to bother the owner he was so busy serving the homeless people that were drinking and drugging themselves to death and they looked like they were in a hurry to get there too and I hated to interrupt them with this my discovery but there were no foosballs in the foosball table and I knew that the owner would want to know and I was brought up to be thoughtful and try and help others and thought that the Christain thing to do was to find a solution to this problem because no one could play foosball and I was told that I was wasting my time by asking the owner if he had any foosballs but felt that I needed to bring this to his attention and try and be helpful as I always am in my own Blow Fish style and so all I did was to suggest to the owner that if he has gone to all the trouble and major expense to improve this bombed out piece of shit bar by purchasing a foosball table he should also buy some fucking foosballs only I was very diplomatic about it and he was nice enough to explain this to me in layman terms so I would understand and I will share this with you so you will know as well so listen close so you will understand and try to keep up. Apparently you can’t just go down the street and pick some foosballs at the corner store like a 6 pack of beer and I rarely drink beer at all unless it goes well with my meal or shop at that place on the corner where everything cost twice as much but so much more convenient than the grocery store or the liquor store if you do not own transportation and I have been in a place called the corner store before and I do know where the corner store is, it’s right there on the corner and then he explained that you have to order these foosballs and you have to call someone up on the phone to order them and wait for them to be delivered but he doesn’t know who to call or where to order them from or where they come from, he just knows what the procedure for ordering them is like and knows it is all started with a phone call but doesn’t know whom to call and I am not surprised at all by this information and then he goes further to explain that if he did call someone up and placed an order for foosballs there is another step called paying for the foosballs and he said he had no idea how he would do that and then after the foosballs where delivered and he put some foosballs in the foosball table then the customers would just end up losing them all anyway so he has just never gotten around to making that phone call and ordering any and what’s the point anyway there still won’t be any foosballs in the foosball table because the customers would have lost them all and so being a business man myself and ordering thousands of dollars worth of supplies a day for my business I suggested that he could just go on the internet and buy some foosballs. They are really cheap and you can order a case of them and not just one or two and so I said it’s not a big deal man and not hard to do and I can order some right now on my cell phone so how many do you want and they will be here in a day or two and I pulled out my cell phone to place the order for him and was being very helpful and Christain in my demeanor and asked what’s the address here and he got pissed off and kicked me out of his redneck white trash blownout by a hurricane establishment and said “I don’t need your kind in here giving me any shit about that foosball table” and he kicked me out permanently and for my whole life on my first visit in the place and sometimes it takes me weeks to achieve this task and I have to work really hard to piss off the management and he really made it really easy for me cause I didn’t want to have to go in there again anyway and the owner is such a big ole asshole but he still needs some foosballs so please go by there and complain about there not being any foosballs in the foosball table and say that Blow Fish has sent me in here to order some foosballs for you on my cell phone and then pull out your cell phone and order him some on the internet and ask him for his credit card information and see what he says to you because he is a total asshole and I was just trying to be helpful in my own Blow Fish bull shit snobbish style and sometimes I feel so unappreciated but I am doing the Lord’s work here and must push on.


So now I do not have a white trash hole in the wall bar to go drink with a bunch of homeless people that are just sitting just there at the bar drinking and drugging themselves to death and I can’t buy them rounds of shots to shorten their wait and so what will I do with my life now and so I wandering around on the side of the road and around the corner like a homeless person does mumbling to himself like one of those Public Fucking Defenders after they have been thrown out on the side of the road by Escambia County because they weren’t defending their clients anyway because all they were doing was just screwing the secretarial pool up on their desk and so they threw their diplomas and law degrees in the trash and Escambia County threw them out on the side of the road to wander around and I thought now where would a Public Fucking Defender go in this situation so I did what any pervert would do in these circumstances and stumbled into a Strip Club right there on the corner across the street from Hunts Oyster Bar where there is a line of tourist lined up in a flea market in the parking lot and the Shrimp Boat is on the other corner where that Alice Cooper Woman is sitting at the bar with My Fat Buddy and they are making plans to expand their Kiddie Porn Business to include Your Children and the whole area looks like I am in a slum in a Third World Country like I am in South America somewhere and I am waiting to be robbed and rolled and have my organs sold on the internet by Brevard up in Atlanta but that’s another story and here I am in this hellish looking place and so why wouldn’t there be a Strip Club right there on the other corner and it’s right there with a sign and everything and the windows are boarded up just like an abandoned house in a Slum and so I just walked on in and there is a Strip Club runway and a bar over there in the corner and not a soul in sight and I am trying to hide my organs because I know I am about to lose one or all of them and then the Bartender appears from nowhere kind of like that Barnabas Collins vampire character that Greenburg idolizes and scared the living shit out of me and now I need to change my underwear and he offered me a drink and I don’t feel safe having a drink in here because I believe this place is nastier than the Watershed Bar so don’t bother taking a shower or changing your panties and shaving that thang and getting all dressed up before you come over here to check this place out because you will feel so dirty by the time you leave that you will go home and burn your clothes and take repetitive showers and sit there on the shower floor scrubbing your hands with a scrub brush and crying and saying “I still feel so dirty” and now I don’t want to get nobody in trouble and as you know I do not kiss and tell but I am something of a blabbermouth and if you tell me anything you just might find it plastered all over the internet for everyone to see right here on the Big Show which is just a fantasy blog where nothing is real and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but  everyone is guilty as hell and this is just my free expression of speech which is protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution and this is suppose to be fun and so if you aren’t having fun then move on to the review of another restaurant and not this Restaurant Review and this buddy of mine and I ate brunch with a bunch of guys from the Yacht Club one Sunday morning and I can’t tell you his name because he is married so I will change his name here on the Big Show to protect his innocence and call him Hunter Passage because that’s the make and model of the sailboat he owns in the Yacht Club in Panama City FL and like I said this guy is married so do not tell his wife about this because he is like my buddy Billy Bob and his wife might hear about him screwing a Dancer which is what they call themselves and not a Prostitute and blame it all on me and so Hunter Passage drives a Red Ferrari and lives in Tallahassee and he was in town checking on his sailboat in the Yacht Club which is what we boat owners do every now and then because the boat may have already sunk and so we leave our wives or girlfriends as they call themselves at home and say I am going to check on the boat and so he headed to the Yacht Club and was curious about what was in the Strip Club on the corner and wandered inside and described this rough as hell looking woman picking him up and she did come on to him so it was not his fault and described having sex with one of these Strippers and they do not call themselves Strippers they call themselves Dancers so he had sex with one of these Dancers that don’t like to be called Strippers and I call them Skank Crack Whores and I am pretty sure that’s what they are and so he had sex with one of those Dancers in the Strip Club and he said she was rough as hell and he had never experienced anything quite like that before and she was the nastiest woman he had ever had sex with in his whole life and even six months later he still feels dirty and he offered to fix my Blow Fish asshole up with her and I said no thank you I am not having any trouble finding any nasty as hell whores to have sex with here in the Florida Panhandle and do not need any help from you, I just need help avoiding them and there goes another marriage and I am such a blabber mouth just ask Billy Bob and Fayla and they will explain it to you and so I walked in the Strip Club and the Bartender informed me that they had no Dancers which is what they call themselves and not Strippers and that doesn’t mean they can dance just because they call themselves Dancers and so don’t be fooled when you hear them call themselves Dancers and not Strippers because all they can do is stand there naked and that is not Dancing and so I will just call them Skank Crack Whores and anyway the Bartender will say that they do not have any Dancers at this time and they never do the place is always empty but he will inform you that a Dancer maybe back in here in just a minute if you would like to have a seat at the bar and have a drink and wait and the reason is because here in this Third World Country that looks like a slum where I am still holding onto my organs very closely there is another slum shack behind this shack and so between the dilapidated Strip Club with the windows boarded up so the Peeping Toms like Billy Bob and Fayla can’t watch and the Watershed Bar which looks like an abandoned house with a bunch of homeless people in there drinking themselves to death and I helped and do feel good about my charitable contribution there and so between those two eye soars there is a structure that we call a chicken shack here in the south and it’s a two story chicken shack that is actually a Flop House where someone could go rent a room to sleep in and they don’t charge by the day or the week they charge by the hour and so that’s where all the Strippers that call themselves Dancers are and you would think you were in some Third World Country when you see this place like you had to take an International Flight and show a passport and get searched at the airport so you could take a taxi ride and then you end up in this disgusting slum where they actually are serving poop shoot and say why the fuck did I travel this far to see this fucking Ghetto where I could be killed for just walking down the street when I could have just driven to Panama City Beach FL and found the same thing and so this Bartender is making excuses because all the Dancers as they call themselves are back in the Flop House selling their pussy to the bar customers that walked into the Strip Club shortly before I got there that were looking to buy some pussy from a Prostitute and so if there are no Strippers or Dancers as they call themselves in the Strip Club and only Prostitutes in the Flop House or Call Girls as they call themselves because they do not like the word Prostitute because Call Girl as they call themselves sounds so much better than a Prostitute because a Call Girl requires that you call them up to have sex with you for money which is totally different from a Prostitute and so you have to sit down at the bar and order a drink from the Bartender and then you have to get the Bartender to call up one Dancers that prefer to be called Call Girls instead of Prostitutes and tell one to come on in from the Flop House that looks like a Chicken Shack and so then why the hell do they call it a Strip Club if no one is ever in there Stripping or Dancing as they call it and why don’t they change the name from Strip Club to Brothel because that’s what it is and that name is even too good for this horrible place and so why don’t they just call it a Whore House and when you see this place you will know that it’s not befitting the quality of the pussy that they are serving here so why don’t they just put a big ole sign up there on the front of the building so you know what you are getting yourself into when you walk in the door and call it a Skank Crack Whore House because that’s what I am calling this place and they can’t change the name and call it that because the Police that are getting paid off so they can stay in business will not allow them to go that far so why don’t we just say that they are in bed with the Devil too and why don’t we just shut this whole dang place down and get rid of the Homeless People in the Watershed Bar and the Skank Crack Whores in the Strip Club that call themselves Dancers and the Fucking Flea Market in the parking lot with the Tourist standing in the long line for oysters for hours on end and just tear down all these buildings that look like a fucking slum in a Third World Country and build a brand new parking lot so the customers going to the newly remodeled Shrimp Boat with a new higher quality menu with larger fresher oysters will a have nice place to park and maybe the Crooked Police can try to keep the parking lot clean because they are doing a fucking lousy job of keeping crime out of these bars and maybe they will be more successful at keeping a fucking parking lot clean and working as a fucking meter maid but I seriously doubt it and they would just corrupt the parking lot business as well and then it would be full of crime so why don’t we just send the Drug Smugglers to jail where they belong along with the Crooked Police and then I will come back through when there is actually a decent restaurant for this my Restaurant Review and I will tell you why I can’t do that and it’s because I have to move on and can’t hang around here and wait for a renovation and a Sting to be set up and Crooked Police to be indicted and go to jail and the whole area cleaned up so please take care of this and don’t make me have to come back and if I do I will not be so generous with this my Restaurant Review of this whole damn nasty slum and so who the hell would come to such a place on vacation anyway and it’s the Black Tourist that come here so they can get drunk and start shooting and killing each other on Panama City Beach and Bob Taylor or Tommy who is my sister’s husband who came here on vacation and stayed in a Conference Center Resort where Bob or Tommy probably broke into hotel rooms and robbed vacationers and conference attendants to pay for the trip while my sister sat on the beach drinking beer so there are white trash tourist and a criminal conartist element here that works over the tourist and the police are so crooked they won’t do anything to make it better and the whole beach is getting darker and darker and so if you are looking for a cheap vacation then don’t come here because the whole area is over rated and over priced because the sand is beautiful and everything else is nasty as hell and over rated just like in Cancun and just another vacation destination on everyone’s must see list and the hotel rates here are too high and they should be paying you to come here so if I were you I would just avoid this area completely and go somewhere where the beaches are cleaner and safer until the Crooked Police get fired and the whole place is cleaned up and I have driven down Panama City Beach at Spring Break where it looks like a war zone or like a crime scene and it is a crime scene and there is crime scene tape up all over the place because someone was just shot and Swat Teams standing by because someone is going to get killed and I locked my doors and thought I did not bring a gun to the Beach to defend myself and why the hell would I have to do that and was afraid for my life because I might get hit by a stray bullet and it’s because of the black spring breakers and they aren’t even college students they just come down here just to blow off some steam but they just end up getting pissed off as usual and blowing each others head off on the beach while they are suppose to be relaxing but they get drunk and start killing each other so you need to find another place to go if you want to relax unless you are young and black and looking for a fight and committing murder and if you are then this is your Vacation Destination and they have a huge jail here to accommodate you for the next ten to twenty  years so avoid this area and find somewhere peaceful and if you aren’t looking for a peaceful place to walk on the beach and watch the sunset and take a bikini off a Hot as Hell Blond Bartender and go skinny dipping then just don’t even come to Florida at all and find some other fucking part of the country to go and kill someone just like Geno.

So back to the Restaurant Review at Uncle Ernie’s in Panama City FL and I always drink Malbec with red meat because I believe that it has a bolder flavor with a plump dark fruit flavor with a smoky finish and I prefer it with red meat to a Cabernet and not the Pino Noir that my buddy Don Julio drinks that taste like water and turns your teeth black which looks so strange and who the hell looks good with black teeth anyway and they need a Malbec to serve at Uncle Ernie’s and then the Hot Bartender will know what that word means because she has never heard that word before and when I do order the better Cab than the House Cab she has to go get the owner’s permission to open the bottle and then she serves me a glass and the owner helps me finish off the bottle because it will only go to waste if he doesn’t so he could be drinking Malbec as well and so please get a bottle of Malbec and maybe I will come in and buy it and I will not be as generous with my Wine Review in the future if you don’t and that would be my Wine Review for the day here at Uncle Ernie’s where they serve a great Ribeye steak and you can get it covered with their Imperial sauce which is a white cheesy sauce with lump crab meat and you can get it served over any item on the menu and then it becomes the Imperial Ribeye just like the Imperial Grouper which comes with Lump crabmeat and it is not Fancy crabmeat and I had a discussion or an argument with Gene Luciano’s Head Henchman Gordon or his Head Chef at the Aqua Bar and Grill who learned to cook in the New Jersey State Penitentiary System and so as they were setting me up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar on Fifth Ave in Downtown Naples and about to imprison me and steal all my wealth, I was causing them all kinds of trouble and grief and Gordon criticized my Crab Cakes, like he knows anything about a Crab Cake and said that the best Crabmeat is the Fancy Crabmeat and I told him that it taste like crap and it has the texture of grass clippings and I only use Lump Crabmeat and never Fancy Crabmeat and he said that I was confused and it was the other way around that the Lump Crabmeat taste lumpy and the Fancy Crabmeat taste fancy and I think he needs to go back to jail for continued culinary education or maybe learn to cook under the supervision of a real chef and so maybe he can go to the same Penitentiary as Chef Cuvee who I set up in Destin FL and he is going up the river as well so maybe Chef Cuvee can wear his white Chef disguise when he goes into the prison system that he wears to make his customers believe that he is a real chef and not a conartist chef just like that Big Ole Gangster Brevard who wears that disguise that makes him look like a doctor so you will allow him to give care or charge you for health care for your elderly parents and then the next thing you know they are broke as hell and lost everything they own and living with you in your basement and then Brevard’s gang waits and does the same thing to you since you know that’s what they do because just like Gene Luciano told me how he was going to steal my boat and steal all my wealth including my 19 houses and no one believes that I own 19 houses because you assholes listen to Gene Luciano’s conartist gang members and to Charles Morgan’s gang members or Brevard gang members like Bob Taylor who tells everyone I don’t own any houses and if he says that then he is a liar and saying it so you will all think I am crazy and penniless so if you are hearing that then you are listening to a conartist that must be trying to set you up too just like Randy Fucking You Over Gibson who just said I was going to jail for life for what I am writing on the internet because he is a liar and going to jail himself and so if he is the expert telling you what is going on here then he must be in contact with Gene Luciano or Charles Morgan and working with them so these conartist always tell you how they are going to set you up so you won’t be surprised when it happens and then they tell you what will happen next so like Brevard when he is selling you home health care for you elderly parents he will be telling your elderly parents that they may have to sell their house at some point to pay for their own healthcare so that they won’t be a burden on their children and then he sells them a reverse mortgage and he tells them that you may loose all this money if you aren’t careful so let’s work with a financial expert and I met one of his financial experts and he moved from Atlanta to Destin FL to set up shop as they call it and his name is Mr. Chung and he lives in Destiny West and this guy specializes in taking your money and losing it for you all legal like and if you cross him he calls the Police just like Brevard and they set you up just like Randy Gibson is setting me up by saying I will soon be in prison for life because he is the one going to jail and so are you Brevard who tells your parents they need to listen to his financial advisor and not your children who are trying to take your money away from you and just put you in a retirement home and some of you think I am going into an insane asylum and those people are listening to the conartist that are working for Brevard because that’s how they get rid of their victims by having them committed to a mental  institution and they will imprison you in your own home just like they are doing to my sister and drug you and keep you so drugged until you are so mad and angry and about to go insane and then they call the paramedics and they will believe that you are acting crazy and take you away but Brevard has a gang member for every occasion in his employment for instance if you are acting crazy or they have drugged you and made you act crazy and then gotten you drunk on top of that and then Brevard will send a gang member over to your house where they have you imprisoned that drives an ambulance to pick you up and that is an ambulance driver that he has hired and when he hires you then you are in his gang and my X Attorney Friend in Pensacola is about to find out what I am talking about because he is the first to go down. I started with him and so he is the first to go down and then his wife the Clerk of the Court in Escambia County in Pensacola FL will be brought in for questioning and then face charges if she has broken the law because I set them up a couple of years ago and I have been setting people up like that for the past 10 years or so but investigating them for the past 25 years and they are a bunch of crooked assholes and so they are all going down like my X Attorney Friend is going down first and I need to get back to setting up Mr. Big as he calls himself and he thinks that’s who he is and is quiet and introverted because that’s what cocaine does to you and someone told me once they thought it makes you smarter and it doesn’t, it wears you out and makes you tired and this guy looks tired and worn out as hell and needs a long extended vacation to recover and so do the crooked cops and hell all the cops in Panama City are crooked because it is a crooked fucking place and I am glad I am leaving and so back to the Restaurant Review.


Gene Luciano: I was about to ask where you were and then I decided I would just let you tell me where you are and I am not afraid of a bunch of Rednecks and Niggers with guns. I fought in the Vietnam War and I am a vet and I have seen allot of action and so I am headed up to Panama City Beach to take you out in this war zone as you describe it where another murder won’t raise any suspicion.


Blow Fish: You won’t last ten minutes here you Italian Ape! They will take one look at you and pull the trigger and what do you mean you have seen allot of action? Your idea of being in the military is selling drugs to the troops and running prostitution and gambling so why would you call that seeing allot of action Geno that is called crime and you have seen allot of criminal activity and committed allot of murders in your time. So I am calling Zac Brown to come down here and take you out if you show up in Panama City and I will attach a video at the end of the show so that you can see how he is going to do that because Zac Brown is a mean mother fucker when you piss him off.


Gene Luciano: I am not afraid of a fucking guitar boy or those niggers on Panama City Beach because I am a killer hitman with a successful Assination Business and I was in Vietnam and saw action where I did have a prosperous business while I was supposed to be serving my country and what were you doing during the Vietnam War and I have your Intel right here and you were in High School and at Georgia Tech studying Architecture and finished high school in college because you think you are so smart and where was your family during the War and none of your relatives have ever fought in a war or defended their country so why do you think you are better than me because I made money selling drugs to the Vietnam Vets and then when they came home I was right there to sell them more drugs and prostitution at the military bases so where were your relatives during the war asshole.


Blow Fish: I was in High School and College while you were running your Racketeering Business in Vietnam making money off your fellow soldiers by getting them addicted to Heroin and then when they came back home they were addicted and the US Government had to deal with their drug addiction and many of them committed suicide or overdosed or ended up in the VA Hospital dealing with their addiction or living on the streets as a homeless person and spending their retirement and disability checks on drugs and they are still out there and you have ruined their lives so don’t tell me you have fought for your country because all you have ever done your whole life is hurt people and ruin their lives and I know for a fact that your hire retired veterans and they are in your gang so just because someone is a retired vet that fought in Vietnam it doesn’t mean they are a good person and they could be a con artist working for a gangster just like Gene Luciano or Brevard and planning to set you up and rob you or worse. So no one in my family ever fought in a foreign war that’s true. My father went to Bible College and then the University of Georgia and had a Master in Theology so he could help people and my Grandfather and the rest of the men in my family built ships for the Navy during World War II right here in Panama City. They shut down their businesses temporarily and moved here and worked for the government as military contractors and built boats in the Ship Yard to help win the war and at the end of the war the Navy audited them because as a military contractor you aren’t allowed to make over 20% profit so they were audited and had to pay back a million dollars because they made too much money and then they built houses here in the Millview area of town near Gene’s Oyster Bar and I went there with my Grandfather and my father when I was a little kid and that place is like going back in time to a simpler place in time and very laid back and a real treat if you love good oysters but they are closed on Monday so call ahead and make sure they are open because the oysters are fresh and they might be sold out and I recommend it highly so go there before it is gone because places like this are disappearing.


Gene Luciano: So your family made money off the war and made so much they had to pay the government back so did they rip off the military when they were building boats for them?


Blow Fish: No they have never ripped off anyone and I have never ripped off anyone intentionally but when you are being chased by a Killer Hitman like Gene Luciano from town to town and you have to leave your business and all your possessions behind and run for your life sometimes you accidently hurt people financially and if I have harmed anyone in the process I am sorry and hey Geno remember when you told everyone in Naples FL that the IRS was going to arrest me for tax evasion so that all my friends would disown me and no one would do business with me because they would get ripped off when I went to jail so you could set me up and put me in your House of Detention and they wouldn’t rescue me because they would get investigated as well?


Gene Luciano: Yes I do remember that and as I recall you were going to go to jail for a while on those charges and I also had numerous other charges on you including Grand Theft Auto and that’s where I take the tag off you car and then report it stolen and the police pull your over for driving your own stolen car. Then I was having you arrested for the remodeling my new Aqua Bar and Grill in Sarasota FL and the General Contractor called you up on the phone to complain about you not showing up to remodel my restaurant that you were never hired to remodel but the Police didn’t know that or care because I have them in my pocket so I could have you arrested for taking my money and leaving town and that’s how I always set business men up by running them out of town and then chasing them down and bringing them back to face the charges that they left town to avoid and ripped me and everyone in town off and lied about having money and then they are thrown in jail and I take all their shit and sell it and when they get out of jail I allow them one hour to leave town or we start the whole process over again.


Blow Fish: That’s why you were on my hit list because I had heard you were doing just what you described and that you had done the same thing to a guy that owned a sailboat and I do not like criminals that steal boats Geno and so do you remember that guy you stole a sailboat from?


Gene Luciano: Oh yea! I remember that asshole he went around town talking about all the money he had and he owned a sailboat and those guys are so cheap that they buy a sailboat so they don’t have to pay for fuel so I knew he had no money if he was too cheap to pay for gas and bought a sailboat instead of a motor boat and he owned a business so I ran that son of a bitch out of town the same way I ruined you in Naples FL.


Blow Fish: Well the way I heard it was that you set him up by telling everyone that he was a liar and didn’t have any money and he didn’t pay his bills and was a crook and everyone believed you and they all started treating him like he was a crook and they stopped paying him and you ruined his business so he couldn’t pay his bills and then you told him to leave town or you were going to kill him and he got in his boat and left town as quick as he could to save his life on his sailboat and tried to go back to Ft Lauderdale or wherever he came from and you went and caught him in your power boat and made a citizens arrest and took him off his boat and brought him back and had him arrested and thrown in jail for Thief by Taking which is where you put a businessman out of business and run the owner out of town and then have him arrested for not paying his bills and cheating his customers and throw him in jail and then you steal all his stuff including his sailboat and his business and sell it all legally and he can’t stop you since he isn’t available because you have thrown him in jail just like the Crooked Cops and the Drug Informants did to me down in the Florida Keys when they tried to steal my sailboat there which was the exact make and model boat that they needed for their Boy Scout undercover drug smuggling business where they take Boy Scouts out on sailing trips in the summer and then smuggle drugs in the sailboat the rest of the year and no one suspects anything illegal is going on and so I heard that you stole a sailboat in Naples FL so I bought a sailboat to set you up and sailed it up the Naples River and put it in a slip at the Naples City Dock and went to dinner at Campiello’s and sat by you and Julie at the Bar and said I own a sailboat and you said…


Gene Luciano: We don’t like sail boaters because they are cheap assholes.


Blow Fish: So I am telling you now Geno that the guy with the sailboat that you ruined and ran out of town was an FBI Agent that set you up and put you on my hit list and then it was my job to set you up for what you do to people and so I bought a boat and a Mercedes and rented a house and remodeled the house and landscaped the yard and opened a business which was a front for my evil plan to set you up and I ate at Campiello’s and we were best friends and drinking buddies and you invited yourself to dinner at my house and you were there every Tuesday night for my gourmet dinner parties …


Gene Luciano: And I took you and your friends the Howells out fishing on my sport fishing boat so I could find a lost bale of marijuana while we pretended to fish…


Blow Fish: And I was the only one that caught a big ole grouper so I really was fishing and you were really smuggling bales of pot…


Gene Luciano: That’s right and then I told everyone that you were being audited by the IRS and going to jail for Tax Evasion because you had blown your inheritance and couldn’t pay your taxes and if they were your friends and were seen with you in public they would be investigated as well…


Blow Fish: Only I was spending my inheritance setting you up because I don’t give a shit about the money I have always had plenty and it means nothing to me so I spent every dime I had to set you up…


Gene Luciano: Well I had you black balled and I even had a killer hitwoman living in your house so she could chase you if you ran and left town before I could steal all your wealth…


Blow Fish: And you were trying to set me up my putting me out of business and you did but I was setting you up and Julie started being rude to me in public so it was time for me to set you up in public so at the bar in Campiello’s I said “Julie are you just mad at me because I haven’t screwed you yet?” and you said…


Gene Luciano: “That’s it! I am going to fucking kill you right here and now and where the fuck is my gun and I don’t have it and I can’t find anything to beat you to death with right here and now like a chair or anything so why don’t we go to Aqua Bar and Grill, I think they are still open and I will just give them a call and make sure they have your drink ready for you when we get there, I mean I will just make sure they are open and don’t leave before we get there so excuse me I will be right back, I’m just going to step out to give them a call and put a contract out on your life.”


Blow Fish: “OK Geno take your time it’s only 9 o’clock and they don’t close till like 1 am so you make sure the restaurant is still open and I will meet you there” He really did go insane because you don’t fuck with Gene Luciano and live to talk about it and he really was looking for a weapon of any kind to beat me to death with right there in the bar and he is a dangerous killer and that’s a fact jack no fantasy Blow Fish bull shit here and so he went and sat at the bar in the Aqua Bar and Grill with Julie his evil whore wife number one because he had two of them and waited for me to show up and drink the poison in my Crown drink and that is just one of the ways he tried to kill me and poison me and then when I didn’t show up he tried this…


Gene Luciano: “I really missed you the other night at Aqua Bar and Grill and Julie and I sat there waiting for you to show up and then we finally just gave up and went home and had sex and then went for a swim in the pool like we always do and so I am planning a dinner party and I know you are planning one as well on the same night so why don’t you just cancel your party and come over to my house because I am having a catered affair and serving steak and the whole dinner is being catered and you won’t have to cook so just cancel your party and come on over here and I will see you then.”


Blow Fish: “Ok Geno I will try and make it and there is no sense in me having a party on the same night so I’ll just cancel my party and probably see you then” and then he sat there at his dinner party and I didn’t call or fall into his trap so he could set me up in the privacy of his own home by poisoning me and beating the living shit out of me in front of his friends and his gang members there that were posing as the caterers and there were also FBI Agents there that said it was boring as hell so don’t tell him that so he called me…


Gene Luciano: “I really missed seeing you at my dinner party and you didn’t even RSVP and say you weren’t coming and you really missed a good time and the Howells were here and Gordon and some of your other friends and so I am just disappointed that you didn’t even call and say you weren’t even coming and I had steak here for you and we had a great time and I am sorry you missed all the fun and you haven’t even answered the phone and taken my call so I am just leaving this voicemail message and so give me a call back and have a good day.”


Blow Fish: So Geno couldn’t set me up in the privacy of his own home with his gang there waiting to poison me and throw me in his House of Detention and I wouldn’t take his calls or return his calls and I had acted like his best friend up to this point and he came over to my house for my weekly dinner parties on Tuesday night and then we had dinner together at Campiello’s every weekend and we had guys night out at Blue Martini’s for Ladies Night once a week and I would run into him almost every night and we would have a drink at the bar in Campiello’s and now he was going to have to set me up in public and so I stayed at home and didn’t go out anywhere that I would run into him and I didn’t leave the house the next weekend which was St Patty’s Day because I knew his gang would be out in full force robbing the drunken Irish men as they are called and I am one of them but not a drunk and they were out there and I am sure they were rolling them and stealing their watch and ring and wallet and then beating them up and throwing them in an alley and then calling the Police to come and arrest this drunk that has fallen down and hurt himself because he is so drunk that he can’t stand up and that is just one crime his gang commits and one way he makes his money.


Gene Luciano: That’s right and if I catch you out we will do the same to you and we will drug you and beat the living shit out of you and throw your asshole in the dumpster behind the Aqua Bar and Grill and pay the dumpster driver to dump you in the Collier County Landfill and we will be done with you and the front end loader driver will cover you up and you will be buried with the trash which is where you belong because we don’t need your kind around here and you are nothing but trash to us.


Blow Fish: So it was the weekend after St Patty’s Day and I had stopped going in Campiello’s Restaurant and Bar which is Geno’s home bar where I had been drugged twice. Once by a female bartender who was trying to walk me home because I was drugged and not able to walk home alone and then she would have her way with me which is nuts and then drugged again by the same bartender when Geno paid her to drug me so he could say I was drinking too much and the management needs to kick me out permanently and I heard the bartender admit to drugging me and so I hadn’t left the house for 2 weeks at night and so I finally went out to dinner on a Saturday night at Handsome Harry’s Bar and Grill a block down the street from Campiello’s and there was a hostess from the Sea Salt Restaurant across the street from Campiello’s sitting at the bar waiting for my buddy Tim called Crispy Tim on the Big Show because he has a spray tan like the KFC Crispy Cornel but no relation to Maurice the Army Cornel that is married to Terri Lynn that just likes to watch because he is too old to have sex anymore so that would make him the Cornel That Just Likes to Watch and not the Crispy Cornel and Terri Lynn is a self-admitted nymphomaniac and if you are looking for one just find yourself a left-handed artsy woman and you will be good to go because that’s what she is, a nymphomaniac left-handed artsy woman that is good to go but back to this other one that is still looking for implants the Trashy Blond Hostess from Sea Salt is sitting there waiting for Crispy Tim to walk down from Campiello’s and take her home with him but she thought they were going out on a date and then he would fall in love with her and then she wouldn’t have to work anymore and she had tried to get me to set her up with Gene Luciano and ask him if he would buy her breast implants because she needed them bad and wanted him to pay for them and she looked like a Trashy Blond Hostess without them and my buddy Crispy Tim just looks Orange from the spray tan and anyway I told her that Gene won’t buy you anything he’s too fucking cheap and she thought he would because she was younger than his other girlfriends and I couldn’t say he won’t date you because you look like trailer trash but I just did and so she is waiting on Crispy Tim who is drinking up at Campiello’s with my buddies and she can’t even go in that bar because she works for the rival gang across the street which is the Russian Mafia and they aren’t allowed to walk into Campiello’s and when Crispy Tim gets finished drinking there and having fun he will walk down the street and pick her up and take her home and screw her and then never speak to her again like he does all the time because he doesn’t respect women and really can’t stand being around them only screwing them like most of my friends but not me and she just wants to hook up and move in so he will buy her some new boobs and she won’t have to work anymore and that is what life is like in Naples FL and the way the women think and this woman works with this young Beautiful Blond Shelly and she has been trying to do the same thing to me and wants to live in my house and drive my Mercedes and wants to retire at the age of 28 and not have to work anymore and she has been working on me for almost a year and we have hooked up and hung out but I am avoiding her because she works at Sea Salt which is owned by the Russian Mafia in Naples FL and they couldn’t open a restaurant in Naples without Gene Luciano’s help because he controls everything and I had to close my business because of him and it really didn’t matter because it was just a front anyway and just a huge commercial showroom warehouse that was a corporate location for a bottled water company and then they must have moved to Ft Myers and I rented their building and it appeared to be a huge kitchen cabinet showroom and manufacturing distribution warehouse from the outside and I told Gene it was my corporate headquarters for all of Florida and he knew I had another location in the Atlanta area in Alpharetta where Brevard is located. So Gene controls everything here in Naples and so when the Russian Mafia wanted to move into town they had to ask Gene Luciano if they could move in on his turf and the way that works is you have to schedule a meeting like a lunch at Campiello’s where you buy Gene Luciano lunch and tell him who you are and what your plans are and how organized you are and how you can help him and how this will benefit him and then he gives you a dollar amount and a percentage amount and then you have an arrangement and then you shake hands and then you better live up to your part of the bargain or you end up dead and some businessmen do end up dead and then Gene Luciano takes over their business and some gangsters end up dead and their gang becomes his gang and then he gets bigger and more powerful each time that happens and that’s why the Russian Mafia came to Gene Luciano when they wanted to open up shop in Naples FL and so the Russian Mafia has this Beautiful Blond Shelley woman on me and she is trying to move in my house and Gene Luciano had Marla a Mafia Hitwoman as I call her because her skill is to chase down men that gangsters like Geno have set up and then they try and run away and hide and I don’t mean the guy that goes and hides at his mother’s house which is the first place they look I am talking about the businessman that leaves the country and hides in South America or Europe and Marla’s specialty is chasing these men down especially in the Middle East and she has the skill to go in and blend in and find this runway as they call them and talk them into coming back and fulfilling their promise to give this gangster what he wants and then living his life penniless with no wealth and so Gene Luciano has paid Marla to live with me in my house and I had been told in advance that Gene would put one of these women on me and had a description of her and I avoided her in public and didn’t care for her at all and avoided her and then finally realized who she was and then set her up and took her to Key West on holiday so she would think I liked her but I didn’t and then she flew out of the country to the Middle East and chased some poor businessman down and then flew back and I picked her up at the Miami airport and I know Miami well and took her to dinner in the Grove or Coconut Grove which is an old Coconut Palm Plantation that the city just grew up around and it’s on Biscayne Bay and this is my favorite part of Miami and Dinner Key is down at the bottom of the hill on Biscayne Bay where the sea planes would pick you up tourist and fly them to the Bahamas years ago which is where I dock my boat in the Dinner Key Marina when I am in town so I picked Marla up at the Miami airport and took her to dinner in the Grove and then back to Naples to my house where I let her have the guest suite at the other end of my Naples Beach Cottage and these are really houses and not cottages in the historical area of Old Naples where they are called Cottages and there’s a Guest House in the backyard and an alley where you walk down the alley to a coconut palm-lined beach that feels like a private beach because there are no condos and only cottages on the beach and it is the nicest place I have ever lived and the weather was perfect where you can sleep with the windows open all winter and leave your doors unlocked because Gene Luciano won’t let his gang rob his neighbors, the good people of downtown Old Naples where he and I live and so they terrorize the snow birds and the people that live out in the suburbs in the golf course communities and in the north Naples area and leave us in Old Naples alone. So I brought Marla back to my house to spend one night and then I let her take advantage of me being the conartist that she is and stay another night and not go to the condo she said she had rented and she was there for months and months and she would not leave and was jealous as hell and an evil witch and admitted that there was an evil inside her that she had learned to control but that evil came out when she got jealous especially when I would slept with another woman and didn’t come home at night and she had admitted that she felt responsible for a person losing their life that she had set up who didn’t want to live anymore without his money and so he committed suicide and she felt a little guilty about that so I finally had to kick her crazy evil ass out after Gene started trying to set me up or she would have stayed there in my house and held me captive at gunpoint and imprisoned me in my own home while Gene Luciano stole all my wealth and then ran me out of town and then have her chase me down and bring me back to serve a life sentence in prison on a bunch of  drummed up charges for crimes I haven’t committed just like the charge that Harbor Docks in Destin has on me right now that Geno told me about two years before it happened when Gene Luciano said Harbor Docks would be setting me up and entrapping on a DUI charge for him when he described what the rest of my life would be like when he set me up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar on Fifth Ave in Downtown Naples FL which was owned by a Russian Mafia friend of mine that I was setting up so he could set me up for Geno because he needed a liquor license and so he had to let Gene Luciano use his bar to set me up so he might help him get a liquor license but if you want a liquor license in Naples FL then you have to have an arrangement with Gene Luciano that includes a payment and a percentage of the business and then that business becomes Gene Luciano’s business and that is called Graff and Racketeering that is another way that Gene Luciano makes a living and he is very good at it and very successful in Naples by controlling all the Bars and Restaurants and that is called Racketeering and they give him a share of the business and he told me one restaurant pays him 10% of the profits which was $50K per quarter and he receives payments from at least 10 Restaurants and Bars just like that and he does quite well and the other Mafia King Pin in North Naples gets the same amount so that’s the only way a business can open up in this Italian Mafia town that they describe as being just like Italy and not America and you the tourist or snowbird and citizens of Naples are paying this parasite every time you go there on vacation or every time you go out to dinner or order a drink or even order a pizza delivered to your home because he controls that business as well and the pizza delivery guy cases your joint as they call it and that is how these assholes talk just like Italian thugs and wise guys and so the Pizza delivery man looks in the front door and finds out what they can steal from you and reports back to his supervisor who makes a note of what you have so that when they need what you have like a Flat Screen TV they get your gate code and come in and burglarize your home and they do this after 2 o’clock in the afternoon when you are out shopping and that’s their system and this is called Organized Crime with supervisors out driving around watching the gang members and an office staff with an office manager and telemarketers to answer the phone lines and a bookkeeper to keep records and collect the cash and pay the gang and a company store where they sell your TV and your jewelry and your gun and your prescription drugs and they run ads on Craigslist and sell your stolen items and family heirlooms and so that is another way Gene Luciano makes a living in Naples FL and the Gene Luciano and his gang  confessed all this to me when I was setting them up and soon I will report their crimes as they commit them everyday and that is called the Crime Report so please call in if your TV is stolen or you have been rolled in downtown Naples or you car is stolen or you have been kidnapped and I will try and help you…


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I thought you were doing a fucking Restaurant Review or something and stepped away for just a moment and came back and what the hell are trying to do get me arrested? I just had the Cheif of Police in Naples FL call me and my neighbors are calling in and complaining that I am a Big Ole Drug Dealer so I asked him who was saying that and I would have them taken care of and you know how I do that because you don’t fuck with Gene Luciano and live to talk about it so he said it’s not like that someone has thrown fifty pairs of tennis shoes with the laces tied together over the power line in front of my house in Downtown Old Naples.


Blow Fish: That’s not good Geno you might want to stop throwing your tennis shoes up over the power line like that did you know that’s a sign that you are a drug dealer and if you have 50 pairs up there then that would be a sign that you are a big ole drug dealer?


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch you must be behind this where the hell are you and I will come to where you are and hang you up from the power line and then set your asshole on fire.


Blow Fish: Geno, I will not repeat myself if you want to know where I am and what I am doing you will have to read back to Day One and find out where I am and how I am planning to have you arrested and incarcerated for the rest of your life and then steal all your shit just like you were going to do to me and where I will be spending your money and with which one of these women it will be with and it’s not Marla, I assure you of that your trained killer hitwoman and so you will have to read back and catch up and find the answer to your questions and stop asking me to repeat myself.  I am setting up hundreds of you asshole criminals here and I do not have time to answer your questions or to repeat myself so read back and catch up or you will miss where I am and what I am doing and I will not tell you again to stop asking me to repeat myself.


Gene Luciano: Ok Blow Fish you son of a bitch where are you I am coming there and blowing your fucking Blow Fish brains out of your fucking head so where the fuck are you?


Blow Fish: I am not repeating myself. So back to our Scheduled Program because I have a plan and a schedule and do not have time for these interruptions. So Marla tried to stay in my house and wouldn’t leave and I had to run her off so I never gave her a key to the house because I never locked my doors and all of a sudden the doors were locked so she would go around unlocking windows and doors before she would leave the house and one time she left an exterior door wide open and I came home and locked the door and I had her so set up and she was heartbroken when she did leave and then tried to come back but I was never really mean to her and never locked her out and I can’t say why right now but I will later in the Big Show so Gene Luciano had this Marla hitwoman on me and the Russian Mafia had this Beautiful Blond Shelley on me and after I did get Marla out the house Gene started trying to set me up and he finally set me up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar in Downtown Naples on Fifth Ave on the weekend after St Patty’s Day years ago and he has been chasing me all over God’s green creation as he called it all this time except for the time I was in Destin FL where I sat there and waited for the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang to set me up just like he told me to do or he would kill my kids which were his instructions and what I agreed to do to save my children’s lives while Bob Taylor is waiting to set up my sister when the estate is ready to be stolen and Gene Luciano gets his share of my fortune.


Gene Luciano: Yes that’s correct and I locked you up in my House of Detention and I told everyone you were going to jail on tax evasion charges but you were locked in my House of Detention the whole time and then the newspapers and the TV stations found out about your disappearance and I couldn’t get your boat from the Naples City Dock because they knew who you were and were protecting your interest so you started blogging about what I had done and I couldn’t go out in public without someone asking me to comment on your disappearance and then all of a sudden you were gone and now I am waiting on you to be killed by Charles Morgan of the Harbor Docks Gang who I have paid to set you up and end your life in the Okaloosa County Jail so why aren’t you dead yet?


Blow Fish: Because Gay Charles and his Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang are a bunch of loser faggots that can’t follow thru and get anything done right including serving sushi properly so Geno remember how you sent me out to do your Evil Deeds and sail all around the Coast of Florida setting up your competition and that reminds me of that Sushi Restaurant I set up in Miami FL for you so you could take it over.


Gene Luciano: Yes you embarrassed the shit out of me by taking over a restaurant that was not on my list and I sent Marty the Rooster my mule by there to pick up my money and the owner said he gave you Twenty Thousand cash when you set them up and you haven’t given that to me so where is it and you better have a good reason for not giving it to me.


Blow Fish: I forgot all about it Geno. I have been so busy doing your evil work and I put the money in the bank for safe keeping and I will get that ready for you if you want to send the Rooster by to pick it up.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch you stay right there and I will come with him and I will put a bullet in your brain and then piss on your burning corpse after I light you on fire.


Blow Fish: Geno I am in the middle of Investigation of Panama City Beach Florida and do not have time for any assignation attempts today so I will have my housekeeper down in Naples FL give the money to Gordon so tell him to give me a call and I will give him instructions on how to pick up the money so he doesn’t screw this up like he screwed up that dope deal I set him up on with the DEA yesterday. He is a real fuck up I don’t know why you only employee these low life criminal types seems like you would make more money if you got some competent help.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch why don’t you go to hell I don’t need you management consulting help by telling me how to run my Racketeering Franchise I will take care of you when I see you and until then I am sending Gordon by to get that Twenty Large.


Blow Fish: Now Geno I only have Twenty Thousand I don’t have Twenty Large I think that is like Two Million isn’t it because if I owe you that much then I will have to make a transfer of funds first?


Gene Luciano: I know what you are trying to do and it won’t work I am not confused and I am sending Gordon and he is on his way and calling you for directions and do not involve the DEA in today’s set up or I mean in this pick up.


Blow Fish: Geno would you please explain to my listening audience why you always say Blow Fish you son of a bitch every time you start a conversation with me?


Gene Luciano: It’s because I am a simple minded fool and I have a limited vocabulary of words that just fly out of my mouth when I start talking because I am such a dumbass and I just don’t think before I start moving my lips and then I get confused because my brain doesn’t know what my lips are saying and then I get pissed off…


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch change your caller id back to Blow Fish you son of a bitch and I just said that twice and I sound like a broken record or is it a scratched record and I don’t remember why I called you so get back to work and do not call the DEA again or I will come where you are and blow your fucking Blow Fish brains out all over the place where you are so get back to work.


Gordon Head Henchman: Blow Fish, Gene told me to stop by your house and pick up Twenty Thousand and to blow your brains out so I will be seeing you soon. So where are you? At your Beach Cottage in Old Naples FL?


Blow Fish: I will not repeat myself again you will just have to read back to Day One and catch up if you want to know where I am and what I am doing. I am tired of repeating myself for you fucking stupid as shit criminals all the time so just go by my Naples Beach Cottage in Old Naples a block from Campiello’s where you ride by house all the time looking for me and see my housekeeper she will give you an envelope with a check for Twenty Thousand and you can take it down to the Suntrust Bank and hand it to the teller and I know you can’t read and are too stupid to know how to cash a fucking check and Geno has to do everything for you bunch of dumb assholes because he is always complaining to me about how you are always screwing up everything you try to do because he is too cheap to hire competent help and just recruits you scum of the earth right out of prison and so I have written check cashing instructions on the back of the check for the teller and if she gives you any shit you just tell her that you want the fucking money right now or else and then show her your piece in your belt and then you better get the fuck out of there quick before Geno thinks you have disappeared with his Twenty Thousand because he is not pleased with the way you handled that simple little 5 pound drug deal I set you up on yesterday because you just blew that whole deal with the DEA and Geno is still pissed so hurry up and get going.


Gordon Head Henchman: I don’t know why you have to be so mean to us all the time and so disrespectful I am just trying to do my job and all I asked was where are you and you are always so mean to us and all we are trying to do is our job and you are just being rude and hurting our feelings with your horrible attitude.


Blow Fish: I will not repeat myself now get going and stop wasting my time I know your time is worthless but my time is valuable and I am in the middle on an Investigation here so get going and I guess you have forgotten what I told you. You are the stupid criminals here and I am the one getting you all arrested and throwing you assholes in prison so I don’t have to be nice to you so stop your whining and have you forgotten that again?


Gordon Head Henchman: Oh yes I guess I forgot that again and I am on my way by your house but you don’t have to be so rude and talk down to us all the time. You have threatened to throw the whole gang in jail numerous times and keep scaring us when all we are trying to do is our job so Gene Luciano doesn’t beat the hell out of us and throw us in jail so I am on the way.


Gene Luciano: Ok Blow Fish you son of a bitch Gordon my Head Henchman is on his way and so where are you so I can come steal your sailboat just like I stole your sailing catamaran in Naples FL at the City Dock Marina?


Blow Fish:  I didn’t buy this sailboat to set you up Geno but I did buy the catamaran to set you up and I left the boat at the Naples City Docks just like you instructed me to do or you would kill my children and then me as well if I didn’t so I held up my part of that deal and then you were too chicken shit to go there and take the boat from the marina because of all the media crawling around all over the place investigating my disappearance and I bought this sailboat to set up Charles Morgan and I put it in the Destin Yacht Club next door to the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang Restaurant and the whole gang thought they were going to get to go sailing on it and I never let the first one of them set a foot on the boat but they all talked about it and what they would be doing on the boat and where we would be going like sous chef Mike who was having sex with that skank whore waitress from Harbor Docks and wanted to bring her on the boat where she would be getting naked and he would be having sex with her the whole time and that other white trash whore waitresses Big Red wanted to come sailing and then there was this one waitress Emily…


Emily: I just saw a photo on someone’s cell phone and they said it was a photo of your sailing yacht and so do you have a sailboat and do you need a sailing partner or someone to screw on your boat because I am ready to go right now and you know everytime you get anywhere close to me or even when I walk by you while you are eating at the sushi bar I have to stop to give you the opportunity to ask me to have sex with you and to check out my butt and you haven’t even asked me out and so now that I know that you have a sailboat I have just quit my job and stopped working here and told my fellow employees to tell my customers I have gone home for the day and finish serving my customers for me and just keep my tips for yourself and all I want to do is be your sailing partner and I have no ties here in Destin FL and can go anywhere with you and so we could sail off and never come back here so when are you taking me sailing on your sailboat?


Ms. Jackie Evil Chinese Dragon Dominixtress Queen Co-Owner and Partner Harbor Docks: Emily I have told you and your sister to leave him alone. He isn’t interested in you, he is in love with Ms. Jackie so I am sending you home one last time and when you get there you can call back in week after week and see if you are on the schedule to work and after about a month you will realize that you will never work here again and I know you teach a nursing course at the local college and my best friend is in charge of the course schedule and so I am calling her and getting you fired and if you try and get a job anywhere in this county I will call your new place of employment and tell them I fired you for stealing from me and it will not be a lie because you are trying to steal my Blow Fish from me and so I have made those calls and you are ruined here and can’t find employment so get the hell out of town so you won’t be giving me any more trouble.


Emily: I am so upset and do not know what to do and so I am living with my Gay Lesbo lover in San Francisco California because I can’t have Blow Fish and I can’t live in my hometown anymore and have been run out of my own hometown by Harbor Docks and they have fired me and gotten me fired at the college where I was a college professor and can’t get another job so this is the only way I know how to survive so when are we going sailing? I know I saw you in the Elbow Room at the Tortuga Music Festival in Ft Lauderdale Beach FL and I can’t believe you were there, my goodness you sure do get around and I was there with my Lesbo Lover and we were on our Gay Honeymoon in a Gay Destination and my Lesbo Lover made me dance sexy in front of her so you would see that I am her sex slave and then she made me rub her thighs and act like I was going down to eat her pussy while she sat on a bar stool with her legs up in the air right there in the Elbow Room Bar in public place which is a Heathenistic Sex Act because we were on our Gay Honeymoon and in love and were married on the beach by my sister who considers herself a Gay Minister for some reason and performs Gay Weddings on the beach in Destin and Ft Lauderdale which is now a Gay Destination and what were you doing in the Elbow Room besides watching my Gay Lesbo Wife making me make a complete fool of myself and when are you going to take me sailing so we can be together forever?


Blow Fish: Please stop asking me to repeat myself and if you have a question read back to Day One and find the answer to your question for yourself and then catch back up or you will miss the fact that I do not date Lesbo Whores or allow them on my sailboat and you know that and I have said that about a hundred times here on the Big Show and the Elbow Room isn’t a Lesbo Bar so what were you doing in there performing a Gay Lesbo Heathenistic Sex Act in public and I know the answer to that and the answer is I Have Set You Up!

You thought you were on your Gay Honeymoon and I have you so set up and so to prove how Harbor Docks treats their employees and to show how they run their business just like the Mafia does which makes them a Mafia Restaurant and their employees their gang and gang members and Charles Morgan must have learned these methods from working for the Mafia and has connections with Organized Crime which makes him a Mafia Bossman and his business a Mafia Business and Organized Crime so to prove all this I have set up Charles Morgan and Jackie has fired you for speaking to me in public and trying to get me to ask you out on a date so you could have sex with me and Ms Jackie doesn’t allow any Harbor Dock employees to have sex with me because I set her up and so to make sure you don’t have sex with me you are allowed to even speak to me in public because you are in the Harbor Docks Gang and a gang member who have to follow the Gang’s instructions and rules and you are like a slave and owned by Charles Morgan and have to follow instructions and they tell you who you can speak to and who you can be friends with and who you can date and marry and where you can live and when and where you will work and what you have to do for the gang including breaking the law by stealing and lying and drugging customers and setting up business people in the community and whatever they tell you to do that will make the Harbor Docks gang stronger and more powerful in the community and that’s what a gang member does. They are a part of a gang which is a large group of people like a pack where they can do anything as long as they stick together and no one can stand up to them because there are so many of them that if you try and cross them then you are out numbered and you can’t defend yourself like being surrounded by a wild pack of wolves and you are out numbered because there are so many of them and the gang is more powerful than any one person and once you are a gang member you are powerful where the gang members are protected by the gang which is powerful and you can’t cross the gang or they will ruin you and say you stole from them and have you arrested or get you fired from your next job my saying that you stole from them and if your new employer doesn’t fire you they will drug your new employer and get them arrested or they will do the same thing to you and so you can’t get another job in Destin FL and run you out of town and the gang will do anything as long as they do not loose control because everyone in Destin FL is afraid of Harbor Docks and so you had to leave town and I am trying to show how Harbor Docks operates and how they ruin the lives of their employees that are their gang members and if you cross them then you are run out of town so I have set you up and Harbor Docks has run you out of town because you are a Harbor Docks gang member so to set you up I have put this woman on you that you consider your Lesbo Lover and she is not your wife and is not in love with you and she has set you up and I am doing this to show how Harbor Docks treats their gang members when they cross them and so this woman in California that you are living with is about to kick you out of her house for really no reason at all other than she is tired of you eating her pussy and she doesn’t give a shit about you and wants to go back to her boyfriend and so she is kicking you out of her house and running you out of town just like Harbor Docks ran you out of Destin FL and she is sending you back home to Destin FL so run on back to your parents house where they now know that their daughter is a Lesbo Whore and try and get a job in Destin FL after you have crossed Charles Morgan and Ms Jackie and Steve and see what your life is like there in your home town after I have set you up by making Harbor Docks set you up the way they ruin the lives of all their gang members that everyone thinks is an employee so that everyone in the Destin FL area can see once again how they treat their gang members that are like their slaves so look for Emily to be running back home after her heart is broken in California by her Lesbo Lover and she has to return home and watch what Harbor Docks does to her when she tries to get a job and live in Destin FL after they have run her out of town and somebody needs to make sure she is doesn’t disappear in the Okaloosa County Jail like people do when they cross Harbor Docks so I am instructing your Gay Lesbo wife as you call her to kick your ass out of her house and run your ass out of town just like Charles Morgan did to me just to show you that I can orchestrate this whole set up from wherever I am so you can watch and see if this all happens and then you bunch of fucking redneck Bubba assholes there in Destin FL who spread rumors and lies about me will have some new gossip and rumors that you love so much so you will have something new to talk about at the Tiki Bar while you are all drinking yourself to death and so you can kiss your ass Good Bye there Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and that means it’s time for you to be arrested here on the Big Show so all I will say is Good Bye!

So there that is my answer so please do not ask me to repeat myself again and I will be asked that question about a hundred times on the next Big Show in the St Petersburg Beach FL where all the girls are Dirty Birds and they just call it My Girlfriend and she is just My Roommate but she thinks she is My Wife and so check back in for that and the guys aren’t much better if you know what I mean so check back in on the next Big Show for that Dirty Bird Report and so I did the same thing to set up Charles Morgan with the Harbor Docks Gang as I did to set up Gene Luciano so that he could set me up the way Gene Luciano paid him to do so he could have me killed in the Okaloosa County Jail by cutting my throat in my sleep in a jail cell and then let me bleed out and that is how Gene Luciano described what the end of my life would be like and how he was getting rid of me and soon they will all be arrested for my murder. The reason I set up Emily was not to harm or embarrass her because we were actually friends but unfortunately I am setting up friends and criminals and their children and unfortunately she is gang member so I set her up to show you my audience how the mafia ruins your life and makes you a slave and a criminal once you just go to work for them which is how they recruit you these days and one day I will describe the way I was set up and told that I would be going to work for the Mafia and stealing for them and then being paid with drugs that I could sell or just use to get addicted so I would be committing crimes to satisfy my drug addiction but these days they get you in their gang by just giving you a job and then you are their slave and then just like Jackie and Steve you working for the gang and Charles Morgan doesn’t pay Steve who is the Kitchen Manger at Harbor Docks and the person responsible for the money at the end of the day and so with all that responsibility he can’t afford to make a house payment and so why would an employee that has worked his whole life for a Restaurant Chain and is really the manager there and has been there for over 20 years and a partner in the business but can’t afford to make his house payment unless he has a girlfriend or a roommate to help him make the payment? It’s because he is trapped and can’t leave the gang and is one of Charles Morgan’s slaves or gang members and has a terrible lifestyle and no freedom and works 6 days a week and 12 hours a day and can’t leave and it is the only life he knows and thinks that this is how a normal person lives and the way a successful business is run and that is what I am trying to show that when you work for the Mafia they will ruin your life and you are nothing to them becasue they can throw your ass in jail if you cross them and then just replace you with aniother gang member that will follow thier instructions or they will end up in jail and those gang members are just waiting and that is how they advance their careers and call that job security. So I am just setting up Emily to show how these Mafia gangs operate in the South East and in Destin FL today and soon I will be in another area of the country and show how the larger gangs work that is even more organized and powerful and they are like large corporations but it is still the Mafia and getting larger and larger and more powerful and evil as hell and then your children work for them while they are working their way through college and then decide that they will just quit school and work for this huge corporation because they are in the gang and now a slave and so watch for that coming up sooner than you think and watch your asshole because I will be sailing right up someone elses asshole in the near future right here on the Big Show which is a blog that will become a book and then a movie and then a DVD that you assholes are too cheap to rent and you are too busy to go see a movie and too stupid to read a fucking book so you better watch your asshole because I will be sailing up someone’s asshole in the very near future and repeat if necessary!


Gene Luciano: Now if you are talking about faking your death again then that’s against the law so don’t try that shit or I will have you arrested.


Blow Fish: When the hell did I fake my death as you call it lair?


Gene Luciano: Ok you got me on that one. I was the one that told the Police and the Newspaper Reporters that you were dead while I had you locked up in my House of Detention while we were setting up your sister and killing her and then killing you and when I set you up at the Champagne and Caviar Bar in Downtown Naples FL on Fifth Ave you threatened to have my whole gang set up on a murder charge by faking your death and had them so scared that they wanted to stop and let you go. Everytime Gordon my Head Henchman would tell you just one of the ways that I might kill you like when we would come into the House of Detention in the middle of the night and grab you out of bed and then duck tape your mouth and wrist and wrap you in six mil polyethylene and then duck tape the poly so it was air tight and then as you were suffocating we would throw you in the trunk of my car and drive out to the Collier County landfill and pay the front end loader driver fifty bucks to bury you in the landfill and so you threatened to order a medical cadaver online and then have it delivered to my House of Detention and then put the dead corpse in your bed so that when we came in to take you out you in the middle of the night we would be wrapping up a dead corpse and then you would call the cops and get all of us arrested for your murder so you did threaten to fake your death and set my whole gang up on a murder charge because my whole gang was there setting you up and you said it was a gang related crime and that means that everyone in the gang is as guilty as the person that pulls the trigger and I had to tell them you were just bluffing and to get back to work and finish the set up and warned you to stop scaring my gang, they were only trying to do their job and you didn’t have to be so mean to them. Then you escaped my House of Detention and finally went to live in Destin FL like I told you to do or I would kill your kids and I called you at your Beach House there to let you know that I knew you were there so Harbour Docks could set you up by throwing you in a jail cell where Charles Morgan will have your throat cut in your sleep and then let you bleed out and die. So why aren’t you in that jail cell and dead is what I want to know?


Blow Fish: Because I am setting up the Bale Maker in Panama City Beach and then sailing to St Petersburg FL and setting up the Bale Maker there and then coming to Naples to have you arrested in my Sailing Yacht so hang in there I am getting closer everyday.


Gene Luciano: Then when you get to Naples I am going to throw you back in my House of Detention and you will not be leaving there alive this time so you can plan on just turning yourself into me at my Aqua Bar and Grill in Naples FL and then I will take care of you myself if those Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang members can’t follow thru and complete their assassination of your Blow Fish asshole and that will be the end of you and there will not be anymore TV cameras coming back around or newspaper reporters asking questions and me looking like a fool trying to answer questions that I know the real answer to but can’t say and have to lie about where you are because I knew where you were the whole time because I had you imprisoned in my House of Detention.


Blow Fish: So you admit to the whole crime of Terrorizing businessmen and running them out of business and out of town and then having them arrested because that’s what got you on my hit list to start with just like Charles Morgan does at all of his restaurant locations which got him on the same hit list.


Gene Luciano: Yes I do only Charles Morgan did a really sloppy job of getting you murdered and I think I could have done a better job of finishing you off myself and I think he owes me a refund.


Gay Charles: I deserve full payment for all the harassment I have gotten from this Blow Fish character here and he is ruining my Restaurant Business and my Crime Sentigent so I want my final payment and you can deal with him in Naples FL when he gets there yourself and I will be finished with him and he won’t be bothering me or any of my restaurant locations anymore and then maybe people with stop asking me about where he is and did I drug him and have him arrested and then have him murdered in the Okaloosa County Jail where he was going to be sentenced to a year and a day for the crime of kissing a female bartender here at the Harbor Dock.


Blow Fish: Now did I tamper with the Evidence because if I did then you could get me another Four Year sentence so what about the evidence.


Charles Morgan: Oh we still have the evidence and she is still here to give her full testimony that you kissed her so you better stop starting some more shit with us or you will be getting yourself killed.


Blow Fish: So you are admitting that you operate your Restaurant Business just like the Mafia at your Restaurant chain locations and set up businessmen and run them out of town by drugging them and getting them arrested which makes you the Destin Mafia and so on and so forth.


Fred Levin: Now why am I getting involved in a little DUI case that isn’t worth my time of day?


Blow Fish: I thought you might want to admit that you are behind Dean Baird and his financier and his boss man and the money behind his illegal operations in Pensacola FL and then I can set you up on a Racketeering Charge and you will loose all your shit just like all these other assholes.


Fred Levin: I have no comment to make at this time and if you leave this on the internet then I will call Dean Braid and have him deal with you because I do not get involved in that type of work. I am a trail attorney and have won billions and he is the one that takes care of losers like you and you are not worth it and he will deal with you.


Martin Levin: That’s right so you better leave my Daddy alone or I will deal with you myself.


Fred Levin: Now Martin I have told you before that he isn’t worth it so just leave him alone and pretend he never set you up on that radio show that you shouldn’t have been on in the first place and I do not know why we spent all that time and money with those radio and TV talk shows where the asshole citizens of Pensacola FL would call in and give us a hard time anyway.


Martin Levin: I think that it was to increase our caseload and we did get rich from the exposure but we also got allot of criticism from the general public when they called in.


Blow Fish: So why did you go on TV if you were already so rich and say that you return all your own phone calls personally when you never do and just have a secretary return your phone calls and tell your future clients that you aren’t taking anymore cases at this time because that was the response I got when I called in and wanted to sue Gulf Breeze UMC for the way they treated me when I set them up.


Fred Levin: You know that Herb Sadler and I are friends and I can’t take them to court and represent you in a proceeding against a church so why did you bother calling in anyway?


Blow Fish: Because you were on my hit list Fred Levin and you are not a good person, you are a Big Ole Racketeer in the eyes of the law and so I guess you are going down for being the man behind Dean Baird which makes you his boss man just like Brevard in Atlanta is behind My X Attorney Friend and the Clerk of the Court who is My Vegas Show Girl so in the future on the Big Show I will call you Fred Levin and not some cutesy name and just Fred Levin because you are guilty as hell and I will see you in the Arrest Report coming up in the Fall and it is the Fall so I will see you soon.


Fred Levin: You know that will never stand up in court and I will defeat this with my law firm that you yourself have hired to defend you in the past.


Blow Fish: I am sorry but you were too expensive so I found myself another attorney to set up and that would be Michael J Griffin and I think he is just a mediocre attorney at best that over charges his clients so it appears that he is better than he is so he can have a better lifestyle than the other attorneys and I think he learned that from you only he has a terrible office staff and totally incompetent and they certainly aren’t overpaid because they aren’t good at what they do at all and he pays his wife to work for him and she is a real estate broker and so what help could she be to an attorney and I will answer that, she drives him to the doctor and to court when he can’t drive himself because he isn’t healthy and overeats and is overweight and needs to stop trying to defend his clients if he can’t even walk into the courtroom and that goes for the Judge in Okaloosa County that can’t walk into the courtroom so why are all these unhealthy people running the county courts if they are so unhealthy that they can’t even walk in to do their job? Because they are greedy and need the money and won‘t retire so why don’t we require that people be able to walk into work? Because people with disabilities need jobs too and that’s a good thing but why do we have attorneys and judges with disabilities that interfere with them doing their jobs in positions of power when they can’t even take care of themselves and need special treatment and I will tell you why and it’s because they won’t retire and they want their money so they show up to work and just sit there and don’t work and let the prosecution run their court and violate the rights of the people which is against the law and so they are breaking the law and not following the letter of the law and need to be fired so the people of Okaloosa County you need a new judge in your criminal court so I would not vote for her again and get yourself a good judge and please find someone with some integrity because she just sits there and collects her paycheck and lets the prosecutor tamper with the evidence and edit the DVD that was recorded at the crime scene when Charles Morgan and Harbor Docks set me up and had me arrested and it was entrapment and a total setup by the manager at Harbor Docks and a bartender at Millers Ale House so they are guilty as hell and the Okaloosa Sheriff Department too and then when they couldn’t win the case without cheating the prosecutor edited the crime scene DVD in her office and she is so stupid and incompetent she didn’t save the file and walked into court to Bluetooth her laptop with the Court Room TV screen and then realized that she didn’t have the edited DVD on her laptop because she didn’t save the file and had the real crime scene DVD where it showed how they set me up and entrapped me so she told the Judge she couldn’t get her laptop to Bluetooth with the courtroom smart TV screen so she called her IT Guy from the State Attorneys Office to come over to the courtroom and we waited for him to drive over and show up and then she sat there with him and instructed him how she wanted the DVD edited and we all sat there and watched her Tamper with the Evidence while the Judge sat there waiting and said you could just play the crime scene DVD on my DVD player right here, which is the proper way to present the evidence where the DVD was presented to the court as evidence and the Court would play the DVD, but if you want to play it on your laptop just please hurry up and we all waited while my Defense Attorney checked on his Basketball gambling bets that he had placed on his cell phone on the internet the whole time and didn’t say a word and then when the Prosecutor was finished instructing her IT Guy how she wanted the DVD edited and finished Tampering with the Evidence which is a crime she played the crime DVD and the Judge watched the edited DVD that had no sound at all because the Arresting Officers language was so horrible and offensive on the DVD they couldn’t play it in court and it incriminated them in the entrapment which is a Crime and so the Prosecution couldn’t play the DVD with any sound what so ever and they couldn’t show how they entrapped me so the only thing you could see on the Courtroom TV screen of the crime scene DVD after the Prosecutor finished Tampering with the Evidence was my car license plate so the Prosecutor had her IT Guy crop the crime scene DVD where you couldn’t see any of the crime scene evidence what so ever or hear any audio at all and the Judge set there and stared at my car tag for 30 minutes and all my Defense Attorney said was that the crime scene DVD is so boring and he spent the whole time checking on his gambling bets online and the Prosecutor sat there laughing at the Judge who was sitting there staring at my car tag for 30 minutes and you are all so fucking set up. What a bunch of absolute fucking losers you are all in  the Okaloosa County Criminal Court so please find yourself a new Judge and get yourself some new attorneys in Okaloosa County and whatever you do don’t call Michael J Griffin he is too old to walk into the courtroom and Brad Stewart with the Stewart Law Firm is too busy betting on basketball games to defend his clients in court and too busy watching basketball games in his office to meet with his clients when they come in for a scheduled conference so you will have to sit there in the conference room and wait until the game is over and I kid you not so whatever you do don’t call these assholes and finally fire that Prosecutor and I mean the Prosecutor that is a criminal and let her go work for the Public Fucking Defenders office where she doesn’t have to defend her clients or take down your degree throw it in the fucking trash can and let her go work at Starbucks or somewhere that you don’t need any integrity to work and I am kidding because they do backgrounds checks at Starbucks so maybe she can work for Brevard up in Atlanta as one of his shyster attorneys and that won’t work because he is going to jail so why don’t you just prosecute your Prosecutor because I saw what she did and it’s a felony and I will testify against her because I saw the whole thing and so did Brad Stewart who isn’t a bad person but he can’t control what the Prosecutor will do to him if he crosses her and she will make his life a living hell and put him out of business and the Judge can’t control what the Prosecutor does because the Judge is not in control of the courtroom and the Prosecutor is her boss and the one running the show and Brad Stewart said the Judge doesn’t care if the Prosecutor lies to her so why don’t you look and see if the Prosecutor lied to you Mrs. Judge and see if she Tampered with the Evidence and watch the DVD you have in your file and see if all you can see is my car tag and see if there is any audio on the DVD and listen to the Arresting Officer talking so dirty that the Prosecutor couldn’t play it for you in court. You have a copy in your file if the Prosecutor hasn’t already read this and stolen it or edited and if so then that’s another felony charge. So watch the DVD and see who lied to you in court and made you look like a fool because Brad Stewart doesn’t think you care if the Prosecutor makes you look like a fool in your courtroom and so handle it yourself and take me off your court date list cause I’m not coming back I have too many criminals trying to kill me to show up in a courtroom so if you need my testimony to prosecute the Prosecutor and the Arresting Officer and that Asshole Cop helping him because he was too stupid to make an arrest by himself and then the Bartender at Miller Ale House and Charles Morgan and the Bartender at Harbor Docks and the Harbor Dock Managers for committing a felony by drugging me and so prosecute all those assholes and take away their Liquor License and I will sign a statement to that effect and that’s ok I have already signed a statement and it’s awaiting their arrest so I have handled the whole thing for you so you incompetent boobs can just go home and sit there and await your upcoming arraignment so there I have done all the work for you bunch of asshole criminals by getting myself drugged and getting myself arrested and getting my asshole thrown in jail and then setting up all you assholes and all you have to do is wait to be arrested and convicted so I am finished with you Good Bye. You were on my hit list and now leave the good people of Okaloosa County alone and stop violating their legal rights by not following the letter of the law and running your courtroom like you are the one making up the laws or I will come back and set you up again and I won’t be so nice next time.

I was not going to be so nice to the Judge but she is a Judge and a Grandmother and I don’t want to insult anybody’s Grandmother so I will have to wait and listen to your response to these accusations and see how honestly you address these charges I have brought to light because I am prepared to ask the Federal Prosecutor to bring you up on charges because you don’t just get on my hit list unless you are already guilty as hell just like Gene Luciano who will tell you that because he is guilty as hell and confesses daily and here he comes and I am out of here and will report back later on of my whereabouts. So join me on the next day of the Big Show as I sail across the Gulf of Mexico and avoid Hurricanes that would have wiped me out if I had tried to make it to Boca Raton FL to introduce the Long Arm of the Law so listen in tomorrow when I am in Clearwater FL and I report back with the sea conditions in the Gulf of Mexico and also the fishing report which is what I catch and what the Harbor Dock Fishing Fleet is catching out in the Middle Grounds which is the area between Cape San Blast and the West Coast of Florida and I haven’t sailed this particular passage before and it should be quite exciting making the trip alone on my 40 foot sailboat and I have a caller and go ahead Captain Peterson.


Capt. Jim Peterson: I was calling in to see if you need a hand on this passage I am a licensed boat captain and I specialize in yacht deliveries and can deliver your boat to South Florida or I can skipper the boat or I can just help you and I am an excellent mechanic and if anything mechanical breaks on the way I can fix it while we are underway and I have made this trip several times so I am well experienced with this crossing and ready to leave at a moments notice.


Blow Fish: Wow you sound like you have a lot of experience and so what will this cost me for you to help me sail my boat to St Petersburg FL?


Capt. Jim Peterson: I charge by the hour and that is from the time we leave until the time we get there and I am thinking it will take 36 hours and I charge around $15 per hour.


Blow Fish: That sounds reasonable and are there any other charges?


Capt. Jim Peterson: You pay for all expenses including the return flight and food and drink expenses which is alcohol and I will bring my charts and handheld VHF radio and my life jacket and we should be good to go.


Blow Fish: Well I estimate it will take more like 48 hours and then a return flight is a few hundred dollars and taxi fare to the airport and food and what kind of alcohol because I have a full liquor bar already on my sailing yacht.


Capt. Jim Peterson: I drink Jim Beam and that’s all I will need. I probably won’t eat any food because it will just make me sleepy and I will not be sleeping because I never sleep and then after a night out on the town I will fly back and so I will not be eating allot of food.


Blow Fish: Ok I got it all I have to do is pay for you to drink Jim Beam for roughly 4 days and then fly you back and do I pay you while you are in the air flying back?


Capt. Jim Peterson: Yes I will need to be paid from the time we leave your marina until the time I return to the marina and a tip is customary as well and I think 20% is standard in the industry.


Blow Fish: What industry are you talking about here?


Capt. Jim Peterson: The Boat Captain and Boat Delivery Industry.


Blow Fish: It sounds more like the Alcoholic Boat Captain Industry sponsored by Jim Beam to me and I don’t have any Jim Beam on my boat and I can’t stand the smell of it and I have never met a person that drinks it that isn’t a worthless alcoholic son of a bitch and so are you a worthless alcoholic Captain Peterson or a worthless alcoholic Boat Captain because I am looking your name up on line and I do not see your name listed as an accredited boat captain and there is no record of you ever delivering a yacht to date?


Capt. Jim Peterson: Well no I do not have a current active license and I did have one but this is more of a part time hobby and so I will just go for free if you provide the Jim Beam because I don’t get to drink free at home anyway and I will just go if I can drink for free.


Bubba: He always tries to change the deal on me when I am in contract negotiations with him or cancels the job and then I am left without a day of free drinking too so watch him close.


Capt. Jim Peterson: OK thanks for the heads up, so in that case, I will have to ask for the Jim Beam up front because I am not going on a boat trip with you if I don’t get paid up front.


Blow Fish: Sounds good so why don’t you go on over to Foghorn’s Bar on the Panama City Beach and start drinking Jim Beam and I will come pick you up when I need you and I will start paying you with Jim Beam from that point on.


Capt. Jim Peterson: Ok we got a deal and I will be checking the weather and wind and I have a wind app on my I phone that will be handy when we get offshore so that we will know what to expect because the wind tomorrow will start at 5 knots and could be up to 20 knots by dark and the seas could increase to 20 feet offshore after midnight so if we get in a situation where the wind is too high we can drop the sails and use a sea anchor to slow the boat down and then drift backwards with the current of the sea which will be in the direction of the wind which is controlled by the wind and if we get knocked over by high seas like a 30 foot wave and the boat turns upside down then we can just sit there in our seats and wait for the boat to right itself and turn back over right side up because that’s how sailboats are designed to turn back over all by themselves so we should be ok if we just sit there upside down under water and wait for the boat to turn back over all by itself.


Blow Fish: Well go ahead and start drinking now and I will call you when I am ready for any of your help at all moving my boat.

While I am discussing not hiring that drunk for his help drinking for 4 days without eating and he never eats and his girlfriend says he just forgets to eat but I think he is drinking himself to death and food and sleep only delays the process and he was on my hit list just because he is such a liar and such a dangerous person to have on a boat and you can’t use an I Phone to get current weather conditions offshore when you don’t have an internet connection so watch out for this asshole if you ever need a boat captain because he is a liability on a boat and you may loose your boat because of this guy and he has no license or insurance and may void your marine insurance if he is in control of your boat.

So I am headed out to Panama City Beach to look for the Bale Maker and that takes me to the largest Tiki Bar on the Beach and there is only one left because the hurricanes have taken out all the other Tiki Bars and forced the other Bale Makers into retirement or the local police have and all we have left is Sharky’s Beachfront Restaurant and this place has been here forever and the most recent owner has spent absolutely no money maintaining it and so I am asking the county to condemn this building and allow a new franchise to come in and clean it up who can offer some benefits to their employees and then remodel this dump and lets start over again because the current owner obviously can’t afford to pay to maintain it and pay his help much less pay for any improvements like restrooms with air conditioning and music that plays while you are pissing in the Men’s Room and then it will be a lot better and more comfortable for the customers and the employees as well and so wait a minute this guy has done all that and it’s a wonderful place now that he has made all those improvements but not at Pompano Joe’s in Destin FL where the restrooms are hot as hell with no air conditioning and the place smells like the locker room at the YMCA and so go in to Pompano Joe’s and tell the manager that the Men’s Room smells like the locker room at the YMCA and then say Blow Fish told me to tell you that “It smells like a Construction Worker, a Biker, and an Indian Chief and then you threw in a couple of Niggers” and that’s the Village People and he’s gay as hell and will be pissed off so you better run like hell because he will tell Petie the Bartender to throw a snowball at you and get you arrested for a DUI and I kid you not so watch out. But it’s not like that at Sharky’s and it’s all the other dumps on the beach that stink like a roach motel so clean them up and most are so nasty that the tourist won’t even go inside them and it’s the local alcoholics that just sit at the bar that go in there and they don’t care how horrible the place gets as long as the liquor keeps flowing so they can drink themselves to death so let’s clean up those trashy bars or go out of business because the health department is going to start inspecting bars just like they do restaurants and then closing them down because bars serve food and they like to keep it simple and serve what is called bar food which is finger food and they just fry it or microwave it without a legal kitchen and so you the bar owners are about to become like a restaurant and be forced to have a dishwasher and keep the bar clean just like a restaurant with a rating system and if you fail then you get closed down so watch for that and be ready to make some improvements or be put out of business unless they continue to pay the county officials kickbacks instead of spending that money to maintain and repair their own buildings and businesses and so if you want to stay in business you better stop paying those city officials that are coning you into paying them those Graff payments that you are paying them and take that money and increase your property value by maintaining it and improving it or you are going to lose your property and your government officials that are on the take are going down and when they go down you go down too so that’s your last warning so clean up the beach and I know you crooked government officials and cheap asshole property owners won’t do a thing but I have warned you because this isn’t some Slum in a  Third World Country with a bunch of slum lords but it sure looks like one there on Panama City Beach so straighten it up or loose it and I mean it and there is a Bale Maker on Panama City Beach and he is dangerous and scary as hell just like Gene Luciano and Brevard so I am not mentioning any names but you are going down and being replaced by someone that isn’t a murder and that won’t be Gene Luciano or Randy Gibson or AJ Laird so you can rule them out but you sir or madam and that’s a clue are set up and going out with the trash and that’s what you do to the people that give you a hard time so there you go and I am giving you the hardest time of your miserable life and ending your life if you put up a fight and that’s not me put the Federal Squat Team that has your house staked out right now and I have seen how that works before and you can’t see it coming but I can and you are going down asshole and so enjoy your life behind bars where you don’t get to cut the grass on the golf course at Tyndall Air Force Base but you do get to have prison sex which I am sure you will enjoy as much as Gene Luciano and Brevard and Bob Taylor and if you are lucky enough to meet Bob or Tommy in the slammer then fuck him hard as hell in the ass for me because I will be the one that is making your asshole hurt Tommy so don’t forget that and say that’s from Blow Fish you little bitch and he is just a little bitch that can’t have a fucking conversation about his law practice with a fucking kitchen designer because I know more about the law than that conartist asshole so kiss all your asses goodbye and I will see you on the other coast.

And this report just in from Naples FL. The Suntrust Bank on Fifth Ave in Downtown Naples was robbed this afternoon by a Gordon Henchman and apparently this Gordon character walked into the bank when it was quite busy and full of witnesses and handed the teller a note stating “Put all your money in a bag and if you give me any trouble my employer Gene Luciano will kill you deader than shit.” Then Gordon Henchman pulled out his pistol and screamed “Hurry the hell up, I got to get back to Gene Luciano’s house with the money or he is going to kill me deader than shit.” According to the Naples Police Department, Gene Luciano and Gordon Henchman are being held for questioning by the FBI for their connection in this violent crime and in an unrelated story “There is a Big Ole Drug Dealer living in our midst right here in Downtown Old Naples” so check back in at 7 o’clock for the rest of that story!


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I just got a call from the City of Naples Police Department it would appear that I am a suspect in a Bank Robbery in downtown Naples this afternoon and apparently Gordon my Head Henchman and Head of my Drug Distribution in all of South Florida has been arrested again today and I am still trying to get all those damn tennis shoes off that power line in front of my houses and as soon as I get them down they reappear right back up there again and so where the hell is my Twenty Large and I mean cash this time. We aren’t taking any more checks from you and I am going to pick up Gordon and we are coming to where you are and putting a bullet in your Blow Fish brain and throwing your asshole in the Collier County Landfill and we are coming for you and I am on my way so we will see you soon.


Blow Fish: He sounded really mad! Well Geno I am having the same problem with Dildos in my pool so if you aren’t having fun on the Big Show then you should turn to another website because this is just a fantasy blog where nothing is real and just for fun but based on facts and the fact is this is just an expression of my free speech and protected by the US Constitution and my 5th Amendment rights and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone is guilty as hell here on the Big Show and if you aren’t having fun then move on to another website like the Naples Daily News where Gene Luciano has a sign in his front yard that says he is a big ole drug dealer.

So as I make my way to the West Coast of Florida I will be looking for the Harbor Dock Fishing Fleet and trying to catch them long lining in the Middle Grounds which is illegal and they will be looking for me so they can blow my Blow Fish ass out of the water and throw me in the Okaloosa County Jail where they will slit my throat and let me bleed out and call it death by natural causes as they always do in the Okaloosa County jail and when I get to the Gulf Coast of Florida I will be setting up a millionaire Doctor with a Nigger slave prostitute that he paid millions for that he has set up in a multimillion dollar house and I will be asking that Southern Gentleman Zac Brown to join me to explain how owning another person works and how you write this off on your taxes and then I will start my sailing trip down the Gulf Coast of South Florida sailing from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar and set up the Bale Maker and there was a Bale Maker at Uncle Ernie’s but don’t tell Ernie that or his Bale Maker partner or that Crooked Cop that is protecting him and as I said earlier if you aren’t arresting them for breaking the law then you are helping them so he is on my hit list and a part of the drug smugglers gang and going down so don’t tell that FBI Agent he is going to jail and don’t tell his wife he was having sex with his female partner that was acting as his wife in public as they went out on dates in bars and I guess those weren’t work related and they were just out on dates after all and she is as ugly as hell and I do not see what he sees in her and he wasn’t a nice person at all anyway was he and I guess I have ruined another marriage. So here’s the deal with a drug dealer partner and I explained this earlier how Dean Baird tried to take over my business in Pensacola and I had a Mafia Real Estate Broker try and take over my business in Atlanta and I will be looking him up when I get back up there and this is how it works so pay close attention Greenburg because I may be bringing you up on Racketeering Charges for running an illegal poker game on Thursday nights and then the Justice department will be coming into your Gaming Room called your waterfront home where you are money laundering your profits and they will be tearing the place apart and selling it at a government auction and giving restitution to your victims like Drew Bonner and so what I said earlier about Dean Baird was if you take money from him then he requires a Vig payment which is interest and then he requires a principal payment and if you don’t pay him the vig then he will put you out of business and run you out of town and take the business away from you and as long as you owe him principal then he owns your business and he owns you and you are working for a mafia kingpin and he could take your car and your house and then run you out of town because that’s what these people do for a living and that is one way he makes allot of money and that is what I meant by being in business with the devil but with the Uncle Ernie’s Restaurant in Panama City which is a family owned business that the owner inherited and I assume has no debt and the building is in great condition and has been completed expanded as much as it can be expanded where he didn’t really need the money to invest in the business but just sold off half of the business because he wanted a large amount of cash and then took the money and built a big house and bought a boat and a bought a car and so all those purchases were made with drug laundering money from his partner and it is all subject to being seized by the Justice Department and if the money that was invested in the restaurant was drug money then that is money laundering and the whole restaurant can be seized by the Justice Department and I have met the owner of Ernie’s and he’s a great guy and I know he probably comes from a great family where his parents and grandparents worked very hard to build a successful business and they worked very hard to run the business and then left it to their son and so maybe he didn’t want to work that hard and wanted a big bunch of cash and the place is run very professionally with a manager and a great staff and a bunch of cute waitress that just chase me all around in there fighting over me and it’s a really a great place but in these times we live in the Mafia is making a lot of money and that includes drug smugglers and drug dealers which is organized crime and they are making allot on gambling and prostitution and they have to do something with all this money and they want to invest it in legal businesses which is called money laundering and they are opening bars and restaurants and there are tens of thousands of them being opened each year in the US alone and the trend now is to open restaurants where there are 3 or 4 different restaurants in one building just like Uncle Ernie’s which has four different serving areas and they give each one a different name and this is a huge trend and these are large restaurant groups that are doing a good job at what they do and they have plenty of money to do it. It’s almost like they can’t build the buildings fast enough and so if these businesses are being built and opened with money that is being laundered by the mafia and they haven’t paid taxes on the money then those are illegal businesses and could be seized by the justice department and that’s where the big problem is but the small problem here in Panama City is that if Uncle Ernie’s has sold half of the business to a partner that is laundering drug money by purchasing half of this restaurant and the original owner has taken some of that money to make purchases or add on to his home for instance then the restaurant and the owner’s personal home could all be seized and sold at auction so you have to be careful who your partners are and your investors are these days and who you borrow money from like Dean Baird and Gene Luciano and that Brevard character up in Atlanta so be careful and then there is the Shrimp Boat Restaurant going into foreclosure because the business is failing and is it suffering because My Fat Buddy borrowed too much money from the Bank and can’t make the payment and can’t afford to serve quality food because of his competition at Uncle Ernie’s who sold half of the business to the Mafia that has plenty of money to spend on improvements and so Uncle Ernie’s has improved their restaurant without borrowing any money and doesn’t have any debt and the new partner has an almost unlimited supply of cash to put into the business called money laundering and so Uncle Ernie’s has no problem buying the highest quality seafood to serve at his restaurant because he is laundering money for the Mafia and so his competition which is the Shrimp Boat can’t afford to compete with them so they are forced into bankruptcy and that’s how the Mafia takes over in an area. They force their competition out of business and then they buy up the property and then remodel it and open up a new restaurant by laundering more money from their criminal activities because they have an almost unlimited supply of cash. So we will have to wait and see what happens here in Panama City with these two businesses and see who buys them and what they do with them because you have to be careful who you get in bed with these days and in the future we may see Greenburg’s house seized because of him running an illegal poker game there every Thursday night and then he gets locked up and I come in and steal his wife because that is what he has Lost and what I have Found and that’s the Bubba Code, you can’t just leave shit laying around unattended even a wife, isn’t that right Billy Bob and so there goes another marriage.

Please enjoy the video below because when Gene Luciano set me up and said he would come to where ever I was and kill me deader than shit, I said Gene if you come up in the Redneck Rivera where I blend in and you look like an Italian Ape walking down the beach, those Rednecks up there will take one look at you and then pull the trigger because they shoot first and ask questions later like who was that I just killed and so I am asking my Buddy Zac Brown to come and take out Gene Luciano for me because he is a bad mother fucker when you piss him off and so watch the video below to see what I mean.