Good morning and this is Day 16 on the Big Show and I am in Pensacola FL this morning to pick myself up a Country Girl to dance up on the bow of my sailing yacht as I sail around the Gulf Coast of Florida from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar where I am setting up the Bale Maker in each town as they try to blow my Blow Fish asshole out of the water to reduce their jail time but only getting themselves even more charges than if they had just taken the deal that the Federal Prosecutor offered them and I have a deal for the Escambia County Clerk of the Court because I need me a country girl to shake it for me up on my boat so I am stopping off in Pensacola FL to pick me up a country girl and that would be my Vegas Show Girl but first lets see what is going on in the local news and in the Pensacola News Journal this morning in the Financial News section it would appear that the Clerk of the Court has not paid a Bed Tax to the Santa Rosa Island Authority for a rental of her Pensacola Beach Condo and that will be coming up in the Crime Report later in the show followed by the Arrest Report and I need to apologize to My X Attorney Friend for calling the Clerk of the Court my Vegas Show Girl and not My X Attorney Friend’s Vegas Show Girl because I have stolen her from My X Attorney Friend and I know for a fact that he referrers to her as his Vegas Show Girl and he had to go all the way out to Las Vegas Nevada where What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas but he obviously hasn’t heard of that law either and he brought What Happened in Vegas Back to Pensacola FL with him by sweeping her off her feet by telling her what a successful attorney he was and then brought her back to Pensacola FL where he wasn’t successful at all and can’t earn a living unless he works for his Big Ole Boss up in Atlanta that I am calling Brevard until I set him up and get him arrested and then I will reveal his real name and you will say I thought he was a Christian man doing the Lord’s work and that is all a front and I will discuss that later in the Big Show in the Crime Report so as it turned out My X Attorney Friend wasn’t a successful attorney at all and had to put My Vegas Show Girl back out on the street to work for him and she worked for the City of Pensacola for a while but now works for the Whole Damn County and is bringing in $130K a year in sales and took over a job where the whore before her was making twice that so she does work cheap but the problem is I have set her up and her husband as well and they are both set up and that would include the Whole Escambia County Florida Legal System where I completed a 10 year investigation where they arrested and sentenced me and now they are under investigation and so I have set up the Clerk of the Court and the crime is for not making a Bed Tax payment for the rental of her Pensacola Beach Condo short term and cheating the Santa Rosa Island Authority out of their Tourist Tax which they call the Bed Tax and it has occurred since she was in office and so for the Crime Report today in Pensacola FL I am reporting that the Escambia County Clerk of the Court has cheated the Santa Rosa Island Authority out of a Bed Tax payment and her husband was involved and an Accessory to the Fact and a partner in the property and her Partner in Crime and so they are both guilty as hell and going down and as a result I am calling for a complete investigation into the running of the Escambia County Court System and I will tell you why but first I have a call and go ahead caller and the music of the day today is Why Don’t We Get Drunk and Screwed Over by Jimmy Thieving Buffet and go ahead caller.


Jimmy Thieving Buffet: This isn’t my song and why am I always stealing on the Big Show?


Blow Fish: You are always stealing songs from other artist and then recording them live and ruining the whole damn song for everyone so I am playing a video at the end of the Big Show today were you attempted to steal a song from another artist and putting your name on it but you weren’t able to sing on the song because you didn’t even know the words so you couldn’t screw it up and then you tried to play the ukulele on the song but couldn’t do that either so why were you trying to steal a Song From a Little Children?


Jimmy Buffet: What happened was I bought a coconut from this artist when he was just a little kid selling them down in the islands going from boat to boat and then I wrote a song about it “Chanson Pour Les Petis Enfants” which translates to “Song For Little Children.”


Blow Fish: So you are saying that you bought a coconut from this kid in a dingy and from that chance meeting and as a result he became a big star and then you took credit for his success and tried to steal his fame and the song “Ocean is My Potion” from that same little kid and record it yourself without Mishka who won’t let you even sing on the studio version so you couldn’t steal it later and slauder the hell out of it with a live version just like Greenburg does with those little Bass Fishies that he catches with his big 10’ pole so confess to your thieving from these little children Jimmy Buffet which I believe could be child abuse and did you steal the coconut as well?


Gene Luciano: That’s how I got my start I would steal money from the other kids on the playground and then bet the other kids I could beat them up as well and they would give me their lunch money and that’s how I got my start and have built that business into a huge Racketeering Empire and me a Mafia King Pin if I don’t say so myself.


Randy Gibson: I would just bet the other kids on the playground that I could beat them at arm wrestling and then I would say I broke my right arm last year arm wrestling and so I will have to use my left arm but I am actually left handed and then I would break their arm and take their lunch money and that’s how I got my start because my Mommy never taught me how to play well with others and not to lie and I never learned nothing and just take what I want from the weaker people in my life which makes me smarter than them but I really have been a bad little pirate and need Mommy to spank my little booty just like Jimmy Buffet.


That Thieving Asshole Jimmy Buffet: Now hang on there just a minute, I think I have been quite fair and honest most of my life except that song about a “Pirate Looks at Forty” which was not about me at all but about this drug smuggler I met in the Florida Keys that has made enough money to buy Miami but pissed it away so fast on Prostitutes and Cocaine and so I want to correct that and come clean and give Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson the credit where credit is due and I believe he spent most of that money on Real Estate Development but that didn’t rhyme so I couldn’t include it in the lyrics so I want to correct that as well and I have a Margaritaville Hotel on Santa Rosa Island in Pensacola FL and we don’t cheat the Island Authority out of their Bed Tax because they audit us and so I am not as crooked as the Escambia Clerk of the Court so if you want to pick on someone thieving then pick on her asshole and leave mine alone.


Blow Fish: I have your Bed Tax Records in front of me and I have the Clerk of the Courts Bed Tax records and it would appear that you have paid millions to the Island Authority and she hasn’t even made a single payment so what do you say for yourself now?


Jimmy Buffet: I say that I am paid up in full and I have accountants that handle that and if they cheat me then they are going to jail and if she cheated the Island Authority then she should be audited by the Santa Rosa Island Authority and brought up on Bed Tax Fraud Charges and go to jail even if it is just a few dollars because the law is the law.


Connie: Honey where are you going with this you know she and her husband are well respected in the community and are not going to be able to survive here if you slander them to death like Randy Gibson and run them out of town.


Blow Fish: Now Sweetheart I am working right now and I can’t talk while I am in the middle of bringing that Thieving Jimmy Buffet up on Child Abuse Charges and so if you want to meet up later then you can sweet talk me out of my clothes but right now I have to finish up my Escambia County Clerk of the Court Bed Tax Fraud Investigation so please check back later and stop asking me to repeat myself and read back from Day One where I warned my Vegas Show Girl and My X Attorney Friend that I was coming back to deal with them and I am making my way back to my boat from Lake Lanier in Atlanta and thought I would stop off with the Big Show in Pensacola FL and see you and throw their thieving asses in the Poky and then I would continue my Tiki Bar Tour around the Gulf Coast of Florida and then up to Atlanta where I started and so I am running all over the place setting these criminals up and I thought I would just finish up on these two before I move on and Randy Fucking Himself Over Gibson is set up with a Murder Charge and we are just looking at a Bed Tax Fraud Charge and if they haven’t Tampered with the Evidence then they should be out in a Year and a Day but if they have tampered with the evidence which was cash because I paid them with cash and told them “I’m not going to worry about reporting the Bed Tax if you aren’t” and since it was their tax bill and not mine and I am quoting…


My Vegas Show Girl: “Since it’s a cash deal we just won’t worry about reporting the rental income and I am sure that the Island Authority wouldn’t like that but since it is just a cash deal between friends then we just won’t report it” and that would be her confession and then…


My X Attorney Friend: “Yea how would they ever know if it’s a cash deal” and laughed…


Blow Fish: So unfortunately as I have warned you criminals in the past I am something of a blabber mouth and so if you tell me anything or admit to breaking any laws or have done anything illegal you just might find it plastered all over the internet just like Gene Luciano’s asshole and you crooks are always just begging me to do just that just like the Clerk of the Court and My X Attorney Friend and I guess I didn’t warn them about that but someone else did when they told you I was coming to town and needed a place to stay and I was writing something that had to do with criminals and a criminal investigation and I was using your beach condo to complete my investigation of the criminals that I am writing about in my book and unfortunately you two are those criminals that I was investigating by setting you up and renting your Pensacola Beach Condo and then writing about it in a blog that is called the Big Show which will become a book and then a movie and then a DVD for the cheap assholes in Pensacola like Blue Balls that are too stupid to read a book and too lazy to go see a movie and too cheap to rent a DVD but will read and bitch about a free blog that is just a fantasy based on facts where nothing is true and designed to be just for fun where all of the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone including the Clerk of the Court and her X Attorney Husband are guilty as hell that is just an expression of my free speech protected by the US Constitution and the Fifth Amendment and if you guys aren’t having fun being a part of my investigation then you shouldn’t have volunteered to dance up on my boat Country Girl and if I were you I would just pick up my shit and move to Atlanta and work full time for that Big Ole Criminal Brevard and besides you are the ones that are going to jail for Bed Tax Fraud and Tampering With the Evidence and not me and I told My X Attorney Friend months ago to stop doing business with that asshole Brevard up in Atlanta and that’s not his name but where he is from and that is Brevard County and he is going down and his whole gang and My X Attorney Friend is in the Gang so Good Bye and I have already warned you about that if you read back to Day One of the Big Show and catch up or you will miss something like the fact that I said I would be coming back around to pick you up and so that’s all I am doing is cleaning up this mess I made when I stopped in Pensacola on my Tiki Bar Tour to set up the Clerk of the Court and why would she and her husband have to leave town when they are just being arrested on a little Bed Tax Fraud Charge and a little Tampering With the Evidence charge and I will explain so hang in there with me because I have a caller and this will help me explain how a simple little felony can get you in so much trouble and it’s my X Brother in Law Number 2 and that would be the brother of X Wife Number 2 who is Lynne Lane on the Big Show so go ahead brother of another mother and both of your parents are deceased and I am so sorry and I know how you feel or do I and I do not because I am not a drug addict but you are so go ahead and explain that as well and please explain to my listening audience here on the Big Show how a little $40 dollar crime can get blown out of proportion when you throw the evidence out the window so please so go ahead and explain.


Drew Bonner: I appreciate you not changing my name since they have already ruined my name and me in this town and I appreciate the chance to explain what happened because I was not given that opportunity in court because they are so busy here in Escambia County throwing our asses in jail that time was limited and all I got time to say was Yes when the Judge asked if I was in agreement with the deal that I was offered which was that I go to State Prison for not less than One Year and a Day and that was for buying a Gram of Cocaine for $40 because I was Jonesing for it and had to have it and I am an addict and need treatment and not incarceration but that’s not what you get in Escambia County because they need return customers and not rehabilitated drug addicts they need habitual offenders so they can stay in business and create a larger customer base because they don’t prosecute the drug dealers here they are the ones that are creating new customers for them by expanding their customer base and they need more customers, they only prosecute the drug user which is their customer so they need more drug users and not a bunch of recovering drug addicts so I was offered no rehabilitation just allot of incarnation because there is no money in rehabilitation for the legal system that is called the health system which is just a bunch of Doctors but incarnation is what the legal system is funded by in Escambia County so we keep going back into the legal system time and time again to keep it funded and so when the Police pulled me over after I left the place where I bought a gram of cocaine from the Police which is called a sting where they set me up, I threw the gram or the evidence out the car window and they called that Obstruction of a Crime Investigation and not Tampering With the Evidence which is punishable with up to 6 months in jail but first, the Court has to prove that no other punishment is fitting the crime before they can even give you a jail sentence, so instead I was sentenced for Obstruction of a Crime Investigation which is punishable up to Five Years in prison but I got a Four Year sentence for throwing the evidence out the window when I committed a $40 crime and served Five Years and a Day and so if the Clerk of the Court and her X Attorney Husband have committed a $40 crime it seems to me they should get a Year and a Day as well unless they have Tampered with the Evidence which was cash and so are they guilty of Obstruction of a Crime Investigation or not?


Blow Fish: I don’t know but I am sure that either the money was torn up and thrown out the window or used to buy drugs or they placed a Football bet on the FSU vs Clemson football game with Dean Baird which is probably where they Tampered With the Evidence by destroying the money because they were headed to the game and so I wager that they destroyed the evidence by gambling it away and in fact are guilty of Obstruction of my Crime Investigation so just to clarify what you said you got Five Years and a Day so I am posting what I found on the internet as evidence to corroborate your story and statement here on the Big Show so below is the evidence of your sentence and the deal that Escambia County offered you for a $40 crime. This was found on the internet so I can’t verify whether it is true or false because you know you can’t believe anything you read or hear on the internet so judge for yourself because this is a fantasy blog that’s just for fun and so forth and so on…

BONNER DREW C state prisonbonner-drew-c-state-prison-3

Blow Fish: So there it is and it would appear that the way the Court System works in Escambia County is that you get yourself a Clerk of the Court and you tell him or her that if you want a pay increase or a raise then you better turn a profit and you tell the Sherriff the same thing and then you tell all those Attorney’s to get out there and create some business so we can raise the Standard of Living in Escambia County for the Legal System which I am calling the Whole Damn County and so from now on the Escambia County Judicial Process or System or the Whole Damn County including the Escambia County Jail System where Blue Balls works is under investigation so here it comes and there you go so Good Bye and I am not harping on this but you are all a bunch of fucking jerks and assholes and going to hell for the way you treat your fellow man and so when the Attorneys and Judges need some more work they call the Police or the Sherriff Department and say get back to fucking work or you all are getting fired so they get up off their asses and they go out and set up a sting and then all the criminals see the Police out there working for a change and say we better go home today because the cops are up to something and then the Police watch them leave and hide and slither away behind a door and peek out the window and watch the Police do their work for them for a day or two and that’s when the Prostitutes that walk down the side of the road that the Police just ignore look better and the drug dealers standing on the corner that the Police just ignore look better and the whole criminal element as a whole looks so much better and seems so much cleaner and too good to be true and really like a bunch of Police in disguise and Mr Businessman is driving home right past where the Prostitutes walk up and down the road everyday that look like Crack Whores only today they are beautiful and he pulls over and says how much honey and then he is arrested and his name is posted in the Newspaper for paying a Police Officer for Sex and his name is ruined in the Community and he has to leave town and find another place to earn a living where people don’t refuse to do business with him because he is now a pervert in the community’s eye and that is the Good Old Boy was of running the Whole Damn County where you run people down and beat them up and ruin them and throw their asses in the Whole Damn County and keep them there where you use them like a slave to create your income and about the same time as the Police start doing the work for the Pimps and Prostitutes that they normally just ignore is when Drew Bonner being the fucking junkie that he is goes out and buys a $40 bag of cocaine from a cop because he can’t wait, he has to have it and they know it. They watch him buying cocaine from the drug dealers all the time so he buys a gram of cocaine and then gets pulled over and when he sees the cop behind him, he throws the dope out the window so to teach him and their whole customer base as a whole a lesson, they give him an extra four years in State Prison to break him from Tampering With the Evidence that they just gave him and he threw it out the window and then the cop has to walk up and down the road looking for the evidence and I have told you what the Clerk of the Court did with the evidence she and her husband had in their possession, they destroyed it by spending it on gambling which is another crime so go ahead and arrest them for betting in a football pool and take them down for that as well and add another four years for that crime and then the Whole Damn County can process them and you won’t have to set up another sting to arrest someone else. So why don’t you just arrest all the Attorneys and Clerks of the Court and the Jailers and then process them since they are the ones ripping off the taxpayers and even Drew Bonner who is a taxpayer and a property owner and Old Money and is just getting beat to death in Escambia County where we sent his Grand Father years ago to build houses for The Families which is the Gang I belong to and that is the Gang that Drew belongs to as well and that is called Old Money and he is Old Money that I thought was so respected in the South and so we The Families are pissed off and want something done about the Whole Damn County there where you are all making a living from arresting the citizens and throwing their asses in the Whole Damn County so you can all live in a nice home and drive a new car and support your family while everyone else is thrown into the Whole Damn County so you can improve your standing in the community by destroying your fellow man and neighbors so I want to see you treat these criminals that I have discovered the same way and taken into custody and that would be the Escambia County Clerk of the Court and her X Attorney Husband because when I get finished with him that is who he will be and she will be my Vegas Show Girl and My Country Girl dancing up on my boat and not his and unemployed if she doesn’t do what she promised the voters and change the way the Clerk of the Court office is run and that is illegally, so change or go to jail and that is your last warning and I can sit here and post your budget on the internet and go over it until you are blue in the face but all I am only going to do is ask why would a bunch of worthless high school drop outs and trailer trash need over Six Point Six Million Dollars a year in salaries to push a fucking pencil around? So all you fucking conartist pencil pushers pretending to be working and cashing in your sick days that you obviously don’t need anyway because you have such good free medical dental plans with free drug prescriptions so that you never get sick and obviously have too many sick days anyway and are hoarding them or you would have used them which is greed which is what all of you are guilty of and now your sick days are like money in the bank so you use them for additional vacation pay or you lose them so take away some of their sick days if they don’t get sick cause that’s another Quarter of a Million Dollars a year or more and so that is all I am saying about your sick days and why does it cost over a Hundred Thousand Dollars in Escambia County to get a Greedy Pencil Pusher with a high school education to push a fucking pencil when no one else in the State of Florida gets paid that much for the same position and I will answer that question myself, it’s because you are all a bunch of Greedy Pencil Pushers conartist and you don’t deserve your salaries because it just don’t add up and what you deserve is a pay cut and the salaries and figures that I listed don’t include the Clerk of the Courts salary and her buy back amount on her sick days so look it up and watch the news and see if these Greedy Pencil Pushers get arrested for their crimes against the citizens of Escambia County that are all in the Escambia County Jail if you are looking for them and the population in Escambia County according to the 2010 census is 297,000 and in 2011 the US Justice Department investigated the Whole Dam County and found that the conditions at the Escambia County Jail, which houses roughly 1,300 prisoners, found that the jail routinely violated the constitutional rights of prisoners stemming mainly from staffing shortages which subjected prisoners to excessive risk of assault by other prisoners and inadequate mental health care and the department found that the jail had a policy of segregation against its African-American population that fanned combustible racial tensions within the jail and in 2013 the prison recorded 176 inmate-on-inmate assaults, including 20 serious head wounds and 7 deaths so My X Attorney Friend you better toughen up and start working out and get a little meaner looking than you are now because you will be up in there and somebody’s little bitch so you better get ready or you will be beat up and thrown into the County Health System which is run by the Doctors and Hospitals and Health Providers and they aren’t much better than the Whole Damn County so I am adding them to the Whole Damn County and now they are going to be investigated because I know that the people of Escambia County are the most unhealthy people in the State of Florida and to see why I say that all you have to do is drive down the road and ignore the Prostitute Street Walkers on the side of the road and ignore the Drug Dealers selling drugs on the street corners and ignore the Police that are sitting there ignoring the criminals and the Whole Damn County that is ignoring them all and you will see the homeless citizens of the Whole Damn County that the system has used up and spit out and now the only thing they have left is their feet and they are on foot and walking down the side of the road looking for handouts and they were once in the Whole Damn County but they are now useless to the Whole Damn County because the State of Florida and the US Government don’t need them no more because they passed new laws so that they can’t get no more health care and so they are no longer of any use to the Whole Damn County because they aren’t worth a dime and have nothing else to do but to walk down the side of the road so when are you assholes going to do something about the Mental Health System and the citizens that you have thrown out on the side of the fucking road like animals and left them there to wander around up and down the road and give them some help which is what the Hypothetical Oath is anyway isn’t it? That you can’t refuse to help someone that needs your help so when are the Doctors and Hospitals and Mental Health Facilities which are getting wealthy as hell going to help your clients that really need your care because that is what you have sworn to do or does that just apply to the Attorneys and when are you Public Fucking Defenders going to defend the fucking public and help your clients which is what you bunch of liars call them when you should call them your victims because if they are assigned to you or you assigned to them for you to protect their rights then they are your victims and all you Public Fucking Defenders care about is screwing the secretarial pool in your office up on your desk and I have never seen such a fucking bunch of losers in my whole life and you should all take your degrees and throw them in the trash can because you aren’t using them anyway and go on down to the strip joint where you bunch of sex addicts belong and get laid and leave someone’s wife alone that is just trying to earn a living working in the secretarial pool to help support her family and find your own whore but you don’t have to look for one when you can just screw the whole secretarial pool at work up on your desk while you are getting paid by the citizens of Escambia County to protect them but all you are doing is screwing them over by stealing their tax dollars and giving them nothing in return except to screw their wives up on your desk and screwing the Citizens of Escambia County over by not proving any defense what so ever in the courtroom and that is how the Public Fucking Defenders Office works and if you don’t believe me then put some cameras in their offices and you will see what I have seen and then you can arrest them all for having sex in a public place and disbar them and throw their sorry asses in the Whole Damn County and after you use them up and they aren’t worth a fucking dime to you anymore then you can throw them out on the side of the road and let them walk up and down the side of the fucking road like a bunch of fucking animals mumbling to themselves which is where the Public Fucking Defenders belong.

I have a caller so hang on there My X Attorney Friend because I have a song dedication and I would like to introduce the real music of the day and it is “Country Girl” by Luke Bryan and “Shake it for Me” and I want to dedicate this song to My Vegas Show and Hey Girl, I want you to “Shake It For Me” up on my sailing yacht because My X Attorney Friend and that would be your Future X Husband don’t need you no more, what he needs is a good attorney but he doesn’t know one, because he has been working for that Big Ole Gangster Brevard up in Atlanta and he is going up the river with Brevard for a very long time and he has implicated you in his evil business practices as well and I am sure that will get you dismissed from your Clerk of the Court position which is just another way for him to Pimp you out so he can make a few more bucks since he is so desperate that he has to work for that Scumbag Brevard and has crossed the line and now a Shyster Attorney similar to my X Brother in Law, Bob Taylor as he calls himself, because he considers me a dead man at the hands of Gene Luciano and I have another caller and Geno I am in the middle of taking a Vegas Show Girl away from her X Attorney Husband who went all the way out to Las Vegas to pick her out of a Vegas Show and bring her back to Pensacola FL and as you know I am in the middle of my Tiki Bar Tour where I am sailing around the Coast of Florida and up to Atlanta and I do not have time to go out to Las Vegas to get my own Vegas Show Girl with long legs and big ole boobs so I am going to take his Vegas Show Girl away from him and make her My Country Girl dancing up on my boat and not his because he is about to go up the river like Brevard and then she will be what he has Lost and what I have Found only I have already found her and have slept in her bed in her Pensacola Beach Condo which will be my Beach Condo in the near future and My X Attorney Friend has already lost her and I have found her so she is mine and she will be shaking it for Me Country Girl so what do you want Geno I am busy as hell so be quick about it I have a jealous X Attorney Husband that I am in the middle of setting up on hold.


Gene Luciano: I was just going to say that if you go out to Las Vegas they will kill you at the Vegas City Limits or the Nevada State line because I have a contract out on you there and they don’t play around like the stupid Where’s Waldo Gang, those Vegas guys will fucking blow your Blow Fish brains out of your head as you cross the state line so don’t cross that line.


Blow Fish: Thank you so much for calling in with another death threat and I remember you warning me not to try and hide from you in Las Vegas or anywhere else and everywhere I said I might attempt to hide you said you would blow my brains out of my head so what makes Vegas so different?


Gene Luciano: Because I have a contract out on you there and I have made a payment and they want their next payment and that’s the one they get after they blow your brains out so they are on the payroll and ready to complete their task so they can go on to the next one just like Bob Taylor is waiting to kill your sister. He has been paid a deposit and he is waiting to complete the task of killing her and he can’t do that until I kill you and shut you up and take you down so as soon as I kill you then he can kill her so please go to Vegas. I just wanted to give you a heads up so watch out and do not duck and get your brains blown out so we can move on to some important business like kidnapping another victim for my House of Detention and it just may be your buddy Mikey down in Naples FL, you know that he is rich as hell now that his parents are dying and we want that money so he is signed up as my next victim as soon as I finish with you.


Blow Fish: I said to be quick about it I have my X Attorney Friend on hold and he is pissed and I don’t blame him but I did warn him to stop working for Brevard and he didn’t so now Brevard is getting a free trip up the river all expenses paid just like you for all the reasons that you just confessed to which was Kidnapping and Imprisonment and Terrorism and also Murder so please hold.


Gene Luciano: All I was saying was watch out because I am about to kill you or have you killed and kidnap your buddy Mikey and imprison him in my House of Detention and then terrorize him into freely giving me all his wealth and I do not see where there is a crime being committed since he will be giving me his wealth of his own free will.


Blow Fish: Now I know you don’t Geno and that’s what makes you a psycho killer and so please I am in the middle of stealing me a Vegas Show Girl for my Sailing Yacht Tiki Bar Tour around the Coast of Florida and now I have another caller so go ahead and keep it short Shorty and please hurry I have an X Husband To Be of a Vegas Show Girl on hold and I know he must be pissed, I know I would so keep it short and you know who you are, so go ahead short stuff.


Martin Levin: Why haven’t you recommended me to your X Attorney Friend and asked him to call me to represent him in his defense so he doesn’t  go up the river with the rest of these crooks? I know the guy and he is well liked and can probably get him off the hook so what are the charges?


Blow Fish: The same charges you are facing tax evasion, money laundering, and racketeering and I know the racketeering thing won’t stick but will be reduced to something like child molestation or something.


Jimmy Buffet: I didn’t molest any children or steal their music and try and take their fame away from them all I was doing was helping the lad get a start in the music business so why am I being arrested for child molestation?


Blow Fish: I didn’t say anything about you maybe you just have a guilty conscious like Randy Gibson.


Randy Gibson: I thought you might have just made reference to the age of my girlfriends and please don’t bring up the fact that you walked in on a 14-year-old drunk underage minor girl getting screwed at my Billy Bowl legs party again because I am going to have a hard time getting any more children to come to my parties and I mean young girls to come and I guess there is no different and so leave my Billy Bowl Legs Party and my Kiddie Porn Orgy Parties out of this and I will leave your underage daughters out of this so you stay away from mine as well.


Blow Fish: You make sure you always have underage girls at your parties every year and have a woman that I believe is the madam that runs the Prostitution Ring in Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang that supplies you with the young girls and it’s funny that you consider your adult children to be minors and everyone else’s underage minor children to be sexual play toys so explain that to my listening audience why we can’t mess with your grown adult children and you can screw all our underage babies and it’s OK?


Gene Luciano: It’s because we will blow your fucking brains out if you touch our kids and if we touch your kids then you won’t do a thing because you are afraid of us and that’s how the Kiddie Porn Business works so here is the deal. I will screw all your daughters and make a movie of it and then all your friends will buy it and you will take it out on your child for making such a stupid mistake but they do it for the drugs or for alcohol or both or sometimes to be a star and that’s a joke because you can’t even see their face because the camera is on their asshole and their pussy so the next time you want to blame someone blame yourself for not taking a gun and going and killing the pervert that just made a sex tape with your underage daughter and don’t blame me because I am not the actor screwing your daughter I am just the Porn Producer and he is the one that is raping her and that is the line of the law that I haven’t crossed, the crime is committed by the rapist and not the person filming the action and distributing the porn films.


Blow Fish: Well Geno we will just see about that because I have told you I think you are a scum bucket just like Randy Gibson only a thousands times worse so if you think you can continue to get away with this then you are confused and not me because you are going to jail for your kiddy porn production in Miami FL where you think no one cares what you are doing because the economy is so corrupt there that anything goes and it’s only you that’s too corrupt so in the near future you will see that I am right and you are wrong as usual because you can’t get away with abusing people and you abused me in your House of Detention as you call it and I will not allow you to kidnap my buddy Mikey and abuse him so you better back off fucker or I will send the FBI in for you and take you out before you get him and that’s a promise asshole just try.


Gene Luciano: So what would they do? I have not laid a hand on him and never will. I am at home in my pool with a martini and I haven’t done a thing.


Blow Fish: Thank you for the Intel and now we know where to find you like we didn’t know. Go ahead My X Attorney Friend you must be steaming by now.


My X Attorney Friend: I just wanted to say stay away from my wife and get you own Vegas Show Girl and leave my alone.


Blow Fish: Now I have already told you that you don’t need a Vegas Show Girl what you need is a good attorney that can get you off and maybe Shorty can help you since he is an attorney turned priest because if he can’t get you off then at least he can give you your last rights but you are Presbyterian and he won’t be able to help you at all so find yourself a good attorney but don’t ask Ken Nugent to help you because he and all his attorneys including Bob Taylor are going to jail for being Shyster Attorneys.


Ken Nugent


Ken Nugent: Now you better change my caller id and take down that banner above my name and I want you to stop harassing my attorney in Pensacola FL and my Clerk of the Court in Escambia County we have those people there and they are doing the Lord’s work for us and you know we specialize in taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor and then we keep our percentage and you know how that works being in business yourself and the client ends up owing us more than the court awards them because we couldn’t collect enough from the lawsuit to cover our expenses and it is expensive to stay in business with all my Law Firm locations and my TV segments on the internet so with the economy being what it is it’s hard to make a dime and I know you understand with losing all your wealth to Gene Luciano and your upcoming death so if this is just some kind of a last stand before you are killed could you please aim it at say Fred Levin he has plenty of time to deal with you but we are busy abusing our clients and lying to the general public with our TV segments on the internet so please take down that banner and change my caller id and let us get back to chasing ambulances and creating havoc and so that’s all and have a pleased day.


Blow Fish: Now hold on there you slimy son of a bitch you shyster attorneys are slicker than shit. I called you so what are you going to do about MY X Attorney Friend losing his job and his wife because he is associated with you and your firm and that asshole boss of yours that Big Gangster Brevard?


Ken Nugent Shyster Attorney: I just explained to you that you need to back off all those people and if you are referring to my most treasured client as Brevard then you are going to get yourself killed for sure because he don’t play around with you slandering assholes and he will kill you deader than shit and that goes double for your sister who he has fooled into giving him all your real estate for a dollar so he can sell it for her because that is the kind of a real estate agent he is and he will not stop there he will then kill her and you and all you have to do is put this on the internet and you are a dead man so I am warning you again to back off before he hears about this and kills you both.


Blow Fish: Now I don’t understand this so please explain it to me because Bob Taylor always is so helpful explaining legal stuff to me in layman’s terms so I don’t get confused so he is one of your attorneys correct because I don’t see him in your photo and he is an Attorney of 20 years according to his college diploma and has been with your firm for around like 8 – 10 years or longer so I know he should be right up there with your other conartist which is what he is so why isn’t he up there in the photo with you and your other conartist?


Ken Nugent Lying Shyster Attorney: Yes Bob Taylor works in our Columbus GA office and has been there for years and before that I think he was a Home Inspector in one of Brevard’s other businesses and then before that he was a Real Estate Appraiser so that when Brevard fraudulently sells a piece of property to someone and then gets it financed for them and rips them off for the money all legally and steals it all Christian like then he can get a fair market value for it by having an illegal property appraisal done that cost him nothing and then he comes out with the property and the money from the sale of the property and the customer or the sucker as we like to call them gets stuck with the mortgage and that is all they get so your sister is lucky that all your real estate is paid for because all you are getting stuck with is a dollar and it may not be any good because I have heard that sometimes he lies about paying the dollar and says that is just a formality and the dollar never really changes hands in the south so if you don’t get a dollar then I guess you have been screwed over by him for a dollar again.


Brevard Himself: I will not stand for this heresy if I said I gave you a dollar then I gave you a dollar I am a Christian man and go to church and I own that church because all my employees go to the church and run the church and didn’t you like my church in the skateboard park in the closed car dealership in Columbus GA wasn’t that ingenious the way I fooled your sister into marrying one of my low life gofers by saying he was the head attorney at Ken Nugent’s Law Firm in Columbus GA when Bob Taylor doesn’t even have a degree but just a stolen diploma on the wall of his office?


Blow Fish: Well why are you confessing to all these crimes? You sound like Gene Luciano here confessing to murdering me.


Brevard the Asshole Real Estate Broker That He Is Not: Now why did you change my caller id did I say I was a real estate broker I thought I was the property appraiser because sometimes I get so confused I can’t remember what I am doing so were we discussing your death or your sisters or the sell of your real-estate which is going well and soon we will have it all gone and settle up with you and your sister for the dollar I promised to pay you two.


Blow Fish: No I thought you were going to tell me how you were going to kill me and my sister and steal our real estate worth millions like you stole my grandfathers cash and his gold bars and his silver bars and his gun collection because my Grand Father had all the money he needed so just for fun he started collecting things instead of just putting the money in the bank so he collected thousand dollar bills and he collected one thousand of them and had a million dollars in cash in his safety deposit box at the bank with all his gold bars and silver bars which he bought back when Gold and Silver prices were low and they were worth millions and I know he had a 150 Smith & Wesson handguns still in the glass collector cases because he was a collector and just bought a 150 of the same gun and the same model brand new and never opened them up and they were all collector items. But after you stole them all the glass in the cases were broken and left in a huge pile on the floor and just the guns were stolen so I guess they were used by your criminals to rob and kill people and not stolen to be resold as collectibles or they wouldn’t have taken them out of the cases. So I wouldn’t doubt if you people murdered some of your victims with my Grandfathers stolen gun collection and he actually cried when he told me the gun collection had been stolen because he felt responsible for the guns being used by your gang to kill the people that you are torturing and robbing and the thousand dollar bills are illegal now so I guess you used those in your drug smuggling business so I am sure that the thousand dollar bills were used to buy drugs.


Brevard the Thieving Asshole Liar: Now we are on the same page now I know who I am and was getting confused for a minute there see I wear so many hats I can’t keep up with which con I am running and no your real estate is only worth one dollar that was the deal I made with your sister because she doesn’t know how to read a sales contract and didn’t even attempt to because when you have an attorney as a husband then you just let him read it and translate it for you and Bob Taylor did his job which is what he gets paid for as he explained to you at Christmas Dinner years ago when you asked him what type of law do you practice and he said I don’t work like that I just get paid by the job and you said your attorney friends get paid by the billable hour and then Bob explained that his boss just gives him a job to do and then when he finishes that job he gets paid and then he gets another job and he did the job I gave him that was to get your sister to sell all your real estate holdings for one dollar so he will be getting paid a few dollars for that but is probably so indebted to me that he will owe me money from his cash advances so he can make your sister believe that he is a real attorney that makes a decent income which he doesn’t because he is just a gofer and makes minimum wage for what he does because he is at the bottom of the totem pole as you say and you think you are at the top and you are at the top of my hit list so get ready to fall to the ground at the hands of Gene Luciano your maker so prepare to meet your maker and thank you for calling and give your sister my best and tell her that one dollar check is in the mail because I never gave her a penny.


Blow Fish: I am not meeting my maker, you stupid fucking liar. I am working my way around the Gulf Coast of Florida on my sailing yacht with my Vegas Show Girl dancing up on my boat like My Country Girl and then working my way up to Atlanta to take you out as the criminal and murder that you are.


Brevard the Conartist Liar: That’s me you really captured who I am and most people are duped into believing that I am a real estate broker or insurance broker or a property appraiser or the governor and I was thinking about running for the governor’s office but they have this rule about how you actually have to work and that is a line I will never cross because I have never worked because I was born wealthy as hell and have never had to work a day of my life.


Blow Fish: You sound like a few other lying con artist I know that don’t consider all the time they spend stealing from their innocent victims as work and think that they are so wealthy that they just sit there and make money because they have all these little crooks out their doing their work for them like jewelry appraisers and jewelry store owners and insurance brokers and agents and I know first hand about your illegal insurance brokers and agents and you sent one of them down to Columbus GA and he met my mother in Church which is how you con your victims into believing that your criminals are good people by sending them into church to set up your victims just like you do all over the SE of the US of A and the people who are trying to live good Christian lives are infiltrated by your evil asshole gang members that set them up because they met them in church so they must be good Christian people just like them but they aren’t. They are evil criminals and so they sell them fraudulent insurance policies and real estate transactions and legal services and even stolen cars and so you sent this fraudulent insurance broker real estate agent down to Columbus GA to meet my mother in church so she would think he was a good decent person and not a low life criminal like you and all your gang and he married her and then started working on stealing all her money and ruining her in the community and she bought him a car and added onto her house and then she was buying him the new house that he wanted when he was exposed as the fraud that he was because he was selling fraudulent insurance policies and the way that works is you work in an insurance office and when the customer comes in to buy an insurance policy you write them a binder to give them temporary coverage and then they leave and your crooks keep their money and give you your share and then keep the rest and the customer is never insured and so this guy you put on my mother to set her up and start taking her wealth wrote all these insurance policies and then his customers started filing claims and they weren’t covered and the customers were coming to my mother asking her to pay their claims and she divorced your criminal insurance agent and he left town and disappeared and I guess you found him and he had cheated you because he ended up dead a few months later.


Brevard the Lying Con Artist: Now you know that sometimes we make a mistake and deal with the wrong people and we get harmed and that is all just a fact of life and so we need to attend the right church and associate with the right element and that’s why I have my own church now in Atlanta where my gang attends and they are all good at what they do and your mother wouldn’t have been harmed by that insurance agent con artist if she would have attended the right church so lets just say that was her own fault because she bought insurance from the wrong agent because my insurance agents have a way of covering their tracks and if they turn up dead because they have crossed me then no one would ever know because I take care of business and will be taking care of you so you better stop trying to expose me and let Gene Luciano take you out as he is trying to and stop being difficult and giving us a hard time and just go quietly so we can all have a blessed Christmas.


Blow Fish: So with Christmas coming up you must be gearing up to rip off all the Christmas shoppers and ruin their holiday season with your Christmas scams by selling them diamonds that are worthless and stolen jewelry that is hot as hell so I know about your Jewelry store scams and your Jewelry Appraisers once again but what are you getting your lovely wife that you are so proud of this year? I know you usually give her a plastic surgery procedure just to maintain that youthful appearance so what are you giving that old Skank Whore Asshole Wife of yours this year for Christmas, Jewelry or another plastic surgery gone bad? You know your Gang referrers to your wife as your Science Experiment because she looks like she has been used for experimental plastic surgery and every operation has gone bad and now she is just a freak of nature and not just an old Skank Whore Asshole Wife anymore but something much more like one of those artworks by Picasso where all the facial features don’t all fit together.  Are you having one of your gang members posing as a plastic surgeon and doing the work and then paying him minimum wage for his efforts because I have heard you get what you pay for because I always send my women to the best plastic surgeons and have had nothing but success so I would suggest that you pay retail this year and don’t be so cheap when it comes to your old Skank Whore Asshole Wife. I don’t know if you have noticed that when you buy a woman a lip enlargement so that she looks like that actress Angelina Jolie and then she looks better for a while but the next year she needs a facelift and so you buy her one of those and you think that will make her happy and attractive enough to screw again but for some reason after the facelift which stretches the skin and pulls it away from the mouth, the enlarged lips don’t look full anymore but seem to just poke out and don’t look like lips anymore but just end up looking like a duck bill and then she is uglier than shit and uglier than she ever was before and you can’t stand looking at her anymore much less kissing her on her duck beak or screwing her either and then you are so disgusted by her appearance that you wished you had never bought her any plastic surgery at all and so I am really curious and have always wanted to know what one of these women with a duck bill sounds like when she talks and does she talk or quack and I have always wanted to ask one of those women with a duck beak if they know they look like a duck but I am afraid if I ask them then they might start talking like Daffy Duck and I would lose it and laugh right in their face and I was raised not to laugh at retarded looking people and freaks of natures so I am afraid to ask them so what’s it going to be this year? Are you going to buy her a duck beak reduction procedure or maybe some new lips because I’ve heard you can buy anything in Mexico City so maybe you could order her some really attractive Mexican facial features from Mexico and then get those applied on her face for Christmas and then maybe she will look human again or at least more like a Senorita which is better than a freak of nature or an alien or your science project gone awry. So please tell my listening audience how you plan on screwing up your wife’s appearance this holiday season? Have you thought about buying her ass implants because I am getting tired of looking at that ass she has now and I am sure everyone else is too and so I would recommend that you put an ass on that bitch so she doesn’t have that old lady Skank Whore look that she has now that is just so nasty that it’s just disgusting and that is the overall look of your old Skank Whore Asshole Wife, disgusting! So I am thinking you could buy her an ass for Christmas, that would be good because then she would have one and have an ass to go with that big ole asshole of hers and then maybe she will be more popular around Sage the Wood Fire Tavern in Alpharetta GA when she goes there on Thursday nights and I know I have seen her out in parking lot with that Pervert Wayne Roberts before so he must have squirted some of his brand of eatable lubricant up her pussy and then shoved a Dildo up her asshole and he has his own brand of new Dildos still in the wrapper that those whores at Pasti’s in Downtown Historic Roswell love so much and I am sure your Skank Whore Asshole Wife loved it too and I haven’t seen her in Sage lately on a Thursday night but I have seen your gang members in there in full attendance and you must have a gang member for every crime in there on a Thursday night including Prostitution and Drug Dealers and Pick Pockets and Scam Con Artist and Extortionist and it really looks like you are having one of your Criminal Gang Conferences in there on a Thursday night where you motivate your gang by treating them to a vacation when they make their numbers and they have to make their numbers don’t they or suffer the consequences so you treat them to a vacation like a car dealer gets when he makes his numbers and I guess since it’s your bar and your home turf you would have your criminals in there celebrating and working the crowd over every Thursday night like they do in all the other bars in town every night of the week. So this Christmas please consider putting an ass on that bitch of yours so we don’t have to look at that Skank Whore Asshole Wife of your’s ass that she has now anymore when she goes out in public or are you just going to give her jewelry this year because my audience is dying to hear about it?


Brevard the Jeweler: Yes my wife does have a striking appearance and is my pride and joy so nothing is too good for her and we do have some lovely diamonds if you would like to see them or if you have a diamond we would love to give you a free appraisal with a purchase so bring that stone in and let up take a look at it and when you get it back you will be shocked to find out that it is not a real diamond and you have been ripped off by the store where you bought it so that is a shame but if you want to replace it with a real diamond then we have many beautiful stones just like the one that you brought in and asked us to give you a free appraisal on so are you making a purchase or just paying us for the appraisal that is free with a purchase?


Blow Fish: That’s a fascinating concept that I walked in with a real diamond and walk out with a worthless piece of glass and have to pay you for making the switch or you won’t let me have the worthless piece of glass so I guess you are really stealing my diamond and selling me a worthless piece of glass since the diamond appraisal is worthless too and who came up with that scam?


Brevard the Scam Artist: Boy you are on that caller id and I am not fooling you at all so I just made it up and actually that’s the oldest scam in the world and I just perfected it by turning the numbers up and we do it everyday in my jewelry store and my diamond appraisers that run all over the southeast making the switch in jewelry stores that are trying to save on their Diamond Appraisal cost and trying a new service and then realize they have been ripped off and then we change the name of the service just like you every time Gene Luciano gets too close to killing you and ruins your business and runs off your employees with his threats and runs you out of town and so you are something of a con artist yourself aren’t you?


Blow Fish: No being run out of town by a killer doesn’t make someone a con artist but that’s one of your cons as well where you call someone a rip off and a con artist and then ruin them by telling everyone that they are the crook and not you and that is the oldest trick in the book and you are the oldest crook in the southeast and just a Good Old Boy because like the Bubba code the good ole boys do the same thing and bad mouth their competition so no one will do business with them and then put them out of business and I am explaining that to the citizens of Pensacola FL by saying that it isn’t nice to talk bad about someone else so when you hear someone doing that then you are probably not talking to a nice person and I know that sounds backwards to you bunch of Bubbas but when you hear someone saying that their competition is a crook and ripping their customers off instead of saying how much better they are at what they do or cheaper then you are being conned by a con artist and being ripped off because you are suppose to choose the most qualified person for the job who is charging a fair price or the company with the best product and not the person that is charging a higher price and slamming the competition by saying that they are all a bunch of crooks and it just might be one of Brevard’s business associates which are all illegal businesses just like Ken Nugent which works for Brevard and does all his ambulance chasing and fights his con artist legal battles and con artist real estate scams just like the real estate deal he offered my sister where she sold him millions of dollars of real estate for a dollar and the dollar makes it a legal transaction so that he could turn around and sell the property for a profit and then give her a share of the profit which would be greater than if he just bought the property straight out like when Randy Gibson gets a cocktail waitress drunk and high on drugs to buy her property in Destin FL which is now know as the Pompano Joes Tiki Bar and Restaurant right on the Gulf of Mexico and they sign a deal on a cocktail napkin and he gives her a dollar and then he finds a buyer for the property and sells it to them and then gives her whatever he feels like giving her which is probably a hard time or a broken arm or maybe she caused him some problems and he just killed her too.


Randy Gibson: I have already admitted to that and I have made all my real estate deals like that and I have helped allot of people get out from under their property and moved it and they have all been thankful that they are still alive and aren’t the owner of the property anymore just like that Cocktail Waitress up in Dothan AL where I found her in a bar and we started drinking and I made a deal with her to buy her property right on the Gulf of Mexico where Pompano Joes is now but I sold it to the owner of Fudpuckers who built a Tiki Bar and then Pompano Joes bought it and tore it down and built a beautiful restaurant where we drink ourselves to death every day in their Tiki Bar and I have made such a huge improvement in everyone’s quality of life in Destin FL since they have built a big ole eye sore tourist trap restaurant right on the Gulf Of Mexico blocking the view of the ocean and I only wish I could sell more waterfront property where the entire view of the ocean can be blocked out by a bunch of franchised eye sore tourist traps just like Pompano Joes where the tourist stand in line for hours to get over charged for some fried Basa that they think is Grouper and that would be my Restaurant Review for today from Destin FL where all the restaurants serve Basa and call it Grouper and so if you want fresh local seafood you can’t find it here because all the fresh fish comes from Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang and then ship all the good fish north and sell Basa here disguised as Grouper so that is my Restuarant Review today from the Gulf Coast of Florida where I wish I could launder even more drug money and buy more waterfront property but God ain’t making no more waterfront property is he?


Greenburg: Now that is just a myth and he actually is because every time a polar ice cap melts then the sea level raises and then the property across the street from the waterfront property becomes waterfront property so we are getting new waterfront property all the time you just have to wait for it to become the waterfront property.


Blow Fish: So what you are saying is that the property across the street from your waterfront home in Santa Rosa County FL will soon be the waterfront and your house will be under water?


Greenburg: Well that doesn’t apply to me only to the property that’s on shallow water because as the polar ice cap melts then you will have deeper water so the swamp land we have now is the waterfront property of the future.


Blow Fish: Well I think that is the biggest scam I have ever heard of before and where the hell did you hear that?


Brevard the Real Estate Broker: Well I have been teaching a real estate course where I tell all my students or the people that I am coning out of their admission fee that there is new waterfront property all the time as the shape of the oceans change and as sea levels rise and fall and they buy that crap and then we all laugh at them as they sit there listening to that crap and then we tell them to buy such and such land, it is a bargain and then I have my real estate agents there to sell it to them and they think they are buying a gold mine and it is just swamp land and not worth a dime and it is called mitigation land like we don’t have enough of that and soon they will see that the property tax payment is worth more than the value of the land and then they have to give it back to the state which is where we bought it to sell for a profit because it is worth nothing so watch out for that scam as well and I teach that in my Make A Million Dollars in real estate class that Greenburg must have paid a thousand to attend so he can be as rich as me because that’s how I made my millions and that is pure bull but the suckers believe it and that is what we call them when we laugh at them and so will you if you come to work for me because then you will make a dollar when I make a hundred just like Gene Luciano because I am a Racketeer just like Geno and we are going to the slammer and that is coming up sooner than we think because there is no way we will ever be arrested because we haven’t broken any laws because there is no law against lying to suckers and taking their money when they are just giving it to you because there is a new one born every minute so you better watch out because we are coming to your town very soon and I am kidding because if you live in the SE of the US of A we are already there and have probably been there longer than God himself just like Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and I never cuss so please excuse me for repeating a bad word because gentlemen never cuss in front of ladies and I am a gentleman until all the ladies have left the room because that is the good ole boy code and then I will say Blow Fish you fucking cock sucker you better get yourself down to Naples FL and turn yourself in because if Gene Luciano doesn’t kill you then I will have my people fucking end your life and it won’t be as humanely and painless as if Gene does it so turn yourself in or just go to jail in Okaloosa County FL and I will have Charles Morgan end your life with his network of Hillbilly Fags as you call them and I guess those nasty heathens are fags, it’s so fucking hard to tell these days and if the ladies are back then so is the Southern Gentleman con artist and so that was how I was raised and I know you were too so I am all finished warning you so please get in there and get that taken care of so that we have no loose ends to tighten up at the end of this little charade that we are playing out with you and your sister.


Gay Charles Gay Leader of the Harbour Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang: Wow I have a bigger title than that Big Ole Gangster Brevard, I bet he is envious as hell of me and wishes he could get all the attention that I am getting on the Big Show and soon he will and I will be deader than shit because he will kill me off for saying something behind his back just like the Atlanta Taxi Cab Mafia because if you bad mouth them you are deader than shit and they all live up in those gated Golf Course Communities on the Northside of Atlanta and soon they will be arrested even though they think they can do anything they want behind a guarded security gate and I am looking for you Blow Fish and so why don’t you stop in to my Dharma Blue Restaurant in Pensacola FL for lunch and they will drug you and have you arrested and then I will have you murdered in a jail cell in the Escambia County Jail that you call the Whole Damn County and they already have had 7 deaths this year so what’s one more and they will just blame it on Racial Profiling and you will be just another fatality that they will be reporting so have a lovely lunch and that will be the end of you and I will have completed the contract out on you and can get my final payment from Gene Luciano.


Blow Fish: Well thank you for that lovely lunch evite but I am going to pass on that offer to be poisoned again and eat at a safer restaurant so for my Restuarant Review today…


Hostess Fish House: Now Honey if you are in town you know you need to stop in and see my new implants that you paid for because I have been waiting on you to stop in and let me show you how great they look and they are bigger than Terri Lynn’s and I know you will love them and you can do a Restaurant Review here because I know you love our food.


Blow Fish: I would stop by there but I am on my way back to my boat and have to keep moving and if Gay Charles finds out that I am there he will send his Evil Lesbo Whores from Dharma Blue over there to take me out and I don’t understand why a Hillbilly Fag would own a Lesbo Restaurant in Pensacola FL.


Terri Lynn: Now what was that about the size of my implants? I have told you numerous times that I am not pleased with the size of my boobs that you bought me and Lauren’s big ole plastic titties are bigger than mine and I want something done about that and if that Whore at the Pensacola Fish House thinks I am going to put up with her bragging about her boobs being bigger than mine then I will just have to come down there and open up a can of whoop ass on her head and then she will keep her mouth shut.


Connie: Honey if you’re stopping in Pensacola for lunch I can meet you and Terri Lynn we do not want to hear any more of the sorted details of your life and any more about your breast size so please just spare us the details.


Terri Lynn: I will beat your white trash ass if I hear one more word out of you.


Blow Fish: Girls, girls I do not have time for this I am in the middle of a Bed Tax Fraud Investigation and the shutting down of the Whole Damn County and now I have Gay Charles on my asshole so I am eating lunch at Red Fish Blue Fish out on Pensacola Beach which is the Restuarant that the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang asked me to spy on and tell them how they could turn their Big Dick patio into a Restaurant just like Red Fish Blue Fish and so for my Resturant Review today from Pensacola FL, I always get good service and great food at Red Fish Blue Fish on Pensacola beach where the Mahi Mahi is always just that and not stinky Tilapia that smells like pussy like at Dharma Blue where the whole place is run by Lesbo Whores gang members and the clientele is Lesbo Whores and they have taken over the whole business and they serve sushi there but it smells just like Harbour Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang in Destin FL and both locations smell like Talipia or Pussy so go on by Dharma Blue and see if you think that smell is from the Tilapia that they are trying to pass off as Yellow Tail or is it the Pussy because I think those Lesbo Whores in the restaurant working and eating are not keeping that pussy clean and they need to change those panty’s and clean that thang up and shave it and freshen it up and then the clean up the whole damn place and then it won’t spell like nasty Pussy which smells like Tilapia which they serve as Yellow Tail at Dharma Blue and that would be my Restuarant Review today from Pensacola FL, avoid the nasty Pussy or Tilapia at Dharma Blue and eat at Red Fish Blue Fish which is the restaurant that Gay Charles asked me to spy on so they could copy their business plan for their new restaurant that they are planning to build on the Bid Dick patio in Destin and also their new location out on 30A that they call “Our Attack on 30A” where they are opening a Restaurant and calling it an Attack on the other restaurants on 30A in South Walton County FL because that is the way a Mafia Gang thinks and works and they can’t just open up a new restaurant and serve great food with good service they have to attack their competition and the other businesses and put them out of business and run off their employees because that is how the Mafia operates in the SE of the US of A.


Gay Charles Gay Leader of the Attack on 30A South Walton County FL: Boy I am getting a larger and larger caller id the more I am exposed aren’t I? That Big Ole Gangster Brevard will be so jealous. Yes we are moving in on the 30A Restuarant business and we are taking out the competition as is needed and running off their employees by drugging them and getting them arrested and bad mouthing them until they can’t get a job and have to leave town and if they get out on probation after we set them up then we will get them arrested again just like we threatened Blow Fish that we would get him arrested in the next county and then have his Probation Violated in the first county and then thrown back in jail in that county and that would be the end of him. So we will be taking over the restaurant business in South Walton County in the near future so watch for our restaurant openings and your favorite restaurant closing so we can expand our territory and my stronghold in the southeast.


Brevard the Restauranteur: Now hold on there! We are the restaurant business owners on 30A in South Walton County and I have my chain of restaurants out there scattered up and down the coast so you better watch out and just focus on taking out Blow Fish like you were instructed to do and don’t mess with me boy or you will be in a heap of trouble and I am sure you know what I mean or either I will just finish the job for you if you and Gene Luciano don’t know how to finish a job that you have started because I do and I have the manpower there to take Blow Fish out so finish what you started or I will.


Gene Luciano: If you are trying to step on my toes you big bag of hot air and trying to cut me out of my share then you better watch your fucking lying bullshit asshole because I will come up there and take you the fuck out and put a bullet in your fucking head and take your share.


Brevard the Businessman: Now I am a partner in this business deal and that is lovely so I am already where you are and I do not know why we are cutting you in on taking out Blow Fish here. He seems to be doing all the work getting himself killed and all you are doing is chasing your tail so if you don’t want to wake up somewhere that you can’t come home from then you better watch your mouth mister because I do not just sit around and listen to insults, I get things done and taken care of and if you are a loose end then I will tighten that up immediately and you will not be around to cause me any more problems and I mean that sir.


Gene Luciano: Stop that fucking polite bull shit act of yours and answer my fucking question. Am I going to have trouble with you trying to cut me out of my share because I will fucking come up there to Alpharetta GA to your golf course community and fucking take you out like the fucking trash that you are.


Brevard the Killer: Now we are on the same page. I will kill you before you can leave Collier County if you give me any trouble at all. I will have someone come over and deal with you in your home and you will not be leaving there alive and I will be taking your wealth away from you as well. I know this isn’t your first attempt at setting up a millionaire and taking all his wealth but we have been doing this for all our lives and we do not have all the trouble that you have had with all your instructions to Blow Fish having him sail all around the coast of Florida like you need him to do your evil deeds as he says you call it so we just take care of business and I will send someone over to your house and they won’t leave until I have all your wealth and then you will quietly die of natural causes just like you would with a Habitat for Humanity caregiver and that is how we handle assholes like you that are old and have money. We just give you home health care while we are stealing all your money and inhumanly caring for you to death and then when you die you have nothing left including your home that you sold in a reverse mortgage and we stole that money from you too and Blow Fish here knows that’s what we did to his grandfather and we got money from his grandmother with our TV Evangelist as well and that is another scam so we don’t even have to come to your home because if you’re sick you can just send us a check and we will heal you just like we healed Blow Fish’s Grandmother of Diabetes which is a big killer of overweight women and I think Mrs. Beech just ate too much chocolate cake which raised her blood sugar level higher than normal and our telemarketer that answered the phone when she called diagnosed it as diabetes because the doctor didn’t want to scare you and tell you that you are a diabetic and about to die and we can sure use your faith pledge of Two Thousand dollars and please call back with a clean bill of health so we can share that with our viewing audience and another Two Thousand dollar donation because I am also a Minister and a Television Evangelist and run a non-profit church on the TV and the Internet and all my employees or gang members are my church members and there are thousands of us and we are everywhere and capable of anything and so you better stop threatening me Gene Luciano. I can have someone over there before you can get in the car so watch your mouth mister I do not take threats lightly.


Gene Luciano: I am on my way and where the hell are you anyway?


Blow Fish: I am not getting involved Gino and not an accomplice to murder but I would look up in the St Marlo Country Club in Alpharetta GA. Just ask the guard at the gate where that Big Ole Gangster Brevard lives and he will give you a pass good for one day and a map to his house but I am not getting involved in this assassination attempt but he will be the larger target and his old Skank Whore Asshole Wife is the smaller target and shethinks the photo of your asshole makes you look fat so I wouldn’t stand for that if I were you and take her out as well.


Brevard the Minister: Well aren’t you helpful brother and I am sure the Lord will bless you for being so helpful to Brother Luciano and so we will see you on your way or kill you on the highway because I have a few crews that do nothing but create havoc out there on the highways so that our attorneys stay busy with personal injury lawsuits and that is what we have My X Attorney Friend doing for us in Pensacola FL and it is as legal as it can be or as legal as anything I do and all we do is cause an accident or fake an accident with injuries and fake the medical expenses and then the lawyers fight it out and we are the ones who win when we over charge the victim and we make all the money or get all of the settlement and it’s profitable for us because the cost are low because I own all the doctors and the lawyers and it is all just a paper chase where we are just pushing pencils to make a profit and defrauding the insurance companies out of millions and you the insured are the ones footing the bill because the insurance companies never lose a dime and are worth billions unless you are the worst one of all and that is Geico and we can’t get that Jimmy Buffet to pay a dime on a claim and no wonder he is known as that Thieving Jimmy Buffet.


Thieving Jimmy Buffet: I don’t own Geico. I own a chain of hamburger joints called Margaritaville and some really nice resorts and have a new resort complex on the beach near the gaming room in Hollywood FL just north of Miami so stop on by on your Tiki Bar Tour and say hello and loose some money.


Blow Fish: I don’t gamble Jimmy Buffet. I set people up and maybe I should say criminals up and before I go in after them I know the outcome of the investigation or the way to set them up just like these two assholes that have been arguing over my Blow Fish asshole and who gets to blow my Blow Fish brains out and get my millions and I don’t need the fucking money who the hell needs to be that rich anyway. I have had plenty of money my whole life and live anywhere I want until Gene Luciano runs me off  by trying to kill me but what I do care about is how these guys keep feeding off who they consider to be the weaker people in the world that we all call the good people in the world and that would be you and your senior parents and your children because these assholes are the scum of the earth so soon we and I do mean we because I can’t do it by myself but with the help of an organization that is so vast that there is no beginning or end to it and wherever you think about going it is already there and will be there waiting for Gene Luciano when he gets to Alpharetta to kill Brevard and listening to the conversation that Brevard is having on the phone right now where he is threatening to kill me and the conversation is being recorded by a computer that is turning the conversation into a typed document so it can be entered into the court record as evidence and then he gets a knock on the door very soon where he is asked what part he played in the death of this Blow Fish character who has had his Blow Fish brains blown out all over the windshield of his Red SL500 Mercedes at a red light in South Florida. So soon these assholes are going down and we will all be allot safer and then you won’t have to worry about who is giving care to your Grand Mother and Grand Father and this asshole Brevard has already stolen Five Million from my Grandfather and he had two Care Givers charge him Fifty Thousand a year for each of them while they were stealing his wealth. So watch for these assholes to be arrested and it will be a big ole Racketeering Charge that covers everything they do so that nothing is left out.


Bob Taylor: Now I do not think this is a good idea sending Gene Luciano up to my bosses house and starting a mob war so let’s just back down and wait for things to take care of themselves so where are you and we will come take care of you.


Blow Fish: Well I know where you are Bob and soon someone will be coming to take care of you which is more important than you committing another murder but if you can’t find me give me a call back and I will give you a hint or just do like Geno and buy the Intel it’s right there on the internet if you know where to look because we have no secrets anymore these days so go ahead and find me yourself and stop wasting my time with your stupid questions and tell Brevard to start counting his days and not months because Fall is here and this is the time of the year that I promised that you all would be going down so count your days Bob Taylor or whoever you really are because my sister said that your mother is so senile that she doesn’t even know your name and how could you be so stupid to take my sister to your paternal mother’s house on a visit? You have introduced her to your daughters and they are all Brevard’s gang members pretending to be your children and they all look totally different and my sister fell for that and all the telltale signs that you are a con artist and even your mother calling you by your real name so what is your real name Walter or Tom or something and I’m just fucking with you, I know what it is so the Police get it right on the warrants and now Brevard has incriminated My X Attorney Friend in Pensacola FL as one of his Shyster Attorneys and yes that is a crime and you are now one because you crossed the line when you went to work for one and I have warned you time and time again and so has your wife and now you have corrupted her as well on a Bed Tax Fraud charge because you laughed and said no one will ever know and guess what, they all know that you are a crook and you’re not suppose to council people to break the law but to be honest so the whole community as a whole is honest and not corrupt but you live in a corrupt community where everyone including law enforcement is corrupt so you Police in Escambia County stop jerking off to porn on the internet in your patrol cars and get back to work protecting and serving the community instead of screwing them over and how would that look on the back of a patrol car “We Are Here To Screw You Over” not very well and that’s what you should have on your cars and over the door of the Judicial Building and all your locations like the Tax Collector and the Property Appraisers office because you are all corrupt as hell and need to be fired but who the hell would fire you if the people you work for are corrupt and you are just following orders so figure that out for yourself because I am just here for the real criminals and not for you the corrupt local government serving the average citizen that is getting screwed over their whole life by the Whole Fucking County.

I have another caller and here is more from the Where’s Waldo Gang.


Where’s Waldo Gang: I am sorry we beat you to death and we are asking you to let our gang members go and we will steal you another boat of equal value with a clean bill of sale and then we will let bygones be bygones and then we will not have to come over there and beat you to fucking death and we have a contract here from the Escambia County Clerk of the Court from way down in Pensacola Florida and her and her X Attorney Husband are hiring us to beat you to death with a Handle of Captain Morgan or anything we can find because we don’t carry guns because we are all convicted felons just like you by the Escambia County Legal System or the Whole Damn County and so they are the ones with the death sentence out on you and you are going down so turn yourself in and sit there and we will come and beat you to fucking death for fucking with the Whole Legal System and so once again let my people go and we will just say that we are even so what do you say?


Blow Fish: Go Fuck Yourself and sit in prison for the rest of your life when I take you down assholes because we know who you are and that would be me and the Federal Government because we are the Federales and you are the Boat Bandits like a bunch of lazy asshole Mexicans that refuse to work and Mexicans are hard workers so you need to apologize to them because you are the lazy assholes that steal boats for a living and kill people for just a little share of the take and then probably spend it on Cocaine to celebrate your victim’s death and so I hope they catch you with drugs when you go down so goodbye to you as well.


My Vegas Show Girlfriend: I want to say that you are not going to get away with this and you better remove this from the Big Show or you are going to be stuck in the Escambia County Legal System for life if you fuck with me again and we had a deal and you disappeared and I know you said you had to hide from the criminals that you write about and didn’t know I was one of them and on your hit list but I guess I am so me and the Whole Damn County are set up and I assume that Okaloosa County and possibly Walton and Santa Rosa County as well if they don’t watch their step because we are all going down for the bunch of inbreed Heathenistic county employees that we are and for having Orgy Sex Parties and having sex in our offices and fucking over each other so that will not look good in the media so I am out of here and moving to Atlanta GA to work for Brevard where he can protect us.


Blow Fish: Now sweetheart, I have warned you if you do that you are going to jail there on bigger charges so let your asshole husband go up there and try and hide and see what happens so why don’t you stay right there and I will swing back by on my Tiki Bar Tour when I arrest Randy Gibson and AJ Laird for Murder One and pick you up on my Sailing Yacht where it is peaceful and quiet and you and I can sail off into the sunset and you won’t have to work anymore and we can just screw all day long and life will be blissful….


Taylor Swift: I am not listening to another word of this and don’t you change my caller id I have changed it to protect my identity so I am giving you one last warning and if you don’t stop this insanity then we are going to take you down and put you away for life in a coffin of your choosing and we  have one right here and a burial plot just waiting for you only I have both of those up for sale and it’s hard to sell a burial plot in a family burial plot so I am trying to have the family headstone removed that you call Old Money and the Families which is where all you Old Money assholes are planted in the Families burial plots and so we are coming for you and taking you down and putting you in the ground where you need to be by your sister because I can’t steal the grave site so you get to go there and rest till Jesus comes back to get you so there is my last warning.


Blow Fish: OK Bob Taylor cut the Taylor Swift bull shit and come and get me Moron and you couldn’t find your asshole if you had a fist up it and I do have my fist up your asshole and fist fucking you to death so that when you get in prison it won’t hurt so much the first time you have sex with the guy that calls you his little bitch so when you feel your asshole hurt remember it’s me!


Bob Taylor: Now that was uncalled for and we are not going to put up with that and my Big Ole Boss Man Brevard up in Atlanta is going to take over the investigation into your death and you know what I mean because I can’t even find my own asshole so you can stop tying him into all his illegal businesses which are called Racketeering and him a Gangster or Mobster and a Racketeer and those are all outdated terms and it is called a legitimate business enterprise these days and called Organized Crime and there is no jail time for that so change that Crime Report and call it that because that’s all you got on him.


Blow Fish: Bob you Insulate Slut just one of the Crimes that makes up Organized Crime is Money Laundering which is what you spend the profit on from the Graff and the Crimes that you commit daily and that is everything that your Big Ole Boss Brevard owns that you think makes him so powerful so that’s all you need to know so go wait in the corner of your office and sit there under that Law School Diploma that you have stolen and placed in a frame and then called yourself an Attorney specializing in Immigration Law, no hablo espanol, that is all you know about Immigration Law mi amigo, you just know how to steal a diploma and imprison my sister in her own house and turn her into your slave and steal all her money and my money as well and having me killed by Gene Luciano and you taking out my sister and you are a hired killer fueled by Greed and my X Attorney Friend has no excuse and his only defense is Greed so take that to the bank and try and deposit it and buy airline tickets to Mexico and then leave the country and try to hide because I already know how the FBI hunts you mother fucking runaways down so if you think you can run and hide forget it because you will just be flying yourselves back home like I did when a FBI Field Agent interrupted my extended vacation with a 21 year old DEA Agent on a beach in Mexico where the Columbians smuggle in the Bales of  Pot where the Mexicans pick it up and smuggle it into the US to where Randy Fucking You Over Gibson picks it up and smuggles it into the South East into the schools and it ends up in your child’s book bag in your house and this cute little blond was investigating the Mexican drug smugglers and I was investigating her pussy while we watched the sunset together over the Pacific Ocean and life was good Bob Taylor and I got the message from the FBI compound in Mexico City that it was time to go home so I could witness this fucking asshole and that would be you Bob Fucking Himself Over Taylor stealing $20K from my family at Christmas Day dinner while I sat there and watched you to set yourself up so go ahead and try and stop me Bob Taylor because you were set up then and you are set up now and you are going down on Terrorism Charges and Kidnapping Charges and Attempted Murder Charges now so if you are going to kill my sister then go ahead and do it because you are running out of fucking time so take your best shot chicken shit and you will get the chair and if you even drug her you will get Life in Prison for Attempted Murder which is what a rabid animal like you deserves so you can’t hurt anyone again because just like your Big Ole Boss Brevard you feed off the misery of others which is the good people of this country and you don’t know any other way to live or any other way to survive and would continue hurting people your whole life just like Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and you will all be getting what you deserve and that would be me and the Whole Damn County giving it to you so if you try and stop me you are going to jail for Attempted Murder along with the other charges you have pending and Randy Gibson if I were you I would just give it a try cause you ain’t got nothing to lose so give it a shot Bubba and take a step toward me and get that life sentence that you deserve but My Vegas Show Girlfriend you have a boat ride coming up so just sit there and wait and tell your husband to sit there under his shingle and wait for it to come crumbling down on top of his head and then he gets a boat ride up the river and Bob Taylor take your fist out of your own asshole and stop crying, you are only getting what you deserve you fucking Terrorist.


Bob Taylor: I do no think that answer is the one my Boss Man is looking for so he will be taking you out so watch out cause you are a dead man.


Blow Fish: We will see so I am going to tell the Whole Damn County that you have until midnight tonight to pay up and return all the money you have stolen from the good people of Escambia County which you call those criminals that we are processing, so pay up and we will let bygones be bygones and you can’t because there isn’t enough money in the world to reimburse the local taxpayers for the injustice you have dealt out upon them so you will just have to be dealt with the same way so let’s see a Forty Dollar Crime is worth Five Years and a Day when you Tamper With the Evidence and that is what you do for a living is Tamper With Evidence of the crime you are committing against your own neighbors so take yourself and throw yourself in a cell and tell the poor unfortunate citizen that thinks that the sentence they have been given is normal because it isn’t and there will be an investigation into the crimes and the sentences and the crimes you have committed and not yet sentenced to so watch for that to hit the newspapers where the title will be what happened to Blow Fish and how did the Whole Damn County killed him in a prison cell because there are unexplained deaths in the county jail where you are processing people to death and so who is responsible for that and if it’s Michael J Griffin then let me know and I will add that to his sentence and then you will all be in the same cell with that little short shit as Blue Balls calls him.


Martin Levin: I thought she had apologized for calling me that and we had moved on?


Blow Fish: Councilor you are out of order. You will sit there and try to look pretty and if I need to hear from you I will call on you and if you have a motion to make over in Okaloosa County Court you aren’t allowed to because the defense attorneys are not allowed to speak in court that privilege is only for the Prosecutor because that’s who runs the court room not the Judge and certainly not the Defense Attorney who the Prosecutor for the State will put out of business and make your life a living hell if they actually try to do their job and defend their client which is not happening in Okaloosa County Court and so I had to investigate the Judges that aren’t doing their job and just sitting there and waiting for their retirement to begin or are already retired and just forgot to tell anyone and so stop coming into work and they are going down and I have a couple of Judges there to take down and send them packing their shit up and told to get the fuck out of the building and go home and enjoy your retirement watching Judge Judy and a couple in Escambia County and a whole bunch of worthless bottom feeders and a drug dealer or two and a Real Estate Developer, Dean Baird whose idea of Real Estate Development includes being a gambling kingpin and a racketeer where he really gets what he deserves this time which should be Murder One but it ain’t it’s only what the court can give him and not what he deserves for ruining people’s lives in Escambia and Santa Rosa County FL for all these years where he must have run half the business men in the county out of town when they couldn’t pay their gambling debts on time and then keep paying him the vig and now he has expanded and spread his business out to cover Drugs and Graff and Loan Sharking and Prostitution and Extortion and so tell your Daddy to go hide on his money laundering Yacht in the Caribbean and stay there until the very people that are protecting him sit down with him and say now Mr. Levin this has gone on long enough and you need to give yourself up so read back to Day One when I warned you and catch up and see what happened to Fred Levin this day on the Big Show before he even knew he was taking his Mega Yacht out and going to hide on it to try and avoid prosecution and I warned you earlier so read back and catch up and stop asking me to repeat myself on this fantasy blog where nothing is real but based on facts and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but Fred Levin ain’t on that list and this is just my free expression of my free speech and not yours which is protected by the US Constitution and the Fifth Amendment and so if you aren’t having fun sitting on that Mega Yacht then find yourself a bigger Mega Yacht cause you can’t take the money with you where you are going up the river can you Randy Fucking Yourself Over Gibson?


Randy Gibson: Why are you asking me I only have a sailboat named the Scum Bucket and it isn’t even paid for so why would that make me a money launder and why are you asking me to hide my shit when I ain’t got no shit to hide and leave my children alone and the memory of my parents that are in the Arms of Jesus just like Curt Bonner and your parents and grandparents and so why am I even responding?


Blow Fish: Because you have something more to hide and what is it and don’t fucking try to lie because you know you have already confessed to killing the Bale Chaser and smuggling Billions in drugs and Laundering the Money with Real Estate Development so where is the money you made?


Randy Gibson: I have a safe and I take the money from the safe and deposit it into the bank and it makes me look like I have an income and then I pay taxes on that money and use it to buy alcohol so I can drink myself to death and I have been doing that for years along with the money I get from AJ Laird which is my profit from the Destin Mafia that he and I founded and fought and killed to protect together and so there is another confession.


Blow Fish: That is called Racketeering, Randy Gibson and I know you call it keeping up the appearance of being a legitimate Real Estate Developer and paying tax on that money you deposit in the bank so you don’t get arrested but it ain’t working no more so pack it up and hide your shit better.


Randy Gibson: Now I have warned you that I will come over there where you are and break a few arms and legs or whatever it takes to get you back in line so where are you and AJ Laird and I will get in his Big Ole Shackled Up Pickem Up Truck and head over there with our shotguns blazing and take you the fuck out for a boat ride and throw you out in the deep water and that will be the end of you.


Billy Bob: Watch out because when I told him that was how I get rid of my enemies he suggested that the Coast Guard might investigate his missing and send divers into the water to retrieve his corpse for examination and then a crime investigation might reveal that the cause of death was a Handle of Captain Morgan and not a drunk falling in the water and drowning himself.


Gene Luciano: Watch out because he set me up with that one too because I was interviewed my the media as to his disappearance and I told the reporters that he was probably drunk and just feel in the water and drown because he is really good at doing that and then the media was emailing him and asking him for a live interview to set me up on an Attempted Murder Charge.


CNN reporter: Now Mr. Luciano can expand on your statement because we don’t understand if he is good at getting himself drunk or if he is really good at getting himself drown because we are not clear on that fact and our listening audience would like clarification this time the TV cameras come back around.


Blow Fish: I think what Geno is trying to say is that I am really good at dying.


Gene Luciano: That’s it! He is really good at getting himself killed so if he is missing then he has probably pissed someone off and gotten himself killed again which is his specialty since it seems to happen like 2 or 3 times a day.


CNN Reporter: Thank you for clarifying that fact and so what is the cause of death today?


Gene Luciano: Well it would probably be me blowing his Blow Fish brains out all over where ever he is because I am trying to kill him every day and maybe this is the day I will get lucky and end his miserable life.


CNN Reporter: That is fascinating and so when he dies you will be rid of him and all his harassing slandering statements he has made about you on the Big Show.


Gene Luciano: Well that’s just his right to free speech and it sort of an art form where he is being creative and making all this Blow Fish bull shit up and he means no harm and is just really trying to draw attention to the fact that I have kidnapped him and imprisoned him in my House of Detention for 4 months where I had him watched with surveillance cameras and beaten daily if he gives us any trouble at all and he did and so I did and made him work for me for 3 months previous to that without pay where he was forced to commit crimes for me or I would kill his children which was the only threat he didn’t laugh at and then after he was imprisoned I stole his boat and all his worldly possessions so I think this expression of his freedom is really designed to direct attention to the fact that I am a Terrorist and a Kidnapper and that Bob Taylor is doing the same thing to his sister and then we will have all their property and money because you know his Grandfather was worth 55 Million Dollars so we have a allot at stake here or the stakes are large and our share is quite large, to say the least.


Julie Luciano: Gene what the hell are you confessing to now? Are you confused again why don’t you just admit to killing his sister too?


Gene Luciano: I will not stand for any more criticism from you on how I run my assassination business. You know nothing about this part of my Racketeering Franchise so leave it alone and go and try to talk my prostitutes into giving their customer a blowjob because Blow Fish says they always give him one free and an offer of anal sex as well and I can’t get them to even suck my dick so there is something you can delve into and leave my assassinations alone.


Julie Luciano: Well I have never heard of you asking your whores for a blow job when did this happen Gene?


Blow Fish: I think what Geno is trying to say is that he thinks you are a lazy alcoholic lush who is worthless in the bedroom and you never give him a blow job and that is his way of asking for one.


Gene Lucian: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I don’t need your help getting a blowjob and I will come to where you are and blow your fucking brains out and then set you on fire and piss on your burning carcass if you don’t stay out of my love life.


Blow Fish: If you don’t need my help getting a Blow Job then why are you always whining about not getting one and that goes for anal sex as well and I think that you should get started pissing and then I will drag my dead carcass over under your pissing dick because you are running out of fucking time Geno and you need all the help you can get and since I am so talented at getting myself killed then I would be more successful at getting my Blow Fish asshole killed than you are you big chicken shit.


Gene Luciano: Ok that does it I heard that you called me a chicken shit in front of my gang when we sat you up and then I threatened to kill your children and then you settled down and agreed to my terms so I guess I will just have to start killing your children and all those X Wives you have and then your sister and everyone in your family until I get what I want.


Blow Fish: Geno you already threatened to do that so why haven’t you gone ahead and committed any of those murders you Chicken Shit?


Gene Luciano: Now listen here you stop calling me Chicken Shit or I will kill you and your whole family and then piss on the lot of you.


Blow Fish: Then why don’t you follow through and do that Chicken Shit and come kill me. Now will you be in your Mayor of Naples FL disguise or your Charter Boat Captain disguise or will you be in your Italian Ape disguise dressed in People Clothes or a Yellow Chicken Shit Asshole?


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch, you and your damn brain teasers I guess I will go with the all of the above. I am so confused and I don’t have time to figure it out and I have already warned you not to call me Chicken Shit again and I thought we had a deal and you were going to give me everything you own and if you aren’t then I will kill your whole fucking family and your friends and I think those are the Greenburgs and the Flowers and the McClungs and those Faggot friends of yours Gay Scot and that Big Ole Fag Dan and your friends in Naples including the Howells and Mikey and your buddy Tim and the list continues and I will just follow through with that threat and kill them all one by one so not to draw any attention until I get what I want.


Blow Fish: Go right ahead just please remember that when you set me up it was because I had worked for 3 years in advance so that I could set you up so you are going down hard as hell Geno so you can kiss your ass goodbye and you too Julie your Evil Fucking Whore and your whole Naples Gang of Assholes that are just as sick and perverted and as evil as you Geno you fucking chicken shit and so you better stay away from my friends and I have a caller from Naples FL and go ahead caller.


Crispy Tim: Why am I crispy Tim? I was just calling into to remind you that I am getting low on weed and I need to score some because I do not have time to run back up to Detroit and get some of that Columbian weed I buy there and it takes forever to drive up there and then turn around and come back and I can only buy 5 pounds at a time and that has to last me all year and I really need a supplier here in Naples FL so I don’t have to drive up there to buy pot and drive all the way back so you were going to set me up with a local supplier and I guess you forgot so please I am getting low on weed and need to score so please look into that and get back to me asap.


Blow Fish: You are now Crispy Tim because you are always getting yourself a spray tan look like the Crispy Cornel Sanders and never going to the beach because I have never seen you there and that is where I live in Naples and you live out in a Gated Community where most people live in Naples where Geno sends his Gang members out to break into your homes and steal all your shit including your guns and your drugs so if you have any prescription drugs you better hide those too because Geno has a Pharmacy in his Company Store and if you get sick you can go there and buy some stolen prescription drugs and I had one of his gang members working for me and he brought me an antibiotic once when I was sick and I offered to pay him but he said that he gets so many prescription drugs that it didn’t matter and the name of the person who was prescribed the drug was right there on the label on the bottle which was the person that Geno’s gang broke into her house and stole all her shit and so you better hide your shit better out there in the suburbs because Geno will be sending someone to your house to steal it and I will make a call and find you some weed so stand by.


Gordon Head Henchman: I am calling in to report that you better watch your ass because Gene Luciano has a contract out on you and that is where he tells me to kill you or he will kill me because he is so cheap that he won’t pay me to do anything and so we are working for him so he won’t kill us or beat the hell out of us and then set us up and get us arrested and thrown in jail for 60 – 90 days and then when we get out and we have to go back to work for him or he will beat the hell out of us again so I can get your friend 5 pounds of weed, that is something that is certainly doable so send him by the Aqua Bar and Grill where I am the Head Chef and Head Henchman and learned to cook in the New Jersy Penitentiary System and so I will be here and waiting.


DEA Agent: I will stop by the Aqua Bar and Grill and ask for Gordon and see if I can arrest him for Possession of 5 pounds of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and let you know how it goes and thanks again for the heads up and tell your buddy Tim to watch his ass and we are getting tired of seeing you and him running around Naples FL smoking dope at red lights because we are watching you with those red light cameras so tell him to watch his asshole.


Blow Fish: Do me a favor while you are there and see if Blow Fish is the catch of the day on the menu board at the Aqua Bar and Grill because they may have killed me and are serving me to the tourist.


DEA Agent: I don’t understand how you could me dead and served as the special of the day if we are talking on the phone right now?


Blow Fish: Well by the time you are reading this Gene Luciano may have already killed me and put me on the menu as he told me he just may do when he set me up in Naples FL and said he might come into his House of Detention in the middle of the night and kill me in my sleep and serve my dead Blow Fish body as the catch of the day to the cheap asshole tourist at the Aqua Bar and Grill. So please check and see if they have killed me and put me on the menu while you are there.


Blow Fish: Gordon, I am sending my buddy Tim over there to pick up 5 pounds of pot so have it ready and he will be wearing a black windbreaker with his name on the back and I know you can’t read because you are one of Geno’s stupid as hell asshole slave gang members and it seems to me he is only able to get the dumbest assholes in the world to work for him because he doesn’t pay you and so look out for Tim wearing a black windbreaker with his name on the back and I know you can’t read so Tim is spelled DEA so be on the look out for him and have the dope ready and let’s not have any slip ups this time and don’t embarrass me again and make me look like a fool.


Gordon Head Henchman: Now you sound like my bossman, Gene Luciano he always says that because we are always screwing up but I guess you know that cause you and him were best friends and why are you always insulting our intelligence and hurting our feelings and threatening to have us thrown in jail?


Blow Fish: Because you are the dumb asshole criminal and I am the one setting you up so that you get arrested and thrown in jail for the rest of your life and you are the gang member that has imprisoned me in your House of Detention and taken away my freedom so you can steal all my stuff and kill me and I have told you that numerous times so why don’t you stop being so sensitive?


Gordon Head Henchman: Oh yea I forgot you are the one that is smarter that us and sending us to prison and so I am getting that shit ready for Tim and will be waiting and thanks for the heads up on the way he will be dressed and the spelling lesson.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I just got a call from the Aqua Bar and Grill where the special is 2 entrees for $40.95 and it comes with a free bottle of wine and the poison is in the wine and they are telling me that Gordon has been set up for selling 5 pounds of pot to a DEA agent wearing a black windbreaker with Tim written on the back of it and so stop interfering with my Center for my Evil Crimes on Fifth Ave that is disguised as a Bar and Grill and it is really just a bar because they can’t cook worth a shit and the food isn’t worth eating so stay away from Gordon my Head Henchman and leave my gang alone and stop trying to get them arrested and now I have to go bail him out and leave my legitimate businesses alone. There are DEA Agents crawling around in my kitchen at the Aqua Bar and Grill looking for your Blow Fish DNA and they are testing the house wine to see if it has poison in it so I am coming to kill you and that will be the end of you so you can kiss your Blow Fish asshole goodbye.


Blow Fish: Sorry Geno but Gordon asked for that. I set him up in the Champagne Bar in Downtown Naples on Fifth Ave and he said he could come through with 5 pounds of pot so I sent someone by to pick it up and I hope he is ok and not going to get his Parole Revoked again like the last time he was arrested for a DUI.


Gene Luciano: Now you know that I was driving the car and not him and the Police pulled me over and said I was being arrested for a DUI so I told the cop that I guess someone has to go to jail so why don’t you just arrest Gordon here and I will give you a Thousand Dollars and I did and you know if you ride in a car with me and I get pulled over someone is going to jail and it won’t be me.


Blow Fish: Well you are going to jail Geno so you better get ready and you are just implicating the Naples Police Department in your crimes so you better make a move because you are running out of time and you won’t be able to do shit once the cuffs go on so you better make a move now or forever hold your peace Chicken Shit.


Gene Luciano: I am getting my gun and I am coming after you so I will put an end to you and this problem I have with you calling me a Chicken Shit and threatening me on the internet.


Blow Fish: Ok then don’t forget to clean your gun with the compression chamber on it and if you aren’t enjoying this just for fun fantasy blog where nothing is real along with the death threats but based on fact then why don’t you just move on to a kiddie porn website and leave this my free expression of my speech protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution where all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone is guilty as hell and stop your Chicken Shit threats because I am waiting for you to either kill me or be arrested so that will be the end of you Geno and we don’t need to be chasing each other around anymore and threatening one another so lets just say that I beat you fair and square and I am the better man and you lost and I won and that will be the end of it.


Todd with SAH: He did the same thing to me, Gene. I set him up and threatened to ruin him and put him out of business in Destin and South Walton FL and then he turned the whole damn situation around on me and set me up and then I was the one apologizing and whining and crying and paying him every dime I had and had to tell him that’s all the money I have right now and will have to pay you the rest later because that’s all I got so my advice to you is to pay him what you owe him and get out while you can because I set businesses up all the time and put them out of business just like you and he is the only person I haven’t been able to beat and he beat me good so I would pay him off and get rid of him and move on before he gets you arrested.


Dave Thomas GC: He beat me too. All I asked him to do was to cover an upside down boat over a conference table with mahogany so it looked like an old boat hull so that I could charge my customer Tens of Thousands of Dollars and he said he couldn’t cover the framing I provided and he couldn’t because I don’t know how to build a boat and I paid a Mexican frame carpenter ten dollars an hour to build it because I don’t know what I am doing and the Mexican didn’t know how to build a boat either and so I told Blow Fish I didn’t know how to fix the mess I had created because I don’t know what I am doing so I lost the job because I didn’t know what I was doing and just got my license as a general contractor because of my uncle who is a Mafia Builder just like Todd with SAH that got his License because he worked for a Mafia Builder in Atlanta that works for that Big Ole Boss Brevard which is called the Atlanta Home Builders Mafia.


Mr. Clean Home Builder: I hired him to finish my tract housing project where we sell these little box houses for Millions and call them Luxury Beach Homes and they are really pieces of shit and that is my specialty and one day they will all fall down and be flooded out by a hurricane and then we will get to rebuild them because we throw them up in a matter of days and I kid you not that is just what we do and I am going to call that a piece of shit and that is what we build my partner David and I and so he was hired to supply our cabinets and we treated him like shit and lied to him and tried to cheat him like we do everyone and we just treat everyone like shit even our customers and then when we paid him we gave him half of what we owned him and that check bounced because I am a crook and a Mafia Home Builder and then when we paid him the other half of what we owned him that check was worthless too so we ripped him off for all we owned him and that is what we do. We can’t make enough money unless we rip off our laborers, our material suppliers and also our customers and that is how Mafia Home Builders make money. We rip off everyone so we can live like we are rich and not pay anyone and that is what the Home Building Mafia is all about.


Billy Bob: That’s not what I call the Home Building Mafia that sounds more like the Home Builders Association because they take our money and pay the president and all the office staff and then keep the rest of the money and give the Home Builder nothing in return.


Dan Howard Builder: I should have had him arrested years ago for drinking a beer on the job after work like I treated to do.


Blow Fish: Or for screwing you wife.


Dan Howard Builder: That’s not a crime I screw over my customers and friends by screwing their wives all the time. That’s just good business to screw over your customers and their wives.


Gene Luciano: Now if you are trying to tie me into screwing over my customers at the Aqua Bar and Grill by poisoning them because they are so cheap that they order the special which is a free bottle of wine and 2 entrees for $40.95 and the poison is in the wine then that is just what I call a good business practice because then they won’t come back in and order the cheapest thing on the menu so they deserve that and we are just trying to educate those cheap sons of a bitches not to be so cheap.


Billy Bob: That’s right and if they don’t like it then I will just invite them to go fishing and hit them over the head and throw them in the Gulf of Mexico and let the sharks eat the evidence and then the Coast Guard won’t have anything to examine.


Gene Luciano: That’s what I always do is get rid of the evidence and even if you are accused then they have no evidence to build a case on.


Dan Howard Builder: What the hell are you criminals talking about my father was a Pensacola Policeman and I will have you all arrested.


Billy Bob: Then we will have to take you on a fishing trip if you don’t shut your mouth about the way we deal with problem people just like you and I have warned you before and now I have told you again to keep your mouth shut.


Dan Howard Builder: Billy Bob I am not afraid of you and I will have your ass arrested.


Billy Bob: Then you are going down in the Gulf of Mexico with the other builders that I have had problems with.


Joe Thomas Asshole Mafia Builder: Alright boys calm down. I’m head of the Home Builders Mafia here on the Gulf Coast of Florida and if you want anything done you have to go thru me so what’s the problem is someone not doing as they were told or trying to get paid because the way I have them dealt with is we get the bank to make out a Cashier’s Check payable to them and then we make a copy of the check and give it to them and say that when they complete the work to my satisfaction then they get the check and that is their proof that we intend to pay them but I am never satisfied and we never pay anyone and we do spend allot on Cashier’s Check fees but that is just the cost of doing business and allot less expensive than actually paying subcontractors and material suppliers what we owe them and that’s how I got rich as hell and now I have John Cunningham my step son running the show for me and he is doing the same thing and I act like I am retired but I am not and he is my frontman kind of how Gene Luciano has a gang and a head henchman and his hotheaded son out there protecting his interest with an itchy finger trigger just asking for it so that’s how you do it, you never pay anyone you just give them a copy of a cashier’s check that is worthless.


Blow Fish: So I set you up when you tried that shit with me because you were on my hit list before I ever got to town and you were all on my hit list except for my friends who are trying to kill me here on the Big Show so you have to determine who my friends are and who is on my hit list and the way you do that is you read the newspapers and watch CNN and then when you hear that you were arrested and taken into custody or in for questioning then you are on my hit list and going to jail and if you don’t hear that you were arrested like Billy Bob who better be keeping his nose clean and not doing business with Dean Baird or Fred Levin then you are not on my hit list so watch the news and read the paper so you will know if you got arrested and Joe Thomas you are so crooked that even when I had you beat you brought your attorney in my business to try and find a way to rip me off and stood there confused by the fact that you actually have to pay for something that you buy like you had never paid anyone before in your life and your attorney had to explain to you that you just can’t just come into someone’s business and take what you want and then you painfully paid me in full so the next time someone gets a copy of a check from Destination Builders and this asshole promises to pay them once they finish the job to his satisfaction them take a photo of the cashiers check with your cell phone and deposit it into your checking account using the cell phone bank app and if you don’t know how to do that ask your banker and teach this sorry son of a bitch and his worthless stepson John Cunningham, that knows better than to treat people like that, a lesson but he doesn’t know better but you would think he does but don’t be fooled by his bull shit because I had to set him up and force him to pay me and then he sent me an email and was so disgusted that he had to pay my bill and said “We need to sit down tomorrow and find another way to do business where I don’t have to pay for the cabinets because I want to make sure this never happens again.” So if he gives you a copy of a Cashiers Check take a photo of it and deposit it and then this sorry asshole will have to find another way to rip off the good people of the Gulf Coast because I had heard so many contractors and suppliers say that he has done the same thing to them and he actually had one of my subcontractors install kitchen cabinets in one of his houses and the installer that lives in Pensacola had to drive to Destin to make a living just like that Attorney Michael J Griffin because he can’t earn a living in Pensacola either and he completed the cabinet installation and drove back to Destin to get his check the next day and all Thomas gave him was a picture of the check and the installer went out to the job site to make a few adjustments so he could get his check and Thomas told him that he was in a big hurry to get the next house done too so please install those kitchen cabinets while he was out there and he did and then Joe Thomas didn’t give him the check or pay him for the work he did on either house and the guy was just trying to support his family and pay his bills and he ripped him off for 2 weeks work and Joe Thomas and John Cunningham with Destination Builders are just like all these Mafia Home Builders and they are crooks that have a system for ripping off people who are their victims called subcontractors and vendors and home buyers and even their investors and they get money from their investors to pay for a percentage of the construction cost and then they don’t pay the construction cost but they sign lien waivers stating that they have paid for all the material and labor and so that is fraud so I set them up and so you can kiss your assholes Good Bye and all you assholes because you were on my hit list before I ever moved there and you are so notorious for ripping off your business associates that I had to come there and set you up so watch out for all these assholes except for Billy Bob and Danny Howard who are just innocent bystanders or are they, well we will have to wait and see. So in the future just don’t have any business dealing with any of those assholes and then I won’t have to come back to town and set them up just like the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang and that crooked land developer Randy Gibson that laundered Millions of Dollars in drug money by buying land and raping the Gulf Coast of Florida.


Randy Gibson: I was only trying to make Destin FL a better place to live for all the people that live in this area and I also broke allot of arms if you bet me you could beat me at arm wrestling because I broke my right arm last year arm wrestling and now I have to use my left arm and I will break your left arm for a fifty dollar bet and then you will have a thousand dollar doctor bill and I will have your fifty dollars and you won’t be able to work and you will be in pain but I will have the satisfaction of ripping you off for fifty dollars because I am really Left Handed and I outsmarted you and that’s what it is all about. Not so much the money, it’s that I am smarter than you and meaner than you and have taken advantage of you and I won and you lost and I have your money and I ripped you off which makes me the better man and I took advantage of you so it’s really not about the money it’s more about the satisfaction of hurting you and beating you down and taking from you that gives me the satisfaction that I need because I am really a dumb asshole and I think that I actually am smarter than you when I beat you up and rip you off.


Blow Fish: And that’s how all these criminals operate and that is what Gene Luciano and that Big Gangster Brevard and all the criminals like him even Gay Charles and AJ Laird and all the Mafia Builders want to take advantage of you and rip you off because then they are the bigger man and feel superior to you and that is why they must be stopped and you the citizens of this area need to know how they operate and how it actually affects your quality of life because that’s not what a successful businessman does and that is not how successful businesses are run. Successful business people work together to achieve a successful transaction where no one gets hurt and everyone gets what they were after including the customer, the vendors, the suppliers, the subcontractors, the employees and the business owner and if that hasn’t happened then it is the fault of the person that decided to screw over the other person whether it was the customer by not paying or the employee who decided not to complete his work or someone in between so look at your business relationships and you employment experiences and try and make this a better place for all of you to live and then I won’t have to come back to town and arrest murders living in your midst again pretending to be a good businessman when they are drug smuggling killers and as I work my way around the Florida coast and up to Atlanta there will be other killers arrested so don’t think I am picking on the Gulf Coast of Florida there are bad people everywhere and I am going to take out as many of them as I can before I retire to make this a better place for my children and my children’s children and even for Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson’s family because they live here too and need to start having families of their own and stop thinking they can live off their daddy’s money because he is going to loose it all and it’s not that much anyway so get a job and stop cheating people or you will get what your father is getting and in closing I would like to thank the Gulf of Mexico for being there so I can escape this horrible area and sail to South Florida and I will be back with another Big Show when I arrive there and start cleaning up the Gulf Coast of South Florida and the Florida Keys and the East Coast of Florida and then close this Big Show with a Big Ole Round Up in Atlanta GA where I know everything about everybody and that means you too Brevard so kiss your Skank Whore Asshole Wife and life goodbye and pack up you shit and get ready to go and I know you never pack for yourself so don’t worry about that the Justice Department will do that for you so just sit there and act like the asshole you are and watch them take all your shit away and give it to the fucking poor innocent people that you call suckers that we call your victims that you call the weaker people that you take advantage of all the time that makes you smarter and them dumber and if you were smarter then you would be retiring on the golf course and not cutting the grass on the golf course close to the federal prison where you live in a prison cell sleeping on a hard as hell mattress and trying to shave in a chrome mirror after working in the hot Florida or Texas sun so I am promising you that lifestyle for your retirement and you deserve the fucking electric chair if anyone dies or they had a relative that died so kill my sister and get the chair mother fucker and Fry!


Please check back in on the next Big Show where I will be in Panama City where I will sail across the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf Coast of Florida and sail from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar insearch of the Bale Maker in each town and soon I will be in Boca Raton FL so I can explain how I met the Long Arm of the Law in a Karaoke Bar and she can explain the song of the day and which sex position it is and how she is coming to get you and take you up the river so you won’t want to miss that.

Enjoy the video below where I caught Jimmy Thieving Buffet attempting to steal a song from Mishka but couldn’t because he didn’t know the words and can’t play the ukulele.