Good Morning sport fans and it’s a new day and we have an arrest report today and to bring you this announcement I have asked my Grand Father to call in and explain this arrest report so go ahead Grand Dad and I am not kidding.


My Grand Father From the Place That Rich People Go When They Die: Boy what the hell are you doing on the internet again. It’s all I hear about up here. One day you are dead and the next you are alive and back on the internet again and then we get prayers that you will be killed to shut you up at least those are the prayers that we are getting and then you are at it again and then we get those prayers again hoping they will kill you and then we are getting another prayer from your Father From That Other Place That is Harder to Get Into according to the Gulf Breeze UMC saying that you know better than to take your boat out at night on Lake Lanier and I will just answer that prayer with “I told you so” and there and now I want to know who we are arresting today and what they did and how they did it and I know that is the Crime Report so go ahead and get started Boy, and you know that’s what I call you.


Blow Fish: Yes sir I am about to start with the Crime Report but first we need to introduce the piece of shit music request today made by the Where’s Waldo Gang because they only like one song from the movie Deliverance called Dueling Banjos so they have insisted that I only play that song and I am not going to insult my listening audience with that musical piece of shit and I am playing Country Man by Luke Bryan because these Stupid Redneck Assholes believe they are Mountain Men and they are just a bunch of Redneck Farm Boys that kill boaters and steal their boats for the money and it has nothing to do with them being Mountain Men and City Slickers invading their Hillbilly Mountain Lifestyle and ruining their Sacred Lake. They all have jobs that were created by the building of Lake Lanier and they have made a living from the existence of the  Lake for three generations now and are all just a bunch of Thieving Country Ignorant Redneck Faggots and so I am playing Country Man and not Dueling Fucking Boring Banjos but I have posted a link at the end of the blog so you can watch their favorite scene from the movie which they say shows who they are and how scary they really are and what they want to do to all the City Slicker boat owners on Lake Lanier and so if I have offended any of you Sorry Mother Fucking Hillbilly Assholes you can Kiss My Mother Fucking Redneck Country Ass!

Sorry about that outburst Papa I know you and I saw this movie together when I was young and I won’t tell my Grand Mother you went to a movie theater because I know that was a sin back then and you could burn in hell for going to see a movie and so she will never know because I know she never reads anything on the internet so that secret is safe with me Papa.


Bubba: Now I know that’s about me because I am Papa to my kids and don’t be a tape player hater we’re grooving to Hank so what is this about that involves me and I just love Dueling Banjos, that wonderful piece of music history and that great childhood favorite of mine the classic movie Deliverance with Bert Reynolds and that Ned Beatty character that played the man that took it in the asshole to save his life but he didn’t put up much of a fight. I like the part where the Hillbilly said the City Slicker had a Purty Mouth and I have said that to that City Slicker Attorney friend of your’s from Atlanta on your sailing yacht, yes I did and that’s all we know about that Ha Ha…


Blow Fish: Well Bubba yes you did I believe you belong in the movie Deliverance so when my fans watch the video at the end of the Big Show today they will have a face to put with your name because you and the Hillbilly Mountain Men actors have the same teeth and intelligence as well and I forgot that you call yourself Papa and you have called in by mistake and interrupted one again. I was talking to my grandfather that I refer to as Papa and not you so call back later and yes that was the movie and it has that terrible gay rape sex scene in it that the Where’s Waldo Gang calls a love scene and they think that all us city slickers need to get screwed over my them the same way and they explain that to you as they are about to kill you by beating the living shit out of you and throwing your dead body in the Lake and so I am announcing that the Army Corp of Engineers have completely drained Lake Lanier looking for my Blow Fish asshole and have not been able to find a drop of my blood or a single particle of my DNA and hang on Geno and let me complete my thought before you call up to confess your involvement in the draining of the Lake and he will just call this Showboating and there was allot of that being done over the Labor Day Weekend and then a whole bunch of us were killed but not me and it was that Hot Headed heavily armed just asking for it son of Gene Luciano, Paul who was heard saying you ain’t taking me alive Copers or was that Gordon your Head Henchman and so we have our first Fatality Report from Naples FL and here with the details is the asshole on the scene, Gene Luciano the grieving the father of Paul Luciano. Go ahead grieving Papa.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch my son is not dead you asshole and I am not grieving and do not grieve I just get fucking even and what was that comment about my head Henchman and Bad Mother Fucker Gordon saying I won’t be taken alive and who the hell cares if the Army Corp has drained a lake and what is an Army Corp and a Militia and where the fuck are you where they have all those things and all we got here in Naples is a street sweeper and he better move on and stop making so much noise or I will be taking him out too.


Blow Fish: Well thank you, Geno, for the heads up on the death of a street sweeper in Naples FL we will listen for an update of that Crime Report and I have another caller so go ahead, sweetie.


Terri Lynn: I want to know why you have not returned my calls or called me or blogged about me in 2 weeks and why you are avoiding me and I was so pissed off I called the police and reported you missing and then they said that you were an adult and allowed to be missing and that was not a crime and so I reported that you hurt my feeling by asking me to get off your boat and that was not a crime so I reported that you physically threw me off your boat when you asked me to leave your Labor Day Weekend Boat Sex Party with a boat load of Evil Lake Whores and Taylor Swift and so they took my statement and my son was there and he started lying and so did I and so when we finished describing the terrible way that you said “If you don’t get off my boat then the police are going to think you are in the gang and arrest you too” and so I layed it on hard as hell and now they have a warrant for your arrest for Attempted Murder so you will be arrested for that and that would be my Arrest Report for the day and the Crime Report was asking me to get off your boat and hurting my feeling and so you will get what you deserve..


Blow Fish: Well that is your Mode of Operation or MO and I will have to say you finally went way too far I guess a simple charge of hurt feelings wouldn’t do this time?


Terri Lynn: Not with that pregnant white trash whore Taylor Swift sitting there on your boat in my seat, no that would not do so I had to lay it on heavy and then my son Dumbass Dufas said you were so mean and went crazy and violent and then I was thrown off the boat and could have been killed by you.


Blow Fish: Well I will have to deal with that but first I want to report the closing of Lake Lanier due to the search and rescue of my dead body because Taylor Swift reported me missing too and she had the lake drained and they found a couple of dead boaters but no corpse answering to the description of Blow Fish and so they are preparing to refill the Lake and we will be boating again at any minute so stay tuned to the reopening of Lake Lanier later in this Big Show today.


Army Corp of Engineers: We can fill Lake Lanier back up in no time at all because when we emptied the lake we saved the water and then just have to put it back in and so we are about to end the search for your dead carcass and refill the Lake and then be ready for another beautiful day of safe boating out there which is not what we had on Labor Day Weekend. We had a bunch of wild assholes out on the Lake that weekend and we do not want a repeat of that fiasco and so I am asking that Gene Lucian not bring another of those Italian race boats back up here and then haul ass around trying to kill Blow Fish all day and find another way to spend a holiday other than murdering people on Lake Lanier because I think he killed 12 people with spiky hair that day that looked like a Blow Fish but most were women that were trying to look like you so if a woman is trying to look like a Blow Fish man then I guess they deserve it but we don’t need any more bad publicity with another bunch of murders so let’s just keep the death toll down please and safe boating and good day sir.


Gene Luciano: I thought those whores were that Blow Fish asshole and so I blew their fucking Blow Fish brains out and my wife Julie was screaming Gene stop, that’s not Blow Fish it’s a woman so I knew it was him because that’s what she always says because all she wants to do is have sex with him and doesn’t want me to kill him just so she can have sex with him again.


Julie Luciano: I told you those were women you just get so fucking mad and you go insane and start killing people and then you just won’t stop so please look before you pull the trigger and stop shooting our TV every time that actor holds up that Blow Fish and says if it looks good, eat it and then we won’t have to get a new TV and where do you get all those replacement TVs anyway?


Gene Luciano: Where do you get off telling me how to run my assassination business? I can kill anyone I want and I don’t need you criticizing my methods of randomly killing Lesbo whores that look like Blow Fish. That is their own fault for trying to look like him and soon they will all be dead and then I won’t have to look so hard to find him and is that him there?


Julie Luciano: No Gene it’s that actor again on the Travel Channel holding up a Blow Fish out of the water saying if it looks good, eat it and so that’s not him. Too late! There goes another TV.


Gene Luciano: I would have sworn that was him. Oh well I will just order another TV and there I sent a text and we should have one after lunch because that is when we do all our TV collections and DVDs and jewelry and gun collections as well so we will have a new TV by the end of the day and I may have one in my Company Store so let me check my inventory and yes we have several but they are already listed for sale on Craigslist so I will give my crews a few hours to get a new one and I won’t have to change that Craigslist ad.


Blow Fish: Geno take it easy would you, there are allot of Lesbos out there with spiky hair and they are innocent bystanders and do not deserve to die at the hand of a mad man so please look before you shoot and ask yourself if this person deserves to die before you pull the trigger.


Gene Luciano: Ok Blow Fish you son of a bitch I want to know where you are. I have to take that nagging bull shit from my Julie but not from you and do not need you critiquing my method of assassination attempts either and I am coming to where you are and blowing your fucking Blow Fish brains out of your fucking Blow Fish head.


Julie Luciano: I am coming too Blow Fish and I hope we can spend some time alone away from Gene. See he just isn’t getting the job done anymore and I really miss you and would do anything to have sex with you again and I really miss you living here in Naples so I could just stop by your cute beach cottage and have sex with you anytime I wanted to so please text me your address and while Gene is riding around in his Italian Race Boat killing innocent Lesbo bystanders with spiky hair you can make me feel like a complete woman again because he just isn’t getting the job down at all and I am horny as hell and I will do anything for you and I do mean anything and just ignore that comment that Gene made about me not giving him a blowjob or taking it up the asshole because you know that only applies to him and I will do anything to have sex with you and I mean anything so I will wait for your text.


Gene Luciano: All right that fucking does it! So where are you and I will just put my Italian Race Boat back in the Lake and take another run through the Lake and see if I missed any Blow Fish look a likes while I am looking for your Blow Fish asshole.


Army Corp of Engineers: I will not stand for any more fatalities this year we are up on the average and we need to keep the numbers down so I will not repeat myself or report anymore vitalities so please no more accidental assassination attempts today or this year to date.


Blow Fish: While I have you on the phone why do you not report boaters being killed by the Lake Lanier Boat Bandits and why do you allow them to keep stealing boats on Lake Lanier?


Army Corp of Engineers: We don’t know what you are talking about and we would need a complaint before we could investigate the missing of a boater and we haven’t had a complaint so there is never an investigation.


Forsyth Sheriff Department: We haven’t had a report of anyone killed by Boat Bandits or even a report of a boat thief so we have no crimes to report.


Gwinnett County Sherriff Department: We get reports all the time and they are all coming from the Forsyth County side of the Lake and we are told that you guys refuse to investigate the deaths and the missing of the boaters and their boats and we can’t investigate a boat thief in another county so their crimes are going uninvestigated so please clean up your act on your side of Lake Lanier and stop making us look bad.


Blow Fish: Well I have a Crime Report for you from the Forsyth side of the Lake and it is that the Where’s Waldo Gang has struck again and I was the victim and have been terrorized once again by these crooks and have been locked up in my own home by these jerks and they have threatened to have sex with me just like they did in the Deliverance movie with Ned Beatty that they call a movie masterpiece and the only movie they watch because why would they watch another movie when they can watch that piece of shit movie over and over and why would they listen to any other music than Dueling Banjos.


Where’s Waldo Gang Leader: Ok that is all I can stand hearing you slander that wonderful theatrical masterpiece Deliverance which portrays us as the killers and Gay rapist that we are so that no one will fuck with us so I will not listen to any more of your discontent for our Southern Lake Heritage and what is this bull shit music about and what happened to our music request for the day? I know you promised to play Dueling Banjos or we would beat the living shit out of you so I am sending another crew over to your lake house to beat the living shit out of you and we told you not to call the police when we locked you in your house and took your phone and your keys and your money and your credit cards and then maxed them out and told you to pay them off and not report them stolen or file bankruptcy and so we are maxing them out as we speak and we are ruining you financially while you are stuck in your house which is now a prison cell so if you want us to come back over there and beat the living shit out of you again then just call the police again.


Gene Luciano: Now when I had him imprisoned in my House of Detention in Naples FL, I had hidden cameras where we could watch that tricky asshole and make sure he didn’t break any of the house rules so I would recommend you get yourself some surveillance in his Lake House and then you won’t have to be cleaning up your fuck ups by letting him call the Police.


Where’s Waldo Gang Leader: We do not need you help stepping in our own shit. We know how to run our Terrorism Business. I am a third generation Boat Bandit and we have a system that works perfectly so just keep your suggestions to yourself and then we won’t have to beat the living shit out of you the next time you go for a boat ride on Lake Lanier.


Gene Luciano: OK asshole where are you? I am on the Lake in my Italian race boat and I will just add you to my hit list and take you out while I am killing Blow Fish who you promised to take out on Labor Day Weekend and didn’t get the fucking job done.


Blow Fish: Hang on Geno, I didn’t call the Police that was Terri Lynn and I guess she had them come by to arrest me for Attempted Murder and I didn’t answer the door and then you assholes came over and beat the living shit out of me again and then I couldn’t see out of my eyes again for another week so for 2 weeks I haven’t been able to open my eyes up to even call the police much less blog so if you send another crew over here to beat the living shit out of me as you call it then watch out because she will be sending the cops back over with another Attempted Murder warrant for asking her to politely get off my boat before she got hurt because that is how she operates with the Police and it is called filing a False Police Report when you get them on the phone and then start making shit up in order to get them to do what you want them to do and she does that all the fucking time and needs to be stopped before she kills someone one day by accident.


Terri Lynn: I am sorry that I called them but I did and I do not want to hear another word about it I said I was sorry so do not bring it up again or I will be calling the Police again with another false report of a crime against you and I will not stop until I get them to do what I want them to do.


Gene Luciano: I do not blame you and I would warn them that he is heavy armed and will not go without a fight so that they will be prepared and send out a Swat Team and take him out of that Lake House without putting up a fight by blowing his Blow Fish brains out with a sniper.


Terri Lynn: I will do just that because they are fooling around and not getting the job done so I will make another call and try and get them to get the job done asap.


Gene Luciano: Thank you! That will save me a long boat ride up here on the lake and it will be a long haul back to Naples FL in my son’s loud as hell big ole pickup truck that rides rough as hell.


Army Corp of Engineers: Thank you all and I appreciate the effort that everyone is making at holding down the death toll for this year on the Lake so please ask them to kill him on land and not on the water for our count is high enough to date for this physical year.


Blow Fish: Well I am glad this is all working out well for all of you murdering assholes and I will just sit here and wait to get the living shit beat out of me again so I can’t see for another week and then get my brains blown out by a sniper and then a Police raid by a Swat Team to take my dead corpse out of the house. So today the Crime Report from Forsyth County is that I asked Terri Lynn to get off my boat for her own safety and the Arrest Repost is null and void because no one will go to jail for my death as usual up here on Lake Lanier in Forsyth County GA.

Well I was about to report the reopening of Lake Lanier to the public again but it appears that Terri Lynn and Maurice have set up a roadblock with the help of the Georgia State Militia on the Lake Lanier Dam to prevent any Lake Whores from coming to my Lake House to have sex with me or me fleeing for my life and now there is no way to get to the Lake. Traffic is backed up for hours and people are having to find alternate routes to the lake from the interstate highways which is how you get to the Lake anyway but Terri Lynn believes she has closed the lake by closing the road across the dam that goes from one county to another and so I will go ahead and take a caller and to answer all of your questions at once here is Oshi from Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang with the Restaurant Review of the day and this is the Breakfast Review and go ahead shortly and keep it short.


Oshi: Oshi got no breakfast review for breakfast Wight Wain and no have no food to serve. We had big Labor Day Weekend Gay Lesbo Fuck Fest and Oshi too tired cleaning up used Dildos and Condemns from that Pervert Wayne Roberts and those empty containers of his Sex Lubricate that is so nasty and I guess those Lesbos at Pasti’s in Downtown Historic Roswell GA ain’t got no lubrication of their own and so that Pervert Wayne Roberts has to supply them with lubrication and squirts that up their pussy before he shoves a Dildo up their asshole and now the Faggots love that shit and have to squirt it up their assholes before fucking one another and Oshi don’t know shit about sex only how to clean up their leftover DNA and this place nasty as hell and we got no food just smelly as shit sex toys and garbage that going to landfill and not in Oshi’s car unless I have yard sale and here from the Gay Community in the Heart of Atlanta the Gay Capitol of the World and the Gay Center of the Universe it’s Terri Lynn with update on Yard Sale and go ahead Shorty and keep it short.


Martin Levin: Well this is Martin Levin reporting and I am here on the scene and apparently the community wide yard sale with the used dildos that were not in a wrapper like the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s like so much was a big success and now Terri Lynn and Maurice will have a little extra gas money in their pockets to run all over the SE of the US of A chasing your Blow Fish ass and they are on the Dam this morning at Lake Lanier and are awaiting the location of your DNA and Terri Lynn has claimed rights on that before any of your other whore girlfriends or X Wives show up and try to take you away from her once again so let’s go to the dam with our eyewitness reporter Terri Lynn and her husband who only likes to watch and the photographer cameraman and go ahead Shorty and keep it short.


Blow Fish: Hang on their Shorty and don’t be so short with me and you are always trying to run the show and don’t seem to be good at taking orders and if Terri Lynn has turned a profit on this yard sale will she be reporting this profit on her income tax return at the end of the year or will she let here X Husband claim the income because he needs the profit and she doesn’t or how does that work?


Martin Levin: I am an attorney and priest turned Gay Activist and have to get going because I don’t want to be a Gay Participant and if I don’t get out of here I will be a Gay Partner and so ask someone that knows how to hide money because everything I make is right there in the newspapers for everyone to read and you can’t just buy a multi-million dollar yacht and write it off on your taxes as a luxury without someone asking where you got the money so ask someone else and not me or my father and that would be Fred Levin and so I am out of here before they are looking for my dead body because this neighborhood has turned Gay as hell.


Blow Fish: Thank you Shorty for that in-depth look at the Atlanta Gay Community that is closing in on Terri Lynn and Maurice and ruining their property values or is it like what the Mafia does all over the SE of the US of A just like the Where’s Waldo Gang has done in the City of Cumming in Forsyth County GA where Lake Lanier is located and the Where’s Waldo Gang hangs out at all the Finer Restaurants and Bars and buys the City Slickers shot drinks to lure them into taking them out on their boats so they can steal it and then kill them or run them out of the county and then the Finer Restaurants and Bars loose another paying customer and this has been going on there for years and they are running the Finer Restaurants and Bars out of business and out of the county as well so in my Restuarant Review today in Cumming Ga I would not recommend eating or drinking at any of the Finer Restaurants or Bars or having even a drink anywhere as long as they employee and support these Boat Bandits by letting them come in and operate in their establishment and I recommend you experience a Southern Tradition that is disappearing so drive up to Dahlonega GA just north of Cumming and eat at the Smith House or if you have a little more time drive to Dillard GA and eat at the Dillard House and either is good but I prefer the Dillard House and it’s a beautiful drive up and you can stop and see waterfalls along the way and take the Blue Ridge Parkway if you have time but come hungry because these are old style Boarding Houses that have been turned into huge Restaurants that serve Home Style Cooking where they still serve Boarding House-Style where you sit at a big table with strangers with huge plates of Southern Fried Chicken and Country Fried Steak and Country Ham and all the vegetables like Collard Greens and Sweet Potatoe Casserole and Mashed Potatoes and Home Made Biscuits and Corn Bread and it’s all you can eat and my that does sound good and big pitchers of ice cold sweet tea that’s so sweet it will rot your teeth just like crack cocaine ruined the Where’s Waldo Gangs teeth and Bubba’s too down in Destin FL.


Bubba: That’s right we didn’t know that crack cocaine would rot your teeth and then one day the Po Po told me to stop smoking that crack and I said mind your own business asshole and he threw my asshole in the Poky and when I woke up from a long needed nights sleep and I looked in the chrome mirror and I will be damn if all my teeth were gone and my mouth looked like the Where’s Waldo Gang’s teeth so check the video out at the end of the Big Show today and see what I am talking about and that is all we know about that Ha Ha…


Blow Fish: So don’t miss that disgusting display of Southern hygiene and if you are in North Georgia check out those wonderful restaurants and none of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fag Gangs Restaurant Chain because they will rip you off on your credit card charge and then when you complain they will drug you and throw your ass in jail just like all Mafia Restaurants do so do not go there and that would be my Resturant Review for today and they rent motel rooms up there if you eat too much and can’t drive back to town and they have wheelbarrows to load your fat ass up in and take you out to your car if you eat too much to even walk so come hungry and get your money’s worth but if you’re too tired to drive back whatever you do don’t check into Gay Charles Gay Brothel up in Atlanta disguised as a Bed and Breakfast in the Inman Park area where they might be calling themselves something of a Boarding House because they are Gayer than Shit and you will end up arrested in a Prostitution Ring which Gay Charles is running in his Gay Brothel in a Bed and Breakfast in the Inman Park area of Atlanta GA where all the Atlanta Faggot’s mothers lived and it was just a wonderful part of town and then they died and went to that other place that is very exclusive and allot harder to get into according to the Evil One at the Gulf breeze UMC where only Mothers of Gay Faggots can get in because they raised their children up to be a Faggot just like Terri Lynn and my goodness the lines are lighting up there must be a National Disaster and go ahead Terri Lynn have you found my DNA stuck in between your teeth or something?


Terri Lynn: No it was stuck on the side of my head, I forgot to wash my face this morning and Maurice said what the hell is that on the side of your face and he tasted it and said that tastes like Blow Fish DNA and then spit it out and I went off on him because I have claim to your DEA and that means all of that shit and so what were you saying about Gay Mothers and Mothers of Faggots or Gay Faggots with Gay Mothers because I am all of the above and I know this is about me?


Bubba: That’s right! Always go with the all of the above answers because you will never be wrong cause that’s what my Daddy always told me about that Ha Ha…


Gay Charles: Now don’t start that Hillbilly Fag shit on my Gay Legitimate Business in Inman Park. That is a Historic Bed and Breakfast listed as a Historical Monument on the list of Gay Destinations in Atlanta GA and I will not allow you to ruin that business like you did my Harbour Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang restaurant in Destin FL where the only thing we can sell there now is condemns and dildos and lubrication that’s edible like those edible flower decorations that we faggots just love to send one another which is nothing like a bunch of nosey Peeping Tomming around assholes.


Billy Bob: We have nothing to do with any Gay Brothel in the Inman Park area and do not even know where that is, so where is it and we will stop by there because our fat asses are too tired from eating at the Dillard House to drive back to Pensacola FL and too cheap to pay the tab so we left it for you to pay Blow Fish since you invited us to eat there and that is the Bubba code.


Bubba: That’s right and if you even suggest anything like a concert or a vacation or even a meal then that means it’s your treat and that’s all we know about paying our way Ha Ha…


Blow Fish: What a bunch of worthless as shit cheap asshole Bubbas you all are and that means you too Gay Cheap Asshole Charles who washes all his ill gotten gain offshore in the Bahamas instead of using the funds to pay his partners and employees their share of the profits so that they can afford the normal luxury that the rest us enjoy called making a house payment without having to Prostitute our wife but then if you run a Prostitution Ring and a Gay Prostitution Ring also then I guess everything is for sale. Now let’s go to Pensacola FL and ask Curt Bonner to explain how paying income tax on profit works and go ahead, Curt Bonner.


Curt Bonner from the Arms of the Lord: I am not from the arms of the Lord that is just a story that has been passed down from generation to generation and I am just in the grave so please change my caller id and try to explain that to your mother again and I know nothing about claiming profit on my income tax. I had an accountant that was a friend of mine and really a talented bookkeeper and not an accountant and he was very creative and he would claim that my children got all the money I made and then they would sign a statement to that effect called a 1040 Form and then I would burden them with my income and they had no money to pay income tax and so I financially ruined them and so I personally have no information on how to pay income tax and never have paid any so there.


Blow Fish: Thank you Curt and I hope you are resting comfortably and not having to spend your time in the grave running around town putting out financial fires like you did your whole life and now to the fireman on the scene or your daughter and my X Wife Number 2.


Lynne Lane: I am not putting out any fires I am just sitting here looking real pretty on my Nest Egg that is my retirement fund and my children’s inheritance so what do you want?


Blow Fish: Well I want to know how you plan on paying your inheritance tax and so go ahead with your plan and make it quick I have a Lake closure to reopen and traffic is building up so please keep it short.


Lynne Lane: I thought you had a Fatality Report to share and not a financial exposure to make and so I have nothing to say because my father has burdened me and my brother with his financial burden and now we are burdened and so we will be passing our burden onto my children and so forth because that is the way the Bonner family lives their life, everything is a financial burden.


Blow Fish: According to the burden of the law you have to disclose your wealth that you inherited and then you get to keep the part that doesn’t belong to the government and so what part does the government get?


Lynne Lane: I don’t know I am letting the Attorneys and Accountants deal with that and they say that I better pay and I say no and so I am saying no and you can’t make me do anything I don’t want to do so I am keeping all the money for myself and my brother is a drug addict and can’t be trusted with more than $10 at one time and so that is all he is getting just like the relationship between you and your sister and so there you have my answer and the government gets Jack Shit and so do you and my brother.


Blow Fish: Then you will go to jail just like my sister so you better treat your brother nicer and give him his share unless he is unable to handle is own affairs and then you could have him committed for drug addiction or insanity and then take over his share of his inheritance and then who will get all his money?


Lynne Lane: I will and so I will be paying his share of the inheritance tax which is nothing.


Blow Fish: Well if you would have raised one of my children to be an attorney and not all of them to be doctors then you would know that you are going to jail and so the Fatality Report of the Day is Terri Lynn and Maurice who have been arrested for Tax Evasion and so lets go to the Crime Scene and see what they are doing and go ahead, Terri Lynn.


Terri Lynn: I am here on the scene and I have not found any DNA or any Blow Fish brains blown out of his head or any asshole or anything leading us to the concussion that Blow Fish has been murdered by the Where’s Waldo Gang and his Blow Fish carcass thrown overboard down by the dam where the Dam Catfish the size of a VW Bug have eaten his dead lifeless body but we did come home with a nice carp and are planning on dining on that tonight since we are surviving on a fixed income.


Blow Fish: You can’t eat Carp so cut that bullshit about a fixed income and tell Maurice to pay his income tax or he is going down as the criminal he is and so you all better pay up or go up the river with Randy Fucking Himself Over Gibson and go ahead old saw bones and tell us the truth.


Randy Gibson: I am not an old saw bones and I am not commenting on my failure to pay my inheritance tax and so you better watch where you are going with this or I will be coming over and roughing you up a little bit and breaking an arm or three and then you will be the one answering my questions.


Blow Fish: OK Gibson you got all these millions from selling tons of pot and cocaine and then your parents died and you took the drug money and invested in real estate and sold that real estate so that people could build shopping malls and restaurants and have a better life in Destin so what did you do with that money and that profit?


Randy Lying His Ass Off Gibson: I opened a water bottling company where I took well water and ran it through a filter and bottled it and sold it as spring water and then I built a sewage treatment plant on the same property where I filtered all the sewage and then pumped that into the ground right by the well that I got the water from to filter and put into bottles to sell as spring water and that was what I did with that money and finally when both of the products became one and everyone was getting sick drinking the contaminated water I was forced by the Florida Department of Health to stop what I was doing and retire and all the money was lost and is gone and all I have now is my inheritance and so I have not paid tax on that either and I am laundering that money as I see fit just as I did with the drug smuggling money as I always have and so it is none of your fucking business and I will come rough you up and break a few bones if necessary so do not put that on the internet and leave the memory of my dead parents alone and do not involve my children.


Blow Fish: I was going to say that I spoke with your mother just the other day and she says that the fact that you earned all your money smuggling drugs and not inheriting it does involve them and you stating for the record here that they left you a drug smuggling fortune and so she feels that you are the one smearing their good name and they don’t deserve it and that you need to take responsibility of your own wealth and stop making them responsible for it and to clean your room and put your shit away and learn to play well with the other drug smugglers and stop killing them and what say you to that Matey?


Randy Gibson: Argg!! Where are you and I will come over and tie you up and drag you out to the deep water and cut you loose and let you drown.


Blow Fish: My dead carcass is not yet been found in Lake Lanier down by the dam where they can’t find me and maybe someone should look inside one of those Dam Catfish the size of a VW Bug and leave the carp alone.


Terri Lynn: We have looked everywhere for you and can’t find you and are opening the road back up to alleviate the traffic trying to get to the lake and are giving up and going home with a carp and no Blow Fish DNA has been found to contribute to your death so we are calling it a day and waiting to hear what has become of the Where’s Waldo Gang and so please keep us abreast and I wish you would do something about my smaller breast size than I want and get me new implants with all your money and stop spending it on toys like that new boat you named after Taylor Swifts unborn child and not my pussy that you should have named it after because I think the Purple Pussy Eater sounds better than Baby Girl and I think Lauren my Lesbo Lover would agree and that’s what we call her and here she is.


Lauren Lesbo Lover Purple Pussy Eater: I want to know when you are coming back to fuck my brains out. I can’t stand it another minute. The sex I am getting just ain’t cutting it and I need you to fuck my brains out like only you can do and if I have to strap one more Dildo on and hump Terri Lynn again I will puke because I am getting so tired of this bisexual sex which looked so good at first and now it is just boring as hell.


Blow Fish: If you are bored with your bisexual relationships just like you were with the sex you were or weren’t getting from your husband then I would suggest you join a Gay Orgy Sex Group like everyone else is doing and leave me the hell out of it and forget about including me there because I am not going there and so stop asking Faggot Paul.


Faggot Paul: I didn’t say a word so leave me alone and why don’t you just try it one time and I am sure you will be hooked on it because my dick is as big as a telephone pole and as hard as a pine tree and I guess they are about the same and so why don’t you want a fucking pine tree shoved up your asshole?


Lauren Lesbo Lover: Now that sounds interesting please tell me more.


Blow Fish: I will tell you this if you are not having a good time on this fantasy blog or website that is based on fact where nothing is real and designed to be just for fun where all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone is guilty as hell then find another one to discuss your nasty perverted shit and leave this my expression of my free speech alone protected by the US Constitution and my 5th Amendment and get a free speech expression of your own and move on to a Gay Porn Sex site with Orgy Sex with pine trees and telephone poles and leave me the fuck alone and I want nothing more to do with you perverted assholes.


Faggot Paul: I want to know why I wasn’t invited to your Labor Day Weekend Gay Orgy Party on your new boat on Lake Lanier where myself and my Evil Lesbo Whores could have sex with those Evil Lake Whores and the Where’s Waldo Gang could gang bang my asshole and join my Gay Orgy Sex Group where I can put them all to work in my Gay Prostitution Ring and my Porn Production Business? I would have fucked those Where’s Waldo Hillbilly Fags with my dick that’s as big as a pine tree and as hard as a telephone pole and I would have torn them a new asshole and it would have been more of an exit wound than an asshole when I got finished with it and I would have put my big old faggot fucking dick in that asshole sideways and tore that ass up!


Marty the Rooster: Now there is a plot I haven’t used, Orgy Sex Group with underage girls having sex with a telephone pole sideways that hasn’t been done and so I will have Gene Luciano force Faggot Paul to perform that so I can film it in Miami in my Porn Studio in an undisclosed location and I mean Gene Luciano’s Porn Production…


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch don’t try to tie me to that Kiddy Porn Production that Marty owns and I only loaned him the money to buy the business and tried to talk him out of buying it but he insisted and thinks there is a lot of money to be made in the Porn Industry because it is a 3 Billion dollar a year industry and the profit is staggering especially if you run all the other Porn Producers out of business which is what we are doing and they are dropping like flies and each time one goes down then we get to raise the price and not the cost of producing it because the actors all want royalties and we are screwing them out of their royalties and they are dropping like flies too and getting younger and younger looking and that is more profitable as well so leave that undisclosed location of my Porn Production Business alone and me alone and my hot head son just asking to be put down and Marty alone and especially Julie who thinks I go over there to keep Marty company and not to watch and jerk off during the filming of the porn so back off all of that stuff I just mentioned.


Blow Fish: Geno you sound tired or something, what’s going on?


Gene Luciano: I wish you would call me Gene and not Geno and you know I don’t appreciate that and I have been up all night watching the filming of Marty’s porn production and helping him collect money from the prostitutes fucking the Johns and bringing in the money and then performing the porn and then me fucking them for free that you call a freebie and I just call it my God Given Right and then driving all the way back listening to Marty rant and rave about the porn he is filming like it is art and then trying to get to sleep when I am high as hell on cocaine and having Julie ask me what went on last night and telling her the same old lies and so I am just tired I guess.


Blow Fish: Why don’t you come up with some new lies Gene and maybe that will help like try saying that you stole a couple of cars last night while you were over there and you stuck those in a warehouse that you call a legitimate car dealership in an undisclosed location in Naples FL and not Ft Myers where the rent is lower so when you get to telling the truth Geno please tell them how you locked me up in your House of Detention for 4 months and told me I could play on the internet to keep me busy and how you had your Gang read what I wrote so they would be entertained and how no one could find the blog but you and your gang which is what you think is going on right now so watch as the reader numbers go up as more and more readers find it and hear your confessions that you have given me as I type it here for everyone to read and especially the part about imprisoning me in your House of Detention where you beat the hell out of me for even masturbating while you admit to jerking off to porn at your porn production studio in Miami where Marty is on the lease and not you or is he?


Gene Luciano: I am too tired to come after you right now but after I get some rest I am coming to where you are and feeding you to the sharks so where are you and don’t tell me you are in a Dam Catfish the size of a Fucking VW Bug again because I am not buying that shit so where are you?


Where’s Waldo: Now I have warned you guys for the last time about the use of the word Dam in front of another word we own the rights to the Dam and the use of the word Dam so if you don’t stop I am sending my Evil Lake Whores over to a church of your choosing and fooling you into taking them for a boat ride and then you will be imprisoned in your own home just like Blow Fish here is, where we have someone watching his house where we will be coming over every hour or so and beating the living shit out of you until you are dead or you sign over to us the rights to your boat and the insurance policy so you can’t file a claim of loss to the Police that answer to us because we own everything north of the Dam including the Dam Police so that was my last warning and we are prepared to kill you all if that is what it takes and we are not afraid to kill a pregnant woman and that’s what they get for getting pregnant anyway.


Gene Luciano: If I had more energy I would come up there right now but I am just too exhausted from working all night helping Marty with his Porn Production business with all those underage porn stars that have no experience and need direction so I am learning to be something of a porn director because Marty really knows nothing but stick that dick in that ass and yells close up and then spit on that cock and suck it off and spit on it again and then the camera zooms in on that so I am tired of him yelling at me and criticizing the way I hold the camera so now I am the director and yelling at him and criticizing the ways he is holding the camera and feel more like a director than the pervert you called me earlier and I am making a list here of what to do after I get some rest and it will be to feed Blow Fish to the sharks and then kill the Where’s Waldo Gang at the Dam Lake.


Where’s Waldo: OK I warned you Geno we are coming down there and killing you and taking over your Porn Production Business and showing you stupid Italians how we Mountain Bubbas do a Heathenistic sex movie up on the Dam Lake and so you are all goners and here is our man in charge of our Porn Production on Lake Lanier and its none other than the man with the Biggest Houseboat.


Biggest Houseboat: That’s right and that is my title and that is who I am along with running a Magazine College Con Artist Scam and Thieving Maid Service and also the Lake Lanier Heathenistic Porn Production and I hope you enjoyed your day out on the houseboat the other day Blow Fish and the ladies sure were all over you and why didn’t you join in on the Heathenistic Sex Ritual as they were all screwing the hell out of each other in any holes or hole they could find?


Blow Fish: I guess because I didn’t want you sticking a dick in my asshole and so I will not be dropping my board shorts around you bunch of Lake Hillbilly Fags that think you are a bunch of mountain men like you were up in the mountains and then the Army Corp of Engineers came up there and spent 20 years building a Lake and then flooded it which took another few years and then all of a sudden you are mountain fucking pissed off men being forced to live on a beautiful lake because you sold all your farmland to the state that made you rich and then you take it out on the city slickers and then you start killing them and taking their boats and locking them up in their own house which is Imprisonment and Terrorism and that is where I am now but I was on your Biggest Houseboat on the Lake and you are all such a bunch of liars. I have ran into so many people that have said they have met me on Dean’s Houseboat and I am sure you remember it because it’s the biggest one on the whole Damn Lake and that would make it the Biggest Dam Houseboat on the whole Dam Lake and it is not that at all, it is more like a strip club on the water with flat screen TVs and loud as hell huge fucking speakers and subwoofers like in a strip club or at an outdoor concert and the whole top deck is like a strip club runway and it reminds me of that Porn Producer down in West Palm Beach where he is producing porn in public right under the nose of the Police and they need to go over there and see what he is doing and search the boat while they are there because I already set him up on a controlled substance charge and that would be Moonshine because I sent a Revenuer on the boat and he grabbed a quart of Moonshine and then he stepped off the boat into the water and brought it over to me as I was standing there talking to an underage porn star or she was talking to me and he handed the Moonshine to me and we both took a sip to determine what it was and it was Apple Pie Moonshine and that is the most popular as I have heard and not the Lemon Drop which was popular and so the Revenuer took the evidence with him so there is the first charge and then the nudity I witnessed and then the Porn Production in public called Heathenism and also the underage girls involved which is Kiddy Porn and another charge and also the charge that he is using his own wife in the Porn Production because she is a beautiful classy woman who hit on my Blow Fish asshole and I just may have to take her away from him when I go back by there on this my Tiki Bar Tour where I am sailing around the coast of Florida and setting up all the Bale Makers and then getting them arrested for building a Tiki Bar and then hauling in the bales of marijuana and selling the bales and then selling alcohol and beer to underage kids and drugs and cocaine and prostitution and then killing the Bale Chaser and dragging his ass into the deep water and dumping his body and that will be the charge that Randy Gibson and AJ Laird are brought up on that they are guilty as hell of and are both going down on murder one so look for that announcement in the newspapers and also my death at the hands of the Where’s Waldo Gang and their Evil Lake Whores where the Con Artist and the Bait and the Enforcer and the whole gang are identified in the article and then they are sent up the river for life for my death so look for that in a few days after I escape and turn them in.


Randy Gibson: Blow Fish if you try to connect me with anything similar to murder one then I will be there to murder you and everyone around you including a pregnant woman who has your evil seed in her tummy and I will be seeing you sooner than later Bubba.


Blow Fish: Now Randy Fucking Implicating Himself to Murder Gibson you know I do not like being called Bubba. It’s an insult and I have warned you to leave my Evil Seed out of this or I will have you arrested when you take one step in that direction so you better watch your step asshole or you will be behind bars for Attempted Murder and so for the first Crime Report of the day in Destin FL leading to an Arrest Report is Conspiracy to Commit Murder by Randy Gibson and these charges are stacking up and going to be served Consecutively and not Concurrently so you will be up the river for life so pack a bag and get yourself a living will so you can come home to a house to die in because you kids could sell your shit and then leave town because you are the one who is the Evil One with the Evil Seed and I am doing the Lord’s Work here and my seed is just fine and if you don’t believe that then ask Taylor Swift and here she is.


Taylor Swift: Blow Fish cut the bull shit and come back to bed and rub my back I am so sore from that fuck fest you gave me last night and you better take it easy and stop fucking my brains out until I can’t see straight and all I can do is just lay there with a smile on my face quivering….


Terri Lynn: Now I know that is all about me and you are missing me and so I am on the way I will leave Maurice here to take photos of the Dam Traffic and the Damn Dam and head to your Lake House and you can do the same to me just never stop because I am not happy unless I have Blow Fish’s dick in my pussy.


Blow Fish: Now, Terri Lynn, I have company so just do what you normally do when I’m not alone and drive by my house at a high rate of speed so I can say there goes Terri Lynn again and you think we can’t see you because you are driving like 55 in a 25 mile an hour speed zone but we can and you are gong to get a ticket one day if you don’t slow down and whatever you do don’t stop and stare in the windows or you will be a Peeping Tom and get yourself arrested just Billy Bob and Fayla who are starring in the windows right now trying to get a peep of Taylor Swift and me having sex and so I am calling the Po Po and that would be the Dam Police.


Where’s Waldo: I am not repeating myself so stop using the word Dam in front of another word that is our possession and we possess everything north of the Dam and that would be you and your house and your boat and I told you if you call the Dam Police which we own we will kill you so you better back off that phone call and we will deal with Billy Bob and Fayla and get them locked up in a house of their own and steal all their stuff which I believe is involved in a tax evasion investigation so look for that real soon and then they will not be Peeping Tomming around no more and that will be the end of their criminal career and them too and all their assets and so goodbye you fucking perverts that tell lies and ruin people’s lives with you lies to cover up your own lies so goodbye Billy Bob and Fayla and enjoy your time in the slammer.


Billy Bob: We were just looking and didn’t mean no harm and didn’t think you would care and we can’t help it. I just love to stick my nose where it don’t belong and don’t know how to stop or keep my mouth shut so I am gone and will not be Peeping Tomming around no more and I am sorry now for what I did and will send you a complete apology as soon as I learn how to apologize because all I know how to do is tell lies and never apologize and I would like to invite you to go for a boat ride and we will settle this over a Bottle of Captain Morgan and I do mean of the Glass variety and I do mean over your head and that will be the end of you.


Blow Fish: Now Billy Bob Attempted Murder will not help you get off a Pepping Tom and Tax Evasion charge so you better calm down and try and get Fayla to give you a blowjob, she must be good for something other than stinking up to high heaven with that skanky pussy of her’s which I believe is what a yeast infection is so try getting a blow job and just chill out.


Fayla: I am not putting his dick in my mouth because he keeps putting it in other whore’s pussy and up their asshole so I will never give him another blowjob and will never keep my pussy clean without an active yeast infection just to teach him a lesson unless you admit that you had sex with that stripper and it wasn’t him and admit that in front of all our friends because all I care about is what other people think about me so come clean and tell the truth and then maybe I will give him a blow job.


Blow Fish: Forget it and I will not repeat myself again so just read back and he should have married that nice Ms Georgia Beauty Queen he dated and left your ass in Columbus GA because she was a lady and knew how to keep a clean house which he was uncomfortable around because he is white trash and wanted a white trash woman just like his mother so he married you and deserves what he got so screw you both and enjoy what you both deserve which is what you are getting and they are coming because I alerted them and if you are hiding a murder or two then there is another warning because we have a murderer in your midst and it ain’t AJ Laird and his partner in murdering that Randy Fucking You Over Gibson it’s Dean Baird and everyone in business with him is guilty and they are going down on trafficking charges and so I will see you all in jail and Martin Levin do not call in because it will not help your father Fred Levin. I warned you and you did nothing and so now I owe you nothing and never did so there kiss all your asses goodbye and Greenburg stay at home cousin who I am destroying here by mentioning you on the Big Show which is just a for fun blog and so if you aren’t having fun then you better stay home and tell Carol you won’t be going to the Gaming Room tonite and then if you aren’t having fun then you can change the channel and go to another Big Show where I will be investigating the Iranian Mafia because it has come to my attention that these are the baddest mother fuckers in the world and the Where’s Waldo Gang is just a bunch of Mountain Faggots screwing men in the asshole and making them squeal like a pig and they threatened to do that to me but they said that I would just tell the whole world that they are a bunch of faggots and so I will just say they are a bunch of loser faggots and going to jail as soon as I make a phone call because they thought I only had one cell phone but I got tons of phones cause I got tons of criminals to lock up like the Iranian Mafia and that’s not who they are but they are meaner than hell and they will just slit your throat and then piss on your burning carcass after they pour gas on you and then light you on fire so I will just call them the Iranian Mafia or the Albanian Mafia but I like the Iranian Mafia for now so I can sneak up on them so watch for that coming up in a Big Show in the near future where I sail around the big Island of Long Island from Bar to Bar setting them all up and work my way up to their Big Boss Man and then whine up getting my Blow Fish asshole murdered when they slit my throat and then piss on my burning Blow Fish carcass after they pour gas on me and then light me on fire up in New York City and then my Blow Fish asshole comes back to life at the last minute and sells a million books and movies and then retire in my Penthouse Mansion in the Sky in Downtown Manhattan where Randy Gibson will never be able to find me.

So I am about to call the Police on the Where’s Waldo Gang and their Evil Lake Whores and also the Billy Bob and Fayla Peeping Tom Gang and forgot to call my buddy Kenny Chesney who has been out on tour but not me because I do not have time to go on a concert tour and sing back up with Kenny Chesney again like I did at Tootsies in Nashville because I have to finish my Tiki Bar Tour and then I will be joining him and his Flip Flop Nation in the BVI so Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome my friend and country music star Kenny Chesney and go ahead, Bobby.


Audience: Applause!!


Kenny Chesney: That’s my line and I have finished my tour and I am headed down to the islands I will not be disclosing where I have my boat hidden so the Where’s Waldo Gang can’t come and steal it and torture me in my own Tiki Hut and so I am worried about you Bobby and I mean Blow Fish so why don’t you just call the police and then tell them to come rescue you and Taylor Swift?


Blow Fish: That’s all Blow Fish bull shit I had to tell Taylor to leave or they would have killed our unborn baby and I am here alone and I have to sit here and pretend to be terrorized and imprisoned so I can have them arrested on Terrorism Charges so they go away for a long time along with Kidnapping and Attempted Murder charges just the way I set up Gene Luciano.


Kenny Chesney: Now are you talking about those Evil Peeping Tom people or the Where’s Waldo Gang and those Evil Lake Whores and I think I have met them before and they will steal all your shit and take it and call it a souvenir and so watch your ass because they think that all I own is a souvenir that they can just keep it if I turn my back on them so watch them.


Blow Fish: They aren’t like that those are called your fans and that’s what Billy Bob does when you turn your back on your shit and he just says you forfeited your ownership of it by leaving it sitting around where he can steal it and so it’s your loss and his gain and then he steals it just like my Jost Van Dyke Yacht Club Hat. I’m not talking about that it’s these Where’s Waldo guys that force their Evil Lake Whores to help them steal boats my making them set up the boat owners and if they don’t they beat the living shit out of them. They make these beautiful women join the gang at an early age and they make them have sex with the men in the gang and they are a horrible group of bloodthirsty asshole criminals and some of the worst people I have ever met and they think they are doing something of a community service by getting rid of the city slicker boaters and keeping the lake from filling up with their boats but it’s not filled up at all and the boats they steal keep coming back and now they steal the larger boats and sell them to other city slickers and then probably kill those boaters and then steal the same boat again and sell it to another city slicker and this keeps going on and on and they have to be stopped so I am just sitting here letting them torture me and terrorize me into giving them my boat title and I still have the title to the last boat they stole and will be investigating where it went and who sold it and forged the new title and who will be arrested for that boat thief after they locked me in my house and told me not to use the phone or call the police or leave the house and I did this to set them up on a Terrorism Charge so this is charge number 2 and soon they will all be in jail and the Dam Police too if they try to stop the FBI and they will and they will be arrested too and that will make a lovely story where you have Police arresting Police and then maybe the Police will start being a lot more responsible and soon down in Pensacola FL where the Tiki Bar Tour started there will be a big Ole Roundup of the whole Legal System there were I investigated what happens to someone when they move there and set up shop and then the local Bubbas decide to have the Police lock you up time and time again to run you out of town because you are their competition and they don’t want no competition and that is coming up when I sent up the attorneys and the local Court System and even the Clerk of the Court who is my Vegas Show Girl and my X Attorney Friend who is working for that Big Ole Boss Man up in Atlanta, I call Brevard and that’s not his name but where he is from and no one knows where he is from by that is it and soon we will all know who he is and what he is doing to the good people of the SE and he is the Biggest Crook in the SE of the US of A and he will make a big ole splash when he goes down just like you when you dive off the top of your boat down in the BVI and I will see you there when I get finished with my Tiki Bar Tour and I can’t wait to get finished so I am speeding things up so I can see you in the BVI during the Holidays so I will see you then.


Kenny Chesney: Sounds good Bobby so I will see you there and I will be on my boat with my Barefoot Nation Flag and what about that guy that is disrespecting my whole Flip Flop Nation by including one of my flags in his Porn Production filmed on a boat in broad daylight right under the Police nose in West Palm Beach?


Blow Fish: I haven’t forgotten about him and just may go down there and steal his wife and keep her for myself because he is just using her in his Porn Films and doesn’t respect or love her and she is a beautiful woman and so I may just sweep her up and keep her as I lock him up for his crimes against humanity by including your flag in his Porn Production and ruining your good Flip Flop Nation as a whole.


Kenny Chesney: I can’t wait to hear how that turns out and good luck with the Where’s Waldo Gang and Iranian Mafia and also Taylor Swift and your new Evil Seed.


Terri Lynn: So if Taylor Swift has left I am pulling in because I am getting tired of driving by your house at 55 miles an hour and spying on you and can’t see anything anyway but Billy Bob and Fayla the Peeping Tom Gang getting run off by the Where’s Waldo Gang and I can smell Fayla’s pussy from the street at 55 miles an hour and she is some Super Skank and it smells like a yeast infection to me so I guess I will just wait for the Gang to leave and pull in so you can take care of me like only you can do Honey.


Blow Fish: Well I am not alone when Jennifer from Sugarland heard that Taylor Swift had been told to leave to protect our Baby Girl she thought that was her sign to come on over because she is always asking me to please send her money so she can come over for allot more bliss and allot less hard time and she knows what her knees are for so I am busy giving her a lot more bliss for sure and will have to catch you later Bye.


Terri Lynn: Now if anybody is getting some more money it is me because I am the only receiver of your charitable donation and I know what my knees are for too and so I am here and I am coming in to collect my money and Oh my God the Where’s Waldo Gang has the whole damn house surrounded and I am getting out of here before they kidnap me and make me one of their Evil Lake Whores and make me work in their Prostitution Ring and lure city slicker boat owners into taking them out on their boats so they can steal them and imprison them in their own homes so I am out of here.


Blow Fish: I tried to warn you. If they catch you then you are in their gang and they will beat you to death if you don’t do what they say. All their women have that fresh just been beaten to death look about them just like me.


Where’s Waldo Gang Leader: Now I warned you to stop saying that we beat our Evil Lake Whores to make them do our evil work and that is your last warning. We don’t need you starting any more shit with our women. You are only getting the living shit beat out of them by involving them in your plot to set us up and we will never stop what we do because we are like a rabid dog and a parasite on society and stop referring to our Evil Lake Whores as Super Skank.


Gene Luciano: Now I know that parasite on society comment is about me and you are trying to set me up as a terrorist and a parasite on society in Naples FL and that is not so. The good people of Naples can afford a new TV and I can’t so I will just steal theirs when I shoot a hole in mine with my 22 caliber assassination weapon with the suppression chamber that I keep forgetting to take off when I clean it and then I have to send the whole damn gun off with the cleaning rod stuck in the end of it because I forgot to remove the suppression chamber before I cleaned it and you call it a silencer for those that don’t know what a suppression chamber is and I wish you would stop telling your audience that I was stupid enough to do that and also shoot you a moon and I am not a parasite because my victims can afford thief insurance and then they just file a claim and get a new TV and then we come back around when we get the new code to their gated subdivision and then we steal the new TV as well and then we start all over again and now I have a new TV so I can shoot it again when that actor holds up that Blow Fish and says if it looks good eat it and I got confused and shoot the TV again damn it Blow Fish you son of a bitch and I missed you again they hold your Blow Fish asshole up so fast I can never get a clear shot at you but one day I will and that will be the end of you and my replacement TV problem so I will have my crew steal another TV and there I just got a text and they have a new one so here I go to go get it at my gang’s illegal company store where I sell what my gang steals and they have to shop there before they can go to Wal-Mart and buy anything or I will beat the hell out of them just like the Where’s Waldo Gang and don’t even think about describing the time I Kidnapped you and threw you in my House of Detention and Imprisoned you there for 4 months and took everything from you including your freedom which is called Terrorism and stole all your shit including your boat in the marina where I told you to leave it so don’t even start on me and that is my last warning.


Blow Fish: Thank you once again for all the confessions but you forgot to mention how cheap you are and how you forced me to pay rent for your House Detention and how I had to sail around all over Florida committing crimes for you and doing your evil work as you called it like setting up your drug smuggling competition in the Florida Keys who stopped buying Cocaine from you and started their own smuggling operation where they bring it in their own boats.


Gene Luciano: That’s not what I told you to do I told you to go down to Key West where you already had a boat in the marina where their drug distribution headquarters were and you found out that they hide their drugs in a freight container with a padlock on the door out by the street and every morning they mix up synthetic cocaine and then sell it to the tourist in the bars on Duval St and it only last for a day and then it is lethal and deadly because it has a shelf life of 24 hours so they tell the tourist that they need to snort it that day and buy some more the next day and they don’t always do that and then they get sick and sometimes die so I told you to go tell Hogfish Bob to stop making his own Cocaine and buy the real shit from me and those were my instructions so what the hell are you talking about.


Blow Fish: I was just letting you complete your confession. I did what you said and went down and met with Hogfish Bob and he set me up with his head of drug distribution on Stock Island and I set him up with a beautiful blond DEA agent inside the bar that they use as their front for drug distribution and then the Gang threatened to kill my Blow Fish asshole so I had to get the hell out of town because those characters believe that they are real pirates and then you told me to sail north up to Ft Lauderdale where this bar owner Kenny your competition owns 5 bars on Ft Lauderdale Beach including the world famous Elbow Room and you told me to set him up so you could take over their business and I think one of your assassins caught me there at the Elbow Room and tried to shot me and  missed me and hit the doorman and then you instructed me to go on up to Deerfield Beach and take over Amante’s that Italian Restaurant that Bob owns so you could start your own business in Boca Raton by stealing a restaurant as your evil headquarters for crime in the Boca Raton area.


Gene Luciano: That’s right and then while you were in Miami you went to a concert at Bayside Park and after the Show you embarrassed the shit out of me by trying to take over a Sushi Restaurant in downtown Miami behind the concert hotel just for fun or just to embarrass me.


Blow Fish: Geno they were serving sushi in those little boats floating around in a little river and the sushi just sits in the boat all day and floats around in a circle until it isn’t worth eating anymore and I know how you feel about a Restaurant wasting fresh fish and so I had to end their horrible business practice of serving rotten sushi.


Gene Luciano: Then they don’t deserve to be in business if they are serving rotten fish and while you were there you set up this guy from Naples FL that is selling marijuana on the internet in fancy candy.


Blow Fish: That’s right his candy business is world famous but it is just a front for his marijuana distribution and I set him up at the concert and he confessed that he puts weed in the candy and each piece taste exactly like a desert like Banana’s Foster or Tiramisu and his customers love the little pieces of candy that taste just like the desert but they are really just addicted to the drugs in the sweets and he is world famous for his candy.


Gene Luciano: Yes that guy is getting rich too and shipping his drugs in candy all over the world and then you went up to Fort Lauderdale where I set you up in the Elbow Room bar with a video that looked like you were dancing with a Gay man in a Gay bar and I hired an actor and his film crew to set you up so I could show your sister that you had turned Gay and she would disown you so Bob Taylor could go ahead and kill her and we can steal all your wealth that he is saving for me.


Blow Fish: I remember that guy and his team of assholes that you use to blackmail your victims and I was actually hitting on an attractive young woman with a fresh set of plastic titties in his crew that they used to set me up and not your actor pretending to be a faggot and he acted more like a cartoon character than a Gay guy and then I set up Kenny who’s family owns the Elbow Room and all the Restaurants on the strip on Ft Lauderdale beach and made it look like he was Gay because you told he was Gay but he is really a nice guy but you were trying to black ball him with his family just like me so you could take over their business by setting him up as a faggot dancing with a man in one of their own bars at Hunters Pub where I hang out when I’m in town and then at Blue Martini in the Galleria your nigger prostitutes were always trying to give me freebies but I don’t like the dark meat like you do.


Gene Luciano: I never told those whores to give you a freebie and why don’t you like the dark meat? It is the juiciest of the pussies and they will take it in the asshole as well.


Blow Fish: All your whores offer up that asshole when they are giving me freebies Geno and it is a shame you never get any when you want it so bad and soon I will be setting up a Dentist that is spending millions on his nigger prostitute in the Clearwater FL area and we will find out how he is writing that off on his taxes and if he is calling it a prostitution expense or a second home expense or an investment property expense when he is audited by the IRS and has to explain why he has a Five Million Dollar Home on the Gulf of Mexico with a Nigger Prostitute that he bought and paid Hundreds of Thousand of Dollars for so he owns her ass but treats her like a princess and drives her around in his Black and White Rolls with the red leather interior like he is her chauffeur and he treats her like a princess and she treats him like she owns his ass and I guess that is what he needs to make his sex life complete and I guess what he needs is when she beats the hell out of him with her whip just like the way Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson likes it and soon he will be answering the same questions from the IRS just like you Gene Luciano so that is coming up very soon so watch out.


Gene Luciano: Leave me out of that investigation I have no comment to those questions and then after you finished in Ft Lauderdale I told you to go to Atlanta GA and work for your competition and did you do as I instructed you to do because you seem to have a problem following my instructions?


Blow Fish: Yes I did do as you instructed me to do and I know that you are just wasting my time with all these assignments while you and Bob Taylor’s Big Ole Boss Brevard up in Atlanta are setting up my sister to steal all our wealth.


Gene Luciano: After that I told you to move to Destin FL and I called you there to make sure you knew I was watching you and knew you were there and why didn’t you answer my call when I took time out of my busy day thieving and stealing and setting up other businessmen just like you to give you a call so why didn’t you answer the phone?


Blow Fish: I have already told you that I had nothing to say to you asshole so I am not taking your threatening phone calls and that is why you had to set me up in a public place in Naples FL in the first place.


Gene Luciano: So I sent you to Destin FL where Charles Morgan with the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang was supposed to set you up and have you arrested and thrown in jail where they would have one of their Bubba gang members in the jail cut your throat in your sleep in your cell in the Okaloosa County Jail and that hasn’t happened so why aren’t you already dead so we can kill your sister and be done with both of you and start on another family with wealth that we can set up?


Blow Fish: Well I guess you should have made a deal with a more intelligent gang and not a bunch of worthless Hillbilly Faggots similar to the Where’s Waldo Gang and all the Harbor Dock Gang knows how to do is screw over their customers and if they give them any trouble they drug them and have them arrested for a DUI which is what they did to me and if they are waiting for me to be incarcerated in the Okaloosa County Jail where they are going to kill me in my sleep then they will have to come get me because I am not turning myself in so I can be murdered by their Gang member in the jail or by your Gang member in your jail so I am not following those orders so you can go to fucking hell Geno, that was not our deal and so go fuck yourself and find another moron to steal their wealth and leave me the fuck alone.


Gene Luciano: Then we will have to come and get you and turn you into the Okaloosa County Jail so they can finish their job because they have been paid in full when you were arrested for the DUI so they have screwed up and will have to finish their job so we are coming after you so where are you again and don’t even answer that question, I will just pay someone for the Intel to locate you and come take you out of where ever you are and plant your asshole in the Okaloosa County Jail where your throat will be cut in your sleep and you will bleed out and be deader than shit by morning and the jail will report your death by natural causes like they always do or a suicide which is almost impossible for you to cut your own throat but I guess it could be done so I guess they would just say you hung yourself and then they will throw your ass in the Incinerator and turn you into ashes and call the next of kin and that would be your sister and Bob Taylor will say we don’t need to get involved with that Carol so tell them to dispose of his ashes and then Okaloosa County will do what they always do and throw the ashes in the garbage can and have a trustee haul you out to the dumpster and then haul you off to the County Landfill and that will be the end of you and that is how we get rid of you rich assholes in the Southeast United States that have wealth that you don’t deserve and you didn’t work for it or even steal it, you were just given all that money and real estate so we are taking it and dividing it up and you and your sister will never be seen again and Bob Taylor will drug your sister and drive her insane and then she will be committed to an Insane Asylum where she will be dispersed the wrong drug and will die as the result of an overdose which will also be called natural causes and that is how we deal with you people when we throw you in an Insane Asylum and they have set her up with a Violent Arrest Charge so she has a history of Violent Behavior and I think it was Aggravated Assault and all she did was slap one of Brevard’s whores that was sleeping with Bob behind Carol’s back and she caught them in bed together and so Carol slapped her across the face when she opened the door and said “Carol what are you doing here and what do you want” and their Big Ole Boss up in Atlanta Brevard set the whole thing up by opening a church in a car dealership where there was a Skate Board Park operating during the week and Brevard made a deal to rent the space for a Church on Sunday morning in a closed Car Dealership of all places and then he moved two of his Gang members in next door to your sister’s house in Columbus Ga and then Brevard’s Gang got her fired at her job and then the Gang members living next door invited her to go to church with them in the fake church in the skateboard park where she met Bob Taylor posing as a local Attorney and then the pastor which was another Gang member acting as the minister introduced her to Bob Taylor and suggested that she apply for a job at Bob’s Law Practice where he was pretending to be an Attorney but was actually a gofer delivering legal documents like closing statements and getting clients to sign them and your sister is so stupid she couldn’t see through the fact that he wasn’t an attorney at all and then Bob Taylor set your mother up and stole Twenty Thousand Dollars at Christmas dinner at your mother’s house and then excused himself to go to work where he delivered the money to us which is myself and Brevard in Atlanta GA so we could divide it up and I am still waiting for my share of your worth so turn yourself in or I am coming for you and delivering your ass to the Okaloosa County Jail like the concerned citizen that I am so we will be coming for you very soon.


Blow Fish: Geno you can kiss my ass and you will have to find me before the FBI finds you and your son and your whole gang and locks you and the whole Brevard gang up including Bob Taylor and closes all of Ken Nuggents Law Firm locations and all of Brevard’s other illegal businesses he owns and takes all your shit away from you and locks up your kids as well so I would suggest that you tell that hothead son of your’s to not put up a fight because he is going down too.


Gene Luciano: Now I told you to keep my son out of this and all my children as well and I will leave your children alone.


Blow Fish: If you take a step toward my children you are going down for Attempted Murder as well and you will never see the light of day so I am warning you again to back off my kids Geno.


Gene Luciano: Then stay away for my children and I will stay away from your children because that was our deal.


Blow Fish: I will not repeat myself you will have to read back to Day One of the Big Show where I said a was on my Tiki Bar Tour where I was sailing from Tiki Bar to Tiki Bar setting up friends, relatives, and their children and that includes your son and our deal was I would leave my boat at the City Dock Marina in Naples and you wouldn’t kill my children and then I said I would take down your whole gang when I come back around and I am on my way. I am leaving Lake Lanier and headed your way and your gang is going down including your head of security as you call him and that is your son so get ready and tell him not to put up a fight or he might get himself shot Geno so there I have warned you again to control your hotheaded son Paul or he may be listed in the Fatality Report of the Day in Naples FL in the near future and you know what I mean so get ready I am on my way.


Gene Luciano: If you come anywhere close to Naples I will come and get you and plant your ass in the Collier County Landfill where all my victims go. I am not warning you again. It is my responsibility to get rid of you by any means and that means murder and Brevard up in Atlanta is responsible for getting rid of your sister by anymeans as well so I am running out of time and getting desprete and coming for you so where are you and never mind I have your location from the Intel I bought and I am coming for you very soon.


Blow Fish: You will never find me! I am where you will never look.


Gene Luciano: I remember where that is from when we set you up and we are coming for you and why hasn’t the Where’s Waldo Gang assassinated you like they promised to do?


Blow Fish: Well they tried but I convinced their Evil Lake Whores that I was more valuable to them alive than dead so they are allowing me to live so I can buy another boat and set them up again.


Gene Luciano: What kind of a moron would set you up and then allow you to live and then let you buy another boat so you could set him up again?


Blow Fish: That would be you Geno, you fucking dumb asshole Italian Ape! You are the stupid moron that allowed me to live after you imprisoned me in your House of Detention and agreed to let me write a blog to keep myself busy while I was imprisoned so your gang could read it and laugh at me and then the whole SE of the US of A started reading it and soon the whole world so you are the moron Geno.


Gene Luciano: Ok that does it, you can’t speak to me like that I am coming to where ever you are and blowing your Blow Fish brains right out of your fucking head so where are you and I’m bringing my hot-headed son with the itchy trigger finger and we are coming to take you out and do you and plant your asshole in the Collier County Landfill so here I come and so where the hell are you Blow Fish?


Blow Fish: Just sit there and wait I am coming to you there’s no sense in you driving around trying to find me I will just walk right into your Aqua Bar and Grill and you can poison me with the poison in the free bottle of wine that comes with the dinner special which is 2 entrees for $40.95 and a free bottle of wine and the poison is in the wine and there is a parasite in the wine that makes you sick and you are the parasite in Naples FL that makes the citizens there sick and tired of getting their TVs stolen and so we are going to take you out Geno before you die and your gang splits and becomes a bunch of rival gangs that aren’t controlled by anyone and just stealing from everyone even your neighbors cause you won’t let them steal from your neighbors in the good part of town and when they start doing that there will be big trouble and your hot-headed son will try and control the fucking mess and then there will be a bigger mess than what you have there now so watch out you are going down soon and I mean soon and as I start the Crime Report we will be looking at your crimes each day so for the Crime Report of the day Gene Luciano fired a firearm at his TV in the City of Naples which is against the law and then stole a TV from a citizen of Collier County and then fired his handgun again and shot that TV and then stole another TV and that is a typical day’s work for Gene Luciano and his Naples Gang as they call themselves and we will also be looking at the similarities in the way the Where’s Waldo Gang is going down for Terrorism and Kidnapping just like the way Gene Luciano kidnapped me and imprisoned me in his House of Detention for 4 months and took away all my freedom which is called Terrorism and then stole all my worldly possessions like my boat and my business in Naples FL and took away all that I owned and then made me work for him without pay for 3 months doing his evil deeds and I will be putting a monetary value on those damages and asking to be reimbursed Geno so you can look for that total entered into the court records as an exhibit.


Gene Luciano: That was your fault! You made me shoot my TV twice so I am taking that out on your Blow Fish asshole and blowing your Blow Fish brains out and so get ready I am coming up to Lake Lanier to make another attempt on your life and killing another dozen innocent bystanders so here I come with my hot-headed pickup driving son.


Blow Fish: Well I am headed to Panama City to sail across the Gulf of Mexico to Clearwater FL so you can just wait for me in Naples or meet me in Panama City where I will be tomorrow because I am finished with the Where’s Waldo Gang and informing on them to the FBI and letting them take down the whole gang at one time including their Evil Lake Whores who gave me freebies and promised to let me go so I can come back and service them again.

Please check back in tomorrow to find out if Geno finally catches my Blow Fish asshole and plants me in the Collier County landfill or cuts me up in the kitchen at the Aqua Bar and Grill and serves Blow Fish as the special of the day which is 2 entrees for $40.95 and a free bottle of wine and the poison is in the wine and I am on the special of the day board outside by the Matradee that is wearing a dress that looks like a suit or a suit that looks like a dress or a cross-dressing hostess and please enjoy the horrid video at the end of the blog by clicking on the link. It’s the Squeal Like a Pig sex scene from the movie Deliverance and you will see why the Where’s Waldo Gang in action and it’s no wonder they can’t satisfy their own women because they are Hillbilly Fags just like the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and Faggot Paul and his Gay Orgy Group and this Hillbilly Fag Style of Sex is something of a Gay Revolution in the SE of the US of A these days and so watch the video so you will understand the mentality of the criminals that I am dealing with here and so you can protect yourself from them because they are truly some sick individuals “fir sure” as Jennifer from Sugarland is always saying to me.


Taylor Swift: Blow Fish what the hell was that bull shit about?


I hope you enjoyed the Big Show today and found the topic interesting but if you weren’t amused with this just for fun fantasy blog where nothing is real and all of the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone is guilty as hell then just turn the page and read something else because this is just an expression of my free speech protected by the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution and if you aren’t having fun then find something else to do because this blog is all just a bunch fantasy Blow Fish bull shit anyway.