Welcome to the Big Show and if this is your first visit please start reading back at Day One and then catch up so you will know who the characters are and what part you might already be playing in the plot and if you are returning then welcome back and this is the next day of the Big Show and we are finished with all that Blow Fish bull shit and if you don’t know what that means then stop asking me to repeat myself and start reading back at Day One and catch up or you are going to miss something and I will not stand for anymore interruptions and we are moving on with the Crime Report and the Arrest Report and this should shorten my day and your read and save us all a bunch of headaches and eye straining if you are having a hard time reading the blog on your cheap ass gangster flip cell phone Gene Luciano then buy a better cell phone with GPS on it so I can find your asshole and I can’t change the quality of the photo of Geno’s asshole because I had 3 cell phones back then and now I have had a hundred but back when I only had 3 phones because I was only setting up 3 assholes and now it’s hundreds and so Geno I can’t fix your picture taken by an early model android cell phone that had such a poor quality camera it wasn’t worth using and so I will start the Big Show with the Crime Report. Oh I almost forgot the music of the day and the music on this day of the Big Show is dedicated to Stacy with an I and if you don’t know why she has with an I after her name then read back to Day One and stop asking me to repeat myself because I can hear you Geno and cut the shit and get back to committing crimes so you can increase you jail time and I heard you couldn’t find your son yesterday and then the Police released him and was only roughed up a little for being a Hothead like Randy Fucking You Over Gibson who needs to chill out too and stop being such a Hothead and a real asshole to Stacy with an I who is your reader of the Big Show since you are too stupid to read for yourself and I guess your mother never taught you how to play well with others or clean up your room or to read about your upcoming arrest for yourself or how to hide your shit, so you better hide your shit better than you are now and not put up a fight when they come for you in your rental SUV with the handgun under the seat that you are driving because you are screwing someone’s wife and her husband carries a gun and will blow your head off when he finds out that you are fucking him over behind his back just like you are doing to all of us here on the Big Show with your mild mannered real estate developer disguise and so as we start the Crime Report there will be less bull shit just like that and more of the shit hitting the fan so if you missed all the bull shit then read back because that is the good part and the Crime Report is just a bunch of bull shit and the Arrest Report is the bull shit hitting the fan and I have a caller but first the song of the day is “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off” by Joe Nichols and if you know Stacy with an I then you know how she loses all her clothes and her shoes and her credit card and her cell phone and everything she has with her and then comes home in a tangled cloth from drinking shots of Patron so this is her song and her day on the Big Show to show her ass and the junk that is in her trunk and soon I will be the junk in Gene Luciano’s trunk and he will be hauling my ass off to the Collier County Landfill and I have a caller and Ladies and Gentleman the star of the Big Show none other than Gene Luciano.


Audience: Applause!


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch I want to know how you knew that my son got pulled over for speeding in Old Naples and was pulled out of the truck and thrown on the ground and searched and was being held and I had to send someone over there with his hand gun license and what the hell do you have to do with that and my son’s speeding ticket and why did they rough him up don’t those cops know he is my son and not to fuck with Gene Luciano?


Blow Fish: Well Geno I think you are responsible for all of that happening and should answer your own questions. You are the self appointed Mayor of Old Naples and I am just the elected Mayor of Historic Downtown Roswell where people freely choose me as their fearless leader by electing me and you are more of an asshole dictator that terrorizes people into voting for him who has set the speed limit at 25 miles per hour on all the streets in Old Naples and then you gave your son who is a grown adult man a big ole pickup truck that’s loud as hell and fast as hell and then you call your son up and say “Get the hell over here quick and explain this mess to me and why the hell are my burglars keeping all the good DVDs for themselves and giving me this crap that isn’t worth even watching on TV much less selling and hurry up” so why don’t you change the speed limit and stop having your thugs steal all the DVDs from your victims and have them be more selective about what they steal and just take the newer released DVDs that you haven’t seen yet and then you can watch those and then sell them in your company store where your gang or crew or a bunch of assholes just like yourself have to shop for the very DVDs that they stole for you and you paid them next to nothing for so from my experience they just give the good DVDs to their friends because you give them such a small reward for stealing them anyway and I set up a couple of your thugs and had them working for me and they had DVDs in their cars and they would just gave me one and I tried to return it so they could give it to you but they said just keep it I already have another copy at home and so it is all your fault that your son was thrown down on the ground because he wouldn’t stop saying “Do you know who I am?” when the Arresting Officer said “Step out of the car and don’t touch that handgun” and your son’s response was “Do you know who I am?” so if he can’t follow instructions then that is your fault. I taught my kids to follow instructions and then they did what I asked them to do and they cleaned up their own mess and you keep cleaning up Paul’s crap and then you just create some more so I wouldn’t blame him or the Arresting Officer and would just accept the blame myself and then just stop being such a dictator and less of a dick and how do you like your photo and do not complain about the quality of the photo because it looked good on the cell phone and looks like shit here and so do you, so go ahead and get started Geno and give me your opinion of the photo of your asshole.
Gene's buttGene Luciano: I want that photo taken down and if you put it back up I will get in my car and come and kill you so take it down and stay away from my son and his legitimate business as a car salesman at my legitimate car dealership in Naples FL in an undisclosed location and I do mean you will not be disclosing that location or I will be coming to your location and taking you out for a test drive in the trunk of my car and planting your ass in the Collier County Landfill where the front end loader operator will be offered a fifty to cover your ass up but all I got is a twenty so here you go and so will you so stay off my boys ass and leave by business associates alone with their search for the DVDs I need and they are too stupid to know which DVDs I need so they are told to take them all and get the hell out of there and not stand around deciding which ones I have in stock and which ones I don’t have in stock which are the ones I need so I can watch them once and then sell them so I do not need your advice on how to run my legitimate company store and I have found a good place to sell my overstocked items and it is called Craigslist where there are people that rent warehouses and then fill them up with shit and those weirdo’s come by and buy all the crap I have in my store which is a store and not a warehouse so don’t compare what I do to those weirdo’s that collect junk because they are buying me out weekly when I have a rummage sale on Craigslist where I let the public come in my store and rummage around and buy what they want and not what they need because who the hell needs another used flat screen TV and who would have thought the price would have come so far down on a used TV that it is almost worthless so there you have my answer stay off my son’s ass and leave my store alone and my car dealership and my car sales force alone and leave me alone and take down that porn photo of my better side and I think I look good and do not think my ass looks fat like Julie’s and I don’t think I look normal or above average and so that is my response.




Randy Gibson: Mr. Luciano I have a similar business as you and I would love to come rummage throw your junk I mean your store and see if you have anything that I would like to add to my collection because I am building a warehouse and already have several buildings full of junk I mean my collection so I am interested in any of your overstocked items that I might be able to take off your hands.


Blow Fish: Randy Fucking Yourself Over Gibson you have enough junk Scum Bucket and need to throw what you have out because you are going away and leaving all that junk to your kids and they will have to haul it the landfill and Geno wants top dollar for his inventory and you are too cheap to pay a dime so leave it alone and get ready to go up the river for a long stay. Now Geno if your balls were shorter I think the photo would look better so the next time you shoot me a moon don’t pull your pants down so far like you are waiting for someone to pop a dick in your asshole and then we won’t have to look at your low hanging ball sack or at least have the common decency to have your bags cut off so we don’t have to look at them at all and I have asked your Number 1 Wife Julie to cut them off and I guess she hasn’t gotten to that or your upcoming blow job from what I am hearing from you and Geno I would like to introduce you to the Long Arm of the Law or the person that is coming to take you away and you are about to meet her and here she is Geno to explain the song of the day and your son’s upcoming court date with destiny.


The Long Arm of the Law: I know what this song is about and it is a sex position known as Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off and that is where the woman drinks Tequila and then her clothes fall off in public and it is a Heathanistic Sex Ritual from there on till she wakes up the next morning and can’t find any of her shit including her cell phone and has to relocate everything she owns so she can get going.


Blow Fish: Well I was sure it was Doggie Style but I will go with your answer and we will move on.


The Long Arm of the Law: I wouldn’t rule out Doggie Style and that upcoming court date where the charges have not been specified in the Police Report which is the Crime Report in Naples FL and the crime was speeding and possession of a hand gun without having a license and resisting arrest and then being thrown on the ground and more resisting the arrest and then a whole lot of profanity and I called the Police and they also arrested him for being Gene Luciano’s son because that’s all he could say was I am Gene Luciano’s son so he is gong down for being your son Mr. Luciano.


Gene Luciano: Look I said back off my son and I meant it and I’m not fucking around here and if I have to come over there then someone is losing their fucking job because me and the Police Chief are buddies and I will call him at home in the middle of the night if I need to so back off my sons arrest on bull shit charges that will soon be dropped.


Blow Fish: I am hearing a different story on my end Geno because I hear that you are pissing off the Police Chief with your phone calls in the middle of the night with all your bitching as the concerned citizen and snitching on speeders and people that cross you so you better back off the local Police you are only implicating them in your crimes and getting them in trouble and then they will roll over on you and then they will say I had no idea he was stealing cars and that is the Crime Report today for Naples FL where Gene Luciano has threatened the Long Arm of the Law and stolen a few DVDs that he doesn’t need anyway and a flat screen TV that is worthless and so that is a stupid crime if you can’t sell it so how do you stay in business if all you have is an illegal car dealership and so lets go to Destin FL with the Crime Report and Randy Gibson is on the scene at the Cabana Bar to report the crimes followed up by the reporting of the arrest and that would be the Arrest Report so go ahead Randy Gibson the man on the scene.


Randy Gibson: I was out last night and didn’t see you at the Cabana Bar but I heard there were a bunch of people arrested for public nudity and having sex in public and there were a bunch of Pimps and Whores over from Mobile AL to eat free Chicken and Waffles and drink free shots of Patron and I got the hell out of there before I got tied into the whole affair and heard that Sir Ron told off color Nigger jokes and pissed off all the Pimps and Whores and then told Stupid Bubba jokes and pissed off all the Redneck Bubbas and Redneck Whores and Shriek tried to control the crowd but lost control and everyone went to jail including that Faggot Paul who was having sex with Spring Blake at the time of the Police raid and they said that Paul isn’t Paul at all and that’s just his Sex Name and that his real name is Jim Peacock and he is a Real Estate Broker Big Shot posing as a Racketeer running Prostitution in the Cabana Bar for extra income and mainly just to get fucked in the asshole and I am glad that I left because I would not want to get my good name in the Newspaper just like the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang did to you and I will not be cutting out Jim’s photo from the paper and passing it around the Tiki Bar so everyone can laugh at it because we are all laughing at Gene Luciano’s big ole white butt and he sure does have white skin for an Italian ape looking person.


Blow Fish: I apologize for the quality of the photo and I think the flash was so bright it washed out the natural dark skin color that he has and I am sure that his ass is dark meat because he is an Italian Ape Shit and he loves dark meat and never eats the chicken breast and only eats the dark meat and throws the white meat away which is a crime and he loves the all dark meat of a duck and he is guilty as hell of that and guilty of having poor taste in general or I wouldn’t have a photo of his nasty Italian Ape Asshole and it wouldn’t be plastered all over the Internet which I warned him would happen if you shoot a moon these days and he called me chicken shit and so Geno you asked for it and so did you Faggot Paul so for this Arrest Report from Destin FL Faggot Paul was arrested for pulling out his Pea Cock in public and giving it to Spring Blake up the asshole and I believe that Crime Report is Sodomy and Indecent Exposure and we will follow that story as he is booked and brought up on Racketeering charges and running a Prostitution Ring and a Gay Sex Orgy Party Business and committing Sodomy with a Pea Cock and then I have a caller go ahead Mr Faggot Paul.


Faggot Paul: Now look right here you need to change that caller id because I think my legal name is in there somewhere so please change my caller id to something different that my customers and clients will not recognize and you will not be harming my Real Estate Business and I mean do it now or I will slap an injunction on your ass so hard that you won’t be able to sit down for a week just like Spring Blake because I gave it to his asshole hard and tore that asshole up and my dick was as big as a pine tree and as hard as a telephone pole because I was high on Viagra and cocaine at the time and so this blog will be taken down and back off of my ass too.


Gene Luciano: You can’t do shit! It’s just an expression of his free speech and it’s protected by the US Constitution under the 5th amendment that protects me from being arrested for committing any crime I want because this is a free country and I am a free man and can kill anyone I want and the only way to stop him is to kill him and that’s my intent to kill Blow Fish and put him down and take down this blog and so on and so forth.


Blow Fish: Well then the Crime Report back in Naples FL this morning is an Intent to Commit Murder on my Blow Fish asshole and that’s a big one Geno so just keep it up.


Gene Luciano: OK Blow Fish you son of a bitch where the fuck are you I am sending my son up there to take you out and shut you the fuck up and that will be the end of you and this fucking freedom of your speech which is just a fantasy blog where nothing is real and all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but not mine because I am guilty as hell and coming to where you are and taking you out so where the fuck are you?


Terri Lynn: Geno he is on his way up to Atlanta and I have called Maurice my Army Colonel husband and he has called the Governor of Georgia and he has called out the Georgia State Militia and they have a roadblock set up at the Georgia Florida border where he can’t get across the state line and come up to Lake Lanier and screw a bunch of naked Evil Lake Whores without me being even given an invitation to join the sex party and that son of a bitch didn’t show up at his party last night and they threw my Skank ass and my Lesbo Girlfriend Lauren’s sweet pussy in jail and even Maurice was arrested as a Peeping Tom and he said he was just watching but since he was filming the whole assorted affair he was arrested for Gay Porn Production in a public place and I do mean assorted because there were Pimps and Whores and I do mean of the Nigger variety and then there were Faggots from Destin having their Gay Orgy Sex Party and then there was that nice Greenburg man and his lovely wife showing the Faggot Paul how to do Heathanistic Sex in a Public Place and then there was Caddy Lac and he was screwing his Bitches and Randy Gibson got his little pirate ass whipped and then freaked out like he always does and said Argg!! I gotta go!!  And he got the hell out of there right before the Po Po showed up and then there was Sir Ron with his nasty jokes and the Nigger Pimps and Whores were throwing the Waffles at him and Krissa and Yabbo the entertainers while they were on the stage or is it Yabbo and Krissa and they were trying to perform for the crowd with their boring as hell floor show comedy routine that we have all heard so many times that it is just a fucking joke and so damn boring and corny as hell and they need some new material so the Nigger Pimps and Whores started throwing the Waffles at them and ran them off the stage and Krissa stated eating Lauren’s pussy while Lauren was fucking me in the ass with a Dildo from that Pervert Wayne Roberts that she had strapped on because sooner or later someone is going to have to strap a dildo on and fuck the living shit out of me because I am not happy unless I have a dick in me and Blow Fish knows how I love it and he knows how to give it to me and so we are awaiting his arrival at the Georgia Florida Border where he will be detained by the Georgia State Militia and won’t be able to make it to his Party on his new boat at Cocktail Cove on Lake Lanier and so I am setting him up once again and he will be arrested and this piece of shit blog will go down and so will he for not inviting me to his Labor Day Weekend Boat Party.


Gene Luciano: Good that mother fucker needs to be stopped and you are certainly doing the right thing calling the State Militia. They probably weren’t busy anyway and just sitting around doing nothing.


Blow Fish: Well it sounds like a good time was had by all at the Cabana Bar Gay Orgy Sex Group Party last night I just hope that Shriek had a good time and got lucky by screwing Ms Stacy with an I and his dick in her pussy and I am sure he did and that was the purpose of the whole party to get Shriek laid because he asked me to please help him have sex with Ms Stacy with an I and I said I would and I hope he enjoyed it and so I will wait to hear from him and here he is and go ahead caller and please describe your first sexual experience with a woman because you are a virgin and how was the sex with the lovely and sexy Ms Stacy with an I.


Shriek: Will you please stop calling me Shriek and saying that I am a virgin and Ms Stacy with an I got so drunk and then all her clothes were falling off and before I could get to her those Evil Lesbo Whores that Mr. Paul or Faggot Paul runs in his prostitution ring started taking turns eating her pussy and you were right about Faggot Paul because when I took my pants off to get my first piece of pussy from Ms Stacy with an I, Faggot Paul saw me drop my drawers and he was on me like a fly on shit or shit on stink or a Faggot Paul on Shriek and I am still stinking because he fucked the living shit out of me in my asshole and I hadn’t taken a shit in a while because I have a medical condition and then the dam broke and I blew shit all over the fucking damn bar and he was loving it and was licking that shit up like the shit licker that Faggot Paul is and I never got a chance at Ms Stacy with an I because those Evil Lesbo Whores were on that pussy all night long and would not give it up and are just Evil Lesbo Whores and that Terri Lynn woman was there with Lauren her Lesbo Lover who has bigger plastic titties than her and Terri Lynn had her Army Colonel Husband call the Army National Guard when the crowd got out of hand and they brought the Po Po or either Randy Gibson called them because he said he was getting out of there before the Po Po showed up and maybe he called them to shut us down and we are closed today pending a Police investigation into Prostitution and Gay Porn being filmed in the Bar by that Gene Luciano fellar and his gang and they raised hell with all of us looking for you Blow Fish and then they left just before the Po Po got here and I think Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson is behind this whole setup and I may lose my job and I have a medical condition and need an operation and now the whole situation is inflamed and that Faggot Paul has given me Hemorrhoids and he is proud of that and says he fucking tore my asshole up and he has and it is runt and I have Hemorrhoids and he is proud of himself and what an evil person he is and his Evil Lesbo Whores that won’t let me have a turn at Ms Stacy with an I’s pussy and so I am finally not a virgin anymore because now Faggot Paul says I am in his Gay Sex Orgy Party business which is more of a Prostitution Ring pending a Police Investigation and a Gay Sex Orgy Party Production Co and I have to perform at his Sex Parties or he will cut me off and he won’t give me anymore sex and I just started having sex and don’t want to be cutoff.


Terri Lynn: Where the hell are you Honey and did I hear you say on the internet that you have cut me off and you are having sex with Taylor Swift instead of me so Maurice has called the Governor of Georgia and he has closed the Border at the Georgia Florida line until your ass is located when you try to sneak into Georgia to have sex with those Evil Lake Whores and I guess I will just have to open a Can of Whoop Ass on those Whores head if they try to have sex with you without me being included in the sex with Maurice filming the whole nasty boat sex party so where are you Honey?


Taylor Swift: Why don’t you read back for yourself and stop asking him to repeat himself and I am waiting for him at Lake Lanier so we can spend a long weekend together at his Lake House and on his new boat so if you must know that is where we will me so go ahead and try and stop him and Honey when are you going to play Our Song Which is my song and not that other Her Song that you played on the Big Show so when are you coming to your Lake House so we can spend a quiet weekend on the Lake on your new boat which I love because you named it after me and our baby and it’s called the Baby Girl.


Blow Fish: Now Sugar you know I have to work because I am setting up a Big Ole Gang of Boat Bandits and their Evil Lake Whore Girlfriends and so “I don’t need more hard time I need a little more bliss” so I will be there when I get there and will tell you right now I didn’t say I named my new boat after your baby girl but my Baby Girl and that would be Jennifer from Sugarland and she is the one that needs a lot more time with me going down on her and a little less hard time and a lot more bliss because there has got to be something more and that would after I go down on her and I am sure you know what I mean so I named the boat after her and I will be there when I get there.


Taylor Swift: Wayne Ball cut the Blow Fish bull shit that you promised me you were going to stop and get your ass to the Lake House and I will be the one getting a lot more of that bliss and not Jennifer and if you don’t hurry I am taking the boat to Cocktail Cove by myself.


Blow Fish: Hold on there Sugar, don’t take that boat out alone. I have pissed off the Where’s Waldo Gang and they are just waiting to take me out and throw my dead Blow Fish carcass overboard and steal my boat and if they see you out on the Baby Girl they will think you are me and beat the hell out of you and you will lose our baby because they don’t care who they have to kill to steal a boat and they don’t care if they have to kill a pregnant woman to steal a boat and have no respect for women and they even go so far as to beat their Lake Whores when they get pregnant because they tell them not to get pregnant and then they did and so they just punch them in the stomach and they lose the baby because they can’t help them steal boats if they are pregnant and they just beat them just like Gene Luciano beats his whores down in Naples FL.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch would you leave my Prostitution Business alone what do you know about how to run a Prostitution Ring? If those whores get pregnant and are too cheap to get on the pill or too lazy to take the pill or too stupid to stay on the pill like your X Wife Number 2 then we just punch them in the stomach and then they lose the baby and don’t lose any work or any of my money so stay away from my whores and stop getting freebees from them and I won’t tell you how to run your showboating that you are doing with my photo up on the internet because it is coming down and so are you and those Evil Lake Whores too because if you go out showboating in a new boat I will be blowing you out off the water this Labor Day Weekend.


Blow Fish: Geno leave my dumbass whore X Wife Number 2 out of this and what the hell are you talking about old man and I should not have said that or call you saggy balls and one New Year’s eve at the Chops City Grill in Downtown Naples on Fifth Ave where we were out to dinner and my date was in the restroom and Gene and Julie and I were standing at the Bar and I walked over to the Christmas tree and grabbed 2 long dangly Red Christmas Balls off the Christmas Tree and then bent over like I was shooting a moon at Gene and Julie at the bar and I hung the Christmas balls down between my legs and they dangled down to my knees just like Gene’s dangly balls in the photo and Gene Luciano and his girlfriend Julie laughed their ass off and then Gene said cut that shit out Blow Fish they are going to ask us to leave but they can’t say shit to me when I am with Gene Luciano in there because they couldn’t even build the damn building or the one beside it or the one across the street without paying off Gene Luciano because he controls all the crime and all the real estate development and all the whores and everything in Naples FL and the one across the street is the Aqua Bar and Grill and that’s Gene Luciano’s Naples Gang’s Bar and that’s where we were headed to after dinner and we were at Chops City Grill in downtown Naples on Fifth Ave where the food there is excellent but they pay protection to Gene Luciano and had to give him 10% of the business and another 10% to the guy from North Naples with the bigger prostitution ring than Geno and I got freebees from his whores too when they tried to get me to support them because a girl has to eat and nothing is free in this world and I guess you think it is but it was for me and I didn’t pay any of them a dime and that would be my Restaurant Review and my Crime Report for Naples FL at the Chops City Grill in Downtown Naples on Fifth Ave where the food is great but you are just giving money to the Racketeer Gene Luciano and that other guy in North Naples when you eat there and that would be the Crime and soon you will hear how Gene Luciano tried to control my Blow Fish ass and throw me in his house of ill repute as he called it when he set me up and locked my Blow Fish ass up for saying “Julie are you mad at me because I haven’t fucked you yet?”


Gene Luciano: OK Blow Fish I am getting my gun or a chair or a bar stool or the closest object I can find that I can beat you to death with and why don’t we just walk across the street and have a drink and I will just give them a call so they can have your drink ready when you get there and then I will beat your fucking Blow Fish brains out of you head and throw you out back in the dumpster and they will haul your Blow Fish asshole to the Collier County Landfill and we will be rid of you.


Blow Fish: That’s what it was like in Naples FL with Gene Luciano after I set him up and he was trying to set me up and he was so pissed off and he was trying to poison my ass and throw me in the county landfill and he reached for anything he could find to beat me to death with and when he couldn’t find anything he stepped out to place a call to order me a drink with poison in at the Aqua Bar and Grill on 5th Ave and they have two poisons there and I have been treated to both and I will explain the difference later and how I avoided both that night but first back to Taylor Swift and Sugar do not get in that boat because I have pissed off all those Where’s Waldo Boat Bandits and their Evil Lake Whores so much they will kill you Sugar so wait for me I am on the way.


Terri Lynn: I am so confused are you in Naples FL? I thought you were headed to Georgia and I am waiting for you at the Georgia State Border Road Block and was that Taylor Swift I heard and have you named a boat after that trashy whore and not me and are you planning on having sex with a boat load of Evil Lake Whores without me joining in and I am pissed off at you and are you planning to see me or not and have you cut me off sexually or not Honey I need to know?


Blow Fish: I am waiting for you to calm down and then I will try and explain that I have a job to do here and I can’t be having sex all night with Faggot Paul’s Gay Sex Orgy Group and I can’t be associated with that low life and I have told him that many times and he says that I am going to ruin his reputation by saying that but I have warned him to leave me alone because he is the faggot having Gay Sex Orgies and not me so he is responsible for being a Queer and it is not my fault and boy that really pisses off Faggot Paul and I do not understand why those Faggots throw those Hissy Fits when things don’t go their way and they get mad and so I am at my house in Roswell Georgia where I am spending the morning retrieving the usual supply of assorted sizes and colors of used Dildo from my pool that the Pervert Wayne Roberts is still giving the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s in Historic Downtown Roswell GA where I am the  Mayor and if this keeps up I will be calling out my own troops and that’s the Historic Downtown Roswell War on Crime Response Team in Historic Downtown Roswell where the Chief of Police works for me and if I have any trouble we have our own War on Crime Response Team with Army Jeeps with 50 caliber machine guns because I made a deal with the Chief of Police and he supplied the World War Two Vintage Army Jeeps and I supplied the 50 Caliber Machine Guns and if anyone gives me any shit they will be getting their ass blown off by my own War on Crime Response Team and we will deal with that Pervert Wayne Roberts that way if he doesn’t stop giving away those new Dildos in the unopened wrapper that those Roswell Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s love so much and then telling the same Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s to throw those used Dildos in my pool after they have finished using them and then come back for a new one and so I will be calling out the Historic Downtown Roswell War on Crime Response Team to stop this crime and this injustice that he is committing by throwing these used Dildos in my pool because we don’t know where those things have been and someone could get Pink Eye or something from these nasty sexual devices and so that is your last warning Pervert Wayne Roberts and I have a call from a local citizen and a supporter of my War on Crime in Historic Downtown Roswell GA and go ahead home owner and alarmed citizen.


Terri Lynn: You didn’t answer my question have you cut me off from having sex with you and are you with Taylor Swift right now and is she having your baby and did you two go behind my fucking back and get married and I am waiting for you to be apprehended at the Georgia Border where I am waiting and so where are you and answer my questions and stop ignoring me.


Carol K: Now Terri Lynn I think that if you read back you will find the answer to your question so please read back and then catch up and then we will know where Blow Fish is.


Wayne’s Mother from the Grave: Now Carol K you stop calling your brother Blow Fish and you call him Bubba just like your Mother raised you to do you are a Southern Lady and you will call your brother Bubba in the proper way you were raised in the Southern Tradition.


Bubba: That’s right Wayne’s Mother from the Grave and not that other place that is allot harder to get into according to the Gulf Breeze UMC where the Evil One is and Carol K needs to respect our Southern Tradition and Heritage and call him Bubba so we stay true to our roots and our traditions and that is all we know about that Ha Ha….


Carol K: Look Bubba why the fuck don’t you mind your own fucking business. Mother he doesn’t like being called Bubba it is a derogatory statement to call a man Bubba these days and so that is no longer a correct way to refer to your older brother and you have to call him Bob Taylor.


Wayne’s Mother from the Grave: What are you talking about Carol K?  Bob Taylor is not your brother he is your husband. What are you talking about?


Carol K: Well Bob’s business is like a family Mother and Bob has explained to me that we don’t need our old family anymore so we have to turn our back on our old life and start our new life with our new family and that would be Bob’s business family and it is a gang with gang rules so Bob’s Big Ole Boss up in Atlanta is our Daddy and his wife is our Mother and Bob Taylor is like my brother and not Blow Fish and I have sisters that are my best friends and new cousins too and so we are like a family and I have to leave my old life behind and move on with my new family so I will not be calling you Mother anymore and you will be Janette to me.


Janette from the Grave: I will not stand for this Wayne Ball you change my caller id back to your Mother from Heaven and not from the Grave right this instant and I mean it now.


Carol K: He isn’t listening to you anymore because Bob Taylor said that we don’t listen to our parents any more and Bob’s crazy old mother thinks Bob’s name is Robert or something or is it Tom or Thomas or is it Victor Wallace or something and I will think of it in a minute and then you will all know and who is Victor Wallace anyway I know I have heard that name?


Victor Wallace: Now Blow Fish don’t you start in on my good name or I will slap an injunction on your ass and I am protected by Dean Baird and he will fuck you up if you mess with me.


Shriek: Now I had some trouble with that boy last night and he came in here and thought he would have sex with Ms Stacy with an I and I clearly stated that in my report to the police when I had him hauled off for attempting to commit murder that we do not need his kind around here.


Victor Wallace: Now hold on or I will send someone over there with a gun to deal with you so you better get ready because you will be getting a visit from one of my associates with a gun and he will sit down with you and tell you how it is going to be and you better start talking right or he may just blow your fucking head off.


Blow Fish: That will be the first Crime Report of the Day in Pensacola FL and that is Conspiracy to Commit Murder and that was when Victor Wallace told me to get a gun and go collect some money for him from his customer and so Good Bye asshole there is no statute of limitation on that crime and when you tell Blow Fish something about murdering someone then you obviously do murder people and business associates and customers which is who it was and has anyone seen Mike Moses lately and that is because he didn’t pay Victor Wallace his money so goodbye Victor Wallace and stop trying to screw my children you pervert.


Victor Wallace: I will send someone over there with a gun to blow your brains out of your head Blow Fish now where are you?


Terri Lynn: Well apparently he is in Roswell GA at his home there and cleaning out his pool and I am headed over there to get me some slightly used Dildos out of his garbage can and Maurice and I are going to sell those at our yard sale Labor Day Weekend because we are having a community wide yard sale and we live close to the Gay Community near Piedmont Park which is the Gay Center of the Universe and if you want to get married there I will take your photos because I am a Gay Destination Photographer and that is a Professional Photographer and Gay Orgy Sex Fuck Site Photographer and also a Gay Wedding Photographer but mostly a Prostitute so I will take your photos.


Victor Wallace: Now where is that again I may just head up there and check out your prostitution business because I have a real interest in prostitution and I was just telling Blow Fish the other day about my prostitution ring I have on a boat down in the Virgin Islands and that would be in St Thomas because you can’t find a prostitute in the Virgin Islands and maybe I will just expand up to Atlanta as well.


Blow Fish: And that would be the second Crime Report of the Day for Victor Wallace and it is Prostitution and Extortion because they go hand and hand and don’t they?


Diesel without a D: Yes they do and as I explained to you in my confession we don’t want Prostitution to be legalized and yes Extortion goes hand in hand with drug deals and prostitution and car theft because my cover is a car dealer so I of course steal cars and then there is one more thing and what would that be?


Blow Fish: Money laundering and that’s what I got you on along with all of the above and you are just sitting there with all your bars and restaurants and I have already closed one restaurant and you didn’t even know it was me and you have taken that same corporation that was exposed to a $2 Million law suit and put another restaurant and bar in that same corporate name with a different name on the sign or is it all three restaurants owned by the same corporation and I got someone on it and all three are coming down anyway and that’s what you get for fucking with Blow Fish because I moved there from Lake Lanier where I set up the Lake Lanier Where’s Waldo Gang and then I moved down to Roswell and set you up and you all called me the Mayor of Historic Downtown Roswell and then you set me up when I kissed one of your partner’s girlfriend imagine that. So you poisoned me and got me arrested on a DUI charge and you threw my asshole in the City of Alpharetta jail and you are so fucking set up and all your restaurants are closing and you are all going to jail including your Big Ole Boss Brevard who is my sister’s Father and Bob Taylor’s Daddy and the Head of the Gang and you are all going down and you and I were drinking buddies and we drove the exact make and model and color car and you shared your secrets with me because I was your drinking buddy and you didn’t trust anyone else enough to even speak to them in public but you trusted me and confessed to me all your crimes and I have you set up and your sister in Naples FL where she lives and you have expanded there while I was working somewhere else and that would be in Destin FL where the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang set me up just like you and they are just like you and dealt with me just like the Atlanta Russian Mafia and so they aren’t the only bar that does that to their customers all the Mafia Bars drug their customers and so don’t try to leave or you will be arrested at the airport trying to leave the country because you are the Head of the Atlanta Russian Mafia working for your Big Ole Boss Brevard and I don’t care where the fuck you say you are from you are all the fucking Russian Mafia to me because it will sound better in a movie that was once a book that started as a fucking blog that’s called the Big Show so kiss your ass goodbye Eisel I got your ass right here on the Big Show and you are done for just like Natasha and Boris in the Bullwinkle Cartoon and that is how I want everyone to perceive you and you do look a little like Boris the cartoon character don’t you think so.


Diesel without a D: No I perceive myself as the Lead Character in a movie of my own.


Bubba: I know just what you mean I am acting out the part that life has handed me and that is all we know about that Ha Ha….


Blow Fish: You tell him dumb asshole Bubba.


Randy Fucking Himself Over Gibson: Now stop picking on Bubba or I will come where you are and fucking put a bullet in your head or hit you over the head with a Handle of Captain Morgan and why do you drink Captain Morgan of your boat and not a handle of Crown?


Bubba: It may be because you can’t get a Handle of Crown in a glass bottle.


Stacy with an I: Bubba please just sit there and try to look pretty and don’t say anything.


Bubba: Now I was just making an observation and not trying to start any trouble I don’t know what is going on here I mean are we getting a new boat captain I mean we are in his boat crew and you all say he is retiring or moving away and he just got here so are we getting a new boat captain and we will be in his crew on his boat, I mean are you selling your boat and buying a new one and we are going to sail with the new owner of your boat because I do not understand?


Stacy with an I: Well just sit there and try to look pretty.


Blow Shit: You are set up Bubba and as I told you stop screwing over people and when they say back off from my wife back off and when they say please do not screw her I really think I may want to marry her and if you screw her I won’t and then you said…


Bubba: I do not care I think she really wants to have sex with me tonight so I am going to screw her.


Blow Fish: And then she said…


Ms Tourist: I really do want to have sex with you and you are a successful Real Estate Agent and your daddy is a Real Estate Broker and you own a farm and have a house on the water here in Destin so I will have sex with you so that maybe you will marry me because you are the most Eligible Bachelor in Destin FL and if I marry you then I will be rich like you.


Bubba: Now wait a minute no one said anything about marriage and I am not rich and I do not even have my own teeth because of all the drugs I have done and my farm house doesn’t have electricity or running water or even a bathroom and is more of a slave shack that’s called a Chicken Shack and my house in Destin on the water is really my Father’s house and it looks like Sanford and Sons lives there and my BMW belongs to my mother and my 1985 pickup truck which is my father’s old truck has a supply of empty beer cans in the passenger floor that dates back to 1985 when I started throwing them on the floor and never cleaned them up because I am acting out the part that life has handed me and that part is white trash and that is the part that life has handed me to act out so I will just forget about screwing you if you want a commitment and leave me alone.


Randy Gibson: Now did you just reference my Sanford and Sons business out on my farm where we have horses and goats and chickens and pigs and it’s really a petting zoo if you want to bring your kids out there Ms Tourist and then the kids can ride a horse and chase chickens around and we have too many cats and dogs and don’t need more of those but we need more goats because kids really like to pet goats.


Blow Fish: Well Randy Fucking Himself Over Again Gibson I can go on Craigslist and find you some goats and what about a Shetland pony you know children love to ride Shetland ponies.


Randy Gibson: No they will bit you I got bit by one when I was a kid so no pony, I think I just need more goats for the petting zoo cause we got enough Dogs and Cats and Chickens and just need more Goats.


Blow Fish: That sounds more like your Boat House and the only boat there besides your Bale Chaser boat is your sailboat and it is the Scum Bucket so why don’t you call it the Scum Bucket House and not the Boat House but it smells more like the petting zoo house because it is full of Dog Shit and Dog Piss and Cat Shit and Cat Piss and everything you own is full of shit including your cars and your Beach House which I call a rotten townhouse about to fall into the ocean and you are so full of bull shit so where is the farm as you call it with the petting zoo with the horses that Ms Tourist can take her city slicker children on a Saturday to ride a horse and pet a goat and chase a chicken while you have a threesome with Ms Tourist?


Randy Fucking Himself Over Again Gibson: It’s up in Freeport FL I have 50 acres up there and it is really getting to be a really nice place. I have a crew up there building a barn and soon we will have local school kids coming out there on field trips and taking farm tours and that’s who I am something of a philanthropist and just want to make the local economy better for everyone and in rich everyone’s life and make Destin a better place to live for everyone and so I think my farm will be a good place for school children to take field trips.


Blow Fish: So is that place different than the Sanford and Sons business that you asked me about a minute ago because I am sure we were talking about the same place which is that trailer lot you have near Blue Water Bay which is an eyesore to the whole community where you are running a recycling business in a residential community where you are ruining everyone’s quality of life on the north side of the bay which would be Niceville FL so I wish a Policeman would go up there and make this asshole clean up all the trash and debris that he keeps hauling up there instead of taking it to the county landfill and he just unloads all this crap on that piece of property that he calls a farm with horses and a petting zoo and make him clean it up and rent it out so he can give the rental income money to his x wife who is so poor that she has to sell jewelry to the tourist at Captain Dave’s which I have not done a Restaurant Review on so at Captain Dave’s in Miramar Beach FL where I saw a spring breaker being chased by the Police for speeding nearly run my Blow Fish ass over and then drove through a privacy fence not knowing if there was a swimming pool full of children on the other side or not and then drove thru 8 more privacy fences going yard to yard and house to house not knowing if there were any children playing on the other side of any of the fences until his pickup truck was wedged in between 2 houses and was stuck and he couldn’t drive any further and then he took off on foot because this is the Fucking Redneck Riviera and that’s the kind of shit these kids do on Spring Break and they have huge parties where they destroy the whole fucking house that their parent’s rented for them so they could have a really nice spring break and they destroy the whole fucking house and the rental company is out of their rental money and the owner is out his rental income and the spring breakers are in jail and not in school and no they aren’t brought up on criminal charges the local police just slap their wrist with a misdemeanor dismissed sentence and take their parents money and say please come back next year and please try to behave yourself or we will slap your wrist and fine you again and soon I will be in Panama City Beach after I finish with the Where’s Waldo Gang and it is so Dark there or Black there or so many Niggers on the beach there and they have had to make it illegal to consume alcohol on the beach and arrest people for drinking on the beach because they get so wild and start killing one another on the beach and the whole beach looks a crime scene and soon Destin will be the same way because you can drink anywhere in Destin so watch out for the Niggers killing one another on the beach in Destin FL on spring break and that would be my Crime Report of the day for Destin FL and the Crime is Randy Fucking Gibson ruining property values with his drug smuggling and his trashy life style and all his white trash so clean it up Gibson or you will be leaving a bunch of junk to your kids as their inheritance and don’t worry about that because you are loosing all your shit anyway so if  I were you I would stop making payments on your boat the Scum Bucket and save that money for your defense fund and that would be your attorney fees and just don’t fight it brother and you said we were like family and Diesel without a D thought we were friends and I hung out with his crew or gang and Gene Luciano and I were best friends and Bob Taylor thinks we are related and we are not because I don’t even think that’s your real name and the Where’s Waldo Gang thought we were friends and I took them out on the town in a Town Car drinking and drugging and screwing Lake Whores all night long and I slept over at their Big Boss Man’s house one night and had them over at my house and I let them steal my boat that I bought just for them to steal and I bought a boat for Geno to steal and a car just like he drove and we were neighbors and I bought a boat for the Drug Smugglers to steal in the Florida Keys and I bought the exact make and model they needed and I bought the exact make and model and color car that Diesel without a D drove in Downtown Historic Roswell GA where homeowners get ran off their own land by these asshole gangs just like Terri Lynn was run off her lake front property in East Cobb near Roswell GA where a Gang keep building camp fires on the end of her dock and the Police did nothing to stop them and so they had to move and then some asshole starts throwing used fucking Dildos in my pool and that really pisses me off and that is what I am doing here to you bunch of asshole gangsters and those Dumb Asshole Bubbas that think this is all about you because you drugged me and got me arrested and threw my asshole in jail like all the gangs have done and this is about all of the Gangs and you are all on the same hit list as the Atlanta Russian Mafia and Brevard’s Gang and the Where’s Waldo Gang and Gene Luciano and his gang of assholes and a whole lot more that are just like the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang and you are no different and you are in all the major cities in the SE and you are all going down just like the criminals that you are and that will be the fucking end of you.


Randy Fucking You Over Gibson: Now leave my recycling business alone and I have a front for that business and it is a farm with horses and a petting zoo on 50 acres because I keep buying more property and I may buy the acreage next door and that is also a trailer lot and who would want to live next door to a Scum Bucket like me so I keep buying out my neighbors by running down the property value.


Blow Fish: And that’s what Mafia King Pins like Randy Gibson do and then after they run everyone out they launder money by rebuilding the whole damn area and build a bunch of fancy restaurants in the run down buildings that they ran down and ran everyone out of and that’s what the Mafia has done for the past 100 years and now own all these great bars and restaurants just like Harbor Docks Restaurant Chain so look at their website and see where they are and you will see what I mean and they are laundering money for the Russian Mafia and that is just taking a loan out from an investor which is a mobster and then paying him or her the Vig which is the interest on the loan and then if you want to pay off the loan you pay off the principal but if you do then they get pissed off so it’s better to just open another restaurant and then pay them the Vig for that business too because you do not piss off the Mafia and live to tell about it and then they own the whole business and soon we are going to look at a Bar in the Florida Keys where they have burned down all the other Bars that have ever been built on the whole island and now they are the only one left and so the money you borrow from the mob is drug money and prostitution money and the money that Gene Luciano got from selling the boat he stole from me and then you will paying 10 to 20 percent interest or more if you miss a payment and sometimes it’s as high as 50 percent if you need the money bad enough say if you wanted to steal a bunch of cars and hide them in a warehouse and then wait for the police to forget about them being stolen which is about 2 weeks from what I am hearing and then you get a new title from the DMV where you have a daughter working there that is going to prison and a girlfriend at the bank where you get the buyer financed because you gave her a car and a Rolex watch like all your girlfriends get after you have dated them for two years and then you own their ass at that point and no one will mess with them except for Blow Fish because he will steal what you have Lost which is what I have Found and that’s all your fucking shit including your houses and cars and businesses and all the cash you have in that big ole safe you got at Marty’s house and all your shit and then throw your children in the fucking slammer…


Gene Luciano: Ok Blow Fish you fucking son of a bitch where are you asshole I am coming for you I’m going to head up to Lake Lanier where you are headed and I know you told me not to come up there because those Redneck Lake Bubbas will kill my Italian ass because I would look like a Big Old Italian Ape walking around hunched over and they will not do anything to me and my crew or gang because all I have to do is give them a call and let them know first and then they will allow me to travel across their turf to come and take you out.


Where’s Waldo: Now hold on there partner this is our territory and you can’t come onto Lake Lanier and steal a boat without our approval and you can’t come up here and take our mark until we are finished with him so you better hold off until we steal his new boat and then we will kill him ourselves or send him running out of town or run him out of town or run him out of the whole dam county and everything here is our territory north of the dam where everything is named the dam like the dam store and the dam parking lot and the dam camp ground and the dam Lake and that is our damn territory and he thinks he’s a local but he is not because he has a vacation home here and that don’t make you a local you are still a city slicker and we are third generation boat thieves and we do not need you crossing our territory so you better keep the fuck off our turf.


Gene Luciano: Do you know who the fuck you are talking to this is Gene Luciano and I need permission from no one, I will have the Governor of Florida call the Governor of Georgia and I will come up there and take all you fuckers out and make you work for me and then you will be the Gene Luciano Lake Lanier Boat Bandits so don’t fuck with me and I mean it damn it.


Where’s Waldo: Now we got a problem with that bandit name so if you want to keep insulting us by calling us a bunch of bandits like we are a bunch of Mexicans then we will be coming down to Naples FL and popping a cap in your ass because we will not be compared to a bunch of fucking lazy ass no a count damn Mexicans that we use to cut our grass and wash our cars and we do not use Niggers for nothing but hanging them from trees and Blow Fish here had a nigger chauffeur and we had to tell him to stop riding in a car with a nigger and hanging around with a nigger and to get himself a Mexican because we have Mexicans here to do our work for us but not Niggers and he did it but it was too late and we set him up so you better watch your step or you will be stepping in your own shit and I think you know what I mean.


Gene Luciano: Yea he had a Nigger chauffeur here too and he thought he was so cool with his town car service sending my whores home the next morning in a town car after he got a freebee when they normally call my taxi service and pay them to come pick their asses up and then the lazy ass whores that should have been bringing me my money instead of just giving it away for free because it was supposedly a slow night would come into the office and tell my office crew about the great sex they had last night and how they should have paid him since he was the one doing all the fucking work and…


Blue Balls: You are so full of yourself why don’t you just shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing me and your family and yourself and just shut this blog down and …


Faggot Paul: I am tired of listening to this shit and I want to know where that fucking Blow Fish is? He set us up last night and I got my asshole arrested for Prostitution and Pornography and I mean the Gay kind and he is going to ruin me in the Real Estate community here and I may loose my business and I need that income to run my Gay Orgy Sex Party Business that I am barely getting off the ground since my office staff is always saying all they want to do is go home with Blow Fish and give him a freebee and then live in his house and drive his Mercedes and then not have to work in my office as my staff and as my Evil Lesbo Whores and so I want to know where he is right now so I can take him out.


Blow Fish: I wish you assholes would stop asking me to repeat myself if you are new to the Big Show then read back to Day One and then catch up or you will miss something because the answers to your questions are in the Big Show or if you want to ask the Nazi Chick at the Pompano Joe’s Tiki Bar you better get there early because she knows everything about everything if you get there early but if you get there late then she is drunk as hell and doesn’t even know her own name and I heard that she was arrested last night for eating pussy in a public place and that’s not the charge but what she was doing and it was Stacy with an I’s pussy and the Nazi Chick’s tongue on her pussy with no clothes on because when she drinks shots of Patron her clothes fall off and then there is a party and it happens at least once a week so look out it’s about to happen again at my Lake House on Lake Lanier where I am taking a bunch of Evil Lake Whores out on my new boat and their boyfriends called the Where’s Waldo Gang who is going to drug me and take my boat and lock me up in a terrorist prison cell where I will be held until I give them the clear title to my boat by paying off the lien and signing the title over to them and paying the boat slip rent and signing over that contract so they can sell the boat fair and square because I have given the boat to them and it’s not stolen and that’s what Gene Luciano told me when he set me up in Naples FL where I would be giving him all I owned and he was asking for it and I was giving it to him freely and if he needed a signature I would be in his house of detention which was a house that I had to pay the rent for and that’s how he got my boat and these gangs think that what they do is legal because you are giving them your possessions because they are meaner than you are which means that they are smarter than you are because you are dumber than they are because you aren’t as mean as they are so since they are meaner than they have outsmarted you and so that will be coming up on Labor Day Weekend and they do not see it coming and so now I am here in my Roswell GA home and getting ready to head up to Lake Lanier with another boat for the Where’s Waldo Lake Lanier Boat Bandits to steal to set them up and I had infiltrated their gang so well before that we were all friends and we were not friends they were setting me up as I was setting them up first and now they are setting me up again on the Big Show and they are going down and they have been doing this for so long it is unbelievable and the local police do nothing about it and don’t even try to stop them so I am saying that if you don’t try to stop the gang then you are helping the gang and you are as guilty as the gangs and the Where’s Waldo Gang cons their victims into taking them out on their boats to drink and hang out in the water at Cocktail Cove by hanging out in bars and buying boat owners shots and I took them out in a Town Car that they called a Limo to bars and watched them buy shots for innocent people that owned boats on Lake Lanier and the one I call the Con Artist would collect receipts for the shots he bought so their Boss Man could reimburse him and so they find innocent people that aren’t even on Lake Lanier and they lure them up to the Lake and con them into taking them out on their boats and they drug you by taking over control and insisting that they serve you your drinks and they put Roofie in your beer or mixed drink or soda or whatever you are drinking and then they watch you to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to the drug and go into a seizure and drown and then when they feel that the drug has started to take effect they get you back in the boat before you drown and then they take control over your boat and suggest that a gang member that hasn’t been drinking drive the boat and so now you have a designated driver and that was the Enforcer and then they take the boat to a dock where there are no witnesses and all the gang gets off the boat and they had 6 gang members on my boat and all of them got off including the woman they use as the Bait and the one I call the Conartist who set me up and all of them got off the boat except for the one I call the Enforcer who was driving the boat and his helper and they were acting as if they were going to help me get my boat back to my dock safely and help me into the house and then get one of the other gang members to pick them up. Then after the other gang members leave the boat and the drug has taken full effect and you have lost control of all your limbs and can’t move your arms or legs and you are so high that everything just seems like a joke and is funny as hell and the Enforcer asked me where my boat flashlight was and then got pissed because I didn’t have one and he explained that he didn’t have a gun on him so they usually use a huge boat flashlight but since I didn’t have one he would use a handle of Captain Morgan Rum in a glass container and the Enforcer tells you that they are stealing your boat and you have no right to be on the lake because they own the lake and you don’t belong there and if they don’t get rid of all the boats that the city slickers keep bringing up there then the lake will fill up with boats and he took the Handle of Captain Morgan and hit me across the top of my right eye as hard as he could like he was swinging a baseball bat and I fell over and then they propped me back up and then the Enforcer got a phone call from his Boss Man and then he walked back to me again and said this is from the Boss Man and he hit me in my left eye and they hit me so hard in my right eye that it was so swollen and was completely closed and I couldn’t even see out of it and there was a cut over my eye that was bleeding and I was getting blood all over the boat and they hit me so hard they knocked out one of my front teeth and my left eye was swollen and almost completely closed and I could barely see out of it and they hit me so hard that I really felt like I was going to die from the blow and they informed me they were going to take me up north on the lake where the water is so shallow that no one ever goes there because it’s too shallow and they were going to kill me and throw me out there and the buzzards would eat my dead body and no one would ever find me there even if they looked for me and that would be the end of me and I would not be giving them any further problems and so the Enforcer started the boat up and we started moving very slowly and I got light headed again and felt like I was going to die and passed out and was unconscious for around 2 hours and when I came to it was dark out and we were no longer in the lake or even the river but we were up a narrow creek and so I knew we were getting close to the place where they were going to kill me and throw my body in the water and so I tried to move my legs and the Roofie was wearing off so I had use of my legs and arms again and we were moving up a creek very slowly and there were high banks on each side and I had never seen this area of the lake before and had no idea where I was and the water was getting too shallow and too narrow for the boat so I knew we couldn’t go much further and soon they would stop the boat and beat me to death this time and throw me overboard and leave my dead body there to rot and there was a cabin coming up on the left side of the creek up high on a bluff and so I yelled to the Enforcer “Hey I know where we are” and pointed to an old cabin that looked more like a mountain shack than a cabin and I said “I know the people that own that cabin” and they looked over to the left at the cabin and I used all the strength that I had in my legs and stood up and jumped over the right side of the boat and hoped I would have the strength to swim and not drown and I hit the water and swam as fast as I could to the shore on the right side of the creek and crawled out of the water and stood up and there was a hill in front of me and I ran up the hill that was beside the creek as fast as I possibly could and kept running and I could hear them behind me. They had stopped the boat and they were getting out and coming after me up the hill and they were pissed now and screaming that I wouldn’t be able to get away and was just making it harder on myself and they were going to beat to me to fucking death and I already knew that they were going to catch me and kill me so I just keep running away from the creek and ran for just a few hundred feet and I knew I couldn’t outrun them because I was too weak and still high from the after effects of the drug and it was so dark I couldn’t see much of anything. There was no moon and it was pitch dark without the lights from the boat and I saw a thicket to the left of me and I dove into the thicket and covered myself with leaves and branches and completely covered my body where I couldn’t be seen and they ran right past me and searched all around me for hours and then it got quiet and I finally feel asleep after several hours of just laying there quietly and then I woke up the next morning at dawn and all I was wearing were board shorts and bare foot. They had stolen my cell phone, wallet, keys, and even my shirt and had used it to clean up my blood on the boat and were pissed that I had bleed all over the boat and now they had to wash it before they could load it on a trailer and move it out of state to sell it. So I stood up with nothing but board shorts on and walked to the closest house and knocked on the door and asked the person that came to the door to call me a taxi and please do not call the police because I knew if I called the police they would just call the gang and then they would come back and get me and kill me. So the Taxi showed up and picked me up and the cab driver asked where I was going and what’s your name and then we headed to my lake house and then the cab driver grabbed his cell phone and made a call and said “I think I have found that guy that you were looking for last night” and then he ended the call and so I knew that the Gang knew where I was and where I was going and when I got back to my lake house I didn’t have a key and had to break a window to get in and so I couldn’t lock them out and knew they were coming for me so I just grabbed some clean clothes and I had another cell phone and knew I couldn’t stay there and I had looked at buying the cabin next door and knew where the key was and I hide in that cabin and I was completely covered with poison ivy and must have slept in poison ivy vines all night and I am extremely allergic to poison ivy and had almost been hospitalized from contract to it a few years before and they had hit me so hard with the Handle of Captain Morgan rum bottle that they knocked out one of my front teeth when they beat me and my right eye was completely swollen and closed and my left eye was so swollen that I had to lift my eyelid up with my fingers to see and my whole head was swollen and I didn’t even look like a human being any more I looked more like a toad and I wondered if I would ever look the same again so I laid on the floor and rested all day and all night and listened for them to come over and search for me in the cabin and finally fell asleep and got up the next morning and I used my cell phone to call one of my employees to come pick me up and bring me a pain killer and he got me out of Forsyth County because if I had stayed there they would have seen me around town and killed me and I had heard that if you go to the police the police will just hold you until the gang comes and gets you and then they will throw you in your own home where they keep you prisoner and beat you to death or force you to sign the boat title over to them and that is called Terrorism and they are Terrorist because they took all my freedom from me and drugged me and Kidnapped me and tortured and beat me to make me do what they wanted me to do and they are Murders and I am lucky to be alive and was able to get away by hiding in a thicket of poison ivy all night and then had to leave my home and they are going to jail on both charges where the Police will throw their murdering ass in a chain link fence with razor wire on the top of it like the rabid fucking dogs that they are and so I am setting them up again with a larger boat this time that they can’t load on a trailer and move out of state before the next morning so this time their plan to deal with disposing of me and the boat will me different. They can’t move the boat off the Lake and will have to put it in a marina to sell it and they will either imprison me in my own house or lock me up in some sort of prison cell or torture me and force me to sign the boat over to them while I am drugged or just kill me on the boat and throw me overboard in deep water so I don’t know what their plan is this time and I hope that when they steal this boat it will lead to the arrest of the entire Where’s Waldo Gang and that is the name I have given this fraction or gang and I know the members of several other gangs and had 3 or maybe 4 different gangs working me the last time I had a boat on the Lake and hopefully this time I can expose them as well and when the story hits the newspaper and the people of Atlanta read that there has finally been an arrest of a gang of boat thieves on Lake Lanier and people will start coming forward and say that a gang has stolen my boat and killed their loved one and then all the gangs will be investigated and whole gangs will be arrested for Murder One, Kidnapping, Terrorism and Grand Thief and the gangs have murdered allot of people in the past because I have heard about people being murdered on Lake Lanier my whole life and there must have been thousands of boats stolen and hundreds of boaters murdered since I was a kid when we had a house on Lake Lanier and we were warned by our neighbor not to go out on the Lake in a boat after dark because you will be killed and you and your boat will both disappear and never be seen again so it has nothing to do with the lake being filled up with boats by the city slickers like they tell you after they have beaten you to death so you understand that this is something they have to do to protect the future of the Lake and they are providing a service to the lake community and it’s not about the Lake at all it’s just about these gang members making a few thousand dollars and these are white trash low life criminal gang members that all play a part in the crime of stealing the boat and each one gets a share of the proceeds from the sell of the boat to maybe just buy drugs to celebrate stealing the boat and the head of the Gang gets most of the money and he is the person paying for protection and looks like a wealthy businessman that everyone respects and thinks he is just a good and a decent person and that is called Racketeering and that is the crime he faces and he would be the person responsible for the distribution of drugs to the gang which maybe the only reward they get for committing the crime and their victims are good people just like you and I that work hard for our money and support our families and pay our bills and save to buy a Lake House and a new boat and work hard all week and just want to spend the weekend on their boat on the Lake and enjoy their time off work on the boat with their friends and family which is what they deserve and it’s their right to do that and to be there and then these assholes beat them to death and kill allot of them just so they can steal their boats and they tell their victims that survive don’t buy another boat or they will steal it too and don’t come back to the lake again, you don’t belong here and have no right to be here. The Gangs think they own and control Lake Lanier and they do just that and if they ever see them back in Forsyth County or in Cumming GA or on Lake Lanier again they will beat them to death and so that is what this is all about and it is called Terrorism when you try to control someone’s life and destroy it by taking their freedom away from them and that’s what these gangs do and it has to stop and so look for that Arrest Report coming up Labor Day Weekend and then the Newspaper Article followed my the rest of you asshole killers going down on Murder One and the whole gang brought up on Terrorism and Kidnapping and the Boss Man for Racketeering and I haven’t even scratched the fucking surface with the names of the Gangs and gang members I have set up because there are hundreds of you fucking criminals on my hit list and going down because I have conducted a 20 year investigation into what you mother fuckers do to the real good people in the southeast and that would be me and my family and my grandfather and my grandmother and if I don’t do something about this you will continue doing this to my children so I am protecting my children’s lives and grand children’s lives and my great grandchildren as well because they may just want to live on Lake Lanier or in a beach house in Destin FL or Naples or Panama City or Ft Myers or the FL Keys or Miami or Ft Lauderdale or Boca Raton or West Palm Beach or Palm Gardens or just stay in Atlanta at their house in Downtown Historic Roswell where you mother fuckers lock people up in their own homes and torture them to death and take everything they own like the fucking thieving animals that you are and you need to be put down like a fucking animal and I am doing it with the help of the FBI and the local Police with a blog called the Big Show so stay tuned to hundreds of arrest coming up starting soon and continuing until all you assholes are behind bars and we are safe again.


Geno Luciano: Ok Blow Fish you son of a bitch I know you are tieing me and my gang into a Terrorism and Kidnapping charge so I am here and I have my son with me that you tried to throw in prison yesterday and he is a hot head and trying to get himself killed so we are coming for you so are you at your Roswell Home or your Lake House and where is Lake Lanier anyway I can’t find the dam place?


Where’s Waldo: I keep hearing you fuckers using my key word here which is dam because we have a dam and own everything north of the dam and everything is named or called dam here like the dam store and the dam bar and the dam women and Blow Fish you need to stop putting down our women these are good church girls and they are doing the Lord’s work and we go to a church where we worship God and he tells us to go and steal boats and I think you know which one it is and you have been there too and that preacher was nice enough to give us a beautiful church building and a free ceremony to go to twice on Sunday morning where our good church girls can go and meet some nice Christian boat owners that want to see them get naked on their boats and so that is our new MO or Modus Operandi or our Method of Operation and we just wait for them to show up at Cocktail Cove where we drug them and this is our new way to steal boats and we are always changing it up just like Randy Fucking You Over Gibson smuggling those bales in through Mexico instead of Miami and then to Atlanta and we now have us an airport and we have expanded to drug smuggling because the city slickers want to buy marijuana and smoke it on their boats at Cocktail Cove where we are stealing their boats and we got the idea from your buddy with biggest houseboat and here he is.


Biggest Houseboat: Blow Fish you wild man you better come party on my houseboat this weekend and you know it’s the biggest one on the whole dam lake and that would make it the biggest dam houseboat on the whole dam lake and so I hear that’s how you learned to cuss by going to the Dam Store.


Blow Fish: No I was raised differently that you low life fuckers and was told to call it the Darn Store when I was a kid because we were good people and didn’t talk like that and not a bunch of asshole criminals but I will be partying on your houseboat this Labor Day Weekend as I always do however I am getting myself drugged and beat to death with a Handle of Captain Morgan and my boat stolen and then thrown overboard and left for dead on Labor Day so I will be out a day or two before to set you up and take you down so are you still running that magazine scam with the college age con artists where you and your wife drive kids around in your big ole truck and fancy car into the High End Gated Golf Course Communities in North Atlanta and take them house to house selling magazine subscriptions so that the kids can make enough money to go to college by committing fraud and theft?


Biggest Houseboat: Yes I am and it is still going well those rich assholes must forget that they paid for the magazines because they never get their magazines and they keep buying them to help these poor con-artist that I employ that don’t go to college and they are such suckers and now I am also running a maid service and stealing their cash and jewelry and they are so stupid or so rich they just never notice we are robbing them and the police do nothing about it anyway and so I am richer than ever committing these petty crimes just like Gene Luciano and Harbor Docks that rip people off with their credit card charges and tell their customers “The last time you were in here you forgot to pay for your drinks and you paid for your food but not your drinks” and that would be the bartender running the scam and the servers say the same thing about the food and are ripping off the customers too and they do that at all of the Harbor Dock restaurant chain locations because Charles Morgan trains them how to do that and how to drug the customers if they refuse to pay them and then have them arrested for a DUI after they leave the restaurant and that would be the Crime Report for Destin FL on the Big Show today and that is called Fraud and you can Google them and see where all the restaurants are located so you can avoid going in there and being robbed and its Harbor Docks and American Lunch and Camille’s and Chuck’s Fish and Five Bar and Dharma Blue and La Paz and Seafood Market and Local Market and their newest location in the Bahamas called the Central Bank of the Bahamas.


Blow Fish: Yes I have heard about that location apparently you can only get there by helicopter and it’s very hard to get in there and only Charles Morgan is allowed to go there and he is the only one that knows about it and that is where all the money goes that he is stealing from all his restaurants.


Biggest Houseboat: Now how do you steal from yourself?


Blow Fish:  The way it works is you get yourself a manager to deposit the money in the bank and then you pretend to pay someone and that would be the offshore account and then the money goes there and so that’s where all the profits are going and apparently you do this to cheat the US Government and your partners which are called Jackie and Steve and your son Eddie and your General Managers and Managers that are all trying to turn a profit so they can get a bonus and they can’t get one because the funds aren’t there but they are all doing the work and putting in the hours and always there and never leave or someone might steal something like some rotten food from Charles Morgan and then someone gets fired and can’t get a job at another restaurant in town because they were fired for stealing and so the managers are always there watching the money for Charles Morgan and ripping off the customers and having them arrested if they give them any trouble and treating the employees like slaves and getting them fired at their next job if they don’t do as they are told and that is Charles Morgan’s system and how he controls his gang and how he rips off his gang just like Gene Luciano and so he is stealing from his investors and I am talking about him ripping off the Russian Mafia because he is a bigger crook than they are and I honestly believe they will blow his fucking brains out for doing it and let me explain how it works and go ahead manager at Red Salt Bar and Grill in my hometown of Downtown Historic Roswell where I am the Mayor.


Manager of Red Salt: Blow Fish what do you want and don’t be coming in here and fucking with my servers and getting them to start fighting over you and wanting to go sailing on your big ole sailboat and then getting pissed off and quitting and that was the best server we ever had and buying rounds of shots and kissing the owner’s wife and getting her pregnant and getting yourself drugged and arrested for a DUI and then thrown in Jail and then ran out of town again.


Blow Fish: No it’s not that at all and I don’t need any help doing all that and getting myself in trouble and that woman kissed me and then all of a sudden she was married and pregnant and that is not my baby and so I am something of an expert at getting all that done and just did it again last night and that will not look good on a Restaurant Review for a Mafia Restaurant so I got that down but what I need help with is how your arm got broken?


Manager of Red Salt: Now you already asked me and I already told you I had by hand in the till and was told to get it out or they would cut it off, so the broken arm was just a warning because I was doing something I’m not suppose to be doing.


Jamaican Assistant Manager at Red Salt: All I am doing is just sitting here with a wet pussy and baited breath and waiting for you to make a move on my pussy Blow Fish and take me home and fuck my brains out and you are Jamaican me hornie.


Blow Fish: Now sweetheart you do have baited Jamaican Breath and I will not be Jamaican a move on that wet pussy of yours and what is your take on the manager having his hand in the till I am trying to explain how this works to my listening audience all over the SE of the US of A and there are Bubbas out there and they understand shit and have to just sit there and just try to look pretty.


Bubba: I did not say a word I am sitting right here where Stacy with an I told me to sit and being quiet and trying to look pretty and don’t know why you are always picking on me.


Blow Fish: Stop asking me to repeat myself so read back and if you don’t stop doing what you’re doing another cop is going to tell you to stop snorting coke and when you say mind your own business he will arrest you again and you are going away for a long time Bubba so watch you ass I am setting you up with pussy and coke and shots and you are going down and I am sending the Long of the Law out to get you just like Randy Gibson so you better watch out you are on my hit list asshole and that is a fact Jack and if you got any questions then read back to Day One and catch up and stop interrupting and sit there and try to look stupid.


Bubba: Well I don’t have to try to do that, I do look stupid.


Blow Fish: If you will read back you will see that I warned you to stop interrupting or you were going to jail and you just did so you are stupid so Good Bye Bubba you stupid dumbass hole Bubba.


Bubba: Well that was totally uncalled for and I am asking that polite Zac Brown feller to take over the blog because you Mr. Ball are rude and keep making people mad with your Blow Fish attire and buying shots and insulting people that are just asking for it and so I am not going to stop talking and there is a Po Po here in my driveway and they are searching my shackled up pickem up truck and I left my drugs out there because I never lock my truck because I can never find my keys so I guess I am going to jail and they are counting my empty containers in the floorboard of my truck and there are hundreds of them and they charge $25 for each one and so after the first three, I am a habitual offender and this is my third drug related offense and I guess I will never learn and I will get back to you in a year or three and tell you how my prison sentence went and until then I will leave all the married tourist women alone and I hope they let me keep my teeth because they may think I am hiding drugs in my new grill I call my teeth.


Blow Fish: Moving on and so if you have your hand in the till then what happens?  They break your arm and then if they catch you again then they cut your arm off and I am saying I think you are lying and you had your roller skates on and you fell and broke your arm and you are blaming it all on my good buddy Diesel without a D and trying to make him look like a killer here on the Big Show so come clean and tell the truth.


Diesel without a D: What are you talking about Blow Fish I swore I heard you say that you were stopping all that Blow Fish bull shit and then you started it again. Yes I broke his arm for stealing and if he does it again I will cut his hand off not his arm he may need his arm to hold something while he tries to count it.


Blow Fish: Then what do you do when he tries to take millions of dollars and tries to hide them in the Bahamas.


Diesel without a D: I never should have told you that my name was Diesel without a D you have called me that for years now and you never call me by my name. If he did that we would call him a funeral and he knows what we would do and he would disappear mysteriously similar to the way Gene Luciano keeps threatening to make you disappear and then he never follows thru.


Gene Luciano: OK Diesel without a D you have moved in on my territory in Naples Fl without my approval and now you think you can criticize my legitimate business practices so you are on my hit list.


Diesel without a D: Gene Luciano it’s me, Eisel we are the Russians working under your protection in Naples and we are stealing cars for you and putting them in your warehouse and I am sorry sir I was just kidding and meant no disrespect.


Gene Luciano: Then it’s your Russians that are laughing at my ass hole on the internet and running around town with their heads shaved or is green haired Russians and I am confused.


Blow Fish: OK Geno no one is buying that I am confused bull shit either you are buying stolen cars or stealing them and stole them or running an illegal car dealership selling stolen cars or either going to jail for that or all of the above and so what is your answer.


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of a bitch, you and your fucking brain teasers now I am so confused that I will just go with all of the above and maybe I will get it right.


Bubba: My Daddy always says to just go with the all of the above it’s usually more accurate than the none of the above which leaves you without even making a guess so always go with all of the above because if it wasn’t the correct answer they won’t have even put it there and that’s all we know about that.


Blow Fish: I will not stand for another interruption from you Bubba.


Bubba: Mr. Ball I sorry Bubba don’t mean no harm to Mr. Wayne.


Blow Fish: Shriek give Bubba back his phone and get back to work or I will come and take Faggot Paul away from you and you won’t have a lover any more.


Shriek: Blow Fish always taking Shrieks sex partner away from Shriek just like those Evil Lesbo Whores took Ms Stacy with an I away from Shriek and ate her pussy all night and then Terri Lynn started in on her  pussy and her Lesbo Lover Lauren strapped a Dildo on and humped her and they would not let Shriek have a turn and my only lover is Mr. Paul and he said to call him my sex partner and not lover.


Faggot Paul: Leave me out of this I am hiding from the newspapers, they are trying to reach me for a statement and all I gotta say is I was home watching TV with my wife and kids.


Blow Fish: I already asked you and I am asking you again if you were married then what happened with your wife and do you think that is an excuse for either being or not being not being Gay.


Faggot Paul: I have no comment she and I were happy and we grew apart and when I told you that you asked, so you just turned Gay so that is all I know about that.


Blow Fish: I believe Bubba and Shriek are rubbing off on you.


Faggot Paul: How did you know that Shriek was rubbing me off? I was just trying to show him how to masturbate Ms Stacy with an I and he was practicing on the head of my dick and you scared him he so jumpy since last night when all those Pimps and Whores jumped him when he told them to stop fighting me.


Blow Fish: Why were you fighting with the Pimps and Whores Faggot Paul?


Faggot Paul: Because I told them I have a dick as big as a Niggers and they attacked me and pulled my pants down and then called me a liar and then beat the hell out of me for exaggerating.


Jim Bo: I have had a similar experience and I found it was so embarrassing and especially since my wife had been exaggerating about the size of my dick and our bank account so somebody better stop exaggerating about our bank account or we will be called up to show our books and you know who you are and also charges of stealing a boat and also showboating and I did that I admit it and there is the Crime Report from Lake Oliver in Columbus GA on the Chattahoochee River and not the Flint River where someone else keeps bragging about being from.


Blow Fish: Why did they say you were exaggerating about your penis size did they call you an Italian because those guys are notorious for lying about the size of their dick because Taylor Swift always says it’s not the size of a man dick it’s what he intends to do with it.


Faggot Paul: What do you mean?


Blow Fish: Well if you intend to put that little dick of yours up my Blow Fish ass hole then I hope it’s small and if you intend on screwing Taylor Swift with it then you need to intend to do something else with it and that was my joke for the day and so does anybody have any good Bubba jokes?


Sir Ron: I told them everyone I knew last night and then all my Stupid Nigger jokes and the Pimps and Whores are the hardest crowd I have ever had, they didn’t think any of my jokes were funny and then I told your joke “There are enough Niggers in here to make a Tarzan movie” and they went ballistic and starting screaming Blow Fish and attacking me and my Queen Julie and I had invited that Hot Blond that has been fantasizing about screwing you and she fought them back and she looked like a Circus Lion Tamer up there on top of the bar in that Black Leather Teddy with her whip and then that Dominatrix Chinese Dragon Woman Ms Jackie saw her and had heard she was trying to screw you and went crazy and the two of them started at each other and Ms Jackie was screaming “What have you done with my Blow Fish” and the Hot Blond screamed back “He is mine Bitch” and then Terri Lynn went off on both of them and opened up a can of whoop ass on them and Ms Jackie pulled out all their Blond hair and they were almost bald headed when they left and Petie the Bartender from Pompano Joe’s was there with his servers the Pompano Hoe’s and his wife must have thought he was working late or out fishing or something because he had all his Pompano Hoe’s with him especially all the new young ones that still have pink assholes and he was fucking one of them right there over a restaurant table in her young pink asshole in public in front of the entertainers performing their routine on stage and saying that asshole is still pink now but I am going to fuck the shit out of it until it’s brown and then I will start on a new pink one because I own all the pussy and assholes at Pompano Joe’s and they are my Pompano Hoe’s and if they don’t let me fuck them in that pink asshole they can’t keep their jobs and don’t get them back next session and that’s when it got too crazy and we slipped out the back door right before the Police showed up and took them all to jail and there were hundreds of people arrested and I even saw Gay Charles there and he was dressed up just like Ms Jackie and I think they must be shopping at the same Sex Dress Up Shop up in Atlanta or maybe Gay Charles sells kinky sex dress up clothes at his Gay Brothel up in Atlanta with his Gay Partner Co Pilot and he is into everything so I guess he just might be into Gay Sex Apparel as well and must be a Crossdresser and a Fag Queen like his sous chef Mike that I saw taking it in the asshole and Mike was wearing a skirt and hot pink panties and kept pulling up his skirt and showing them to everyone until Faggot Paul saw those Hot Pink Panties and that was all it took and now sous chef Mike is in his Gay Sex Orgy Group and one of Faggot Paul’s Faggot Prostitutes as he calls them and Dirty Joe was there with the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and he must have been a Hillbilly Fag all along helping them set you up with entrapment and a DUI arrest at Miller’s Ale House for free sushi and he was screwing all the Nigger Whores with his nasty dick that he never washes that smelled nasty as hell when he pulled it out and he was going from Nasty Nigger Whore to Nasty Nigger Whore screwing them with his dick that he must never wash but I hear he has the cleanest golf balls in town at his Miramar Beach Golf Ball Store but the nastiest dick in town and those Evil Lesbo Whores of Faggot Paul’s are Pure Evil and Bubba kept trying to screw them because he don’t understand that Lesbos don’t like men and they told him to stop and he didn’t and said “They might go both ways” and then he tried to screw Stacy with an I and they told him to stop and he didn’t and he said “I really think she wants me to screw her so I am going to screw her” and the Evil Whores told him to stop and he didn’t like he always does and they went off on him and tied his ass up and hung him upside down from the ceiling and Bubba wouldn’t shut up and said “I will not stop” like he always does and so Randy Gibson went out to his car and got his tennis ball and duct tape said “I always have to keep this shit handy” and stuck the tennis ball in Bubbas mouth and then wrapped it with duct tape and Bubba was still saying “I will not stop” and so that Dominatrix Chinese Dragon Woman Ms Jackie started whipping his asshole and Randy Gibson said “I have been a bad little Pirate too Mommy” and that Dominatrix Chinese Dragon Woman Ms Jackie started whipping him too and Randy Gibson said “I have been really bad so hit me harder Mommy” and Randy Gibson had pulled his pants down and was standing there with that Dominatrix Chinese Dragon Woman Ms Jackie whipping his asshole and he was loving it and then the Evil Lesbo Whores duct taped a tennis ball in his mouth too and those Evil Lesbo Whores left Bubba hanging from the ceiling all night long until the end of the whole affair so he couldn’t get no pussy to teach him a lesson that he will never learn and Caddy Lac had his Bitches screwing the whole crowd and they are rough as hell they will fuck your brains out and the one named the Bitch Leslie kept screaming out Randy’s name every time she would cum so they must still be screwing each other and when Caddy Lac finds out he will put a cap in Randy’s ass unless you pay him because I think he is running those Bitches in his Prostitution Ring and has an Illegal After Hours Bar in his garage because I have seen the beer truck making deliveries there and he calls them his Bitches like he owns them and I think he has put his Bitches on you before and you had to run them off and he had one moving into your house with you and one working for you trying to take over your business and not Leslie but the other Bitch told everyone that you and her were dating and so that Caddy Lac is an evil shrewd one with his Prostitution Ring which if a woman wants to make money in Destin FL they either clean condos or sell that pussy or both and that’s how he recruits his Bitches by getting them to clean condos and then offers them extra money for sex and then become one of his Bitches in his Prostitution Ring and tending bar in his Illegal After Hours Bar in his garage where he keeps his Antique Classic Car Collection and his Motorized Tricycle and he is a Wounded War Vet and that’s his cover and I know you are investigating a Mafia Home Builder that uses that cover as well.


Blow Fish: Well I am glad everyone had a good time and enjoyed the Shots of Patron that make Stacy with an I’s clothes fall off and Shriek lost his virginity and is being trained how to please a woman by Faggot Paul and I hope everyone enjoyed the Chicken and Waffles and I charged all the food and shots on Randy Gibson credit card so if he cancels the charge take it up with him because he is my benefactor and here he is my benefactor Mr. Randy Gibson.


Randy Fucking Himself Over Gibson: I just got a call from my bank and Cuvee has charged me for 40 glasses of wine and the Cabana Bar has hit my card for a thousand shots of Patron and Chicken and Waffles for four hundred and a Bud Lite and I don’t even drink Bud Lite and I think I am going to reverse those charges and order a new card. Someone has stolen my identity.


Gene Luciano: Yes I did and if you reverse those charges I will kill your children and then lock you in your own home and steal everything you own including your boat and if I need you to sign any paperwork to take your wealth away from you I will send Gordon my Head Henchman and a Bad Mother Fucker over to your house.


Billy Bob: I have a Crime Report for this day of the Big Show and want to report the closing of this blog. I have reported this blog to the City of Pensacola Police Department since that was Blow Fish last known address and they are calling you up on your last known phone number and are going to tell you to stop slandering myself and my wife Fayla and all our model citizens like Dean Baird which is not really who he is and so when you get that call I would answer the phone and get ready to take down this blog and I am sorry I had to take these desperate measures but we do not want to hear another word about ourselves on this blog and then on the lighter side Fayla and myself attended the assorted Fuck Fest and Gay Orgy Sex Party and we are not involved in any Sex Clubs in Gulf Breeze FL owned and operated by Victor Wallace under the protect of Dean Baird but are just Peeping Toms that like to watch and so we were out on the patio at the Cabana Bar drinking beer and had a Bud Lite on my tab and we don’t even drink Bud Lite but were hanging out with the Drug Dealers and the Crack Whores and the Troll where they smoke dope and discuss how they can get a free drink on Blow Fish’s tab and that would be the Crime the Troll is responsible for. Getting free drinks and having them charged to someone else’s credit card and that Crime would be Theft and Fraud and he is a Con Artist and that is why he is called the Troll because he Cons money from the tourist like a Troll who hides under bridges and comes up and steals money from passer byers and that is what Bobby does and he is the Troll.


Blow Fish: And that would be my Crime Report of the day at The Cabana Bar in Miramar Beach in Destin FL where the bartenders have been instructed by Wayne the Bar Owner to charge extra drinks to everyone that comes in the Bar where you find a Bud Lite on your tab and then you say “I don’t drink Bud Lite and I want that taken off my tab” and then Shriek or Oreo the bartenders say “Then you shouldn’t have ordered a Bud Lite and if you want I can call the Police and they will haul your drunk ass into jail and arrest you for not paying your tab and also a DUI” and when you walk out the door Shriek will follow you out to the parking lot and beat your ass as well for calling him Shriek so go in there and look for a bartender that looks like an Oger and walk up to him and call him Shriek and then say you look like an Oger and then say “You look Fat and Stupid and I guess that’s why none of the woman will have sex with you” and then run like hell and as he is chasing you thru the parking lot screaming “I am going to Pulverize You” like a cartoon character scream back at him  “Blow Fish says Hey” and then run like hell because he has a medical condition and can’t chase you very far. So try that it is really fun and I highly recommend it and that would be my Crime Report for this day on the Big Show for the Cabana Bar and it is called Fraud and Filing a False Police Report and Entrapment and also bad for business but the bar increases their sells that way and the bartender expects you to tip on the over charged items and then you will forget about the whole affair and just come back next vacation to the Cabana Bar and the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang and when you walk in the Bartender will say “How about that $165 tab you had your last visit here that you didn’t pay?” and I said “I paid for those Shots of Patron with a credit card” and he said” I can’t believe you can remember that after drinking $165. of Patron” and the General Manager said “And you call drinking $165. of Patron Shots fun?” and I am telling you I call it “My Job” and it is my job and what I do to set you criminals up and then plaster it all over the internet where everyone reads it and talks about what a bunch redneck assholes you are to rip off your customers in Destin FL and then when you complain they drug you and set you up and have you arrested for a Dui and throw your ass in jail and everyone in the SE of the US of A will hear about it and then I will get you arrested so just keep it up you are all going down and now back to our scheduled set up at the Cabana Bar.


Billy Bob: Anyway we were outside of the Cabana Bar on the Drug Dealer and Crack Whore Patio watching the whole Nasty Heathanistic Event going on inside the Bar and all of a sudden the Po Po showed up and we were all arrested for being Peeping Toms and the Po Po explained that it’s against the law to spy on other people while they are having sex and also having a telescope in our master bedroom at home where we watch other people like our neighbors like Dean Baird having sex with his sister and others because they are swingers and belong to a Sex Club owned by Victor Wallace where they have orgy sex and so we are also facing criminal charges in Santa Rosa County for watching other people having sex instead of having sex ourselves because Fayla won’t give it up and when she does I tear it up and then she gets a yeast infection and then we have to wait for 2 weeks for the medicine to heal her pussy and then another month for her to forget that she will get another infection when I tear it up again and so for that period of time we spy on our neighbor’s having sex and we have been doing this for years and we now have a camera so we can film others having sex and we are selling those photos to Dean Baird so he can black mail and frame those folks and others that we are taking photos of as they are having sex with others at Sex Orgies and so we will be arrested for that in an upcoming Arrest Report and that is my Crime Report today from the Cabana Bar and also Gulf Breeze FL where we are located and if you would like to pay us not to but a photo of your asshole on the Internet then please give us a call just don’t send Gene Luciano over to whack us off and that would be nice to just get a hand job but all we do is watch unless I find a prostitute or a stripper or a cocktail waitress or a woman that will take it in the asshole and I do not think you can get a yeast infection from anal sex and I think I will discuss that option with Fayla and get back to you.


Gene Luciano: Ok Billy Bob you and Fayla can kiss your ass goodbye if you say I am whacking you off one more time and I gave Blow Fish the same warning that we will not be whacking you we will be doing you because whacking you sounds like we are jacking you off and he said that doing you sounds like you are having sex with him so if you say I am jerking you off one more time I am coming up there and doing you and that sounds more like a sore pussy than a yeast infection and that’s caused from Fayla not giving it up for months at a time so just try going a little easy on her instead of tearing it up each time and she might just have a sensitive pussy and sometimes it’s better to just have oral sex with women with a sensitive pussy and then get her to do the same to you and then just find yourself a prostitute and fuck the hell out of her and then tear that asshole up too while you are at it because I tell them to give up that asshole as well but don’t let Blow Fish get a hold of her or your sister in law and not both of them at the same time because you will never hear the end of it and they will go on and on about having sex with him just like my wife Julie and you will never hear the end of it.


Greenburg: So I am hearing that you are trying to be the Sex Critic again and I thought we had an arrangement that I was the Sex Critic on the Big Show which is my area of expertise and your specialty is the Food Critic with your Restaurant Review and I am not hearing a Restaurant Review but just a lot of criticism about everyone’s Style of Sex and me and the Mrs. and had a real good time last night and showed that Faggot Paul how we do Heathanistic Sex in a public place and I was tearing that pussy up like Ground Round and now Faggot Paul knows how to have Heathanistic Sex in public and Victor Wallace was there trying to move in on the Destin FL Gay Sex Orgy Business and take over Faggot Paul’s turf with his own Group Sex Business that he already has in Gulf Breeze FL and trying to expand and widen his turf and we got out of there right before the Po Po showed up and ruined the whole evening for everyone thanks to Randy Fucking Us Over Gibson you just ruins all the fun for everyone all the time including their property values with his white trash lifestyle.


Faggot Paul: Who the hell is cutting in on my Sex Orgy Group Business with a competing group in Gulf Breeze and who the hell are you paying for protection because I need some help keeping Blow Fish from ruining my business?


Victor Wallace: Now I can help you with that I am well connected to Dean Baird and I am one of his mules and that means I pick money up and take it to him and then I pick up drugs and bring them back to you so I can come get some money from you for protection and then you can wait for me to bring you some drugs and I will pick up that money and if you are having problems with someone I will send an enforcer over with a gun and he will sit down with this up start and he will explain how it is going to be and then he will making a payment or he will be getting shot and that’s how I explained it to Blow Fish and that is my Crime Report of the Day for Gulf Breeze FL and so I can help you too Faggot Paul and we got a sex group over here with thousands involved and we are protected by Dean Baird and some of us enjoy a good piece of ass from a fellar just like you so we need to team up and get organized and we are always looking for a few new recruits and I would love to meet your Evil Lesbo Whore office staff so let’s hook up and we will get it on.


Faggot Paul: That sounds like a wonderful idea but I am trying to get this off the internet just like Gene Luciano is trying to get his asshole off the internet and not getting myself any further involved with any activity that will end up splattered all over the internet.


Evil Whore Kimmy: Well I had a wonderful time last night and here is my Restaurant Review for the Cabana Bar for last night the Fried Chicken was overcooked and tough as usual. The Huge Throbbing Woody didn’t have fresh jalapeños and extra cheese and so it wasn’t Throbbing at all and the Waffles were overcooked and dry and tough and better thrown then eaten because they weren’t worth a shit and I believe they were frozen and not fresh like all the food on the menu and it reminded me of the food quality at Denny’s and that’s not even as good a Waffle House which has better Waffles and so the Waffles were thrown and not worth eating and the only thing served that I ate up like a Hillbilly Fag on Shit was the cum splattered on my face and it was scattered and splattered and covered my face and then I lapped that shit up like that Little Bitch Steve was doing as Gay Charles gave him the same treatment and Faggot Paul was screwing him in the asshole and then Ms Jackie showed up with her boyfriend and he is only allowed to watch because she is a Dominatrix Queen Chinese Dragon Woman chain smoking cigarettes like a Dragon Lady and just watches and beats the hell out of men with her whip while she smokes a cigarette and then the Po Po showed up and ruined the whole affair and we were arrested and booked and we had to get bailed out except for Gay Charles who escaped in his helicopter because he says that is the best form of transportation and he and his Co Pilot Gay Partner took off and escaped prosecution and they are not on the cover of the newspaper this morning but we are and now we are facing charges of having sex in public but that is not the charge we are going down for and the charge is trafficking in sexual devices because we are now in cahoots with that Pervert Wayne Roberts and we are selling his new brand of Dildos that the Lesbo Whores at Pasti’s love so much that are still in the wrapper because they have not been used and we also have his line of sex lubricant that the Hillbilly Fags are raving about and they say that shit is eatable and they are going through that stuff like shit on a Faggots Dick and that is where they serve it and Terri Lynn and Maurice were seen picking up the used Dildos laying on the floor since they are living on a fixed income and I heard Terri Lynn say that they will be popular items at their community wide yard sale since they live by the Gay Community near Piedmont Park which is the Gay Center of the Universe in Atlanta GA and so on this my Restaurant Review for the Cabana Bar today the Waffles are better thrown at the Cabana Bar and it is now the Home of the Thrown Waffle so bring your family in and order some and then say these Waffles aren’t worth a shit and then start throwing them across the restaurant and the Chicken is tough and all the menu items are similar to Denny’s and not worth eating and not as good as Waffle House and that is not saying much for the food quality at all and the pizza does not come out the way you ordered it because they don’t care how you want it, you can only get it the way they want you to have it and they do not have fresh ingredients just like Denny’s but last night the cum was splattered and scattered and covered all over my face just like the way Blow Fish gives to me which I love and that was the only item that I found that was worth eating and so I was lapping that shit up like a Hillbilly Fag on Shit or Gay Charles on his Little Bitch Steve’s asshole and then he would pop his little Hillbilly Fag Pecker in Steve’s asshole while Ms Jackie whipped the shit out of his asshole while her boyfriend just watched and lights her cigarettes and Krissa the Performer was entertaining the whole crowd by getting fucked by all the Nigger Pimps and she was taking them all on and they were tearing that big ole worn out pussy of hers up and  that is how it got so big and worn out in the first place from fucking Big Ole Niggers and so I tried me a Nigger Pimp and it has been a while since I have had me a real man and those Nigger Pimps are all man and tore my pussy up like it ain’t never been done and nothing like that Little Bitch Steve does who can’t do shit with his little Hillbilly Fag Pecker but he did enjoy watching the Nigger Pimps fuck my brains out and tearing that pussy up and all that Little Bitch Steve can do is just watch with Terri Lynn’s Colonel Husband Maurice who was taking photos for the front page of the Ft Walton Daily News and the Destin Log Newspapers and then we were all arrested for having sex in a public place and the Cabana Bar is now on the list of Gay Orgy Sex Destinations on the Google search so when you Google Gay Orgy Sex Groups in Miramar Beach in Destin FL the Cabana Bar will come up at the top of the search with Faggot Paul who is also a Gay Real Estate Agent in charge of the Gay Orgy Sex Group with his Evil Lesbo Whores at the Cabana Bar and Head of the Prostitution Ring in the Cabana Bar the Home of the Thrown Waffle and so look for that in the Google Search on your next trip to Destin FL and the Thrown Waffles and all the drugs were supplied by AJ Laird and Randy Gibson and then they got the hell out of there as they always do before the Po Po was called out by Randy Gibson who set us all up and that’s why he is called  Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and when asked by the Newspaper Reporter as to their involvement in the whole affair they were quoted saying “We don’t know nothing about that.”


Blow Fish: Well that was a lovely Restaurant Review of the Cabana Bar Kimberly and what a presentation! I haven’t heard from the Lady of the Hour Stacy with an I so did you have a good time last night girlfriend? Was the Gay Orgy Sex Party fun?


Stacy with an I: True that and I wore my bandana dress because every southern girl needs one and I started drinking shots and I lost my flip flops and then my sunglasses and then my credit card and then my panties and then my bandana dress and then I was a Heathanistic woman ready for sex and the Faggot Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whores were eating my pussy and then Bubba tried to have penetration sex with me and I said no penetration but he still tried so the Evil Lesbo Whores tied him up and hung him up and Ms Jackie whipped his asshole and he just hung there while all the woman had sex with me and those Nigger Pimps had big ole dicks and that made me horny as hell but I told them no penetration and so I just got my pussy eaten by every woman there and that’s what I love so it was a good time and thanks for my day on the Big Show.


Stacey with an I’s Mama: Stacy with an I why are you talking like that what is “True that?” That sounds ghetto and are you having sex with colored boys again because your Mama told you no more sex with colored boys because your Mama wants a grand baby and not some little picanity nigger child and are you Gay I heard you say you were having sex with Lesbian women?


Stacy with an I: Mama I was just getting my pussy eaten and I did have sex with a few of the Nigger Pimps and I did say no penetration sex but their dicks were so big and they made me so horny just to look at them and so I just sex with a few of them and well Mama maybe it was all the Nigger Pimps but it was fun and I am probably having a black child Mama because those are they only men that like my big ole butt Mama and they love junk in the trunk and they love my junk and tear it up and yes you are going to be a grandmother and it will be a little picanity nigger child so get over it and learn to love it and if you tried having sex with a big ole Nigger you would understand too Mama.


Stacey with an I’s Mama: I have never heard of anything so disgusting and I am calling your father in that place that is harder to get into than Heaven and tell him to have a long talk to you and then you will be in trouble for sure.


Stacy with an I’s Father from the other side: Stacy with an I you better calm down and settle down and sit down so we can have a long talk and then I will tell you how it is going to be and then you will be going somewhere different than where you are so you can dry out and take a deep breath and start living right like Atlanta GA and get your old job back so you better stop what you are doing or you are out on your own young lady.


Stacy with an I: Then I quite I will never change I am just a moran and will never learn a thing so I am out and on my own and unemployed.


Chef Cuvee: Why wasn’t I invited to this Gay Sex Orgy Party? My daughter and I could have joined in the fuck fest and showed you losers how to do it right and I could have shown you the quality of my daughter’s pussy which is some Prime USDA Inspected Filet Mignon and my dick is like a Fine Wine that just keeps getting better with time so please include us in on your Restaurant Review.


Faggot Paul: You just stay over there in your Library and control the sex and drugs and the wine pour there and stay away from the Cabana Bar and my Gay Sex Orgy Group Business that I am sure you would try and control and screw it up like you have your Library that you call a Cuvee Bistro that is nothing more than a Library where you serve food scraps like half of a Spring Roll and who the fuck serves half of a Spring Fucking Roll as a full priced appetizer and I know who would do such a thing and it’s a Fucking Con Artist and that’s who you are Chef Cuvee who is not a cook or a chef at all but a Con Artist Businessman and a Pervert and Sexual Predator where his own children aren’t safe and so that would be my Restaurant Review for today on the Big Show for the Cuvee Bistro in Destin FL where the Spring Roll appetizer is half of a Fucking Spring Roll and made from scraps like all the menu items so go there when you want to pay double for half portions of scrapes that they just have laying around in the kitchen and also when you want a pervert to screw your children and you will see what I mean.


Blow Fish: So stay tuned for more of that on the Restaurant Review for Destin FL and today I recommend Dewey Destin’s on Crab Island for Local Seafood and it’s not actually on Crab Island it just faces it and not the location on the Destin Harbor that serves all fried food and they just load the plates up with French Fries for the tourist and it sucks so don’t go there until they start serving the good food there that they have at Crab Island where the Locals eat which is Dewey Destin’s on Crab Island and I order Cajun Blackened Mahi Mahi or either the Fried Shrimp and Scallop Combo Platter with coleslaw and fries or if I am feeling normal or above average then I order the Shrimp and Scallops Broiled Platter and I get it Cajun Blackened with Tartar Sauce with Tabasco mixed up and either way it is excellent and not that expensive and they probably have the best sunset view in Destin FL but I always go there for lunch and when I can get Randy Paranoid Drug Addict Alcoholic Gibson to eat a meal we me, we meet at the High Tide Restaurant on the Island in Ft Walton Beach which is the only place to eat Oysters on the Half Shell in the whole Damn Redneck Riviera and I am not kidding you they are cold and clean and huge and I order a Dozen Oysters and a House Salad with Ranch Dressing that you can’t get at Harbor Docks so don’t go there if you want a salad or good food cause they don’t have anything there that doesn’t taste like dog shit but at High Tide I order the Blackened Mahi Mahi or Fried Shrimp and they have the Best Fried Shrimp I have ever had in my life and so just sit at the Oyster Bar and ask for Gram the Bartender and don’t call him Old Gram or he will laugh and tell him Blow Fish sent you and he may not even charge you and say “I will just put it on Randy’s tab he won’t notice he’s so fucking drunk” and this area of the Gulf Of Mexico is where the best shrimp are caught and that would be my Restaurant Review today at the High Tide Restaurant on the Island in Ft Walton Beach FL and Randy Gibson always gets the Fried Pompano at High Tide and he gets it to go because he never eats food and only drinks and drugs and buys prostitutes 2 at a time which is called the Randy Gibson Special and it comes with a gram or 2 of cocaine and then says “Arg!! I gotta go!” and then calls me the next morning…


Randy Fucking Himself Over Hungover Drunk Gibson: I just woke up and drank some Coco Water to try and kill this fucking hangover which is killing me and I just looked in the frig and do you know where all this fried fish came from?


Blow Fish: Randy Fucking Yourself Over Gibson stop asking me to repeat myself and you will just have to read back from Day One and find the answer to your question yourself and I already gave a disclaimer so read that too and I will see you tomorrow in this fantasy blog where all the names have been changed except the people that are trying to kill me and you know who you are and that would be everyone because you are all guilty as hell and this is just an expression of my free speech protected by the US Constitution and the Fifth Amendment and if you aren’t enjoying this my expression of my free speech then move on to another website because this is suppose to be a just for fun blog and entertaining and if you aren’t having fun then move on to another page like a Gay Sex Orgy Group website headed up by Victor Wallace or Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent Head of the Prostitution Ring At the Cabana Bar a Gay Destination and New Home of the Thrown Waffle and Faggot Paul’s Gay Sex Orgy Group so check back to hear more about my Dam Labor Day Weekend Party at that Dam Cocktail Cove on the Fucking Lake Lanier north of the Dam City of Atlanta Ga.


Where’s Waldo: Hey Now! We got the rights to use of the word Dam in front of anything so you need to remove it from the name of your Dam Party and all that other shit damn it and stop calling our women Evil Lake Whores and saying that we beat them up and make them help us steal boats


Faggot Paul: I want my Gay Sex Orgy alias name removed as well and stop associating me with that pervert murdering criminal Victor Wallace or I will file an injunction on your asshole and will have you murdered by a hit man of my own choosing in the very near future.


Blow Fish: I asked you very nicely and politely to take your Faggot hand off my thigh and stop trying to get me to join your Gay Orgy Group and stop trying to screw me you Faggot but you didn’t stop and I warned you if you didn’t that you would not like the consequences and here they are so now your sex name Paul is exposed for what you really are a Faggot so everyone will know you for who you are and call you Faggot Paul behind your back and I did warn you so check back tomorrow when I will be sharing more Intel on the Gangs I am setting up on Lake Lanier and more business gangs just like all of the above and then start taking them out and putting them all down like the Rabid Dogs that they are by describing how they rip off you the tourist and the homeowners and investors and home buyers when we look at Mafia Home Builders tomorrow on the Big Show as I prepare to set up the Where’s Waldo Gang the boat bandits on Lake Lanier on Labor Day Weekend as they prepare to beat me to Death with a Handle of Captain Morgan and throw my Blow Fish asshole off my new boat in the lake down by the Lake Lanier dam where I will be eaten by the dam catfish that are as big as a fucking VW Bug. So check back in tomorrow to see how my Labor Day Weekend went on Lake Lanier where I am setting up the Where’s Waldo Boat Bandits and their Evil Lake Whores with my Labor Day Boat Party or where they are killing me and disposing of my dead carcass and then selling my new boat and the answer is not all of the above Bubba so you will have to check back tomorrow to find the answer to the dam question.


Where’s Waldo: Now we have a problem being called bandits because it makes us sound like Mexicans which we have up here to do all our work which are better than the Niggers that we just hang from a tree limb because we are also the local Klu Klux Klan or the KKK and the best source of Moonshine in South East and in cahoots with that fellar down in West Palm Beach that’s producing porn on a boat right there in public under the Police nose and so stay tuned for more about that as we set ourselves up for Murder One just like Randy Gibson and AJ Laird who are going down sooner than they think so stay tuned for that and I have already warned you about the use of the word Dam in front of another word.