I was going to say that this is the last day of the blog but I guess you aren’t buying that Blow Shit bull shit any more and we are almost finished with the Blow Fish bull shit and about to let the shit hit the fan or the Arrest Report or the Crime Report before that followed by all the preceding or the proceeding and so on and so forth and this is almost the last of the bull shit and so I am calling on Greenburg to come over from Pensacola FL to show you dumb asshole Hillbilly Bubbas how you do a Heathanistic Party at a bar in a public place because all I ever hear about is what a lousy lover Bubba is and I am tired of you women screaming out another man’s name when I make you see God himself and also having that Faggot Paul trying to screw me in the asshole and so I will let him have a go at Greenburg instead of me for a change and the song of the day is “Am I the Only One” by Dierks Bentley and am I the only one that wants to have fun tonight at the Cabana Bar and I have a caller and go ahead Shorty.


Martin Levin: I want to know why you never take my call you are always calling on me and then never taking my call but always taking Oshi’s call and I know we are better friends than that Japanese sous chef that works for a criminal like Gay Charles and we don’t eat there anymore it looks like a dump and I know for a fact he is Gay as hell and I would never trust his crew to cook anything and I know for a fact they drug their customers because we have represented their victims in DUI cases just like yours and why didn’t you call me to defend you I probably could have gotten you off with a dismissed sentence or something and so why do you not call me or take my calls.


Blow Fish: Well that’s what I get for not saying keep it short Shorty and I guess I would have called you up to defend me but I wasn’t trying to set you up and don’t need any help getting out of trouble just getting into trouble so I didn’t need your help.


Martin Levin: No well then why did you need to spend $20K on two attorneys that are both incompetent?


Blow Fish: Actually spent $10K twice on two attorney so I could set them both up and I have both of them exposed for the incompetent boobs they both are and all I have to do is ask the Judge to drop the charges and she will.


Martin Levin: How is that going to work I know she can be quite difficult and can’t see her listening to anything you say.


Blow Fish: I am not the one calling her my boss is calling her.


Martin Levin: Who’s your boss?


Blow Fish: The organization I work for is called the FBI and all they have to do is make a call to the President and then he calls her and they call me and if that is all you assholes think that I am doing is trying to get myself off on a little misdemeanor DUI or either trying to get myself killed then all you need to know is I am not going to jail or being killed so wake up and smell the bacon and that’s not my ass frying in the pan so I will take another call from this asshole boat thief up on Lake Lanier north of Atlanta GA.


Where’s Waldo: I am calling to try and talk you down off that soap box of yours and ask you to meet us out on the lake on your boat so that we can steal it and sell in out of state just like we did with the last one when you set us up by getting us to take you to a fancy barbecue where you pissed all over the floor in the buffet line and then we had to leave and take you up the creek and threaten to kill you and beat you to death and then let you escape so that we could steal your boat.


Blow Fish: Are there drugs involved because the last time you stole my boat on Lake Lanier there were some drugs and it was Roofie and that does make you piss in your pants and so that was your fault not my bad  because it causes a complete loss of muscle functions below the waist.


Where’s Waldo You were standing in the buffet line at the time so you still had control of your leg muscles and you loaded up all the baby back ribs on your plate to piss off the host and the owner of the house that was throwing the Fourth of July Barbecue party and then you starting pissing on the floor and leaving puddles of urine on the floor in the buffet line and when the host asked you who you were there with you used our Big Boss Man’s name instead of who you rode with or who drove your boat because you were too high on Roofie to drive and then we were asked to get you the hell out of there and so are you coming back out on the Lake so we can steal your new boat or not?


Blow Fish: OK I will be there on Labor Day but I insist that we go to another highend fancy barbecue party as you call it at the good people’s house as you call them which isn’t you assholes or your boss man’s piece of shit house so if you are providing the drugs and the boat and the barbecue I will be there.


Where’s Waldo: Well now there‘s a problem we do not have a boat and would love to go out on Lake Lanier on a holiday weekend and so if you have a boat then we would like to go with you on your boat.


Blow Fish: So you are bringing the drugs and the women and the beer and the gas and the barbecue and all I have to do is bring the boat?


Where’s Waldo: Now you aren’t going to come out on the lake with no gas again are you because last time you had no gas in the boat and tried to take us to a marina in another county where we could all be identified by the marina employees and then we had to take some gas cans up to the corner store and buy gas and bring it back and it took forever so why don’t you provide the gas and I will bring the women so don’t bring one I got one for you and then you bring the boat and I will bring the drugs and the barbecue and I think we will be good.


Blow Fish: What about the boat trailer?


Where’s Waldo: We don’t need a boat trailer this time we are keeping your boat on the lake and putting it in a marina and killing you if you give us any trouble.


Blow Fish: What about the insurance and the lien I have on the boat?


Where’s Waldo: You pay the lien off or we kill you and then your kids or wife or both and then don’t report the boat missing or file a claim with the insurance company just like last time and I take it you didn’t have insurance last time.


Blow Fish: Yes I did and I gave you that one but not this one so this time you are going down and so I will see you on Labor Day Weekend on Lake Lanier at Cocktail Cove and how many times have you guys ever been caught doing this in the past.


Where’s Waldo: I am a third generation boat pirate on Lake Lanier and I have never been arrested for stealing a boat and no one I know has ever been arrested in the past 70 years or as long as the lake has been here.


Blow Fish: And why has no one ever been arrested for stealing a boat this way on Lake Lanier?


Where’s Waldo: Because we are all connected well with the Police and the Sheriff and the Judges and the County Commissioners and we are a highly skilled gang that has been trained how to do this correctly and have Where’s Waldo been in business for 70 years and very experienced at what we do and so we are protected and we never get caught because we are the Lake Lanier Boat Thief Mafia and we are organized crime.


Blow Fish: Ok I will see you on Labor Day Weekend but I am not going so easy on you this time.


Where’s Waldo: What do you mean easy on us? Last time you didn’t buy gas and tried to set us up a Marina and then you wondered off at Cocktail Cove after we had drugged you and we thought you might have drown or gone for help and then you talked us into taking you to a business casual barbecue party with a whole hog where you made a scene in front of all the witnesses and party goers that were attending the party and had a discussion with a nurse about the side effects you were feeling from the Roofie we drugged you with and we thought you were going to dial 911 for a minute there and then we had to get you out of there for embarrassing our Big Boss Man and then you didn’t have a large flash light for us to beat you to death with and we had to use a Handle of Captain Morgan in the glass bottle to beat you to death with across the head and then you passed out and we had to clean up all your blood and we that thought you were dead and so please don’t give us any shit this time Blow Fish and bring a flash light for goodness sake.


Blow Fish: So you are changing the deal on me and now I have to supply the flash light and the boat and the gas and if I have to bring the flash light then I am having sex with the woman you are setting up with before you drug me because you fuckers are heavy handed in the drug dispensing department and light in the letting me getting some pussy department so I will be screwing the Bait as I call her and so is it your girlfriend or the Enforcer’s girlfriend and I assume you are the Con Artist?


Where’s Waldo: It’s the Con Artist’s girlfriend and I am the Enforcer. He is doing something else and couldn’t call so I am stuck with doing his job as well.


Blow Fish: Well do I get his cut if he isn’t going to Con Artist me and I have to set myself up with his girl friend the Bait and it seems if I am helping you out again by setting myself up and if so then I should get a cut in on the action.


Where’s Waldo: I am not cutting you in on the deal and I swear to God don’t start that shit again with me trying to change the deal you tried to get us to go steal a car last time and tried to set us up on a car thief charge and all kinds of shit to set us up and we are not cutting you in on the deal and you aren’t helping us, you are being setup and just screw his girl friend I am sure she wants you to they all do and so just take that and we are finished and it is a done deal.


Blow Fish: So where are we meeting at Cocktail Cove?


Where’s Waldo: Now you know how this works our boat doesn’t work or either we just got a BUI and that’s a DUI on the water so we are land locked and need you to come pick us up at the Big Boss Man’s house on the Lake so just come up and get us I will text you the directions or the GPS and I will text you the directions there will be no GPS given out and there better not be any GPS on the boat either but will check that ourselves.


Blow Fish: Well get the woman to change her panties and shave that thang and freshin it up a little and make sure it don’t smell like Tilapia or Chinese pussy or the deal is off and because you guys got some nasty as hell whore girl friends and all that pussy smells like Chinese pussy and it taste like Tilapia and so that is my Restaurant Review for Lake Lanier today the pussy smells like Chinese Pussy and taste like Tilapia and if it does the deal is off and if it smells like Ahi Tuna then that is a different story because a good Black Eye Tuna has a bit of a fatty smell to it so if you are served some Black Eye Tuna sushi and it doesn’t have a light smell of fat to it or if you can’t see thru the meat and it’s not translucent then is may be Blue Fin or Black Fin and that is my Restaurant Review today for the Sushi at Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Sushi in Downtown Destin where the Ahi Tuna is Yellow Fin because they sell all the good stuff to Publix Grocery Store Chain because Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang Restaurant Chain says you are too cheap to pay for the good stuff or are you and that Gay Charles is such a fucking liar and says that if he sells the good stuff in Destin FL then he can’t sell it further up north and he would rather sell it in Georgia and Alabama for some reason than sell it at his original location in Destin FL and it’s because you are all a bunch of dumb asshole Bubbas who don’t know what good food taste like anyway and those are his words and not mine so get mad at him and not me because the food taste like Dog Shit and you wash it down with Piss.

So that was the Crime Report for Labor Day Weekend or the upcoming Crime Report so check back in for the Arrest Report on Labor Day weekend and we find out if they have beaten me to death again and I am sure they will try and Randy Fucking You Over Gibson them are some bad mother fuckers up there that nearly killed me by beating me to fucking death and we hope to put them away just like you for Murdered One and so if you think I am trying to get attention from Okaloosa County so they will arrest me again or let me off that’s not what is going on here and you will soon see.


Terri Lynn: Honey I hear you are coming home for Labor Day and I hope you are coming to see me. I can’t wait I can’t stand the sex I am getting and if you don’t give it to me like only you can do I will soon go insane and start loosing my mind.


Blow Fish: Well sweetie I am not coming to Roswell I am going to my house on Lake Lanier and getting my self drugged and beat to death and having my boat stolen and then doing an arrest report so you will just have to go insane without me this time.


Terri Lynn: You better take some time off and come see me or I will be on Lake Lanier and I will be with Maurice on his new boat named the Bitch Whore and yes he was sweet enough to name the boat after me and not after himself like your Wayne’s World sailboat or Wayne’s World ll or Latitudes which you would not change to Bitch Whore or El Dorado which is not about me at all and we will be looking for you and I heard something about Cocktail Cove and I know where that is and you must be meeting a bunch of naked whores up there to have Heathanistic Sex on your boat without me but with them right there in public and I will not stand for this and I will be there and you will include me in your nasty plans and Maurice can watch and take photos for the newspaper as he always does and are you or are you not inviting me to your Cabana Bar Shot Party or am I crashing it and I will just crash it because you haven’t invited me and I will just ruin the whole fuck fest you must have planned there and I am bringing Lauren my Lesbo girlfriend with me, her husband made her abort that Russian Bar Owners baby and she is hornie as hell and probably fertile as hell too and I better tell her to bring her birth control this time and I know you like her and I saw you kiss her one time instead of me and you think her big ole plastic titties are bigger than my big ole plastic titties which drives me insane and I am going crazy now so you better speak to me at your party and not ignore me like you do which just drives me batty so I will be there and you better be nice to me!


Blow Fish: She is so low maintenance all I have to do is ignore her and everything thing falls into place as it should and so I am planning a Blow Fish Shot Party at the Cabana Bar for tonight and I am asking Greenburg to come over and stand in for me and have Heathanistic Sex while I prepare to set someone else up somewhere else like in Atlanta GA on Lake Lanier on Labor Day weekend and if it goes well then I will post the real photo from the newspaper Arrest Report and not the funny photo that I posted of Randy and AJ getting all rounded up by the local Po Po but it was about the right time period for the photo because they are both older than dirt but still going to jail so age is not a factor here and you will see what I mean because I said I was setting up friends and family and their children and soon someone’s child is going to the slammer or the big house or going to the cemetery if he’s a hot head so you know who you are and better chill out and simmer down because we will take your ass out and that will be called the Fatality Report and I hope for Randy Gibson’s sake we aren’t reporting any deaths.


Randy Fucking Himself In the Ass with a Tennis Ball Duck Taped in his Mouth Gibson: Now Bubba I told you I didn’t want any trouble with you and I said leave my parents and my children out of this and what are you talking about my children for and what the hell is the Fatality Report?


Blow Fish: Well it has come to my attention that your son Paul is renting chairs on the beach in Okaloosa County without a license and we are going to take down his chairs and put him out of business and I am willing to shoot him if necessary and I am serious.

This is just a fantasy blog based on fact where all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone here is guilty as hell and this is just an expression of my free speech protected my the US Constitution and the 5th Amendment so if you aren’t enjoying this and afraid you might get hit by a stray imaginary bullet then close the page and move on or turn the page or close your eyes and bend over and take it like a man Randy Fucking You Over Gibson.


Randy Fucking Pissed Off Gibson: What the hell are you talking about Blow Fish he has a business licensee.


Blow Fish: He has a license to rent chairs but not on the beach. His licenses is for the type business where the customer goes and picks up the chairs and not the type where he sets up the chairs.


Randy Fucking Lying His Ass Off Gibson: You know damn well he doesn’t set the chairs up he drops them off and the customer sets them up.


Blow Fish: I have a photo of him setting the chairs up and delivering a bag of weed and a 12 pack of beer and screwing a 14 year old girl and I believe that is rape.


Randy Shitting In His Paints Gibson: Well I know nothing about this the weed it didn’t come from me and I didn’t know about the beer or the underage girl.


Blow Fish: Well then you are confessing that he is setting up the chairs?


Randy Gibson: Of course but not that other shit.


Blow Fish: Well then do you confess to killing the Bale Chaser and dragging his body out to sea and then hiding his car and stealing his money and smuggling 184.14 tons of marijuana into the US of A across the Mexican border to Gainesville FL and also up thru the Florida Keys?


Randy Gibson: No I do not know anything about that you need to talk to AJ Laird about the bale chaser’s death and yes to the smuggling but it was years ago and you can’t get me on that and yes I helped him get rid of the body and I did hide the car in a parking lot or moved it actually is all I did and what was the other thing?


Blow Fish: I have a photo of someone screwing a 14 year old under age girl at your Billy Bowl Legs Party which is just an excuse for a orgy and was that you in the photo or was it Paul because someone is going to jail Randy Gibson you can’t give alcohol to a miner and then have sex with her and let me see and someone has to go to jail so who is it going to be you or Paul and before you answer let me say that you are going to jail for Money Laundering and Tax Evasion and for helping AJ Laird get rid of the Bale Chaser’s body which is Murder One and then you may get a reduced sentence if you cooperate and then there is Statutory Rape of a minor, giving alcohol to kids and then you stole by boat and sunk it because I can’t find it anywhere.


Randy Gibson: Blow Fish you son of a bitch what are you talking about I am going to come find you and blow your fucking brains out you asshole I am not confessing to shit and you got no proof that I stole and sunk your boat.


Blow Fish: I will take that as your confession to the other charges then and I know I was just fucking with you about my boat it’s in the Yacht Club and there’s a clue if you are looking for me and I am headed to my cabin or lake house or boat house or what ever you want to lie and call it on Lake Lanier so look for me there and I guess you are guilty of all the other crimes unless you want to pin the chair rental and statutory rape on Paul and the murder of the Bale Chaser on AJ Laird for a reduced sentence and before you answer you ain’t got a choice take the deal you asshole you are guilty as hell and lucky that you haven’t spent your whole life in prison or gotten the chair for what you and AJ did so take the fucking deal buddy who said we were like family when I set you up so get your affairs in order brother or cousin and you know I mean that and so get yourself a Will that is Living so that someone can take care of your shit when you can’t because you can’t no more where you are going so stop all the I don’t know what he is talking about and get ready to go mother fucker because you are going up the fucking river and not coming back!

I was about to say I am about to stop all the Blow Fish bull shit and then all that happened so we will find out what Randy Gibson is getting for Christmas and it ain’t some new pussy I assure you of that. Besides I wasn’t talking about your son being a hot head and getting himself shot you are the hot head Randy Fucking You Over Gibson I was talking about Geno.


Gene Luciano: Ok Blow Fish what’s this about my son and you better leave my children alone or I will send my son up there in his pickup truck and he will take you out and take this blog down and that will be the end of you.


Blow Fish: Well you may want to call your son because it has come to my attention that we may have a new Arrest Report and it would be your son Paul and so you may want to ask him where he is when you call him because I think they take your cell phone away from you when they slap the cuffs on the this first Arrest Report it will be that your son Paul Luciano was pulled over in his Big Ole Pickup Truck and thrown on the street and told to calm down and shut up and he didn’t do either so that is called Resisting Arrest and lets say that is just the first charge so go ahead and call him up and send him this way and let me know what happens when you can’t find him so get back to me asshole.


Gene Luciano: I will call you back Blow Fish you son of a bitch.


Blow Fish: He’s going to be real surprised when his son doesn’t answer the phone. I need to give Greenburg a call and get him headed to the Cabana Bar for the party tonight and teach these Hillbilly Bubbas how to get down and have a Heathanistic Sex Party.


Faggot Paul: Now look a here you need to change my caller id and don’t ignore me like you do your mother in the grave or I will fuck you up and you know it and what’s this about a Heathanistic Sex Party?


Wayne’s Mother from the Grave: Wayne who is this queer little man that is using such foul language?


Faggot Paul: Sorry old lady but we are not talking to you anyway.


Blow Fish: You shouldn’t talk like that to a lady.


Gay Scot: Blow Fish doesn’t think I even know what a lady is just because I sleep with Bi Sexual Women that screw Niggers.


Gene Luciano: That doesn’t sound like a Good Church Girl to me.


Blow Fish: For goodness sake a Porn Producer that uses Good Church Girl to describe a Lesbo Whore.


Faggot Paul: I don’t know any of those.


Chef Cuvee; My daughter is a Good Church Girl.


Blow Fish: Then why is she screwing her father?


Chef Cuvee: I am screwing her behind closed doors so no one knows that so lets not ruin her relationship with the church.


Ms Cuvee: They know about us at the church I told this nice man who works there named Bruce to tell you that we aren’t suppose to be having sex and you told him to get out of your Library and charged him for 15 extra glasses of wine on his credit card and then had him arrested.


Blow Fish: There are 2 mores charges. Credit Card Fraud and Filing a False Police Report.


Chef Cuvee: I am not taking this sitting down I will call the Police and say that you are ruining my business by slandering me on the internet because I am Chef Cuvee and that is my real name to my customers and that is what they call me.


Blow Fish: Then by all means read the disclosure statement on each blog that says that this isn’t really happening and disclose that to the Police that are coming to take you into custody so they will know who to make the warrant out for because I think they have a different name and I am sure you don’t want them to have to make 2 trips because each time they come out there will be a notice in the newspaper and another web page has to be created on the internet and it looks worse each time they come out to serve a warrant.


Chef Cuvee: Then why am I even taking the time to call in why don’t I just get the hell out of town?


Blow Fish: Which car are you driving so I can alert the authorities?


Chef Cuvee: My SUV of course why do you ask?


Blow Fish: Because if I was running away to hide I would drive the million dollar car you are hiding in your garage.


Chef Cuvee: Did my bitch daughter tell you I have a million dollar car in my garage?


Blow Fish: No you just did so I will take that as a confession of guilt as to tax fraud and that would be the 3rd Crime Report of the Day for you so we will see you in the funny papers and that’s where you are getting arrested and we are all laughing at you in your Library and running out the door and not paying our checks and putting you out of business you asshole. Now say Good Bye!


Faggot Paul: I am going to fucking kill you if you slander my name like that and get that Faggot off my name.


Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whore Number One: Paul you know that’s no way to get someone to do something you want them to do and you know he’s not worth it anyway.


Blow Fish: Who the fuck asked you for your opinion.


Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whore Number One: Just shut the fuck up!


Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whore Number Two: Blow Fish when are coming home with me and fucking my brains out? Can you bring Stacy with an I with you so Evil Lesbo Whore Number One can eat her pussy becasue she is in love with her pussy.


Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whore Number One: Yes I want to get to know Stacy with an I and my mouth down between her legs.


Blow Fish: Stop asking me to join your Gay Orgy Group so the answer is never.


Faggot Paul: I mean it Blow Fish I will come find you or get my Evil Lesbo Whores to track you down with their computers in my Gay Real Estate Office and then we will come and fuck you up and what the hell is this about Greenburg coming over to have a Heathanistic sex party in my home bar without my approval first.


Blow Fish: I didn’t know I needed your permission to have a party in one of my favorite bars but if you say I need your permission then I guess you are Racketeering and will get arrested as a Mobster at the Cabana Bar so get ready to go to jail.


Faggot Paul: What the hell is that about? All I said was why are you planning a party in my bar with out asking for my approval and that doesn’t make me a Racketeer.


Blow Fish: If I have to ask you then you control it and that makes you a Racketeer if you control a territory like the Cabana Bar and I believe you think you do so I am asking for your permission to have a party there Faggot Paul and so can I have a party at the Cabana Bar?


Faggot Paul: You can but Greenburg is not welcome to come over here from Pensacola and take away my sex business from me I run the sex in the Cabana Bar and I am not giving up control of my bar to Greenburg so yes you can have a party but I control the sex and you can buy the shots but that’s all.


Blow Fish: Then you are a Racketeer if you control the sex in the Cabana Bar and are going down for Racketeering just like Gene Luciano who is just sitting there in his office right now waiting to go to jail for all the crimes that he has been committing his whole life and he can’t wait for my Tiki Bar Tour to get there because when it’s your time to go down you are going down and I can’t help you Geno so you are going down Mother Fucker hard as hell.


Gene Luciano: OK Blow Fish you son of a bitch I know this is about me and my legitimate car dealership I opened in Naples FL and you think you can tie me and all my legitimate businesses into a racketeering charge and it’s not going to happen, I am too well protected my the very people that you think are working with you or am I because I am seeing green haired people all over town and they are laughing at your naked photo of me with my balls hanging down to my knees that you are too chicken shit to put on the internet because you know I will kill you deader than shit so cut the Blow Fish bull shit and put my photo on the internet and I called you chicken shit when you said that you didn’t shoot a moon anymore because your children told your friends at Church that they saw you shoot a moon one time and you said that you were chicken shit to shoot a moon becasue hell it just might end up all over the internet so you were sitting at the bar in Campeillo’s and that female bartender that was so in love with you had drugged you with Roofie so she could walk you home and help you into bed and then have sex with you and so as you were sitting there drinking wine with the Howells who are Lovey and Dovey but both just Lovey and my whore wife Julie grabbed your cell phone and walked outside in front of the Restaurant and took the photo of my asshole and then gave you back your phone and you were so wasted from the drugs you didn’t even know that she took your phone so there’s the whole setup that you were waiting for so show my asshole chicken shit so I can come up there and kill you.


Blow Fish: I will just as soon as I complete this thought and as always thank you for the confession about the car thief ring that you consider a legitimate car dealership and I will get someone on that right away but first I have to finish dealing with this Gay Real Estate Agency and their Racketeering charge and then I can deal with your racketeering charges and I said charges not charge.


Gene Luciano: Now hold on with all those charges because I will come and get you and lock you up in my house of detention and if you leave I will kill you deader than shit and while you are in there I will steal all your shit and if I need a signature from you to sell something of yours I will come by and get you to sign it so you just stay right there in your house and do not leave and I will tell you what you can do and where you can go and completely control your life and take your freedom away from you so you better watch out becasue I have someone watching you and a whore living in your house with you so I am completely in control of you and your life and your wealth and I am not a racketeer but just a legitimate business man that is a lot smarter than you are and a better negotiator than you because I will fucking kill your children if you don’t do what I say. So you will have to pay the rent for the house I place you in and you can go to the grocery store for 1 hour once a week and I will provide the taxi for you and you will have to pay for the taxi and all the utilities and when I want something from you I will come get you or send someone for you and I will be sending Gordon my Henchman and Head Knocker over there in the middle of the night if I catch you doing anything wrong and we are going to give you list of house rules and if you don’t follow them then we will come by and beat the hell out of you in the middle of the night and when I have acquired all your worldly possessions we will kill you in your sleep so that’s all I can say now but we will be in touch.


Blow Fish: I asked you to please wait just a fucking minute asshole so since you are so impatient here it is your asshole Ass Hole and I got your ass right here on the Big Show so take a good look at Gene Luciano’s asshole and have a good laugh and your ass is going down big time and I moved to Naples FL just to set you up and rented a house and put a Mercedes in the driveway just like you drove and I ate where you ate and drank where you drank and sat beside Julie Luciano one night at the Bar in Campiello’s and that’s when I sat you up the first time and she was eating a salad and Gene was sitting on the other side of Julie and he saw her smile at me and he got jealous and said “She is pregnant!” and I leaned over to Julie and whispered “Are you eating for two?” and she laughed and then Geno asked “What did he say?” Julie told him and he laughed and said “Yes she is!” and from that meeting I got him to shoot me a moon so I could put in on the internet because I told him I was afraid to shoot a moon anymore because someone could take a photo of it and plaster it all over the internet. So I warned you Geno and there it is your ass plastered all over the internet and so as you said you are so much smarter than me and you did lock my ass up in a house of detention just has you described so you could sell my boat and steal all possessions and I was locked up for 4 months straight and he beat the hell out of me for no reason and they had cameras all thru the house and if I masturbated they beat me and if I snored they beat me because they watched me 24 hours a day from downstairs in a surveillance room and I survived all the torture and finally escaped and he chased me all over the country and I lost them out west and out smarted them so take a good look at Geno’s asshole and danging balls that I have asked Julie to cut off but she hasn’t gotten them yet and soon he will be locked up and told to bend over for a cavity search and it will look just like this Geno so get ready to be locked up along time mother fucker and I warned you when you set me up that I was setting you up so here it comes.


Gene's butt


Blow Fish: Faggot Paul does this look like a Gay Proposal of Sex to you because I think Geno is turning Gay just like you Faggot Paul and is he trying to get me to fuck him in the asshole or is he just bending over there with his pants down asking me to stick a dick in his asshole.


Faggot Paul: That is defiantly Gay Porn and he is just asking for someone to put a dick in his ass and I would fuck the shit out of him.


Gay Scot: I can’t believe he actually let you keep that Porn Photo of him. I met the man at Campiello’s and he didn’t seem Gay to me and he acted like he owns the whole damn town.


Dan the Big Ole Fag: You better take that off the internet or you will be dead by morning he is a bad mother fucker.


Gay Scot: Dan sweetie stop looking at that Porn on the internet I have warned you about that time and time again that shit is so addictive. Lets just go watch some porn in bed this photo is making me hornie as hell.


Faggot Paul: I would like to ask Mr. Gene Luciano if he would like to join my Gay Sex Orgy Group and come to the Big Shot Party at my Cabana Bar tonight and bring your wife Julie I am sure my Evil Lesbo Whores would like to eat her pussy.


Evil Lesbo Whore Number One: Are those his balls hanging down they look saggy as hell and we would love to eat Julie’s pussy so bring her with you and you can fuck me in the asshole while I eat her pussy Mr. Luciano.


Evil Lesbo Whore Number Two: I will eat your pussy while you eat her pussy and then Geno can fuck me in the asshole while Faggot Paul fucks Geno in the ass hole.


Gene Luciano: Which one of you whores called me Geno? I will get my fucking gun and come up there and blow your fucking brains out while you are sucking my dick at you Faggot Party at the Cabana Bar tonight so I am on my way and Julie says she is coming too and something about getting her pussy eaten by someone that knows what they are doing and so Blow Fish I am on my way and will be taking that photo off the internet over your dead body when I get there so stay right where you are don’t move and we are on the way.


Julie Luciano: Blow Fish I would really like you to just fuck my brains out one more time before Gene gets to you so please lets try and hook up before he blows your brains out and of course I will be blowing you myself before he gets to you and you can splatter your cum in my face and I will be licking that cum off my face and swallowing all of that delicious cum and you know Italian men have the smallest little dicks and their cum taste like shit I guess because they eat at restaurants like Aqua Bar and Grill in Naples Fl where the special is 2 entrees for $40.95 and it comes with a free bottle of wine and the poison is in the wine to teach the cheap ass tourist a lesson so they won’t come back and eat at the Aqua Bar and Grill again and we are on our way and that is my Restaurant Review for today from the Aqua Bar and Grill in Naples FL where the special is always 2 entrees for $40.95 and it comes with a free bottle of wine and the poison is always in the wine.


Gene Luciano: Julie get off the fucking phone Blow Fish will put that on the internet too and it will cost me a fortune to get it off and so that Restaurant Review is coming down soon and so are you Blow Fish and all those Faggots having that Gay Orgy Sex Party tonight so I am leaving now and won’t miss anyone with my gun and don’t want to miss getting my dick sucked by both of Faggot Paul’s Evil Lesbo Whores.


Blow Fish: He sounds pretty mad and I hope he doesn’t take it out on your ass Faggot Paul because he is one mean son of bitch and he may just lock you up and steal all your wealth as well as your Evil Lesbo Whores and then after he steals all your money and takes control of your Real Estate Business and all your vacation rentals he just may make you run the whole business for him and then you will be sending Gene Luciano all your profit and if you don’t pay him then he will kill you and your Evil Lesbo Whore office staff.


Faggot Jim: Now stop right there and back away from my Real Estate Franchise and we are owned my a big conglomerate and we can’t be taken over my a two bit con artist like Gene Luciano and we are already paying for protection from our home office and so we are protected under the cover of a larger corporation and you can’t touch my Real Estate Business so back off there Blow Fish and stop trying to scare my office staff with those threats of Gene Luciano sticking his dick in the mouths of my whore office staff and then putting a gun to their head and making them swallow that nasty as hell Italian cum that makes women choke and puke it up and so back off Geno and I mean it mother fucker you don’t know who you are threatening and I will fuck you up.


Gene Luciano: OK who the hell called me Geno because I am coming up to Destin FL and blowing your brains out myself and I am sending Gordon my Head Honcho up there to take over your real estate business and you are going to be deader than shit so just sit there and wait in your office because he is on his way to kill you if you do not cooperate and those Evil Whores better be there too and we will deal with them the same way and Marty the Rooster will be coming up Biweekly to pick up our winnings and I do mean my fucking money and if you are late paying me you are dead and if you leave town we will hunt you down just like the time we chased Blow Fish out west and then he gave us the slip at Albuquerque New Mexico and so we are on the way to get you all.


Faggot Jim: I am not in control of this company we have a parent company and we send them all our profit and I get to keep what I can steal or hide or take a share of and I need that money to fund my Gay Sex Orgy business that I have on the side that I call Faggot Paul Gay Sex Orgy Party Co where I sell sex and use my office staff as my whores and prostitutes and I fuck faggots in the ass hole for money and I have to be able to take some money out of the Real Estate Company to make ends meet.


Gene Luciano: OK I am taking your prostitution ring so we will be discussing the terms of those payments as well and I guess we will be adding your assholes to my Porn Production business and I will send my film crew up to Destin and we will make a porn movie of your Gay Sex Orgy tonight and I will own that as well and you will pay up or die and stop making excuses and get those books in order and tell the man above you that he just lost his Real Estate Company to Gene Luciano and if he wants to talk about it while I am there he can come over and I will kill him deader than shit.


Faggot Jim: I don’t have any books the home office keeps the books and takes all the money so I don’t have anything to show you or give you and I will need some more time to prepare.


Gene Luciano: No more time no more excuses I am on the way and get those fucking books in order and that’s an order.


Blow Fish: Now I warned you Faggot Paul that if you fuck with me you are going to get yourself in trouble.


Faggot Paul: You are fucking with me by calling me a Faggot and I am warning you to stop fucking with my reputation you are going to ruin me if you don’t stop now.


Blow Fish: Well I warned you that I hadn’t even started yet and when I did start you weren’t going to like it at all and how I have started and I am not going to stop and so now I am fucking with you and fucking you over and setting you up asshole so you better get those books in order because I am sending someone over to look at them and you better stop that Racketeering or you are going down for that as well and that isn’t a warning that’s the fucking truth mother fucker and you weren’t on my hit list you just fucked with the wrong person and now you are going down and those fucking Evil Lesbo Whore girl friends as well and the prostitution ring and I just heard you were filming your Gay Sex Orgy Parties now and that would be Gay Orgy Porn Production and you would be the Gay Porn Producer and that will not look good on your Google Search along with Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent so you can kiss your ass goodbye and I am sure you will be happy with your prison sex and maybe you can pop a dick in Gene Luciano’s asshole in a jail cell up in the slammer and give it to him good because he is coming to see you in Destin FL and I am too and you will be hearing about it in the Crime Report and the Arrest Report from the Big Show sooner or later and Geno is coming to kill you tonight on the Big Show Faggot Paul so are you going to allow me to serve food in your Cabana Bar or not?


Faggot Paul: I am not allowing him to take over my Gay Orgy Party business or control the sex at the Cabana Bar but I will allow you to buy the drinks and you can serve food so what do you have in mind because we don’t want a whole bunch of Atlanta Big Ole Fags showing up drinking shots from each others ass cracks so what kind of food are you asking me if you can serve it in my bar.


Blow Fish: I was just thinking Fried Chicken for dinner and then for breakfast Waffles and of course my Huge Throbbing Woody that everyone loves.


Faggot Paul: Tell me more about that huge throbbing dick and where you are going to put it and which hole you want to put it in because right now I am so hornie I would let you put your big ole throbbing dick anywhere you want to.


Blow Fish: I thought Oreo was on the line for a minute there but she never calls it a dick.


Oreo: Yes I do I call it a dick all the time you just haven’t heard me say it because you haven’t given it to me yet and do not tell me I am too normal or average looking and I mean it and just give it to me.


Blow Fish: Sorry but Faggot Paul controls all the sex at the Cabana Bar so I would have to ask him and he would probably just give it to you so why don’t you just ask him to give you a huge throbbing woody?


Oreo: I’ve already fucked him and he has a tiny dick from all those steroids he took when he was younger and so he ain’t got shit and just takes it in the ass now from what I hear.


Faggot Paul: Now you know that is not true you are going to ruin my name and my reputation in this town by spreading those lies. I have a dick the size of a pine tree and it is as hard as a fucking telephone pole and I am holding up my arm and making a fist and that’s what my dick looks like and it is huge and I will take care of Oreo and then my Evil Lesbo Whores will eat her pussy after I fill it up with my cum and that’s the way it works around here and that is the only way anyone is having sex in here is if I am involved or paid off and you know what I mean.


Blow Fish: I do know what you mean and that would be Racketeering as well so I guess you are going down on that as well and also AJ Laird.


Randy Gibson: What the hell are you talking about we haven’t got anything going on at the Cabana Bar.


AJ Laird: Randy you need to keep your mouth shut and get rid of this mother fucker now and how are you going to do it?  We can drug him and I have the drugs and you have the boat and I do too and so why don’t you drug him and then we will take him fishing and he will get drunk and fall overboard and we will just say he was too drunk and fell overboard and we couldn’t find his body and searched for hours.


Billy Bob: Now I didn’t say I killed anyone that way I just said that if anyone crossed me then that is how I would get rid of them and you said what about when they Coast Guard comes out and searches for the body and I said I could weigh it down and you said what about when they send divers in the water and I said well I don’t know about that part so I think this plan sucks.


AJ Laird: Who the hell was that I think it’s a good plan I mean it has worked before and we never had a problem with it people drown all the time.


Randy Gibson: AJ I think you need to keep your fucking mouth shut and don’t say a word and let me take him out he’s my friend and I can trick him into a fishing trip but he can see right thru your bull shit plan so how about a little fishing trip Blow Fish?


Gene Luciano: I took that mother fucker fishing and he caught the biggest fish and I am suppose to be the local fishing expert and then he caught me looking for a lost bale of marijuana that my bale chaser couldn’t find and then he put that all over the internet so I wouldn’t trust him on a boat unless you drug him first or blow his fucking brains out before he even gets on the boat because he is just too fucking sneaky.


Where’s Waldo: What the fuck is going on here are we still set for Labor Day or are you working some side deal or trying to set us up with another gang or something?


Blow Fish: No Where’s Waldo I am just fucking around on the Internet with some friends while they are sitting around waiting to go to jail just like you are so we are still on for Labor Day Weekend and I believe we said Labor Day correct?


Where’s Waldo: Defiantly you got the bigger boat so we go out with you when you want to go that’s the way we do it here and we have rules and a set plan and these mother fuckers are weird as hell drugging someone and then throwing them over board why the hell don’t you just hit him over the head with a Handle of Captain Morgan and then throw him overboard and then there are no drugs in his system in case the Coast Guard shows up and I got a girl friend that thinks I am going to marry her that works for the police department and when I kill someone she is the crime scene investigator that shows up on the scene to investigate my murder so you bunch of amateurs need to get your shit together before you get yourself arrested and I mean quick because this Blow Fish character is one slippery character and he tried all kinds of tricks on us the first time so you better watch out.


Billy Bob: That seems like some good advice I would hit him over the head with a Handle of Captain Morgan too that sounds like a good plan.


Bubba: Now not so quick because that comes in a plastic bottle too and it would take longer to kill him with a plastic bottle if the bottle is full but if it was empty it might not work at all and that’s all we know about that Ha Ha…


Randy Gibson: Blow Fish you weren’t kidding those Lake Lanier Pirates are some smart fellars I never thought about dating a police investigator so she would cover up your murders that is ingenious.


Blow Fish: No Randy Gibson you don’t understand, he got his girlfriend to take a college course and now she is a crime scene investigator so she can cover up their crimes and I almost screwed her a few times and she is hot as hell too.


Randy Gibson: She sounds a little old for my taste if she has gone to college I usually like to catch them before they get an education and start making any money and that way they are more dependent on me for money and cars and drugs and sex and I just control everything.


Faggot Paul: Look here Gibson I control the sex out here and you can have the drugs but I got the sex and you will have to fight the present person in charge of the drugs and I think that’s the owner Wayne but I got the sex and you need to go through Wayne before you sell drugs in the Cabana Bar.


Randy Gibson: I don’t need anyone’s permission to go anywhere and do anything I was here before God and I will do as I please so you can kiss my ass you fucking Faggot Paul, I will fuck you up and take you fishing too so you better get your shit out of the Cabana Bar and I will control the sex there too I don’t need your permission or Wayne’s or his brother or anyone.


Shriek: Hold on here I am in charge of all the sex, drugs, alcohol, and food and all the drunks too in the Cabana Bar so if you want to come in here you will have to follow my rules because this is a family restaurant where couples come in at the end of the day to have a quiet drink and watch the entertainment and don’t be messing with the entertainment they are professionals and do not need your help Blow Fish and stop distracting the entertainers with your dance floor antics and there will me no more sex in the bar if you want to have sex you can’t have it inside the bar Blow Fish and you can’t have it out in your car or undressing woman in the parking lot so you can play with their pussy on the way home so you need to wait till you get home to have sex and no fighting so you all need to calm down and Blow Fish you need to stop running off the prostitutes and the drug dealers that’s not your job, I am in charge of all of them too.


Blow Fish: That sounds like a boring as hell evening for me just forget it I will just stay home and let Randy Gibson handle the drugs and Faggot Paul handle the sex and all I need from you Shriek are Shots of Patron and I want them chilled and I mean hundreds of them and then Fried Chicken for dinner and Waffles for breakfast and I will let you boys sort out the rest of it and I will provide a comedian to tell jokes while the entertainment takes a break and all you guys can fight over the rest of it.


Shriek: There will be no fighting and if anybody starts any trouble I will pulverize them and if anyone has sex with Stacy with an I it has to be me because I am in love with her and Blow Fish has been asked not to come back in the bar while I am here because I know she will never have sex with me while he is in the bar so that’s another rule so Faggot Paul no sex with Stacy until I have sex with her first because I am a virgin and she is my first love and no other woman will have sex with me and neither will she but those are the rules and all the other women are waiting in line to have sex with Spring Blake and that would be all the women because I have never had sex with a woman before.


Randy Gibson: Spring Blake is gay as hell Shriek these women are lying to you they just don’t want to have sex with you.


Faggot Paul: That’s right I am screwing Spring Blake and he is loving it because I have a dick the size of a pine tree and it is as hard as a fucking telephone pole when I am on Viagra and I am always on Viagra.


Stacey with an I: Now my Mama wants me to have a baby Shriek so if you want to have children I just may have sex with you how does that sound?


Shriek: I ain’t never had sex before Ms Stacy so I don’t know how and I don’t know how to make a baby neither because I am like a big old cartoon character that is dumber than shit and I ain’t got a clue about nothing.


Stacy with an I: Well you got a dick don’t you and you know how to use it don’t you?


Shriek: No mam I don’t know how to use it but I got one.


Faggot Paul: Well I will take you under my wing and show you how to use it and then after I am finished then you will be ready for Ms Stacy with an I.


Shriek: Mr. Paul real sweet to show Shriek how to screw Ms Stacy with an I, but Shreik afraid Mr. Paul will stick his dick in Shreik’s asshole to teach Shriek a lesson so Shriek not turning his back on Mr. Paul


Faggot Paul: Now why would you say that? Did you read that shit about me being a Faggot on the internet? Is that some Blow Fish bull shit that he has put on the internet about me and who was talking about killing him was it Billy Bob because I may just pay you to do it.


Billy Bob: I am still here eases dropping and pepping tomming around and yes it was me but I was just speaking hypothetically and didn’t mean to kill Blow Fish I just meant if I was going to kill someone this is how I would do it and that’s called Conspiracy to Commit Murder and I am guilty of that and Blow Fish is my witness and I could get 3 – 5 years for that so watch your steps boys cause he is tricky as hell you know he set me up with a prostitute and tied me to paying for her and told my wife on me and he can’t be trusted.


Fayla: Billy Bob I thought you were going to stop lying about that and stop talking about crimes and implicating yourself to Blow Fish as a Murder and also to the sinking of our boat for the insurance money just because you don’t like it anymore and just ignore the fact that I ever said that and did I hear Chicken and Waffles but not in that order and are we planning a Pimp and Whore Party cause I missed the last one so I will send out the evites cause I am sure that Blow Fish is screwing someone’s child and too busy.


Randy Gibson: Now if anyone is screwing someone’s child it will be me we don’t need to involve Blow Fish because once they have sex with him they will never stop talking about how wonderful it was and then I get sad.


AJ Laird: Randy snap out of it go buy a Handle of Captain Morgan and lets take Blow Fish out fishing on your boat and buy some coke and I mean some coca cola and some fucking ice because I know how ADD you are and hurry up before we get charged with something else and that fellar up on Lake Lanier had some good ideas so I guess we will have to go up and see how they operate and maybe we can get more organized and I know I control all the drugs and prostitution at my bar and also on the Destin Harbor because my Tiki Bar is on the Harbor and all of Destin and Ft Walton Beach but there is Sandestin and Miramar Beach and 30A and…


Faggot Paul: I will go get a Bottle of Captain Morgan if it will help get rid of Blow Fish because I think I am ready to get rid of him too.


Shriek: I got a bottle right here and here’s a coke and there is ice in the kitchen and don’t let him come back in here and take Ms Stacy with an I away from me because if he comes in here she will never be mine and if he does I will pulverize him and as soon as I can find Blow Fish I will pulverize him because I told him not to make fun of me and call me fat and call me an Oger and say I look like Shriek on the internet or I would come over to his house and pulverize him. So take the Handle of Captain Morgan and go break it over his head and throw him in the Ocean so I can have Ms Stacy with an I all to myself.


Blow Fish: I hate to tell you boys that I am not falling for that shit but you are all guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Murder and so get ready to go down on that and AJ Laird there’s another Gang already out on 30A and Sandestin and it’s that Big Ole Boss Man Brevard from up in Atlanta and if you try and move in on his territory he will have someone lap an injunction on your ass just like Randy Gibson does and he will win Randy so don’t think you can slap one on him first cause he is smarter than you bunch of Stupid Bubbas and so I will explain what he does when I get to Atlanta GA in the fall which is just around the corner so I better get going so check back in tomorrow and find out how the Big Shot Party went tonight at the Cabana Bar in Miramar Beach FL and check back in to see if Randy Gibson and AJ Laird have knocked me over head with a Handle of  Captain Morgan and thrown my Blow Fish ass overboard and fed me to the sharks so check back tomorrow when I announce the upcoming closing of Lake Lanier up in Cumming when we close the Lake and drain it looking for my Blow Fish body which was beaten to death with a Handle of Captain Morgan and thrown overboard to feed the giant Catfish the size of a VW Bug down in the bottom of the lake by the dam.


Gene Luciano: OK Blow Fish I can’t find my kid. Where is my son Paul Luciano?


Blow Fish: You will just have to read back at Day One where I said I would be sailing around the coast of Florida setting up friends and relatives and their children Geno and then you will find out where your son is so I will not repeat myself.


Sir Ron: Did you forget to call me and ask me attend your party tonight at the Cabana Bar and bring by wife Queen Julie and tell my off color jokes or my Dumb Nigger jokes and mix in a few Johnny said jokes only change it to Bubba said jokes?


Blow Fish: Now Sir Ron with all respect if you are asking me to repeat myself you will have to read back to Day 1 and then caught up with the rest of us and please hurry up you go on at 8 o’clock. We have a schedule here and everything must be done on time so hurry up we are running late.