This is the day that the Lord Jesus has made so let us rejoice and be glad that we are not imprisoned or thrown in a cell or having to eat Dog Shit at the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang Bar in Downtown Destin FL where the food of the day is Dog Shit and they are washing that down with Piss that Gay Charles thinks taste just like Gay Craft Beer and it looks and smells like Piss and is called Golden Rain after the Golden Showers that these Gay Faggots from the Big Ole City of Atlanta which is the Gay Capitol of the World and Home to Gay Charles where he can openly be gayer than shit or dog shit or mainly that all smells like sex to him and not to me because Taylor Swift will not take it in the ass and so I am calling on Gay Scot from Roswell GA where I am the Mayor of Historic Downtown Roswell GA and Gene Luciano is not and will never be and I am here to talk with Gay Scot and Dan the Big Ole Fag because of his size overall and not his penis size but his overall height weight width and length and so I will just call them both normal and not Gay Fags like Gay Charles who says he will kill me the next time I call him that and so here he is but first the song of the day and it is “Hillbilly Bone” by Blake Shelton with Trace Atkins and that is the desires of Gay Charles and what he has in his pants and up his asshole and it’s his man pussy inheritable device or the object of his desire or the object he desires to put up my ass and in my mouth to shut me up or take me down or lay me down or bend me over in a prison cell and pop a cap or a dick in my ass and so with no further a Do Do its Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang in Downtown Destin FL your Gay Destination for Rotten Tomatoes and Gay Craft Beer and so take it away Queenie.


Gay Charles: Wow that was an outstanding introduction and I know that Big Ole Fag Dan is pissed and can’t wait to unload it all over his Gay Partner and Lover and Man Hole Gay Scot and so…


Blow Fish: We were wanting you to report to us on the party you had last night on the Big Dick and not start up a bunch of Faggot Chatter about how you guys piss all over one another so with no further a Do Do just start with the Party and cut the Shit or the smell of Dog Shit which I am sure was the smell of the food or was it that smell of Chinese Pussy that is coming from Ms Jackie’s panties or the lack there of and I can’t imagine that big old Chinese butt of hers not covered with cloth so go ahead and start with the smell of last night’s event and then we will get to the smell of Ms Jackie’s pussy and I will be done with today’s Restaurant Review by saying the smell of the food was Dog Shit and the Gay Craft Beer smells, looks, taste and is served just like Piss so go ahead and say what the Chinese Pussy smells like and I will save you a whole bunch of faggotitry hand gestures and say it smells like Tilapia and that is the stench that is coming from underneath the restaurant where the Seafood Market which is where you smuggle in your bales of pot that you sell in Atlanta in your Gay Bars and it should smell like Pot and not Tilapia or does the Pot smell like Ms Jackie’s pussy or is it that Ms Jackie’s pussy smells like Pot and I know the answer to that question because I have smelled her pussy and it smells like Tilapia and I have to say I am not touching that shit with Greenburg’s 10 foot pole that he slaughters those little bass fishies with and not the pole that he gives you Carol his wife of so many years that he can’t remember having sex with that Nigger Prostitute in Biloxi last night so please go ahead Gay Charles and try not to ramble around with your response and don’t make me repeat my self and if this is your first time reading the Big Show which is a Blog designed to be just like a Radio Talk Show where you call in and confess your crimes and then I tell you what you are getting for your crimes then I am welcoming you and so read back to Day One and then catch up and no questions please so with no further a Do Do please start with the party and cut the shit Gay Charles or I will pop a dick in your ass and I will use Greenburg’s big 10” pole as Carol calls it so go ahead start with the Greenburgs and how you treated them to dinner so go ahead and start there and hurry up Faggot Gay Charles.


Gay Charles: And you say I have a problem with run on sentences and that’s the title of the movie you had on the Big Show so please take that photo of me with Greenburg’s Big 10” Dick out of my ass hole off the internet and get back to the subject at hand and it is that I am not a Gay Leader of any Fraction only a partner in a Restaurant Chain and know nothing about Dog Shit being on the Menu at any of my restaurants and we do not smuggle drugs into Atlanta I think you have me confused with Randy Gibson and AJ Laird and I don’t think I should have given you that information and so we just haul fish up to Atlanta to sell wholesale to my Restaurant Chain and the Publix Grocery store chain who pays top dollar and I keep that money and the rest of the money from the sell of food in the restaurants goes to pay the bills so there you have it in a nut shell and that is how I am breaking the law and not having Gay Orgy Parties with a Big Dick up my Pie Hole or my Asshole or both at the same time while Gay Scot is Pissing Golden Showers on me while drinking my new Gay Craft Beer brewed out on the Big Dick at the Big Dick Brewing Co that you were so sweet to give us that idea and we are making a come back in the Destin FL area as a Gay Destination for your Gig Ole Faggots from Atlanta when you want to get away from home and walk around all weekend wearing nothing but a towel and give it to another young male prostitute that is wearing nothing but a towel and high on Cocaine and giving it to that Big Ole Fag Dan who is giving it to me in public on the Big Dick a Gay Destination and Gay Craft Brewing Co in Downtown Destin FL right there on Highway 98 where there is always free parking and valet parking by our own Gay Valet himself and so with no further a Do Do here he is the Gay Valet at the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and go ahead….


Gay Valet: I am not Gay and Gay Charles isn’t here today so why don’t you just come back another time and leave us alone he takes all the money out of the business and we have to survive on tips so if you are parking your Denali I will park it and you can tip me when you get it back and that’s all I make unless I can get a free meal in that cheap asshole’s restaurant that doesn’t even have a decent fucking hamburger because they are too cheap to buy any accompaniments like cheese or onion or tomato or lettuce it’s just 2 buns and a ¼ pound of meat with ketchup and mustard if I can find any and no mayo so that’s all I have to eat here and it sucks big fucking time so I will park your car and you can tip me when you leave and that’s all I have to say so stop all this Gay Valet shit and give me your keys please Sir and I do mean Mr. Blow Fish Sir.


Blow Fish: I was asking about the Gay Event that Gay Charles threw last Thursday night out on the Big Dick or big deck or patio to celebrate the Grand Opening of the Big Dick Brewing Co and the First Beer Sold and then drank and then recycled back as a Golden Shower called Golden Rain on the other customer as you Gay Valets do all over the South East of the US of A so please less Restaurant Review bull shit and more about Gay Sex that is what sells a Blog and the Big Show that will become Books and then Movies and then DVDs that become another book about the same bull shit just from a another location like Paris France which is where I am writing from today or is it so on with it Gay Valet or do you want another Spanking from that Chinese woman with the whip in her hand and the pussy that smells like Tilapia and that is the smell that is coming out from underneath the building where she keeps her dirty panties that stink so bad so more on that and less on the food that all taste like Dog Shit so more Gay Sex and less stinky pussy jokes please and start again and try and do better or I am telling Steve the Butcher or the cooker or the candle stick maker or the one that delivers the money to the night deposit and go from there please.


Gay Valet: Once again a dick in your ass doesn’t make you Gay these days it takes more than that I have to go park that Faggot Paul’s Mercedes so give me a break and I will be right back and please no harassing our Gay Clientele they are the only customers that we have flocking in here because they have heard all the food smells like Dog Shit and that smells like sex to a Gay Faggot like Mr. Paul so I will be right back.


Faggot Paul: Well it is about time you put me on the Blog and started ruining my Real Estate Practice just like you did to Greenburg I have heard he can’t sell any real estate with all the phone calls and questions that he is getting from the threat you made about him being responsible for the melting of the Polar Ice Caps because he doesn’t recycle and drink Bai Coconut Water and I hear that their stock will Sky Rocket the minute it hits the stock exchange floor so please for the last time would you please stop telling people that I am gay and ruining my Real Estate Practice so please stop.


Blow Fish: Faggot Paul will you please stop trying to have sex with my Blow Fish ass and I will stop telling people you are Faggot Paul.


Faggot Paul: Now I do not think that me trying to screw your Blow Fish ass means that I am Gay so you are speculating that I am Gay because I am always inviting you to my Gay Orgy Parties where my Lesbo whores are eating each other’s pussy and I am screwing them and then I invite men and I am screwing them in the asshole and everyone I can find and the Lesbo whores are inviting women and I am screwing them and the Lesbo whores are inviting men and having sex with them while I am screwing their men in the asshole and so that is Orgy Sex and not Gay Sex and it is more of a Sex Club than a Gay Sex Club so please come join our Sex Club and stop all this Gay Faggot Real Estate Practice bull shit and please don’t say no this time and don’t say who I work for.


Blow Fish: For the one hundredth time stop hitting on me and inviting me to join your Sex Orgy Group and leave my ass alone and then your name won’t come up in the Google Search like Gay Charles as the Gay Destination for Gay Craft Beer at the Big Dick Brewing Co in Downtown Destin at the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and you never will stop trying to screw me because you are a pervert and a fag and you may just call it sex and orgy sex and swinging but you are Gay and a Faggot Paul so I will look for your name in the Google Search for a Gay Real Estate Agent and I just checked and you don’t come up at all yet and if I type your whole name and your real estate company name it will come up but not as Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent so go ahead and try it yourself and see where it comes up and then type Faggot Paul and then your company name or Faggot and your real name and see if it comes up just like Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang in Downtown Destin FL your Gay Destination for Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent out for a Gay Adventure Lunch at a Gay Destination in Destin FL and so keep tying that over and over until Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent comes up along with Out For a Gay Adventure Lunch At Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang with his Hillbilly Bone On and it doesn’t come up but if you keep typing Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent then it may start coming up just like Gay Charles Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Rotten Sushi and Gay Craft Beer at the Big Dick Brewing Co on the Big Dick with the Hillbilly Bone up Faggot Paul’s asshole.


Faggot Paul: Now cut that shit out and leave my Google Search alone or I will sic my Lesbo Whores on you and we will chase you down just like Gay Charles and throw your asshole in a jail cell where I will send my evil Lesbo Whores in there in the middle of the night to cut your throat and let you bleed out and then the jail will throw your ass in the Okaloosa County Landfill with all the cheap ass plastic beach chairs and Styrofoam coolers and cheap ass beach umbrellas and all the other cheap ass beach paraphernalia the tourist buy every Saturday afternoon and then throw out on the curb the following Saturday morning and then the garbage men pick it up and throw all that shit in the County Landfill and then it starts all over again so if you don’t want your ass to end up buried under all that shit then you better back off from my Google Search and I will never stop inviting men to my Sex Orgy Parties becasue it’s just sex and not Gay Sex when I fuck them in the asshole and then they fuck me and that doesn’t make me Gay, it’s just sex and so stop all this Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent and Blow Fish bull shit and I am just trying to grab a quick bite of lunch.


Blow Fish: Well I know you as Faggot Paul which is the name you use to promote your Gay Sex Club and Sex Orgy Parties and that is who Faggot Paul is to me and soon your Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Broker name will come up and you will be listed on where you belong and I may just put your name and photo there for you and after I get finished with you Faggot Paul with a faggot dick that is as hard as a telephone pole and can fuck a faggot in the asshole with his hillbilly bone and tear that fucking ass up all night long high on Alcohol and Viagra and Cocaine and that’s where you will belong on a Gay Real Estate Broker Website so your fellow fucking faggot friends can find you Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent so you better stop threatening my Blow Fish ass with sending your Evil Lesbo Whores out to take me down and throw me in county jail.


Faggot Paul: Now I have asked you to stop calling me a faggot. You are going to ruin my good name. So were you here on Thursday night? It was a real treat having so many faggots in one place at one time all having sex together out on the Big Dick at the Big Dick Brewing Co and all we had to provide was our dicks and Gay Charles provided everything else and then Wayne Roberts had a Dildo in everyone’s asshole and a condom on everyone’s dick and the whole assorted affair went on all night long and I had the Viagra concession and my Faggot Paul dick was as hard as a telephone pole and as big as a fucking pine tree and I can fuck Hillbilly Fags in the asshole all night long and I tore it up all night long and went from Hillbilly Fag asshole to Big Ole Atlanta Fag asshole all night long until the sun came up and my Evil Whores were giving the Hillbilly Fags blow jobs and eating each others pussy and the Evil Whore Kimmy was taking cum shots right in the face and licking that shit up and swallowing it down and we had a blast!


Blow Fish: Well you asked for it asshole. I asked you to leave my Blow Fish asshole alone and stop telling me about your dick being as hard as a telephone pole and as big as a fucking pine tree and stop holding you arm up and making a fist like that is the size of your dick and telling me how you can fuck all night long high on Viagra and tear that asshole up and when you stop doing that I will stop calling you Faggot and ruining your real estate business as Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent and so leave me out of your Gay Sex Parties you call a Sex Orgy and I will leave you alone.


Faggot Paul: Well I will stop when you stop so please stop calling me a Gay Faggot and I will stop trying to screw you in the asshole like I screwed Gay Charles and he was taking it deep and long and he loves a big ole dick up his asshole that’s as hard as a telephone pole and as big as a pine tree and I tore his asshole up too all night long and then he gave it to me and I took it long and hard as well and as I was giving it to that Little Bitch Steve the cook from the kitchen and he was loving it and Ms Jackie was dressed in a Black Corset with her Chinese pussy smelling like Tilapia and had her whip out and was beating the shit out of everyone and she had Randy Gibson with a tennis ball duct taped in his mouth and he was getting the shit beat out of his asshole and calling her Mommy and she was calling him Her Bad Little Pirate Boy and he was begging her not to stop and we had Big Ole Atlanta Faggots and Hillbilly Fags screwing each other all over the Big Dick at the Big Dick Brewing Co in Downtown Destin FL at the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang and we were all drinking free gay craft beer called Golden Rain and Gay Scot and Dan the Big Ole Fag were showing us all how to piss Golden Showers all over one another and then we were all drinking more Golden Rain craft beer and then pissing all over each other again and Gay Scot and Dan the Big Ole Fag were pissing in the face of the Evil Whore Kimmy and she was loving it and lapping that shit up and it was quite a sight and that doesn’t make me Gay so stop calling me Faggot Paul.


Blow Fish: You started first so you have to stop first and you never will because you have fucked everyone in this whole town and you’ve fucked all the whores and now the whores are all eating pussy and so you are screwing all the faggots while your Lesbo Whores are eating all the pussy and the whores are screwing all the faggots that you are screwing in the asshole and everyone is screwing everyone at the same time in your perverted sexually addictive life style with alcohol and cocaine and Viagra fueling the whole assorted affair and I guess you are running out of men too and are now screwing Gay Faggot friends of Gay Charles or you wouldn’t be eating at a Gay Destination Restaurant at lunch and telling me about the good time you had on the Big Dick and the size of your dick and about the Party on the Big Dick the other night and so I will not stop because you started it so go ahead on in and eat some Dog Shit for lunch and I thought you only eat Bone in Rib Eyes and they don’t have any meat on the menu here so what are you having for lunch Faggot Paul?


Faggot Paul: I am having the hamburger. It isn’t worth a shit either but I don’t have time to drive to a good restaurant for a good Rib Eye so I am forced to eat here because it is so close to work.


Blow Fish: I always eat Bone in Rib Eye at McGuire’s Irish Pub and order it Blacked Rare Plus and when I do the Chef McGuire brings it out himself and ask me if it is cooked to my liking because I’m the only person that orders it that way and so he knows that I am in the restaurant and it is the Best Steak in Destin and so go to McGuire’s and order a Bone in Rib Eye Blacked Rare Plus and wait for Chef to come out and say I thought you were Blow Fish and I kid you not.


Faggot Paul: Hey Gay Valet bring my Mercedes back I am going else where for lunch.


Gay Valet: Blow Fish you son of a bitch why don’t you just go with him and leave us alone now I have no others customers here to tip me.


Blow Fish: Why don’t you just go with Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent he will probably buy you lunch and then fuck you in asshole afterwards for desert.


Faggot Paul: That sounds good to me I will just let you drive and I can play with your Dick while you are driving and hell I will just give you a Blow Job so let’s go get my car and hurry up.


Gay Valet: Alright but don’t tell Ms Jackie where I am, we aren’t allowed to eat anywhere but here.


Blow Fish: Bull shit she eats there every Thursday night and I haven’t seen you there because you are always here and must sleep in the back.


Gay Valet: No I rent an apartment form Gay Charles and he takes it out of my check or just keeps my check and I work for tips and so does everyone here and Steve takes the cash and puts it in the bank and then we never see that money again. Gay Charles does something with the money in Atlanta and we don’t ask and so he won’t fire us but he is doing something wrong and we do not know what but Ms Jackie would know she is the book keeper and that’s her job so go bother her she is right there in the parking lot smoking cigarettes with Greenburg her new boyfriend I think she is sleeping with him so go give him some of your Blow Fish bull shit and leave me alone.


Faggot Paul: Gay Valet are you getting my car?


Blow Fish: See you later Faggot Paul and have a good lunch at McGuire’s and have a Handle of Crown Drink for me and that will be my Restaurant Review for today’s show that the Bone In Rib Eye at McGuire’s Blackened Rare Plus is excellent when you want a steak in downtown Destin and when you are in Sandestin go to Cantina Laredo and order the Rib Eye the same way only it’s a Prime Rib Eye Blacked Rare Plus and not a Bone In and Chef Don Julio will come out and ask if it is cooked right because he doesn’t know what Rare Plus is and it is Rare Plus which is closer to Medium Rare Don Julio and I don’t care if he doesn’t know what Rare Plus is because he has the best Prime Cut of meat in town and he’s my buddy and never drugs me there at Cantina Laredo or charges me either because I cook for him on my sailboat when we go sailing in the Gulf of Mexico on Sundays and I never charge him for food or drinks and he never charges me and so I eat and drink free there and he eats and drinks free on my boat and at my dinner party’s and at my Beach Burns which is a Bon Fire dinner party for you city slickers that don’t know what a Burn is and the party last all night long because we have so much fun we never want to leave until the next morning when the Police show up and say clean this mess up and go home and sober up and so we clean it up and pack it up and put out the fire and we bury the burnt wood in the sand which is against the law so why don’t the police start fining people for doing that so we don’t have burnt ashes mixed in the beautiful white sugar sand and then you step on it when you walk and think it’s tar from an oil spill so watch out if you are burying your burnt ashes because it’s against the law Randy Fucking You Over Gibson with a beach burn without a permit and so just thrown those ashes in the garbage can Bubba and then start a fire in the parking lot and then the Police will just send the fire department out to put out the fire and hell the Firemen don’t have anything to do so the county sends them out every time you call for an ambulance so they stay busy and every time a car gets wrecked they come out and park the fire truck across all the lanes of traffic so you can’t get past the wreck causing huge traffic jams where people have to sit in traffic for hours and they do all that because they are all a bunch of stupid asshole redneck Bubbas running the town and I think Gay Charles is the fucking mayor but he lives in Atlanta in a Gay Relationship where he spends all the money from Destin that the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang makes on opening new restaurants that they never benefit from and so I will ask Ms. Jackie what she knows and I know what she knows that I got something that she wants bad so here goes nothing because that’s what I have for her nasty Chinese butt and I have a new caller and please state your name and job title like drug smuggler or con artist or whatever.


Faggot Jim: I am calling in to warn you to stay away from my business and my Google Search and my good name and if you don’t I will send my office staff out to take you down and turn your blog off and send you to jail where you belong so this is your only warning.


Blow Fish: Well sir thank you for the call and you have a good day and thanks for the warning and exposing yourself on the internet for who you really are and please have a lovely day.


Faggot Jim: I am not kidding Blow Fish you leave my Faggot Paul sex name alone and and his Evil Lesbo Whores alone as well or I will have my office staff spend the whole day looking for you over in Panama City or Paris France or in a Birmingham and find you and take you out so back off.


Blow Fish: What about all this crap I heard about being thrown in the Okaloosa County Landfill why don’t you attack that shit and leave my little Blow Fish ass alone.


Faggot Jim: I do not know what you are talking about I don’t give a shit about the county landfill and so you have been warned.


Blow Fish: Then let me explain it to you sir and I am sure that you have the power to correct this whole situation with just a phone call. Every Saturday morning you have a whole new tribe of tourist ascend on the Destin FL area and they come and pick up their key to their condo weekly rental and then they go to the grocery store and buy 2 or 3 grocery carts full of groceries for the week which would be a year supply for a single man like myself and then they go to the liquor store and they get 2 or 3 carts loaded with beer, wine, and margarita mixes and then they go by the Beach Mafia Store which is Alvin’s Island or one of the other brands and they load up on beach chairs and beach umbrellas and styrofoam coolers and cozies and beach towels and inflatable floats and noodles and all that shit and then head back to the condo and then hang out on the beach all week with all their beach paraphernalia and then at the end of the week on Saturday morning they throw all that shit out on the curb and the garbage man comes by and picks it all up and hauls it off up to the Okaloosa and Walton County Landfill and they throw all that shit in there and then the whole things starts over again every Saturday afternoon and the Beach Store Mafia is making a killing and we the local homeowners are paying to bury all this shit and then the chemicals from it all is leaching out and getting into our fresh water aquifer and soon we will all have cancer from that shit because all you dumb asshole Bubbas are too cheap to drink spring water and so you are all going to die from the chemicals that are getting in your drinking water from the crap you are throwing in the landfill every Saturday afternoon. So what can you do to help with this horrible situation? There is no recycling here and all this crap just keeps building up in the landfill and the trash mountain just keeps getting bigger and it’s not biodegradable and the cheap ass tourist buy the cheapest beach crap because they are going to throw it away at the end of the week and the Beach Mafia Store is buying the cheapest beach crap they can find because the tourist are only buying the cheapest beach crap they can find so please tell me what you can do about this situation Mr Powerful Real Estate Broker?


Faggot Jim: I know nothing about recycling or the county landfill and really don’t give a shit.


Blow Fish: Then you and Faggot Paul can fuck off and leave my Blow Fish asshole alone and if you can’t do anything about saving the local environment then you are just as stupid as all the other dumb asshole Bubbas in Destin FL so fuck you Faggot Paul.


Chef Cuvee: Blow Fish my little son in law to be why didn’t you send those faggots over here to my Cuvee Bistro centrally located on Hwy 98 in Miramar Beach FL where you live instead of all the way down Hwy 98 to my 30A restaurant that is closer to Panama City and that’s the way you write it is so upside down just like my Upside Down Bar that you are threatening to close down next door to my Upside Down Liquor Store that you are treating to close down so send those faggots over here and I don’t have a bone in rib eye on the menu but I have a beautiful rib eye Spinalis that is a beautiful cut of meat and the only prime cut I have with a bone in it is my daughters beautiful pussy that I call her Filet Mignon with my dick in it and she always says my dick is like a Fine Wine that just keeps getting better with time and that would be my Restaurant Review for the day that my dick which is like a fine wine is in my daughter Filet Mignon pussy which is a prime cut USDA Inspected Meat and it’s all here at Cuvee Bistro and now splattered all over the internet just like your cum on the Evil Whore Kimmy’s  face so when are we getting a Restaurant Review and we can we expect to see your Blow Fish ass over here so I can finish you off?


Blow Fish: Well never! But you do have a Spinalis cut of meat that is about 50% fat and 50% meat and so I will pass on that greasy mess of food and just stick with the better cuts of meat because that is the worst part of the Rib Eye. It may taste like butter but it isn’t good for your customers and I guess if you want choice meat you can’t find it there because that is the part of the rib eye that should be thrown away and so I wage you that you buy that from the butchers that throw that part of the cow away and you buy it just like that crappy tasting grouper you buy that is call Basa which is like Catfish or Mexican Catfish and then you don’t serve Ahi Tuna seared rare you serve Yellow Fin Tuna which isn’t Sushi Grade and I am sure it’s not choice either and that’s what Harbor Docks does as well at their restaurants they clean their fish and trim off the choice cuts and sell it to Publix Grocery stores and serve the scrapes to their restaurant customers and I wager that you buy their scraps and serve them to your customers in your library where they aren’t allowed to talk loud or have fun and if they do you drug them and call the police just like Harbor Docks does only you take it one step further you charge their credit card an exorbitant amount and then when they refuse to sign the receipt you forge their signature which is another crime along with the credit card fraud and the felony drugging and then you are wagering me that you do not do that I beat.


Chef Cuvee: I will wager you that I can drug your asshole and charge you for 15 more glasses of wine than you were served and then have you arrested for being a public drunk and embarrassing my customers in my Bistro which means Library to me and then have you thrown in jail where I will pay the guards to beat you to death before you can smear my name all over the internet with your Big Show that’s just a little blog and will never show up in the Google Search because I have so much pure bullshit on the internet about me that you couldn’t find your Big Show if your life depended on it because my new delivery truck video would come up first and that’s my catering truck with my photo on it driving a block down the street and that’s about the most boring piece of film or tape as my older daughter calls it so you will see that before you will see this piece of shit blog so put that in Bubbas crack pipe and smoke it and tell that redneck asshole to stay out of my restaurant and my bar and away from my Daughters pussy too.


Blow Fish: That was certainly a wonderful restaurant review you just gave yourself so as I said I will not be coming into your restaurant with my Restaurant Review of a bunch of scrapes that you throw a fancy name on like Amy Grant’s Yellow Fin Tuna not Sushi Grade and Vine Gills Pecan Incrusted Catfish and then the steak is crap so I will say it is Crap Steak Tar Tar and so that will me my Restaurant Review of the Cuvee Bistro for today’s Big Show where all the food is fucking scrapes and taste like Crap. So put that in the Crack Pipe and smoke it Cuvee and I mean Chef Cuvee who doesn’t cook anything the real chef is in the kitchen cooking and I have been buying him and his crew shots at the Cabana Bar to get the real scoop of what goes on there and who is screwing your daughter and I get the truth from them and all you got is a bunch of bull shit on the internet about you and the fraud you are and I am going to prove that here on the Big Show and I wager you that I can shut you down buddy so watch out because when the shit hits the fan and you go to jail you will say what the hell is this all about so get ready and screw your daughter one last time and teach her how to run the business because you can’t where you are going and the only fucking person eating your food will be the Warden at the State Prison so practice up on a new menu where you have better ingredients because the Warden is picky about his food and you can’t drug him to get rid of him so you better come up with some new recipes with higher quality ingredients than you got now Chef Cuvee.


Chef Cuvee: I got you on my hit list Blow Fish and I am coming after you and if you don’t stop telling people to draw a dick and balls with a black sharpie like it’s going in my mouth on my photo on my catering truck I am calling the police and having you prosecuted for attempted murder and you know what I mean or Randy Fucking You Over Gibson is coming for you and I am paying him to do it so he is my paid assassin and on your trail so watch out because he is driving a rental SUV and carrying a gun and screwing my daughter too so he’s pissed that you got his little cutie pie pregnant and now she is getting fat and ugly so watch your Blow Fish asshole because I am taking you out with Randy Fucking You Over Hitman Gibson.


Blow Fish: You are just a wealth of information today Cuvee why don’t I wager you that Gibson can’t find his car keys much less my asshole on my boat.


Chef Cuvee: He knows you are not in Panama City anymore so we are starting there and going east so he is on your trail and coming for you by boat and I believe his boat is newer and faster than yours and you are done for.


Blow Fish: Randy Gibson’s boat is a Scum Bucket and someone should change the name to scum bucket after they finish the artwork on your new catering truck with your photo with a dick and balls going in your mouth and then make a video of that and put it on the internet where it comes up before the other video you have now so I will just do that for you Cuvee and see if you can take it down or shut it up or turn it off or hide it with a better restaurant review that you write about your own food you Fraud which is all I can find about you on the internet and then you awarded yourself the Restaurateur of the Year Award when you were 19 years old by giving yourself the award so you could get a job I guess so you started out as a Fraud at an early age so just keep it up and you will be the only fraud committing murder when Randy Gibson does catch me and kill me because you just admitted to hiring him so there is that evidence right here on the internet and Randy Fucking You Over Gibson has been driving a rental SUV and carrying a loaded gun and taking Viagra and screwing your daughter behind your back for over a year or two so he is probably the one that has fathered her unborn baby and he’s got some white trash genes so watch out he will be your son in law and in prison with you and your daughter will be screwing the kitchen help then while you are up the river and you can’t stop her so here she comes.


Ms Cuvee: Daddy will you stop threatening my husband and stop starting trouble that you can’t get out from under and I wager that you do get arrested Daddy for all the Fraud you have committed so I will wager you that I am sleeping with Randy Gibson and I will win that bet.


Chef Cuvee: Randy Gibson is on Blow Fish’s trail and closing in on him so I have gotten rid of him and he will not be back until he finishes him off and this blog is gone and so is Wayne Ball!


Blow Fish: I guess we will see who wins the bet then and I wager you that I am the winner here and not you Cuvee and I will end up screwing your daughter again and again and you will be Gay as hell in the prison system that you hate so much that you won’t be able to get out because the Warden will not want to loose his Head Chef and his piece of ass which will be you and he will be your husband and you will be his little bitch and his prime piece of ass and his head blow job queen. That’s my wager today on the Big Show and that finishes you off so you hide your shit because I wager someone is coming to take it all away and so you can’t hide something that you already sold or lost or can you so you are done for asshole you should not have fucked with me you should have said Blow Fish Sir please take my daughter and fuck the living shit out of her please and get her pregnant and keep her ass just don’t mess with me please Sir Mr. Blow Fish Sir but you did not and now you are screwed but you have already fucked with so many people that you were on their hit list and then on my hit list and I am not randomly giving restaurant reviews I am giving a predestined Restaurant Review to the Restaurants on my Hit List where you have pissed off the wrong person one too many times and I have been asked to shut your fucking doors down so say sayonara asshole see you in another life because you have screwed yourself over royally like the royal piece of shit you think you are goodbye Chef Cuvee Tim Creehan I have your name on my list and I am crossing it off and you are going down mother fucker so stay tuned for another restaurant closing and you really shouldn’t expand right before you go out of business but it doesn’t matter unless you committed a big old crime in order to expand so there’s a clue and you can put that in Bubba’s crack pipe and smoke that and he carries it in his pocket him all the time law enforcement officers and he has about 100 open alcohol containers on the floor of his pickup truck and I asked him Bubba don’t you think you should throw those empty beer cans out of your truck before you get pulled over as he was smoking pot in his crack pipe outside the Cabana Bar in the parking lot right there under the police nose and he said and I quote “I am just living out the part that life has handed me!” Like he is an actor in a play and acting out a role that has been handed him which is an alcoholic drug and sex addict and he can’t change it and I guess he can’t.


Ms Jackie: Well I can’t believe you are finally coming in to see Ms Jackie and I know you want to smell my pussy to see if that is where that stink of Tilapia is coming from so go ahead and I will just pull my pants down and you go right ahead and enjoy that Chinese pussy that smells like Tilapia.


Blow Fish: I think I would rather puke and I am sure I would so I will pass on that but I was wondering if you could tell me where the money goes that you make here and what does Gay Charles do with it?


Ms Jackie: Ms Jackie doesn’t know anything about that. Steve makes the deposit in the night depository and then I pay the bills here to keep the lights on but I don’t know where the deposits go other than into an account that Gay Charles handles in Atlanta.


Blow Fish: Well I know you wanted to but granite countertops on the Sushi Bar and I gave you a quote for $1000. which was a great deal that I offered you and it didn’t matter to me except that the countertops you have now are so fucking nasty I thought it would be nice to make it a classier eating experience for myself and other customers and so I was never told that you were going to get new countertops or not and I believe you or Steve or the General Manger that guy in charge of drugging me and having me arrested and ran me out of town on a rail and you all said that you couldn’t afford to spend $1000 for your Sushi Bar countertops and I have that kind of change in my wallet all the time and sushi is expensive as hell so why can’t you afford $1000. for sushi bar countertops?


Ms Jackie: I had nothing to do with drugging you and running you out of town honey. Ms Jackie loves you and would never hurt you and you need to talk to Steve about that in the kitchen where he is cooking and not the chef because we don’t have chef like other restaurants so we don’t have quality food and we can’t afford granite countertops because Gay Charles takes all the money away from us and we are left with nothing and live off the tips and Ms Jackie and Steve are the only employees that get a salary and we work day and night to be able to get our salary and if we don’t then we don’t get a check and I know Steve can’t even afford to pay his house payment if Kimmy doesn’t prostitute herself and bring in extra money and he works like 80 hours a week and me too and I am always out here smoking cigarettes 6 days a week.


Blow Fish: I know that you never have any money and neither does Steve and Randy Gibson had to give Steve a used refrigerator that he found somewhere or stole it or something and so what does Gay Charles do with all of your and Steve’s hard earned money?


Ms Jackie: Now Ms Jackie is not going to repeat herself you will just have to read back and find that answer for yourself because I am too busy smoking to repeat myself and I do not know what happens in Georgia with the money we make here and I guess maybe he is embezzling it and Steve and Ms Jackie should press charges and have him arrested and so I will get with Steve and I will get back to you on that and I’m going to go ask Steve about that right now and you come see Ms Jackie anytime honey because Ms Jackie loves you and misses your little Blow Fish ass.


Blow Fish: I guess we will never know what Gay Charles does with the money he is embezzling from the hard working folks at Harbor Docks in Destin FL.


Gay Charles: What in the hell are you doing? I thought you were going to shove a Hillbilly Bone up my asshole all day and have me sucking off Dan the Big Ole Fag and I would be laughing my ass off all day because this shit sucks no one wants to hear this shit Blow Fish pick up the pace this is just bull shit here.


Blow Fish: I am trying to get to the bottom of this and find out where the money goes from the food and drink sales here before I wrap up Restaurant Review for today and start in on the Hillbilly Bone Fuck Fest I am about to tear into and so what do you do with the money that Steve deposits and the Credit Card charges that go into an account that makes the employees here so poor that they need to wash my boat for extra money and your partners that can’t afford to make a house payment?


Gay Charles: Well you are a business owner you know how expensive it is to run a business and turn a profit so I guess it is overhead and operating expenses and such as that and I don’t have to tell you but I am expanding my businesses in Georgia and Alabama where I live and opening new restaurants and hardly have time for anything else and so I guess I am too busy to discuss this any further and goodbye and if I have any more trouble with you I will be throwing your ass back in jail and you will not be getting out ever and that’s a promise you will deader than shit in a jail cell and I guarantee you  that.


Blow Fish: I know that you are expanding and including the Seafood Market you have 17 restaurant locations in Florida, Alabama and Georgia and opening more. But you can’t afford $1000 granite countertops at the original location in Destin FL and was wondering why is that?


Gay Charles: I have told you it’s none of your business.


Blow Fish: Well when you drug me and have me arrested and thrown in jail and then have to bond out and then you run me out of town and put me out of business and then come chase me down and throw me in a mental institution for a week and then I have to get out of that and now you are threatening me with life in prison then I make it my business and I guess I will tell you just like Chef Cuvee and Randy Gibson, I have a hit list and you are on the list and when I move somewhere and set up shop and it all looks real and you think I am living here permanently and one of you Bubbas and it all looks like its on the up and up and you know how expensive it is to open a new location and that’s just what I had to do open a new location in Destin FL and with a business and hire employees and pay them and then buy a boat and put it in the Yacht Club for everyone to see and let everyone start spreading rumors about going sailing on my boat and then I start eating lunch in your restaurant and get to know you and Ms Jackie and she starts firing women for talking to me and then I ate there free and drank free for almost 2 years and at Camille’s as well and then you set me up and had me drugged and thrown in jail and now you are hunting for me so you can throw me back in jail and so when you do that to people eventually someone is going to get tired of you doing your customers that way and then you get put on my hit list and so I guess I will just close by saying good bye Gay Charles you asshole. I am moving on to your other locations and leaving your original location and waiting for the doors to close and you to be arrested and I am finished with you asshole. You have drugged your last customer.

Join me tomorrow on the Big Show where we will be reviewing other Restaurants that Gay Charles owns and closing those doors as well so please check back for those restaurant closing as well and have a nice evening.


Gay Charles: Is that all what about the Gay Party on the Big Dick with all my Big Ole Faggot Friends from Atlanta and all the nasty vulgar Gay Shit we were doing out on the Big Dick? The nastiest thing you did all day was draw a dick and balls on Cuvee’s catering truck.


Blow Fish: Ok Gay Charles I will draw a dick and balls on your photo on your website. You Faggots are the most jealous people have seen in the whole world it’s always got to be all about you.


And now the Arrest Report followed by the Crime Report. I have a caller go ahead Miss and please state your name and the nature of your crime.


Mike Sous Chef: I am not a Miss you always crack me up Blow Fish with all that shit and I am wearing hot pink panties and I am now wearing a skirt with our new dress code here at the Gay Destination your source for Gay Sushi at the Harbor Dock Fags Gang Bar and Sushi extravaganza and how was that? Gay Charles told me to really build up the name and so I am now the cross dressing fag behind the sushi bar because I was given a choice to wear a ball cap like a Hillbilly Fag or a skirt like Oshi and I went with the skirt it is actually a kilt and yes I lift it up so I was calling to say Hey and I am not even suppose to be even talking to you Blow Fish because you are causing these Hillbilly Faggots more trouble than they know how to deal with we got people coming in and asking where we get our fish and what grade it is and what is Tilapia and what is not and what is Basa and what is not and telling me to stop touching their food after I lift my kilt to show my audience what color panties I am wearing and they are always hot pink, my favorite color so why would I wear another color because I look hot in hot pink and you know what I mean because I have shown you my ass so many times and just the other night I had a customer come in and it was the night of the Big Dick Craft Beer opening party out on the Big Dick and I was cutting sushi inside and the other sous chef and Oshi were outside at the Big Dick sushi bar and yes now we have two sushi bars just like you recommended but I choose to stay inside and let them deal with all the Big Ole Atlanta Faggots and was cutting sushi inside and a family from Carrolton GA came in and they sat in front of me and I served them sushi and they were offended that I lifted my Kilt and slapped my ass and touched their food and I got mad and the general manger got mad and the bartender got mad and the assistant manger got mad and then we drugged the father just like we did you and then waited to give them their check until the drug took effect and then asked them were they were staying and they said they were staying out on 30A so we just let them leave and I know he got about half way out to his condo and fell asleep at the wheel and probably hit a tree or something and got arrested for a DUI and is in jail right now which made me think of you and your near death experience and hey what about that restaurant that you were suppose to buy me so I don’t have to work for that cheap asshole Gay Charles anymore because he is the most controlling person I have ever met and they fired that Skank whore blond that I was screwing and you gave me some Viagra so I could tear that ass up and boy I did but I really wanted to nail her on your boat but never got the chance and she would have fucked everyone on the boat and I think she told you she would get naked the minute she got on the boat and that sure would have been fun so just calling in to say hey so hey!


Blow Fish: No Skank on my boat except that one time I slipped up and let one on and she was a underage porn star so I set her up and she wasn’t under age just looked under age and that’s what the porn producer was looking for and she had cigar burns on her legs or some kind of burns where they had tortured her while filming some nasty perverted piece of shit porn video or something and I will be looking into the employment of children as we get into Kiddie Porn coming up as soon as I find out who was arrested last night at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang Grand Opening of the Big Dick Brewing Co and so I will take another caller so far we have one crime and no arrest so go ahead and please keep it short Shorty.


Oshi: I no Shorty I Oshi Blow Shit bull shit I not have no arrest cause Oshi no throw out no food wight wain?


Blow Fish: I am Blow Fish woman get that straight and what are you calling in to report a crime and arrest or a menu item which would be all of the above so get to the point Shorty.


Oshi: Oshi get confused with so many questions at one time so I start with the first. I have no food all we got is Fags walking around it towels and little peckers under towels and they having Faggot sex all over the place like some kinky sex grotto.


Blow Fish: Oh I’ve seen that before and I guess it must look like a Gay Bath House in there and all they do is screw each other in the asshole and walk around all night half naked.


Oshi: They not half naked they all naked and they not got a big dick but small tally whacker and I want a man with a big ole throbbing dick in my Jap pussy and so I thought I had you going for a minute there it’s Cuvee, Goof Ball I had you going so why don’t you come by and see me and my daughter so I can have you murdered and Randy Gibson is closing in on you so watch out he should be where you are momentarily and so hang on I have a call from Vince Gill he probably wants to thank me for the Grouper I made him and go ahead Vince buddy I am here with Blow Fish so watch your step if you know what I mean he is a wild one.


Vince Gill: Cuvee you pervert for the last time take my name off your fucking menu and my photos off the internet and stop calling me buddy or I will sic by lawyers on you asshole.


Chef Cuvee: Now hold on there Vince I gave you a huge discount on your wedding catering to use your name on my marketing plan for my Cuvee Bistro and so I have a signed contract to use your name and Amy’s name and I am not in the wrong here so don’t threaten me buddy or I will sue your paints off and I mean it brother.


Vince Gill: And stop calling me brother and cease and desist and I mean it or I am coming down on you harder than hell so watch out.


Chef Cuvee: I will not watch out you watch out and I am done with this and I am going to stick my dick in my daughters mouth so she can tell me it taste like a fine wine that just gets better with time so go ahead and plaster that all over the internet I am proud of it and don’t give a shit who knows because I am insane also so don’t give a shit who knows.


Blow Fish: Still more crimes but no arrest and maybe Gay Charles can explain it to me and go ahead Gay Leader.


Gay Charles Gay Leader of the Harbor Docks Restaurant Chain up in the SE of the US of A: Wow I am the CEO so if you want to call me the CEO of the before mentioned that would be just great and we never have trouble with anyone here at Harbor Docks and the police have never been called out here we always follow our victims and we had 4 the other night and I had an Assistant Manager follow them and then call the police when the driver started swearing all over the road and then changed lanes and crossed the median and ran head on into another carload of vacationers and all 8 people were killed and so we really fixed their asses and they will never bother the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang anymore and I train all my managers and assistant mangers to deal with trouble makers the same way in all 17 of my restaurants and I have more on the way we are still expanding because I have found an endless source of financing for my expansion and you would call it money laundering for the Russian Mob but I call a good business plan and I just may expand in to the Craft Beer Market as well because then you don’t have to buy the food and have a kitchen and just sell craft beer what an idea and we are making money hand over fist here in Destin now and I will have to blow your blow Fish brains out if you call me Gay one more time and then throw you in jail and say you died from natural causes because that how we do it here at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Gay Craft Beer and no food in Downtown Destin and not at Harbor Walk.


Blow Fish: So now we have 8 more crimes not including the lack of food at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and still no arrest so please some one I need an arrest to complete this report.


Randy Gibson: I got your arrest right here now where are you and I will have you arrested for your next Big Show and that will be the last one so where are you I’m in my boat leaving Destin and closing in on you so give me your GPS or a clue as to where I can find you how about a landmark because I don’t know how to find you by GPS and so what are you near?


Blow Fish: Well I see a Circle K and then a Library and then a Waffle House.


Randy Gibson: OK now we are getting some where. What’s the name of the Library?


Blow Fish: It’s the Cuvee Bistro.


Randy Gibson: Well I can’t go in there any more that asshole Cuvee heard I was screwing his daughter and I don’t know if I even have met her so I can’t go there what about the Circle K is there an address there I can work with?


Blow Fish: No it’s on the corner and I think it says Crystal Beach.


Randy Gibson: Well hell I just passed there I will turn around and be there shortly so don’t move and I will be there in 2 shakes of a lambs tail so hang on.


Blow Fish: OK I am sitting in the bar at Cuvee Bistro waiting on you so just come on in and get me.


Randy Gibson: I can’t go in there that crazy Cuvee will have me arrested and I am out on bale from that little truck driver job I had and so I will just run in and get you and have you arrested for your report and hang on right there and don’t move.


Chef Cuvee: Blow Fish don’t send that asshole over here to disrupt my blow job that my daughter is performing here and I may just call Krissa over at the Cabana Bar and tell her to come perform here so I can watch her eat my baby girls pussy why I fuck her in the asshole so tell Gibson to go somewhere else and you go there and meet him and so shit there he is and he is running in the door and trying to steal my daughter right from under my nose so I will call the police and I have and they are on him and he is going down and being locked up for running in the Library and he should know you can’t do that but he can’t read anyway so how would he know that it’s against the Library rules so watch out Blow Fish you are next and tell Bubba if he comes in here he will get the same and I mean it too.


Bubba: Blow Fish I was going to help you move the blog if you need help because I am broke and can’t buy no beer and I sure enjoyed myself at the Gay Craft Beer Fest and I appreciate the evite and all those Big Ole Atlanta Fags sure were friendly and I don’t remember much but I know I had fun and haven’t been able to sit down all day and Faggot Paul Gay Real Estate Agent keeps calling me his little bitch again and he gets like that from time to time and I know you have had problems with him and you have problems with prostitutes and also with Cuvee and I do not know what that is about so please explain why you have problems with all my friends.


Blow Fish: Would you go tell Randy Gibson that I now have my arrest report thanks to him he’s sitting at the bar at Cuvee Bistro and I am sure he will be so grateful he will buy you a beer and you can thank me later.


Bubba: Yes I will and I need to discuss that rotten small turkey meal he poisoned me with and try and get him to repay me for the experience of having a turkey fly out of my ass and my mouth at the same time.


Blow Fish: I would explain that to Cuvee and see if he thinks Randy owes you any money for that experience and talk loudly because he is hard of hearing and won’t get it if you don’t shout and hurry up and run in there and be quick about it Bubba now hurry up and don’t forget to kiss his daughter she thinks you are so handsome.


Bubba: Yes I am a ladies man and the woman can’t keep their hands off me and so I am on my way and hurrying over there and will get back to you later about helping you with the moving of the blog.


Chef Cuvee: Well I caught Bubba trying to kiss my daughter and he was running in the Library and talking loud and these stupid Bubba types will never learn and I had him arrested and I hope he and Randy Gibson have learned their lesson and won’t try that again so now you have your arrest report and I am closing you down on the internet. I have my oldest daughter working on it and why don’t you come take her off my hands and let me keep my baby girl who is allot cuter and sweeter and just a pleasure to screw I must admit.


Blow Fish: Well if you don’t mind I will just come by and get your ass and haul you off to jail after I finish my Tiki Bar Tour so just stay right there abusing your daughter and your customers and I will see you on the internet and behind bars so until later asshole.


Gay Charles: Well you have an arrest and so I know you are going to tell me I’m next again so go ahead so I can have you arrested and thrown in jail and then I will have you murdered in the jail cell and that will be the end of you.


Blow Fish: More Crime Reports but no Arrest Report for Harbor Dock today so stay tuned for the upcoming arrest of the Bartender that drugged me and then the Assistant Manager that gave the order to the Bartender and the General Manager that told the Assistant manager to pull the trigger and then Gay Charles who trained them how and when and why to do it and the leader of the gang and the mobster that he is and that’s your crime and you are awaiting your prosecution so hang in there Gay Charles for your Arrest Report and more to come.

So that wraps up another day on the Big Show and tomorrow we will look at the Cabana Bar and what they do that’s illegal as I finish planning my Big Blow Fish Shot Party there and I will see you there Stacy with an I because the Cabana Party is your day on the blog and this party is for you and this is your shot so drink up and tune in for that and we will see what she has to say about that.


Stacy with an I: I know that was about me so I am calling in to say Hey and I want to know when are we are going to get married so I can tell my Mama and she will get off my ass about being Gay and not giving her any Grand Children so when am I getting pregnant because Bubba is in jail and I am disappointing my Mama and need to get pregnant so please let me when Blow Fish.


Blow Fish: Well check back tomorrow as I plan my Big Blow Fish Shot Party when I buy the shots and everyone gets so drunk they can’t remember their names and who they are and what they are any more and get so confused on the fantasia blog where all the names have been changed to protect the innocent but everyone is guilt as hell even you Faggot Paul and so if you are not enjoying this blogging experience then find yourself another Gay Porn site because this one is designed to be entertaining and if you are not amused as I am just move on because this is just an expression of my free speech protected by the US Constitution and the 5th Amendment and I told you to back off from my Blow Fish asshole and you never did so there you go Faggot Paul.