Welcome to this Auspicious Occasion and I am sure Randy Fucking You Over Gibson’s parents are looking up or down on this day on their little Pirate Randy son and thinking how proud they are that Randy Fucking You Over Gibson is actually getting a job and no longer being a burden on his wife and children and I know my family is looking up or down or over to the left or right and over their shoulders and saying I thought you promised to stop this if we requested you to stop so many times but not Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and if you don’t know how he got that name read back and then catch up because he is the one fucking you over so he is the giver and you are the receiver and I am the narrator and not the giver even though I am giving him a world of shit to crawl out from under and as usual all that you read on The Big Show is base on fact and not fantasy and today’s show is based on a confession but not to clear someone’s conscience but to build up someone’s ego so I guess that would be based on bragging so this is a true story or based on the facts as Randy Fucking You Over Gibson confessed them to be and all the Big Shows are based on facts and I do not make up the subject it is based on the facts that I have timelessly researched and not investigated but just really allot of come on by my Miramar Beach House I have a brand new Gallon of Tito’s and then someone falls into that trap and starts bragging and telling me every crime they have ever committed in their life and if you’re not a criminal and Randy Fucking You Over Gibson has no idea where I am going with this but if you aren’t a criminal then you don’t know but if you are and now Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and I are on the same page again and if you are on the same page as Randy Fucking You Over Gibson then you know that criminals get to know each other by confessing their crimes so that each criminal knows who the other criminal is like a meet and greet from Match.com and soon I will set up someone’s daughter on a Restaurant Review and we have secretly started dating or having sex behind her Daddy’s back and she will bare me a child and it has come to my attention that women in Destin do not use birth control protection so you better watch out Randy Fucking You Over Gibson because you might become a Daddy again and then have to pay palimony so we will see how babies Randy is fathering in this episode and each episode and how many I am fathering because I think that prostitutes aren’t allowed to have children and whores are so Randy how many whores are you screwing and how many prostitutes are you screwing and how many good church girls are you screwing there goes an alert out to Geno that this is about him so go ahead Geno but first the musical selection of the day is “5-1-5-0 Somebody Call the Po Po” and I was going to ask Gene Luciano to explain that for the dumbass audience from Destin FL and then my relatives that are waiting for me to shut down the blog and go sit quietly in my corner and I hear that Greenburg is in charge of bringing me in and taking me down so I will tell you that I am not stopping so you can just go home and screw yourself or Carol or your Nigger Girlfriend at the Casino and soon I will be taking down a whole prostitution ring at a Casino in Biloxi that Bubba is always complaining about and saying those are my friends and you better not be there Greenburg with your Nigger Girlfriend prostitute from Destin FL because that’s where they are based and you would think that my own family would say wow he’s doing God’s work but they are not, they are saying that is the work of the devil and a man possessed and that would be the Gulf Breeze UMC and it turns out the new pastor there actually believes in the Evil One and everyone there thought that the Evil One was only at the Vineyard Church when I was living there but now it would appear that the Evil One has moved from the Vineyard Church to the Gulf Breeze UMC and so if it doesn’t get any better there I will have to come back and fix the whole audience at the Gulf Breeze UMC just like I set up June Nixon who is the Evil One there and if God can be Mother God or Father God then why can’t the Evil One be June Nixon that makes sense to me from my experience there and so I am calling on Herb Sadler to call in from that place that he has gone where it is really exclusive and hard to get a tee time, the Golf Course and we will get to the bottom of the Evil One moving from the Vineyard Church to the Gulf Breeze UMC and then we will know how to get him to leave and maybe we can get John from the Brownsville Assembly of God to call in and tell us how to cast out the Evil One and maybe he will cast this Evil One out of the Gulf Breeze UMC and then put the Evil One back where it belongs into Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and I am sure that is where he belongs because he is in my kitchen in my Miramar Beach House making him a Tito’s and Sprite and Randy Gibson is so fucking stupid he doesn’t know how to order a drink and Gene Luciano is back to talk about Marty the Rooster’s odd way of ordering food in a restaurant that he had to apologize in advance before he took us out to dinner and drove us all around on a guy’s night out and Marty is Geno’s Mule and Head of Prostitution in Miami and Ft Lauderdale and Boca Raton and his Porn Director and Marty or the Rooster as Geno calls him because he is a skinny as hell Italian Gangster that sounds exactly like a Mobster from Chicago which is exactly what he is and he struts around like the Cock of the Walk because he thinks he is such a Lady’s Man and all the women are after him and considers himself a Movie Producer and an Artist not just a Porn Director and actually has a Support Florida Art car tag on his gangster mobile because in his mind he is an Artist and not a Perverted Scum Bucket just like Geno and I will take a call from the Rooster when we get back to Naples FL and you can watch me set him up and we will hear Gene Luciano once again say..


Gene Luciano: Blow Fish you son of bitch I am going to blow your fucking brains out if you even think about getting in that boat and head this way!


Blow Fish: Well Geno I guess that would be business as usual so you better get ready because I will be there soon and I was there for Cinco de Mayo and you can ask the Howells because I was at their Yacht Club and not yours so check in with the Howells and that would be Thurston and Lovey but they are both so Lovey Dovey they are both Lovey and they will say Gene I don’t know what he is talking about and Geno remember when I had my Gourmet Dinner Parties at my Naples Beach House every Tuesday night and you invited yourself because I didn’t invite you and you don’t evite Gene Luciano you have to call him up on the phone and he doesn’t text unless it’s a drug deal gone bad or he lost a lost bale or something and he is such a fucking liar, he runs his business with text messages and on the internet and is just a fucking liar and tells everyone he doesn’t text or email because he just can not tell the truth and has to lie like the fucking con-artist that he is and acts like he is the Mayor of Naples and is just full of shit and all that shit is factual Greenburg so put that in your pipe and smoke it and don’t fuck with me or I will set you up mother fucker instead of warning you but right now I am fucking with Gene Luciano and if you met this mother fucker you would move away real quick Greenburg, but not Blow Fish, he and I are drinking buddies and so I got him to invite himself to my Tuesday Night Dinner Parties and that was every Tuesday night and I threw a Gourmet Dinner Party that he waited all week for but first I had to find a house within walking distance of Campiello’s Italian Restaurant in Old Naples which is his home bar and the center of life in Naples and then remodel it and furnish it and then landscape the yard and park a car in the driveway just like he drove and I dressed like him and that’s a joke, he dresses like a Charter Boat Captain with a Pirate Belt because that’s his cover and I dress better than that cheap son a bitch and so he went out and bought a new shirt to look more like me in my Blow Fish get up which is a better disguise than the Charter Boat Captain disguise that he was wearing when I first meet him and I asked him where he bought his new shirt in the Bar at Campiello’s and he said he bought it at Goodwill and he pointed in the direction of the Goodwill store and I said “Gene you Lying Son of Bitch you have no fucking idea even where Goodwill is.” And then I pointed in the other direction and then he laughed and said ”Blow Fish you son of a bitch you crack me up!” because no one else spoke to him like that because he would fucking kill them and they addressed him as “Mr. Luciano” and he would say “Yes” and then he would speak very slowly and say very little and say something about how well his Google Stock was doing today and the fucking lying son of a bitch doesn’t have any stock at all but bullshited about having a Stock Portfolio just to have something snobbish to talk about as he acted like the Fucking Mayor of Naples FL in Campiello’s Italian Restaurant in Old Naples two blocks from my house but he and I were drinking buddies and once I got a couple of Martinis in him he would drop his disguise and call me “Blow Fish  you son of a bitch” and then he would laugh at shit over a drink and I would say “Gene you are so full of shit!” after everything he would say because he is such a Fucking Liar and he would say “Blow Fish you son of a Bitch you crack me up” just like me talking with Randy Fucking You Over Gibson right now where he is about to drop his bullshit disguise as the Land Developer that is responsible for making Destin FL what it is today and come clean and have a truthful conversation and Gene was self invited to my house every Tuesday for my Gourmet Dinners and Randy Fucking You Over Gibson is too paranoid to come to a dinner party and doesn’t eat food “So what’s the point anyway?” as he would say all he does is drink and he thinks that good people drink vodka and the evil ones eat dinner because food is a Sin and a steak is called a Vice and it will kill you because it’s a deadly sin and I swear to God that’s the truth so Gene would eat dinner every night and we would meet for drinks or split the check for dinner but not Randy Gibson so why would I throw a Gourmet Dinner Party at my Miramar Beach House for Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and I did have several Dinner Parties but without Randy Gibson because he just won’t eat unless it involves pussy and then he will provide the food and cook the food and buy the liquor and the weed and spend all day picking all that shit up and deliver it but he still wouldn’t eat any food and so Geno came over every Tuesday night and he would bring one of his girl friends each time and they would hit on me right in front of Geno and try to arrange a time to return so they could have sex with me when Gene wasn’t there because he is jealous as hell of all of his women like he is monogamous and Greenburg asked me if I was monogamous one time and Carol said Greenburg you need to stop and it was because we had been in a bar and Greenburg  saw a woman hitting on me and thought we were hooking up and we weren’t because she was asking me if I was monogamous and why aren’t you at home with your wife and kid and that’s because she didn’t want me around my child when I drank one beer so screw her, I went out and had a drink with the Greenburgs if she was going to be a bitch and so Gene came over every Tuesday night and when I had a Christmas Dinner Party and I had the entire table of people sitting around Geno filled with FBI field agents from all over the US so he had no Intel telling him these were cops and I had informants for the FBI and I even had a killer hit-woman there that worked for the FBI and that’s right, Geno was too cheap to pay for a proper killer hit-woman and that’s a woman that’s employed to stay on you ass and make sure you don’t run off or get married as Gene explained it to me and soon we will look at the hit-women that Big Ole Gangster up in Atlanta named Brevard has working for him in the Destin and the South Walton 30A area and what they do and how I set them up when they wanted to give me freebees and set me up and take all my shit so watch out Randy Fucking You Over Gibson those women are out there in the bars and they are about to be setting you up because I am giving them the sign to start hitting on you and all the whores that won’t even speak to you now are about to come out of the woodwork like The Long Arm of the Law and that’s who they are The Long Arm of the Law and they are the group of women we call the Vigina and that’s their code name and their sign to start because it’s a hidden sign and now they are coming out to set you up and steal your money by kidnapping your ass and taking you home with them or setting you up with drugs or whatever they need to do or whatever their specialty is and that is Free Pussy for you Randy Fucking You Over Gibson so you are going to get lucky without having to pay for it and don’t offend them by saying that they are too old for you because I know you like it young and so now they have heard that you like it young and now the young Vigina are after you so don’t start that “Argg! I gotta go!” bullshit and stand there and take it like a man and take them home with you and don’t just take one, take two which is called the Randy Gibson Special or as the prostitutes at Harbor Docks say “Do you want the usual tonight Randy?” and that would be 2 prostitutes and a gram or an ounce of coke and take that too and so Randy Gibson is over at my Miramar Beach House because I have a Gallon of Tito’s and I am making him a drink in a clean glass which he doesn’t own or even know what that is and he is bragging about how he really got his money and has dropped his playful good timing Pirate Randy Playboy cover and is coming clean and telling me what he really does to make all his millions and bragging and that conversation is what today’s Big Show is based on and it based on fact and it’s about Randy Gibson’s day at work doing his real occupation and it’s all true and soon The Long of the Law will be out looking for you in the bars Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and the Vigina will be all over you in pairs or a Three-way as you call it or the Randy Gibson Special as the prostitutes call it and soon the Long Arm of the Law will be calling in and there she is but first the song of the day is “5-1-5-0  Somebody Call the Po Po” and it’s by Dierks Bentley and here’s the real meaning of the song so go ahead The Long Arm of the Law.


The Long Arm of the Law: So I know what this song is all about and of course I am going to be in Destin FL this weekend to set up Randy Gibson I have his Intel and will be on his ass and I am young and hornie and whoring around with my little whore girl friends and we are known as the Vigina squad and we will be on his ass like a cop on your tail and that’s what this song is about, its about the sex position with the girl being down on the bottom on all four and the guy being on top and he is giving it to her with his big dick which is his shot gun and that’s what 5-1-5-0 means. The man’s dick is his shotgun or the person riding shot gun but it means doggie style.


Blow Fish: Well I see a pattern here and I think all of your song or interpretations of my songs are doggie style songs is that correct thus far?


The Long Arm of the Law: Yes thus far and that would be Randy Gibson’s favorite style of sex or his favorite position.


Blow Fish: How do you know that or are you looking into the future when Randy Fucking You Over Gibson shows up at the Tiki Bar at Pompano Joe and gets set up by you and takes you home with him and he shows you his favorite sexual position and where he hides his shit like his cocaine and pot just like when Randy Gibson set himself up by coming over to my house with his confession to me about the time he had a job and how that went because you see when you have no job skills and you didn’t finish high school because selling drugs was easier than taking a test and I can take a test and Greenburg can take a test and Bubba how the hell did you take a test and I will explain how Bubba can pass the real estate exam and it is because he is a wealth of knowledge like a Honda Motorcycle pulls into the Tiki Bar parking lot at Pompano Joe’s and go ahead caller, ladies and gentlemen it is my honor to present Randy Fucking You Over Gibson the Over the Road Long Haul Truck Driver and his partner or team member who at this time are name less so go ahead Mr. Truck Driver Man Randy Fucking Yourself Over Gibson.


Audience: Applaud!


Randy Gibson: Argg! Hey Bubba I mean Mo Fo what’s up with the Po Po and I mean the Po Po in this song that sounds like slang for the police to me and I am working today at my new profession and don’t need no Po Po making me Yo Yo on the Big Show fucking up my Livelihood and so lets keep the Po Po on the Low Down and not on my ass as I get started as an Over the Road Long Haul Truck Driver Man and I am excited as hell to be sharing my first day on the job and speak with your viewers and your audience on the Big Show so why can’t we play a nice Willie Nelson song and you know I sing just like him and I love his music so I am now headed to work so just keep the Po Po on the Low Down please.


Blow Fish: Well it’s going to be a long day and I am sure you will get to kill a cop by the end of the day so just hang in there and we will get to you murdering someone by the end of the day and we will play your song request another day so you can sing along with the Long Arm of the Law and she can tell you what the song means and that is coming up soon because I can’t wait to get to Boca Raton where I met her to do her day on the Big Show so check back in for that.


Randy Gibson: Now what was that about me killing a cop? I am no cop killer and I don’t want any trouble and I’m not kidding Blow Fish now don’t start any crazy shit for me.


Blow Fish: Then you better not fuck with me asshole because according to the Trolls Intel we aren’t sure who I really am so watch your ass boy and be careful now because the Po Po is out there everywhere and what else do you stupid assholes call The Long Arm of the Law?


Randy Gibson: I would say it sounds like some young pussy that comes in pairs will be coming to my house and fucking me over really good and I can’t wait, I will just get an ounce of coke to keep lying around just to get them high or keep them high so they won’t leave.


Terri Lynn: What you need is an experienced woman that can screw you all night long high on cocaine and that is my specialty see I am from Atlanta where you don’t need money you just need cocaine and you get anything you want. So if you got some coke you can have me anyway you want and I mean with another woman and I will bring my girlfriend Lauren with me next time.


Randy Gibson: Ok that sounds great but I have to got to work here and I am behind the wheel and we are headed out of Texas somewhere just this side of Loco apparently and that offer of sex is driving me crazy and I am all messed up and have to concentrate on work  and we are headed to Gainesville FL and I am driving and my partner is riding shotgun so we are tag teaming this rig and could be tag teaming the Vigina Squad later but back to work and we don’t have to stop and sleep because we are an Over the Road Long Haul Truck Driving Team and so we are nonstop driving to our destination.


Terri Lynn: Now if you have any cocaine on board with you I will meet you wherever you are going and you and your partner whether male or female can tag team my ass so how does that sound Randy Fucking Me Over Gibson?


Randy Gibson: Now Darling I am on the Low Down here and you are driving me crazy but I am driving this big ole rig and there will be no Fucking Anyone Over on my watch so lets just drive the truck and then I will get back to you on that offer of sex but I do like them young and I am sure that even thought you are experienced and can go all night long I like taking naps so I will say no to your offer and will take a nap while the young whores that Blow Fish is putting on me that are coming out of the woodwork and I guess that’s his cover and so I will soon be covered in young pussy and I need to concentrate on driving and not young wet pussy that is driving me Yo Yo on this side of Loco and I’m going crazy and so I am back at the wheel and my buddy is going to take a turn so I will be stopping in a minute and I may just take a blow job right here in the cab of my Over the Road Long Haul Truck if you want to appear in Texas at this truck stop and give me a blow job.


Terri Lynn: I am not an old woman if you saw me you would think I am in my twenty’s as long as you don’t look at my neck because I can’t do anything about that but the plastic surgeon can and Blow Fish when are we going back the plastic surgeon for a mini face lift?


Blow Fish: I’m done with you and maintaining your ass ask Maurice and here he is with your answer.


Maurice: I said no you look as beautiful as my last dead wife and if you get ugly I will just buy me another whore at the Cheetah 3 and that’s where I am headed now.


Teri Lynn: Wait on me Mister I don’t want you going in there without me and I want to have a say on which whore you buy to eat my pussy and Blow Fish when are you going to come home and take care of me so I don’t have to have Maurice go buy a whore and bring her home just to eat my pussy.


Connie: He said no so if you don’t understand why then read back bitch and don’t ask him again and just go to the strip club with your old man husband and buy a whore you white trash bitch and keep your trashy mouth shut so we don’t know all the nasty shit you are doing and have done your whole life and that would be since you left home or lost your virginity.


Blow Fish: That reminds me and thank you Honey for that reminder and soon we will have Fuck Me Like An Animal Day and that will be the song and The Long Arm of the Law will be calling in to explain what that means and it’s doggie style I wager and here she is.


The Law Arm of the Law: No I think the first time is usually missionary style so that would be with the woman on her back and the man on top facing the woman and not the other way.


Blow Fish: What’s the other way?


Lynne Lane: I will answer that because that is my favorite position and I have worn it out till I had scar tissue there and it had to be cut out in surgery and then the doctor sewed me back up and said that I was a virgin again.


Blow Fish: That’s right and that’s what your idea of a virgin is and so wait to call in on Fuck You Like an Animal Day and tell your story about when you lost your virginity and I have a another caller and please save it for the correct Big Show because today we are on Randy Gibson’s ass like a cop on a drug smuggler and go ahead Randy Gibson.


Randy Gibson: Would you ask those whores to stop talking nasty, my partner is over there in back in the shot gun position and I know I shouldn’t have said that and he is so hornie from listening to that nasty sex talk he is over there whacking off like Greenburg in Mama Hilda’s rumpus room and I don’t even know what that is.


Blow Fish: Well it ain’t pussy if you think a rumpus room is pussy but I do hear that Krissa has a big one.


Greenburg: Leave my dead Grand Mother’s pussy out of this disgusting discussion and me too or I will lock you up in a sanitarium with a shot of Thorazine for you Blow Fish and I am warning you.


Randy Gibson: That sounds great I could use a good night sleep and a shot of Thorazine that is some good shit. We have a flat tire but we are still on the road and can’t stop to get it fixed because we are running late and behind schedule.


Bubba: I have been on hold for 15 minutes and I want to know what I said about the Honda motorcycle that made sense and that would be all we know about them is that they are made in Japan and that’s all we know about that and I can’t wait to share on Fuck Me Like an Animal Day because that describes my whole childhood.


Blow Fish: That’s right Bubba even though you have a small little dick and an even smaller brain you can remember a fact if it is drilled into your brain or is that what your father told you when you were young and that’s all that you learned, that a Honda was built in Japan and that’s all you know about that and stop ruining my Fuck You Like an Animal Day and save that for the correct Big Show.


Bubba: Isn’t that what I said that’s all we know about that is that it is built in Japan and why are you picking on my father he is a wonderful loving man?


Blow Fish: I am not picking on your father but are you having sex with your father too?


Bubba: No and he isn’t not having sex with me but he is a loving and generous man and that is all we know about that.


Blow Fish: Well what do you know about the first time you had sex with a women?


Bubba: Well the first time I had sex was with an animal and not a women see when you are a little Bubba from the south, you start by fucking everything in sight and I do mean everything and so I started with the smaller farm animals and ….


Blow Fish: You are going to ruin my whole Fuck Me Like An Animal Day if you don’t shut up so you are cut off.


Terri Lynn: Randy Gibson who should be fucking me over right now and I love the position of the day and some Thorazine and I can’t wait to tell about my first time being fucked like an animal and I am sure that it will be all about me and it usually is because the police were called out and people went to jail because I am something of a pistol and I am always causing trouble so where are you now Randy Fucking Me Over the Cab of Your Truck Gibson and I will be there with a road block and a state trooper or a hundred state troopers to screw you over like I have Blow Fish so so so so so so many times and I do meant that.


Randy Gibson: Woman I think you are losing your mind and going crazy and in that case I am in downtown Atlanta at the Varsity Drive In so come on over and that’s false Intel and I am sure Blow Fish is headed there right now.


Blow Fish: No I got your ass on GPS Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and it looks like you are in Louisiana and did I ever tell you about the time I set up the police and their drug informants in the Florida Keys when they set me up and tried to steal my boat when I bought the exact make and model that they needed to smuggle drugs into the country with a bunch of Boy Scouts on board as a cover and I went out and bought the boat they needed and showed them a photo of it on my cell phone and then they all went crazy to set me up so they could run Boy Scouts in my boat with me paying the maintenance and dockage and them smuggling weed for millions a year and then I ran and they chased me to Texas and then up to Louisiana where a whole team of them in undercover go fast cars and police cars were trying to get me to give myself up and return to the Keys to give them my boat and they were right on my ass and at every turn that I made and I had about a dozen cops on my ass and they were at every turn and I couldn’t lose them…


Randy Gibson: Hey stop talking about the Po Po on my tail and lets all calm down and let’s hear more about the teams of Vigina Whores on my ass and less about the Po Po and keep that on the low down as I am pulling out of Loco.


Blow Fish: OK Randy Fucking You Over Gibson let me just finish this thought and so I finally lost them at the Mobile Airport by parking my Denali in the long term parking and walked into the airport terminal and then I walked back out and saw them all driving around to the back of the terminal where they could all sneak in the back door and grab my Blow Fish ass and so I walked back out the front door and got in a cab and the driver got a call and turned to me and said “You are on your way to jail?” and so I went to the hospital and told the doctor in the emergency room that I had been chased by the police and drug dealers for days and I need some rest and he gave me a sedative so I could sleep and then all the cops came marching into the emergency room and there were like twelve of them and they walked into a room with the doctor and then the hospital tested me for cocaine in my blood to arrest me for the drugs that I might have in my blood stream because they had nothing on me but a boat they wanted and I had no drugs in my blood so they had to walk back out the door all twelve of those dirty cops and drug dealers and smugglers without my Blow Fish ass and they were set up and I am going back to the Keys with this my Tiki Bar Tour and to pick them up again but right now I am setting up Randy Gibson and I have a caller, go ahead you thieving son of a bitch.



Randy Gibson: I didn’t say anything just keep the Po Po off my tail and the Virgia Whores in the Tiki Bar and me high on Viagra and Cocaine and I am good!



Jimmy Fucking Me Over With a Margaritaville Commercial Yesterday Buffet: I see you got my message yesterday on the song of the day where I stuck in a commercial for Margaritaville and I hear you ate on my dime at my Grand Opening in Destin FL and set up my managers and bartenders by getting them to give you free drinks and then over serve you and I do not know how you did that when we had a one drink maximum so how did you do that Blow Fish you tricky son of a bitch?



Blow Fish: You did sneak a commercial in on my Big Show yesterday and I am coming back to your restaurant soon and you better clean it up and shave it and make sure it doesn’t smell like Talapia because I am dropping in on your original Margaritaville in Key West FL with my famous Blow Fish Shot Party with my Pimps and Whores and Atlanta Faggots and will be chased my the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and Randy Gibson and AJ Laird in their jacked up 4 x 4 with their shotguns blazing in the air and the Po Po on their tail and everybody goes to the slammer….


Randy Pissing in his Pants Gibson: What the hell was all that about the Po Po I almost ran this big rig off the road and AJ Laird was jacking off to a naked photo he has of Lisa Fucking Gaddis on his cell phone he dropped the phone and grabbed the shotgun and blazed a load out the window and shot his wad on the dash of the truck all at the same time.


Evil Whore Kimmy: Don’t waste that cum just save that and let Blow Fish splatter it on my face because that’s how I like it. Splattered, scattered and covered all over my face and then I will lick that shit off my face and swallow it all down.


Blow Fish: I’m not touching AJ laird’s DNA Kimmy you will just have to wait and see me later at my boat.


Lisa Fucking Gaddis: Blow Fish it’s Lisa Fucking Gaddis and I went to the doctor today…


Blow Fish: Now sweetheart before you say you are pregnant I must say that we only had oral sex and you are rough as hell and you rode my face like a fucking bronco or like you were fucking a bronco and you grabbed my ears and just face fucked me to death and I had to go to the dentist and he said that I may have to get a retainer to straighten my teeth because you have fucked my teeth into my head and I may have to send you the dentist bill for the damage you did to my mouth and will not be making that mistake again.


Lisa Fucking Gaddis: Cut the fucking Blow Shit bull shit I said I went to the doctor and I do not have a yeast infection you just fucked the living shit out of pussy and I wasn’t ready for that since AJ Laird has a limp alcoholic dick and can’t fuck and that Tony guy living in my guest room can’t fuck worth a shit because he’s a cheap asshole Italian that has drank tap water his whole fucking life and then you just fucked the Holy Shit out of my pussy and it was a religious experience and I saw God he walked right into the room when I came and screamed watch out it’s Po Po…


Randy Gibson: Holy Fucking Shit I was about to come and then I looked at AJ Lair’s limp little pecker and then laughed and then I thought I saw the Po Po and screamed Po Po and AJ grabbed the shot gun and forgot to roll down the window and blew the fucking glass out of the passenger side window and now lets all just calm down and get back to that lovely story where Lisa Fucking Gaddis was describing her Key Lime Pie and less about spinning my head like a Yo Yo somebody called the Po Po.


Blow Fish: I am not warning you dumb asshole rednecks again to stop ruining my Eat My Key Lime Pie Day where you call in to describe your Key Lime Pie and then the eating of it or the lack there of. Now back to my story about the 12 cops and drug dealers chasing my ass on I-10 driving from Texas east of Loco headed to Florida and so if you need a good night sleep Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and you got the Po Po on your tail and you are exhausted from Lisa Fucking Gaddis face fucking you to death then I recommend you stop at the Mobile International Airport and park your big rig there and take a cab to the Mobile University Hospital and have a good night sleep and the whole thing doesn’t cost a dime and I know how cheap you are asshole and Randy you know they probably have some Thorazine and you can sleep in until check out time and that’s when they put you in a cab and send you to a Mental Health Facility just like the one that Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Fags Gang is planning to send me too and I said to the cab driver I’m hungry so let’s not go there just take me to Ruth Chris Steak House and I recommend that highly on this my Restaurant Review from Mobile AL so that’s what I do Randy when I am in Mobile AL is go eat at the Original Ruth Chris and order the Bone in Rib Eye and everything is better with a bone in it isn’t it Lisa Fucking Gaddis and ask for it rare plus and it was great there but I had it in West Palm Beach FL and you will have to check back in for that Restaurant Review live from West Palm Beach FL when I get back there with the Tiki Bar Tour to find out how it was and how that Porn Producer is doing with his Live Sex filming in public on his boat in broad daylight right under the Police nose and his wife is the Porn Star and I will give you a hint, the Ruth Chris there is a franchise and it sucks but I can’t say that now and as the Evil Whore Kimmy says “You will have to wait and see” and that would be her big ole boobs and wait until the Tiki Bar Tour gets to West Palm Beach to find out but today on the Restaurant Review from the Ruth Chris in Mobile AL the Bone in Rib Eye cooked rare plus is incredible and I recommend it highly and that’s all I know about that. That’s all true and factual shit right there Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang so I hope you are more experienced than the twelve dirty cops and drug smuggling assholes that were on my ass that day in their go fast cars like in those Fast & Furious movies where they chased me for days on end all over God’s green earth and so fire up those piece of shit rusty smoking shackled up pickem up trucks you Hillbilly Fags drive and Charles jump in your helicopter and come for me and we will see how good you bunch of Hillbilly Fags are at popping a cap in my Blow Fish ass or is that the Pop a Dick in My Ass Hillbilly Fags Gang with the Po Po on Randy’s tail…


Randy Gibson: Now cut that shit out I am trying to concentrate and you know I am ADD and can’t keep my mind on anything long and now I have it together I am a drug smuggler and driving a semi load of pot into Florida from Texas and the Po Po is on my tail and wait a minute I don’t have a Po Po on my tail.


Bubba: Was that comment about the Honda motorcycle about me because that’s all we know about that?


Blow Fish: No but Bubba did you ever see that show in the 70’s called Rowin and Martin’s Laugh In? You would have been a little ankle bitter laying on the trailer floor not up on the sofa with the duck tape over the holes in upholstery that was covered up with a quilt and Lily Tomlin would do this comedy sketch dressed like a little girl in a big rocking chair and end it with “And that’s the truth.” Well watch that on You Tube and see what it is like having a conversation with Bubba.


Bubba: Yes that was my favorite show as a child and also Andy Griffin and you know everyone thinks I am like Sheriff Andy Taylor because I am so level headed and down to earth in my personality and that is all we know about that and that’s the truth and Ha ha….


Blow Fish: I thought so and here‘s what I think about you Bubba, it would appear that all the info that you insist on sharing like you are the sheriff you have been given by someone else like your parents and you remember what they said to you as a child like Bubba that is a Honda and it is made in Japan which is what we said in the US when they were first shipped her 40 years ago and so is the info you have in your brain and you have not learned a damn thing since you were a little redneck ankle bitter and if you had you would be able to add something to a conversation other than it is made in Japan and you state it like Sheriff Andy Taylor but it is delivered by Otis the town drunk because that’s who you really are so stop that I am the sheriff bullshit and get back to drinking like the town drunk you are and that’s all we know about you or is it? Well stay tuned Bubba and your brain never finished developing just like Billy Bob who grew up across the river from you and has a forehead like an ape according to Lynne Lane and Gene Luciano who walks hunched over like a big old ape, a mean old ape and now he needs a cane to stand up straight and here he is going ape shit once again as he monitors the Big Show.


Gene Luciano: I will be walking with a shotgun to stand erect and not a cane to blow your Blow Fish brains out you son of a bitch and then I will lay you out and steal your organs and sell them to a doctor for millions.


Blow Fish: Geno you did that yesterday or is that tomorrow well I will have to read back or read forward because see I know what’s going to happen in the past on the Big Show and the future on the Big Show and you better watch out Randy Gibson and are you at the Mobile airport yet with the twelve cop cars and drug smugglers on your tail?


Randy Gibson: Will you stop all that talk about teams of police being on your ass and how the hell do you get teams of cops on your ass and get away and why didn’t they arrest you Blow Fish maybe they weren’t as smart as the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang?


Blow Fish: That’s because I hadn’t broken any laws, I didn’t even have any cocaine in my blood stream and no they weren’t as smart as the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang or the Gang of Hillbilly Fags in the Harbor Dock Gang or the Pop a Cap in Your Ass Gang or the Pop a Cap in Your Asshole Gang or the Pop a Dick in Your Asshole Gang from Harbor Docks and lets see what is going on down at the Dock of the Hillbilly Fags on the Bay on this my Restaurant Review of the day on the Big Show. Oshi what’s going on in the kitchen today any specials?


Oshi: No pecial today we closed kitchen so Gay Charles and the Hillbilly Fags Gang can go chase you Wight Wain and Mr. Randy Gibson and AJ in the semi truck loaded with marijuana and Gay Charles going to high jack load and steal from Randy Gibson and set him and AJ up with Po Po just east of Loco.


Blow Fish: Now Oshi it’s Blow Fish and not wight wain and I am not in the Long Haul Over the Road Semi Truck Loaded with marijuana I am here to do my Restaurant Review where my viewers and radio fans tune in to hear about how bad the food is and then stop eating at your restaurant and then you go out of business and I need some food to talk about on my show so please what was the last meal you served and please throw me a piece of meat here or something.


Ms Cuvee: Blow Fish honey when are you coming over here to do your Restaurant Review and was that throw me a piece of meat comment a sign for me to call in because you know my Daddy always calls my pussy his prime cut Piece of Meat and I call his dick a Fine Red Wine that has just gotten better with time?


Blow Fish : Would you dumb asshole whores stop calling in and describing your pussy and ruining my Eat My Key Lime Pie Day for everyone I won’t have any Key Lime Pie left that hasn’t been described so please re frame from any more calls about your pussy and I am in the middle of my Restaurant Review and I need to get back to Oshi and are you still there Shorty?


Martin Levin: I have been calling in for days and you leave me on hold and how did I finally get through?


Blow Fish: Once again if you have a question about something that was said or you think you heard on the Big Show just read back and catch up or if this is your first day reading the Big Show then start back on Day One so you will know what Martin Levin is talking about and I don’t think Martin Levin knows what he is talking about and Oshi are you there Honey?


Oshi: You no call me Honey no more you call me Shorty and that a line from Willie Nelson song and now you no sho Oshi pussy on Eat My Key Lime Pie cause Oshi no have no more pussy for you so I no throw you piece of meat last meat we have was small Turkey or large Chicken and Bubba eat it yesterday and it was left over from Thanksgiving Dinner and Ms Jackie say throw out but Bubba came in and took it out with him as lunch special that all I got to say Wight Wain?


Blow Fish: It is Blow Fish you little whore and if you call me that again I will send Blue Balls over there to Jap Slap you Oshi so let me check with Bubba and see how he enjoyed that playful treat as he described it yester dee.


Bubba: I ate the whole thing and then drank all afternoon and night and fucked all night and got fucked all night and got up this morning and drank a beer trying to feel human again and that damn turkey flew out my mouth and then at the same time starting flying out my asshole and I had shit coming out my asshole and my mouth at the same time. So I would say if you eat at Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Sushi in Downtown Destin then you will have shit flying out your ass and your mouth at the same time so that’s all I know about that and Honda Motorcycles are made in Japan and what is a Jap Slap.



Blow Fish: That is when Blue Balls jack slaps a Japanese woman for not throwing me a piece of pussy or meat and that would be when she jack slapped me and I almost had her ass thrown in the slammer and divorced her ass but I waited and gave her another chance and she gave me Blue Balls again and said “It’s good for you to not get any pussy” and I divorced her ass so read back from the beginning Blue Balls so you can catch up and all my X wives and lovers and family read from the beginning and that’s as a good question Bubba and now you can add that to the all you know about that category in your brain where you can remember stuff that has been told to you by your father over and over and soon we will have Magic Day on the Big Show where everyone will call in and state what they believe to be magic or not be magic just like that Smokey that appeared on Randy Gibson’s ass and it’s the Po Po Mo Fo!


Randy Gibson: Holy shit I thought I was done for there for a minute and cut that shit out that is not funny and finish telling about how Lisa Fucking Gaddis was face fucking you and got pregnant.


Ms. Sexton: I am calling in to report a birth announcement and to request a Restaurant Review for our seafood market since Harbor Docks has no seafood in the restaurant and we do and to give a brief description of my pussy and Wayne Ball I am pregnant and it’s yours and do a Restaurant Review on our seafood market and come in here and marry me and hurry up I am getting fat and busting out of my clothes all over the place.


Blow Fish: Well that’s nothing new you’ve been busting out of your clothes for years and I thought that was to keep the customer coming back in to see you again and I know it works for me and I did a Restaurant Review the other day when I interviewed Oshi and I said Oshi do you remember when I cooked Lobster for your whole lunch counter and she said yes and said that the lobster tasted better than sex so on this my Restaurant Review I am announcing that at Sexton Seafood Market the Lobster taste better than Sex and Oshi at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang is responsible for that quote because I think that you taste better than Lobster sweetie so that makes my opinion of your seafood on this my Restaurant Review that the pussy at Sexton Seafood taste better than Lobster and I cook a Delicious Lobster and Big Red at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang who was a bartender and then a sever or a waitress or whatever you people call yourself and hang on cutie pie I am coming to Panama City with the Restaurant Review and coming for you and we will sail off to Key West together just as I promised and hang on callers  the lines are lighting up with jealousy and Big Red who was then a bus boy or person or whatever you people call yourself and now a dishwasher for trying to have sex with me and Ms Jackie caught her trying to have sex with me and now she is a dishwasher and she said my lobster tasted like heaven but then she said she was going to wash my boat with her big ole boobs and do the same to me for $2000. and I never paid her so she never washed my boat and me too so I guess she is a prostitute at Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang so my Restaurant Review today is that Sexton’s Seafood has lobster that taste like heaven if I prepare it or have it prepared and it was battered and fried and served with my home made stone crab mustard sauce and I stole the recipe from the Original Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami FL where I ate my first one back when they were the only place in the world brave enough to serve one and their recipe is online and stick to the recipe and so on the Restaurant Review today the Lobster at Sexton Seafood market isn’t as good as pussy and at Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang there is no fish just a prostitute washing dishing and it’s Big Red so get in there and get some big Red Pussy that thinks my Lobster taste like heaven and thinks I am like Randy Gibson and pays for pussy so get over there Randy and buy some pussy from Big Red and there’s that Po Po again on your tail just East of Loco Texas and I’m going crazy for you baby.


Randy Gibson: AJ is passed out, a lot of help he is, he opened a Handle of Crown and downed the whole thing to drown out the memory of Lisa Fucking Gaddis or something and I am here driving alone listening to the Pussy Review busting out all over the place and I guess the Pussy at Sexton Seafood is better than Lobster and the Pussy from Big Red is not that good because from my experience red head pussy is too wide and so I will pass on the $2000 pussy and boat wash cause I can get that done by Karen Brooks Beaver for $200. so I will stick with that deal and pass on the pussy from Big Red at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang where my Restaurant Review for today is that the pussy from Big Red is too wide and too expense and I would just stick with Karen’s Beaver which is only $200 and tight as hell for all the men she is screwing at one time and I am sure Bubba will agree and Petie and you Mo Fo and …..


Blow Fish: I just ate her pussy 20 times and made her have 20 organisms until she screamed Petie and set up Petie so he will get divorced and I am sure that he will agree and so I guess today’s Restaurant Review would be the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang Sushi special yesterday was a  Dead Small Turkey and Bubba had that meal and it turned on him and flew out his mouth and out his asshole at the same time and so please hurry in and try that special at Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Restaurant Destination for Sushi  in Downtown Destin FL and check back in and please call in if the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang has poisoned or drugged you and that would be on the Crime Report coming up soon followed by the Arrest Report which reminds me I have to get back to Randy Gibson and see if the Po Po has shown up yet.


Gay Charles the Gay Hillbilly Fags Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang: We are not closed because of a dead small turkey flying out of Bubba’s asshole and mouth at the same time its because I have sent everyone off to capture you and Randy Fucking Me Over Gibson as he is trying to smuggle drugs in on that semi truck that is cutting in on my drug smuggling business that we do with our commercial fishing fleet and how did you loose those 12 cops on your ass in Mobile and still make it to Ruth Chris by Happy Hour?


Blow Fish: Now see I didn’t say a word about drinking any alcohol and you just assume that I had a cocktail at Happy Hour.


Gay Charles the Faggot Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang of Faggots: Well I just assumed that you are such a drunk that goes around getting himself drugged and arrested for DUI and thrown in jail and then murdered by the deputies in the jail that you would have made it to Happy Hour and anyway once I get that paper from Herb Sadler you are going into a sanitarium for life and you are on your way because you pissed off your cousin Greenberg and his wife and they delivered the paper we need from Herb Sadler to the restaurant at lunch and of course we rewarded them with a gift certificate for a 2 free dinners in exchange for their help in expediting your incarceration and we are coming after you to have to taken down and take down the blog and shut you up and then Randy Gibson and AJ Laird in that semi truck trying to take over my smuggling business are about to go to jail so I have all my gang out looking for you and the semi truck and I believe that they have found Randy Gibson and AJ just East of Loco TX and are closing in on them and taking them down for good on a smuggling charge and we have a containment order or an order that you be contained or incarcerated for life in a metal institution so I warned you yesterday and I guess you will never learn to do as you are told and so you will never see the light of day again and they will keep you so doped up you won’t even be about to say a word just drool.


Blow Fish: Gay Charles I think you have a real problem with run on sentences and that’s the line from the movie I saw the other night Jackie you missed it yesterday it’s called The Search Party and so I will be taking my naked photos down off the internet and it sounds like Randy has The Search Party of Hillbilly Fags on his ass or the Pop a Dick in Your Ass Gang and he is going down for drug smuggling and what’s in the back of the truck Randy Fucking Your Self Over Gibson and who’s your 5-1-5-0 and that’s AJ Laird riding shotgun on your first day as an Over the Road Long Haul Truck Driver or your last day of work cause Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang has called the Po Po.


Randy Gibson: I am not smuggling anything as far as I know. The semi trailer is locked and I don’t have the key and all I know is that I have a load of horse feed and we are delivering it to a pasture north of Gainsville FL where there are 7 other brand new semi rigs just like this one parked in a pasture that looks like a new semi truck dealership but its not its where we leave the trucks after we unload them and this is working better than bringing the shipments in thru Miami or the Florida Keys and so we are trying to bring it in from the North instead of from the South through Miami or the Keys and that’s all I know so that’s all I can say about that and AJ said to stay the fuck away from his whores and his girlfriend she doesn’t like you she is in love with AJ and he thinks you are a gay faggot because you eat at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and all those guys are gay as hell and eat shit so stay off our tails and off the air and be quiet and over and out.


Blow Fish: Randy are you on the CB if so breaker breaker there’s a picture taker and a smoky on your tail good buddy!


Randy Gibson: No there is nothing there but a bunch of Hillbilly Fags in shackled up rusty ole pickem up trucks waving shotguns out the window and they are all dressed the same like a bunch of fags with ball caps and T-shirts with the name of one of Gay Charles’s  Harbor Docks Restaurants on them and they are firing their shotguns in the air and trying to get us to stop so they can high jack our load and steal our rig. We are over weight anyway so we are going to drive thru this weight station and run the Florida DOT scale and see if they wait for us on the other side of the weigh station.


Blow Fish: Randy Fucking Your Self Over Gibson you don’t run the scale by going through the scale, you don’t pull into the weight station at all,  you just drive like hell past the weigh station and hope they didn’t see you and don’t chase you down and pull you over. You don’t drive thru the Weight Station at all.


Randy Gibson: Its too late we are driving thru the scales now and yes those Hillbilly Fags have followed us right thru the scale and fell for our trap and are hauling ass right thru the scales behind us and we are all back on the interstate and now we have got the FL DOT Troopers on their ass and they are chasing them down and going to arrest them all.


Blow Fish: Randy Fucking You Self Over Gibson they are after you, they don’t pull over pick up trucks, anyone can drive thru the scales I saw someone do it recently to avoid a traffic jam so its not against the law for a car or a pickup to drive thru the scale and they just wave you thru like you’re a Moran to drive thru in a pickup truck and those Hillbilly Fags are stupider than shit or they wouldn’t be working for Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and so the cops are on your ass Randy Fucked Your Self Over Again Gibson and not on the Hillbilly Fags tail so you better haul ass boy or disappear or pull into a full service car wash and I did that one time and told Gene Luciano’s gang and they thought that was funny as hell losing a bunch of crooked cops chasing me in my car and the car was dirty anyway so I wasn’t wasting no time and was on my way to a date or to set up a nigger prostitute that belongs to Brevard and he is screwing her in the ass and she wants me to screw her but I won’t because he is screwing her in the asshole because his wife’s ass is skanky as hell and ain’t got one anyhow and he makes that nigger prostitute ass fart and she almost farted in my face and she looks like that Hallie Berry the actress and I mean hot ass hell, only she is allot nicer or allot nuttier or fucking nuts to be exact and has surveillance cameras outside her house and has a shotgun on a pillow on a chair pointed at the bedroom door so she must be waiting for someone to walk in the bedroom and try and kill her and she will blow their head off in middle of the night or the day because she gets fucked all night in the asshole and that makes her fart in my fucking face and I do not like that and she texts me all night saying sorry I can’t take your butt call because I am on the other line with the tech from T Mobile trying to figure out why my phone isn’t working right while she is being fucked in the asshole all night my that big ole nigger asshole fucker in Atlanta that big ole gangster Brevard who is the cause of her farting in my face to start with which I do not like and then calls me the next morning and wants me to head on over so I can fuck her too so she is a nasty as hell whore that Brevard has to fuck in the ass because his wife has no ass at all and that makes her Skank and it’s worse than just Skank because it’s that old Skank and that’s just about the worst pussy in the world and so Brevard must give his Old Lady Skank wife a pill and sneak out to screw my Hallie Berry nigger prostitute girl friend that he bought like a slave and we will be exploring modern day slavery as soon as I get finished with the Screwing Over of the Randy Gibson and AJ Laird and Gay Charles Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang that are screwing over Randy Fucking You Over Gibson  and AJ Laird by stealing their load by paying off the Florida DOT officer and that’s like having a Nigger prostitute fart in your face when you are just about to lick that pussy and she farts in your face and you say Oh Shit its the Po Po and I’m going Yo Yo and crazy….


Randy Gibson: Blow Fish stop that Blow Fish bull shit and help us and AJ said you can keep his girlfriend he ain’t screwing her anyway because she always drinks too much and she passes out on him or is always crying about the Bible or God or something so you can have her ass and I heard you already have her I think you took her to Elton John in Pensacola FL and set on the 4th row I believe and you had a wonderful evening and ate at the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Restaurant there in Pensacola FL so you could set them up with your Restaurant Review as well and stop that Blow Fish bull shit and get us out of this jam you have gotten us in ….


Blow Fish: OK Randy Fucking Your Self Over Gibson let’s see what I can do to help so please confess to me what are you hauling and how much is it worth?


Randy Gibson: Well we are suppose to have horse feed back there but the attorneys have us set up as just semi truck drivers with no idea what is really there in the trailer which is locked and we don’t have the key and this is our 8th semi load of marijuana bales we have brought into the US from Mexico and we pick it up in Texas and unload it in Gainesville FL and sell it out of Central Florida where it is distributed all over South Florida and the South East and we are just dropping off the brand new tractor trailer rigs in a pasture North of Gainesville FL and get a new one with each load and this is our 8th load and we have smuggled a total of 184.14 Tons of marijuana into the US from Mexico and we are getting richer than shit and AJ is building his restaurant and Tiki Bar and I am buying and selling land to developers in Destin and we are richer than shit and Oh no I am getting pulled over by the Po Po and my 5-1-5-0 is AJ Laird and we are going to jail so I will call you when I get out because the attorneys say there’s no problem that we will get out with a loop hole in the law. So I am going down with my 5-1-5-0 by the Po Po and going Loco and crazy and over and out!


Blow Fish: Apparently Randy Gibson has been pulled over with AJ riding shotgun and that’s his 5-1-5-0 Oh My God Po Po got Randy Oh with AJ as the 5-1-5-0 or is it 5-1-5-0 the Po Po got Randy Oh and AJ the 5-1-5-0 the Po Po got Randy Oh and AJ the 5-1-5-0 riding shotgun and that’s his 5-1-5-0.

So we will find out when Randy and AJ bond out how they are getting out of this trouble that Gay Charles the Gay Leader of Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang has set them up on and high jacked their load of marijuana by paying off the Florida DOT and those are the Po Po and the police and that’s how the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang works they pay off the Police to do their dirty work and lets get the handy calculator I keep on my sailing yacht with the computer, printer, scanner and wash dry combo and I don’t have a Wash Dry Combo yet but on the next show season on the next sailing yacht I will so check back for that announcement of where I will be setting myself up and getting myself drugged and having myself arrested and throwing myself in jail and just making a fool of myself on the internet and embarrassing my family and friends and creating havoc with a blog called the Big Show and I have that total that I computed with the calculator with my left hand while I was still staling with Blow Fish bull shit on the blog with my right hand and now I can’t stop the Blow Fish bull shit that is just a bunch of bull shit and soon I will stop this bull shit and I will be reporting the Crime Report and that’s where I report where the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang are committing crimes and today it was high jacking a tractor trailer load of Marijuana worth $23 million dollars and so that would be a $23 Million crime committed by Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and AJ Laird just today and I guess this load of dope is headed all over the SE and will eventually make it’s way into your local schools and into your children’s possession and Randy and AJ Laird don’t care about that because they are getting rich as shit and laundering the money in Destin FL where there is a building boom and have just been ripped off by Gay Charles the Gay Leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Sushi and soon Gay Craft Beer and that announcement is coming up in just a minute and they also have threatened to have me committed for life in a Mental Institution where I will never see the light of day and will be speech less and drool and I have no value on my Blow Fish ass so there is no dollar value on that crime they are committing because its just a fantasy asshole on this fantasy blog that isn’t real and so all the names have been changed to protect the innocent and I checked and no one is innocent and so if you aren’t enjoying the Hillbilly Fags Gang from Harbor Docks in Downtown Destin FL your Gay Restaurant Destination for Sushi then turn the page, change the channel, go to another page like a Gay Porn site because this site has no Gay Porn today but soon it will when I post Gene Luciano’s asshole photo and then report his arrest but not on the same day but later or sooner but not at the same time and so I have a total of Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and AJ I Already Stole Your High End Girl Friend Laird and that would be the Lost and Found Report of the Day. AJ Laird has Lost: His girlfriend Lisa Fucking Gaddis and I have Found: Her on the Big Show today fucking my face by grabbing my ears with her hands and riding my mouth with her pussy like it was a wild bronco and screaming to the top of her lungs and she has huge lungs “Oh My God” when she came and God walked right into the room and said Good Job Blow Fish and I shit you not on this Fantasy Blog and then I fucked the living shit out of her and she said “I will not be able to walk for a week.” And that’s a fact jack so Greenburg if your wife ain’t seeing God walk in the room when she cums then she is still screwing you and not Blow Fish and AJ Laird you are set up mother fucker and I don’t need your permission to take something that you already Lost and I already Found and the total amount for the tonnage of their marijuana smuggling or the confession of Randy Screwing Himself Over By Bragging Gibson on just this setup is $184.14 Million Dollars or $184,140,000. and that’s the street value as the Judge will call it at the time the crime was committed and that’s just their smuggling operation where they smuggled the dope in through Texas to Gainesville FL and then into South Florida and the whole SE and eventually into your home in your child’s book bag. Not their career total but just one season or one project as Randy Gibson explained it in our drug smuggling pissing contest as it was described to me or his confession or his last will and testament or the evidence of his guilt that is entered into the court record as my statement of Randy Gibson’s and AJ Laird’s guilt at my Miramar Beach House after the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang had set me up and drugged me and gotten my Blow Fish ass thrown into jail and as Randy explained to me what a real crime was like and how stupid I was to get myself arrested for a DUI but that’s why I moved there to set you up Randy Fucking You Over Gibson for drug smuggling and AJ Laird for murder and that thing you do with the money called money laundering and the murder of the Bale Chaser and the covering up of that which has no statues of limitation as well Randy Fucking You Over Gibson and the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and this their involvement in drug smuggling and now we will investigate on the Big Show how many people have been murdered as a result of tourist walking into the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang Restaurant and ordering sushi and pissing them off and getting themselves drugged and not making it home but dying on the stretch of road known as Bloody 98 where thousands have died so tune back in as I tie all those deaths to Gay Charles the person responsible for all those deaths and I hang those deaths on the head of Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and that’s Gay Charles and he will be calling back in with the date of my commitment or the ETA at which they catch my Blow Fish ass on my sailing yacht and throw my ass in the Insane Asylum with a life sentence and have me shot up Thorazine and shut down and I will be speechless and drool and all sewn up in a straight jacket on the Big Show once and for all and so I will start my investigation into the disappearance of tourist that have ended up in the Okaloosa County Jail that have crossed the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and been thrown in  jail for a life sentence for ordering sushi and pissing them off and they never leave the jail alive! Because people go in that jail and never come out again and we will be looking at that soon and asking for a head count cause they do not count heads or people they just throw us in there and say goodbye. And I know my audience on the Big Show a call in radio show or the buyer of the book or the audience at the movie theater and then the next book and so I will share that name of the person they put in jail that never left the jail again and they will never be seen again when I run back around to pick up the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and their Gay Leader Charles and Randy Fucking You Over Drug Smuggling and Murdering Asshole Gibson and AJ Laird the Man on the Moon or the Man in the Moon and that is where he will want to go soon to hide so good luck Mother Fuckers just sit there and I will call for you later on the Tiki Bar tour when there is a big ole round up and you are so screwed up with your confessions and my Intel and that would be the history of your crimes that is in a file in a drawer where it will be laid on the Judge’s desk and he will say these boys are bad news and they gotta go to jail for something so lets see what we can make stick and then they start getting all these charges thrown at you and then we will see which sticks and which falls on the floor and then they throw them again so watch you assholes for the big ole round up and the shit will be hitting the fan and that’s your ass hitting the Big Show so I will see you at the and of the Tiki Bar Tour so check back for that on The Big Show and I will say that I have a big party that I am planning or another big ole set up and will be calling on all the players so check in tomorrow and see if I am setting up your asshole next and Randy Gibson didn’t get to kill anyone today but he will get another chance maybe tomorrow and we will wait until Randy and AJ bond out on this huge crime that the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang has just set them up on and the headlines hit the newspapers and I will be showing their arrest photo where they were rounded up by the local County Sheriff and Gay Charles Gay leader of the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags and I will be posting their arrest photo on the internet so you can have a big ole laugh at it just like you laughed at my arrest photo when the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang set me up and Randy Gibson cut my arrest photo out of the newspaper and carried it up to the Tiki Bar so everyone could get a good laugh at me and so look for that photo soon and have a big ole laugh and we will find out tomorrow when Randy and AJ are bonding out!


I would like to thank the employees at the Harbor Docks Restaurant for setting me up by drugging me and entrapping me in a DUI and throwing my Blow Fish ass in jail and I may just write a book called How You All Screwed Me in the Ass but that’s nasty and that’s what you like to do anyway and so stay tuned when I throw a Big Ole Gay Destination Party at the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang’s Thursday Night Gay Party on the Big Dick which is actually a deck not a dick and they are so disgusting to call it that on the radio, so cover your colored girl’s children ears Zac Brown and ask them to leave the room, I am announcing the discovery of a new scientific invention or the discovery of the Hillbilly Fag gene but it isn’t a Gene and I am sure Geno is glad to hear that it is more of a Bone that you find in Gay Hillbilly Faggots and it is not called a gay bone but in this case called a Hillbilly Bone and that will be the Song of the Day when you read on the internet that 4000 Big Ole Fag Queens from Atlanta that are customers at Gay Charles Gay Brothel in Atlanta where Gay Gentlemen go to buy a piece of faggot ass from some Young Male Prostitute Faggot that’s hooked on the very drugs that he is buying from Gay Charles and the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang from their drugs smuggling operation in Destin FL and so all 4000 Atlanta Big Ole Fag Queens have been invited to a Gay Destination Party at the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang Restaurant your Gay Destination for Sushi in Downtown Destin FL where we have discovered that the Hillbilly Fags all have a disease or a symptom of a disease called a Hillbilly Bone and they will be shoving their Hillbilly Bone up each others assholes and their customers assholes right here on the Big Show where they will be screwed into the Gay Destination that Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang restaurant is, your Gay Destination for Sushi in Downtown Destin FL and I am now announcing the release of their very own new Craft Beer brewed at the Big Dick Brewing Co at the Harbor Docks Hillbilly Fags Gang in Downtown Destin FL your Gay Destination for Sushi and now Gay Craft Beer from the Big Dick Brewing Co and that’s my big announcement for the day, they asked me to find a new business model for the Big Dick, they didn’t know what to do with and now I am taking it and shoving it right up Gay Charles asshole with this announcement and I have spent countless hours working on this new project and this is it and they owe me big time and the check better be in the mail and so is my invoice along with my lien to be filed with the county and their new Craft Beer or Gay Craft Beer in this case is called Golden Rain because it is the same color as the Golden Showers that the Hillbilly Fags give one another when they all get naked and start pissing on each other which is called a Golden Shower and the beer is called Golden Rain after their gay habit of pissing on each other and it is the color of piss and Gay Charles himself has shared with me, so I can share with you, that it taste exactly like piss and of course Gay Charles would know and so look for that beer being served at my Blow Fish Shot Party on the Big Dick where all 4000 Gay Fag Queens will be giving each other Golden Showers and fucking each other in the asshole and then drinking free Golden Rain and yes I said free Gay Craft Beer and then pissing it all over each other out on the Big Dick which they didn’t know what to do with and I am shoving it right up their assholes and so on and so forth and I do not want to ruin the whole surprise by saying too much so check back in for that coming up very soon. So my Restaurant Review for today’s Big Show is from Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang with their brand new Gay Craft Beer called Golden Rain at the Big Dick Brewing Co served out on the Big Dick where the beer taste like Piss and at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang where the food taste like Dog Shit and so get by there and check it out for yourself at the Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Sushi and Golden Rain Beer from the Big Dick Brewing Co served on the Big Dick in Downtown Destin FL where the food taste like Shit and the beer smells like Piss and that came from Gay Charles himself so we know it’s true and in the words of Bubba “So that is all we know about that!” So let’s check the Google Search for “Gay Destination for food that taste like Shit and beer that smells like Piss in Downtown Destin FL” and yes Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang your Gay Destination for Sushi and Golden Rain Beer served on the Big Dick from the Big Dick Brewing Co in Downtown Destin FL where the food taste like Shit and the beer smells like Piss comes up at the very top of the Google Search and I am going to have to send them another invoice for Search Engine Optimization along with another property lien and it’s all served right there on the Big Dick and they didn’t know what to do with it the Big Dick so I am just shoving up their assholes right here in the Google Search and so check back in tomorrow and we will see if maybe Oshi can throw us a Hillbilly Bone or something for this my Restaurant Review and we can actually Review something other than Dog Shit and beer that taste like Piss.


So when I take my Tiki Bar tour up to Atlanta at the end of the Tiki Bar Tour when it becomes a Crime Report or the reporting of all the crimes that all the crooks are performing and then the Arrest Report of their up coming arrest and so stay tuned as we wrap up this part of the country and start in on the rest of it or another section that I will setup or already setting up or that has already been setup or set it’s self up and just waiting to be taken down so tune in and I will ask that Pervert Wayne Roberts to please supply condemns for this disgusting Show of Gay Hillbilly Fag Sexuality on the Big Dick with their Hillbilly Bone and bring some of your new brand of Dildos still in the wrapper that the whores in Roswell GA like so much and plase show them how to use them properly and I am calling on Greenburg to use that Restaurant voucher for the two free dinners at Harbor Dock Hillbilly Fags Gang and then hang around and show these 4000 Gig Ole Atlanta Fag Queens how to do it Heathanistic Style out of doors on the Big Dick which is a patio and they are so nasty to call it that here on the radio where Zac Brown’s colored girl’s little babies might be listening in and Hillbilly Fags are just so nasty and perverted and so is Gay Scot and Dan the Big Ole Fag so evite all you Big Ole Atlanta Fag Queens and head for the Party on the Big Dick with free Gay Craft Beer and all the Golden Rain you can drink! So you fucking Hillbilly Fags don’t think I am doing this for just my own personal enjoyment because I am doing this because you have harmed so many innocent people over the years and I am getting even with you for them and they will be calling in and snitching on you on the Crime Report and then getting their revenge on the Arrest Report where you all go to jail for your Gang Related Crimes which is a felony along with drugging my Blow Fish ass and the entrapment into a DUI charge you are facing and the false imprisonment charges as the Big Show continues and your crimes keep stacking up and so does your jail time and so I am not doing this for my own personal enjoyment but just for entertainment on this fantasy blog where the names of the innocent have been changed but everyone is guilty as hell and this is just an expression of my free speech protected by the US Constitution and the 5th Amendment and it’s just what I do isn’t Bubba?


Bubba: Did I hear you say something about Free Beer on the Big Dick? Yes it is! It’s just what he does and that is all we know about that Ha Ha …..


Taylor Swift: Blow Fish Honey I have not heard which of my songs you are going to play on the Big Show and when are we flying off on our honeymoon?


Blow Fish: Well it will be our song Sugar the Song of the Day on the Big Show and it’s your song of course!